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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on GH
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Monday, September 3, 2001

Stavros saw Chloe looking at a family album and came out of hiding. He toyed with her for awhile, not letting on he had seen her. She commented that Stefan and him were obviously more than business acquaintances since he knew about an accident Stefan had. He admitted they have known each other for a long time. He talked about Stefan, ranted about him sleeping with his wife. Chloe was shocked and he admitted he was Stavros Cassadine. He said he noticed her looking at the album and turned to the page with him and Nikolas. He talked about being frozen for twenty years. That part was easy, it was being thawed out that was hard. Chloe lifted her hand, as to touch his face. He encouraged her to touch him, he was real. He didn't anticipate her slugging him in the face instead. She said he was just like Stefan said. She said she had come to ask Stefan to go to Milan with her. They would go and she wouldn't mention seeing Stavros. He wouldn't let her leave. Not good for Chloe.

Helena's hotel room:
Helena was incensed in finding the Ice Princess missing. She screamed at one of her goons to come in and wanted him to find it. She was suspecting Stefan but not ruling out others. Outside her door she ran into Gia. They had their usual words. Gia certainly doesn't take any guff from Helena; she gives as good as she gets. Helena mentioned Liz Webber and Gia told her as much as she hates Liz, she hates Helena more. Gia told Helena that she might have thought that Gia wasn't good enough for Nikolas; the opposite was true; Nikolas wasn't good enough for her. She met someone new who's tall, dark and handsome. Little does she know that he's one of the insane Cassadines.

Alexis' penthouse:
Jax told Alexis that he found Kristine. Alexis asked if he had her investigated, she was probably a fraud; Kristine was dead. He said he had investigated her and it is Kristine. He was looking for Brenda and ran across this tracker. They tracked down Kristine, who is anxious to meet with Alexis. He finally got Alexis to believe she was alive. She asked about meeting her and he said she was in his hotel room, going stir crazy. He wouldn't let her leave as it was too dangerous. They were about to leave when Alexis got a call that Chloe was missing.

General Hospital:
Melissa went to Chloe's room to find her gone. Roy came in and asked wasn't she finished her shift. She told him Chloe was missing, she was due for some tests. He suggested she could have gone for coffee or a walk. Melissa called Alan and when he came he wasn't too concerned. Chloe was actually okay; Tony just wanted to keep her overnight for observation. Melissa was just telling Roy that Chloe saw things through Helena's eyes when Mac showed up to question her about Sorel's murder. Roy wasn't too cooperative on Melissa's behalf. Mac had found out about Melissa's brother Leo being murdered on Sorel's orders; he wanted to know why she lied. He asked about why she left the operating room when she found out it was Sorel in there. She told him she wouldn't have trusted herself. Mac asked Roy what he was doing in Sorel's room that night. He didn't really get any answers.

Liz was trying to get Lucky to look at the Ice Princess and follow her orders, not Helena's. He asked where she got it and she told him she stole it. He could follow her demands instead. He wasn't cooperating at all and managed to get it away from her. He was going to throw it away but she told him no. She wanted to take him to see Kevin; she didn't want to do anything wrong. He finally shouted that he didn't want to hurt her like he already hurt his dad.

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Liz does everything in her power to bring Lucky's feelings and love for her back, but nothing works. She goes on about how their love is stronger than Helena and the ice princess. Lucky search deep and remember our love because I am not giving up on you. Lucky and Liz spontaneously kissed and it was beautiful (the kiss that is). The kiss brought back some of Lucky actual memories, but not the feelings. He told her how wonderful her lips felt and how good it felt to hold her - it was not love though and no feelings. Liz was upset because it really felt like she could have been any other girl. Lucky apologized and asked her to leave him alone because he will never be able to bring back the love. Then Lucky took off and Liz followed. They ended up at the pier where Lucky threatened to get rid of the ice princess. Liz asked him not to and to remember that the ice princess was the key to releasing the programming. Lucky told her that it was too late and this is the only thing he could do to be free from Helena. He tossed the ice princess into the lake. Liz asked if he felt different or better. Lucky replied oddly that I don't know what I feel. Then Helena's henchman found them and asked about the ice princess. Lucky told him he was too late because he had already disposed of it. The henchman left to go report to Helena. Lucky told Liz not to worry because now you are fee to move on and find someone to love that will love you back. We can safely conclude that Liz and Lucky are on Helena's not fond of you list.

