General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on GH

Bobbie learned that Carly was pregnant. Sarah decided to stay in Port Charles for a year. Sonny fired Jason for Robin. Sonny and Brenda met the Tin Man. Jax and Officer V were rescued.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on GH
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Monday, July 28, 1997

Monica and Ned showed up at the Outback, looking for Emily and Alan. When they saw Emily was upset, they rushed over, demanding to know what was going on. At that moment, AJ walked over and Emily ran to him. Monica told Alan she wanted to know what Emily had said to him, and all he told her was that Emily was just upset about what had been going on. Alan left for the hospital but before he did, he reassured Emily that her secret was safe with him and told her not to worry. Monica did not believe Alan.

Bobbie was called away from her table by a waitress to go and help a sick person in the bathroom. She asked if everything was okay and the girl said yes, she was just pregnant. And it was Carly. Bobbie was completely taken aback and hurled her usual insults at Carly. Carly took them for only a few seconds until she threw a few of her own. Before walking out, Bobbie told Carly to walk away or Bobbie wouldn't be responsible for what happened. With tears in her eyes, Carly asked what else was new, Bobbie never was. That left Bobbie a bit puzzled. Bobbie let Tony have it and even went as far as to suggest it might not be his child. She left looking very hurt.

Sonny and Brenda saw the Tin Man at the bar in Tiger Key, Florida. They realized it was him when they saw him making another one of his origami animals out of a gum wrapper. The bartender slipped them a note, which requested the honor of their presence at a mansion. Sonny told Brenda it could be dangerous, and he was not sure if they would make it, but she told him she would not let him do it alone.

The Tin Man called his "boss" and said that he expected them to show. Although the boss's face was still not shown, he was lighting candles and placing long, white gloves in front of them.

Robin let out all her frustrations to Jason. She wanted him to quit his job, but he told her he couldn't; he knew too much and had done things even she didn't know about. He told her he didn't want to get out; he was good at what he did. She was afraid of him dying and was not sure if that was how she wanted to live. Mac interrupted to speak with Jason. He gave Jason a little news about Sonny and then said he'd like to make peace. Mac thanked Jason for loving Robin. Jason later told Robin that he'd do anything for her, but he wouldn't give up his job. Robin left upset.

At home, Carly explained to Tony why she had showed up at the Outback, and he understood. He also says he knew she would never deceive him. Tony then went to get ready for bed, and at that moment, AJ knocked at their door. Carly didn't answer.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

Alexis and Stefan shared their worries about Nikolas. Ned showed up to return Alexis' earring, and she gave him the tour of Wyndemere; he later told her he'd once owned the house. Meanwhile, Katherine showed up to speak with Stefan; she had also shed her cane. She told him that Nikolas was still very upset and determined not to return. She wanted him to stay away from the volunteer barbecue so that Nikolas could enjoy himself and have a good time around his peers. Stefan accused her of trying to manipulate him and ordered her off the premises; she refused to leave. In the middle of all that, Bobbie called to let Stefan know she was flying to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. He told Katherine he'd be free in a matter of days; she offered him congratulations and walked away.

Sarah told Lucky she'd be staying in Port Charles longer than she'd thought. She also tried to convince Nikolas to go the barbecue, but he told her he had something else to do. Later on, she approached Nikolas and told him she'd like for them to clear the air, since she'd be staying in Port Charles for a year. They got into a friendly discussion until Lucky interrupted them.

AJ showed up at Carly's to talk about the night they'd hung out. He thought he remembered what happened, but felt she didn't want to tell him. He thought she could understand what he was going through because she had once been an alcoholic herself. AJ asked Carly if he'd forced himself on her that night, and she told him that had not happened. For the moment, he seemed relieved. He told her about the 90 meetings in 90 days that he was attending. Carly got an idea.

Carly had a flashback to her conversation with AJ, but in the flashback, he was saying he knew the baby as his and that they needed to tell Tony. This prompted her to attend one of the meetings, and the speaker was none other than Lee Baldwin. She approached him afterwards and asked a few questions about a friend who was having trouble remembering a blackout. He recognized her from GH and the Nurses Ball and thought it was her with the problem. She told him it was not her, it really was a friend. As she was leaving, she bumped into a surprised AJ.

