General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on GH

Luke's personality split because of Helena's serum. Luke was arrested when he interrupted the proceeding at the Cassadine charity auction. Stavros questioned Nikolas' sincerity. Stefan and Chole grew closer, so Stefan proposed marriage.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on GH
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Monday, August 6, 2001

Jax successfully stole the necklace from where it was to be auctioned off.

At the auction site, Helena and Alexis were each accusing the other of stealing the necklace. Helena demanded Taggert arrest Alexis and vice versa. He was fed up with all the Cassadine fighting. He said it was a crime scene, and he wasn't arresting anyone. Helena threatened that Alexis could end up the same way as her mother.

In Luke's apartment, Luke was rude to Lucky, being his obnoxious, drugged self. Lucky asked if Helena had gotten him too. The other Luke was trying to reason with the drugged one, to no avail. He was drinking and being a pain. Helena, instead of actually killing Luke, had given him a drug that, when mixed with alcohol, made him an obnoxious drunk, which would alienate all his friends and family. That was her big plan, to make him lose everyone he loved by chasing them away. He had finally hugged Lucky when Lucky was ripped from his arms by a couple of thugs and dragged off and tied up somewhere. Helena stopped to visit Luke to gloat.

At Felicia's house, Felicia and Mac were talking about Luke and how she was disappointed in him. She'd thought there was more between them than sex. She finally reached a decision to leave for a while and visit her grandmother in Texas.

Alexis was going through a box of stuff in her penthouse and found a necklace that looked remarkably like the one that had been stolen.

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Gia went to the cottage to get her mail, and as she was looking through the mail she discovered a torn picture of her and Nikolas. Lo and behold, Nikolas walked through the door. The two spoke amicably, and it was obvious the love was still there and their attraction had not lessened in any way. Gia told Nikolas that all was fine with her, and she had a new beau. He was tall, rich, and had big brown eyes.

Nikolas was not happy about that and tried to quiz Gia about the new beau. Unfortunately, Gia could not answer any questions because, in reality, she knew little about Lucien. She also would not divulge his name. As the two continued to bicker back and forth, Liz walked in the door. Gia took her leave, and outside, she called Stavros. She asked him to attend an event with her; he agreed.

Chloe returned to work at the shared office with L&B. She looked really good in a beautiful aqua colored dress, and her hair was longer. A visitor, Stefan, surprised her. He had stopped over to confide in her about Nikolas and his guilt about him returning to the family but on Helena's side. Chloe actually was very attentive to Stefan and genuinely cared about his struggle. She quoted him a couple of lines from his journal about soaring in the sky.

Stefan said that that person no longer existed for him. Chloe told him to search for him because that Stefan was trying to get out. At that moment, Stefan turned to Chloe and reached out to kiss her; Chloe kissed back too. Then they looked into each other's eyes and started to kiss more passionately, putting their arms and hands on each other.

Lucky found out who had kidnapped him, and it turned out to be Liz. He was shocked but relieved that it was her. Liz told him she had received help but could not reveal her source. Lucky was glad and content for the moment to continue with Liz.

Helena found Luke in his apartment just wasting away due the drugs Lucky had given him. She was quite pleased with herself and boasted to Luke because he was helpless to do her any harm. Luke did try to pump Helena for information. He could be focused when it involved Lucky, but it was still difficult. Luke's alter ego was still present and coaxed him into trying to seduce Helena, but Stavros showed up, and the plans had to change. Stavros tried to pump Luke for information, too, but Luke was either reluctant or unable to provide Stavros with any information regarding Nikolas or their plan. Stavros left with the satisfaction that Luke would never be the man he had been.

Carly had become dangerous. Sonny continued to negate Carly in every way possible. Carly begged and pleaded with him to understand and forgive her. Sonny just would not give in anymore. She asked, "What do I have to do to get your forgiveness? What? I will do anything for you to forgive me, Sonny." He replied, "Stop trying because I have already given up on us."Angel was hanging around in the background, listening to their conversation.

Carly had another harebrained idea. She went into Sorel's room, pulled the plug on his ventilator, and listened to the alarm sound. Sonny ran in the room, grabbed the plug from her hand, and threw it down on the ground. He asked, "Why did you do that?"Carly's reply was, "Now will you believe I love you?" Angel walked in and saw Sorel grasping for air. Next, Bobbie and Dr. Tony entered to undo the damage.