Angel went to see Jax and/or Kristina. She knocked at the door and Kristina answered. She welcomed Angel in they began to talk. Angel reassured Kristina that she was doing the right thing and to hang in there. Angel told Kristina not to worry about how much time Jax is taking with Alexis because he is being careful of this situation. The oddest thing however is that Kristina mentioned that she was a client to Angel and had hired her. Angel is the person who put Kristina in contact with Jax. This connection of Angel with Jax and Kristina just keeps becoming more interesting everyday.

Alexis and Jax continue to argue at the pier about Chloe and Stefan. Jax told Alexis to go see Kristina without him, but Alexis refuses. She advised him that she would be going to Wyndemere too to ensure that he and Stefan do not come to blows. Unfortunately for these two Stavros had already killed Chloe and was waiting for Stefan's return. The timing was wrong to bring Helena's plan to fruition, so Stavros placed Chloe's body inside some curtains in the study. Stefan returned to his office to find something not right. He looked at the bulk in the bottom of the curtains and walked over to them. He found Chloe just still. Stefan immediately called 911 and tried to revive Chloe Morgan, but to no avail. The emergency operator continued to say stay on the line sir, you must stay on the line. Jax and Alexis arrive to find both Stefan and Chloe on the floor. Stefan told Alexis that he could not save Chloe. Jax immediately blamed Stefan and went for his throat. Mac arrived with reinforcements and stopped the fight. Mac asked Stefan to go to the police station but Stefan reacted badly to his theory that he had something to do with the murder and punched Mac in the face. Jax and the other officers then restrained Stefan as they headed for the police station.

Mac tried some strategies on Melissa and Roy but to no avail, but he is gaining on Melissa. Melissa told Roy that she needed to confess to him about what really happened. Roy interrupted and told her not to tell him anything that he would have to lie about later. Roy said that too many times he had been in this same situation and did not want to revisit that. Melissa was feeling pretty rattled and said that she had to say it if not to him then to the police. Roy went running after her to calm her down. Roy convinced her to wait and just go home. When they arrived her door was opened and Roy tried to prepare her about what the cops are doing in her apartment. Once Melissa was in the apartment she was shocked. Taggert tried to rattle Melissa for another time, but she wasn't budging. After the police left, Melissa told Roy that she understood what he was saying earlier: The police are really reaching and just trying to pin Sorel's murder on anyone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Carly arrives at Angel's house. When Angel doesn't answer the door, Carly lets herself in and decides to look around.

Meanwhile, a clearly upset Angel is at the PC Hotel having drinks. Sonny arrives and sees her. She tells him that she just claimed her father's body from the PCPD.

Nikolas arrives on the docks to meet with Liz. She says she has a diver looking in the lake for the Ice Princess. Nikolas lashes out at Liz for her carelessness with both the Ice Princess and with Lucky. He is hurting his family and friends he tells her, and for what? Not only can't he count on her, but Lucky can't either. Nikolas strikes a low blow when he tells Liz that Lucky certainly couldn't count on her love when Jason was around. Incensed, Liz tells Nikolas that he won't act like a Cassadine with her. A chastened Nikolas apologizes.

Gia finds Lucky in the Deception darkroom. She tells him that Liz sent her out to look for him. Lucky says cryptically that soon no one will have to worry about him anymore.

