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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on GH
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Monday, November 4, 2002

As Coleman draws a bloody letter 'A' on the Recovery Room window, AJ arrives, moves Coleman's gurney out of the way, and wipes away the initial. Taggert suddenly arrives and demands to know what AJ is doing in the same room as Coleman. At the same time, at the Port Charles Police Department, Courtney apologizes to Jason for always dragging him into her problems and worries because she never told AJ she had a gun. As Courtney signs her statement for Officer Andy, Courtney tells Jason and Andy that she wants to see Coleman in the Hospital.

Meanwhile, in Scott's office, Alexis tells Scott that she plans to release Laura's tape to the press and see to it that Scott is disbarred as soon as Alexis becomes District Attorney. However, Scott informs Alexis that he will release Luke IF Alexis will drop out of the D.A.'s race.

While Jax and Skye hit the sheets in Jax's Hospital bed, Brenda and Sonny continue to argue at Jason's Penthouse. At the same time, Alcazar approaches Carly outside Club 101 and suggests that Alcazar could solve all of Carly's problems with Carly's husband's returned ex if Carly would just help the arms dealer out a little bit.

Brenda and Sonny are still arguing by the time that Skye arrives at the penthouse and Skye overhears Brenda tell Sonny that Brenda plans to rescue Jax from that lying idiot that Jax married.

While Alexis and Scott argue about Laura's confession tape, Nikolas meets with Luke and tells Luke that it would be highly unlikely that Nikolas could persuade Alexis to suppress Laura's confession tape. Luke finally convinces Nikolas that LAURA will be the one who will suffer if that tape ever goes public, and Nikolas finally goes to his aunt and asks her to suppress the tape. When Alexis tells Nikolas that she can NOT suppress the tape so long as she is an officer of the court, Nikolas accuses Alexis of putting the pending election ahead of everything else in her life, including her own family, especially Baby Kristina and Nikolas!

Back at the Hospital, AJ informs Taggert that he believes he has a right to confront his wife's stalker and AJ accuses Taggert of doing nothing when AJ and Courtney came to Taggert, asking for help with the stalker. As Taggert informs AJ that anything Coleman said to AJ could not be admitted in a court case against Coleman, Jason and Courtney arrive. Courtney is surprised to learn that her husband went to the Hospital, rather than accompanying her to make her statement at the PCPD. AJ tries to get Courtney to leave before Coleman regains consciousness, but an officer suddenly arrives, bringing Taggert a tape recorder they found attached to a timer in an apartment above Jake's. As Courtney concludes that the call she received from the 'stalker' AFTER she shot Coleman was actually placed by an electronic device, Courtney rages at Coleman for making her life a living hell. However, Coleman regains consciousness long enough to inform Courtney that her stalker was really AJ!

Luke meets with Lucky and begs Lucky to get Laura's confession tape and destroy it, but Lucky informs his father that he refuses to be a party to Luke's self-destruction.

Alcazar suddenly arrives at Jax's Hospital room and attempts to convince Jax that the only right thing for Jax to do for Brenda is to let her go away with Alcazar to live out the remainder of her life and - spare Jax's new bride from any more pain. Instead, Jax threatens to kill Alcazar as soon as Jax gets out of the Hospital, and then Jax grabs Alcazar in a choke hold. A nurse breaks them up and Alcazar leaves.

At the same time, Skye angrily confronts Brenda at the penthouse and informs Brenda that Skye and Jax are back in bed together and that Skye is confident that the promises Jax made to Skye at their wedding are a sacred trust with Jax.

Meanwhile, Carly arrives home at the Penthouse and finally confesses to Sonny that Alcazar waylaid Carly outside Club 101 and asked for Carly's help in convincing Brenda to leave Port Charles with Alcazar. Sonny is immediately upset that Alcazar set Sonny up by using Sonny's concern about Brenda to distract Sonny long enough for Alcazar to get to Sonny's wife.

Back at the Hospital, Coleman tells Taggert, Courtney, Jason and AJ that AJ paid Coleman $250,000 to stalk Courtney so that AJ could play the hero for Courtney. But AJ protests that he has no money and drives a forklift for a living! AJ is nervous when it appears that Courtney might believe Coleman and AJ tells Taggert to go ahead and arrest AJ if Taggert believes Coleman's story. AJ protests that it would take him 20 years to come up with $250,000 on a fork lift operator's salary. Courtney chooses to believe AJ when AJ swears to Courtney that he would NEVER do anything to hurt her. As AJ and Courtney hug, Jason returns to see Coleman and Coleman guesses that Jason believes Coleman. AJ glances up, and, seeing Jason with Coleman, AJ also guesses that Jason believes Coleman. AJ and Courtney leave for home together.

