General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on GH

Stefan and Laura were determined to prove that Helena had murdered Katherine. Carly and Jason were concerned about Sonny's plans for revenge. A.J. questioned why Carly and Jason spent so much time together.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on GH
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Monday November 1, 1999

by Nora

Hannah changed her mind about confessing the truth about herself to Sonny. Meanwhile, Carly tried to help Jason deal with the pain of hurting Sonny. Luke became exasperated when Felicia lied to Faison and claimed responsibility for knocking him out. Later, a heated argument between Luke and Felicia turned passionate and they shared another kiss. Felicia and Luke pulled back from their embrace and discussed the impossibility of their situation, while Roy later caught them in another close moment. Liz's friends threw her a surprise birthday party, and she was further caught off guard when Nikolas gave her a passionate kiss. Liz then explained to Nikolas that they were just friends and nothing else. After narrowly avoiding being caught by Gertrude, Jax and Chloe decided to wait to make love.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Laura went to Stefan's office (Why does Laura put on her helpless, pathetic face as soon as she sees Stefan?) and asked him if he had called to make an appointment to speak to Mac about clearing his name and the possibility of Helena being the killer. He told her he was waiting until he had proof that Helena is ambulatory. She felt it was the job of the police to get that information, but he felt they would not believe that she was not paralyzed. Laura persisted in pushing Stefan to speak with the police.

Helena gloated over the newspaper headlines that said Stefan had murdered Katherine. She then revealed to us, the intrepid viewer, her plan that Stefan would be convicted, Laura would be devastated and might actually fling herself over the parapet o'death and there would be 'no obstacles' to her being with Nikolas (!Who knew that was her goal!) and under Nikolas' tender care, she would make a miraculous recovery. Faison came to visit her and he wondered aloud about what voice he'd heard in her room before he unlurked from the secret entrance. He commented on how her recovery seemed to continue, that her eyes were brighter. He warned her that as long as she didn't mess with him, he wouldn't mess with her. He wished her well and left. (Faison is looking a might haggard lately since his frustration with Luke and Felicia has gotten the better of him). Stefan and Laura walked in just as Faison left. Stefan told Helena that in case he was convicted, he was signing her over to Laura's care. Laura then told Helena that she'd be putting her in a home, which she felt was befitting for what she did to Lesley. After they left, Helena told us that she knew what they were trying to do and that it wouldn't work.

Outside her room, Laura commented that she thought Helena's hand was in a different position. Stefan mentioned what a good idea it was that they left behind the cell phone and told her that she played her part brilliantly. He also reminded her that Helena is trying to frame her, so she'd better be careful. Stefan told Laura that Mrs. Landsbury and the caterer had seen her on the parapet and that she had admitted to arguing with Katherine. Laura then realized that all the evidence pointed to her and that she'd be in jail right now if not for Stefan. She thanked him and he told her he loved her. In her room, Helena wondered if Stefan had emerged from his love induced state long enough to be suspicious.

Carly continued to burn up her part of the Quartermaine fortune on cab fare to Jason's. Just as she was leaving, Lila came into the room and commented on what a big hurry she was in. She lied and told Lila that she had as lot of charity guild meetings, but Lila wasn't buying the load of crap she was peddling and warned her to be very careful, that the Quartermaines could be very vindictive when they didn't get what they wanted. Just as Carly was leaving, AJ came in and insisted that she have lunch with him. The entire family then descended, fussing and bickering. Edward commented to Carly that there had been a taxi out front waiting for her, but he sent it away. She asked why and he told her that was why they have Reginald. Carly made it clear to AJ that she was not available. He continued to pressure her. Edward and Alan joined in the argument, with Edward insisting that they maintain their schedules and Alan fussing about Edward fussing at AJ. Carly finally relented and agreed to go.

Monica confronted Edward about his treatment of AJ. He defended himself by saying that he had done everything for AJ's own good. He reminded her that AJ loves Carly and that makes him happy. She told him Carly was a one way ticket to hell. Inside, Alan told AJ that he knew AJ could defend himself to Edward, but that he just made him furious. He warned AJ not to leave himself vulnerable to Edward. AJ confided to Alan that he felt Carly brought out the best in him and that he felt that he was part of a good team because of her.

