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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on GH
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Monday, February 7, 2000

In her hospital room, Chloe and Jax hugged as Chloe cried, feeling sorry for herself. Jax reassured her that after 72 hours the swelling in her brain would go down and she would be able to see again, and they exchanged endearments. Tony came in, but not in time to hear, and examined her eyes as Jax went to wait in the hallway. Alexis and Ned arrived and asked Jax if there was any change, and he said they should know soon. Tony and Chloe joked about designer lab coats, and he was reassuring about her progress before leaving the room. Alexis came in next, bringing Chloe some chocolate truffles, while Tony talked with Ned and Jax in the hall. Tony was less positive with them, saying that the swelling is going down, but not fast enough, and that she should be able to see light and dark by now, which she cannot do. Ned pressed Tony for a prognosis, but all he could advise was to wait. Jax said he would seek a second opinion, and Tony agreed to it, apologizing for not being able to give them better news. Back in the room, Chloe tried to count her blessings, but when Alexis encouraged her not to hide her feelings, she began to cry again. Alexis realized she'd just made matters worse and apologized, and Chloe vowed once more not to indulge in any more self-pity. Alexis left the room as Jax and Ned watched with grim expressions. Ned went in next, assuring Chloe that he would take care of business. In the hall, Jax informed Alexis of the uncertain prognosis and vowed to do whatever he can to help. Chloe sent the three of them home to have some fun, but only Ned and Alexis left. Jax remained, and asked Chloe if she would like to do something tomorrow to celebrate her release from ICU. Chloe said she would like to go dancing in the snow in the moonlight, wearing a blue dress, and Jax fantasized about that until Chloe fell asleep.

Bobbie and Sonny, in the park, discussed Carly and Michael. Sonny said that he'd seen the kind of damage Carly can do, and "all [Carly and Sonny] agree on is the kid." Bobbie jumped to the conclusion that Carly had told him about his impending fatherhood, and asked "So, she told you?" but realized her mistake when Sonny replied "Told me what?" She tried to back out of it, but Sonny pressed for information: what was Carly supposed to have told him? Bobbie said that Carly feels Michael needs Sonny because he's exposed to so much fighting in the Quartermaine house, and Sonny replied that he intended to keep the promise to Jason to watch over Michael, but encouraged Bobbie to tell him what is really going on.

On the docks, Roy condemned Sonny as Hannah defended him, insisting that Sonny didn't love her and never had. Hannah asked why Roy was so angry, and even after Roy apologized, pressed him to tell her what Sonny'd done to earn this much wrath. Hannah insisted that what they'd had was real, but Roy claimed that Sonny was only using her, that he's slime and that the Sonny that she loves is a fantasy. Hannah exited, saying that Sonny might come by at any time and she didn't want him to see her with Roy. Next, Roy encountered Bobbie. She looked pleased, and he guessed that she'd found Carly, and she replied that indeed she had, "with Sonny, no less." Roy asked if Carly had told Sonny about the baby (no) or if Bobbie had (almost). Roy stated his view that no child needs to know her father is a criminal, and Bobbie pointed out that that meant Hannah would have been better off not knowing Roy, which left Roy thoughtful. Bobbie said that she didn't want Sonny to raise the child, but that he had a right to know, and Roy countered that Sonny doesn't deserve rights. Bobbie said that Sonny might just surprise Roy, that secrets are bad, and suggested that Roy's just upset because of how Sonny treated Hannah. Roy agreed that he was upset about that, but pointed out that he hadn't noticed Sonny doing Bobbie's daughter any favors either. Bobbie remarked that they both loved their daughters, then asked if Sonny didn't have a right to love his, too.

At the diner, Emily and Juan questioned Liz about Francis, and she explained briefly. Emily gave Liz a tape of Juan and Emily singing together, and Liz was eager to listen to it. Juan was embarrassed, and left to go get a pizza. Emily was afraid he was angry, and ran out after him, but he wasn't - he sneaked up behind her and gave her a hug and kiss. Sonny entered the diner and heard the tape playing. Liz made him guess who the singers were, and he correctly guessed Emily but did not recognize Juan's voice. Sonny was surprised, and asked if Liz knew that Juan sang, and she explained that he was Emily's "discovery." Emily and Juan returned with the pizza, and Juan was upset to see Sonny listening to his tape. Juan said that he was just "messing around", but Sonny protested that he had a real talent. Juan explained that he'd never be as good as his father Miguel, and that he didn't even want to try, since everyone would assume he was trying to cash in on his father's fame. Sonny replied that if he liked to sing (Juan agreed that he did) he shouldn't throw his gift away. Sonny pointed out how proud Lily would have been, and Juan admitted that he'd never thought of it that way, but he'd try. Sonny questioned the pizza, asking if Kelly's allowed food to be brought in, but Liz assured him it was okay as pizza wasn't on Kelly's menu. They offered Sonny some pizza or a drink, but he declined, promising that he'd check on Liz and Francis and advising them to let him know if any of them spotted Sorel. At the door, Sonny asked Emily if Michael seemed okay, and she said that he did, noting that Carly left him with Leticia a lot. Emily asked Sonny what was going on, but he just advised her to keep her eyes open, and left.

