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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on GH
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Monday, June 18, 2001

Nikolas' cottage:
Liz accidentally got into the shower with Nikolas, thinking that he was Lucky. Liz was totally embarrassed, Gia was mad; Lucky and Nikolas found the episode funny. Lucky wasn't too impressed at first, but saw the humor. Liz said she didn't see anything. Nikolas said thank you very much. Lucky laughed. Gia later turned the cold water on while Liz was getting some lotion. Gia told Nikolas that she learned that cold water was good for the complexion. She said no "hoochie mama" was going to steal her man. Nikolas asked her what a "hoochie mama" was exactly. She said it didn't matter. Liz screamed when she got in the shower that had Lucky running to her. He said he would warm her up.

Port Charles Grill:
Scott was drinking champagne while he waited in vain for Laura. The waiter tried to get him to move to the bar because they needed the table. Scott told him he was there first. Mac showed up later and joined Scott for a while. He asked what women see in Luke. Scott said he was going to get Laura back.

Mac and Felicia's house:
Mac and Felicia kissed, but decided there was nothing left between them. The girls saw them kiss and Georgie ran over to them, asking if they were getting back together. They explained to Maxie and Georgie that they weren't getting back together. Mac would still be their dad, would still be there for them, but he wouldn't be living with them. He said they could have a sleep over at his place soon. He left and Chloe dropped by with Felicia's dress for the Nurses Ball. She said they had an appointment, but Felicia was distracted. She told Chloe she was finished with men; yeah, right. She stood at the window, crying and the girls came and they all hugged. At least Maxie isn't blaming Felicia anymore for the breakup. It was sad, even though we knew it was coming, despite their best efforts to try to make things work out.

Luke's club (his apartment):
Another sad parting of the ways for Luke and Laura. They reminisced about their past on the run. He said he would never regret being married to her. She said the same about him. Luke told Laura that he didn't see Laura as that eighteen year old girl anymore; he saw her as a woman, a fantastic woman. It was a very emotional goodbye, an end to a wonderful twenty-year union. Felicia called while Laura was there, but Luke told her he was in the middle of something. Luke and Laura were both crying as they said goodbye. She left and he watched her outside, waving to her as she walked away.

Mac was walking in the rain and sat on a bench, tears running down his face.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Emily visited Zander at the boathouse. She brought disguises for their trip. She and Zander played around with the costumes until Edward burst in and told Emily that he was going to have Zander arrested for trespassing. Emily pleaded with him but to no avail. When Skye arrived she melted Edward like butter. He believed everything she said. She told him that this was her plan to bring Emily back to him and to be close to her grandfather again. Edward told her to continue with the good work. Skye then exposed a stack of money to give to Emily and Zander. At first they refused because it was way too much, then Skye convinced them that they would need the money sooner or later. Emily asked Skye to do 2 favors for her. The first one was to give Mom and Dad and the family her goodbye letter. The second thing was to perform at the Nurses Ball with Alan in her place. Skye was astonished by Emily's new trust in her, but Skye is a bit more difficult to read. You can't really tell if she is being selfish or selfless. There seems to be some animosity resounding in Skye.

Luke called Felicia to make amends for being so abrupt with her. Felicia had set in her mind that she was alone and that was okay that there would be no Mac and no Luke. Felicia immediately gave him the brush off when he wanted to talk about last night. Then she told Luke that she had way too much to do to get ready for the ball and she had to go. Luke was not content with this ending. Scott showed up at his door and he promptly threw him out after telling him that he had already signed the divorce and property settlement papers. Scott happily left. Meanwhile Chloe showed up at Felicia's door to check on her. Felicia claimed to be okay, but she was really hurting from Luke's behavior. When Chloe was about to leave Luke showed up at the door with this huge bouquet of flowers (they were just gorgeous). Chloe offered to stay but Felicia gave her the okay to go look. Luke asked Felicia to stop giving him the brush off. He wanted to explain why he was abrupt. He explained about the signing the divorce papers and stuff, but this wasn't enough for Felicia. She asked him about how he felt. After all Felicia had already proclaimed her love for Luke Spencer. She asked him would he ever be able to do the same. Luke was relieved to know she still loved him, but had to come up with something quick. He explained that he could not predict the future or outcome of their efforts, but surely he wanted to try to be together. Felicia took this in the best possible way - positively. Luke even recognized the small step they took towards each other.

