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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on GH
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Monday April 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nora

Jason releases Carly from their passionate embrace and demands to know what she is doing. She repeatedly tries to kiss him, but he departs. AJ comes outside and almost catches them in the act. Carly covers well, saying that she had been out for a walk, and AJ seems to buy the act. The young Quartermaine then begins to make his plans for his activities as CEO of ELQ as Carly barrages him with questions as to why he is not yet supervising officer of the prestigious business. Jason then returns and he and his brother share charming insults. AJ maintains that Michael no longer cries at night, which is an apparent indication that Jason's presence is no longer needed. Just as he asks Leticia to show Mr. Morgan to the door, she informs AJ that Michael is awake and asking for Jason.

At home, Liz hears the wail of sirens in the distance and becomes worried. She dials Lucky's phone number, but she receives a message that says his number is temporarily out of service. She quickly dresses and heads out to ensure that he is well.

Stefan reveals that he would like to take Laura to Paris for the weekend and she is very surprised, but she agrees nonetheless. The two agree to focus on the future, but Stefan is baffled when Laura talks of bringing Lulu and Foster to Paris with them. He finally realizes that Ms. Spencer is only teasing him and smiles as he hears Laura tells him that she would love to go to Paris alone with him. Laura and Stefan fear that Luke and Lucky will not be pleased with the trip, but Laura makes it clear that she is tired of apologizing for what makes her happy.

At Laura's, Luke talks to Lesley Lu on the couch, having taken Lucky's advice to spend more time with his children. He is reading her a story about a princess when the telephone rings. Nikolas, who was in the other room, answers the phone and hears the news about Lucky. The young Cassadine interrupts the bonding Spencers and asks Lulu to go upstairs and get ready for bed. He tells Luke that the police called and that they said that there was a fire in the garage and that the body is believed to be Lucky's. Luke is in a state of disbelief and shock and leaves the Spencer home with instructions not to tell Laura the news until he is able to confirm Lucky's death and tell her himself. Lulu comes downstairs and Nikolas reads to her until she falls asleep.

In his limo, Sonny talks to Hannah. He tells the attractive young woman that he would like to see her again and refuses to let her out on a street corner in an unsafe part of town; he wants to deliver her directly to her door. The two banter back and forth concerning who keeps more secrets until Hannah asks exactly what it is that Sonny does for a living. His response is ambiguous and then the young woman asks if he is married. Sonny reveals that his wife died in a horrible accident, killed by a bomb intended for him. Hannah inquires, innocently enough, if it is safe to be in a car with Sonny and he assures her that if she were going to die, the bomb would have gone off long ago. He pursues her rather vigorously, but she does not seem to mind. Their flirtation is more than mild and the two finally agree to meet for dinner at Sonny's penthouse. When the couple arrives at Hannah's apartment, Hannah inquires as to where she might find more appropriate lodging. As they say goodnight, Sonny receives a phone call about Lucky's death. Hannah exits the limo as Sonny gets the details from the police. He leaves instructions for the police to contact Jason and says that he is on his way.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason goes upstairs to comfort Michael, leaving Carly and Jason alone. The two discuss the custody situation and how poorly Michael is adapting to his new situation. AJ feels that he will never be able to be Michael's true parent as long as Jason keeps returning to the mansion every night. Jason then enters the den with Michael in his arms. As he talks softly to the little boy, Carly attempts to play with them as AJ leaves. Carly follows AJ from the room after kissing her boy goodnight. Jason explains the strange situation to Michael when his phone rings.

Above the garage, a body is seen burning in the midst of a multitude of flames. Firefighters arrive on the scene and try to put out the fire as Taggert closes the neighboring streets. Mac realizes that this is Lucky's apartment and urges Taggert to try to find a body. Taggert tells Mac to start making the appropriate phone calls. Just then, Liz arrives on the scene and screams for Lucky as Taggert restrains her. The firemen bring a body out of the burning building and place it on an ambulance as Liz looks on in horror. Taggert attempts to comfort her and inquires as to how she knew to come to the garage. She ignores the dectective's questions as insists that Lucky's reflexes are too quick to die in the fire. Bobbie arrives on the scene and asks Mac what is going on. She screams in terror when she hears that Lucky is dead and that neither Luke nor Laura knows. Bobbie turns to Liz and the two cling to each other for support.

