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Rafe told David that Evan was his real father. Orpheus antagonized Marlena. Zoey sued for custody of her nephew. Steve urged Kayla to choose Justin, and she did. Anna and Tony said goodbye. Sarah kidnapped Rachel. Will stopped Julie from telling Maggie about the baby switch. Li Shin named Chad as CEO. Gabi saw Stefan's reflection in the square. Kristen stabbed Victor. Victor clung to life in the hospital. Abigail had a hallucination. Ben saw a mechanic that look exactly like Stefan.
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Victor was hospitalized in critical condition after Kristen stabbed him
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Marlena faces off with Orpheus Marlena faces off with Orpheus
Monday, April 20, 2020
by Mike

At Julie's Place, Jennifer agreed that Justin had every right to fight for Kayla. "[But] you think this is a losing battle for me," Justin guessed before quickly backpedaling, not wanting to put Jennifer on the spot.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kayla started to share a decision with Steve, who quickly interrupted. "I've made a decision of my own," Steve revealed.

"I have to let you go," Steve continued, stunning Kayla. "I love you, baby -- I love you so much -- and I just want what's best for you...and I think what's best for you is to be with Justin," Steve explained. "I found out some things [after our last conversation -- I found out that while I had] that godforsaken chip in my head, I not only hurt John and Marlena [but also] you. I kidnapped you, I held you hostage, and I almost gassed you to death," Steve elaborated. "Who told you this?" Kayla wondered. "John was here," Steve clarified, choosing to leave Justin out of the matter.

"Steve --" Kayla began. "Please don't argue with me -- I've made my decision, [and] I won't change my mind. It's over -- it has to be. [I mean], I can't expect you to be with a man who tried to kill you," Steve countered. "I don't blame you for any of --" Kayla stressed. "I blame myself, [because] I never would have been in a position to be picked up by Stefano's people if I had come home when you called me, [like] I should have," Steve reasoned. "[No -- this is my fault, because] I went behind your back with Stefan [to get you] that bionic eye, and then it was hacked, [and that's why] you were arrested," Kayla argued.

"[Still], you begged me to come home, and I didn't...[and then] I almost took your life, [so] you can't be with me anymore," Steve maintained. "And you think I belong with Justin because...what, I'm safer with him?" Kayla summarized. "Oh, you will be, Sweetness...but that's not the only reason. Justin's a good man -- he's stable, he's supportive, [and] it seems like he puts you first. [And] that's what you deserve, [so] I want you to have a life with him that you can't have with me," Steve clarified. "Oh, right -- of course, [because it's always about] what you want [or] don't want for me," Kayla grumbled.

"[And] when did you become this expert about what I need [and] don't need?" Kayla continued. "Don't I have a say in any of this?" Kayla concluded, glaring at Steve. "I'm doing this for you, Sweetness. You have been patient and understanding with me for decades. I mean, just for once, be selfish -- and choose someone who will always be sure that you're safe and protected...and happy!" Steve countered. "You and Justin had a good thing going before I came back here and wreaked havoc on your lives, so forget about me -- go back to being happy, and know that I will never try to stop you," Steve advised.

"This is the last thing that I expected to hear from you..." Kayla admitted. "[But] I don't know why I'm surprised that you are trying to make decisions for my life -- that's what you did our entire marriage! [Well], you know what? No more! Maybe you haven't changed, but I have, and I'm just done with it, [so] you are not making decisions about my life anymore, [because] I have my own mind, and I am gonna do whatever I want with whomever I want, and you can go to hell!" Kayla spat before storming off, leaving Steve in stunned silence.

Jack left work and rushed over to Julie's Place after receiving a phone call from Jennifer, who was no longer with Justin but couldn't stop thinking about Kayla's dilemma. "You think Kayla's leaning toward Steve," Jack guessed. "Well, don't you?" Jennifer countered. "Look, we've both been in the newspaper business long enough to know that even [when] you think you know where a story's going --" Jack began to argue. "There's always twists and turns that you can never anticipate," Jennifer conceded. "Yes!" Jack confirmed.

