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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on GH
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Monday, December 24, 2001

Sonny fumes when he learns that Mike is Courtney's father, and Courtney lashes out at Janine when she discovers that Janine always knew that Mike was still alive. Jax surprises Carly with papers approving her office, and the two toast to their future as business partners. Alexis notes Kristina's immediate discomfort around Ned with Alexis' arrival, so Alexis retreats to the park. There, Alexis crosses paths with Jax, and their emotional exchange propels Alexis to dust off a memorial and to orchestrate a candlelight vigil.

In the meantime, defeated Edward storms off after an unpleasant exchange with Skye, and AJ learns that Carly has set the wheels for Michael's adoption in motion. Rae does her best to convince Monica that she has no intention of stealing Alan from Monica, and Skye attempts to make things up to Lila for causing havoc among the Quartermaines by gathering carolers to inject some Christmas cheer into the mansion.

At the hospital, Alan shares the story of Christmas, and Tony poses as Santa Claus for the children of Port Charles. By the end of the day, all gather at the memorial to remember those lost during the defining year and to share their hopes for a bright and blessed future.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Lucky and Liz go downstairs at Kelly's to meet Nikolas and Gia. Gia shows her engagement ring to Liz. Liz says she is very happy for the two of them. Then she tells the trio she needs to go back upstairs to get more unpacking done. As she leaves, Nikolas looks at Lucky quizzically. The three sit down at a table where Gia immediately begins discussing wedding plans with the two.

Jax is on the phone with the airport making flight plans when Skye arrives bearing a gift. It is the paperwork that will make her CEO of ELQ. Jax signs the papers and Skye suggests a celebratory breakfast. Jax declines. He tells her that ELQ is hers to run now; he has his other companies to worry about. Their partnership is effectively over and he is leaving Port Charles he states. Skye is crushed. She asks him how she is supposed to run ELQ. "Surround yourself with the best people," he replies. "Well, you're it," is her response.

At the Q mansion, Edward continues to mourn the loss of ELQ. Alan tries to cheer him up. A somber AJ enters the room and informs the two that it's official...Sonny has legally adopted Michael. Edward blasts AJ for allowing the adoption to happen. He accuses AJ of stealing his company and giving away his great-grandson. During his tirade, Edward becomes short of breath and clutches his chest but tells Alan to back off when he tries to help. Edward stumbles out of the room, grabs his coat, and heads out the door. Alan stays behind and tries to comfort his son. AJ remains devastated. Rae enters and asks if she can speak to Alan. "It's about our daughter," she tells him. AJ leaves.

Sonny and Carly are at her house watching Michael play with his toys. The doorbell's Mike. He tells Sonny that Courtney has disappeared and he would like his son's help finding her. Carly is surprised to know that Sonny knows about his sister. Sonny, in turn, is surprised that Carly knows about Courtney's existence. Angrily, he refuses Mike's request. Carly attempts to diffuse the situation. Sonny steps outside. He finds Johnny and sends him out to look for his missing sister. When he re-enters Carly's house, he informs the two what he has done. Sonny then dismisses Mike. Carly steps in. She tells Mike that he needs to stop being order around by Sonny. Then she turns to Sonny and tells him that he is setting a poor example for his own son by the way he treats his father. Sonny pauses then tells Mike to meet him at the penthouse.

Roy and Melissa are walking through the park. He apologizes again for missing Christmas because of his assignment. He gives Melissa a gift which she loves, however, she tells him that gifts will not resolve her reservations about Roy's new vocation. Roy says that he needs his new job because he wants to make a difference in a positive way. The two make up. Melissa hears a noise behind them. She turns to find Edward collapsed on a park bench clutching his heart. She can tell he is in a lot of pain, but he refuses her aid. Melissa overrules his objections and orders Roy to call GH and get an ambulance. Later, as the ambulance arrives, Edward tells Melissa that he wishes his family cared as much about him as she seems to.

An exhausted Courtney surfaces at Kelly's and slumps onto a chair at the counter. A few tables away, Gia is still discussing her wedding. Nikolas asks Lucky if he and Liz are still planning on getting married. Lucky says they are. Gia excuses herself to get more coffee. Once alone, Lucky confides to his brother that he still doesn't feel the same way he used to about Liz but he hopes to rediscover those feelings again. Regardless, he tells Nikolas, he is going to marry Liz and give her the life she deserves. Meanwhile, at the counter, Gia is trying to find a dollar to pay for her coffee. As she searches her purse, she lays a $20 down which Courtney promptly grabs and tries to escape with. Gia chases after her and accuses her of stealing. Courtney tries to cover, but her excuse is flimsy. Finally, she yells out that she slept in her car last night and only wants to get it fixed and go home. Gia is unmoved, however, Nikolas and Lucky offer Courtney their assistance. Nikolas offers her money to fix her car. At first, Courtney refuses, but then agrees to a loan of $3. She exits Kelly's to buy the wire needed to fix her car. Liz returns to the restaurant. Lucky recounts to Liz what happened with Courtney. The two return to Gia and Nikolas' table. As Gia describes the wedding she wants Liz wonders aloud if it wouldn't be easier to elope. Nikolas says that's what Lucky wants to do. "Really?" Liz questions. If that's the case, she continues, why don't they elope...on New Year's Eve. Lucky looks at Nikolas, obviously uncomfortable with the idea.

