How General Hospital fans REALLY feel about the Jarly (Jason and Carly) reunion

Posted Friday, March 08, 2024 5:18:47 PM
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General Hospital's Jason and Carly have reunited -- and it feels so good.

General Hospital's Jason and Carly may or may not be picking up right where they left off in 2021, but their reunion has finally arrived.

For close to 30 years, Jason and Carly have had a special bond on General Hospital that was mainly friendship more than it was ever romance. Sure, their initial relationship was sex only when Carly first arrived in Port Charles in 1996, but it was never actually love until 2021.

That's when fans everywhere were shocked to hear them tell one another they had been in love for the last 25 years -- as if Sonny and Sam never existed (and Jax...and Robin...and Elizabeth). They even got married, but a presumed-dead Sonny showed up on their wedding night as they were about to consummate the marriage in his bed.

Soon after, Steve Burton chose not to comply with Disney/ABC's COVID vaccine mandate, and Jason was killed for the second time in ten years. Everyone just took it at face value that he was buried alive underneath some rubble on Cassadine Island, despite the fact that no remains were found after a clean-up.

Now, Jason is back hiding from the authorities in Carly's house with a gunshot wound, and all is right with Carly's world again. But is everything okay in GH fans' world?

For "Jarly" fans, it sure is, as evidenced by the social media reaction to a tear-filled Carly running straight into Jason's arms as soon as she realized the man standing in her dark living room wasn't a ghost.

"The classic run into his arms!!!! Jason [all] glisten-y eyed!!!!" @Jarly29214161 posted to X (formerly known as Twitter), along with a video clip of that exact moment.

"How can I not be in love with these two? He came back to her, she was the first person he wanted to see, even while SHOT. I love them," wrote @MySweet_Time.

Laura Wright and Steve Burton "played that perfectly. They have so much chemistry. I'm so happy with this episode," tweeted @shollins77.

Of course, Jason is a wanted man, not just by the police (as always) but by other fan bases who want him with their fave. Liason fans started the week by renting a mobile billboard playing Jason and Elizabeth clips to welcome Burton back to the soap. While they were disappointed that Jason went to Carly for help and not Liz, most were not deterred.

"Not getting #Liason in the first week and tapping out? It wouldn't be me," wrote Kimmy_D_RN, who wanted to encourage Liason fans who were feeling discouraged that there were no Liz and Jason scenes in Burton's first week back on GH.

Not to be outdone, Jasam fans were still patiently waiting for their moment as Sam kept vigil for a shot Dante, not knowing that Jason was alive.

"Even in the most angstiest moments, they have to be SO CUTE!" @JaSamReunion wrote, while also tweeting a clip of the couple.

And finally, one X user was just happy for all Burton fanbases seeing him back on-screen this past week.

@mrsbeloved02 tweeted: "I absolutely love seeing us join together in support of#SteveBurtons' return. #JaSam #Liason and #Jarly fans are the absolute best. Way to show love #GH fans! I love it."

A Twitter post has been clarified for context since this article was first published.

What do you think? Who do you want to see Jason reunite with next? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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