Ava is forced to take drastic measures to stop Nikolas

General Hospital Recap for Monday, February 6, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Monday, February 6, 2023)
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Monday, February 6, 2023

At the Savoy, Linc told Brook Lynn that she had to do one last thing for him before he would agree to let Brook Lynn out of her contract. Linc continued to grope Brook Lynn as Chase and Blaze looked on from a distance. Chase made his way to Brook Lynn's table, and Brook Lynn signed the non-disclosure agreement that Linc had given her. Linc said that he would make sure Brook Lynn got a copy.

Afterwards, Chase said that it had taken all he had in him not to punch Linc for having groped Brook Lynn. Chase surmised that Linc didn't just give things away, and he asked what else Linc had wanted in return for Brook Lynn's signature. Brook Lynn said that she had agreed to write a dozen commercial jingles for Linc.

Brook Lynn said that Chase deserved to follow his dreams -- as a detective. Chase watched as Linc touched Blaze's face nearby, and he said that was concerned about Blaze because he had grown to care about her. Chase reiterated his desire to take down Linc with Brook Lynn's help.

Later, Chase asked Blaze when they would record another song together. Linc seemed surprised, but he said that they would all make a lot of money. Linc proposed a toast. "Here's to everyone getting exactly what they want," Linc said. Chase, Brook Lynn, Linc, and Blaze all toasted.

Outside Kelly's Diner, Austin grabbed Mason by the collar. Austin warned Mason not to threaten Ava. Austin told Mason that he and Ava were just friends. Mason scoffed at Austin's threat, and he said that Austin thought of himself as a "knight in shining armor." Austin said he knew that Mason played mind games.

Mason quipped that he and Austin had learned from the best. Austin shot back that he had grown up and changed. "You are so boring like this! Boring and predictable," Mason said, and he left. Afterwards, Austin used his phone to call Ava, but the call went to voicemail.

At the hospital, Trina bumped into T.J., and the two talked briefly about Curtis and Portia's upcoming wedding. Trina admitted that she had gone to check on Spencer. As they walked, Trina recalled that she had been asked to leave the chapel, and she said she'd been able to tell that Spencer and Nikolas had been on the verge of a big fight.

T.J. reminded Trina that Portia, Curtis, Taggert, and others didn't like Spencer. Trina acknowledged that T.J. was right, and she asked him not to reveal that she had gone to look for Spencer. T.J. agreed, and Trina thanked him for having listened to her.

In Finn's office at the hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that she would turn herself in to the police. Finn grabbed Elizabeth's hand, and he told her that he wouldn't let her turn herself in. Finn claimed that he was "fighting" for Elizabeth, who continued to express that she didn't feel "worthy" of his affections.

Finn brought up Elizabeth's boys, and he asked who would take care of Aiden and Jake if Elizabeth went to jail. Finn told Elizabeth to sleep on the decision. Elizabeth said she wouldn't make any promises. Finn said that Elizabeth wouldn't be alone if she turned herself in. The two hugged, and Elizabeth thanked Finn for having cared about her, in spite of her claim that she didn't deserve it.

Also at the hospital, Laura demanded to know what Spencer was holding over Nikolas. Laura remarked that Spencer had seemed to threaten Nikolas in the chapel earlier. Spencer tried to dismiss Laura, who refused to let Spencer dismiss her. Spencer refused to share what he knew about Nikolas, and he said that it would be Nikolas' own fault if he went down.

Laura thought that Nikolas had done something illegal. Spencer said that Laura should drop her concerns for Nikolas, but Laura refused. Spencer even said that Nikolas would have done everyone a favor if he had stayed dead. Laura was appalled and taken aback by Spencer's remarks.

Spencer tried to clarify that he didn't want Nikolas to die, but he remained adamant that he didn't want Nikolas in his life. Laura recalled that Spencer knew what it was like not to have a father, and she asked if Spencer would want his sibling to feel the same way he had once felt.

Spencer said he would be the only father the baby would ever need, and he said he was capable of taking care of the child because he would watch "YouTube tutorials." Laura scoffed that Spencer was capable of taking care of a baby. "Well, despite his many mistakes, he is still my son. And I will never give up on him, but I need your help, Spencer," Laura said of Nikolas.

Spencer said that Laura was asking too much. "Nikolas Cassadine was born with every luxury, every privilege, every opportunity to be the kind of man, the kind of father, that a son could look up to. That man has squandered every opportunity in his life, every privilege, including your love for him. If it's salvation that he seeks, it is going to have to come from someone else," Spencer said direly.

"It's not Nikolas' fault. It's mine. I should have stayed on the island and raised him," Laura said, and she got up to leave.

At Wyndemere, an angry Nikolas confronted Ava for having gone to Spencer with the recording of Nikolas' confession. Nikolas recalled that he had been willing to take the blame for Ava for having pushed Esme off the parapet, and he asked how Ava could have sided with Spencer, given everything Spencer had done to her. Ava said that she agreed with Spencer that the baby deserved better than Nikolas.

Nikolas said that Ava was only acting out of revenge. Ava confronted Nikolas for his "affair" with Elizabeth. Nikolas admitted that he had never slept with Elizabeth. Ava didn't believe Nikolas, who shared that the reason Elizabeth had lied was because she had helped Nikolas keep Esme hostage at Wyndemere. Ava was stunned to learn that Nikolas had held Esme hostage.

Nikolas recalled that he had thought that Esme was the hook killer and that he hadn't wanted his baby to be born in prison. Nikolas added that he had appealed to Elizabeth's friendship but that it had ultimately destroyed their friendship forever. Ava was confused as to why Elizabeth had made up the story of the affair.

Nikolas recalled that Finn had grown suspicious that Esme had been hiding on Spoon Island, and Finn had gone to Wyndemere, where he had spotted the bottle of prenatal vitamins -- the same vitamins he had seen with Elizabeth at the hospital. Nikolas said that an affair had been the first thing Elizabeth had thought of to throw Finn off the trail. "Esme was a one-time mistake, and Elizabeth was just my friend. There was never anyone else but you," Nikolas said.

Ava wondered why Nikolas would wait so long to tell her the truth. Nikolas said it had been to keep Elizabeth from going to prison and that he had simply gone along with Elizabeth's story that she was pregnant. Ava seemed to sympathize with Nikolas, but she said it was too late to change anything between the two of them.

Nikolas said that he had held out hope that one day he and Ava could get past all their flaws and bitterness to get back to the life they had once had. Ava asked if Nikolas was sincere. Nikolas said that he had meant every word and that it might have come true if Ava hadn't conspired with Spencer. Nikolas asked what Ava thought he should do to get back at her.

"Eye for an eye. That's your way, isn't it, Ava? Since you've obviously forgotten what it feels like to lose a child, someone needs to remind you. So, brace yourself, my love. Because that someone is me," Nikolas threatened.

Ava scoffed when Nikolas threatened to take Avery. Nikolas said that he had Victor by his side, along with all of Victor's nefarious resources. "When Avery is gone, I guarantee you will feel an emptiness in your soul, like I will, for the rest of your life. That's a promise. And I'll start now," Nikolas said.

Ava told Nikolas that she couldn't let him take Avery. "Don't worry. I'll tell Avery that you said goodbye," Nikolas said menacingly.

Nikolas turned his back to Ava, who picked up a miniature gargoyle statue off a table and struck Nikolas over the back of the head. Nikolas collapsed.


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