Laura returns to PC! She and Scott arrive at Deception where it becomes obvious that Scott accompanied Ms. Spencer on her business trip. Laura says she needs to catch up on business. Neither is aware that Stavros is lurking in the Laura's office. Lucky and Gia, who have come up from the darkroom, stop her from entering it. Scott tells Lucky to find Liz and he will take everyone out for a catch-up dinner. Coolly, Lucky informs the two that he and Liz broke up. Then he walks away to grab some test shots for his mother. While he is gone, Gia fills Laura in on what has happened to Lucky while she has been away. Does Luke know what is going on Laura asks. A surprised Gia replies that Luke is gone. As she begins to fill Laura in on the happenings at the Cassadine auction, Lucky returns and says he needs to review the test shots with Gia before his mother can see them. As the two head towards the elevator, Gia calls out that Scott can fill Laura in on what happened at the auction...he was there. An incredulous Laura turns to Scott and blasts him for keeping quiet about Luke and the auction. She storms out of Deception with Scott following after her. An amused Stavros emerges from Laura's office and is spied by Gia. "You're busted," she tells him.

Over at Luke's, Ned is shocked that the person he was yelling at is a woman (Kristina in disguise). He tries to apologize to her and asks her to tell him what she is doing out dressed like a man. Kristina is evasive. They continue to banter until he receives a call from Jax. Jax breaks the news to Ned that Chloe is dead and he and Alexis are at the PCPD. Can Ned come right away? An obviously shocked Ned hangs up and rushes out of the bar.

A belligerent Stefan is placed in the interrogation room of the PCPD. Alexis tells him that his actions in the police station are only making him look worse and tries to get him to settle down. When she steps out of the room, Jax confronts her. She says she is going to defend her brother no matter what. He says he didn't kill Chloe and that is enough for her. Upon reentering the interrogation room, she finds Taggert questioning him. She again tells Stefan to keep quiet and do what she says before he does something that he will regret. Because he continues to be hostile, Taggert decides to put him in a holding cell.

The diver emerges from the lake and tells a hopeful Nikolas and Liz that he found something. Unfortunately, it is not the Ice Princess. Nikolas sends the diver home. After the diver leaves, Laura arrives. Tell me what Gia said isn't true she begs. Tell me you didn't urge Helena to mess around with Lucky's mind again. Nikolas says he can't do that. He needed to get Helena to go after Lucky in his presence so he could see how the mind control worked. He will find a way to fix this Nikolas tells a distressed Laura as he embraces her. Nikolas then exits to give Laura and Liz some time alone. After he is gone Liz tells Laura that Lucky is worse than Nikolas thinks. "He has been trying to hurt himself to make up for something he can't fully remember...something he did to Luke," Liz sadly states.

Gia asks what "Lucien" was doing coming out of Laura's office. He lies that he hid when he saw her boss. He did not want Gia to get in trouble with Laura for having male visitors at work. He apologizes for disappearing on her and says he will start to make it up to her by taking out to dinner, now. Lucky reenters the lobby and sees the two together. He takes one look at "Lucien" and says "I know you." After reintroducing himself to Lucky "Lucien" says that Lucky has seen him out with Gia before. A tense Lucky tells Gia she needs to come with him now to talk about the Deception holiday campaign. Disappointed and annoyed, Gia takes a raincheck on dinner from "Lucien." After he exits, Lucky makes Gia promise to stay away from "Lucien." He doesn't know why, Lucky says, but he knows "Lucien" is dangerous.

Back at the PCPD, Jax is giving his statement to Mac. He relates the incident that occurred at the Port Charles Grill between Stefan and Chloe which caused her to be hospitalized. Ned arrives and Jax provides more details about the murder. Ned turns, and upon seeing Stefan exit the interrogation room, immediately charges at him. Once they are separated, Stefan is taken to his cell. Ned turns to Alexis who bursts into tears. While Ned comforts her, Kristina, who has entered the station unnoticed, watches them.

Sonny comforts Angel and gets to see a new side of her. There is much more to her than white clothes and talks about nature he realizes. They decide to go back to her place to look through her father's things. A still snooping Carly hears the two arrive. She stares at the front door wondering what to do.

Stavros returns again to Laura's office. He leaves a vase of flowers with a note. "Can't wait to see you again" it reads.