At the Quartermaine house, AJ accused Carly of being pregnant. Carly asked who'd told him, and AJ admitted that Lila had mentioned it, but pointed out that he'd found prenatal vitamins in her drawer. She tried to tell him that they were good for her hair and nails, but he wasn't having any of that. AJ ranted about how she must really think him dumb to assume she could pass Jason's baby off as his. Carly commented that AJ was as bad as Michael with his tantrum, and AJ taunted her with her picture of Jason, then ripped it up, saying that that was all she had left. They talked briefly about the possibility of divorce, and AJ admitted that the reason he'd wanted her to stay before was that he had been concerned that she would have gotten custody of Michael, but not now that she's pregnant with Jason's baby. AJ trashed her character, and Carly promised him a custody fight, then he began to speculate about what life would be like if he let the Quartermaines believe that the baby was his. He outlined the benefits - secure future for Carly's children, not to mention prestige and money for her and a good image for himself - and agreed to raise the baby as his own. Carly protested that AJ would hate the new baby as much as he hated Jason, but AJ explained that for a long time Alan thought that AJ wasn't his son, and he promised to learn from his father's mistake and not do the same thing. Carly vowed not to let AJ use her child, but he pointed out that she has no choice and spelled out again how everybody would win, so she reluctantly agreed to the deal. AJ had one condition, though: neither child must ever hear Jason's name again. Carly protested, but eventually gave in to the demand never to mention Jason's name to the baby. AJ said "Whose baby?" and Carly, still a little shocked by the turn of events, replied "Our baby" and AJ smirked "Good girl" as he left. Carly sat looking at the torn photo of herself with Jason and Michael, and blinked back tears. She taped the photo back together as she talked to the baby, telling him that she'd wanted him to have that family but at least this way he'd be safe and no one would ever know Sonny was his dad. Downstairs, Edward was on the phone demanding an update on Chloe's condition when AJ entered. Edward wanted to know why AJ wasn't upstairs with his wife, but AJ interrupted, saying "I have some news - Carly and I are having a baby." Edward was extremely pleased, congratulated AJ and told him that he'd known they could work it out. Carly entered the room, and Edward was solicitous. He said that Carly had made AJ a better man and that it was wonderful that she'd brought children into the house. Edward let the room, still crowing, and Carly and AJ exchanged long looksRecap --->

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Emily was at Kelly's researching a report on Black History Month. Liz asked her about it and she said she was debating doing someone very famous or perhaps writing a paper on Mary Mae Ward. Liz told her she thought the latter was a great idea and asked why she was hesitating. Emily told her that because it involved her family, there would probably be fights and secrets involved, but conceded it would be worth it. As she was leaving, Taggert came in and Emily hid from him, embarassed at having been caught by him in Juan's room.

Hannah jogged into Kelly's and Taggert invited her to dinner. She declined, but he was able to talk her into accepting. She asked if he was always so pushy and he said he preferred to call it persuasive. While having dinner at Kelly's, Hannah asked him why Dara was so formal in their meeting and he told her it was because they used to date and it ended, "better than some, worse than some." She asked why it had ended and he said he had found out she was hung up on another man and that he had learned to not get involved with a woman whose heart belonged to someone else (meaningful look). After dinner, they went for a walk together.

Edward welcomed Monica to the living room and asked her to join him for a toast. She asked what the toast was for and he expressed surprise that AJ had not told her yet. Fearing the worst, she told Edward that whatever AJ had done, they could fix. AJ walked in and told Monica that for once, the toast had nothing to do with Edward. She was stunned when he told her that he and Carly were having a baby. AJ told her he hoped this baby would bring him and Carly closer together. Alan came in just as Monica was offering her hesitant congratulations and asked what was going on. They told him and he was very happy and offered AJ his best wishes. He asked AJ when Carly was do and AJ said he had forgotten to ask.

Stefan wore stupid dark glasses (his 'incognito' look) and met on the docks with a 'mercenary' who lookes like Hank the mechanic. Stefan made arrangements with the man to put together a small task force to go get Lucky. There was only one condition...Stefan was going too.

Helena spoke to someone on the phone and ordered them to double security around Lucky.

Felicia and Luke arrived at their hotel in Greece. They had a couple of hours to kill before night, when they would go after Lucky, so Felicia suggested they eat. Luke pulled a pile of shish kabobs out of his pouch, proceeded to munch and offered her some. She declined, not caring for the mystery meat and green sauce approach.