Back at the PCPD, as Luke waits to see if Nikolas can convince Alexis to quash Laura's confession tape, Luke sadly remembers some of the wonderful times he shared with Laura. Meanwhile, Lucky urges Alexis to go ahead and release the tape rather than allow his father to spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime he did NOT commit!

Following her bitter confrontation with Skye, Brenda returns to Jax's Hospital room, kisses Jax while he sleeps, then settles down in a nearby chair to keep watch over Jax.

At the same time, elsewhere in the Hospital, Skye meets with Alcazar and tells the arms dealer that she is willing to cooperate in convincing Brenda to leave Port Charles with Alcazar.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Jax's Hospital Room

Brenda returns again. Jax realizes that Brenda was in his room all night. Brenda tries to rekindle Jax's memories of their life together by reminding him of New Orleans and that today was supposed to be their wedding day 6 years ago. Brenda helps herself to Jax's breakfast. They reminisce about past events that have come to naught. While they are holding hands, Skye enters the room and notes the activity and Jax's lack of respect for their marriage. Jax wants to know if Skye is accusing him of being unfaithful. Skye tells Jax that Brenda told her Brenda could get him into bed anytime she wanted. Brenda backtracks. Jax accuses Skye of having overactive jealousy. Skye tells Jax that both he and Brenda are responsible for her problems. Skye and Brenda have a verbal confrontation, with Brenda tap-dancing about claiming she could bed Jax anytime she wants. In a desperate move, Brenda leaps towards Skye but Jason intervenes. Jason tells Brenda to distance herself from Jax, and he wants to know why Brenda opened the penthouse door for Alcazar. Skye calls Alcazar and tells him they need to meet as soon as possible. Jason reads Brenda the riot act about her behaving stupidly. Brenda claims she needs a little time to herself because of her brain disease and that she'll be monitored 24/7 when the disease progresses. Jason leaves, and Brenda receives a call from Skye. Skye pretends to apologize and offers to meet her to clear the air. Skye turns to Alcazar and says Brenda's on her way - make it count. Jax calls home and leaves an apology on their answering machine claiming to love her.

Outside Kelly's

Courtney sees Jason and finds out that Coleman will be charged with stalking her. Courtney questions Jason as to Coleman's allegations that AJ put him up to it. Courtney speculates that Coleman was trying to set up AJ, and that AJ is innocent. All three discuss testifying against Coleman. AJ announces that he wants to take Courtney somewhere where no one can find them.

Inside Kelly's

Nik is doing some political schmoozing at Kelley's, which is Alexis' campaign headquarters. Gia tries to console Nik that he did the right thing handing over Laura's taped confession to Alexis. Scott enters. Alexis enters and tells the press that she voted for Scott for DA and that she removed her name from the ballot for the DA office. Alexis turns tail, as has become her custom, and now endorses her former competitor. Scott refuses to drop the charges against Luke until he officially wins the race. Ned shows up to see Alexis. Alexis watches election returns to find out that, if she hadn't dropped out, she would have won as DA. Ned tells her she traded the election for something and he hopes it was worth it. Alexis rationalizes to Ned why she entered, and then dropped out of, the DA race. Ned says that, even though he turned down Alexis' wedding proposal, he's still committed to her baby. Ned correctly guesses that Alexis threw the election to free Luke. Scott calls Alexis and lets her know Luke has been released. Luke is inside and sees Alexis, congratulating her on being almost-DA. Luke is bitter and suggests a toast to Laura's shattered future, thanks to Alexis.

Quartermaine Cabin

AJ takes Courtney to the cabin and says he has Lila's permission. AJ offers to start a fire, one of his specialties. AJ apologizes that he wasn't around for Courtney during the stalker fiasco. He promises to make it up to her. Courtney claims it's ridiculous that he'd ever stalk her, right? AJ turns it around by asking what he would have go gain by stalking Courtney. AJ is upset that Courtney would believe that he did all of this to play hero. He questions if he has reason to be threatened by her relationship with Jason. He implies that something happened between Courtney and Jason while AJ was gone. AJ declares their marriage over and stomps out. AJ returns looking sheepish. Courtney claims liability for the whole stalker episode. She says she never should have doubted AJ and asks for his forgiveness. He hugs her and says he forgives her.