Thursday, September 6, 2001

Carly found a roll of film in Angel's house and quickly pocketed it. Suddenly she heard Sonny and Angel's voices outside. She hid behind a wall and listened as Angel flirted with Sonny asking if he'd like to go for a boat ride on the lake or maybe a swim. Sonny deflected and said that he doesn't like swimming in lakes and maybe another time for a boat ride. Carly smiled when she heard assuming he was turning down Angel's offer because he still loved her. Then she heard Angel ask if he would like to come in for a glass of wine. Sonny accepted the offer and Carly was crushed. Sonny and Angel came inside and Sonny criticized Angel for not locking her doors. She told Sonny her father is dead so who would want to hurt her now. If only she realized. Upon entering, Angel noticed her white jacket lying on the couch. She instantly turned to Sonny and said, "Someone's been here." They both started searching the house and the grounds and couldn't find anything missing. I don't know why she didn't find Carly. Angel suddenly figured it all out and hid the jacket behind a pillow. She told Sonny that maybe she was imagining things and asked if he'd like that glass of wine now. The mood had left him and he said he needed to go. Angel tried to get him to stay knowing Carly was listening. Finally, Sonny left and as Angel closed the door she turned around and yelled, "Ok, Carly. Get your butt out here!" The two of the sparred like wild cats each taunting the other over her relationship with Sonny. Carly accidentally let it spill that Sonny was divorcing her to Angel's excitement. In the end, Carly got the last laugh, as usual, when she told Angel that to her and Sonny, fighting was like making love, full of passion. "You and Sonny never fight, do you?" Angel told her to leave and laughing all the way to the door Carly says, "You may want to lock this door when I leave." Outside, Carly pulls the roll of film from her pocket and says "Don't fail me now."

Jax is explaining to Kristina the reason Alexis was so short with her at the police station. Kristina thinks it's because Alexis doesn't have time for anyone but herself and her job and thought she was very rude. She wants to leave town and forget the deal she made with Jax and Angel. Jax tells her that Alexis' best friend was killed that night and that Alexis is devastated. Kristina figures out that Alexis was hiding behind her work because she was in so much pain. She apologizes to Jax for her behavior and for Chloe's death. Just then the doorbell rings. Kristina goes to her room as Jax answers the door. It's Alexis and she tells Jax she didn't know where else to go and breaks down in his arms. He takes her into the living room and Alexis starts reciting all the times she never thanked Chloe for the things she's done. Like making her exercise. Then she says that she and Chloe were supposed to go shopping for shoes and that's all she can think She also says that she wanted to call Chloe and ask her advice on how to handle her meeting with Kristina but realized she wasn't there to ask. It's heartbreaking to watch Alexis because this was the most real emotion we've seen her express. Jax tries to comfort her and tells her that she needs to rest, eat or get drunk...something because she can't continue as she is. Alexis snaps to it a little and says that she wants to wait until she's more pulled together before she meets Kristina. Just then, Kristina emerges from her room and says, "Too late, we met at the police station." Alexis just stares at her, shocked. Alexis asks if she was the one in the trench coat and that Kristina must think she was rude and apologizes. Kristina tells her that it's ok and that Jax explained everything. She apologizes and offers condolences on her friends' death. Kristina starts rambling on and on and says that she's sorry but she rambles when she's nervous. Funny, since that's what Alexis does too when she's nervous. The plot thickens. Then Kristina pulls out a picture and hands it to Alexis. Alexis is stunned and says it's a picture of her mother. "It's my mother too" whispers Kristina. Finally! We learn of their connection. Alexis pulls Kristina into her arms and starts crying. "You found my little sister," she says over and over.