Today was not a good day for Carly Corinthos. She went over to Deception to pick up where she left off only to be informed that she was no longer a part of the company. Sonny had sold her shares right from under her. Laura tried to explain that Sonny had given the shares to her and it was even to her surprise. Carly was in her normal storm mode and was not listening to anything. Scott arrived and even confirmed the sale of shares. He even proceed to slam Carly by informing her that she did not read the contract and that the shares did revert to Sonny if she ever left or betrayed him. Having no further leg to stand on Carly stormed out. She went to her car, or should we say Sonny's car, and tried to get the driver to give her a lift home. He refused and told her it was Benny's orders. Carly snatched the key from his hands and got into the car. Unfortunately she can not drive and did not look prior to backing up. She ran the car into Angel's car. What a coincidence?

Sonny had recovered enough to be walking around. He was just peeking around at Angel's home. Sonny was dressed very nicely in a khaki colored pants and shirt. He was also sporting a five o'clock shadow (he still looked simply delectable). Sonny was surprised by Angel's taste, especially being similar to his. Sonny was trying desperately to figure out Angel and why she helped him. Who is this woman? Angel entered the living area and found Sonny up and alive just as she began to set the table. She asked him to join her and also to help. Sonny asked what kind of help she needed. Angel wanted Sonny to remove the tops of strawberries. She showed him how and was flirting with him too. Sonny smiled and was up for the challenge so he did help out with the strawberries. Angel tried to make small talk but unsuccessfully. She asked about Sonny's first wife, but then apologized for asking. Sonny was cautious and did not utter a word about his wife (present nor past). Angel divulged that she was once married but it had been a mistake because it turned out she did not really know the man; they were just way too young. Angel said she believed in the institution of marriage but her second time around she wanted to know the man better. Angel asked him about the food and Sonny even complemented her meal.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Sonny lets Mike know that he is alive and well, but when Mike starts lecturing him about calling Carly, Sonny hangs up. While Angel is out grocery shopping, Sonny looks at the phone and thinks about calling Carly, but restrains himself.
Meanwhile, in the parking lot, a very rude and arrogant Carly blames Angel for the accident. Angel sets the record straight with the parking attendant, and asks Carly for her information. Carly, who doesn't drive, introduces herself as Mrs. Sonny Corinthos, and tells them that that should be enough for them.
When Angel gets back to her home, she casually gives Sonny his medication, tells him she brought a first aid kit so she can change his bandages later, and says: "Oh, by the way, I met your dead wife today!" She explained the encounter to him in very brief terms, and he tells her that Carly can't drive, explaining why she couldn't produce a driver's license. Angel tells him she didn't mention anything to Carly about him, assuming he didn't want her to. A defensive Sonny says he never told her he didn't want Carly to know. But Angel says that between the guardian angel he wanted her to throw away, his wedding ring, and the fact that he told her his wife was dead, she assumed that they were estranged. As she goes to make their dinner, she casually mentions that they never have to bring his wife's topic up again.
After dinner, the two sit outside and admire the peace and quite.

After her brief attempt at driving, Carly bursts into Alexis' apartment, just as she is about to leave for the Nurses Ball, and demands that Alexis help her with the pending issues in her life. First, she wants to sue Laura and Scott for trying to defraud her of Deception; second, she wants to get a restraining order against AJ so he can't take Michael away from her; and third, she want to sue "the bimbo who crashed into me and practically totaled my car." A shocked and irritated Alexis tells her that Laura and Scott are not defrauding her. She tells Carly that here is a "betrayal clause" in the contract she signed with Sonny. The clause gave Sonny the right to take over Carly's Deception shares when she turned him over to the FBI. Of course Carly doesn't believe that Sonny could do that to her, and she accuses Alexis for planning the whole thing out. Alexis tells Carly that she deserves what is happening to her, and refuses to help her out. Just then, Mike comes in and tells Carly and Alexis that Sonny is alive and well. When Carly asks Mike if he told Sonny to call her, he tells her he tried, but Sonny wouldn't listen. Carly leaves the apartment and sits out in the hallway crying.