101 Club

Skye tells Alcazar that he isn't moving fast enough to get rid of Brenda. Skye tells Alcazar that if he doesn't get her out of town now, Skye will force her out of town. Alcazar wants Skye to set up a private meeting with Brenda so he has access to her. Brenda shows up and sees Luis. Two of Alcazar's men grab Brenda and forcibly remove her from the club.


Scott has Luke released from the handcuffs, and tells Luke that he's now free. Luke's confession was set-aside by the judge at Scott's request. Luke is livid claiming Scott sold Laura out and grabs Scott by the shirt. Scott promises that Laura will not be charged that he's protected her since they both were kids. Luke guesses that Alexis threw the election for him. Luke threatens to kill Scott if Rick's murder comes back on Laura in any way.

Coleman's Hospital Room

Jason visits and tells Coleman he's being indicted as the stalker. Coleman says that AJ is such a sick puppy to stalk his own wife. Coleman wants Jason to flush AJ out due to their mutual interest in Courtney's welfare.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

At Kelly's, Luke rages at Alexis because Luke is afraid that, since the District Attorney has thrown Luke's confession to Rick Webber's murder out, the police will re-open the investigation into Rick's death and go after Laura.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Coleman tells Jason that Coleman believes that both of them are in love with Courtney. Coleman tells Jason that Coleman planned to expose AJ as Courtney's stalker, but AJ paid him in cash, so Coleman really has no proof. Except for Coleman's fat bank account and the admission that the way Coleman kept being able to get into the Quartermaine apartment, even after Jason changed the locks, was because AJ kept giving Coleman the new key.

At the same time, at the Quartermaine cabin, Courtney assures AJ that being with him is ALL the she has ever wanted. AJ surprises Courtney with the news that Dale, a Prep School buddy of AJ's, has helped AJ get a job with his friend's company in Manhattan, but, that, in order to take the job, AJ and Courtney need to move to Manhattan right away. AJ tells Courtney that the job would pay enough for Courtney to quit her job, go to school, do whatever strikes her fancy. AJ informs Courtney that his friend even owns a spare apartment where they could live until they found a place of their own. As Courtney ponders a decision to leave her new-found father to move to Manhattan, AJ paints a romantic picture of Christmas in Manhattan, reminding Courtney that she would be close enough to visit Port Charles and would also be close enough to visit her mother in Atlantic City. Most of all, AJ visualizes the possibilities of being on their own in Manhattan, away from their meddling families. Courtney agrees to go to New York with AJ

In the meantime, Skye beats on Jason's door, urgently calling to him that Alcazar has kidnapped Brenda. When Carly steps out into the hall to shut Skye up, Skye runs to Sonny to tell Sonny that Brenda has been kidnapped. Carly tells Sonny that maybe Alcazar would be headed to Paris, since Alcazar had told Carly that he had a private jet waiting to take Brenda to Paris if Carly would cooperate in helping Alcazar to convince Brenda to leave with him. Sonny leaves right away for the airport to prevent Alcazar's jet from taking off. Meanwhile, on board Alcazar's private jet, Brenda pretends to come on to Alcazar to distract him.

On the Docks, Zander meets Liz and learns the details of Liz and Lucky's failed attempt to spring Luke from a chain gang in Perkinsville. Zander assures Liz that she did her best to help Luke and that, if Luke has given up on himself, there won't be much that anybody outside the family will be able to do about the situation. Taggert suddenly arrives and quizzes Liz about the reason that Scott suddenly released Luke. Liz suggests that maybe Luke did what Alcazar did ~ called in a favor! Taggert expresses his doubt about that and then warns Liz to quit trying to help Luke before she ends up being seriously hurt heerself.

As Alexis urges Luke to remember that his children need him and that Laura is depending on Luke to take care of them, Lucky enters and Luke turns on Lucky for using Laura's confession tape to get the charges dropped against Luke. Luke and Lucky soon end up in a fist fight. Ned arrives at Kelly's and breaks up the fight between Luke and Lucky. Luke storms out and heads toward the Port Charles Police Department. When he gets there, Luke breaks into the PCPD and sets off the fire alarm to get everybody out of the building. When the building is empty, Luke starts a fire in the squad room, douses himself with alcohol, then calmly lays down on the floor.

