Rena Sofer is back as General Hospital's Lois Cerullo

Posted Thursday, September 14, 2023 12:46:06 PM
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Rena Sofer will reprise her wildly popular role of Lois Cerullo on General Hospital next month.

After a 26-year absence, Rena Sofer is set to return to General Hospital. The actress will reprise the role of Lois Cerullo starting next month.

GH fans have been speculating about the return of Lois for what seems like years. But that chatter heated up recently when Lois' ex-husband Ned developed a form of amnesia that has him thinking that he is Eddie Maine, Ned's leather-loving rock star alter ego.

In 1993, Lois became smitten with Eddie after seeing him perform with his band, The Idle Rich. Lois went on to work as Eddie's manager and was totally unaware that Eddie was actually uber-wealthy Ned Ashton.

Lois and Ned eventually fell in love, got married, and became one of the most popular GH couples. But... well, that happiness was short-lived because, you know, soaps.

Ned was forced to wed Katherine Bell, who was blackmailing the Quartermaines. When Lois learned that Eddie was a bigamist, she popped out of Katherine's giant birthday cake and greeted her with "Happy Birthday to Mrs. Ned Ashton, from me, the other Mrs. Ned Ashton!"

Ned tried to win back Lois and was eventually successful, but they again hit some rocky patches. Lois told Ned that he had to choose between their marriage and his family and family business, ELQ. Ned chose the family business.

Lois left Port Charles in 1997 and headed home to Bensonhurst, New York, where she gave birth to their daughter, Brook Lynn.

Lois returned to Port Charles in 2004 with Daytime Emmy winner Lesli Kay in the role.

After leaving GH, Sofer went on to have memorable roles on Seinfeld and Melrose Place.

In 2013, Sofer joined the cast of CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful, where she played the role of Quinn Fuller. She remained with the show until 2022, when she inexplicably left the show just as her character had reunited with Carter Walton, a man Quinn said was the love of her life. Fans agreed, but immediately speculated that Sofer's abrupt exit from B&B must have meant that a General Hospital return was imminent.

People, who broke the news of Sofer's return, reports that Sofer has already taped her first GH scenes. Those scenes are slated to air in mid-October. It is unclear at this time how long Sofer will be sticking around. A GH spokesperson did not immediately respond to emails seeking additional information.

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