Taggert explains to Mac that Liz will not give up hope and fears that this will scar her permanently. Just then, Sonny arrives and Taggert makes accusatory remarks that implicate that Sonny is behind the fire. Luke walks up behind Sonny and asks his friend if this is the way that he handles things. He expresses extreme disappointment in Sonny because he had confidence that the situation with Moreno was under control. When Sonny apologizes, Luke asks what difference that makes when his son is dead. When Mac tells Luke that there are no words, Luke agrees. He claims to be able to confront this situation and leaves, saying that he has one stop to make before he goes to the morgue. Bobbie sees her brother and offers him a hug, but he says that he must go tell Laura the news. As he leaves, he spots Jason and tells him to put Lucky on his list of business losses. Sonny asks Jason whether AJ or Moreno was behind the fire, but Jason does not know. Taggert then brings Liz the pendant of the subway charm that she gave to Lucky and tells her that it was found on the body. She collapses to the ground and Sonny reaches down to comfort her.

On the docks, Luke sits and thinks about things. Just as he begins to leave, Laura walks by. She can tell that something is amiss and Luke tells her about Lucky. She is initially shocked and then terrified. She screams in panic and beats the ground in disbelief. Luke holds her and tries to console her.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999


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Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Today's recap was provided by LittlLeLe.

After a collage of past scenes, Jason comes to Emily to tell her about Lucky's death. He holds Emily as she cries on his shoulder. Emily tells Jason what a special friend Lucky was. She explains how after her mother died she had not even been able to smile but, Lucky made her laugh. He always knew just what to do to make the situation better. No one ever had to ask him or help him or join him, but he would do whatever it took. Emily asks about Liz and wants to go to her. Jason reminds her how early it is and recommends she wait and go later. Jason sees how Emily is very distraught about Lucky and apologizes about the fire. Carly overhears Emily tell Jason that it is not his fault and interrupts to find out what is not his fault. Carly is upset to hear that Lucky has died and expresses how she had hoped to one day get to know her cousin. She then is startled to hear that Lucky died in a fire (obviously linking AJ to the fire). Carly excuses herself to allow Jason and Emily to continue their talk. Jason asks Emily if she wants to come to his house but she refrains and wants to stay at home, alone. Jason reminds Emily that she can call him at anytime if she needs anything and then leaves to find Carly.

Carly is meanwhile downstairs calling Lt. Taggert about the fire. Jason catches Carly and hangs up the phone. He reminds Carly that her actions have consequences that involve other people and that she cannot continue to act without thinking things out. They agree that the best method to catch AJ, if in fact he was behind the fire, is for Carly to watch him. Jason assures Carly that if AJ is behind the fire he had no intention of someone dying and would start making mistakes to cover his tracks. This is when they would catch him.

As Liz sits in her room she thinks about all of the things she's done with Lucky. Nikolas comes to comfort her and brings Lucky's sweater. They talk innocently about LouLou's skating lesson with Lucky the previous day. Liz tells Nikolas that Lucky used to wear that sweater because they had bought it together and he knew how much she loved it. She told him how she used to put her head on Lucky's chest and hear his heart beat through the sweater. Liz begins to cry and Nikolas embraces her. She tells Nikolas how she doesn't want to know that Lucky is not coming back -- That she had promised Lucky that their next project was going to be something that was important to him -- that she depended on Lucky for how he made her feel -- that she didn't know who she was without him. Nikolas explains to Liz that earlier Laura had told LouLou that Lucky was in Heaven. He tells her that he believes this and that Lucky's love for Liz was as strong as ever and would be with her forever -- all she had to do was believe. Liz tells Nikolas that she had dreams as a child of falling in love with a prince, the castle, the dressing for dinner and all. Then she grew up and realized that princes didn't exist. But then came Lucky - smart, secure, and brave. And he wanted Sara. But they were friends. Then after the rape, Lucky took care of her. Out of their friendship grew real love, not fantasy love but, deep inquisitive love. The kind where you can't wait to see each other love. Who she is - is someone who loves Lucky. Liz then snaps out of it to realize that Nikolas has lost a brother. He regrets that he never told Lucky that he loved him. Liz and Nikolas agree that living in regrets is not what they need and that they will help each other to love Lucky by living. Liz goes to take a bath and asks Nikolas to wait for her. When she finishes she is tired and wants to sleep. Again she asks Nikolas to stay with her -- she cuddles up with Lucky's sweater and falls asleep.