Outside Sorel's room, Tony asked what in the world had happened. Sonny said they did not know what had happened; he and Carly had just been passing by the room and had heard the alarm. Angel chimed in that she had tripped over the plug, which had not been secure. Tony let it go, but he made it known that he did not believe one word of the story. He told Angel to stay away from Sonny and Carly because they were bad news.

Once the hoopla died down, Carly continued to try to convince Sonny to give their relationship a chance. Sonny was through by that time. He told her to get out and leave him alone. Before she left, Carly told him to be careful because one day she might just do that.

Carly slammed the door and went to the elevator, where she proceeded to kick the down button. Angel calmly waited for the elevator next to her. Angel asked if Carly needed something or wanted a lift to a friend's place. Carly told Angel that she was short on friends and had nowhere to go. Then Carly suggested that she go to the house on the lake, Angel's house. Angel said no, but Carly manipulated the situation well, and Angel finally agreed to one night at her place.

Once they arrived, Carly complimented Angel on her home. Angel went to bed, and Carly stayed up to be alone with her thoughts. Angel had left the statue of the angel that Carly had given to Sonny sitting in the living room across from where Carly sat on the couch.

Once Carly left, Bobbie emerged from Sorel's room to talk to Sonny. She presented the truth to Sonny as she normally did when it concerned Carly. Bobbie told him that although Carly had made a huge mistake, Sonny had abandoned Carly when she'd needed him the most. Sonny told Bobbie that he appreciated her talking to him, but his relationship with Carly was between himself and Carly. Bobbie said that she would respect that, but when it involved losing a child, she could not just stand on the sidelines and watch. She told him how she'd lost B.J., and then almost Lucas earlier, and she had no plans to lose Michael or Carly.

Bobbie continued and said Carly had nearly ruined her life when she'd seduced Tony, but Bobbie had forgiven her because she'd had to do it. "Sonny," she said, "now you know my daughter, and as long as you continue refusing to forgive her, the harder she will push. Which is just another way for you to hold on to Carly. If you really meant what you said and you want to get rid of Carly, then just forgive her and let her go." Bobbie walked away.

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Sonny revealed to Mike that Carly had tried to kill Sorel and announced he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Mike attributed his feelings to Angel, but Sonny denied it. He ran to see Angel when Mike leaked that Carly had spent the night at Angel's place. Meanwhile, Angel managed to hide Sonny's angel before Carly could spot it. Carly urged Angel to hang on to her unnamed man if she truly loved him.

Finding her upset at work, Roy took Melissa on a surprise adventure, one he'd promised her a long time before. Their travel ended abruptly when the car ran out of gas. They broke into a closed gas station but found the owner's friend Woody ready to deal with the intruders. Melissa handled the mess by posing as the owner's niece Arlene.

At the Cassadine auction, Gia discovered that Helena had hired her to be the guest auctioneer, not Nikolas. When she threatened to walk out, Helena threatened to sue her. Unaware that Helena was watching, Nikolas almost revealed his plan to fool Helena.

Monica arrived at home and found Skye still living at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica ordered her to get out. Alan insisted that she stay, so Monica decided to move Alan and Skye to another wing. Ned was upset to see Skye and A.J. growing closer. Taggert ruined Alan's plans to move Sorel from the hospital.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

by M.A.

The "sane" Luke gave the "whacked out" Luke instructions on what to do at the auction. Meanwhile, Helena was in the security control room, observing her grandson with Gia. When Stavros joined her, he couldn't resist taunting her with the fact that it looked like Nikolas was playing her for a fool.

When Nikolas apologized for the way he had treated her, Gia accused him of claiming he pretended to love her simply to get her in bed. When Liz walked in, Gia laid into both of them, telling them they were perfect for each other, since they were a couple of liars. He defended Liz as Gia ripped her to shreds. When a messenger dropped off a diamond necklace for Gia from "Lucien," she rubbed it in Nikolas's face.

Helena was gleeful over what she saw, but Stavros insisted that she was deluding herself.

Helena was stunned when Stavros told her that he planned to attend the auction with Gia as his date. He relished in the fact that Helena was freaked out and revealed that he was only kidding. However, he did swear to prove that Nikolas was faking. He also told her that it was time for him to seek revenge on his "faithless" brother.

