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Daisy takes Galena newspaper while Sam, Yvonne, and Mike talk
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Daisy's uplifting advice and healing touch hide a dark secret, while Ryan's psychotic nature fights to take credit for his murder spree. Will the truth be exposed before it's too late, or will treachery continue to rule the day?

What is Daisy's connection to Sam? Could she be Leland Powell's daughter? Possible, but why hide that, since it appeared that he died a wealthy guy. It's more likely that she was a caretaker of sorts, since she works or volunteers at a long-term care facility for people with memory issues. She also seems to have a knack for managing pain by using a combination of relaxation and a form of touch therapy.

According to Leland Powell's obituary (yup, I'm a dork who freezes the screen and reads those things), he lived out his last years in quiet comfort and giving back to the community through the Powell Foundation.

The obituary didn't mention any great financial setbacks or a scandal involving a con-artist "wife" who absconded with his fortune, so I'm guessing that whatever Sam managed to pilfer wasn't enough to leave the man destitute.

There's also the matter of the cult that I'm certain Daisy belongs to. Could Leland have fallen victim to them and maybe confided to Daisy about Sam? Maybe Daisy sees Sam as a potential cash cow to help take the cult to the next level. Whatever the case, I'm certain that Daisy's intentions aren't good. If they were, she'd approach Sam directly rather than befriending Kristina then anonymously sending the obituary of a man that Sam had conned a fortune out of.

While Sam was busy dealing with a skeleton falling out of her closet, Jason was warning Margaux to leave Drew alone then reeling from the news that Oscar wanted Jason to be in charge of Oscar's estate. Oscar is afraid that his voting shares of ELQ will create a family tug-of-war, so he decided the Golden Child would know what to do. I found the whole thing odd. Why wouldn't Oscar want his father to have the shares?

Also, isn't there a provision in Edward's will that covers the death of an heir and their shares? And since when can minors make important legal decisions without any input from their guardians?

In between experimental cancer treatments and estate planning, Oscar sent Josslyn on pointless errands like hunting up snacks when he had no appetite. I have no clue why he did that, since everyone would have understood if he wasn't hungry. Regardless, I have a feeling Oscar might get his miracle cure but not the girl, because Josslyn clearly has a mad crush on Cam.

That was painfully obvious when Cam stopped by to see Oscar at the hospital and Josslyn's face lit with delight when she saw him standing in the doorway. I was surprised that Oscar didn't notice the breathy way she said Cam's name or the look of disappointment that crossed her expression when Cam left. I feel bad for Oscar, but I'm thrilled for Cam because I'm definitely Team Cam.

William Lipton is just a joy to watch, and he's quickly become my favorite teen. Nothing against Garren Stitt, but Cam is a much more interesting character than Oscar, in part because I've been watching him since his conception. Literally. I watched the scenes when Liz and Zander bumped into each other that fateful night in the bar. Cam's conception might not have been the stuff of fairytales, but he was always loved and cherished by his parents.

I remember Cam and Liz living with Lucky in the small apartment and the anger I felt when Lucky dropped pain pills on the very same carpet where Cam crawled and was taking his first steps. I watched solemn, artistic, sweet, and gentle Cam grow from an older brother, to a grieving brother, to a protective brother. The truth is, Cam has had a special place in my heart for years, and short of him turning into an axe murderer (this is not a challenge to the writers), I was predisposed to like him as a teen.

I like Oscar, but he's bland -- especially next to Cam. There's an undeniable fire inside Cam, and it sparks the one simmering inside Josslyn. Oscar is more like Josslyn's Jason. Calm, steady, and someone who can be the voice of reason when no one else can. That's fine for someone who is ready to settle down, but that's not where Josslyn is. She's young and eager to experience life, which makes tying herself down to a dying boy even more tragic.

I received a couple of irate emails strongly disagreeing with my comments about Oscar getting treatment for all the wrong reasons because he was doing it for Josslyn. I was reminded that both Alexis and Monica had had heart-to-heart talks with Oscar in the days prior to his decision and that Josslyn had merely given him the final push.