As Luke sits in his office he pulls a gun from a drawer, Sonny barges in. Sonny asks if Luke is going for Moreno? "What makes me think I wasn't looking for you, Partner? " Luke then points the gun at Sonny. Sonny tells Luke that now is not a good time to kill him -- that he should wait until things cool down where he won't be suspected -- so not to ruin Luke's life. Luke takes the gun off Sonny and tells him that he wants him to live with the knowledge that he is responsible for Lucky's death.

Over the Sahara, Ned, V, and Jerry continue to look for Jax and Alexis. Jax is trying to radio for help as Alexis feels overcome with the fear of dying. Jax reassures Alexis that because of her optimism and confidence she has overcome so much in her life that she shouldn't give up now. Alexis takes over the radio and begins to call for help. Jerry tries to convince V and Ned they need to turn around when Ned stops him. "I can feel her -- she's here" Ned then hears Alexis's voice over the radio. They briefly speak before losing contact in the storm -- right before giving their location. Unable to reestablish contact, Alexis becomes despondent. Jax holds Alexis, who is shivering in the cold. They begin to talk about where they would rather be. Alexis says a Swiss Spa with a seaweed wrap, in front of a fire. Jax laughs and exclaims that he prefers to eat his vegetables and will not cross over the line into wearing them. They begin to laugh and joke about a Brussels sprout hat and a pea coat when Alexis begins laughing hysterically and falling over Jax. Ned, V and Jerry enter the cave to witness the spectacle.

Carly attempts to confront AJ about the fire. She tries to lure information out of him by talking about how dangerous Jason is. While AJ goes upstairs to call the attorneys about this new turn of events, Carly begins to go through his briefcase. Carly is caught unexpectedly when AJ returns quickly and finds her rummaging through his things.

Thursday, April 22

Jerry, Ned and V are relieved to find Alexis and Jax safe and sound. An overjoyed Alexis is glad to see Ned and gives him a great big hug, Jax hugs V as well. Jax informs them that it was Helena who screwed with the radio. Jerry tells Jax that he is slipping that he should have been able to fix the radio sooner. Alexis is just happy that Jerry and Ned were able to set aside their differences and work together so she and Jax could be rescued. Ned, Alexis and V head to the helicopter to give the Jacks Brothers a little privacy. Alone, Jerry and Jax talk about old times and Jerry tells Jax that he had every faith in him and knew he would be alright. Jax admits that he knew Jerry wouldn't stop searching until he found him. Then they hug and head for the copter to join the others.

After catching Carly snooping in his briefcase, AJ asks her what she is doing in his briefcase. Carly covers and tells him that she is looking for the custody papers to show Jason. With Jason's help, Carly was able to cover her tracks with AJ. Jason comes in, and plays along with her little game and says he knows he can only see Michael there on the property. Carly yells that he is not going anywhere near her son because of the fire at the bike shop. AJ takes the papers from his briefcase, and then shows them to Jason. Jason looks at them unimpressed. AJ says if he and Carly can prove that Jason is dangerous to Michael, they can keep Jason away from Michael. Monica comes in, yelling at them for arguing when Lucky is dead. Alan and Edward also come in and the whole family gets into a shouting match. AJ blurts out that Jason is the reason for Lucky dying, because he owned the building! Monica tells AJ to shut up and expresses her shock and disapproval when AJ uses the Spencers' terrible tragedy to cast further aspersions on Jason. AJ asks Alan to take his side, which Alan does, poorly. Monica thinks Lila should be told and Edward and Alan leave to go tell Lila about Lucky. Monica follows and AJ goes and cools off.

Upstairs, Edward and AJ remember Lucky and the way he befriended Emily when she first came to the Quartermaines. Edward makes a comment about Lucky needing to have been home where he belonged with his parents instead of living above the garage at Jason's shop. AJ agrees and says it should never have happened. Meanwhile back in the living room, Carly is with Jason and Michael. Jason says that she shouldn't be there with him alone. She says that everyone else is off somewhere else. She says that she was panicking when AJ caught her. She says that she will find a way to prove that AJ set those fires. She promises Michael that he won't have to spend any time with AJ. Jason stops her, saying she shouldn't promise that and warned Carly that AJ might not be the person responsible for the fire that killed Lucky. Carly vowed to Michael that he would never grow up to be like AJ.