Nikolas went to Mac about the problems Liz was having with Sorel. Mac advised him that he couldn't do anything legally unless Liz filed a complaint herself. Nikolas said she wouldn't do that and Mac suggested that he try to coax her into it. While they were talking, Felicia called to tell Mac hello. He asked for a number where he could reach her and she said it would be better if she called him. He got a knowing look on his face and said, "The girls miss you." When he hung up, Felicia called his name, but it was too late. Afterwards, Luke and Felicia discussed plans for getting to Lucky and looked at a map of the Cassadine island. Luke said they would stop about a hundred yards from the island and rowboat the rest of the way. After then get onto the island, Luke said they'd "wing it", much to Felicia's dismay. Felicia wondered why Helena would still have Lucky a year after the fire and Luke assured her it was insurance, but against what he did not know. Luke made sure Felicia knew that they could not get caught or Helena would likely kill Lucky. She said they wouldn't get caught and they started to leave, but Luke doubled over in abdominal pain. Felicia panicked and offered to get a doctor. Luke said no, he was fine and she convinced him to wait until he was better to go find Lucky. He rested on the bed and made fun of her trying to get comfortable in a chair. At last she *sigh* agreed to lay on the bed with him to rest.

Stefan came to visit Laura and she told him she'd been worried when she hadn't heard from him. Stefan told her he hadn't wanted to waste a moment getting back to her, not even for a phone call. He told her his trip had been productive and he wanted to tell her about it. She said she wanted to hear, but had to first take some milk to LuLu, which she did. She returned and found him looking at an old picture of Lucky. She said she wished he had known her son better, then tearfully said it still didn't seem right that he was gone. She talked to him about how hard it was to understand Lucky's death and he reconsidered telling her what he had learned on his trip and instead, told her he had to leave again, bid her good-bye and told her he loved her. She said she loved him too.

Lesley came in and asked if she'd heard someone at the door. Laura told him about Stefan's visit and Lesley was polite but reserved about Stefan. She pointed out that Stefan was very secretive and that led into Laura talking about Luke not saying good-bye to LuLu. Lesley asked if Laura was upset about LuLu or herself being left out of the loop. Laura asked if her mom had always been so perceptive and Lesley said she was where Laura was concerned. Laura insisted that she and Luke had moved on and it was too late to find their way back. Lesley did not seem as convinced as her daughter.

Edward gave Emily a candid interview about Mary Mae. He regretfully told her that even if Lila had not been in the picture, he would not have considered marriage to Mary Mae, even though he loved her dearly, because he was a product of his time. He explained to her that a white man of his standing and background would not have married a black woman in that time. She said he could have been the first and he said he would have lost everything, his family and any hope at success in business and that he just didn't have the courage for that. He told her that he loved and admired Mary Mae very much and that by the time they had met again, they had both had different loves and different lives.

Mac came into the diner and questioned Liz about her run in with Sorel. He told Liz that Nikolas had been concerned for her safety and Liz's fury was barely controlled. She told Mac that Nikolas hadn't been there and didn't know what happened, that if she needed help she'd ask for it. Mac pointed out that she already had, but from the wrong person (Sonny). He gave her the number for his private line and told her to call if she changed her mind. He left as Nikolas was arriving. Liz was waiting for him with Satan in her eyes. She laced into him and told him that he had no right to do exactly what she'd told him not to do. He yammered on about her own protection and she said that in the past two months he'd criticized everything she'd done, embarrassed him in public and reported her activities to the police. Friends like that she does not need!

Edward went to the French doors of the living room after his talk with Emily and remembered a conversation he'd had with Mary Mae when she had come to Port Charles. They had talked about the old days and he told her that he had not been infatuated with her, he'd loved her.

Helena was on the phone again (or still) and asked that she be sent Lucky's most recent tapes so that she can track his progress herself.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Tony asked a distracted Bobbie for Chloe's MRI results, then confirmed that he was still seeing Lucas that night. He noticed she looked worried and asked about Carly's pregnancy. Bobbie reminded him that itwas still a secret and admitted if it hadn't been for Tony, she might never have known about it. She reiterated her promise to not reveal how she'd learned about the pregnancy and he speculated that Carly had probably already figured it out. He thanked Bobbie for not confirming it to her and said he didn't need a lawsuit. She thanked him again and they discussed Bobbie's intent that this baby not gothrouigh what Michael went through.

Jax came to visit Chloe in the hospital and brought her roses and truffles from her favorite chocolatier. Alexis, Ned and Tony all entered at around the same time. When Chloe asked Tony why she couldn't see, he reminded her that her CT scan had shown some bone fragments and that one of them might be putting pressure on her optic nerve, inhibiting her sight. He said that the situtation could correct itself or if not, surgery might help, but stressed that surgery would be his last resort. He said that since the area of the brain involved was deep inside, it was really too early to think about surgery and that it was better to wait and see if the swelling goes down and the situation corrects itself. He advised her to be patient and to relax because stress would elevate her blood pressure. He said that if she started to see shapes or colors, to call a nurse and they would have him paged. After he left, Chloe said she would like to be alone for a while, so they all left except Jax, who closed the door with him still in the room. She busted him on it, though and he smiled and left. Outside her room, the three began to argue about the best course of treatment. Chloe heard them and made her way to the door to listen. As she turned to go back to the bed, she knocked over a table with the vase of roses in it and fell to the floor. All three burst into the room and Jax carried a sobbing Chloe to the bed. Alone, she told him that this was her problem and she'd work it out for herself and asked if he would please just leave her alone. He informed her that he was in it for the long haul and there was no way he'd let her go through it alone. She began to sob and he encouraged her to 'let it all out'. He told her he loved her and sight or no sight, he was here for her forever.