Edward brought Lila some roses from the garden and she immediately picked up on the fact that he wanted something from her. He asked her what Carly was up to and assured Lila that he only wanted to know for AJ's sake. Lila told him to mind his own business and put her flowers in water before they melted.

Francis (mmmm, Francis) was waiting at Kelly's to pick up Hannah. Carly misunderstood and thought Hannah was leaving and was stunned when Hannah announced that she was moving in with Sonny.

Mike asked Tammy out for some undefined date in the future and she responded with, "Promises, promises." When is this guy going to get a clue and nab this woman? Hannah came in and asked if he was looking for Sonny. She lied and told Mike that she'd told Sonny the truth, the told Mike it was still a sore subject and it was best if he not mention it. (whatta piece of work this chick is!) She then told Mike she was moving in with Sonny and went to pack.

Sonny went to see Jason. Sonny asked Jason why he hadn't slept the night before and Jason bluffed by saying he'd been up reading. Sonny then suggested that perhaps Jason was afraid he was going to go nuts and start smashing things. Jason commented that he looked OK. Sonny told him that Hannah came by and he'd given her the opportunity to come clean, but she hadn't taken it. He hold Jason that it was easy to tell her he loved her and how easy it is to fool someone when you're telling them what they want to hear. He then apologized to Jason for the times he had warned him about Hannah and he hadn't listened. Then he figured out that Hannah had been sent as a trap because she looked like Brenda. He told Jason how different he felt this time compared to when Brenda had worn the wire, how he'd been out of control then, but now he felt clear and cold and knew exactly what to do. Jason told Sonny he had Johnny watching Larkin's apartment and had gone through his penthouse (Sonny's) to make sure there was nothing Hannah could find. He also told him that he had shut down all shipments and apologized for not being able to tell him about this sooner. Sonny told Jason he had done that right thing and now it was his turn to do the right thing. Sonny gave the cassette back to Jason and told him to put it back where he got it, that he'd made a copy. He told him to look for anything else that might be evidence. He then told Jason that he planned to use Hannah to control what the Feds learned about him.

At his penthouse, Sonny informed Benny that no paperwork or other sensitive material should ever be in the penthouse. He also congratulated Benny on the great job of tracing the gun. Mike showed up and told Sonny that Hannah had told him about the boyfriend was still in her life. He started badgering Sonny to talk to Hannah about the old boyfriend and not hold it against her. He told Sonny that she loves him and he didn't want to see him lose her. Sonny said he would make sure Hannah got everything she deserved. (!!) Jason walked in on the discussion and Mike informed him about Hannah moving in. After Mike left, Jason asked Sonny if he was sure Hannah moving in was a good idea. Jason told him that Hannah was a good reminder to him: Let your guard down and go to jail. Jason warned him that he was eventually going to crash if he had to keep playing the game with Hannah, but Sonny assured him he knew what he was doing. Hannah came in with her suitcases of crap and was officially moved in. She asked Jason if he was part of the welcoming committee and was glad that they would be neighbors. Sonny welcomed her home with a little kiss. She planted a fat one on him and he looked like he was going to puke. Carly nabbed Jason in the hallway between the two penthouses and he jammed her through the door. She told Jason that he had to do something, that Sonny was cracking up if he was letting Hannah move in. She asked Jason how bad off Sonny was and Jason reassured her that Sonny knew what he was doing. He told her Sonny's plan and told her that it was Sonny's way of dealing with what has happened. Carly asked how long Jason thought it would take before Sonny turns on Hannah.

In his penthouse, Sonny remember what he'd heard Hannah say on the tape. He commented to Hannah that she travels light and she said she does it so she can pick up and leave at a moment's notice. He assured her that they'd both get the life they deserve.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Sonny told Jason that he planned to set Hannah up by feeding her phony information to take to the FBI. Sonny later pulled Hannah into a passionate embrace and they began to make love, but Sonny surprised Hannah when he ended up pulling away. Roy made a delivery to Kelly's and once again stirred up strong emotions in Bobbie. Carly told Bobbie that she was finally starting to make some progress with Jason, and was surprised when Bobbie didn't give her the expected lecture. Bobbie introduced Carly to Roy and Carly realized that Roy was the great love from Bobbie's past. Later, Carly compared her situation with Jason to Bobbie's situation with Roy. Stefan and Laura told Nikolas that they suspected Helena was responsible for Katherine's death, but said they needed to get proof that Helena had recovered from her paralysis. Stefan later put a plan into motion to prove that Helena's condition was improving. Liz felt awkward when she ran into Nikolas, but she accepted his dinner invitation after suggesting that Juan and Emily join them. Ned and Alexis talked Jax and Chloe out of ending their scheme.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

Look, guys, I'm not going to blow smoke up your skirt about this one. It was a snoozer. There were only a couple of things that even made it worth turning on the TV for (but of course, I'll tell you the other stuff as well).

