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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on GH
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Monday, April 21, 2003

At Kelly's, Ric tried to be sociable with Carly and Courtney, but they both told him off. He went and sat with Liz, who was flattered by but suspicious of his fascination with her. She asked him if he really cared about her because she didn't want to get hurt again. Ric told her that caring about someone was by nature a risk but that he would never deliberately hurt her.

Skye demonstrated a growing attachment to baby Kristina. Alexis chastised her for being near the baby she had kidnapped. Skye was surprised and delighted when Jax defended her to Alexis. Skye asked for Jax's help dealing with Tracy. Tracy walked in, and Jax poured on the charm while Skye looked on with horror. Tracy told Jax that Skye wasn't a Quartermaine. Tracy insulted Skye and left. Jax explained to Skye that he was only baiting Tracy to get closer to her. He assured Skye that he had a plan for Tracy but would not reveal it to her.

Jason told Sonny about the shooting in Faith's apartment. Jason begged Sonny for the order to take out Faith. Sonny insisted that they wait. Jason kidnapped Faith on the docks. Courtney was shocked to witness it on her way home from work. Faith told Jason that if he killed her, Courtney would always remember seeing him take her and would never look at him the same. Sonny staged an argument with one of his men over Jason's actions, trying to expose Ric as Faith's partner. Ric tried to hide his concern when Sonny said Jason would force Faith to surrender the name of her partner.

Carly took strands of hair from Sonny's toothbrush to the hospital to have her baby's DNA tested while getting the amnio done. Sonny was unable to go with her initially but promised to meet up with her later. Courtney, knowing Carly's secret anxiety, went to the hospital to support Carly. Carly admitted to Courtney that she didn't know what she'd do if the baby proved to be Ric's.

Luke warned Alexis that he would stop Nikolas after receiving a restraining order against him and Lucky. Alexis berated Luke for being childish and continuing the Cassadine-Spencer feud in Laura's name. Summer found a postcard at Wyndemere and hid it in her pocket without Lucky seeing. Nikolas caught Summer and Lucky snooping around. Nikolas asked Lucky when he starting mistrusting his, and Lucky replied that it was because of the secrets he kept about their mother's care. Nikolas told Lucky the real reason he had wanted to distract Luke was to keep Lucky safe after Luke had repeatedly put him in danger. Lucky told Nikolas to let him look after himself. One of Nikolas's servants called the police. Nonetheless, Nikolas ordered the policeman to arrest Summer but asked him to leave Lucky alone. As the policeman reached to handcuff Summer, Lucky punched him out and he and Summer escaped into a tunnel. Nikolas had them followed. Hiding out in the cold, Lucky and Summer snuggled for warmth and ended up making love. Later Lucky picked up her jacket, and when the postcard fell out, asked her why she had been hiding it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Summer reluctantly showed Luke the postcard she had found on Nikolas's desk. She vowed to protect her brother, fearful that Luke might harm Matt if he were working for Nikolas. Lucky promised to see that no harm came to Matt and convinced Summer to let him and Luke find her brother. Hearing police dogs in the distance, Luke hurried Summer and Lucky along and said he'd meet up with the after distracting the police. They met up at Kelley's where Luke surprised them with a van and a lot of cash.

Sonny arrived at the hospital and was pleased to find Courtney keeping Carly company as they awaited the test results. Sonny reassured Carly that the baby was fine. Out in the hall, Courtney told Sonny that she hoped he'd live up to the image Carly and Jason had of him and told him how much they cared about him. Sonny had to go and Carly, worried that he would find out about the paternity test, told him she was fine. Dr. Meadows told Carly that the amnio had shown a healthy baby. She handed Carly the folder with the paternity test results. Courtney encouraged Carly to open them up and find out. Carly hesitated.

Faith implored Jason to let her go, insisting that Courtney would hate him if he killed her. Jason informed Faith that he wasn't going to kill her, that her silent partner would. He revealed that the kidnapping was a plan to flush out her partner, who would undoubtedly come. He tied her to a chair in front of the window.