Roy wished Laura a good morning and told her she looked nice. She thanked him and remarked on how he was goofing with his shoe strings. He told her that LuLu had redone his laces. She smiled and said Lucky used to do that to keep Luke home for a little longer. She asked if he was going to work and he told her that he was going to meet someone. When she asked if it was Luke, he said he wished. She said he was out of town and asked Roy if he knew where. e said Luke hadn't filled him in on the details and she backed off, apologizing for prying. She admitted that she just couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to Luke's story than he was telling her. He was kind to her and said he knew it was hard having LuLu to consider. She asked if she could ask one more question...did Luke go alone? Roy told her that as far as he knew, Luke did.

Luke and Felicia woke up together with Luke feeling much better after his food poisoning. They reviewed their plans and Felicia said she knew a way to pass the time until night. A lecherous Luke said he knew several ways (yuck). She left and said she would be right back.

Monica came to the nurses' station where Bobbie was working and was in a foul mood. She said that she didn't know if congratulations or condolences were in order, but it looked as though they were going to be grandmothers again. Bobbie was surprised and said she didn't realize that Carly hadn't told AJ. Monica was puzzled and asked why Carly would not have told AJ and then got a startled look on her face. "Please," she begged Bobbie. "Tell me this isn't Jason's baby." Bobbie hurriedly assured her it was not. Monica went on a slanderfest of Carly and said that she just hoped maybe they could be happy, but said that was unlikely with Carly in the mix. Bobbie looked at her friend disparagingly and said she just hoped things worked out for the best for everyone involved.

Roy met Benny on the docks and he gave Roy a pick up and delivery assignment. Roy wryly asked if he should expect to get busted on this trip and Benny blew him off. He told Roy to be there in 30 minutes and to call him in 40. Benny left and Roy ran into Hannah. He let her know he was in no mood for the Poor Sonny routine. When Hannah started in about having lied to and betrayed Sonny, Roy cut her off and told her he had to be somewhere.

Mac and Dara went over the possible Helena Cassadine connection with the hit and run accident. With no evidence or witnesses, they were forced to close the case. As she was leaving, Dara questioned Mac about Taggert's connection to Hannah and he said he thought Dara and Taggert were history. "Ancient," she said. Laura came in just as Dara left and asked Mac how she could contact Felicia for a playdate between LuLu and Georgie. Mac told her that Felicia was out of town doing research on her book. He said he would mention to Felicia that Laura had stopped by. As soon as she left, he buzzed someone and told them to find out if Luke Spencer was in town...but commented that he thought he already knew the answer to that.

Felicia returned to the hotel room with food, but a disgruntled Luke was only given broth to drink. She said she had asked a man about the weather and he had drawn her a picture of rain. Luke continued to try to con her out of her food to no avail. He then said he had decided not to enter the island by the cliffs but on the other side. They discussed their plans and Luke wondered if maybe this as just Faison's final mind game. Felicia told him that either way, they had to get the answers.

Laura confided in Lesley her dismay over Luke leaving town and told her mom that she now knew Felicia was with him. Lesley asked how Laura knew this and she told her about speaking to Mac. Lesley asked if she had just "happened" to mention that Luke was out of town and Laura assured her mom that she hadn't. Laura lamented that she knew it was none of her business, but that it broke her heart that Luke was off on an adventure with someone else. She said she was a hipocrite because here she was judging Felicia when she had still been married while she was having feeligns for Stefan. Lesley said she wasn't a hipocrite, just human. Laura broke down and admitted that she knew she had said she and Luke had moved on, but she didn't think it would be so easy for Luke to replace her. Lesley said that Laura couldn't know how Luke felt or what he had gone through with the divorce. She comforted her daughter by saying she had been in love with Luke for a long, long time and that it wouldn't just go away. Laura said she had gotten over Scotty, why couldn't she get over Luke?

Bobbie ran into Roy on the docks after he picked up the briefcase for Sonny. She goaded him about it a little and asked if maybe she shouldn't ask. He clarified for her that indeed, she shouldn't ask. She thanked him for being honest with her and asked why, if he felt Sonny was so bad, he was working for him. Roy said that he didn't have to like the guy to take his money. He changed the subject by asking about Carly. She told him Carly had told the Quartermaines about the baby, but that she personally hadn't seen her. He asked if Carly had told Sonny and Bobbie said no. She said she could interfere, but that it would totally alienate her daughter. Roy said he felt the same way about Hannah.. He said he could straighten her out real quick, but that she wouldn't like it. Bobbie warned Roy that he couldn't tell Hannah about Carly and Sonny's baby and Roy assured her he knew that and wouldn't tell her. She told him how valuable it was to have someone to talk to about Carly's situation. He said he had to go and she told him to be careful. He said, "Oh Bobbie, when have I NOT been careful?"

