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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on GH
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Monday, June 24, 2002

Port Charles Hotel:
AJ was sitting at the bar when Skye came in. They talked and AJ told her that he was really in love with his wife; she was the best thing to happen to him. She believed him and asked when he realized his feelings had changed. He said he didn't know. He was concerned about using her to get Michael and all of a sudden he realized he was in love with her. That's why he left the family. He asked Skye for a loan but she denied him. She wanted him to stand on his own two feet. They ordered coffee and then he left to go home to his wife. Edward, the crumb, came and told Skye she should believe in Jax. He gave her an envelope which she opened and found a picture of Jax putting a necklace around a woman's neck.
Elsewhere Ned and Alexis were talking and she said she was becoming such a hypochondriac since learning she was pregnant. Ned was comforting her and Kristina came in. Of course she thinks something is really going on between them. Alexis said nothing is going on. She had forgotten her appointment book and rushed out, leaving Ned to explain things to Kristina. They made up and danced.

Jason talked to Courtney. She mentioned AJ being his brother and he said AJ wasn't his brother. He thinks AJ is so bad but what he and Sonny do for a living is so great? She asked if it was because of the accident and he said no. AJ is just bad news. She left and Liz was there. They talked and he made it seem like she was following him around. She told him to get over himself. Benny came and told him that Roscoe might be gone but his men weren't and were going to retaliate. Jason grabbed Liz and rushed her to her studio. He told her not to call him and left her.

Liz's studio:
Later, when Liz was alone, two men came and grabbed Liz. Zander came to see her and heard her scream. He ran over to the window and saw two men taking her to a car and shove her in. He went and found Jason and told him, saying one of them he recognized as Roscoe's man. They ran out together.

Carly had Alexis' file in her lap, ready to snoop. Sonny came to see her and wanted to see the file, thinking it was hers. She stopped him from taking it, saying it wasn't hers. He asked why she had it and she said she thought it was hers at the time. She put it back on the desk. Dr. Bonds came and said she had the results of her tests. They went back to Carly's room and Carly caused a distraction knocking stuff over so Sonny had to pick it up and she could gesture to the Doctor not to say anything. She said everything was fine. She couldn't find anything that explained her headaches.
Alexis came to get her book and ran into Sonny. She said she had a client there and then the Doctor came out with her book. Sonny left and Carly was eavesdropping, as usual, and heard Alexis talk about being pregnant.

AJ's house:
AJ came home and found Courtney there. He was so glad to see her. He told her about stealing from his family because he felt so bad about not having a job. It was his pride. He just hoped it wasn't too late. She said there's no such thing. Didn't he know how much she loved him. They hugged.

Webber's old house:
Laura had found the stairs her mother talked about and went up to the attic. Luke came up to her and touched her. She screamed. They were looking around and she saw stuff she remembered. They found her old wedding dress and it wasn't in very good shape. The veil had fared a little better.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Jason and Zander run back to Liz's studio after spending the night running all over PC looking for her. Zander asks Jason what comes next. Jason tells Zander to go away, but Zander says he doesn't take orders anymore. Jason looks past Zander and sees a message written on the wall for a meeting at noon. Zander says they can still make it, to which Jason tells Zander he is not going.

Liz is in a dark and dirty place. She finds a match, which she lights to see her surroundings. She sees a headstone and realized she is some sort of crypt. One of Roscoe's thugs comes in. Liz lets him know people are looking for her. He lets her know she is there to make sure Jason does what they want. Liz stands up to the thug, but when he leaves her fear sets back in.

At noon, Jason is at the meeting place and the pay phone rings. Liz is on the other end and lets Jason know it is a trap. Roscoe's thug tells Jason he will call back in an hour and that when calls again, Jason better be alone.

Jason turns around and sees Zander. Zander instigates a fight with Jason. As Jason has him on the ground, Zander whispers to Jason that this will make Roscoe's men think they are really on different sides so they can work together. Jason starts to walk away and Zander runs after him and jumps him. As Jason is about to punch Zander, Taggert walks up and arrests them both.