Alan Zander to make sure he was doing well. When Zander informs him that police had been to visit him, Alan asks him if he told them anything. Zander says when have I ever talked to the police. Alan tells him to keep his distance from the police and think of Emily. They reminisce over the things Zander and Emily has been through and Zander breaks the news that he is working for Sonny. Alan is very upset over the news and tells Zander that Sonny is a bad influence and an association with him can only lead to bad things. Just then Sonny walks in and overhears their conversation. Alan gives Zander Emily's number at rehab and tells him to call her and discuss it with her. After Alan leaves the room, Sonny sits at Zander's bedside and begins telling Zander about how he got started in the business. He wants Zander to reconsider working for him and makes sure he's aware of the dangers. He tells him that he began running numbers and then worked at a club sweeping up during the "families" meetings. He said one day he wanted his own club but someone gave him a better deal. "Like you're giving me," said Zander. "Yeah" Sonny replied. Zander then asked if Sonny ever got his club. "Paradise" Sonny responded was the name of it but told Zander it was a strip club and that it wasn't a good experience. He paid women to take their clothes off to entertain men. He said it was wrong. Zander seemed surprised at the revelation but told him that he understood and was old enough to make his own decisions. He said it's not about the money and the job, it's about power. The kind of power Sonny has. (it always is). At the end of the conversation, Zander tells Sonny that he wants to work for him and that anything he wants him to do or needs done, just ask.

Back at the Quartermaines', AJ is bragging about how he found a way to get his son back. When asked how he expected to do this, he happily told the family that he gave the police a solid lead on Sorel's murderer. Edward chimed in that AJ told them Carly did it. Grinning from ear to ear, AJ confirmed that yes he informed the police that he saw Carly in the hospital that evening and since she had unplugged Sorel's monitor before she probably did it again. While the family was rejoicing from AJ's news, Ned solemnly walks in. Looking tired and upset, Edward asks if everything is all right. Is it Emily? Ned says no and bows his head, preparing to give them the bad news. They ask if he found Chloe. Ned looks at them and says, "Chloe is dead." Everyone is shocked and you can hear gasps coming from the room.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Laura asks Roy to her office wondering if he has seen Luke. She is worried because he always keeps in touch with her and she hasn't heard from him in a while. She asks Roy to try to find Luke and he agrees, espically after she tells him that she believes Helena used Lucky to hurt him. Just then Lucky shows up so Roy leaves. Elton comes in to tell Laura he has no idea who sent her the roses and she explains a Lucien Cane just called to say they were from him. She tells Elton that Lucien will be calling him to set up a business and Elton makes sure to mention how gorgeous he finds Lucien. While telling Lucky how much she loves him Laura begins to cry. She asks if he knows where his father is and he says Luke is gone but "he" is alive. When Laura asks who he is Lucky says he meant Luke. Laura reminds Lucky of when he was a child and Luke would sweep the monsters out from under his bed and he would be safe. Lucky then said that Luke was gone but the monster was back.

Bobbie went to visit Carly at her new home and explains she went out of town in search of Luke when she knew Sorel was dead and that Carly and Michael were safe. Carly then receives a package with Angels developed film inside. While going through them she comes across a picture of Jax and realizes they know each other.

When Jax enters the living room he comments that he left Kristina and Alexis in the same spot the night before. Kristina begs Alexis to tell her about the past and Jax convinces her that Kristina has a right to know. Alexis then tells of the day their mother died. Alexis was either nine or ten and Kristina was just a baby. Alexis remembered their mother giving her half of the necklace she was wearing and saying that when Kristina was old enough she could have the other half. When Helena showed up Natasha told Alexis to hide with the baby. Alexis placed her sister in the stables and returned to her mother. She then witnessed Helena using her stiletto to slit Natasha's throat. When Alexis returned to the stables Kristina was gone and Alexis, believing she was dead, blamed herself. Kristina promised they would never again be apart.

At Sorel's funeral Angel surprised Sonny by showing up in a fire red dress. She stated that she knew Sonny had hire most of her fathers men so he would now be safe. Then two of Sorel's men arrived and asked Sonny for a job. Sonny said he would consider it to end the war. Carly arrived and upon seeing them together went across the hall to Chloe's funeral. She told Jax that Chloe was the only person to ever treat her fairly. When she brought up Angel Jax kept quiet and went into the hallway where he ran into Angel. Suddenly Sonny comes out of Sorel's funeral room.

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