Ric fell for Sonny's trap and "tricked" Greg to give up the address of the safehouse where Jason was holding Faith. A nervous Ric told Liz how much he cared about her and that he could be in danger. Ric arrived at the safehouse and shot several times through the window. Worried, Liz left a message on his voicemail telling him that she loved him.

Emily awoke to find herself in a hospital bed. Zander explained that she had passed out. Emily panicked thinking he had told the Quartermaines that she was taking drugs. Zander told her he had not said anything about the drugs but that Monica had found her passed out on the floor. Monica entered to see Emily. Zander pressed Emily to tell Monica the truth, and when she would not, Zander told Monica that Emily was addicted to painkillers. Emily asked Zander to leave. Alone together, Monica told Emily that she knows she has cancer.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

At the Hospital, Monica insists that she already knows that Emily has breast cancer because the school sent Emily's medical records to her mother. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy listens smugly as Alan, Edward and AJ learn from Reginald that Emily is in the Hospital. When they all leave to visit Emily, Skye asks to go along but they all tell her not to come with them. When they all arrive at the hospital, Zander at first tells Alan, Edward and AJ that Monica asked them all to stay outside until she finished speaking to Emily. Zander finally confesses to the other men in Emily's life that he believes that Emily is back on drugs. Meanwhile, inside, Emily tells Monica that she believes that she inherited her mother's genes and that the statistics for YOUNG women surviving breast cancer are NOT good! Emily tells Monica that she does NOT want any radical medical procedures used to save her life and that she has come home to die. The "drugs" that Zander saw Emily with are part of an experimental program Emily enrolled in down in Mexico before Emily returned home. Emily begs Monica to tell the rest of the family ~ AND Zander! ~ that Emily just got hooked on painkillers while she was recovering from a broken back. Emily begs Monica to help her to keep the truth from Zander so that Zander and Emily can just be together for what is left of Emily's life without the threat of cancer treatments hanging over them. When Monica steps out into the hall, she informs Alan, Edward and AJ that Emily is hooked on painkillers and that Emily has asked to see only Zander. When Zander returns to Emily's room, Emily believes at first that Monica told Zander the truth. But Emily is elated when she realizes that Zander believes that she IS hooked on painkillers. Zander tells Emily that he wants to help her kick her habit and then asks Emily to marry him.

Left alone with Tracy, Skye defends Emily's latest escapade to Tracy but Tracy reminds Skye again that Tracy KNOWS that Skye is NOT really a biological Quartermaine. Tracy tells Skye that Skye has 24 hours to produce $5 million or Tracy will produce her proof that Skye is NOT a Quartermaine! When Jax arrives, Skye tries to get Jax to go out for a walk with her, but Jax instead invites Tracy to a moonlight supper on the terrace. Skye stays at the door and eavesdrops while Jax plies Tracy with wine and tries to pump Tracy for the proof that she has got to Skye's paternity. Tracy tells Jax that Rae KNEW Alan was NOT her baby's father ~ that was the reason WHY Rae folded her tent and left town when Edward flexed his muscle. Claiming to want to get even with Skye, Jax suggests a partnership and Tracy agrees to consider one. As Tracy leaves, she gives Jax a long, lingering kiss goodbye. After Tracy leaves, Skye comes out of her hiding place and Jax reports that he was just pumping Tracy for the truth, but Skye slaps Jax for enjoying playing double cross too much!

At the Hospital, Carly is elated when Courtney reports that the paternity tests reveal that Sonny IS the father of Carly's baby. Carly fills Courtney in on the ups and downs of Carly's relationship with Sonny and then insists that Carly MUST tell Sonny about her night with Ric ~ so that Sonny will know just how dangerous Ric really is.

At the same time, at Kelly's, a worried Liz tries again to reach Ric ~ with no luck. When Taggert arrives to order a cup of coffee to go, Liz suddenly confides to the detective that Ric is missing and that Liz believes that Ric got on the wrong side of Sonny and Jason. Liz confides that Ric told Liz that Ric might not live through the night. Taggert promises to check into the situation for Liz.