At the station, Taggert and Mac harass Zander and Jason. They agree to let Zander go if he is willing to press charges against Jason. When Zander refuses, the police decided to hold them both for 24 hours.

Roscoe's thug yells at Liz for her bold move of saying what she did to Jason. He reminds her that Jason better do what he wants or she won't be leaving her new home.

When the hour is up, the boys are still in jail as the phone rings. Liz is seen at her crypt, pleading to get out.

At the Port Charles Grill, Laura asks Lucky what happened with the photo shoot. Lucky relays to Laura what happened the magazine cover shoot and how Nikolas is buying Gia's career. This upsets Laura greatly and she resolves to talk to them both.

On the other side of the Grill, Nikolas and Gia come in to have breakfast. When the waiter comes, Nikolas orders for Gia. When she asks why he did that, he explains he feels she should eat healthier. He then tells her of the various meetings that he set up for her, one being with the largest modeling agency in New York. As Gia is thanking Nikolas with a hug, Laura approaches the couple to talk about Gia and Deception. Gia decides she trusts both Nikolas and Laura and leaves.

Nikolas asks Laura to make it easy and release Gia from the Exclusive condition in her contract. Laura says she will make it simple-Gia must honor her contact or be sued. Nikolas proclaims that she can do what she wants-if she sues, Nikolas will pay whatever to take care of it. Laura gets up to walk away, but Nikolas calls her back. He apologized for treating this like business. He said one of the reason reasons he wanted Gia exploring her career, so they would be away from Lucky.

At Lucky's studio, Sarah came by to say hello. She runs into the lighting guy who says something about a meeting with Lucjy, but Sarah advises him that the meeting is canceled and that Lucky would reschedule for later. When Lucky comes it, Sarah is hiding being a spotlight. She instructs him to take off his shirt and tells him to close his eyes. When he opens them, Sarah is there, looking like she did that night when Lucky saw her in the barn. Lucky explains he has work to do, but Sarah is able to distract him with her and talk of how she wants their relationship to be public.

They are becoming intimate when Gia walks in. Sarah leaves and Gia asks Lucky if is would be possible to do the shoot she missed. She feels that she owes Laura and Deception. As they are getting ready to start the shoot, Nikolas walks in and asks what is going on.

Felicia and Roy are at Kelly's talking about the money and what they would do with a million dollars. He slips her some of it to be analyzed at the police station. Roy leaves, goes back to his apartment to put the money in a bag, and takes it to a safe deposit box. He finds Felicia again, tells her what he did and gives her the key for the safe deposit box.

Between talking to Roy, Felicia talks to both Bobbie and Roy. Both tell Felicia that she should be careful; Bobbie tells Felicia about Roy turning on Sonny and Mac tells Felicia to remember not to get too involved. When Felicia sees Mac she gives him the money and asks him to run some tests.

Laura walks in to Kelly's and talks to Bobbie about Rick coming back to town, finding her wedding dress in the upstairs garage attic, and how she is missing memories she feels she would have. Sarah walks in and interrupts Bobbie to talk to Laura. Bobbie leaves and Sarah sits down to tell Laura that she wants Lucky to be happy and supported, especially as he goes through this difficult time. Sarah leaves as quick as she came, leaving Laura confused as to what just happened.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Carly's back to her sneaky ways when she sneaks into Dr. Bond's office to look at Alexis' record. Unfortunately, she didn't find the answers she was looking for, because Alexis' file didn't contain information about the father of her baby. Suddenly, Carly hears someone at the door and hides behind a chair. That's when Dr. Bonds and Alexis come in to discuss Alexis' pregnancy. Carly listens in as Alexis explains that there is no way she is going to tell the father she's pregnant. Without even saying his name, Carly knows that Alexis is carrying Sonny's baby. Later, Carly sees Alexis outside her pent house and confronts her; encouraging her to move far away (Manhattan preferably). In the middle of the confrontation, Sonny comes out of his pent house and over hears what's going on; coming to the defense of Alexis. Inside, Sonny tells Carly that he understands how uncomfortable the situation is for everyone, but Alexis is his friend and lawyer.