Back at the Hospital, Jax enlists Bobbie's help in preparing a romantic surprise for Skye. At the same time, in Sonny's Penthouse, Carly accuses Skye of trying to shove Brenda into Sonny's arms so Skye can hang on to Jax. When Skye gets a call from Bobbie, she rushes straight to the Hospital, where Jax shows her that he can now take a few steps without the walker. But, as Jax announces to Skye that he has a romantic dinner prepared for her in his room, Skye begins to fill Jax in about Alcazar taking Brenda, but ends up telling Jax that Brenda left with Alcazar and Sonny followed to stop Brenda from leaving.

Sonny arrives at the airport, pushes past the guard and boards Alcazar's plane, just as Alcazar slaps handcuffs onto Brenda. Alcazar's plane takes off with Alcazar in the cockpit and Sonny slips out of hiding to let Brenda know that he is aboard, but did NOT bring his gun with him. As Sonny gets Brenda's handcuffs loose, Alcazar re-emerges from the cockpit and announces that the plane is on auto-pilot and Brenda and Sonny will need Alcazar to land. Alcazar threatens to kill Sonny and Sonny challenges Alcazar to land the plane and go at each other, one-on-one. But the plane suddenly hits unexpected turbulence and Alcazar rushes back to the cockpit. When Alcazar is gone, Sonny informs Brenda that he believes Alcazar took off before the plane had finished refueling. At that moment, the plane begins to rock and Alcazar orders Brenda to put on her seat belt.

Jason arrives at the office of the lawyers who handled AJ's case to recover the assets that Edward had frozen and learns from a secretary that the case was settled on the second day but that the records of the settlement were sealed. When the secretary refuses to tell Jason what the sealed verdict was, Jason waits until she leaves, then breaks into the office and gets a look at the records. Jason learns that ALL of AJ's assets were ordered returned to him and that AJ was given an immediate $500,000 the day the case was settled. At the same time, AJ smiles down at Courtney, sleeping peacefully beside the fireplace at the cabin.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Jax returns to his hospital room with Skye to call someone for information on Brenda. Skye's insecurities about Jax's feelings for Brenda start to show. Jax apologizes to her for distancing himself from her and pushing her away like he did. He tells her he loves her and asks her for her forgiveness. Skye accepts his apology. Jax asks her where she went away to last week. Skye lies to him and tells him she went to South Carolina to some isolated place so she could do some thinking in peace. Skye drops her purse on the floor and picks up most of the stuff she droppped on the floor. Jax asks her to go to the Thai place across the street from GH and buy him some real dinner since he is sick of the hospital food. Jax sits up and notices some of Skye's belongings on the floor. He picks up a magazine and some slip of paper from her purse. It is some receipt from her trip to Switzerland dated during the time she told him she went to South Carolina. Jax realizes she lied about her whereabouts. He calls up Alan and asks him to drop by his room later. Alan is surprised when Jax questions him about whether he has heard anything about Brenda's whereabouts. He also asks Alan about the hospital in Switzerland that Brenda went to with Alcazar 4 years ago about her illness. Alan assures him it is one of the best hospitals in the world and that they do great research there as well. Jax starts to see what Skye may have gone to in Switzerland. He calls the Switzerland hospital himself and talks to Brenda's doctor's nurse. He asks her if anyone has been there recently asking about Brenda Barrett's illness. The woman admits that a woman matching Skye's description was asking about Brenda's illness and that she had an exam herself but wasn't ill or had she become a patient. Jax realizes the woman on the phone knows more than she is saying but leaves it alone and hangs up just as Skye walks in. Skye had run into Alan on the way up to Jax's room with his food. Alan had given her his love and support as her father. Skye asks him who he was talking to on the phone. He lies and tells her that was his nurse informing him he can go home tommorrow. Skye is thrilled but Jax isn't as happy about her lying to him but he doesn't confront her about it.

Lucas shows up at GH to see Bobbie. He is in a sullen mood when he runs into Georgie in the waiting area. She tells him she is waiting for Maxie to get done with her appointment so she can get a ride home. Lucas tells her that he got an F on his history exam and doesn't know why since he studied the night before for several hours. Georgie asks him if he rushed through the answers since he hardly finished answering the questions on the test. Bobbie comes over and Lucas shows her his test grade. Bobbie is very disappointed in him and thinks he is just being lazy. Bobbie grounds him for it. Georgie brings up a classmate who was smart like Lucas but couldn't take tests well at all and it turned out after they ran some tests on her she ended up having dyslexia. Lucas denies that is the problem and that Bobbie won't believe that anyway. Maxie comes over and advises Lucas to work hard and get better grades so that his mother will back off like Felicia did with her a year ago with her grades.