The most interesting parts were at the beginning and the end. Hannah was being such a hoochie, trying her best to get Sonny to "service" her. He put it off as long as he could, but she was all over him. She kept telling him how much she loved him and how he could trust her with anything and he was just looking at her with this big fake smile that she would recognize as fake in a New York second if she knew Sonny half as well as we do. There was this one scene where Sonny was hugging her from behind and she was babbling on again about how the way she felt about him would never change. He had this look on his face that said, "Yeah, well you can bank on the fact that the way I feel about YOU isn't going to change either." He had his arms around her neck and up by her head and I was sure he was going to snap her neck at any second. (That was one of the couple of things that made this episode worthwhile). But her jaws just kept a'flappin' and she just kept digging herself in deeper. Dig dig dig. Finally, Sonny managed to work up enough steam to give her what she wanted. I figured he was going to nail her with some angry, punishing sex, but there was a fade to black and then the next shot was the two of them snuggly on the couch and him with that "I want to kill this chick" look on his face. She cooed, "Are you happy?" and he answered, "I'm as happy as I've ever been." He told her he was going to go take a shower and asked if she'd join him ("Cool!" I thought, "He's going to drown her!") but she said no, she was just going to hang out on the couch and relax. He went upstairs to take his shower and then tippie-toed back downstairs just as Hannah was traipsing through the fake file he left right on the desk. Even from the distance he was from the camera (she was in the forefront and he was way back on the stairs) you could see the hate in his eyes as he watched her devouring the info. When he came downstairs again, she was dressed to go on a "run" (yeah, right). Sonny suggested that he invest in a health club membership because it wasn't really safe for her to run alone, but noooo, of course that's how she does her best thinking (and Larkin meeting). She took off and Jason came in. Jason asked Sonny how it had gone and Sonny filled him in on Hannah taking the bait and said that he knew she had just hotfooted out to see Larkin and report what she had found. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later Jason's cell phone rang and Johnny confirmed that Hannah was with Larkin. Jason told him to keep his distance. He and Sonny contemplated how Hannah was going to look like an idiot by the time they were finished with her.

Stefan tried to get Helena to flinch by burning her fingers with a candle (this guy really is a jerk, even if his mom is a murderess). She didn't react (whatta trouper!) and Laura begged him to stop. Outside the room, Laura confided to him that she thought Helena might really be paralyzed. He went through the secret passage and found a hank of blonde hair that he thought was from the wig that someone had worn when Katherine was pushed. Laura countered that not only were some wigs made of human hair, but that the hair could have been there for years. Alexis showed up and Stefan gave her a hard time for not being on the ball. She blew him off. He told her their suspicions about Helena and she was relieved that Stefan was finally admitting that he didn't kill Katherine. She then went in to see Helena and goaded her about having married Jax.

The fab four prepared to leave the spa and Jax informed Alexis and Ned that he had found a listening device in their room. He smashed it to smithereens. After everyone else had left, Jax was alone in the room when Chloe showed up dressed as a maid. They bantered around with maid innuendos, then Jerry banged on the door. Chloe ran to hide and Jerry stormed in, telling Jax that he was worried Bobbie might be getting cold feet. Jax reassured Jerry that he was sure Bobbie cared for him. Chloe came back out after Jax left and they did more maid bantering. Zzzzzzzz.

Mac called both Bobbie and Roy in and basically hassled them. He thought he was going to drop this big bomb on Bobbie about Roy being alive and was surprised that she already knew. He started griping about Roy being a bad influence and how he was already working for Sonny, so he was up to no good. Bobbie defended him and said that Roy was at least making an honest living and that there weren't many things an ex-con could do for a living.

