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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on GH
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Monday, October 8, 2001

Skye came home and as soon as she got in the house the alarm went off. Everyone came running to see who was breaking in, only to find Skye. "I'm home, daddy," she announces. The only one that was happy to see her was Alan. She wasn't too happy with them, either. She was concerned about AJ because she hadn't heard from him for days and was disgusted to realize that none of them had even been concerned. Ned made the usual snide remark about him probably being drunk somewhere. Skye said she would know the signs, being a recovering alcoholic herself, and he was not drunk. She suspected Sonny of doing something since she knew AJ was trying to get Michael back. Later a guy came to see the Quartermaines to tell him he was a bartender and he had AJ's keys. AJ had been drunk, according to him, and he didn't want him driving. Of course everybody believed him and Alan and Ned went to tell Skye.

Nikolas was trying to get Liz to wake up when Lucky walked in, soaking wet after his dunk in the river. He told Nikolas to get away from her and Nikolas tried to tell him it wasn't what he thought. Lucky went over to her and he was telling her how it was his fault that this happened. He believed Liz was really dead. Later, Gia showed up and saw Liz and was going to call the police. Nikolas tried to talk to her but she hit him and knocked him out, temporarily. He came to in time to hang up the phone before she could get any cops out there. He tried to tell her again but then Liz woke up. Gia was shocked.

Alexis was listening at the door and heard for herself that Laura wasn't crazy when she said that Stavros was alive. She backed up in shock and knocked into a table, making a noise. Helena came to the door and found her. Luckily she had no idea that Alexis heard Stavros' voice. Alexis came in commenting that she thought she heard an intruder but it was just a vulture, referring to Helena. Helena asked Alexis to join her in having a glass of champagne; she hated to drink alone. Alexis declined and said she would have more friends if she didn't keep killing them all. She went to look in the safe for some papers pertaining to the estate. Helena said it was open. The papers Alexis was looking for were gone and Helena said that, of course, Stefan was two steps behind himself. Alexis left and Stavros came out of hiding. They talked about all the Spencers soon being a bad memory. Stavros, however, said that Laura was all his.

Alexis went to see Stefan and told him she knew now what he wanted. He asked if she had seen Stavros and she said no, but she had heard him. She still didn't want Stefan breaking out of jail.

Coffe warehouse:
AJ was still hanging around but he kept pulling and finally what was holding him gave way and he fell to the ground. He tried to get out but one of Sonny's men stopped him. He came back later with something to eat and the papers for AJ to sign, relinquishing rights to Michael. AJ wouldn't sign and he knocked over the table with the tray of food.
Skye went to see Sonny but he told her he had no idea where AJ was. Alan and Ned showed up to tell her that AJ had fallen off the wagon. She left with them. They were all a little too quick to believe that guy that claimed AJ was drunk. As it turns out, big surprise, Sonny had paid him to do it.

Zander's room:
The nurse that had taken care of Zander in the hospital came by to tell Zander that she had been forced to tell the police about him getting out of bed the morning of Sorel's murder. He told her it was okay. She felt bad and would do anything to help him. Could she be his next love interest after he gets over Emily?

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Lucky was in rare form. He had finally regained the control of his life (or so he thought). Lucky told Helena that she would not be able to hurt any of his family anymore. He grabbed Helena and demanded the cure for his father. Helena used a key phase and she thought that she had him under control, but Lucky popped right back to himself and told her he was not through with her. He demanded that they go to get the cure for Luke. Helena complied but pulled a fast one on Lucky when she pulled out the ice princess. This left Lucky shocked and useless against Helena.

Michael had a bad dream and was inconsolable. Carly called Sonny for his help. Sonny came over directly and comforted Michael. Michael told Sonny how much he loved him and Sonny confirmed his love too. He told Michael he would always be there for him. Leticia came down stairs and asked Michael if he was ready for bed now. Michael was better and gave his mom a hug good night. Sonny talked to Carly about her actions early and told her he did not approve. Even with that he would never let their problems interfere with Michael. Sonny promised that he would always be there for Michael. Carly told him it was more than just that. They were a real family that always come together when times are hard or when they need each other. Carly said, Sonny I love you and I know you still love me too. Sonny had his famous reply that does not matter I still want a divorce. Carly moved closer to Sonny and she kissed him. Sonny kissed Carly back! But only for a few moments, then he pulled away and left. It is so obvious that Sonny still loves Carly a great deal.