Jason and Zander are still waiting to be released that the PCPD head quarters. Taggert doesn't really have anything to hold them on, but he refuses to let them go. Jason calls Sonny and asks him to come down and post bail. When Sonny gets there, Taggert seems a little surprised that Sonny doesn't want to bail Zander as well. After the threat of pressing harassment charges (which were false, since Alexis told Sonny to get another lawyer because she was busy), Taggert releases Jason and Zander. Jason makes it to the pier just in time to receive a phone call.

Still convinced that he can be of some help to Liz, Zander goes off to find information. At a bar, he recognizes one of Liz's kidnappers and happens to know the person he is sitting with, so he goes up and starts a conversation. The kidnapper leaves in a hurry, but Zander stays and tries to convince his old friend that he wants to be of help to him and do something against Sonny and Jason. He mentions that Sonny has men all around town searching for some girl and offers to help with it. The guy says he'll make some calls, walks behind Zander and hits him over the head.

Liz is still locked away in the Quinn Mausoleum and she's becoming more desperate by the minute. She tried to escape by distracting her capture and pretending to be hurt, which didn't work. Having angered her captor, he refused to give her the batteries that he had brought for her slowly dying lamp. Once he leaves, Liz works at escaping by pulling rods out of the wall, but she isn't successful and instead comes face to face with her dead companions. When her captor comes back, he calls the pay phone that Jason is supposed to be at and tells him that he has to get information from Sonny and relay it to him or Liz will die. Given a chance to speak, Liz tries to tell Jason where she is, but she is cut off before she can finish.

Gia and Lucky are about to begin their photo shoot when Nikolas walks in, encouraging Gia to leave. Nikolas tries to take control of the situation, but Gia surprises everyone by making a decision. She's going to honor her contract with Deception and do the shoot. Nikolas finally backs down and decides that he will support Gia's decision. Lucky and Nikolas refrain from biting each other's head off and they finish the shoot. Nikolas sees how well Lucky and Gia work together.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Alan warns Monica that GH is at risk of a corporate takeover. An emotional Lesley assures Rick that he's truly welcome in the home she shares with her daughter. Lulu is unnerved when Maxie teases her about ghosts in the garage attic. Bobbie asks a grumbling Scott to promise that he'll behave himself during her brother's wedding. Carly contacts a member of Alexis's former law firm and suggests that her "dear friend" needs to make a hasty retreat from Port Charles. Meanwhile, Sonny stonewalls when Alexis presses him for details about his latest trouble. Rick and Laura are happily reunited. Later, Laura tells her stepfather how she couldn't even remember the attic room until a few days ago.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Luke continues to drill Rick on why he's in Port Charles a month before the wedding. Rick dodges by saying he's there to see Laura and do a little business. Since Luke knows he left his practice he's intrigued and wants to know what Rick is up to. Rick tries to cover but Luke isn't buying it. He drops it though for the time being and lets Rick leave for the hospital.

Alexis arrives at Sonny's and informs him of her decision to accept her old job back at the firm in Manhattan. Sonny is surprised and questions her but Carly is grinning ear to ear. Alexis says she couldn't turn down their offer and will be leaving soon but gives him a list of new attorneys she suggests and says she will fulfill her contractual obligations. Sonny wishes her well and says he won't stop her if this is what she wants and Alexis leaves. Carly talks to Sonny about what a good move this is for Alexis then there's a knock at the door. A delivery man is there to deliver something. Carly opens the bag and finds a beautiful new dress to get married in because he says, it's the last time. Carly says it will be just the two of them with no witnesses. She says she feels like she doesn't deserve all this happiness. Sonny says it's crazy and tells her to stop and go get dressed. The minister and Sonny are talking when Carly comes down. Sonny asks her to marry him and she says she thought he'd never ask. She's in a sparkling white tank dress with her hair pulled back. The minister begins. Carly has some things to say as well as Sonny.
Alexis starts to walk in but hears them and stops and listens.