However, that is not what Oscar said. On November 27, 2018, Oscar told Kim and Drew, "As long as Joss is included. I mean, the only reason I'm going through with the medical treatment is for her."

It bothers me that the adults smile and praise Josslyn for setting Oscar on the right track without expressing any concern for the position that she's been put in. She's a child. She's not even old enough to drive, yet she's a young boy's everything -- his very reason for living? What happens if Oscar dies because of a complication from the experimental treatment?

I hate that no one is setting boundaries for these kids. Yes, Josslyn can be there for Oscar, but she has school and a life. It's unfair to expect her to tie herself to a dying boy. I know that sounds harsh, but that's exactly what Oscar is. He's terminally ill, and until that changes, a romantic commitment shouldn't even be a part of the equation. Terminal cancer is ugly, brutal, and gut-wrenching to watch. Josslyn should be able to step back from that and take a break when she needs it without feeling like she's letting everyone down.

Oscar's expectations suggest that is exactly what will happen if Josslyn becomes overwhelmed with things. It's also what is going to push her right into Cam's arms because he's going to offer her the break from Oscar's illness that she won't find anywhere else without feeling guilty or like an awful person.

Speaking of awful people, Ryan's act as Kevin is wearing thin. As time passes, his veneer of civility slips, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep up the pretense of being Dr. Kevin Collins. An example of this was the shabby and very un-Kevin-like way Ryan served Laura with divorce papers. Kevin, on his worst day, would never be that cold, and Laura knows it. She's finally realized that her "husband" needs medical intervention, not a lawyer.

Yay! I'm ready for this story to end because it's way too fantastical to be believed.

Mary Pat's murder was a crime of opportunity, yet miraculously, Ryan left behind zero DNA evidence on her body, while he decapitated her then moved her body to the gallery. Not a hair, not a fiber, not a drop of sweat or blood. Not even a broken nail. Also missing, the instrument he used to sever Mary Pat's head and a crime scene.

Ryan must spend a fortune on Clorox wipes. I wonder if he uses lemon scented to mask the bleach smell. I guess it doesn't matter, since his magic wand makes everything else disappear.

Obviously, I kid, but not really, because that would be more believable than a man who has been locked up in a padded cell for twenty years being able to commit heinous crimes without leaving behind a smidgen of evidence.

Ryan might have plotted Kiki's death a bit longer than Mary Pat's, but he was under a time crunch, and he killed Kiki at her place before moving her. Plus, he took the time to plant evidence in Griffin's place. Who is he, Houdini? And if he is, then why couldn't he escape from Ferncliff through the years when all kinds of crazies -- Heather Webber -- came and went as they pleased?

Then there's Ryan's little trophy collection. I was truly astonished that neither Chase nor Jordan remarked how Kiki's missing driver's license and Mary Pat's missing identification badge fit Ryan Chamberlain's modus operandi. Didn't they read Lulu's recent series on Ryan? At the very least, you'd think they'd suspect a copycat killer.

The only development that did make me smile was Ava questioning why "Kevin" provided her with an alibi. Will she come to realize that in doing so, he also gave himself one? I hope so. I would love to see the tables turned on Ryan. It's time for this super villain to meet his end.

I'm ready for the next chapter. Kevin explaining himself then working on making amends -- as much as he can. Until then, Laura will have her hands full with her granddaughter.

I'm not sure why Laura decided to talk to a therapist instead of sharing her realization with Lulu. I think it would help a lot if Lulu knew that Charlotte was tormenting her own cousin. Is Charlotte even aware that she and Aiden are related?

I do agree with Lulu that Nina is not helping things at all. There are no repercussions for bad behavior, which is why Charlotte lies and manipulates to get her way. When she plotted to have Valentin join her and Nina in the city, they scolded her then gave her exactly what she wanted. She was happy as a lark when she returned home, which means that she will do it again because she had learned that the end always justifies the means. Always.

Valentin's bit of insight about how his own actions send the wrong message to his daughter was nice, but it's too little, too late. Until he comes clean to Nina about Sasha, he's an ugly, yellow, no-good, filthy animal. (Can you guess which Christmas movie is playing while I write this?)