Roy went to see Luke to get the story on Mac before going for his command performance. Of course, Felicia showed up right when they were talking and Luke asked her if she had told Mac about their encounter with Faison. She swore she hadn't and started telling Roy how great of a guy Mac was. When Roy arrived at the police station, Bobbie was still defending him to Mac. After Bobbie left, Mac started giving Roy the business, hassling him about working for Sonny and warning him to be a good boy.

The second thing that made the show worth watching was when Roy came upon Luke who was in the club alone doing his books (rather unsuccessfully). Roy took over the books while Luke went to check on a delivery. Bobbie walked in right after Roy had put "How Deep Is Your Love" by the BeeGees on the CD player. They shared a most heated dance that made us all wonder, "Jerry Who?"

Friday, November 5, 1999

The mixed marrieds are having dinner together at Luke's where they are taking some teasing from Luke about the early hour. They return the teasing by taking bets on whether or not Luke will drop the two large boxed he is carrying. Just as Luke is about to drop everything, Roy arrives with a helping hand. Roy asks Luke to cash his paycheck and Luke readily agrees, but is shocked at how little Roy is earning at the coffee warehouse. Roy agrees that it is a small wage and asks Luke to put in a good word for him with Sonny. Luke says he would do anything for Roy, except that.

Bobbie arrives on the docks to meet Jerry. She asks why he wanted to speak with her. Jerry asks Bobbie if she is sure that she wants to marry him. Bobbie says that she was never sure and she never claimed to be. The only thing she is sure of is that she loves him. Bobbie explains that she has already been married four times and in two weeks she is about to take on number five. Every time she thought it was forever and that marriage was something she knew how to do. But let's face it, the evidence is against her. Jerry makes Bobbie laugh be telling her that practice makes perfect. They agree to meet later at Luke's.

At the Q mansion, Carly is about to leave when AJ happens along and asks here where she is going. Carly is vague with her answer and then refuses to tell AJ when he asks directly where she will be.

Sonny is alone in the penthouse thinking of what he heard Hannah say on the tape. He unlocks the desk drawer and is about to open it when Hannah arrives, interrupting his thoughts. She is carrying a bag full of groceries and asks what kind of mood he is in while she walks past him to set the bag on the table. Sonny doesn't answer, but opens the drawer revealing a gun.

Hannah explains to Sonny that she invited Mike to dinner. Sonny says that is OK with him, but he won't be there because he has business with Jason. Hannah tries to get Sonny to change his plans, but he won't so Hannah says that she and Mike will wait for him.

The mixed marrieds are still at Luke's, but are now betting on which customer in Luke's is Gertrude's spy. Ned confesses that he saw the guy that was following them on the way to the restaurant come in and he points him out to the rest of the group. They laugh together about the lengths they have gone to appear "married" to each other.

Luke explains to Roy that Sonny is being watched by the FBI and now isn't a good time to get involved. Roy understands and lets the matter drop. Luke changes the subject by teasing Roy about wearing after shave. Roy just smiles and leaves without saying a word.

Carly tells AJ that she doesn't have to tell him everything. She asks if he wants to put a time clock at the front door. She thinks if he kept track of the hours she spent being his wife he find out that he is getting his money's worth AJ tells Carly that being his wife is not a job. Carly points out that being her husband was a pretty good career move for him. AJ says that he doesn't deserve that. He is just trying to make their marriage mean something. Carly asks if he could make it mean something other than her being a prisoner. She says that they are who they are and there is no use pretending that they are happily married. They are married and they are not unhappy most of the time. AJ says AJ asks Carly if it ever occurred to her that he might just want to be near her. Carly says no. She tells AJ that they have built a pretty good life in spite of everything. She doesn't understand why he can't be satisfied with that. Without another word, Carly turns and leaves.

Sonny and Jason are on the docks discussing their plan to trap Hannah. When the bust goes down and it isn't Sonny, Hannah is going to look like she doesn't know what she is doing. Sonny tells Jason that Hannah wanted him to stay home tonight. He figures that Hannah wanted to bring him in herself. That is why she asked him to stay home when she knows that there is a bust going down.