Alexis and Ned discussed Chloe's condition and this led to a resurgance of Alexis' guilt over Carly being hurt because of her. Ned tried to convince her that it was Helena's fauly, but she was having nothing of it. Dara came by to tell them they had no evidence or witnesses to implicate Helena in the hit and run. Ned and Alexis were outraged that Helena would just get away with it and Dara invited them to produce something she could use against Helena.

Felicia decided wisely to forgo the lipstick when she dressed like a cat burgler for the mission. Then she said (check this out), "Wouldn't want anybody to think I'm trying to be a CBD." Luke said, "What?" and she answered "Commando Barbie doll." Cracked me up. Luke complained that his stomach was growling so loudly it would probably alert a guard on the island. Felicia was sure they wouldn't get caught. Together, they set out to find LuckyRecap --->

Thursday, February 10, 2000

At the hospital, Bobbie and Audrey chatted about Audrey's plan to go to the diner to speak to Liz. Audrey, hoping to talk Liz into moving back in with her, set off and Bobbie got on the phone to the Quartermaines' in search of Carly. Leticia assured Bobbie that she'd tell Carly that her mother was looking for her, and Bobbie, exasperated, hung up. Tony happened by and asked about Carly, but Bobbie changed the subject quickly. They talked about Lucas, and Tony volunteered to take him for the weekend. The discussion turned to Carly once more, and Bobbie admitted that her instinct was to protect her daughter, but Tony suggested that perhaps it is rather those around her that need protecting. Bobbie insisted that Carly isn't that bad, that she always puts the best interests of her children first, but Tony countered that those always seem to be what's best for Carly, too. He warned Bobbie that Carly will break her heart, and Bobbie vowed not to turn her back on her daughter. Tony said snidely that Carly knows that, and left.

Monica and Alan met in the hospital, and Alan complimented Monica on her beauty. Monica thought they should be discussing their divorce instead. They briefly talked about the Gertrude situation, and Alan invited Monica to meet him at home in one hour. She tried to beg off, pleading staff meetings, but he insisted.

Outside the diner, Sonny checked on Francis, who said that all is well. Sonny suggested that Francis make himself a little less conspicuous. Emily came up to show Sonny a postcard she'd received from Jason who apparently is in Minnesota. Sonny asked her about Michael, and she said that she'd helped Leticia feed him his breakfast and he'd seemed all right. Sonny asked about Carly, but Emily told him that she doesn't speak to Carly since she holds her responsible for Jason's departure. Emily asked if Jason were in Minnesota on business, as she wanted to write back to him, but Sonny said that he was not, and assured her that if Jason said he would write again, then he would do so. They went into the diner, Emily to wait for Juan and Sonny to check on Liz. She assured him that she hadn't seen Sorel and that Francis is okay, and they chatted about Tammy and her cioppino recipe and how Mike is always hanging around "like a lovesick puppy dog." Liz said she thought it was romantic, and Sonny said, "If that's your idea of romance you have a lot to learn." Audrey arrived just in time to hear the last part of the conversation and erupted in fury, saying that Liz certainly would not be learning anything about romance form Sonny. Liz told her she was interrupting a private conversation, and Audrey asked if Liz were out of her mind. Sonny tried to step in, and Audrey whirled on him and told him not to play the gentleman with her. She listed his past conquests: Karen Wexler (seduced, addicted and worked as a stripper), Brenda Barrett (nervous breakdown) and Lily (dead). Sonny said "I don't judge your life, Mrs. Hardy, and I don't expect you to judge mine" and Audrey threatened to have Sonny arrested if he didn't stay away from Liz. Audrey and Liz began to argue, and Sonny left. They argued about Sonny, and Audrey asserted that Liz's choices indicate that she is not ready to live on her own. Audrey urged her to consider what she'd said, and left. Emily came up to the counter to see if Liz was all right, and Liz indicated that she was and that she understood that Audrey loved her. They went on to reminisce about Lucky and made plans to spend Valentine's Day together watching videos and eating chocolate. Just then Juan arrived, bearing tickets for the Valentine's Day dance. Emily started to decline, but Liz encouraged her to go with Juan, and chased the two of them off. Outside the diner, Juan questioned whether Emily should stay with Liz, but Emily assured him that it was not necessary. Back inside, Liz put money in the jukebox and played the song that reminds her of Lucky. Sonny returned and asked why she'd played that particular one and she told him the story of last Valentine's Day. Sonny advised her to go someplace quiet and talk to Lucky, and told her that the gift someone who has died can give is the gift of peace. Sonny said that Audrey was wrong, that he'd never hurt Emily nor allow her to be hurt, and he left (without the cioppino). Outside the diner, Sonny encountered AJ. AJ told Sonny he had a message for Jason, and despite Sonny's protest that he didn't speak to Jason, delivered the message anyway: Carly is pregnant. AJ left, leaving Sonny looking very thoughtful and shaken.

