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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on GH
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Monday, January 28, 2002

Laura went to see Nikolas and he asked her if he was like his father. She told him in looks yes, but in other ways he was nothing like his father. He told her about the letter his father had written to him when he was born. He said that just when he got used to his dad being alive, he was dead again. Laura asked if he had told Gia any of this and he said no. Little did he know Gia was on the other side of the door listening. She came in and Laura asked if she was serious about not renewing her contract with Deception. Gia said she wanted to concentrate her attention on being a wife. Laura left and Gia asked Nikolas if there was anything he wanted to talk to her about and he said no.

Sonny's penthouse:
He tried to have a conversation with Alexis but kept getting interrupted. He wasn't happy that she had told Courtney about his childhood; he said he never tells anyone about that. He asked about her feelings and she kept getting interrupted. Zander came by and made the mistake of telling Sonny that he had told Carly he was watching her. He said Carly was fine with it and he could still watch her. Sonny went on about Zander not following his orders and fired him; telling him to get his final check from Benny. After Zander left he called Benny and told him to give Zander his check and make sure he never came back on the property. Alexis then told Sonny exactly what she thought of him. She said she never liked the fact that Zander worked for him but Zander was honest with Sonny and he gets fired. For someone who liked nothing but the truth he was a hypocrite for getting Zander to lie for him all that time. She stormed out.

AJ's hotel suite:
Courtney came to see AJ and wanted to know if it was true that Sonny took his son away. He tried to dance around the truth but she got it out of him. She figured AJ was responsible for Sonny's baby's death so Sonny takes away his son. They talked for awhile and AJ gave her a check for $10000. She said she couldn't take it. He said it was mad money to do with as she wished. She asked what he wanted in return and he said nothing. He ended up putting it in a drawer and locking the drawer. He gave her the key and said she was welcome any time. She left and Skye got back. She had met up with Jax in the gym. AJ asked her if she had come up with a plan and she said not yet. He was so cheerful and she told him she had never seen him quite like that before. He said this was AJ, the winner. He said to get used to it because he thinks he finally found his game. He said there were two things to do when you want something from someone; make them love you or capitalize on their hatred for someone else. "Well, I know which one would work for me," Skye said.

Carly's club:
Zander confessed that Sonny had him looking out for her and she wasn't too happy with him but she forgave him and even told him that Sonny wouldn't find out from her that Zander had confessed. He said he would tell Sonny himself. Of course, he did, and that was a mistake. Maybe Carly would hire him to work in her club. She left a message for Jax and he showed up later. He praised her on how the club was coming along and she took him on a tour.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

by QT

Gia tried hard to be patient with Nikolas. She was hoping that he would bring up Stavros with her, but he did not. Gia went to get Nikolas' attention away from work and focused on her. She wanted to talk to him about their plans and then she wanted to play the word association game. Nikolas played for a while but then stopped to go get dressed. At the Port Charles Grill, Gia continued to probe Nikolas about what was going on with him. She gave away that she had listened to Nikolas and his mom talking early. Nikolas asked Gia to understand and realized that many of the things that he is feeling is new to him and he has not had time to even process the thoughts himself. Gia reminded him that they had made a promise about being truthful and honest. Nikolas asked Gia to back off because Stavros was his dad and he is gone now which is not to far from the struggles that Gia has experienced with her mom, who is still alive, and still struggling with their relationship. Gia was quiet after that. Gia excused herself to the restroom.

Lucky was not having much luck either. Lucky had the romantic evening down to the limo and roses. Liz was fine on the date, but she realized that Lucky was not the same; he was trying hard to be romantic and to treat her wonderfully, but it was not the same. Liz told Lucky he was trying too hard. The air was so tense that a knife could cut it. Lucky reminded Liz that love takes time and does not happen over night. Liz told Lucky that she had fallen in love with him the first moment she laid eyes on him. I don't see love in your eyes anymore Lucky. The reflection of our love is gone. Maybe we should just stop here and now because you and I are just not the same people anymore. At the Port Charles Grill Lucky and Liz decided to dine. However once at the table, Liz asked Lucky to order for her and she excused herself to the restroom.

In the restroom of the Port Charles Grill both Liz and Gia remarked about men and how difficult they are. The women found themselves in the same predicament. Gia asked Liz what was wrong. Liz explained that Lucky was trying too hard and things just were not going well. Gia told Liz to give it some time love does not happen over night. Liz told Gia she sounded just like Lucky. Gia said be more appreciative of the things that Lucky does because at least he is trying. As the two lovely ladies returned to the main dining area at the Grill, they looked up to notice that their men were entertaining another woman, Liz's sister Sarah Webber.