Up in Liz's room, Emily has now joined Liz and Nikolas who is still there. Emily offers Liz her consolation and talks about losing her mother and wishing she were back, but wishing didn't matter much. Liz is silent while Nikolas sadly stares out of the window saying nothing. Emily thinks maybe they can get Liz some food, to help, but Liz tells her she isn't that hungry. She then tells Liz about Lucky's memorial service, and asks if Liz if she'd like to be part of the memorial service Laura is planning. Liz says no, that she has plans with Lucky for tomorrow night. Emily looks bewildered and Nikolas steps in and says that he will talk to Laura for Liz, but Liz tells him that she wants to talk to Laura herself. They then all head over to Laura's house.

Lesley hurries back to Port Charles upon learning of her grandson's death. Laura is telling her mother about what happened to Lucky, and cries in Leslie's arms. Lesley tried her best to comfort Laura. Soon after, Liz, Nikolas and Emily showed up at Laura's house. Laura invites them in and tells Liz that she is the one who made Lucky happy; and Emily was the best friend he could ever have. Emily recalls how she and Lucky use to go skateboarding when they were younger. Emily then asks Laura if she needs help at all. Laura turns them down, and tells them that Leslie is there to help. Nikolas offers to take care of Lulu, but Laura says no again, that Leslie will take Lulu. She tells them that she is supposed to be planning the memorial service, but doesn't know how. Emily panicked when she learned Lucky's funeral was set to take place at the church where Liz and Lucky spent Valentine's Day. After visiting Laura, Liz agreed with her plans for Lucky's funeral and said that she would speak at the service. Nikolas, however, refused to speak at the funeral in deference to Luke. Nikolas is telling everyone that Luke hates him, and his father, but he and Lucky chose to keep it their father's fight, not theirs. He then tells them that he and Lucky understood what it is to be brothers. Lucky loved his father, and I have to respect Luke's grief and not speak. It's the last thing, and the only thing that I can do for my brother. Liz says that she will speak for Nikolas then. The threesome then leave and tell Laura they will see her soon. Alone, Laura sees Lucky's picture on the mantle and starts crying again. Leslie comes downstairs, having taken care of Lulu and asks Laura about the service. Laura admits that the teens did most of the arranging. She says that its terrible, Nikolas and Lucky were just starting to be close. Laura had hoped that Leslie could meet Liz and Nikolas. Laura remembers being just Lucky's age when she first met Luke, and after that, no one else mattered. The love of my life. I got to be with the love of my life, why couldn't my baby? Laura cries that she can't stop thinking about Lucky in the fire. What if... Leslie tries to comfort her. This wouldn't have happened if he were home, Laura cries. Leslie says that you and Lucky survived a terrible year, be grateful that you came back together. "You gave Lucky a great life, and will do the same for Lulu. She needs you. You have so much love left to give." Laura cries that she can't do it. She doesn't know how, nor does she want to. Lesley comforted Laura when she admitted that she didn't know how she would be able to get through the pain of Lucky's death.

Luke is asking Sonny who set the fire, if not Moreno. Sonny says, possibly AJ Quartermaine. Luke can't believe it and Sonny tells him they aren't sure if AJ set this fire as well. Luke says that it would make perfect sense for AJ to set it. Luke asks Sonny "if he knew that AJ was playing with matches how could you let my son sleep alone in a building that Jason owned? Luke says that he forgot that he told Sonny not to have a guard on Lucky, but if he knew of the danger, he would have told Lucky of the danger. Luke is then getting angrier and angrier and yells at Sonny that Lucky is dead because of Sonny's priorities! He then says that he couldn't take care of his kid, but he can take care of the Alcoholic and Moreno. Sonny says what about Lulu? If you leave here with that gun, then you will be gone too. Sonny tells Luke that no matter what he does, Lucky will still be gone and tells Luke that it's not what Lucky would have wanted, for Lulu to lose her brother, and her father both. Revenge won't bring him back he tells Luke. The only thing you can do for your son is to look after the people he loved. Sonny warned Luke away from taking action against Moreno. Luke blasted Sonny and said he hoped Lucky's death would haunt Sonny for the rest of his life. Fighting back his own tears, Sonny pledges to find Lucky's killer but Luke bitterly rejects his offer of assistance and tells Sonny his word don't mean spit to him. An angry Luke then storms off. Later, Sonny tells the bar staff at Luke's, that the club will be closed, but they will be getting their wages anyway. He then stands alone in the darkened club and vows revenge. Hannah comes into Luke's. Sonny only calls out that they are closed, and she'll be getting a check. She asks what happened. He tells her about the fire and Lucky.