Jax and V. were still stranded on the atoll and continued trying to get rescued. He flipped out when a ship passed them by. He felt every second wasted on the atoll detained him from helping Brenda.

AJ overheard Bobbie bad-mouthing Carly to Audrey and he confronted her. She told him she was going to tell him what Carly was really like.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

AJ bumped into Carly at the meeting and thought she was there for herself. He believed she really was an alcoholic. Lee also believed Carly was talking about herself. Carly gave AJ a pep talk and told him to forget about the past and move on with the future. He told her if he ever slipped again, he'd go into rehab out of town.

Ned, Monica, Lila, and Edward went to visit Jason. They all clashed with one another over Jason working for Sonny.

Bobbie informed Tony that she was taking Lucas with her to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. The two had words over Carly and Tony's situation. Later on, Tony went home and told Carly what had happened. She suggested to him that they should move out of town and start over. Tony didn't think it was a good idea to run from their problems.

Sonny prepared for what might happen, and Brenda wondered if she should take care of her affairs before they went to the secret meeting. Sonny then surprised Brenda with a cell phone, and she called Robin.

Robin told Brenda about Jason and then asked Sonny to let Jason go. She said it was for Jason's own safety. Sonny told her it wasn't that easy, and Jason probably wouldn't listen to him. She told him of her chance to study in Paris and how she'd like Jason to go with her. Robin believed it was the only way for her and Jason to be together; she was afraid that the next time something like that happened, Jason was not going to live. Sonny said he'd think about it and then told Brenda he didn't think he could change Jason.

Jason received a call from Sonny.

Emily had been scheduled to go on a canoe trip with some friends, but Alan took her off the bus. He wanted her to explain what she'd meant the other day at the Outback. As she began to tell him about the blood she'd seen, Monica and Ned walked in on them. Alan and Emily made up some excuse as to why she'd gotten off the bus, and Edward suggested she go to the volunteer barbecue. Later on, Ned told Monica she should confront Alan -- either he knew something or was looking for answers. Alan overheard part of their conversation.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Sonny fired Jason in the nicest way that he knew how. Jason just didn't understand. He said that Sonny was a liar, that Robin had put Sonny up to it. Sonny tried to tell Jason that it was business, nothing personal. Jason told Sonny that it wasn't business; he knew that Sonny needed him. Jason said that with Sonny out on the run, there was nobody to take care of the business but Jason, and if Sonny fired Jason, there would be nobody. Jason insisted Robin had put Sonny up to it.

Sonny tells Jason that no matter what happened, from that day forward, they were friends. Sonny hung up the phone. He turned to Brenda, with a tear in his eyes, and said that Robin deserved to be happy. He added that Robin had experienced more sadness in her young life than most people did in a lifetime. Brenda agreed and said Jason also deserved to be happy. Sonny wondered if Jason would see it that way. Brenda said that Robin and Jason would be all right. On the other end of the phone, though, Jason wasn't all right. He hit the wall as hard as he could.

At the docks, the barbeque was in full swing. Emily showed up with her grandfather, thinking that he would leave as soon as he got there, but grandfather had different ideas. Keesha was there. She saw the problem that Emily was having in getting rid of Edward. Amy yelled for help, so Edward ran off to help her. Emily explained to Keesha the problem. Keesha said she would see what she could do.

When Edward got back, he and Keesha started having a friendly conversation. Keesha said to Edward, "I have always been honest with you, right? "Yes," he said. So shejust blurted out,"You have to leave. Go home, for Emily. She needs to feel that she is okay, but she can't do it if you are watching every move she makes." Edward said, "Oh, all right. I have better things to do anyways." Edward told Emily that he was leaving. She almost revealed how glad she was that he was going home.