Lucky shows up at police headquarters when he sees the fire. He guesses that Luke had something to do with it considering his state of mind and the fight they just had. Taggert and Scott want to know how he knew to come to the station and ask him if he knew what Luke was up to beforehand. Lucky tells him he just had a fight with him and that he got concerned about him when he heard about the fire. The fire captain comes out and tells them he is doing what he can to find out if there is anyone inside but that it is too dangerous to go inside right now. Lucky waits to the cops and Scott are distracted and runs inside the PCPD. Luke had dowsed himself in alcohol from his flask after dowsing the place up and then layed down on the floor to let the flames consume him. He wakes up and starts coughing from the smoke but a ceiling beam falls on him and pins him to the floor where he lies unconscious. Lucky finds him like this on the floor and rushes over to rescue him. He manages to get the beam off of Luke but Luke pushes him away and tells him to let him stay there and die. Lucky tells him he isn't leaving him there and that if he doesn't go with him he is staying there with him. Luke doesn't want Lucky to do that and reluctantly goes with Lucky. Lucky practically carries Luke out the front door through the flames. The paramedics are there to take him to GH. Luke doesn't want to go to GH but the cops and paramedics ignore him. Taggert puts him under arrest but Scott stops him and informs him that no charges will be brought against Luke for arson. Luke doesn't want Scott's charity and tells Taggert that he committed arson and doesn't care if he arrests him or not. Taggert lets them take Luke to GH and confronts Scott about the arrest. Scott tells him that he has no intention of arresting Luke for arson because that is what he wants them to do to him. Taggert figures out that Scott is doing this to protect his own reputation because he had released Luke earlier from prison on murder charges and doesn't want to lose face by arresting him again. Scott doesn't deny it either but refuses to explain himself to Taggert. He goes to GH and tells Lucky that he won't be filing arson charges against Luke and that he should keep a better eye on his father and get him psychiatric help as well. Lucky is suspicious of Scott's motives. Lucky goes to see Luke in one of the examining rooms. Bobbie tries to reassure Lucky that Luke will come out of this ok and that they will help him through this rough time as a family. Lucky tells Luke that he won't let him trash his life anymore. Luke tells him to leave him alone and let him do what he wants with his life. Lucky won't accept that. Scott comes over and tells Luke to stop worrying about the murder charges and tells him that he has no intention of bringing charges against Laura for murder. He tells him that the information will stay buried. Luke isn't reassured and tells him that the information may resurface just as Laura is recovering from insanity. Scott blames Luke for her predicament and that he won't be arresting him so he can ruin his life anymore. Luke tells him that he may one day regret that he didn't put him behind bars when he had the chance to.

Jason finds out from Carly that Brenda was kidnapped by Alcazar at Club 101 and that Sonny went to go rescue her by finding Alcazar's private jet and trying to get aboard it. Jason gets Sonny's men on it to investigate. He finds out that Alcazar is piloting his own plane and that Sonny managed to get on board the plane and that it took off and that they are headed to Venezuela. Carly thinks the worse and lets her insecurities about Brenda resurface. Jason plans to head on a private plane to follow them there and that Sonny's contacts and men in South America will be waiting to help if necessary. Carly insists on going with him but he tells her to stay. She sneaks aboard the plane Jason charted. Jason isn't too happy with her but realizes it is too late to stop her from accompanying him. She tells him that she is afraid that Brenda is going to take Sonny away from her with her damsel in distress routine again. Jason tries to reassure her that Sonny doesn't love Brenda anymore and that what he has with Carly is the right thing and he won't give it up for Brenda. Carly plans to fight for Sonny by being there with Jason when they find Brenda and Sonny. She tells them she has a gut feeling that something is very wrong now with Sonny and Brenda. A plane is seen that looks like it crashed.

Friday, November 8, 2002

At the Hospital, Jax finally gets someone at the Swiss clinic to admit that an American woman had visited Zurich and asked questions about Brenda's illness. Jax makes arrangements to fly Dr. Reimar in from Switzerland under the guise of consulting him about Jax's condition - and Jax asks Bobbie to help Jax keep the meeting a secret from Skye.

