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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on GH
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Lucky told Liz he knew he could love her again, he just wanted the chance. She told him she didn't want his pity and he said he didn't pity her. They went into Kelly's and Lucky sat Liz down at one table and went and sat at another one. He wanted them to pretend they were just meeting for the first time and after her initial objection, Liz decided to go along with it.

Alexis' penthouse:
Ned came by to see Kristina but wanted to talk to Alexis first and see how she felt about Kristina and him being together. Alexis said she dumped him at the altar, she had no business objecting. Kristina came downstairs and Alexis said she had to go somewhere. Kristina followed her out of the apartment and wanted to talk to her. Alexis said she gave them her blessing.
After Alexis left, Kristina asked Ned to lift her up from the back and he couldn't lift her. She said something about being an unmovable force. What was that all about? I do like them together though.
Later Sonny came by looking for Alexis and they couldn't tell him where she was. She showed up later with Scott which didn't make him too happy.

Health Club:
Alexis was at the health club, unsuccessfully trying out the treadmill. It got going too fast and she fell off just as Scott walked in. She thought she would try the punching bag but didn't do too well there either. Scott tried to help her but she gave up. She ended up asking Scott on a date.

Skye's room:
Skye had a negligee on and let it fall off while Jax watched. He commented on how she purposely did that and told her she was beautiful and that she knew it. They talked about love and Skye said she never had any luck with love. She said if everyone was supposed to have a soul mate, hers must be hiding. Jax said there was real love out there. He put two chairs together and prepared to settle in for the night.

Carly's house:
Zander went back to Carly's house with her. He was having a hard time trying to protect her and hide what looks like feelings he was having for her. He tried to tell Sonny he couldn't do it anymore as he got too distracted and made a mistake. Sonny wouldn't let him off the hook. He trusted him. Later he went to put a box away at Carly's request when he winced in pain. She helped him and told him he could stay there for the night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

by QT

Alexis woke up sore and in pain from her experience at the gym. Kristina drank her healthy drink as she got a chuckle from Alexis' pain. Kristina probed Alexis about why she had went to the gym, but Alexis merely replied that she wanted to go somewhere new and meet new people. Alexis mentioned that she had a date with an attorney named Scott Baldwin. Alexis continued to move around her sofa and love seat in search of a comfortable position but without much success. Kristina told Alexis that she needed to stretch to feel better. Alexis was more for the keep still and nothing else will hurt mode. As Kristina pulled Alexis from the sofa, Alexis asked how Kristina felt about Ned. Kristina ignored Alexis' question and continued to stretch. Kristina then told Alexis that she would knock off with Ned if she asked her because her first priority is family and she put Alexis before everyone. Alexis told Kristina that she felt the same way. The phone rang. It was Stefan. He strongly asked Alexis and Kristina to come to Wyndemere,

Skye slammed a drawer shut to wake up Jax from his slumber in 2 chairs. Skye asked Jax to come and get in bed. She told him that the warm and soft place would be a nice change from those chairs. Jax agreed but declined the offer. Jax and Skye continued to flirt and Skye even began to massage Jax's neck. Then a few moments passed and Jax reminded Skye that he wanted that project that they were working on faxed to London by lunchtime, London time. Jax made his escape.

Gia overheard Nikolas handling some business and wondered what was wrong with him and why he was so rude and harsh on the phone. Nikolas told her that it was just business and not to worry. Gia pushed on and insisted Nikolas tell her what was actually going on with him. She told him again that the problems that his brother faces with Liz are not his fault. Nikolas interrupted and told her it was partly Lucky but really it was more Helena. Helena had informed Nikolas that once he took over the estate he would feel like he was being pulled under from everywhere. Gia told him that even though he had some of Stavros inside him that Nikolas did not have to fall into that old trick of Helena's. Gia told Nikolas not to let Helena get to him. You will be the kind of person that you want to be and run the estate as you see fit. Nikolas smiled and thanked Gia for her love and support. Gia told him that all she needed was his smile and this made Nikolas smile. As Gia and Nikolas continued to talk Alexis and Kristina arrived in the study. They immediately asked about Stefan. Gia and Nikolas did not have a clue. Stefan walked in and told everyone that he wanted to speak to everyone together.