At one of Sonny's Safe Houses, Ric spots a blond figure through the window and empties his gun at the figure's head. But, when Ric turns around, he finds that Sonny has been standing behind him. Sonny names Ric as Faith's silent partner. Ric tries to explain that he believed that Faith was a threat to Sonny, but Sonny accuses Ric of being the one who paid for the hit woman who shot up Carly's Club and Sonny informs Ric that Ric IS going down for the threat to Sonny's family. Sonny informs Ric that the only thing Ric is going to be allowed to say is to give Sonny a reason WHY Ric became so involved with Faith in tormenting Sonny's family. When Sonny takes Ric inside the Safe House, Ric discovers that he shot a mannequin with a blond wig. Ric continues to insist to Sonny that he proved himself to Sonny over and over again, including getting Brenda and Jason acquitted for Alcazar's murder and taking the bullet meant for Sonny during the shooting at Carly's club. However, Sonny insists that he ALWAYS knew Ric was working an agenda and that Sonny NEVER trusted Ric! When Sonny again asks WHY Ric went through so much trouble to get next to Sonny, Ric tells Sonny to "ask your wife!" Sonny abruptly leaves Ric alone in the Safe House with one of Sonny's goons on guard, ordering the man to watch Ric, while Sonny suddenly rushes out of the house. Later, when Sonny arrives at the hospital, Carly tells Sonny the news that the baby is healthy. After Courtney leaves the room, Carly tearfully confesses to Sonny about the night she spent with Ric and confides her conviction that Ric KNEW Carly had been drugged by Fowler and took advantage of the opportunity to rape Carly. At the same time, Jason moves Faith to a new Safe House. Faith tries to appeal to Jason's humanity as she begs for her life. Faith warns Jason that the Police will suspect Jason if Faith disappears, since the Police already know that Jason has been hassling Faith. Then Faith reminds Jason that Courtney SAW Jason drag Faith away and will know that Jason pulled the trigger if Faith disappears. Faith offers Jason some Mattress Tag, then reminds Jason that even a condemned criminal gets a last meal and a chance to have a priest come in to say a final prayer. When the phone rings, Faith believes it is Sonny with the order to kill her, but Jason discovers that it is Courtney calling. Courtney tells Jason that Sonny is in with Carly at the Hospital and that Courtney believes that Jason should be there as well. Jason suddenly leaves and orders Marco to keep an eye on Faith. Back at the Hospital, Carly is surprised when Sonny tells her that he believes her version of events. Jason arrives shortly afterward and Sonny tells Jason to go ahead and get rid of Faith but to let Sonny deal with Ric personally. Jason returns to the Safe House where Faith has been stashed, dismisses the guard and prepares to whack a protesting Faith. When Sonny returns to the Safe House where he left Ric stashed, Sonny discovers that his guard is dead, and that Ric is missing. In the meantime, a wounded Ric arrives at Liz's empty Studio and slips inside. When Liz arrives, she rushes to Ric's side and frantically begins trying to stop the bleeding. However, as Liz tries to tend to Ric's wounds, Taggert arrives at Liz's door and demands that Liz open up.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Skye tries to visit Emily. Edward, Alan, and AJ object to it since she was the one who contributed to what happened to Emily when she broke her back and had to go on painkillers. Alan tries to be gentle with her while explaining it wouldn't be good for Emily to see her right now. Meanwhile, Zander tells Emily he loves her and she tells him she never stopped loving him when she was away even when she tried to. Alan, AJ, and Edward come to visit her. Edward goes ballistic when he sees Zander sitting on her bed kissing her. He tries to throw him out but Emily tells Edward to leave him alone and explains that Zander is the one who told Monica about her drug problem when he caught her doing drugs and wanted to put her in rehab and she wouldn't. She makes them apologize to Zander for accusing him of getting her on drugs again. Alan and AJ apologize and shake his hand but Edward is the last holdout. He reluctantly apologizes for accusing him but refuses to apologize and admit he was wrong to call him all those names. Alan and AJ are disgusted with him and tell him which causes a fight. Monica comes in and tells them to all leave since Emily needs her rest. Alan refuses to leave. Zander tells Emily he will be sticking by her through the whole thing. Alan tells her that he is sticking by her since she stuck by him when he failed her the time he was an addict. Emily tells him he was a role model for her when he got off the drugs and recovered. Monica looks at her with guilt since he doesn't realize they are lying about her cancer. Later, Rae Cummings shows up to see Skye after she called and told her it was important they speak in person. Skye is surprised she came so quickly. Skye tells her that she needs to know the truth about whether Alan is her father or not and mentions Tracy's in town. Rae is visibly upset by that news and knows what it means for her. Tracy comes over and stands behind Rae and announces her presence. Tracy reiterates what she knows about Rae's affair with some guy other than Alan. Skye asks Rae to tell her that what Tracy is saying isn't true and that Alan is really her father. Rae can't look at her and Skye's worst fears are true. She confronts her mother in front of Tracy. Rae doesn't answer Skye right away and confronts Tracy. Tracy treats Rae like she is trash and refuses to hold back what she knows. Skye demands to know the truth from Rae. Rae admits that Alan isn't her father. Tracy hands Skye a card with her bank account on it and tells Skye to transfer the $5million into it. Skye takes the card and rips it in half. She tells Tracy that she isn't giving her the money and dares her to tell the whole family if she wants since she doesn't care anymore. Tracy tells her that Rae stood up to her and dared her too that way years ago and never went through with it and tells Skye to hurry up and give her the money. Skye refuses to give in to the blackmail. Tracy leaves them alone. Rae tries to explain that she told her that Alan was her father so she could become part of a big family. Skye finds little comfort in it and tells Rae that not only doesn't she have a real father, she no longer has a real mother either and walks off crying. Rae is left devastated.