Stefan, on his plane, made a telephone call and arranged to meet with the security captain.

At the Quartermaines', Carly phoned for a cab as AJ entered. She explained that she wanted to go see Bobbie, and AJ made a crack about her running off to see Jason. They sniped back and forth a bit, and AJ cautioned her to try harder to get along with him. Edward entered and asked Carly how she felt, and she replied that she was feeling nauseated but would doubtless feel better with some fresh air (delivered with meaningful looks to AJ). Edward announced that he and Lila are planning to throw a party to announce the new baby, and advised Carly and AJ to forget about the last party - everyone would chalk Carly's performance up to runaway hormones. Edward gave Carly some chamomile tea to settle her stomach and discussed ELQ business with AJ before exiting. Carly ditched the tea and demanded to know what AJ wanted from her. AJ replied that he wants a wife who is pleasant to him; he feels that he is doing her a favor by raising Jason's child and expects her to be loving and affectionate in public and in private. Carly announced that the cab was surely waiting outside, and left. AJ sighed.

Alan entered next, while AJ was looking at business papers, and asked why AJ wasn't with his wife. AJ explained that he was busy with business matters, and they discussed Edward's reaction. Alan complimented AJ on his turn-around, then tried to chase him away. AJ noticed the huge bunch of roses Alan had brought into the house, and took the hint. Monica arrived and suspected Alan of brushing up on his seduction techniques for Gertrude's benefit, but he assured her that he was not, and led her into the room. She admired the roses, and he presented her with a necklace of five pearls, one for each year she'd been cancer-free. They exchanged endearments and a big hug.

Carly arrived at Bobbie's, and Bobbie promptly began to scold her for being out of touch and for lying to the Quartermaines. Carly informed her that she'd spent the morning getting sniped at by AJ and smothered by Edward, so if her mother had called her over just to pick a fight with her, she'd go home. Bobbie explained that she didn't want to fight, but wanted Carly to start thinking like a mother. Carly told her the whole scenario with AJ, wanting to delete Jason from their lives entirely, and explained that this was AJ's perfect revenge on his brother. Bobbie wondered if AJ would be able to love the new baby, and Carly said that he probably would not, but that AJ would supply money and a prominent family name, and she would supply the love. Bobbie warned that sooner or later the truth of the baby's paternity would come out, but Carly replied that it was too late for that. Bobbie demanded to know how Carly convinced herself that she had to lie in order to hold on to her children, and Carly explained that the Quartermaines would take Michael away of they knew she was pregnant with Sonny's baby, then Sonny would take his baby away, too. Bobbie scoffed that Sonny wouldn't want more than visiting rights, but Carly insisted that he was cruel and vindictive, and tried once more to make Bobbie promise to keep the secret.

Luke and Felicia looked around the island and determined that there were no guards nearby, and Luke concluded that Lucky had never been there. Felicia suggested that maybe Helena was afraid that having guards would be a tip-off that Lucky was being held there, and Luke complimented on her thinking...and other attributes. They planned to circle around to Helena's private villa. Once there, Luke commented that he'd never seen so many guards and decided that Helena was definitely hiding something. They determined that any clues to Lucky's whereabouts would definitely be in the villa, and sat down to catch their breath and have some jelly beans for energy. Felicia admired the island and villa, but Luke could not appreciate the beauty. He explained that he saw only pain because of Laura. She was Stavros' wife, Stefan's lover and Nikolas' father, and he knew nothing about any of it and was completely clueless. Felicia said that trusting one's wife wasn't the same as being clueless, that he should be able to expect that. Luke lamented all the years of lies, and Felicia tried to justify Laura's behavior (and, by extension, her own) by suggesting that the lies couldn't be easy for Laura, and that perhaps she was only trying to protect Luke and her family like she did with Mac. Luke said he couldn't see the parallel but Felicia insisted that it was the same thing - she had a secret life with another man. Luke pointed out that they weren't lovers - so far - and that so far, Mac is not his enemy. Felicia said she understood how Laura had trapped herself in her lies, and Luke asked why Felicia was with him if she felt that way. She explained that she still felt it was the right thing to do and did not want him to be alone on the mission. They held hands and had begun to move around to a better vantage point when they heard someone coming and hid. They listened as Stefan entered and greeted the security guard, telling him to "put together a task force to transport an extremely valuable asset."

