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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on GH
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Monday, July 15, 2002

Alexis' apartment:
Sonny confronted Alexis about the baby, asking if it was his. She hesitated and Ned came in and spoke up to say that the baby was his.
The night they got stranded was when it was conceived. Sonny asked Alexis if this was true and she said yes. After Sonny left, Ned commented they got out of that one and Alexis slugged him, accusing him of taking control of her life. She apologized and they hugged. They had to decide what they were going to tell Kristina. Alexis didn't want to tell her as she figured she couldn't keep a secret.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly was crying as she took off her rings and left them for Sonny to find. Sonny found them later when he got home. Not a good day for Sonny.

Pier 52:
Jason offered double the price for the pier on behalf of Sonny. They refused the offer. Later Felicia asked Roy if he was really surprised when he found the money in his apartment and he said he was. Jason called Sonny to meet him there and told him that Felicia was the one to come up with the money left to her by an uncle. They refused to sell.

Webber's attic:
Scott was there to meet Luke. Luke still had questions for Scott about the night of the fire. They were talking when Laura showed up. She told Luke that she wasn't having nightmares, but memories of something that had happened in the attic. She told him about when she first came to town and what a trial she was to Lesley and Rick.

Jax' place:
Skye was talking to Edward on the phone and just about gave herself away to Jax about what they were talking about. She saw that he was watching and covered, asking Edward about a liquor delivery. I thought Jax was on to her when he asked about the amount of liquor but he wasn't. Jax had to go out and Skye was pretending to sleep when he left. She got up and followed him to the Port Charles Hotel.

Port Charles Hotel:
Jax was talking to a blonde lady about business. She wanted him to come up to her room but he said only to sign the papers. Skye was watching all this and saw them leave together. Luke and Laura came in and ran into Roy. Roy told Luke he wanted out of the club as he had something else going. Laura ran into Rick and he said he had to go but they would get together.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Jason takes steps to protect Liz from further harm, and Jason probes Zander for clues about the kidnappers. Zander fails to give Jason any useful information, and Jason works on planting doubts in Felicia's head about Roy, while Zander approaches Roy for a job. Later, Jason's assessment of the situation appears on target when Roy secretly meets with a mysterious courier. Ned breaks Kristina's heart with the news that he got Alexis pregnant, and Kristina falls apart after refusing to give Ned a second chance. Lesley confesses to Rick's past infidelities in response to Luke's inquiries, while Laura appears to gain ground on the attic mystery when she unsettles Rick. Meanwhile, Nikolas surprises Gia with her face on the cover of Tempo, and Lucky joins Gia and Nikolas' celebration with more encouraging news about Gia's career.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Carly is out running some errands and runs into Alexis on the dock. Alexis expected that Carly would be grateful to her and Ned for not letting Sonny know that the baby is his. She was surprised to realize that Carly didn't know the truth. Carly then proceeds to threaten Alexis; saying that she'll tell Sonny that the baby is his, since she thinks it is too late for her relationship with him. They argue and Carly then decides to keep Alexis' secret because she respects that Alexis is just trying to protect her child.

Jason talks to Felicia in the park about Pier 52 and how the people that kidnapped Liz had wanted it. He encourages her to think about how Roy really got the money and how suspicious it all is. Angry and annoyed, Felicia slaps him. Roy shows up and tells Jason that they are still not willing to except Sonny's offer to buy the pier. While Felicia and Roy talk, Zander calls and inquires about getting a job. Roy hires him to look into other potential properties to buy. Felicia then begins to question why Roy is looking for more investments.

Sonny goes to Carly's cottage to see her and finds Leticia there, about to take Michael to the movies. Sonny decides to wait for Carly to come back home from running her errands. When Carly arrives, she is furious to see Sonny. She tells him to leave and he tells her that Alexis' baby isn't his; it's Ned's. He tells her he loves her and that he isn't going anywhere. Upset, Carly cannot believe anything that Sonny tells her. She is furious that Sonny left her the previous night to go to Alexis and tells Sonny that she plans to have divorce papers drawn up. Sonny tells her that she is not going to leave him; that he would keep the divorce papers from going through. She says that he has broken her heart for the last time and that it won't happen again. Giving him a pile of jewelry (every piece he had ever given her) she once again insists that he leaves. Finally, he agrees but promises her that he is not going to give up on being with her. After he leaves, Carly calls Jason and asks him to come over. When he arrives, he embraces Carly and she tells him how he is the only person that has always been there to pick of the pieces of her life when they fall apart.

Liz crouches, frightened behind a piece of furniture in her loft because there is a stranger banging on her door. In case she has to protect herself, she grabs an artist's knife. When the person on the other side of the door calls out, she realizes that they think that they are somewhere else and she informs them that the apartment that they are looking for is on the floor above. A short while later, Jason stops by to check on her and she eagerly opens the door. He's concerned with how frightened Liz is and she explains what happens. They then talk about what it would take for her to feel safe and Jason offers to get her a gun. Knowing that a gun could cause her to accidentally hurt an innocent person, she refuses. Jason shows Liz how just her artist's knife will not be enough to protect her and then takes her out and buys her a baseball bat. After showing her how to use it, he leaves to go comfort Carly. Later, Zander comes by, soaked because of the rain. He takes off his jacket and shirt and Liz gets him a towel and some coffee.