Liz is still in the mausoleum when the door opens and the guard brings in an unconscious Zander. He tells her that Zander was in the way and asking too many questions. Liz says he needs a doctor but the guard tells her she should be more worried about Jason and if he'll meet their ransom demands and then leaves. Liz talks to Zander until he wakes up. She tells him where they are and he apologizes for screwing up. She tells him what she's been up to in there and how the one crypt opened up. Zander offers to help her close it since it's so creepy but his head hurts and Liz tells him to rest. He refuses and the two go about putting the door back on the crypt. Liz says that she knows the kidnappers want something from Jason. Zander says when they get it, they'll be killed. He says they need to come up with a plan to get out. Later, Liz pounds on the wall and yells that Zander is dead. When the guard comes in, stupid Zander jumps him but is a sissy and the guard punches him in the gut and he falls and Liz joins him. The guard pulls a gun but says that they are worth more alive...for now then leaves. Liz says she should have ran but she thought he would kill Zander. He says they will come up with a plan.

Back at the hospital, Rick runs into Monica and she is shocked to see him. They start to chat when Alan walks up. Rick informs them that he runs Mercy Hospital and invites the two to the presentation for GH that night and urges them to have an open mind to the buyout/merger. Alan isn't interested but Monica is. Alan leaves and Monica tells Rick that she knows he's divorced and she doesn't see a wedding band, so why hasn't some lucky girl snatched him up yet. They end up at Luke's club and have a drink. Rick starts sweet talking her and Monica says how strange it is that it seems like he has just left yesterday. He says how in sync they were and they say how they miss it. Alan meanwhile is watching from across the room. Rick says he's staying until the wedding. He says in the meantime, he needs Monica on his team to make GH what it should be. Scotty comes up and tells Monica not to buy that garbage. Scott says that Rick runs his hospitals like fast food restaurants. He says every time a hospital is taken over it's the same thing, people lose their jobs, nurses aren't happy, etc. He won't let that happen to GH. He goes to talk to Alan. Scotty is worried about Bobbie. He says that Alan can count him in to fight. Monica apologizes to Rick but Rick says there's no need. Monica says she'll think about helping him. Then he asks for a dance and she obliges. Alan isn't pleased.

Jason shows up at the bar where Zander was hit over the head and demands answers from the bartender. The bartender gives him some information then Jason pays him to do something for him. Later, the bartender is wiping tables when the guy who hit Zander shows up and says "this better be good. I don't like to be summoned." and Jason walks up behind him. He asks him where Liz Webber is. He says he's never heard of her. Jason grabs him and throws him up against a wall and tells him to think again. The guy agrees to tell him where Liz is. Jason backs away and the crypt guard comes in and shoots the man. Jason spins around and grabs him for protection and pulls his gun and shoots at the man. Jason runs to the bleeding man and wants to know where Liz is. He refuses and Jason panics.

Back at Luke's club, Bobbie tells him that Rick is part of this health care consortium that is circling GH. She tells him how mad Alan is. Alexis shows up and chats with Luke. Dr. Bonds is there as well and they begin to talk. Luke walks up and asks if the Dr. is a shrink and the two exchanges looks. Luke finds out that Alexis is leaving town. He's upset and asks who he's supposed to call when he's in trouble. She says Scotty and Luke scoffs. He says he's going to miss her and she him as well. He wants to make sure she's doing this for the right reason. She says she's doing what's right for her. He wishes her luck and kisses her. Scotty comes by and wonders why Laura left town upset. Luke wants to know who told him all of that.

Maxie and Lulu go up to the attic and look around. They decide to play dress-up and go downstairs to get some things. After they leave, someone climbs through the window dressed in black and places a lighted cigarette in a box and leaves. It begins to smoke. Later, Maxie and Lulu come back upstairs (strangely enough, there is no smoke in the attic and they don't notice anything) but Maxie's cell phone rings and she can hardly hear because of the reception. She tells Lulu she's going to be backyard for a second and tells her to wait there then leaves. Afterwards, they show the boxing smoldering (again, no one notices). Maxie is chatting on the phone and tells the person that she isn't supposed to leave but will meet him on the corner for 10 min then leaves. Back in the attic, Lulu is playing with a doll and hat while a flame sparks out of the box.

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