Zander went to see Carly. At first he lied to Carly about what happened with Sonny. Carly of course realized that Sonny would not be so calm as Zander had stated so she probed further to find that Sonny fired Zander. Carly was upset for Zander but knew Sonny long enough to know that this is typical Sonny. Carly reassured Zander and offered him a job. At first Zander did not know what to think, but Carly promised him something special. Carly came up with the idea that Zander would be head bartender. Zander was flattered but he realized that Carly has no clue about his real feelings for her. Zander asked Carly not to continue to throw him at other women and making what he felt for Carly insignificant. After that statement Carly began to wonder where Zander was coming from. Carly asked Zander what he meant.

Kristina demanded a visit with Sonny. Sonny asked Kristina to leave because she really had no business with him. Kristina blasted Sonny for mistreating her sister Alexis. Kristina said that Sonny had no right to hurt Alexis and keeping her at your beck and call no matter what or no matter of her feelings. Sonny was not in the mood but continued to listen to Kristina. She told him that he had better treat her sister better. This struck a cord with Sonny who replied with he did not know what was going on with Alexis. He said that one minute she wanted to tell him her feelings and the next minute Alexis was irate and calling him a jerk. Kristina turned and looked at Sonny to say, is that the way you treat someone who is in love with you? Sonny looked at Kristina with surprise and shock. Kristina realized that Sonny really was unaware of Alexis' feeling and tried to back off the serious love and make it love in the broadest friend sense, but it was too late. After Kristina spent a few minutes on recover she exited quickly. Meanwhile, Sonny stayed and contemplated this new information with what Alexis had already told him about she wanted to tell him how she felt and then how Kristina said that Alexis loved Sonny. Sonny wanted answers to these questions.

Kristina immediately heads over to the gym to talk to Alexis. She arrived to find Ned and Alexis talking. This did not faze Kristina. She asked Ned if she could speak to her sister alone. Kristina tries to describe how sometimes you say things but then you know that was wrong and you should not have said that. Alexis said she understood, but really was ready to go and couldn't this information wait a few minutes. Kristina told Alexis she could wait while Alexis changed. In the interim Kristina waited with Ned. A note came for her from a gym staff member. It was a note from Alexis telling her to have a good evening with Ned. Kristina became really worried and told Ned that she had said something that she should have not said and Alexis was going to feel it in about two minutes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Gia and a very surprised Liz observe Sarah talking with Lucky and Nikolas. Sarah spies Liz, rushes to her sister, and hugs her. She tells Liz how happy she is to see her and how good she looks. Marriage suits you she insists. A pall washes over the group. Sarah picks up on it and asks if she's said something wrong. The group tries to sidestep the marriage issue. Gia mumbles something about Liz's dress not being right. Nikolas steps in and introduces Gia as his fiancée. They ask Sarah to fill them in on what she's been up to. She tells them that she is in Port Charles to do an internship at GH. Liz is obviously uncomfortable with her sister being back in town and her discomfort only grows when Sarah states that she is back in town for good. Gia picks up on Liz's feelings and excuses the two. Alone with Lucky and Nikolas, Sarah asks the two what is going on between Lucky and her sister. Lucky tells her that the wedding didn't happen and it is his fault. Nikolas steps in and says the blame is really his. They confuse Sarah who leaves in search of her sister. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Gia asks Liz why she doesn't like her sister. Liz replies that her sister is too perfect and that she is threatened by it. She tells Gia about Sarah's last stint in Port Charles where she had both Lucky and Nikolas wrapped around her finger. When Gia hears about Nikolas' past relationship with Sarah, she is not pleased. Sarah interrupts the two and asks to speak with Liz alone. Tell me what happened at the wedding she begs Liz. Liz says she is not ready to talk about it yet. Sarah says she can wait, but also apologizes for not being around for her sister to confide in. I want to be in your life again Sarah tells her sister. The two hug. Meanwhile, back at the table, Gia not so subtlety lets Nikolas know that she is aware of his past with Sarah. They two leave and Nikolas assuages Gia's concerns about his ex-girlfriend being back in town.

Jax opens his hotel room door to find Skye on the other side. She pushes past him into the room and says she wants a self-defense partner. The session quickly turns from self-defense to seductive. At the conclusion, Skye leaves. Outside his room, she tells herself that it's time to put Phase Two into action.

Sonny follows Alexis to her penthouse. She is still angry with him and demands to know what he wants. He says he wants to discuss a personal issue with her. Alexis lets him in, but then blasts him again for firing Zander. She accuses him of having standards for his family and friends that he doesn't hold himself up to. Her tirade is about to continue, but Sonny interrupts her and apologizes. Alexis is speechless. Seizing the opportunity, Sonny tries to tell her that he knows she is in love with him, however, he goes about it in such a clumsy way that Alexis has no idea what he is talking about. Before Sonny can clarify, Kristina walks in. She is obviously uncomfortable when she sees that Sonny and Alexis are together. As quickly as she can, she excuses herself and rushed upstairs. Sonny changes tactics and tries to find out from Alexis if Kristina tends to jump to conclusions before she gets all the facts. Alexis admits her sister is excitable, however, she is very observant as well and wouldn't make statements that she couldn't back up. Knowing this information, Sonny tries to steer the conversation back to where it was before. He asks Alexis to share her feelings with him. She does share how she feels about Sonny, but stops short of admitting that she may be in love with him. Sonny decides not to press further and says good night. After he's gone, Alexis wonders what he was fishing for. Later, Kristina comes downstairs and tries to tell Alexis what she told Sonny. Misunderstanding what her sister is trying to say, Alexis ends up thanking her for going over to Sonny's and standing up for her. Kristina can't bring herself to tell Alexis what really transpired.

