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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 23, 2001 on GH
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Monday, July 23, 2001

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas came in calling for Gia. He was looking at a magazine with her picture in it when Luke came in. He told Luke not now. Luke asked if his family believed he was back in the cave. He said he was making progress. "So you're telling me they are buying your act," Luke replied. Nikolas asked again what he wanted. Luke said he wanted Nikolas to find out where the dragon lady is hanging out and what she was doing. Nikolas said he would be staying on the yacht, his grandmother elsewhere. Luke told him to snoop around the yacht and spend as much time with Helena as he can stomach. He also asked Nikolas to find out where Helena was sneaking off to these days. Nikolas said he would do what he could but he couldn't do it overnight. "Don't screw it up," Luke told Nikolas. He turned to leave and Nikolas told him he wasn't the only one who could ask questions. Luke said to make it quick. "Laura said I could come to you for anything, is that right?" Nikolas asked. "Or were you just telling Laura that to ease her mind or get her out of town?" Luke said both. Gia came in so they pretended to be arguing. After Luke left Nikolas and Gia talked. She called him a cold rich boy. He told her she could stay at the cottage as it was leased up until the end of the year. She said she could afford to get her own place. She thought he loved her, but she guessed all he was doing was paying for sex. She gave him a cheque for back rent and left.

Laura's house:
Stavros was still at Laura's house, being his usual creepy self. He heard someone come in and hid. Turned out to be Helena. She couldn't understand his obsession with Laura and that he still loved her. He said he hated Laura but he would have her over and over. They argued, he threatened her. They heard a noise and a while later Luke showed up. Luke and Helena were having their usual sick conversation when Stavros hit Luke over the head.

They were their usual argumentative selves. Everyone was threatening the other. Edward was putting down AJ and Alan was blasting him, telling him to leave his kids alone or he wouldn't have anymore to do with him. AJ threatened Skye with Emily's letter. He agreed to do things her way to get Michael back. Ned knew something was going on and guessed that Skye had something to do with Emily and Zander running away when the accident happened. Emily sent them all a letter to say how things were going in rehab. Edward was still putting down Zander. Alan said Monica saved Zander's life. Skye told AJ to play nice with Carly. Ned was telling Edward and Alan that it was Skye that made Emily leave before but they didn't believe him.

General Hospital:
Zander woke up from a nightmare to find Carly sitting by his bed. As if that isn't nightmare enough. She told him she had been so mean to him before and he saved her life. She wanted to thank him. They talked and she left. She went across the hall and stared through the window at Sorel. She went to go in the room but the guard stopped her. She told him how Sorel had kept her hostage for days but he wouldn't let her in. Tony came by and told her she couldn't go in. She made a comment that he must be Sorel's doctor. AJ came and tried to be nice to Carly. He told her he was dropping his suit for custody, he just wanted to see Michael. She told him he wouldn't get near Michael. Skye came then and she was up to something, telling Carly she would help her. Is this part of her plan to help AJ? Who knows with Skye?

Angel's house:
Sonny went to see Angel. She said she was unpacking as they wouldn't be making the trip to Greece. He told her he had seen her visiting Sorel. She said she had to go see him, he had been part of her life. He had been a nice family man at one time. Sonny asked her if he needed her could he visit and she said anytime. He asked even if he didn't need her. She asked if he was going back to Carly. He said he was going back to his job. She tried to give him the guardian angel again but he didn't take it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Ned continued to blame Skye for pushing Emily to leave town. No one wanted to believe his accusations. Alan and AJ both defended Skye. She even admitted that she wanted Emily gone. Skye said that she was jealous and very angry when she first arrived. She was deeply hurt to not belong to her own family. Alan and Edward bought her act however Ned still did not and AJ looked on in amazement. Ned talked to Alan on the patio and told him he would convince him that Skye was a part in Emily's departure. Meanwhile inside AJ complimented Skye on her talents of being a master manipulator. AJ also mentioned that he was starting to like Skye and consider her part of the family. Skye asked him to give her back the letter to show the new level of their relationship. AJ actually did one better. He took out the letter from his pocket and tore it into pieces. Skye was shocked. She could not believe that AJ would do this and show so much faith in her. AJ reiterated that he liked her and liked having her around. Skye was pleased. Unfortunately for Skye, Ned accompanied Alan to the hospital where Ned played a little trick psychology with Zander. He came into the middle of Alan and Zander's conversation talking as if Skye had revealed that she helped Emily and Zander to leave. Zander being under the influence (of the painkillers) just continued to talk and explain how Skye helped them and gave them the money. Alan was speechless but did not let on to Zander that he was so surprised. It appears that Skye will be in for the biggest surprise when Alan returns home.