Kristina stops by Alexis' apartment to see her and finds Ned there instead. Ned wants to try to explain everything to Kristina, but she tells him that what ever he has to say will not change what he did to her. After spending a while trying to convince her that it was only a one time incident, Alexis comes home. Not knowing what to say to Kristina, Alexis tries to assure her that it was an accident but Kristina won't hear it. Kristina says that it was nice to have a sister while it lasted and then leaves. Ned and Alexis then talk about what they are doing to Kristina and discuss what might happen if they tell her the truth. Later, Kristina sits on a bench, crying in the rain.

Courtney is at home in her apartment when the strip club owner calls. He tells her that she is a natural and that he is happy to guide her in her career as a stripper. Courtney hangs up on him when AJ comes in. AJ tells Courtney that she may be able to quit her second job because he saw the considerable amount of money she had made in tips. What AJ doesn't know is that the money was tips for stripping, not being a waitress. After AJ leaves for a job interview, Alan stops by and offers Courtney some money to help her and AJ get by. While Alan is there, AJ returns and tears up the check.

When Sonny gets back to his penthouse, he hears a message on his machine from Dr. Bonds saying that Carly should have no trouble conceiving.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

At Club 101, Skye instructed a staff member about how things would now be running at the club, as opposed to Carly's regime. Jax arrived shortly thereafter, and Skye filled him in on the "minor changes" she would be making and, teasingly, she let him know that he shouldn't worry; it would take her a long time to break him financially. He wasn't worried, he told her. Last night, he had "closed the deal" on Tracon Industries. Skye was shocked, since she thought Edward had outbid Jax, using the tip she sent Edward's way. She was furious and went immediately to confront Edward. Edward told her the whole scheme had been a test of her "resolve." Skye was livid and told Edward, "If you cheat me, I will grind you into dust," and she left.

Kristina arrived at the Quartermaine mansion with her bags packed, and in her complete sense of pain, she spilled the beans about Alexis and Ned having a baby together. In the usual bad "Quartermaine Way", Reginald, Edward and Alan tried to comfort Kristina, although Edward saw an opportunity.

At the Port Charles Grill bar, Ned noticed Alexis at a table nearby and sent her a tall glass of milk. As the nourishment arrived at her table, Sonny came by Alexis's table, wanting to talk about the situation. Alexis told Sonny to butt out; that she was no longer his attorney, and they had nothing to discuss. However, Sonny claimed that he wanted a recommendation for a new attorney, and he wanted her advice. Ned, spying the two, came over to their table to "save" Alexis from the stress, but Alexis told Ned to return to his table so that Sonny would leave sooner. To her amazement, Sonny told Alexis that she should cut Ned some slack ... after all, he WAS the father of her child.

Carly woke up with her head in Jason's lap, screaming for Sonny. As she woke up, she swore to Jason that she was no longer going to fight for Sonny. "He loves me when it's convenient ... it hurts too much." At that moment, Bobbie arrived at the door, and Bobbie's well-placed suspicions gave Carly a very "bad" idea about how to get back at Sonny.

As a clueless Kristina wept on the docks, Ned placed his hand on her shoulder from behind. She knew it was him ... she felt his "aura." He begged for her forgiveness and asked that she put her suitcases in his car, decide if she can trust him again, and he would "be back." Alexis immediately showed up, and Kristina explained to Alexis and Ned that the "parenting relationship" that Ned and Alexis will have during the pregnancy and in the future is something she couldn't handle emotionally. "What kind of person would I be if I took that away from you?" Kristina then left and although Alexis tried to convince Ned to go after her, Ned thought it was best left alone. Both Ned and Alexis were devastated, but then Edward called and asked Ned to bring Alexis to a meeting at the mansion ... "family emergency."

Sonny and Jason tried to figure out the source of the cash Roy and Felicia used to buy the pier; then the two talked about Carly, and Jason told Sonny that it may not be easy to get Carly's forgiveness. Jason told Sonny she had cried all night, and Jason tried to explain to Sonny the situation with Carly, from her perspective. Sonny felt that once he told Carly about what the doctor had said about the fertility treatments being successful, everything would be fine between them. Jason was not convinced. However, Sonny told Jason to make Jax "an offer he couldn't refuse" on Club 101 so that he could buy it back for Carly.

Jason went to Club 101 and ran into Skye. She questioned him about being there, and he told her the truth ... he had a meeting with Jax. Skye immediately caught on that Jason was trying to buy the club, and she told him it wasn't for sale. She also felt compelled to tell Jason that she would eventually be the only Quartermaine heir ... of course, Jason could have cared less, and he looked at her like she was nuts. Jax told Jason he wasn't interested in selling and not to come back. Jason then left after a subtle "threat" toward Jax, and Jax was sure something was going on with Skye. "Tell me, or I'll find out on my own." Skye tried to distract Jax, but he already overheard Skye's earlier conversation with Jason, and he asked if she was conspiring against him with Edward.