Friday, February 11, 2000

AJ taunted Sonny about Carly pregnancy and said that since he was in touch with Jason, he should let him know that Carly and Michael do not miss him and that they have a new baby on the way. Sonny was very nearly too taken aback to speak and AJ said, "What's up? I mean, aren't you going to defend your little friend?" Sonny could barely find words, but managed to say, "It's a good thing Jason doesn't know any of this." Sonny quickly flashed back on conversations: Jason telling him that Carly refused to sleep with AJ, Bobbie saying, "So she told you?"

Jax helped Chloe negotiate around her room, familiarizing herself with her surroundings. Tony was surprised to find her up and around rather than in the bed and she said that she was determined to make a brilliant recovery so that he would have to release her. He was skeptical, saying they would have to watch her carefully and she told him to plan to be impressed. Tony regretfully told her he would not be able to release her from the hospital anywhere soon. Later, Jax surprised her by bringing her Sherpa coat to her. She asked why she needed it and he told her he'd cleared it with Tony for them to go on an outing to the park. He helped her dress and off they went. In the park, he poured hot cider for her and she listened to the sounds of the park, enjoying what she still had rather than what she had lost.

Stefan met with the security captain of the island as Felicia and Luke watched from the bushes. He told him that it was the most important assignment he'd ever receive and that he'd be transporting a young man on a secret operation. Luke could barely contain his astonishment and exuberance. He was ready to go after Stefan and "fillet him into three pieces" but Felicia was able to get him under control until they could find Lucky. They broke into the cabana and found Stefan's briefcase. In some papers, they found the clues that told them that Stefan had been in touch with Faison and that the call had gone to Libya. Luke found a recent photo of Lucky and was taken aback. Lucky was really alive!

At the Brownstone, Bobbie and Carly had it out over whether or not to tell Sonny about the baby. Bobbie asserted that he had a right to know and Carly was determined to not have the baby grow up as Sonny's child. Bobbie defended Sonny to Carly and said that he takes care of the people he loves. Carly told her not to bet the rent on that. Bobbie explained that she was trying to find the best in both of them and Carly snottily suggested that it must be quite challenging for her. This continued back and forth with Carly insisting that Sonny dragged her upstairs to bed and that he cared only about himself. Bobbie shot back that it sounded like somebody else she knew. Carly was furious at that and wondered why she even bothered to come visit her mother. Bobbie wasn't having any of her crap and told her that she couldn't kid her, Carly had always put her own best interests first. Carly said that someone had to because her mother never did. Bobbie said that she was now and that Sonny deserved to know about the baby. Carly told her that she had to think of her children first and if she had to sleep with a man she hated and be the perfect wife to take care of her children, then she would. Bobbie said that she was selling herself short and Carly insisted that if Bobbie told Sonny about the baby, it would ruin her life. She asked Bobbie to strongly consider the consequences of telling and all the people who would be hurt, including herself. As the moon rose, he described the scene to her and they fantasized about when they had danced together.

Roy and Laura sat on a park bench and watched LuLu play on the swings. Roy was very protective of the little girl and asked Laura if he should go over with her and Laura assured him she'd be fine. She told him how sweet it was of him to spend time with LuLu with Luke being away. Roy told her it was a joy, but wasn't sure how he'd do at ice fishing. Laura said that LuLu was an expert and would teach him the ways and that LuLu had learned early that you had to be an adventurer to spend time with Luke. Roy said that Laura had never struck him as the type for high adventure and she said that it was the best way to be with Luke. Roy told her that Luke was crazy about LuLu and Laura told him a little bitterly that Luke was a great father...when he was around, and lamented that Roy should have see Luke with Lucky. Roy asked her if back in the day, she had ever thought the two of them would be sitting on a park bench 20 years later, watching a little girl on a swing. Laura laughed and said that she absolutely had not. Roy said thoughtfully that you had to keep your eye on the stakes because they change every day, everything thing changes except for Luke. He said that with Luke, it was like he had never been gone. Laura thought aloud about how things were so much simpler then...she loved him, he loved her and that was all that mattered...then, she said, her brain just kind of skips from there to here. Roy asked if that wasn't how it was supposed to be and Laura said no. "Because," he finished, "if you don't know what happened, how can you keep from screwing up again." She agreed that was true. They talked about the Campus Disco days and the ringing of his cell phone interrupted them. Laura asked hopefully if Luke had that number and Roy said that he did. It was Bobbie, saying she needed to see Roy and he told her he'd be right over. Laura said that when a Spencer finally did break down and need you, you'd better go. He asked her to say good-bye to LuLu for him.

Bobbie was grateful that Roy was able to make it over so soon. He asked if she had told Sonny and she said she hadn't, but she had made the mistake of trying to reason with Carly. He tried to get her to see Carly's side of it and she was adamant that a secret only hurts people. As Bobbie argued against Carly's actions, Roy commented that she reminded him of someone he knew. When she asked who, he said, "You." He reminded her of some of the stunts she had pulled when she had first come to Port Charles and Bobbie laughingly begged him to stop. Roy said that he was just illustrating that Carly comes by her ways honestly, that she's a fighter and that sometimes, like Bobbie, she fights dirty. Bobbie wondered why she had done all those things to get Scott Baldwin when she hadn't even known what love was until she met Roy.