Monica really stepped up to the plate today in her support of Alan. Alan really had no where to go he was literally between a rock and a hard place. Alan had the awful choice of choosing between his father and his daughter. Alan knew that his family could not go on like this for much longer. Even his mom told him that he would have to make a serious choice shortly or the family would suffer from something tremendous. Monica agreed with Lila and asked Alan what he was going to do. Alan told Monica a story about his life. He told Monica that his father never wanted him to be a doctor and fought with him all the way through medical school. After graduation his father surprised him by asking him to stand and look out a window in their living room. Outside stood a red sports car with ribbon, bow, and all. At that moment Alan knew that his father understood him and got the picture. Alan just never knew to what lengths Edward would go to protect his son. Alan just could not understand his father. At this moment Skye walked in asking if any coffee was left. Skye asked that all be forgiven and let's get on with our lives. Alan stood up and told Skye that he was making dramatic changes and the first change is that Skye you have to move out. Skye was shocked and had a look of disbelief on her face.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Stefan calls his family together at Wyndemere and announces that he's heading to Milan to pursue an old dream. Stung by Alan's request to move out of the mansion, Skye bitterly congratulates Monica on finally achieving her goal. Clutching his chest and gasping in pain, Edward tries to phone for help but collapses before he can complete the call. Meanwhile, at the gym, Melissa tries not to worry about the unhealthy behavior Edward was exhibiting the last time she saw him. Sonny asks Courtney for the chance to get to know his kid sister better. Standing over his own fallen form, "Edward" muses over this latest turn of events which will finally give him the upper hand over his obstreperous family. Though Alexis supports her brother's decision, a fretful Gia begs Stefan not to leave her and Nikolas with the responsibility for running the Cassadine estate. Though a snarling AJ takes Skye's side, Alan remains adamant that his daughter reside elsewhere. As they exchange emotional farewells, Stefan promises his sisters they will always be in his heart. Later, Nikolas struggles to hold back his tears as he says goodbye to his beloved uncle. Returning to the hotel to find Edward lying on the floor of his room, Melissa quickly begins CPR.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Carly and Zander arrived at her club which, to her delight, had the hum of saws and hammers in the background. She was happy that things were finally coming together. Zander insisted on going into her office first to check things out even though Carly reminded him that Sonny took care of everything. They went inside and of course, everything was fine but dirty. Carly asked Zander to stay and help get things in order but when he started to pick up some swatch books, he winched with pain. Carly made him sit down and he decided maybe he shouldn't lift anything. Carly nagged him enough that he finally agreed to go get x-rays on his ribs if she would quit. She made him promise to actually do it and not lie and say he did. She also tried to give him advice on staying out of the mob. She doesn't want him to end up like Sonny, alone and depressed. She told him it's not about what you can have with the mob it's what you can't have. Zander didn't want to listen. He said he owed Sonny because of all he's done for him and he respects him. Carly said that Sonny respects him because of who he is, not what he does for him. Zander then leaves to go to the hospital.

Monica gets off the phone with the hospital after they are called regarding Edward's heart attack. Alan tells her to go and he'll catch up. Skye comes into the room and Alan blasts her when she shows concern. He tells her it's all her fault and she looks like she's on the verge of tears. She can't believe her father is blaming her for her grandfather's heart attack. She admits to being at the hotel prior and telling him he was fine then. Alan is surprised to learn she was with him before he collapsed and asks if they fought. When she admits that they did argue, Alan blasts her and tells her to stay away from his father then leaves for the hospital. AJ arrives and tells Skye not to worry about it. He says that grandfather is a horrible man and he won't waste any more time on him. Skye can't believe AJ is so cold but he says that if Edward dies then she'll bear the brunt of the family's guilt and then she'll understand where he's coming from. Skye doesn't want to be part of AJ's mean spirited talk so she leaves the mansion.