Alexis and Stefan visited Nikolas in hopes of getting to the bottom of his new behavior. To their chagrin Nikolas remained in character and insulted them as Helena would, calling Alexis illegitimate and calling Stefan the" wannabe." Both Alexis and Stefan were floored. Nikolas even kicked them both out of his cottage. Stefan left, but Alexis remained only to be insulted more. She warned Nikolas that for whatever reason he was acting in this fashion he had better be careful because it is a dangerous path. A few moments later Liz entered and Nikolas told Alexis to leave. Liz had just come from the Deception press conference where Gia announced to the world that she and Nikolas were over.

Gia told the press that it was her decision. She recognized that the only thing important to Nikolas was money. Gia made the best effort to continue to smile and be brave, but Lucky and Liz new something was wrong. Lucky ran interference and allowed Gia to get away from the press. Then he walked out to the patio where Gia stood in tears. Lucky comforted Gia and Liz slipped away to talk to Nikolas. Gia poured her heart out to Lucky and he could only say that Nikolas had changed and this new Nikolas was not worth the effort.

Stavros was pleased with himself for knocking Luke out actually he wanted to kill Luke at that moment. Helena used reverse psychology on his and encouraged Stavros to finish Luke off. She told him if he killed Luke he would become a martyr and Laura would make a shrine for Luke Spencer her heart would never belong to Stavros. He agreed that now was not the time to take Luke's life. Helena told Stavros he was brilliant and impetuous. She told him to follow her plan and Luke will end up a tortured broken man. No one will want to know him. Stavros agreed and they headed back to the lab. Helena and Stavros celebrated and toasted to the fall of Luke Spencer. Stavros wanted to test the virus out and see how much it would take to harm an individual. One of Helena's men came into the lab and Stavros suggested that they use him as test case. Stavros was quite please at this man's death since now they knew how much it would take to kill someone.

When Luke awoke he used his cell phone to call Felicia. She came right away with an ice pack and her detective side. Luke was really glad to see her and to be alive. He actually wondered why he was still alive because for all purposes Helena should have killed him. Luke noticed that he held a necklace in his hands. He was unsure of whose it was but wanted more information. Felicia and Luke also noticed that there were footprints on the rug in Laura bedroom, which had, gravel and tar on them. Luke and Felicia went to his office to try to figure something out. Luke said that he had been living in his dreams lately as weird as they were. Felicia told Luke that she was going to make her dreams a reality. She said, I want to be with you and I will. I am going to find out who this necklace belongs to. Luke told her to follow her dreams. The two of them started kissing passionately. Felicia left and then Luke brainstormed for a moment and realized that tar and grave were on the roof of General Hospital. He went over there and started to look for an opening. Luke found a trap door.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

The Basement/Clinic:
Luke makes his way through the real life maze to find Helena at the end. After numerous mind games and riddles, she reveals Stavros laying in his capsule. As Luke leans down to get a better look Stavros opens his eyes and sits up. Luke is petrified.

The Quartermaines:
Alan confronts Skye about pushing Emily onto the bus. She admits it, and Alan tells her that she is a terrible disappointment, and Ned is loving every minute. Right before Skye was to leave to room, AJ walks in to defend her. AJ asks Alan if it is Sky or himself that he can not forgive, then asks him if he wants a pill. Later Skye goes to an AA meeting, while introducing herself she says that she has never been more ashamed, not knowing that Alan was right behind her.

The Cottage:
Gia walks into Liz and Nik hugging and accuses them of having an affair. After saying how hurt she is, Gia tells them that she is going straight to Lucky with her findings. Liz, scared that Lucky will distrust her again, tells Nik that she is going to tell Lucky the truth. Gia goes to Lucky, Liz goes after Gia, and Nik goes after Liz. Gia is in the middle of telling Lucky her findings when Liz and Nik show up, to get out of it, Nik blurts out that he wants to be with Liz and that is why they were hugging.

The Grill:
Alexis and Stefan try to get Lucky's help in finding out what is wrong with Nikolas. While talking, Lucky gets a package with a picture of Luke in it, and hears Helena's voice telling him that "he knows what to do," Lucky immediately gets up from the table and goes to leave, but Gia interferes.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

by M.A.

Port Charles Grill
Gia continued to make a scene, accusing Nikolas and Liz of having an affair under her nose. Although Liz was able to stop Lucky from leaving, she was unable to break the programming trance he was in. Despite all their protesting, Lucky didn't believe either his brother or girlfriend, and left the grill telling Liz that she belonged with Nikolas. Gia left the grille shortly afterwards, and called "Lucien" to accept his offer of "friendship."

Sonny, Carly and Bobbie all went to the station so that Carly could make a statement regarding the bombing. As usual, Carly tried to offer Sonny help that he didn't want. He tried his best to make her understand that a reunion wasn't going to happy, but Carly just kept up with her usual, "My husband, my husband, my husband.", routine. (Hmm- writing for her must be a snap...). Even though Bobbie tried to make Carly muster up some sense of pride, it was the same old thing. When Taggert threatened to arrest Sonny for the attempted murder of Sorel, Dara intervened.