Sonny went to the Quartermaine mansion and asked the maid if Carly was around. She told him Carly was out and Sonny said he would wait for her. Edward let Sonny know he had no business hanging around and asked him to leave. Sonny asked Edward if he knew when Carly would be back and Edward wanted to know what Sonny would want with Carly. Realization dawned on Edward and he told Sonny that of course they had all wondered if this baby could be Jason's and Sonny agreed that he could see where they'd think that. Edward told him it didn't matter, that the child was a Quartermaine either way. Sonny asked if he didn't think a child had a right to know who his father is, or a father had a right to know about his child. Edward asked if Jason had sent him here and Sonny said that he had not. Edward said that the family had done all it could to get Jason back into the mansion and away from the life Sonny led and that now they believed Jason would not return. Sonny said that he didn't know if he would or not. Edward said that regardless, the child would have every opportunity, every advantage... "...except love," Sonny finished. Edward asked him what he knew about love or children or family. Sonny said he didn't want to hear any more of this and asked again if he knew when Carly would be back, then yelled up the stairs for Carly. Edward told Sonny that he had no business with Carly and neither did Jason and that if he tried to lay claim to the baby, they would fight him with all means necessary...and win. Then, almost tearfully, Edward asked that if Sonny were to speak with Jason ("I won't," Sonny interjected) to please not tell him aout the baby because he's been hurt enough already. Sonny agreed with that. Edward reminded Sonny that Carly was married to AJ now and that Sonny should leave them alone. Sonny told him that he might think that he controlled everything, but he was wrong.

Carly arrived home later and Edward asked how his 'great-grandchild' was doing. Carly said Michael was fine, but he said he meant the other one. She smiled and asked him if that was how it was going to be. He said she should be resting and asked if she'd like a glass of milk. She said that she had to be there when AJ got home from work. Edward said that he was so happy that she was working hard on her marriage to AJ and she told him he'd been right all along. He laughed and said that finally someone in the family had figured out how to get along with him. She told him she'd see him at dinner and as he turned to go, he commented on how much simpler things were now that Jason was gone. She said that he might come back and Edward told her not to count on it. She said he had come back before and he said that even though they all miss him, her more than most, she should understand that no one is counting the months...that she and her baby were safe in the mansion. She said she appreciated that and he continued that she could give the new baby and Michael the kind of life people only dream of having. She thanked him and said that was all she really wanted. He warned her than for her child's sake, she should not try to look for Jason. She said that she wouldn't and he said that if Jason should try to contact her...she interrupted and said that he wouldn't. He asked if she was sure and she said she was, but that she wished he would. Carly asked if AJ was working late and Edward said he seriously doubted it and she chided him about working AJ 18-hour days. He told her that AJ needed to be with his family tonight and that he was a lucky man.

Laura saw Liz and she invited her to a Valentine's party for LuLu. Liz begged off and asked if she could just send some cookies. Laura said she was sure she would like that. Laura mentioned that it had been snowing this time last year and that Lucky had asked her for a bouquet of white roses. When she heard that Liz told her how much she missed Lucky and that she had to stop pretending she didn't. She told Laura how much it hurt that the world had gone on without Lucky and shared with her how Lucky had changed Valentine's Day by surprising her with the promises at the church last year. Laura said it would be so easy for her to crawl up inside herself and just remember Lucky all the time, but that she still had LuLu to care for. Liz said that she didn't have reality infringing on her like Laura did and that for now, she was just going to wrap herself up in Lucky's memory. Laura told her that was fine and that when she was ready to move on, she would and that it wouldn't mean that she loved Lucky any less, just that she was moving on.

Back at the hospital, Tony commented that Chloe's walk in the park had put color in her cheeks. He told her she could have another field trip in a day or so. After he left, Jax told Chloe to get some sleep. She shared with him that she hated to sleep because she couldn't tell a difference when she woke up, that she forgot where she was and what had happened. He crawled up in bed beside her and held her, telling her that he wanted her to know where she was when she woke his arms and that he didn't care who saw them.

At the mansion, Carly was waiting for AJ, dressed in a nice black dress when he arrived home from work. She told him she had decided that they could have a good life together and that they children deserved a strong family...that maybe they could even find a way to be happy. She told him she had 'lucked out' and that she was going to try not to mess everything up. AJ told her this was a fine start and that if she would just give their kids everything she had, he would do the same. She said that was a compromise they could both live with.

Roy and Bobbie continued to talk about the past and changes they wished they had made. The doorbell rang and Bobbie said she would get rid of whoever it was unless it was Carly. Sonny apologized for interrupting and asked if he could talk to Bobbie for a moment. Roy quickly excused himself. Sonny told Bobbie he needed an honest answer, then said, "Carly's pregnant, isn't she? And I'm the father of her child."

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