"[And], uh, on that subject...I got some news to share with you that's not so good..." Jack continued before revealing that Evan and Orpheus were both free again. "[This] is crazy! [Orpheus] is a sadist -- he shot J.J. [and] strapped a bomb to me!" Jennifer protested. "I'm just glad that Hope was there to defuse the bomb. [She] was a real hero that day," Jack, who had apparently heard the story at some point, declared. "Yeah... The sad thing is, she doesn't feel like a hero anymore..." Jennifer fretted. "Yeah... If only [Gina's] memories could be removed [from Hope's brain], like a chip..." Jack mused.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe finished telling David the truth about Evan -- just as Justin, who had received a phone call from Rafe earlier, knocked on the front door.

"[This is] a travesty of justice!" Justin declared after Rafe explained how both Evan and Orpheus had managed to avoid having to pay for David's recent kidnapping. "Yes -- and we can fight that later, [but] right now, I need you [to] help keep these psychopaths away from my child," Rafe replied. "[Look, since Orpheus broke in here earlier, I'll use that] to try and get a restraining order...[but] until you legally become David's father, you may not be able to keep Orpheus and Evan away from him," Justin warned. "I know -- [and] that's why I need you [to] fast-track this adoption process," Rafe stressed.

Justin assured Rafe that it was highly unlikely that any judge would ever award custody of David to Evan or Orpheus, given each man's history.

Later, Justin ran into Kayla outside the Brady Pub. "Why are you crying?" Justin wondered.

Orpheus barged into the Evans-Black townhouse before Marlena could slam the door shut. "Long time no see," Orpheus said to Marlena with a wicked grin. "John said that, uh -- that you prison for kidnapping, so I -- I assume you've escaped," Marlena nervously replied. "You assume [wrong]. The truth is, as I was masquerading as a magician, I picked up a few new tricks," Orpheus coyly clarified, referencing the disguise that had been used to get close to -- and, ultimately, kidnap -- Marlena and Kayla back in 2016. "If you don't leave immediately..." Marlena began, trying to sound threatening.

"John...will...personally...escort you back to prison! He's right in the next room!" Marlena continued. "Really? Huh! [Then] why don't you call him in here [so] the three of us can get reacquainted," Orpheus countered -- just as Marlena's cell phone, which was lying on the coffee table, started ringing. "Well, look at that -- it's your hubby," Orpheus observed, beating Marlena to the device. "Hmm. That's kind of odd, though -- him calling you on the phone when he's...he's 'right in the next room'..." Orpheus mused. "John -- John is working in the next room --" Marlena tried to explain. "Let's just stop the charade," Orpheus advised.

"We both know you're here all by your lonesome," Orpheus continued, flashing another wicked grin. "Damn you!" Marlena spat. "Now, now, now -- is that a way to treat a guest? Especially one who's an old friend?" Orpheus countered. "It really has been a long time, Marlena -- too long. Let's catch up," Orpheus suggested as Marlena's cell phone finally stopped ringing. "You terrorized a whole town, [and then you] tried to burn Kayla and me to death in those coffins!" Marlena snapped while snatching the device. "Water under the bridge," Orpheus insisted, waving a hand dismissively.

"Hardly! [And, as if that weren't bad enough, now you've] turned your son into a criminal --" Marlena continued. "Watch it!" Orpheus warned. "Oh, I see -- you can dish it out, but you can't take it; you don't like it when somebody else tells you that your son preyed on Sonny, [or] that your son killed a woman, [or] that your son also was completely willing to see Ben be executed for a crime that he himself had committed," Marlena summarized. "I know what my kid's done; I also know whose fault it is -- yours," Orpheus countered with a scowl, getting right in Marlena's face.

"You're blaming me for what happened to Evan?" Marlena asked incredulously. "You're damn right I [am -- after all], things could have turned out differently if you'd raised my children, like I asked," Orpheus bitterly replied. "I'm not their mother -- [or] their nanny! It was your responsibility to raise your own children!" Marlena stressed. "Mine and my wife's," Orpheus clarified.