Roy hit the roof when he went to see Melissa at the hospital and found her caring for Sorel, and the guard nowhere to be found. Although his intentions were good, Melissa felt that he was over reacting and told him to back off. Roy then got Sorel riled up by telling him that Sonny and everyone else had survived. Melissa made Roy leave the room and warned him to stop overstepping his bounds.
Meanwhile, Skye poured her heart out to the members of the group, unaware that Alan was behind her. He was moved to tears as he listened to his newly found daughter explain the fear that drove her to risk Emily's life. She was overcome when he then sat down and joined the group. He apologized for belittling her the night before and asked her to give him a second chance. She gushed with adoration and joy.

"NO! NO! This is a dream! This can't be happening!" Everything became clear to Luke as he found out that, indeed, Stavros was alive. After putting all of the clues together Luke realized that everything Helena had done, including the encrypted disks and kidnapping Lucky, was leading up to this: "An eye for an eye and a son for a son," said Helena. The two men argued about Laura and taunted each other to the point where they were about to come to blows. Luke overpowered Stavros and in the scuffle, he was able to pull out his knife and hold it to his archenemy's throat. As he was negotiating a trade of Lucky's life for Stavros with Helena, Lucky came into the lab, dazed and confused as to why he was there. Helena's men took advantage of the distraction and wrestled the knife away. Although Lucky was about to escape Helena triggered the mind control and kept him there. While Luke pleaded with his son to ignore "psychogranny", Helena set the next phase of her plan in motion. As she handed Lucky a huge syringe, she directed him with her now familiar command: "Take the King to protect your Queen."

Friday, July 27, 2001

by M.A.

As Bobbie tried to reason with Carly, she questioned Carly's judgment as a mother by putting her son at risk. Carly was happy to see Mike drop by and told him that she would survive. After begging him to help her win her husband back, Mike started to side with Carly while Bobbie asked for backup in giving her daughter a reality check. As Carly reminisced with them about how loving Sonny was when she was pregnant, it suddenly dawned on her that her period was late. After dashing out of the penthouse with no explanation, she went to the warehouse and barged into Sonny's office. When asked her why she was there, she smiled coyly and announced, "I'm pregnant!"

Roy explained to Melissa why he had to keep her away from Sorel. She was stunned when he told her that it was Sorel who ordered the hit on her brother. The revelation made her realize how evil Sorel. There's no hell hot enough for Sorel to suffer in," was Melissa's response to the news. Their conversation was interrupted by a page to report to surgery. When she got there it, was Sorel's surgery they were paging her to assist in.

Meanwhile, Sonny went into Sorel's hospital room and prepared to strangle his enemy. He was stopped when Angel came in. She told him "I don't want his blood on your hands anymore than I wanted your blood on his." As Sonny questioned why Angel was there, Sorel called out to her, asking for help. Sonny and Angel suddenly realized that he was in trouble. After Tony examined him, the nurses took Sorel off to surgery, Tony warned Sonny to stay away or he'd have him arrested. Angel explained to Sonny that she had tried to accept the fact that Sorel's business was just that - business.

Nikolas and Liz searched for Lucky at the boxcar, but came up empty handed. Nikolas explained to her why he told Lucky that Gia's accusation was true. When she told him it might be too late, Nik reminded her that their love would see them through, and that they were emotionally connected. Firmly believing that, Liz sent Lucky every ounce of love she had hoping their connection would connect him to her and protect him.

Down in the lab, Helena continued to give Lucky his command to protect her - the queen. Luke tried to break the spell by begging and reasoning with him. Luke tried to bring back memories of Lucky's childhood and the memories they shared. Lucky was torn as the two powerful forces tired to control his mind. Stavros was disgusted with Lucky's hesitation and began to belittle him. Lucky reacted to that by grabbing Stavros and holding the syringe to his throat. Helena was able to persuade Lucky to turn his attention away from Stavros and onto his father. When Helena pulled out the ice princess, Lucky surrendered all control to her. Luke sat speechless as Helena once again ordered him to take the king to protect your queen. "Think about Liz," Luke begged. For a brief moment Lucky did feel her love, but a slap in the face from Helena brought him back under her control. She ordered him one more time to follow her order, and this time he did attempt to inject his father with the syringe. However, Luke had freed his hands and was able to grab Lucky. Despite this, Lucky cried that he couldn't help it as he stabbed his father in the neck. As Luke convulsed in anguish Lucky cried that he loved his father and was sorry. Helena spoke softly to a defeated Luke, and told him that such was the way of war. Her men then carried Luke away. Stavros and Helena complemented each other on their victory and Stavros left to celebrate. Helena told Lucky she was actually sorry that his father had to loose, but that he had done an excellent job. The show closed with Lucky all alone in the lab, weeping and begging for his father's forgiveness.

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