In the ELQ jet, Jerry and Jax are arguing about Jax playing it too close to the edge. Ned steps in, complaining that their high jinks almost got Alexis killed. V tries to calm Ned down, but Ned insists that Jax and Jerry made stupid decisions and didn't think through how dangerous Helena was. Jax told Ned he knows exactly what he is doing. Ned tells him he got too caught up in the game and got stuck in a trap. He then tells Jax that he doesn't care what Jax does, as long as Alexis isn't involved. Alexis tells Ned that she is okay, she even found out that Jax can be funny. Alexis then admitted to Ned that the hope in believing that he might find her had kept her alive, but it was Jax's faith in Jerry that convinced her they would be saved. Alexis then stated that she might decide to end her play to gain control of the Cassadine fortune. Meanwhile, Jax admitted that he had underestimated Helena, but remained determined to take the Cassadine empire away from her.

Emily and Liz are back at Audrey's. Emily sits on Liz's bed as the young women talk. Emily tells Liz that the worse thing is when someone tries to help, but can't and it hurts more for the trying. Emily talks again about losing her mother, but adds that her mother lives in her heart. She then tells Lis that the pain won't always be this much. Liz wishes she could believe that.

Luke is outside, smoking. Mike comes up behind him. The cops are around doing test to try to determine how the fire was started. They tell Luke that it'll be a while before they know. Luke only says that he knows payback when he sees it. Mike says that he is sorry. Luke says that he can't sleep anymore. Mike is trying to tell Luke that there were many things that could have set the fire. Luke doesn't want to hear that and asks Mike how would he feel if it was Sonny who was burned to a crisp, because his friend didn't tell him of the danger. Mike is silent for a moment and begins to say something, but then leaves Luke to his pain. Luke is left standing alone, looking up at the burned building.........

Friday, April 23, 1999

OK GH fans. If you thought last Friday was bad, prepare for the worst! This whole week has been so sad, but today is Lucky's memorial service. Keep the tissues handy! You have no idea how many times I cried during this episode. Also be prepared for a surprising plot twist at the very end of today's episode...

Bobbie arrives at Luke's with an offer to take him to the church. Luke says that he doesn't do churches. He asks Bobbie what the point of a funeral is anyway. Does it make dead people anymore alive? It's sort of like a sťance where everyone sits around waiting for the spirit of their dearly departed to appear. It's like a fairy tale. One more fairy tale that people tell themselves before they close their eyes to the dark. Bobbie quietly tells Luke that she invited people to her house afterwards, but she will understand if he doesn't want to come. Luke is sad when Bobbie tells him that she hasn't been able to bring herself to tell Lucas yet. He offers to talk to him, but Bobbie says that she will do it. Luke laughs a little as he says that Lucky liked churches. He wonders how that happened. A kid of his. Lucky believed in God. He believed in everything. He believed in love that doesn't lie and love that lasts forever. He believed in the persistence of the soul and in good and evil and sin and angels. He believed in angels. He believed that there were angels protecting them. Luke would love to believe that, but if there are angels, where were they the night Lucky died?

Nikolas arrives at Laura's house. Amy answers the door and invites Nikolas in. Nikolas is happy to see Lesley and gives his grandmother a hug. Laura and Lulu come downstairs ready for the funeral. Nikolas greets Lulu with a kiss and then sends her off to find her hat. After she goes, Laura turns to Nikolas and says that Lulu doesn't understand that Lucky is gone. She can't comprehend. Nikolas asks if anyone can. He doesn't.

Sonny is on the docks alone when Jason arrives. Sonny tells Jason that Luke was the first friend he made in Port Charles. He was smart and funny. They hit it off. At first, Sonny was jealous because Luke was able to create and hold on to a family, even with the life he led. Something Sonny couldn't do. Sonny didn't think it was a possibility for guys like him. But there Luke was, a guy like him and doing it all. Luke gave him hope and he swore to himself and to Luke that he would be tireless in protecting what Luke had. Jason tells Sonny that he didn't kill Lucky. Jason says that he should have done something before it came to this, but he couldn't. Sonny did protect Luke and his family. Sonny asks Jason if he saw the look on Liz's face the night of the fire.