Roy tries to convince Melissa that Alan will give her back her job. Melissa says that regardless of what happens, she feels she needs to stand up for herself and tell Alan she is not the person he says she is. They are interrupted by Tony who wants to consult with her about a recently deceased patient. He explains that he wants to talk about the elderly patient who died under her care last week. I feel she had at least another couple months to live he tells her and asks Melissa if she noticed anything different about the patient's health the night she died. Melissa says she is unaware of any changes in the patient's condition, but says that it was for the best that this patient died as she was in a lot of pain. Tony thanks her and asks her to reconsider her resignation. She says she is at GH to talk to Alan about it. Just then, Alan arrives at the Nurse's Station. Tony leaves, but on his way out asks Alan to speak with Nurse Bedford. Alan approaches Melissa and apologizes for taking Skye's allegations seriously. Please come back to work at GH he asks Melissa. She happily accepts, telling Alan how important it is for her to take people's pain away. Roy observes the conversation. After Alan leaves, he asks Melissa what she means when she says she takes people's pain away. She is so excited about having her job back that she ignores the question and jumps into his arms. Later that day, during her first shift back on duty, Melissa visits Edward in his hospital room. Roy overhears her tell Mr. Q that she will never let him be helpless or in pain.

At the club, Carly tells Zander that he can trust her. He says that he wants to thank her for helping him get over Emily. As he attempts to tell Carly his true feelings about her, Sonny interrupts them. He tells Zander that he made a mistake in firing him and offers Zander his job back. Zander says he will come back to work for Sonny as long as it doesn't involve betraying Carly's trust. Sonny assures him that it won't. Carly is amazed at what has just transpired and asks to speak with Sonny alone. She tells Sonny that she is shocked that he can admit that he made a mistake. She also tells Sonny that she knows that he was only trying to protect her when he told Zander to spy on her, but she asks that he trust her more in the future. Sonny says that he will try to leaves the club. Zander re-enters the room. She again asks Zander to tell her what is on his mind. Just that you are my best friend he hedges. Well, you are mine too she replies.

Skye bursts back into Jax's hotel room looking upset. She insinuates to Jax that Sonny is threatening her again. She shows him a playing card. It's the Queen of Hearts...with a hole burned out of the middle of it. Jax tells Skye she will stay in his room until they come up with a way to prove that Sonny is behind these threats. Skye is secretly pleased.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Skye attracts Jax with her openness, and the two dance around possible romance until Alan interrupts with a call. Alan informs Skye that Edward has awoken from his successful surgery and that he only wants to speak to Skye. Skye misinterprets Edward's invitation and chooses to accept, but she soon discovers that Edward intends to blackmail her.

Gia entices Nikolas into romance, and she almost misses her last photo shoot for Deception. One of the Cassadine bankers spooks Nikolas by pointing out Nikolas' physical likeness to Stavros, and Gia feels threatened by Sarah when she spies Nikolas reconnecting with his old flame. Liz also smolders as Sarah tries to explain away her past behavior to Liz, and Audrey serves to heighten Liz's feelings of inadequacy brought on by the return of her older sister. Laura asks Lucky to tell the truth about his feelings regarding Liz, and Lucky insists that he will make his relationship with Liz work. Roy's uneasiness about Melissa's attitudes toward terminally ill patients causes him to seek advice from Laura.

Friday,     FEBUARY 1, 2002

Edward gleefully throws Skye's own words back into her face to gain the upper hand over his granddaughter. Courtney treats an amused Mike to a grown-up version of the tea parties she used to have as a kid. When Janine arrives, however, she and Mike both realize they've been set up by their daughter in hopes of effecting a temporary reconciliation. Sonny pays a call on AJ, who reveals that he's hired a couple of muscle men as protection. Amy teases Bobbie after learning that she has a dinner date with an old flame. Edward threatens to reveal Skye's scheme to Jax unless she makes him CEO of ELQ once again. Nikolas seeks to reassure his green-eyed fiancée as Gia frets about Sarah's sudden re-entry into his life. Mike and Janine manage to force a smile and recount a few happy memories from the old days in order to please Courtney. AJ's newest trick sends Jax gunning for Sonny. Upset by another quarrel between her father and her brother, Courtney takes to the road and soon encounters even more serious trouble.

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