Sorrel and Moreno's man are on the docks discussing their plan. Moreno's man leaves and Sorrel starts to go, but is stopped by Roy. Roy tells Sorrel that he is still interested... Sorrel says that he hasn't forgotten him, he is just concerned about Roy's job at Sonny's warehouse. Sorrel asks Roy if he would be willing to keep his job at the coffee warehouse and to keep his mouth shut. Roy tells Sorrel that he could do that. Sorrel leaves telling Roy that he will find him when he needs him. As roy leaves, he passes Jerry on the docks.

At Luke's, Ned and Chloe finish a dance and then rejoin Jax and Alexis at their table. They are delighted to learn that Gertrude's spy has left. Chloe suggests that they leave as well. Alexis readily agrees and asks Jax if Ned can sleep over. She reminds Jax that he promised. Jax says that he is a man of his word. He will leave Ned and Alexis alone and sneak off to take Chloe sailing. Chloe reminds Jax that their sailing trips always seem to end in disaster. Jax promises Chloe that she can trust him and she agrees to go sailing.

Hannah and Mike are making dinner together discussing Hannah's concerns about her relationship with Sonny. Mike tries to offer reassurance saying that Sonny is just tense because of the FBI situation. Hannah asks Mike if Sonny would ever just pick up and walk away. Mike says that it is a nice fantasy, but he doesn't know if Sonny will actually do it. He tells Hannah that Sonny wanted to try with Brenda, but it didn't work out. Sonny and Brenda loved each other, but they had issues. Brenda betrayed Sonny is such a way that he didn't know how to forgive her. Sonny arrives, unnoticed, while Mike tells Hannah about when Brenda wore a wire. He watches Hannah's reaction as Mike tells her that Brenda's betrayal was such that there was no way for her to win back Sonny's trust.

Jason is on the docks, when he runs into Liz. Liz is delighted to see him and says maybe it's a sign. Or maybe it's a sign that he is going to give her a sign. Liz asks Jason if there was only going to be one painting of Lucky in the whole world, should it be on the docks or with his guitar. Jason asks why there can only be one painting. Liz explains that she convinced her art teacher to let her do a portrait for her mid-term art project. She tells Jason that painting a portrait of Lucky was what got her accepted into the New York art school. Jason says that the docks are bigger, but a guitar looks harder to draw. Liz tells Jason that that isn't any help. She needs a decision. Jason asks why him. Liz says because he is there, he knew Lucky and she is tired of thinking about it. Jason says fine, and pulls a quarter out of his pocket. He says head for docks and tails for guitar. Liz watches as he throws the coin up in the air and then grabs the coin before he can catch it and says guitar. Jason laughs and says he is glad that he could be so helpful. Liz assures him that he was and thanks him. Meanwhile, Carly has arrived on the docks. She stops when she sees Jason talking to Liz.

Carly watches from her hiding place as Liz thanks Jason for helping her to decide how to paint Lucky. As Liz starts to walk away Jason asks if she is going to give him back his quarter. Liz smiles and says that it isn't a quarter, it is a good luck charm and says that she is keeping it. Jason watches her as she gives him another smile over her shoulder and walks away. Carly walks up once Jason leaves and asks what the thing with Liz was. Jason just shrugs and doesn't say anything so Carly doesn't push it. She really wants to talk to Jason about Sonny. Jason assures Carly that Sonny is fine. Carly disagrees saying that he can't be fine if he is letting Hannah live with him. Carly says that living with someone you hate and calling it love makes you feel like you are dying hour by hour. Carly wonders how Sonny knows that Hannah doesn't see right through him. Maybe Hannah knows that Sonny hates her and doesn't care. And if Hannah brings Sonny down, she can bring Jason down with him.

At the penthouse, Sonny, Hannah and Mike are eating their meal. They make small talk while they finish eating. Hannah leaves to get more potatoes for Mike. Once she is gone, Mike tells Sonny how nice it is with just the three of them. He tells Sonny that he must be doing something right to keep Hannah so happy. Sonny says that's the plan.