Taggert knocks on the door to Liz's studio while Liz is helping Ric with his gunshot wound. Liz panics and suggests that Ric tell the police about Sonny's death threat to him. Ric tells her he can't tell the police and asks her to cover for him. She lets Taggert in and apologizes to him for overreacting to the fight she had with Ric and tells him that she is fine and that Ric will call her soon. Taggert lets it go and leaves. Ric explains to her that he confronted Sonny about being a criminal and a killer and that Sonny now wants him dead. He doesn't tell her much more. Liz agrees to help him stop Sonny from killing anyone including him. Ric takes off. Meanwhile, Sonny calls Jason while he is holding Faith in a halfway house. Faith thinks the phone call is the go ahead for Jason to kill her. Jason has her tied up in a chair and gagged. Sonny tells Jason not to kill Faith and explains over the phone that Ric escaped and killed one of their men. He tells him that they need Faith to tell them where Ric could be hiding. Jason drags Courtney, chair and all to the other halfway house room where Sonny is waiting. She panics when she sees Sonny and thinks he is going to kill her himself. Sonny demands to know everything that Ric has told her since they have been partners and gives her twenty-four hours to do it. Sonny tells Jason that Ric raped Carly and made her think she was coming on to him and wouldn't let him leave without having sex with her and then blackmailed her. Jason is stunned by this news. Sonny tells him that after he gets done with Ric, he will be begging to be dead. Jason goes to Liz's studio and asks her to let him in. He asks her if she has seen Ric but she lies and tells him she hasn't. Jason finds a bloody bandage in the sink and realizes she is lying. He surprises her when he asks her if she is willing to protect a rapist. Liz doesn't believe him and thinks he is using her rape experience to get her to turn on Ric. She kicks him out and refuses to tell him anything. Jason is surprised she would think of him so badly but he leaves. He waits outside her studio and calls one of the men to follow Liz, hoping she will lead them to Ric. Carly gets her release from Dr. Meadows after her amnio is finished. Courtney takes her home and offers to stay with her until Sonny gets home. Carly tells her she will be fine alone. Liz gets a call from Ric. He asks her to hide the fact that he has contacted her and to not call the police. He is in a car going somewhere. Liz starts to wonder if Jason was right about him using her. Sonny comes home and checks on Carly in their bedroom. Carly thinks he will be looking at her differently now that he knows what Ric did and that he wouldn't be able to stand touching her again. Sonny reassures her that he doesn't blame her and that she belongs to him. They make love. Afterwards, Sonny tells her that he has to take care of Ric now and that Ric is hiding from him. Carly tells him she understands what he has to do and won't stop him.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Dillon shows up at the high school and finds Georgie near her locker, cramming for a test on Moby Dick. Dillon gives her some information on it. Georgie asks him if he is going to school there. He tells her he had to get away from the family and decided to come and find her. Lucas approaches them and asks Dillon why he is there and acts protective toward Georgie. The bell rings so Georgie tells them she has to go. She is flattered that they are arguing about her. Later, Georgie's teacher gives her a note supposedly from Mac, dismissing her from school. Dillon shows up to see her. She tells him she got a note from Mac and has to get home. Dillon admits that he had his mother's accountant call the school and pretend to be Mac so she could get out of taking her test. Georgie is nervous about leaving school early but goes with him anyway. They end up at her house where Dillon takes out an old movie called "To Have and Have Not" for them to watch. Georgie enjoys his company and watches the movie with him. He talks about how he has traveled through all of Europe and that he never stays in one place with his mother. Georgie tells him it would be great to go to all those places but that he looks sort of sad. Dillon tells her it isn't so bad and that he isn't really sad. Georgie remarks about the movie kiss she saw and how she thinks Lucas would probably kiss her like that instead of how the guys at school would do it. Dillon asks her what she likes about Lucas, who has been a jerk to him. Georgie tells him that Lucas is very protective of her and that he is really a nice guy. Mac surprises them when he walks into the house to find them there. He asks her what she is doing home in the middle of the afternoon. Dillon lies and says that Georgie wasn't feeling well so they let her go home early and that she called him to ask him to bring her some cold medicine. Mac asks him who he is. Dillon introduces himself and shakes Mac's hand. Mac tells him that Georgie should be in bed if she is sick and not downstairs watching a movie with him and asks him to leave. Georgie is speechless. Meanwhile, Maxie looks for Georgie and Lucas is surprised she is at school and asks her why she didn't go home when Georgie did since Mac left a message for her to come home. Maxie tells him she never got a message like that and they figure it must have been Dillon who had the phony message sent to her. They wonder if they can trust Dillon and if he really is a Quartermaine like he claims to be.