Ned and Alexis arrived at the mansion to an "aware" Quartermaine family. The family expressed a wanting to begin planning the baby's future. Ned and Alexis adamantly refused and told the family to stay out of the situation. Shortly thereafter, Reginald brought Lila from her room, and as they told her the news, Lila said they "have a wedding to plan!" Both Ned and Alexis about fainted.

Kristina showed up at Sonny's, telling him that HE is the reason Alexis is pregnant. She berated him and told him to step up to the plate, get rid of Carly (many attacks on THAT woman) and realize that Alexis is the one. Kristina bashed Carly, which made Sonny so angry, he told her to "shut up" and to not come back to the building. Kristina fought back by saying, "You're heart is next, buddy. That's how is works."

Carly was determined to get back at Sonny, regardless of Bobbie's warnings. She called and convinced Jason to come to dinner tonight, putting in motion her plan to seduce Jason so that Sonny would see ... closely.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Skye is at the club when Jason walks in and wants to see Jax. He wants to offer to buy the club for Sonny. Skye and Jason get into it a little over family issues and Skye blurts out that she is going to be Edwards only heir. Jax arrives and tells Skye to ignore him and Jason asks to speak to him privately. When Jason gives him Sonny's offer, Jax turns it down flat. Jason leaves and Jax asks Skye what she meant about being Edwards only heir. he asks her if she's working with Edward. She denies but then Jax tells her he wants to celebrate the closing of a business deal he made that morning. Skye is shocked. She thought Edward would intervene and buy it from Jax. Jax seems aware that something isn't right.

Bobbie figures out that Carly is up to something bad. She tells he she won't help her. Carly plans to seduce Jason and have Sonny come over and find her in bed with Jason just to upset him. Michael leaves with Leticia and Carly calls Sonny to see if he can pick up Michael and keep him at 7pm. Little does she know that Jason is at Sonny's at that moment and just told Sonny that he is having dinner with Carly at 6pm. Sonny knows something is up and asks Jason if he sees what Carly is up to.

Skye goes to see her grandfather and blasts him for duping her. She tells him about Jax's deal going through and wants to know why Edward didn't stop it. He tells her that he had to be sure she was on his side and wasn't working with Jax. Skye doesn't like to be jerked around and tells Edward that things better start going her way.

he shows up at the club and puts on a good show for Jax around Skye like they are still fighting. Jax is on to something but keeps it to himself. AJ and Courtney show up at the club to celebrate AJ's new job. he tells his mother about his new job driving a forklift. She's not pleased because it's beneath him. Edward shows up to slam him too when Courtney's new "boss" at the strip club calls and tells her to get there and work asap. Jax and Skye come up to the couple and offer their support. They are amazed how Courtney went to bat for him. Jax and Courtney go get a drink and Jax offers her an apology for doubting their marriage would work. Skye tells AJ about her catching Jax with other women and lies and AJ tells her to watch her back. The couple leaves and Skye goes to Jax. his cell phone rings and Skye answers it. It's a girl, Mya, and she asks for Jax. Jax says he has to take it and Skye leaves.

AJ and Courtney are leaving when a man approaches them and says "Daisy, hi I thought that was you.." Courtney panics since that is her stripper stage name. AJ tells the man to back off and that he's had to much to drink.

Luke and Laura are at the club as well when Laura freaks out and runs away. Luke chases her and she tells him about her dreams of the attic. Laura starts telling Luke about her dreams and they go to the attic. She remembers the attic door being closed and it was storming outside like that night. Laura remembers the light being on and someone was in the room. They were on the couch and Luke asks who it was. She tells him that she remembers a branch banging on the window and a woman moaning. She says she was confused because she couldn't imagine who else who be up there. She pushed the door open and saw her reflection in the mirror. She then remembers seeing Rick with a red-haired woman making love. Rick is outside the attic door listening to her revelation.

Liz is panicking at her studio when the lights go out. She finds a flashlight and runs outside and down the fire escape. She gets stuck in the stairwell. She goes to run upstairs and drops her flashlight and it breaks. She runs all over the stairwell. Zander hears her and tells her to calm down that a dumpster is blocking the door. He can't move it so he tells her to go to her landing and he'll meet her there. He gets there and opens the door and they embrace. They go back into her studio and sit on the couch. Zander asks if she is ok and she tells him the story of what happened. He tells her she's safe and starts to leave. She grabs him and tells him not to leave her. They stare at each other and kiss. Jason arrives just in time to get the full scene.

Sonny and Jason discuss Carly and he says he's going to bust her on it. Jason wants to call off the dinner but Sonny wants to set her up to catch her in the lie. They set everything up and Jason goes to Carly's. Back at her place, she has on her black lingerie and candles lit. She positions herself on the bed and waits. Sonny arrives at Carly's place instead of Jason. She's waiting oblivious in bed crying. He knocks on the door. She tells "Jason" to go away please and that she was going to do something really stupid but she can't. Sonny grins. He knocks again and Carly tells him to leave again and that he wants no part of this. She says she is always going to love Sonny. He walks into the room and tells her that he will always love her too. She looks up with make-up smeared on her face.

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