The auction opened with Helena giving a speech. However, a belligerent Luke interrupted. He asked her to tell the crowd about the medical "experiments" she'd been involved with down in the basement. Despite his behavior, Helena didn't want Taggert or Mac to arrest Luke. He continued to disrupt the auction by revealing to everyone that Nikolas was a "spy" who would take the Cassadines down. The show closed with Luke telling Helena that she should go down to the laboratory and "make another spy."

In Carly's room, Carly told Skye that calling her to meet was a mistake. Skye won her over by playing the "protect your son from the Quartermaines" card. A.J. arrived, on cue, and provoked the two women into an argument. Carly, of course, failed to see through it and really believed that Skye was on her side. A.J. and Skye met afterwards and congratulated each other on getting Carly to take the bait.

Sonny finally revealed that Angel was Sorel's daughter. He accused her of trying to manipulate him for her father's sake. When he asked her why she hadn't told him who she was up until then, she responded with a question: "Would you have stayed if you knew who I really was?" Sonny asked Angel what she wanted from Carly and why she had let her stay at the house. Angel admitted to him that it had been a ploy so she could get to know Carly better. She told him that if she were forced to choose between him and her father, it would be him that she would choose. He then went outside to think.

Roy and Melissa fumbled through getting the tent up and tried to convince each other that camping was a good idea. After finally building a fire, Roy encouraged Melissa to let go of her past hurt and to live in the moment. Each tried to give each the other the moral support they needed to get on with their lives.

Friday, August 10, 2001

by M.A.

At the auction house, Luke continued his drunken rant against Nikolas. He told Helena and all assembled that Nikolas was plotting against the Cassadines and planned to take the family down. Nikolas responded by punching Luke out. Helena finally ordered Mac and Taggert to remove Luke from the auction, even as Luke continued to lash out.

Alexis offered to represent Luke in court and asked to know the truth about Nikolas and Helena. Luke declined her offer and remained unclear about Nikolas and Helena's association. Taggert handcuffed him to the wall and went to get a squad car to take Luke to the police station. Luke's inner voice urged him to get away before he ruined everything. When Taggert returned, Luke was gone.

Melissa and Roy drew closer together after they released the memories of their painful pasts. Roy thanked her for making him feel good about himself for the first time in years. He kissed her, but she pulled away after a few moments. She suggested that they take things slowly, and he agreed. Their romantic evening was interrupted when a bear invaded the campsite.

Stefan approached Nikolas and offered him support if Luke's claim was true. Nikolas scorned his uncle and said that Luke had lied. Nikolas still wanted nothing to do with Stefan and publicly humiliated him. A rejected and dejected Stefan left the auction house, and Chloe followed him outside.

Seeing Stefan's pain, Chloe sat with him and took him in her arms. She suggested that it was time that he leave the Cassadines behind once and for all. Stefan told her that the only way he could do that was if she was by his side. Declaring his love for her, Stefan proposed marriage while a hidden Stavros eavesdropped on the conversation.

Helena tried to reassure Stavros that Nikolas was on their side, but Stavros didn't buy it. He told his mother that she was a fool if she believed that Nikolas suddenly loved her after having been raised his whole life to hate her. He told her that he would take care of the situation with Nikolas and ensure his son's loyalty through his own means.

Hoping that Luke's claim was true, Gia interrupted Nikolas' conversation with Liz to confirm her belief. He denied that he was secretly plotting against the Cassadines and told Gia that she was delusional. Gia begged him to tell her the truth and said she would stand by him no matter what. He tried to hide his pain as he told her that she didn't matter to him anymore and asked her to leave him alone. Struggling to contain her emotions, Gia returned to the auction and gave a command performance as an announcer.

During the auction, Alexis bid on an Asian statue, much to Helena's surprise. Ned stopped Edward's attempt to bid against her because he saw how much Alexis wanted the statue. Once she had it in her possession, Alexis approached Helena and reminded her how much she had loved the statue as a child. As Helena watched, Alexis smashed the statue to bits and declared that she would do the same thing to Helena if she continued to try to hurt anyone Alexis cared about.

Monica and Alan battled at the auction because of her coldness toward Skye. When Monica bid on a beautiful bracelet, Alan shocked her by bidding against her and buying the bracelet for Skye. He warned Monica that he wouldn't stand for her ignoring his daughter, and he presented the bracelet to a delighted Skye. Edward bid on a ring for Lila, and it seemed that he had won it when a voice called from the back of the room with a million-dollar bid. Everyone's mouth fell open when they saw Jax standing in the doorway.

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