Sonny and Courtney arrive at Kelly's for a burger. Courtney hesitates about going in because of what happened last time she was there when she tried to steal from Nikolas. They go in and run into Liz and Lucky. He recognizes her and tells her not to worry about the money and Sonny overhears. Lucky tries to cover but she comes clean with Sonny and admits what happened. Sonny tells them that she is his sister and they welcome her then she goes to get a table. Lucky goes upstairs to get Liz's gloves for their date and she thanks Sonny again for giving her a place to hide from Helena on his island. Sonny tells her it was ok and she tells him that she's doing better and glad to be home and that she and Lucky are working on their relationship. Lucky comes downstairs then and they say goodbye to Sonny and go off on their outing. Sonny asks Courtney what she wants to eat and then goes to order. Meanwhile, Courtney rises to take off her coat just as Carly walks in talking on her cell phone. The two collide and Carly barks at her to watch out. The two start to go at it verbally when Sonny steps up and tells Carly that Courtney is his sister. Courtney decides she wants to leave and ditches. Sonny and Carly sit down and he explains how she came into his life. Carly gets around to telling Sonny that he needs to talk to her about her friends and that she saw her at Luke's the night before with AJ.

Lucky and Liz show up at the ice skating pond. They start a little playful banter about who is the best skater. They are trying to have a good time and get to know each other as they are now and not bring up the past. Lucky goes to sit down and put on his skates but falls off the bench. The two laugh and Liz tries to help him up but falls on top of him. They are tempted to kiss but Liz asks him what he's feeling. He says that he's not feeling what he remembers and she thanks him for his honesty then gets up. Lucky goes to her and says that she didn't let him finish. He says that whatever he's feeling he likes it. He says he knows they are meant to be together and they embrace.

Monica walks into Edward's hospital room while Melissa is checking on him. Monica is relieved to find him awake and doing well. Melissa leaves to start her shift and Alan arrives. Monica leaves them alone and Alan tells his father how glad he is that he's ok and that he loves him. Edward reciprocates and Alan gives him a hug. He then asks Alan if that's worry he sees in his eyes and Alan says "Not at all." Edward then tells him why he is. Alan leaves the room and runs into Zander. Zander says he's looking for radiology and Alan tells him that his father had a heart attack. Zander is worried for Emily because she loves him and Alan says that if he brings her there to visit, he doesn't want Zander bothering her. Zander promises to leave her alone unless she calls which she won't he says. Zander then tells Alan that he hopes Edward makes it because even though Edward hates him and is a mean old man, he matters to Emily. Alan thanks him and then tells him where to find radiology.

Melissa comes to check on Edward while he's sleeping. As she leaves his room, Skye arrives and starts grilling her on why she was at his hotel room, kissing him on the cheek, drinking, eating blintzes and smoking cigars. Melissa tries to get away from her but Skye is relentless. She wants his heart attack to be someone else's fault so she's going after Melissa. Alan and Monica walk up at that moment and Skye tells them that if they want to know what caused Edwards attack, they should speak to Melissa.

Friday, January 18, 2002

Quartermaine spectators are gathered around as Skye shows up to see Edward in the hospital but instead attack Melissa as a good digger after her grandfather's money. Initially no one seems to be taking Skye's claims with much seriousness but Alan begins to bite when Melissa begins to react to Skye's accusations. Melissa seems to be in utter shock at the onslaught of Skye's attack and emphatically addresses Monica and Alan saying Edward would tell them all what really happened. Alan begins to stare with an accusing eye at Melissa and she then walks off protesting that she never asked for this. Meanwhile Lila calls for Alan because Edward is getting worse.

While Edward is resting Melissa goes in to see him. She asks him how come men like him who has all these material possessions have such difficulty with their family. She asks him to open his eyes and see how much he is loved. Then she asks him why he wants to adopt her. She begs him not to do it that he would leave her in a big mess. She tucks Edward in and begins to check his medical equipment. Amy walks in and says that she is Edward's nurse. Melissa immediately backs off but looks a little pale as though she was reading Amy's mind. Meanwhile Alan has relocated to his office to do some checking on Melissa with her former hospital employer in Chicago. Monica walks in to hear Alan's questions regarding Melissa's possible criminal history.

