General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on GH
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Monday, October 16, 2000

An embittered Laura breaks up the party when she finds Luke and Felicia whooping it up at the blues club with Roy and Bobbie. After scrambling to get Zander safely hidden in the closet, Emily tries frantically to persuade Juan to leave. With a few still drinks under her belt, Laura coaxes Roy out onto the dance floor and presses close against him while Bobbie looks on. After Juan departs, Zander explains to Emily that he risked returning from Canada because he couldn't bear to say farewell forever. Carly convinces a skeptical Sonny to let her cook dinner for the two of them. Ned and Alexis are besieged by a mob of roving reporters when they attempt to get wed on the sly. With the romantic mood broken, Alexis and her would-be groom decide to postpone their wedding until the time is truly right. Sonny tries to put the best face on a messy situation when Carly's culinary efforts go badly awry. Confessing how much he misses her, Zander asks an astonished Emily to run away with him. Scott finally escorts a tipsy Laura out of the club.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Concerned about his nephew's safety, Stefan contemplates a shift in strategy and suggests to Chloe that they try to lure Helena to the island. At GH, Helena faces off again with a bristling Gia. As Lucas gives him another soccer lesson in the park, Roy is annoyed when Sorel approaches and interrupts the game. Lucky pays a visit to his mother to find out how she's been handling the latest revelations about Luke. Apologizing for pushing her away all year, Lucky shakily confides to Laura how he was programmed by Faison following his kidnapping. Mac and Felicia sit down with the girls to explain as gently as possible why they've decided to get a divorce. Relieved to learn the truth at last, Laura tearfully comforts her anguished son. Nikolas warns his grandmother to stop harassing his friends but Helena counters with thinly veiled threats to cut off funding to the hospital. Tony rails at Roy after spotting Sorel near Lucas. Though Georgie begins to adjust to news of the divorce fairly quickly, Maxie grows sullen and accusatory towards her guiltridden mother. Chloe finds and reads Stefan's boyhood journal.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Carly, Sonny, and Michael started their day off at Michael's new preschool. After leaving the school Sonny became very protective about Michael and his well-being. Carly teased Sonny a little about his worries, but also promised to help him get through these first day of school jitters. Carly and Sonny headed over to the park where Sonny pushed Carly on the swings. During their playful moment, AJ walked up and began to harass Sonny. Carly immediately came to his defense. AJ spouted off about the charges against Sonny, but before he could get into the insults, Carly set him straight. She told him that the charges against Sonny had been dropped and that they were married. She also told him that Sonny was the best father and husband, and that she was lucky to have him. At this point, Sonny asked AJ not to make a nuisance of himself. AJ bid them a good day and left. Carly confessed that she let AJ get to her. She just could not stand him. Sonny did not let AJ visit spoil their day, they continued to have fun with one another until it was time to pick-up Michael.

Ned and Alexis were on a plane headed back to Port Charles. Ned was focus on keeping Alexis on the fast marriage track. Alexis said she was not going to back out on him, but her face and eyes told a different story. Even still, Ned continued to convince Alexis, that they need to have a big weeding and media blitz to get the press off them and on to something other than Eddie's Angel.

Gia went to the hospital early to see her Mom. To Gia's surprise her mom was quite upset with her for not continuing her education at Columbia. It happened that Columbia called their house and advised that they were sending back the tuition money for the summer semester. Although Florence was in a delicate state she managed to get herself pretty worked up about her daughter's lack of commitment to school. Taggert arrived and began to help Gia try to calm their mom. Taggert ran interference while Gia slid out the room. He tried every angle and strategy he could think of to try to make his mom understand Gia, but nothing was working. She just wanted Taggert to convince Gia to return to Columbia for her education. After this frustrating conversation, Taggert excused himself. As he was leaving the hospital he ran into Hannah. They kissed and Hannah invited him for a cup of coffee. Taggert explained to Hannah his dilemma and how he can see both sides, his mom's and Gia's.