Skye convinces Jax to stay in Port Charles for a few more days. Carly barges into the room and says she has reworked the budget for the club. Spying Skye, she asks Jax if it is a bad time for the two to meet. Jax says no and dismisses Skye. Hurt, Skye exits the room. Alone, Jax tells Carly that he has no doubts about her ability to run the club. He tells her the same thing he told Skye, he will be leaving Port Charles soon. Carly tells him he can't because she wants his help making business decisions. Please stay, I need you, she pleads. Jax relents and agrees to stay for a while longer.

A humiliated Skye returns to the Q mansion. She angrily recounts to AJ what happened at Jax's and then castigates herself for feeling angry about the situation. She realizes that she is falling for Jax and gets even more upset. AJ leaves her alone. She enters the living room and finds Alan and Rae there. Rae tells her daughter that the two need to have a talk.

Courtney is able to fix her car. Unfortunately, before she can put it into gear, it dies again. Near tears, she begs it to start. "Need help?" a voice's AJ

Sonny meets with Mike at the penthouse. He immediately blasts Mike for not telling him about Courtney. He says he is tired of Mike making mistake after mistake and waiting for Sonny to clean up his messes. Fed up with his father, Sonny demands to know how Mike could abandon two children in one lifetime. Mike, defeated, cannot answer his son.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Liz suggests that she and Lucky get married right away. Lucky is stunned but agrees to the idea. They decide to hold it at his mother's house and he goes to the phone to call her. Nikolas goes to speak with him and tries to talk him into waiting. Lucky tells him that he knows what he has to do and that's marry Liz. He says there's no way he can dash her hopes after she fought so hard for him against Helena and he owes her. Nikolas feels he's making a mistake since he doesn't love Liz the way she loves him. Meanwhile, Liz asks Gia to be her maid of honor since Emily is still recuperating at the spine clinic and she can't ask her sister to fly home from Europe on such short notice. The two discuss what dress she'll wear and Liz also tells her about the time she and Lucky pretended to get married in the church. Lucky asks Nikolas to be his best man and Nikolas agrees but has reservations.

AJ finds Courtney in her car stranded. He offers to help but Zander arrives and tells AJ to get lost. AJ tells Zander that he sure got over Emily quick and Zander wants to punch him. He tells AJ to go that he's got the situation handled.

Jax and Carly go over the budget for the new club. He wants to cut some things out and Carly refuses. AJ comes to the door and tells Jax that he owes him for giving him his vote and he wants to try to get Sonny again. Jax dismisses him but Carly comes to the door and surprises AJ. He laughs and gets the wrong idea and criticizes her for jumping into bed with Jax. After a lot of verbal sparring Jax tells him to apologize to Carly and AJ slams her once more then leaves. Jax apologizes to Carly for the scene and asks if she's ok. Carly is surprised that Jax cared so much to defend her.

Rae and Skye do some bonding in the Quartermaine living room behind closed doors. While Skye is asking Rae for advice on love with Jax, Monica listens at the door and makes the wrong assumption that they are discussing Rae and Alan. She gets angry and goes upstairs. Rae is thrilled that Skye is asking for her advice and just tells her to be patient and don't be manipulative with the situation. She tells her to wear this wonderful sexy dress she has all the time. Skye laughs and hugs her and then walks her to the foyer. Alan comes up to say goodbye while Skye gets Rae's coat. Monica is standing at the top of the stairs and overhears the conversation and sees Alan kiss Rae's hand. After Rae leaves Monica comes downstairs and Alan tries to make nice. Then Alan gets a phone call from the hospital about his father.

Melissa tries to make Edward comfortable in the hospital and make him well. Edward is his grouchy self complaining that his family doesn't care what happens to him and he doesn't want her to call them. After some bickering back and forth Edward decides to use this situation to his advantage and asks Melissa to call them. She reaches Alan and he and Monica are on their way.

Sonny and Mike go at it in the Penthouse. Sonny berates Mike for abandoning Courtney just like Mike did to him when he was young. Janine arrives and tells Sonny the truth about why she kicked Mike out. She says that he gambled every dime she had saved and she couldn't take it anymore after 8 years. They were better off without him. Zander arrives with Courtney in tow and they all begin to argue again. Courtney tells her mother that she is no better than her father. Mike gambled with money but her mother gambled with her life. Sonny dismisses Zander and then asks Mike to take Janine outside. He wants to talk to Courtney alone. Courtney tells them all to just give her money and she'll be out of their lives forever.


Friday, December 28, 2001


Sonny reminds a wary Courtney that she's family now. Warming up to her new sibling, Courtney compares notes with Sonny on growing up as the children of a compulsive gambler. Afterwards, Sonny invites his sister to stay for dinner. Outraged to hear about her mother's adventures in extortion, Courtney confronts Janine.

Edward/Melissa/The Quartermaine Clan

At GH, Melissa explains to the Quartermaines how she found Edward in the park suffering from an angina attack. Melissa is stunned when Edward informs his relatives he's cutting them out of his will and leaving his entire fortune to Nurse Bedford.


Alexis refuses to give her sister an easy out when Ned asks Kristina to spend New Year's Eve with him.


Luke invites an amused Laura to join him for a spin on their new motorcycle. Later, Lucky's surprising announcement gives Luke visions of a double wedding but Laura quickly puts the brakes on that idea. Though Nikolas assures her he's happy for his brother and Liz, Gia realizes that her fiancÚ is harboring some serious doubts about Lucky's wedding plans. Meanwhile, an ecstatic Liz looks forward to ringing in the new year as Mrs. Lucky Spencer.

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