At the church, Liz is standing alone at the back holding a single white rose. She smells the rose and remembers Valentine's Day when Lucky gave her the bouquet of white roses. She looks sadly around the church and then walks slowly up the center aisle holding the rose like a bridal bouquet. She lays the rose on the table in front of Lucky's picture and gently runs her hand over the phtograph. She plays with the ring on her finger and remembers when Lucky put it on her hand and told her that it was his promise. She has trouble holding back her tears (and I personally have had no success!) as she looks sadly at Lucky's picture.

Laura arrives and finds Liz alone in the church. Liz walks up to Laura and gives her a hug. Laura thanks Liz for loving her son.

The guests start to arrive at the church. Monica and Edward and speak with Lesley who explains that she isn't there to stay, but for as long as Laura needs her. Audrey arrives right before Luke and Bobbie. She offers her condolences to Luke as does Lesley. Bobbie offers her condolences to Laura who tells Bobbie that she thinks she knows how Bobbie felt when BJ died. She doesn't understand how she can ever be whole again. Bobbie says that she isn't whole, but she is still standing, and Laura will be too. Nikolas walks over to Luke and starts to ask if it is OK for him to be there, but Luke doesn't let him finish. He tells him to save his good manners. He is as welcome as anyone. Today is about Lucky. Luke walks over to Laura and they hug each other. Luke releases Laura and solemnly walks into the church.

Liz walks up to Luke as he enters the church and says that she needs to be sure of something. Luke assures her that she can be sure of him until the day he dies. Lucky told him that she was the most important thing that ever happened to him. Anything that Lucky would have done for her, anything she needs, she only has to ask. Liz says that she needs to be sure, and she knows Lucky would want her to be, that Luke knows that he was Lucky's hero. Luke says maybe a long time ago, but Liz says no. Because of what Lucky learned about Luke and how Luke handled it. Lucky loved Luke as much two days ago as the last time that Luke carried him on his shoulders. Luke squeezes Liz's hands and goes to take his seat.

Outside, Tony has arrived and received assurances from Bobbie that Luke and Laura would want him there. He asks how Luke is and prays to God that Luke is better at loosing a child then he was.

Laura enters the church on Nikolas' arm and invites Liz to sit with the family. After everyone is seated, Laura dabs her eyes and stands. She walks to the pulpit and thanks everyone for coming. She says that her heart is broken, but her heart is also full because she is surrounded by the people she loves and people who loved her son. We think that our children belong to us, but the truth is that children belong to God. Their souls are given into our care for a precious time and it's a blessing every day, every moment. Her son Lucky was God's great gift to her, just as her other two children are. She would like to encourage everyone not to waste a moment of time with the people they love.

Once Laura sits down, Liz walks to the pulpit. She says that she feels so lucky to be the girl that Lucky loved. Lucky saved her life. If you know her, you know that she isn't exaggerating or trying to sound poetic. He literally picked her up from the ground, from the snow and the ice and took care of what hurt and watched over her at night. He took all of her anger and bitterness and turned it into something shiny that she will always always have. That is why it isn't right that he is gone. Someone who saves a life should have an extra life. More time, not less. As she breaks down in tears and walks back to her seat, Luke stands up and walks to the pulpit.

Luke says that they say, them that says things, that the child is the father of the man. He heard that his whole life and never paid much attention to it, until Lucky became a teenager. The truth is that Lucky never was a teenager. He went straight from childhood to adulthood. It happened in one day. If there were any warnings, Luke didn't see them coming. Just because it was fast, didn't mean it was smooth. It was so painful for Lucky. It was the hardest thing Luke has ever done, to let Lucky become a man and in the same moment hear Lucky say that he hated him. He wouldn't have done it if he had known then that he was going to miss so much time with the son who was here so briefly. At the end of the day, he was a Spencer and the Spencer's are connected. He is grateful, so grateful, for his connection to Lucky. Lucky taught him about things that he couldn't see and only half believed in. Things like honor and truth and love. It would not have been his choice that his adulthood would come at the price of Lucky's.

Everyone is in tears as Luke finishes speaking. Music starts to play and the flashbacks begin. Lucky at the diner in Canada, riding off on his bike. Lucky when he brought Foster home. Lulu's first Christmas. Lucky and Luke performing at the Nurses Ball. Lucky and Emily on the run. Lucky playing with Lulu in her highchair. Lucky meeting Liz for the first time. Lucky and Liz waltzing in the garden at Wyndemere. Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu during the "photo shoot" for Laura's birthday present. Lucky and Liz so happy together during the last dinner at Kelly's. Lucky and Liz's last dance.