Not too much later, Lucky and Sarah showed up. They walked over to Emily and Keesha. Lucky introduced Sarah to everyone, and she said she already knew Emily. Keesha said, "Aren't you Audrey's granddaughter?" "Yes, I am," Sarah replied. Lucky told everyone that Sarah would be staying in Port Charles longer, because her dad was a doctor, helping people over in Somalia. Amy yelled for Lucky to go over and help her. Amy put her arm around him, and told him not to worry, she would still be there when he got back. Lucky pretended he didn't know what she was talking about.

While Lucky was gone, Emily asked if Sarah liked Lucky. "I mean do you like Lucky?" Emily asked. "Oh," Sarah said, "Yeah, he's nice," but it was obvious that she was looking for someone else. She excused herself, saying she was going to go get something to eat. Emily was standing by herself, when two of her classmates showed up. They started to make fun of Emily, making remarks about her drug problem. Keesha walked up. She could tell there was something wrong. Emily said she was fine. They left to get something to eat. However, when a guest made a remark about the ketchup on Emily's blouse, Emily started to have a flashback.

Over at Katherine's, she was still trying to convince Nikolas into going to the barbeque. He asked her how her day had been. She told him that she had gone to Wyndameere. He got angry, but she explained to him that she had gone because she wanted to ask Stefan not to go to the barbeque, so that maybe Nikolas would go. The phone rang; it was Robin. She wanted to know if she can go over and talk. Katherine hung up the phone, and told Nikolas not to worry because she wouldn't be alone; Robin was heading over, so Nikolas could go to the barbeque. "I'm not going," he stubbornly insisted as he walked up the stairs.

When Robin showed up, it was obvious there was something wrong. She cried on Katherine's shoulder. She couldn't live that way anymore. She imagined herself in Paris with Jason, the life they could have together. She told Katherine that she was going over to tell Jason about Paris. She went to the hospital, and walked into Jason's room. She knew that something was wrong. She asked him if he needed a nurse. He had an evil look on his face, turned, and yelled at her, "How could you?" She pretended she didn't know what he was talking about, but he yelled at her again, "Don't lie to me."

Friday, August 1, 1997

Sonny and Brenda arrived at the mansion where the Tin Man was holed up. They opened the door and walked in. Sonny saw the little tinfoil animal that the Tin Man habitually made. Brenda walked over and saw a box; as she opened the lid, a piece of paper popped out, and there was a tarantula in the box. In the background, opera music played, then the Tin Man walked into the room. He told Sonny and Brenda that they had gone a long way. The Tin Man explained to them that he had killed Dorman because Dorman had cheated him in a drug deal.

At the hospital, Jason and Robin were having the fight of a lifetime. He yelled at her, asking her how she could do something like that to him. She kept denying it, but he knew that only Robin could make Sonny do something like fire him. Finally, Robin admitted, "I didn't tell him to fire you. I just told him that I was worried about you." "Don't lie to me. You probably told him. You promised Stone that you would take care of me, so he let me go for you," Jason said.

Robin tried to make him understand, but he couldn't. She asked him what he was going to do. He told her he would wait for Sonny, make Sonny look him in the eyes, and then make Sonny take him back. Robin looked at him, tears rolling down her cheek, and said, "If you do this, I will not be here." He told Robin how scared he really was of losing her.

At the barbeque, Emily was sulking at the docks because of the way her friends were treating her. Lucky realized that she needed to get home, so he asked Sarah if she minded if he left the party to take Emily home. Sarah said no, and tried to act disappointed, but she was actually glad he was leaving. She had seen out of the corner of her eye that Nikolas had decided to show up after all. Nikolas walked up to her and started to talk. They danced together, and it looked like the beginning of a romance. After the barbeque, Sarah arrived at home to find an unexpected guest waiting for her.

On the island, a rescue was in the works. A passing boat had seen the fire and sent a skiff to see what was going on. Officer V. had a hard time not showing the disappointment that she was feeling at that moment. She reminded Jax that he was still a fugitive from the law, but they made a deal: she would help him find Brenda. Alan confronted Monica; he told her that he knew her dirty little secret. The only problem was that Monica thought Emily had killed Dorman, and Alan thought Monica had done it.

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