Meanwhile at the bus station, Emily and Zander are waiting for their bus to arrive when they are spotted by one of Sorel's men. He calls Sorel and informs him that he has spotted the two of them. Sorel's first concern is to flush out Sonny, and he thinks that if something happened to either Zander or Emily, it would bring Sonny out of hiding. He tells his associate to take care of them, and is told that the job will be done when the bus makes its first stop. Emily and Zander sit in the waiting area, playing games, and having fun. When its time to board the bus, Emily tells Zander that she feels bad for skipping out on the performance she and Alan were supposed to do together. She hopes Skye gave Alan and Monica the note she left, so they won't be too worried about her. Zander tells her to make a phone call, and let them know that she is okay.

The bus, apparently, got stalled at some train tracks, and was hit by an oncoming train. There are people lying all over an open area. Zander wakes and starts to frantically search for Emily. He climbs over Sorel's associate, who is unconscious, and finally finds Emily, but she is unresponsive.

The Nurses Ball
Lucy is frantic about this year's Nurses Ball because the Versailles room, where the event was to be held, got flooded, and everything had to be moved to the heliport on the roof. Mac, AJ, Taggert, Roy and Scott are among the volunteers helping to get the whole place set up.
Felicia comes in to help Lucy out, and her and Kevin try to calm her down and tell her that everything is going to work out great.
Alan comes in with Skye, and asks AJ to try to find out where Emily is. Alan tells Skye that he understands she must be feeling very left out because of all the attention Emily has been getting, but he promises to make it up to her in the future. After he leaves to go check on Emily's where about, Skye takes Emily's letter out, and seems to be feeling guilty about giving her the money to run away.
Felicia gives Mac a message from Robin, who is studying for her finals in Paris, and they are both happy that she has created a good life for herself there.
While Lucy is getting ready, she gets a premonition that something terrible is going to happen tonight. Kevin tells her it must just be nerves, but she tells him she is sure the feeling is real. As the show is about to begin, all the nurses, who are supposed to do the first number, get beeped to go to the ER. Edward and Lila come backstage to see what is happening. Lila, who has seen the dress rehearsals, is disappointed that the first number will have to be canceled, but she has an idea: to put Edward out there, with Mac, Taggert, Roy, and AJ! They end up doing a hilarious rendition of "It's in his kiss," with Edward as the lead singer, and the rest with large feather fans!

Meanwhile, the nurses, Alan, Monica, and Tony get paged to the ER to assist the accident victims from the bus/train crash. While in the ER, Skye follows Alan to try to give him the note Emily left for him, but he is too busy with all the patients.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

by M.A.

The Nurses Ball
The show went on despite the fact that a lot of the performers and audience were called back to the hospital. Amanda made a huge donation to the cause and was applauded for her generosity. Stefan then thrilled the crowd by announcing that the Cassadine's would double any contributions made that evening. As the festivities went on, Helena and Stavros argued about the timing for their next act of terrorism and vengeance. He took the vial filled with the deadly virus away from Helena and went to the ball, ready to wreak havoc.
Before he could go on stage, Mac was called and had to go and deal with the accident. Felicia, desperate for a partner, got Lucy to help her coerce Luke into stepping in. Luke agreed to perform, but flatly refused to perform "Way Down Upon the Swanee River". A bittersweet Laura watched their spicy performance of "Ole Time Rock and Roll," while she sat with Scotty. Luke then focused on his real reason for being there - to look out for Helena. While he searched for Helena, he was unaware that Stavros, back from the dead, was actually the Cassadine that was skulking around this time. Stavros managed to get close enough to Laura and Scott's' table without being noticed.
Gia, Nikolas, and Lucky thrilled the audience with a song and dance number of their own. However, their celebration backstage was cut short by Helena. Nikolas urged Gia to take Lucky out of the room before harm came to him. Although he wanted to stay and confront Helena, Gia did manage to get him out of there. Helena then went on about Nikolas behaving like a commoner. The two of them then went through their usual routine of insult and recrimination. Helena then left, unaware that Laura was behind her. Thinking the worst, Laura rushed into the room, but was relieved to find Nikolas unharmed. As they hugged, Mother and Son were oblivious to the fact that Stavros was watching them.