Bobbie arrives at Luke's for her dinner with Jerry. Luke teases her by telling her that she just missed Roy. Bobbie is not amused. She tells Luke that maybe the subject of Roy should be off limits to them. Luke says that all he did was mention Roy's name. Bobbie says that he did it to try to get a rise out of her and it isn't going to work. Luke holds up his hands in mock surrender and apologizes to Bobbie. Bobbie tells Luke that she hasn't forgotten what Roy was her first love and she was his first love, but they aren't the same thing to each other any more. She goes off on a mini rant about how people change over the course of twenty years and just because she and Roy dated in high school there is no reason why things should be awkward between them now. And there is no reason why anyone should have to apologize for growing up. Luke agrees but tells her that she should be telling Roy. While he says this, he points to Roy who has arrived without Bobbie noticing and has heard most of what she has said.

Roy tells Bobbie that he didn't know she was going to be there or he wouldn't have come back. Bobbie says that she didn't know that she was going to be there either. Bobbie asks Luke to give them some privacy. Once she and Roy are alone, Bobbie apologizes for last night. Roy plays it cool and says that it was only a dance. She has nothing to be sorry for. Bobbie says that she was worried that if she was confusing Luke that she might be confusing him too. Roy says he doesn't know how either of them could know how to act right now. They never really had an end. Roy tells Bobbie that he doesn't need her to try to be any special way with him. She doesn't have to explain to him how weird this is. She doesn't have to make any kind of sense. Roy smiles and asks Bobbie when she ever made sense which causes Bobbie to laugh.

A soaking wet Jax and Chloe are crawling up onto the sand. Chloe is complaining about the driver of the boat that caused their own boat to capsize. She realizes that her cell phone, which she actually brought with her this time, was lost during their swim to shore. She asks Jax if he knows where they are. Jax says that he is sure he will be able to identify their location...once it is light enough to see it. Resigned to spending the night on the beach, they cuddle together to stay warm.

At Sonny's, the three dinner companions share an after dinner drink. Sonny looks uncomfortable as Mike thanks Hannah for any part she might have had in bringing him and Sonny closer together. He assures Hannah that he will never forget it. He then excuses himself saying it is probably time for him to leave. Once Mike is gone, Sonny suggests that Hannah go up and get ready for bed while he cleans up. Hannah agrees and leaves Sonny alone in the living room.

On the docks, Carly asks Jason what Sonny thinks he is doing. He is crazy to try to "teach the FBI a lesson." She is also worried that Sonny is going to do something that will land Jason in jail. She is angry that Jason won't help himself. She asks why he won't do something for himself for once. AJ walks up just as Carly finishes speaking and says that he should have known that he would find her with Jason.

On the beach, Chloe is trying to keep warm and is bundled up in Jax's jacket. Jax tells her that she looks amazing, even soaking wet. He tells her that she isn't making it easy. He says he hasn't forgotten the decision they made to wait to make love, but he is damned if he can remember how they reached that decision. Chloe smiles and says that she thinks it had something to do with their future. Chloe is suddenly frightened by an animal sound and asks Jax what is was. Jax says that it was his self control going up in smoke. He leans in to kiss Chloe and they lay back on the sand together as the kiss intensifies.

At Luke's Bobbie teases Roy about the cute little "brainless Bobbie" routine he used to pull. She says that he always used to do that and she is tired of it. Roy laughs and says that he hasn't been back long enough for her to be tired of it yet. Roy says that he never called her brainless. Scatterbrained maybe...Bobbie laughs again and tells him that he was always so condescending, not to mention wild and reckless. Roy says that he was not the reckless one. Bobbie reminds him of the time he stole Laura's engagement ring. Roy defends himself saying that Bobbie put him up to it. Bobbie said that she just suggested it, she was never sure if he when he was listening. Roy suddenly turns serious and tells Bobbie that he was always listening. And if he was wild, it's only because he was wild about her. Jerry arrives right as Roy finishes telling Bobbie that he was wild about her. He greets Bobbie and asks who her friend is.

At Sonny's, Hannah comes downstairs while Sonny is on the phone. She starts to ask when he is coming to bed, but stops when he turns and sees the look on his face. She asks if something bad happened. Sonny tells her that there was a FBI bust and Jason was taken in. His best friend is in jail and it is all her fault. She was the only one who knew about the shipment. She read the file on his desk. She is a spy. Sonny walks closer to Hannah and angrily asks her if she knows what happens to people that betray him. He grabs her head and starts to shake her while she is denying that she betrayed him and insisting that she loves him. All of the sudden, Hannah wakes up sees Sonny staring down at her. She realizes that she was dreaming.

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