Genie Francis makes holiday return to General Hospital

Posted Wednesday, December 01, 2021 6:10:46 AM
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Santa is bringing General Hospital fans the cream of the crop for Christmas: he'll be delivering Genie Francis, who's reprising her role as Laura Webber just in time for the holidays.

After a much-deserved break, Genie Francis is stepping back into her role as iconic Port Charles resident Laura Webber Collins.

Los Angeles' ABC7 reported the news of the actress' return in a video clip that gives GH viewers a taste of what's to come. The teaser, below, shows Laura and her half-brother Martin (Michael E. Knight) discussing their troublemaking sibling, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), and how he'll never stop trying to get revenge.

"It's the perfect time to come back, isn't it, Christmas?" shares Francis, who stepped away from the ABC soap opera in late summer for a short hiatus.

A couple of castmates chimed in on Francis' return, including William Lipton, who plays Laura's step-grandson, Cameron Webber. "She's like my kind of grandma on the show and it's always so sweet to get some affection from the amazing Genie Francis," Lipton shares.

Adds her TV grandson, Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer Cassadine), "She's really, really amazing to work with. She just beams whenever you see her."

A specific airdate for Francis' return isn't included in the report; however, entertainment reporter George Pennacchio teases that Laura will be back on-screen in early December.

In addition to teasing Francis' return as Laura, the ABC7 clip includes a short interview with Charles Shaughnessy, who teases that his alter ego, Victor Cassadine, will be causing trouble (as usual) this holiday season.

"He's like a cockroach -- you just can't put him down. He'll pop up again and again," Shaughnessy says of Victor's innate ability to continue wreaking havoc. "I'm having a lot of fun with it."

How do you feel about Genie Francis returning as GH's Laura? What do you hope the powers that be have planned for Laura's return to Port Charles? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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