Skye calls a family meeting. She catches Jax writing out a check for Tracy and tells him not to bother to pay off Tracy for her since she is not giving her a dime. Tracy is amused by her but acts smug about it. Members of the family show up at the mansion wondering what the meeting is about. Rae also shows up which doesn't please Monica in the least. They all go into the living room except Lila. Jax stays to see what Skye's big announcement is going to be. Skye suggests that Tracy tell everyone the secret she has been dying to reveal. Tracy doesn't like to see the family look at her accusingly and tries to make Skye tell them herself. Skye announces that Rae lied to her about Alan being her father and that they can all be happy she isn't really one of them. Tracy waits to see how this is suppose to effect her. Skye tells them that Tracy knew the truth all along and Rae confirms that the information is true and how Tracy blackmailed her years ago to go away. No one is surprised by Tracy's actions. Ned is totally disgusted with his mother. Tracy refuses to apologize for revealing Skye and Rae as gold-diggers and can't believe no one is thanking her. Skye goes to see Lila to tell her the truth. Alan stops her before she leaves the room to tell her that despite everything he still thinks of her as his daughter and that won't change. Skye doesn't know whether to believe it. She tells Lila about Rae's deceit and how Tracy blackmailed her mother and then her just recently to keep the information a secret. Skye goes back to the room and tells Tracy that Lila would like to have a word with her. Tracy starts to worry when she asks Skye what she told her mother. Skye tells her she told Lila the truth. Tracy tells them that she will talk to Lila and that she will understand why she did it. Tracy is in for a surprise when Lila lits into her and tells her that she should be ashamed of herself for what she did to that "poor girl." Reginald comes in to see if Lila needs anything. Lila tells Reginald to go upstairs and pack Tracy's bags and kicks her out. She tells her not to come back here again. Tracy doesn't understand why she is being punished for telling the truth about Rae and Skye. Ned tells her that the reason she is being exiled and punished is because she does things for herself and has no loyalty to the family while the rest of them know that it is important to stick by each other in times of need. Later, Dillon comes home to find Tracy's things packed. He asks her what she did this time to cause the family to kick her out and asks her where they are going to go now. Tracy informs him that she is leaving and that he is staying behind to keep his rightful place in the family. Meanwhile, Skye thanks Jax for helping her by making Tracy think he was on her side. He asks her what she is going to do now and she tells him she doesn't know but asks him if she can use his shoulder to lean on.