Bobbie and Carly are cleaning up after everyone has left the reception. Carly is surprised to learn that Bobbie hasn't told Lucas about Lucky yet. Bobbie admits that it was a huge mistake, but she can't find a way to tell Lucas until someone can tell her in a way that makes sense. Carly says that she is going to finish cleaning up and then get out of Bobbie's way, but Bobbie asks her to please stay. Lucas is her brother after all. Carly is uncomfortable and says that she isn't good at death. Bobbie understands, but asks that she stay anyway for her. Carly agrees to stay and then asks why everyone in her family keeps dying before she gets a chance to know them. Bobbie suggests that there may be a lesson in that somewhere if Carly is willing to listen. Carly begrudgingly accepts that Bobbie may be right. Carly tells Bobbie that no matter what, she has never regretted a moment spent with Bobbie.

Back at the Spencer house, Laura and Lesley make small talk. Lesley wonders why Luke didn't go to Bobbie's after the service. Lesley encourages Laura to go to Luke, but Laura says that Luke has no need for her anymore. Lesley says that Luke has no use for anyone else. She isn't going to tell Laura what to do, Laura should let her heart do that. Laura tearfully thanks her mother and leaves to go find Luke.

Luke is alone in his club drowning his sorrows. Tammy arrives to offer her condolences.

Hannah finds Sonny alone on the docks. She chastises Sonny for not listening to his own advice about the docks not being safe. Sonny says that noone will mug him because that is his lot in life. He is the untouched one. He is always left standing. It is the innocents around him that keeps dropping like flies. He just has to wash the blood off of his hands and keep dry cleaning his suits. He tells Hannah that if she wants to live long and prosper in Port Charles, she should stay the hell away from him. Hannah starts to walk away and then stops and sits on a bench to watch Sonny.

Emily arrives at the Spencer house to find Nikolas there alone. Nikolas explains that everyone is gone. Emily says that she walked over from Bobbie's. She was looking for Nikolas. She really needed to find him. In all of this, someone needs to be thinking of him first. That seems to be one of the things that she does best. Something isn't right. She doesn't know how to fix it, but she wants him to know that she is there for him. Nikolas tells her that he is fine, but Emily says that he isn't being truthful. Nikolas angrily asks what she expects from him. Tears? Is that what people want to see? He didn't know Lucky as well as Emily. He wasn't Lucky's family like Laura is. He isn't entitled to mourn Lucky like Liz is. He spent most of his life hating Lucky because he had everything. The love, the mother, the family. What is there to cry about? How big of a hypocrite would he be? Now he is the one who has everything, except Lucky. Nikolas sits down and Emily rushes to his side to offer comfort.

Luke offers Tammy a shot. Instead, Tammy reminds Luke that he almost shot her the first time they met. Luke tells her that she is safe. Tammy wants to know if Luke is ok. She comments on how beautiful the service was and asks why Luke didn't go to the cemetery. She tells Luke that she knew Lucky a little. She laughs as she tells him that she would have married Lucky if he'd asked. She tells Luke that he did right by Lucky. Luke asks what Tammy wants. Tammy asks if there is anything Luke needs. Luke laughs and asks if he should make a list. He tells Tammy that she is sweet and reaches up to caress her face. He starts to cry and she takes him into her arms to console him. As Luke continues to cry in Tammy's arms, Laura arrives at the club.

Liz is alone in the church again. She is sitting in the front pew staring at Lucky's picture with tears running down her face. She repeats the vows that she said to Lucky on Valentine's day.

You have my heart
That's a permanent lock
Everything I am is in love with you
My mind, my soul, my body, my spirit
That will never change
I pledge myself to you Lucky
Today, forever

After she finishes speaking, she sits in the pew quietly crying.

We see what looks like a room, but there are no windows. It is sparsely, but adequately furnished, in an institutional sort of way. We see a person trying to pick a lock on the door. It is no small shock when the person stands up and we see that it is Lucky, very much alive but very unhappy with his present situation. Unable to pick the lock, he starts pounding on the door and screaming, calling his captor a coward for not revealing himself. He demands to know why he is being kept a prisoner.

Recaps for the week of April 26, 1999 (Following Week)


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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