Zander visited AJ. AJ was relieved to see him, but for the wrong reason. Zander was there to help convince AJ to sign the papers. AJ was furious that Zander was Sonny's side. AJ still would not sign the papers. Sonny had some Vodka sent in the holding room with his compliments.

Gia was delirious when Liz came back from the dead. Nikolas tried to explain everything the best that he could but Gia was not moved. She could not believe that he trusted Liz over her, the woman that he loved. Nikolas explained again how it was necessary to protect Gia from his family. Mac showed up at the yacht looking for a dead person or something. Gia covered by saying she was just angry with Nikolas and getting back at him. Mac was disappointed and told Gia that the police department was not a place for her to use at her disposal. Nikolas asked Gia to stay on the yacht while he got Liz safely out of town.

Bobbie was doing everything in her power to save Luke. She asked Tony to come with the antidote that he had made to administer to Luke. However Luke had become afraid of needles and strange people. Finally Bobbie told him that she would give the medicine to him and Luke agreed. Unfortunately Tony's antidote did not seem to have any affect on poor Luke.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Carly arrives home and is startled to find "Lucien" waiting for her inside. He claims that Leticia let him in. "Lucien" then tells her that he can help her execute a takeover of Deception. As they begin to discuss plans, the two are interrupted by Sonny. "This is my white knight," Carly says as she introduces "Lucien" to Sonny. This prompts an argument between the two. When "Lucien" steps in to defend her, Carly is obviously pleased although she does ask "Lucien" to leave. A seemingly jealous Sonny continues to question Carly about him. When Carly makes it known to Sonny that she is aware that he is jealous, he demands she sign the divorce papers ASAP and walks out. A smug Carly watches after him.

Nikolas, Gia, and Liz share some tense moments waiting for the pick-up boat. Gia continues to be hurt that she was kept in the dark about Nikolas and Liz's plans. When Nikolas leaves to check on the boat, Gia and Liz have words. Liz tells her that despite her efforts to keep Liz from "dying" she is still not good enough for Nikolas. Their argument is ended by Nikolas' return. He tells Liz the boat has arrived and it is time for her to go. She asks if she can write Lucky a note that can be given to him by Nikolas when things are safe. Nikolas agrees. Liz composes the note and then leaves. Nikolas and Gia are left alone. Nikolas continues to profess his love for her and she continues to resist, however, she is clearly moved by his words.

In the lab, Lucky tries to fight Helena's influence over him. She demands he put the vial down. Despite his attempts to resist, he cannot and he does put it back. As he tries to exit the lab, Helena tries to instruct him further. When she starts to say, "Do we understand each other?" he responds by covering his ears and singing "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" and knocking the Ice Princess out of her hands. Unfortunately, Helena is able to retrieve the Ice Princess before Lucky can. She successfully places him back under her control.

Bobbie tries to keep a clearly disturbed Luke from leaving the safe house. Suddenly, he pushes her to the floor and insists that someone is coming. When Bobbie realizes that someone is their dead father, she tries to calm him by talking about happier moments in their past. Thinking about the past causes Luke to recall his rape of Laura, further upsetting him. Bobbie is finally able to calm him down by telling her brother how much she loves him. He tells her he is going to rest. She leaves the safe house to buy food. When she returns, Luke is nowhere to be found.

Melissa does her part to arrange for Stefan's escape from jail while a disapproving Roy says that she is risking her career and her freedom for a plan that most likely will fail.