Lesley, Liz, Lucky, and Nikolas all meet at Kelly's and learn that they have all been summoned by Luke to meet him in Reiker's Woods. Meanwhile, in Reiker's Woods, Luke unpacks shovels and begins digging.

AJ meets Courtney inside at Kelly's, all eager to begin planning their move to Manhattan. But Courtney admits to having second thoughts about a sudden move, and is especially concerned about leaving Mike behind in Port Charles. But AJ convinces Courtney that Mike can visit them any time for as long as he wants and that they might eventually be able to start their own restaurant together, if Courtney is genuinely interested in the restaurant business. AJ is so enthused about all the advantages that the job in New York will offer them that Courtney finally agrees with AJ to leave for a new life in Manhattan right away!

Carly and Jason arrive in Venezuela and, when Jason makes contact with an associate, Jason is surprised to learn that Alcazar's plane went off the radar somewhere in the Caribbean. At the same time, Sonny regains consciousness in Alcazar's crashed plane, and tries to revive Brenda.

When Nikolas, Lucky, Lesley and Liz meet Luke in Reiker's woods, they are shocked that Luke is digging a grave and expects all of them to help. Luke has a picture of Laura that he has kept since he first met her and tells everyone that they are symbolically burying Laura since, even IF Laura DOES recover at the London clinic, Laura will be facing a life in prison since Lucky and Nikolas helped Alexis discover Laura's taped confession and Alexis used the tape as a bargaining chip to secure Luke's release from the charge of killing Rick Webber. Lesley rages at Luke for being the one who is giving up and Nikolas and Lucky both proclaim that THEY have not given up on hope of having their mother with them once again. As Lesley, Lucky and Nikolas try to reason with Luke, Bobbie suddenly arrives with Lesley Lou, who rushes into Luke's arms. Luke's mood changes dramatically as his daughter hugs him. When Lesley Lou asks WHY Luke is digging in the woods and WHY her mother's picture is down on the ground, Luke suddenly covers by telling his daughter that they are planting a tree for Laura and the picture must have just dropped. After Lesley, Nikolas and Lucky leave to take Lesley Lou home, Bobbie tells Luke in no uncertain terms that HE is being selfish by bowing out of his parental responsibilities to Laura's children. Then Bobbie storms away.

When Jax and Skye arrive home at the Lake House, Jax catches Skye quietly leaving a message for Carly, asking for news of Brenda. Skye admits that she feels partly to blame for Brenda being gone because of the argument that Skye and Brenda had just before Brenda 'left' with Alcazar. Jax and Skye soon hit the sheets.

As Carly and Jason try to get a fix on where Alcazar's plane MIGHT have landed if it was in trouble, they are surprised when they are suddenly arrested by the local police. When Jason and Carly arrive at prison, they are shocked to learn that the reason WHY they have been arrested is because they are regarded as enemies of Alcazar - who has a a lot of pull in that particular area.

When Sonny finally revives Brenda, she demands that he get her medication for her from the plane to help get rid of her headache. Sonny leaves Brenda alone and returns to the plane. Sonny soon returns with some food from the downed plane to snack on and Brenda insists that she knows how to start a fire. As Brenda and Sonny discuss measures they might take in order to survive their crash, they also begin to discuss their past together and begin to take steps to mend their friendship.

Jax returns to the Hospital to meet with Dr. Reimer and asks him about Brenda's case. Faced with a choice between a donation for his clinic from Jax or being prosecuted for fraud and malpractice, Dr. Reimar finally admits that Brenda is NOT ill but that Alcazar probably kept her in the dark about her diagnosis.

When Luke returns to Kelly's, looking for Bobbie, Taggert and Scott also arrive. When Taggert calls Luke the 'out of control freak' who is responsible for the Port Charles Police Department burning down, Luke reminds Taggert that Luke OWNS Kelly's and, as owner, Luke reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Luke announces that Luke IS refusing service to Taggert, then slugs the police officer. When Luke dares Scott to arrest him, Scott obliges and Taggert delights in taking Luke away in cuffs.

When AJ arrives at the Lake House to share his recent good news with his sister, Skye confesses that she KNOWS that Brenda is NOT dying and she has kept it a secret from BOTH Brenda AND Jax!

Back in Venezuela, Jason and Carly agree to pay the local magistrate whatever it will take for their release.

Meanwhile, near the downed plane, as Sonny and Brenda start to become comfortable for the night, Alcazar watches them from a distance and communicates with an associate that Alcazar's plan is for Sonny to die on the island!

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