General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn is ready for Alexis to take on Nina

Posted Friday, February 23, 2024 1:09:44 PM
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General Hospital seems poised to give us a new rivalry, pitting Alexis and Nina against each other.

General Hospital seems poised to give us a new rivalry, pitting Alexis and Nina against each other.

When General Hospital's Valentin told Alexis that he had just bought the Invader, the paper she'd been editing for the last two years, her jaw dropped. However, he wasn't done. Her cousin had another bomb to drop -- he'd also installed Nina as the paper's new publisher, meaning Alexis would have to answer to a woman she hated.

Alexis was immediately ready to quit but eventually decided to try to work with Nina. Their partnership started going downhill immediately when Nina announced her desire to publish a gossip page. It feels like GH is trying to get away from the long-standing (and often tiresome) rivalry between Nina and Carly, especially with Carly insisting she is ready to forget about Nina and move on with her life.

If Alexis is going to be Nina's next long-standing rival, Nancy Lee Grahn is ready -- and was pleasantly surprised when the story took a turn in this direction.

"I didn't see that coming!" the Emmy-winning actress told Soap Opera Digest. "I love Cynthia and working with Cynthia and of course, I love working with James. Clearly, Nina and Alexis are polar opposites and have nothing in common, so [working together] is not gonna go well! There's no commonality there, other than that in real life, we adore each other. But that leads to some fun stuff, and she gives as good as she gets. It's a good mismatch; it's good when you have two people with contrasting ideology."

Another thing Grahn is looking forward to is a change in GH with a new writing team consisting of veteran soap scribe Patrick Mulcahey and longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte.

"I think there's every reason for people [who watch GH] to be encouraged. I just feel that really positive things are happening at General Hospital and that it's going to be fun for people to watch. I think [Patrick Mulcahy] and Elizabeth are a great team."

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