In his jail cell at the PCPD, Stefan fakes a heart attack. Laura insists that the guards on duty call for an ambulance. Jax and Alexis arrive at the cell. When Laura tells them what is going on, Alexis is definitely concerned while Jax insists that Stefan is faking and asks to more closely examine him. Laura insists that Jax be kept away from Stefan. The guards say that because no ambulances are available, they will take Stefan to GH in a squad car. Carried by the guards, Stefan is escorted out of his cell while Laura, Alexis, and Jax trail behind. Shortly thereafter, Stefan is wheeled into GH. Melissa places him in a private exam area and herds the police out. Stefan immediately begins to change into scrubs and prepares to escape. Meanwhile, Jax follows Alexis into the ER and continues to insist that Stefan is faking his heart attack. He insists on seeing the patient, but is stopped by the officers guarding his room. Roy steps in when it looks like Jax won't stop his protests. He accuses Jax of seeing Melissa behind his back. When a confused Jax insists he has no idea what Roy is talking about, Melissa steps in and all three begin to argue. When it appears that Jax and Roy will come to blows, the officers guarding Stefan step in to break the two apart, which gives Stefan the opportunity to escape. Unfortunately for Stefan, Jax has gotten away from Roy and Melissa and catches up with him in the hallway. As Stefan implores Jax to let him go, Alexis finds the two and also insists that Jax let Stefan go. As they argue over Stefan, Sonny arrives. Alexis makes one final appeal to Jax: That if he has ever cared about her he will let Stefan go. Reluctantly, Jax relents and releases Stefan.

Meanwhile, Mac arrives in the ER. When he enters Stefan's exam area, he sees that Mr. Cassadine has escaped. He tells his officers to comb GH and find the fugitive. Mac then questions Laura and asks what she was doing visiting Stefan in jail. She nervously tries to cover for herself and him until Mac is called away. She heads toward the exam area to calm herself. When she pulls the curtain back, she is shocked to find Luke waiting for her.

Helena pumps Lucky for information about his father. She dismisses him when Stavros returns. One of Helena's men then enters the lab and informs the two that Stefan has escaped.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Laura heard Helena outside of the hospital curtain and knew she couldn't let Luke be found. They decided to disguise themselves as a patient and hospital scrub nurse and use the wheelchair to get to the elevator without Helena spotting them. They almost made it free and clear when Helena noticed the strange pair and asked them stop but they made a mad dash for the elevator. Helena then realized it was Luke and Laura and became angry. She had let them slip right past her. Laura took Luke to an old warehouse by the docks filled with mannequins and old costumes and clothes. Luke, still in a haze, thought they were at Wyndham's department store. Laura told him where they actually were and that it was 2001 trying to jog his memory. He then shuffled over to the table where boxes of clothes were and said they needed disguises. Laura told him they didn't need any and again tried to get him to focus and remember what was going on. Luke found an old champagne glass and was transported back in time when he and Laura were younger and were having caviar and champagne. The flashbacks are great for those of us who didn't watch the show that long ago. Luke staggers backwards and falls saying he doesn't feel well. Laura sits down with him and says that Bobbie is bringing him some medicine to make him well when Luke notices she's not wearing her wedding ring. He questions why and then notices his is missing as well. Laura tells him that they are divorced and Luke sadly looks into her eyes and says, "How can that be? I still love you." It was so sad!

Nikolas and Gia are still going at it on the yacht. She is still upset that she was kept out of the loop with regards to the plan to save Lucky and doesn't know whether to fully trust Nikolas or not. He's trying very hard to convince her. Then she tells him about Lucien and how she found him getting cozy with Helena. Nikolas freaks and tells her she could be in danger. He asks if "Lucien" knows that she thinks Nikolas was going to kill Liz? When she says she told him because she had nowhere to turn since everyone was keeping her in the dark, Nikolas gets worried and tells her that he could be a spy and relaying everything back to Helena. She said she got away from him by saying that she was probably mistaken about everything. He doesn't buy it and tells Gia that that's why he didn't want her involved. He doesn't want her hurt. They decide to pull anchor and head back to town to move forward with the plan and tell Helena that Liz is gone.

Stavros takes a hidden tunnel in Wyndemere into the study to find Stefan waiting for him with a continental breakfast. Stavros seems amused and Stefan remains calm while staring at the evil brother he thought died 20 years ago. Stavros wants to know how long he's know he's alive and Stefan says it doesn't matter but that he confirmed it when the DNA tests from Chloe's murder came back saying it had to be a full blood relative. Stavros needles Stefan by speaking of Chloe's murder and Stefan stops him. Then Stefan needles him back with talk of he and Laura's affair. Stavros is surprised by Stefan's confidence and begins telling him how he's going to regain his son, Nikolas. Stefan refuses to let him get near Nikolas and the two come to a stalemate. For now.