Maxie ran away from home. When Felicia was ready to walk out the door to take the girls to school. She realized that Maxie was not there. Felicia called Mac and informed him that Maxie had run away. Mac started the wheels in motion at the station. Meanwhile Maxie ended up at the boxcar with her single suitcase and a picture of her family. She thought she was alone, but Lucky showed up to do some thinking. Maxie shared with Lucky the bad news about her parents are getting a divorce. Lucky being the wonderful person he is, thought about things for a moment and told her his story and what happened when he left home. He did not paint a pretty picture and Lucky was honest with Maxie. He told her that he was sorry he left home because of his younger sister LuLu. How could he have possibly left her alone? Lucky said that if he had to do it all again, he would not leave and the reason would be LuLu. And then he told her that she could not make her parents change their mind about the divorce. So even if she did not return home, it would not change things. Lucky was successful and helping Maxie to make her decision to return home. Upon their return, Maxie was hugged by both Mac and Felicia and Lucky was thanked for his help in Maxie's safe return

Thursday, October 19, 2000

With a new strategy in place, Ned and Alexis head to the Quartermaine mansion to break their news to Lila. Zander and Emily meet again in the park. Though she urges him to flee, Zander tells Emily he's finding it difficult to leave her. On the island, an intrigued Chloe presses Stefan for more tales about his formative years. Luke eavesdrops on his son as Lucky discusses with Nikolas the slow and torturous progress he's making in his sessions with Kevin. Gia decides to tell her mother she won't be returning to Columbia. Chloe and Stefan realize they have some family dysfunction in common as they exchange stories from their respective childhoods. Hannah sputters in anger when AJ breaks into her room to bring her breakfast in bed. Gia's news pleases Nikolas. Lila is thrilled when her grandson reveals that he's getting married but Edward warns Alexis not to join her fortunes to a notorious Bluebeard like Ned. Florence tells Marcus she's not leaving Port Charles until her daughter goes with her. Luke sneaks into Kevin's office and reads the psychiatrist's file on Lucky.

Friday, October 20, 2000

The media circus invaded the Quartermaine mansion at Ned's request. The Q's were outraged when the press brought up all the family's old scandals. A livid Edward finally threw them all out and blamed Ned for bringing more chaos to the family. Alexis, having re-gained her courage, snapped back at Edward to everyone's surprise and pleasure. Ned gave Alexis the opportunity to call the whole thing off, but she remained determined to have the wedding, Edward or no Edward.

Sonny told Carly to stay away from the warehouse since she seemed to cause nothing but trouble even as she tried to help. Carly wanted the chance to prove that she was a capable business person, but Sonny declared that they could either work together or stay married, not do both. Carly obviously chose her marriage and was happy that they were able to discuss a problem without it turning into an argument. Laura returned to work at the hospital and shared her plan to stay in Port Charles with a pleased Scott. Bobbie remarked on their closeness and Laura more or less told her to mind her own business. Laura ran into Helena who informed Laura that she would not be working at the hospital any more due to her scandalous lifestyle. Alan was unable to come to Laura's defense since the hospital needed Helena's money. Lucky worried that his and Liz's reconciliation was hurting his brother, but Nikolas assured him he wanted them to be happy. Nikolas maintained that he knew better than to fall in love with a woman who loved someone else--especially since it brought his uncle nothing but pain. Emily gave the last of her money to Zander and begged him to leave once and for all. As they said their goodbyes, Nikolas and Lucky ran out and jumped Zander. Emily tried to protect him, but Nikolas and Lucky believed that Zander was trying to use and hurt her. The situation worsened when Taggert showed up ready to arrest the alleged cop killer. Roy overheard Luke making plans to leave the country and wondered why his friend felt the need to skip town. Luke confessed to Roy that Helena had messed with Lucky's head and he was going to make her pay for hurting his son. Roy tried to stop Luke from doing something he would regret, but Luke forged ahead with his plan for revenge. Luke slipped into Helena's room and put his hands around her neck, consumed with the need to end her life.

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