Paramedics began bringing injured patients from the accident between a train and the bus carrying Emily and Zander! Alan and Monica rushed around the ER trying to help as many patients as they could. They were stunned and confused to see Emily being brought in on a stretcher. Zander explained to them what had happened. Emily cried out for Zander while her Mother was trying to examine her. Monica was deeply troubled when Emily couldn't move her feet or legs. As Monica tried to feign calm, Alan ordered x-rays to determine how serious his daughter's injuries were. A tearful Alan sat with Emily and sang to her as he calmed her down. Skye watched everything unfold from the hallway, and couldn't help but feel a little guilty about giving the teens the money. After Bobbie showed Monica Emily's x-rays, Monica broke down weeping in her friend's arms.
Meanwhile, Zander waited outside of Emily's room. A man suddenly came up to him and told him that next time Emily and Zander wouldn't be so lucky. Zander jumped on the man, but everyone pulled him off. Zander tried to explain to Taggert what had happened, but Taggert didn't buy it. In the mean time, of course, the mystery man got away. Determined to protect his love, Zander went to Sonny's office and stole a gun.
Mean while, Helena got out of the room that Stavros locked her in and found her recently defrosted Son spying on his ex-wife and Son. As she was about to approach Stavros, she was pulled into a room. Her captor was none other than Luke!

Friday, June 22, 2001

by M.A.


As Luke tightened his stranglehold on Helena, he demanded answers about the havoc she was causing in his family. As usual, they played their little word games, with Helena telling Luke he was paranoid, and him telling her she was sick. Lucky came upon the scene and threatened Helena when she tried talking with him. Lucky stared her down, claiming that she was powerless over him. Helena got rattled when Lucky threatened her life and left, the whole time smiling. Lucky felt confident that he had broken her strangle hold over him, but Luke didn't share his son's confidence. He warned Lucky about being over confident when it comes to the Cassadines. Luke was truly touched when his son thanked him for trying to protect him.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Stavros listened in while Laura and Nikolas talked. When her son expressed fear over being too much like his father, she reassured him that he was a fine and good man - nothing like Stavros! When Nikolas said that he was grateful to Luke for killing his father, Stavros was stunned.

Just as Stavros was about to reveal himself to his hateful wife and son, Helena found him and stopped him. She reminded him of their plan and how important it was to stick to it so their revenge would be complete. When Stavros told his mother how hurt he was by what Nikolas had become, she explained to him that it was the Spencers who were to blame for everything. When Helena continued to malign Laura, Stavros defended her, putting all the blame in his eyes on Luke. He then explained to his Mother that once he took everything and everyone else away with the biotoxin, Laura would love him again because everyone else would be gone.

Outside the hospital Melissa ran into Carly, who proceeded to pour her heart out to this virtual stranger. Carly finally admitted that she was to blame for everything that had happened with Sonny. Melissa commiserated with her and told Carly about how badly things had ended with Roy the first time they were together. Melissa encouraged Carly to be patient and give Sonny the space he needed right now. When Carly asked Melissa if she still loved Roy, Melissa told her that she did.


As Carly cried out for Sonny, he awoke from a dream where a woman was calling his name. Angel came back to house after a swim and joined Sonny. When he told her he thought it was dangerous to swim in the dark, Angel responded that they were both safe there. Sonny found himself admiring the beautiful stranger as she slept with her head on his shoulder.


Zander was armed and ready to hit the streets in search of Sorel when Alexis showed up. She stopped him when she saw the gun. He told her about Emily being in the hospital and how he needed to stop Sorel before it was too late for Emily. Before Zander could leave, AJ burst into Sonny's office and told Zander that Emily needed him. Zander left as AJ blamed Alexis for protecting Zander at everyone else's expense--especially Emily's. AJ then left a message for Ned and told him he needed to come home.

Zander raced to the hospital to see Emily. As he got there, he overheard Alan telling Edward that the accident could leave Emily paralyzed. Horrified, Zander rushed to be by her side. At that point he realized that she didn't know how serious her situation was. After she fell asleep, he sat by her side and cried.

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