Ric hides in the trees outside of Kelly's. He sees that Liz is inside Kelly's. She is working while Courtney is sitting at the counter. He calls Liz on the phone and asks her if she is able to do what he asked of her earlier. Liz pretends that she is talking to her grandmother when she sees that Courtney can hear her. Courtney watches her behavior and gets suspicious. Liz tells Ric he can count on her and leaves with a big bag of food. Courtney remarks to her that her grandmother must have a big appetite with all that food she is bringing her. Liz is annoyed by Courtney's nosiness and tells her her grandmother is sick and she is bringing some food for her to stock up on at home. Courtney waits for Liz to leave and follows her at a distance. Sonny's bodyguard, Max, tells her he will follow Liz and for her to stay behind. Meanwhile, Jason finds some files with a picture of woman in it from Ric's desk at his place. He brings the information to Sonny. Sonny realizes that Ric is obsessed with his life for some reason and that Faith might know why. Carly comes downstairs and realizes that Jason now knows about what Ric did to her that night. Jason tells Sonny that he has someone tracking Liz's movements and that he suspects that she will lead them to Ric eventually. Jason gets a call from Max telling him where Liz is. Jason goes to the park and finds Liz talking to some man that isn't Ric. Jason tells the man to leave and accuses Liz of using the man as a decoy to allow Ric to escape. The man is insulted with Liz and leaves. Jason asks Liz how far she will go to protect a rapist. Liz doesn't believe him and tells him she will protect Ric if she wants if it means keeping him from being killed by Sonny. Jason tells her that Ric hasn't called the police, which means he is hiding something. Liz doesn't like it that Jason has a good point and listens. Liz tells him she doesn't know where Ric is and that she is telling him the truth. Courtney goes to Ric's new apartment and finds the door opened. She comes in and looks around. She picks up the phone. Ric grabs her and pulls a gun on her. Courtney tells him he can't run from Jason and Sonny and that Sonny knows that he raped Carly. Ric makes a remark about Sonny always getting what he wants and not deserving a loving family. Courtney waits until Ric is at a disadvantage when he goes to close the door and hold the gun on her at the same time. Courtney takes him by surprise and attacks him. She punches him and knocks him to the floor. She runs to the phone and calls Jason. Ric comes up behind her and grabs her. She manages to tell Jason where she is before the phone is cut off. Jason shows up and draws his gun. Ric is there waiting for him and points the gun at him and tells him to hold it. Jason sees that Courtney is tied up in a chair and gagged. Sonny gets a call from Faith under guard. She tells him she remembered something about Ric and wants to tell him. Sonny and Carly tell Michael that they are going to have a baby. Michael asks Sonny if he is going to be happy now that there is going to be a baby. Sonny tells him that it wasn't his fault that he was sad and that he is better now. Sonny leaves Carly with Michael. He goes to see Faith. Carly talks to Michael about how she will love him as much as the baby. Sonny threatens Faith if she doesn't tell him something really important. She tells him that Ric told her that he use to go to some house in Martha's Vineyard with his family when he was younger and how he likes to go there to think and that he will probably go there to hide out.

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