Over by Edward's room Roy finds Melissa very upset about what had just transpired between her and the Quartermaine family. In a moment of emotional reaction to the situation she tells Roy" This can't happen again." Roy catches on this time and says to her that she said the same thing on New Year's. He then admits to her that she knows more about him than he knows about her. He assumed life for was left the way it was when they had parted. She then starts to tell Roy about the patient that she had in Chicago. She explained that the man was a terminally ill patient and was on medication that created terrible mood swings. During that time she became attached and would watch the game with him after hours. When he passed away she was informed that she had become his sole heir.

At the same time Melissa is telling Roy, Alan is also relaying this information to Monica. Monica attempts to be dispassionate about the situation asking Alan if there were any criminal charges. He said there was insufficient evidence. Monica played devil's advocate for a moment stating that GH trains their staff to be compassionate. Alan believes its too much of a coincidence yet Monica argues that Edward was fed up with his family and that is the reason that he wanted to adopt Melissa not because he was being manipulated. Monica argues that it was "Skye's hysteria" not Melissa's intent to gain financially from Edward. Before the conversation could go any further Alan receives a Code Blue on Edward and they both rush out of the room

AJ runs into Courtney in the park. Courtney is a bit cautious about his approach but soon begins to warm up to AJ's charm. He tells his story about his sick grandfather and that he is forbidden to see him. Courtney bites and begins to disclose her feeling for her own father and Sonny while AJ states that Mike is a nice guy. Without saying too much about his relationship with Sonny he draws Courtney into talking about her feelings for Sonny.

Back at Kelly's, Carly is attempting to calm down an irate Sonny. She asks if she can help but he refuses telling her she doesn't need to experience anymore of AJ's abuse. He reminded her that this was the man that caused them to lose their baby by throwing her down a flight of stairs. Carly agrees to stay out of it but offers to at least go find Courtney while Sonny tracks down AJ. Sonny tells her to call and not make contact when and if she finds her. Carly agrees. Sonny points his finger at Carly saying " if he lays one finger on my sister, just one" and storms out the door. Carly looks intensely concerned.

Sonny barges into the Quartermaines' to find Jax and Skye standing there. He demands Skye tell him where her brother is. She refuses but Sonny becomes more intense with his demand. Jax stands in between Skye and Sonny. Sonny tells Jax " This doesn't concern you Big Boy" and Jax retorts, " It does now." The conversation is immediately interrupted with a call from Carly telling Sonny she found Courtney in the park and she is with AJ. Sonny immediately leaves to join her.

Jax tries to get Skye to let go a little bit with everything that has just been going on. Skye pretends that nothing is wrong yet lists the days negative events that have happened to her. She refuses to cry and proceeds to her room to pack the rest of her things. She has to be out before the family returns. She begins to fold her clothes neatly into her suitcase and memories begin to flood her of her father rejecting her. She lies on the bed and begins to sob until she bursts into audible tears. Jax appears at the edge of her doorway and quietly walks in, sits on the edge of her bed and attempts to comfort her with a soft shoulder touch. Jax told her it's not wrong to reach out to people. Jax tells her she can have what she wants.

Ned goes to the hospital to visit his grandfather. Ned becomes very emotional and tells Edward that he would come back and be the family gatekeeper if that's really what he wanted. Ned tells Edward through memorials of his childhood what it meant to have him as a grandfather. Ned talked about learning from him the ropes in reading stocks. Ned told him that he didn't see his father very much yet he didn't miss him "because I had you." He recalled the time Tracy had sent him to boarding school in Switzerland and that Edward flew there 3 times in a year to visit him. Edward always made him feel important. Ned thanked him for those things. Attempting to look on the bright side Ned said it might very well be a wake up call for the family to change their ways.

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