I think it would do Charlotte a world of good to spend more time with her mother and brother. Rocco doesn't seem to have the same social issues that Charlotte does, despite the fact that his dad has been gone for months now -- working.

That brings me to Finn, who has the best job ever. He can bring his "therapy" lizard to work when the mood strikes him or hop on a plane and jet out of the country with his girlfriend to hunt down international criminals, and he is free to play fast and loose with ethics, while doctors like Griffin are held to a much higher standard.

Okay, maybe writing opinion columns about soap operas is a slightly better gig because we can do it in our jammies, sipping Irish coffee and watching Christmas movies, but Finn's job is a very close second.

Finn has it nice, especially now that he's dating a WSB agent. I'm guessing that's how he managed to transport that vial of Britt's blood infected with a deadly and contagious disease out of the country without having to jump through all kinds of hoops. That alone should have told Liesl that she was walking into a great big trap.

Not that I mind all that much. It's time for Liesl to return home, clear up her legal woes, and get back to entertaining us with her antics. She has a grandson to dote on and, since Britt cooperated, a daughter to reacquaint herself with. Sure, Britt helped Anna, but Liesl will forgive her because Liesl knows the pain of losing a child, so she'll never risk another estrangement with Britt.

Liesl knows where all of Faison's bodies are buried, and quite a few of Victor Cassadine's, so I'm confident that she has plenty of secrets to bargain her freedom with.

I was disappointed that Finn didn't go to meet Hayden, but I get why he didn't. As far as he's concerned, there isn't anything left to say. He's moved on and he's happy, so he has all the closure that he needs.

I guess Hayden will return another day to make things right and tell Finn about his child.

Finally, Stella's beau is married to Mike's gal, which makes for quite the messy affair. Both Mike and Yvonne are dealing with Alzheimer's, so Yvonne frequently forgets that she's been married for decades. It's tragic. I remember what it was like watching my husband's grandmother then my own Oma fade away as dementia robbed them of their memories then eventually their lives. In both cases, we reached a point where it was easier to play along with whatever reality they were in because the alternative was heartbreaking.

I suspect that is where this story is headed. There will come a time when Marcus, likely with Stella's help, will have to accept that his wife is happier living with Mike than having to be reminded every morning that she's married to a man who will go away when visiting hours end.

My heart breaks for Marcus, but I love Mike, and I want him to have some happiness before his storyline reaches its inevitable conclusion.

Then again, Margaux is ready to give Drew the flash drive with all of Andre's work on memory mapping, including Drew's memories. Could Andre's work offer Mike some hope?

If Oscar gets his miracle, then I expect Mike to get his.

Random observations

I had so many issues with Jordan's investigation into Kiki's murder, but probably the biggest gripe is her decision to pull a doctor who was recently fired for unethical behavior into a crime scene. Would waiting a few extra minutes for a CSI team to arrive have made any difference to the investigation? No. It was a ridiculous plot point that made Jordan look incredibly inept.

Why on earth would anyone be pushing Oscar to catch up on his schoolwork when he just embarked on an experimental treatment for a terminal brain tumor? It seems to me that there will be time enough for school after he's beaten the cancer. Right now, maybe Kim and Drew should be focusing on bonding with their son, who just last week was trying to be legally emancipated.

Also, is everyone allowed to hang all over Oscar and kiss him while he's undergoing experimental treatment? Aren't they worried about his immune system? At minimum, they should be wearing masks, especially this time of year, when flu season is upon us.

Reader feedback

Daisy is clearly in a cult. I wish they would use Valerie more so that we could see her getting suspicious of Daisy and worried about her friend Kristina getting sucked into her web. This would lead Valerie to investigate, find and break up the cult, saving Kristina and have them realize that they like each other as more than friends. -- Marci Robin

Tonight, a little before midnight, I want everyone to drive to their nearest neighborhood police substation, walk through the door, and head straight for the holding cells, the booking area, or the interview rooms... Then, tomorrow morning after you post bail, report back here to tell everyone how far you got. -- Scrimmage

How ironic that both Daddy & daughter got whacked in the same apartment. CREEPY! -- Blue Dogs

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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