Alexis thanks Sonny for standing by her and helping her with no questions asked. She tells him what a great friend he is but that even he can't help the situation she's in now. He offers to take Stefan away to a safe house somewhere and put guards on Alexis to protect her but she declines. Sonny teases telling her he could have guards on her anytime and she wouldn't know it. She said she hoped he would tell her the truth.

Ned and Kristina are still sparring with each other and this time it's because she moved his briefcase. She thought it was more logical to keep it by the front door so her could grab it on his way out and he thought it was fine wherever he leaves it. She again teases him about being a "suit" and Eddie Maine. He shows her his publicity packager and she laughs over his leather pants. Just then Skye blasts in looking for AJ Ned tells her that he'll be fine and show up eventually when he sobers up. Skye can't believe no one is concerned about him and that he could be dead since he's been missing for days. She then tempts Ned with the information that Edward is reinstating her to ELQ . Ned can't believe it and drags her to the main house to confront Edward. Meanwhile, Jax heads straight for Ned's house after his altercation with Alexis and Stefan. He thinks Alexis is out of her mind and not thinking clearly where her brother is concerned and wants to take Kristina and leave town to protect her. Kristina refuses to go saying she trusts Alexis and Stefan would never hurt her. As they are arguing Ned comes in the door and no one notices. He overhears Kristina say that she is Alexis' sister. He is stunned

Friday, October 12, 2001

Helena was shocked to learn that Stefan had shackled Stavros to a chair. She tried to convince Stefan to let him go, saying she would tell him all her secrets. He refused and instructed her to take him to the lab.

Luke still couldn't believe that he and Laura were divorced because he still loved her. He asked if they could go back but she said they had each moved on with their lives and it needed to stay that way. While they talked, Luke remembered how he used to love to watch horror films. He then talked of one he had seen recently that took place in a modern day lab. Laura asked if he remembered where it was. He said that his memory was blurry, but maybe he could draw its location. He sang a nursery rhyme song about a frozen man with a frozen smile and Laura wondered if it was a clue about Stavros. Laura gave up when the map Luke had drawn made no sense - it was just a bunch of squiggly lines.

Scotty went to see Bobbie at GH. He wanted to know if she knew where Laura was. She said that all she knew was that Laura and Luke were together. As they talked and reminisced about their past, Bobbie explained to Scotty that the love Luke and Laura shared was untouchable. She also warned Scott that if he tried to compete with that love he would only loose; he needed to try a different approach.

Alexis was upset with Jax for telling Ned about Kristina being her sister. Kristina admitted to being the one that had actually spilled the beans. Ned expressed to Alexis how hurt he was that she didn't trust him. Things were even worse when he learned that Sonny knew the truth. Meanwhile, Jax and Kristina went outside and she blamed herself for Ned and Alexis's problems. Jax told her not to blame herself, stating the couple's problems had been there for a long time. He then left after telling her to listen to her sister. Inside, Alexis received a call from Taggert stating that he was at Wyndemere at a man claiming to be a business associate of Stefan's. He wanted her to come over and confirm his story. When Taggert described Stavros to her she told him he was dangerous and not to let him go.

Jax went to the hospital and gave the vial of biotoxin to Bobbie. He told her he stole it from Helena Cassadine's room and wanted her to find out what it is.

When Taggert and Andy first found Stavros, he had been stuck in the trunk with the shackles. After trying many keys, Andy finally got the shackles removed. Stavros attempted to leave, but Taggert stopped him. Stavros was helpful and calm with the men until Taggert announced that Alexis was on her way.

Back at the lab, Helena told Stefan how annoying Stavros was becoming with his new sense of immortality. When Helena's henchmen entered the room, Stefan explained who he was and stated that they would obey his orders from now on. When Helena backed him up, he ordered they to empty the wine from the cryogenics chamber and to place Helena inside.

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