"But John stole Rebecca from I stole you from him," Orpheus continued -- just as John burst into the townhouse. "Thank God you're here -- [as you can see], Orpheus has escaped, so call [the police] --" Marlena begged John, amusing Orpheus. "There's nothing they can do -- all the charges against Orpheus have been dropped," John informed Marlena. "[And] now that I'm free...and living in Salem...I'm sure we'll have a lot of opportunities to see one another," Orpheus noted. "How can you live in a place where everybody despises you?" Marlena wondered. "Simple -- my grandson lives here," Orpheus reasoned.

"If you come anywhere near my wife again --" John began to warn Orpheus. "You'll...what, kill me? Many have tried; none have succeeded," Orpheus coolly countered. "Get out of my house, or I'll end that streak right now," John shot back. "Hmm. [Well, then], my dear Marlena, it's goodbye for now...but not forever," Orpheus said before exiting the townhouse.

Marlena broke down in John's arms as soon as the coast was clear.

Marlena eventually recovered and told John about what had happened with Orpheus. "That's insane -- if anything is to blame for Evan becoming a criminal, it's the genes his father passed on to him," John argued. "Yeah... [Well], Evan's got a sister with the same DNA -- I hope she turned out better..." Marlena replied.

At the park, Evan told Zoey about what had happened earlier. "I wanted to tell David that he was my son, but that psychopath had his hands around my throat before I could. I wish they would have fried him when they had the chance," Evan grumbled. "What's important is that you're out on bail -- [and] Dad's free now, [too]," Zoey stressed. "Look, I appreciate everything you did to make that happen...[but] what I want right now, more than anything, is to get my son back," Evan countered. "Every single day that my son spends with Rafe is [another] opportunity for them to grow closer and for Rafe to make me out as a bad person," Evan fretted.

"I am working as hard and as fast as I can to put that little boy back into your arms," Zoey promised. "You're always looking out for me -- just like when we were growing up," Evan acknowledged. "Not only are you a great lawyer, but you're also a great mom," Evan raved. "Our kids are cousins -- I mean, they should know what -- what it means to be a family...even if we never did," Evan argued. "Don't worry, Chris -- I am going to get your son back," Zoey vowed. "I wish I had been able to control my temper when I found Jordan here in Salem --" Evan randomly admitted. "You killed Jordan by accident," Zoey soothingly stressed.

"It is my job to prove [that]...and I will," Zoey continued. "I know... It's just...sometimes I wish I had listened to -- to -- to Dad and taken off with David when I had a chance," Evan replied. "Well, I'm glad you didn't, [because] if you were on the run, I wouldn't get to see you or my little nephew again," Zoey noted. "I'd hate that, too...but at least I'd have my son," Evan reasoned.

"I know you're not the monster that people are trying to make you out to be. From what you told me, you really loved Jordan. And I love you," Zoey assured Evan, who fought back tears while accepting a hug. "We're family, Chris -- [and I will] always be there for you," Zoey declared after pulling away from Evan. "You were there for Dad, too," Evan noted. "I did what I had to do," Zoey summarized. "I know you have issues with him, but he was there for me when I really needed him," Evan stressed. "I know...but..." Zoey began to respond. "You have your suspicions," Evan concluded.

"It's not that I don't love him -- I do. [But] we've been around Dad enough to know that he always has his own agenda," Zoey explained. "You have a problem with that, my darling daughter?" Orpheus countered, approaching Zoey and Evan from behind. "Do you deny having your own agenda?" Zoey wondered. "Wow -- I feel like I'm on the witness stand..." Orpheus mused.

"I'll admit that, on occasion, I make plans that are in my own self-interest...but never do they take precedence over the needs of my children," Orpheus insisted. "I've gone above and beyond to help Christian get his son back --" Orpheus continued. "Which hasn't happened yet," Zoey stressed. "It will," Orpheus promised. "David needs to be with his father -- he needs to know who his real father is --" Orpheus declared. "I tried to tell him this morning, but then Ben Weston tried to strangle me," Evan revealed. "Are you okay?" Orpheus wondered. "I'm fine -- just frustrated as hell that I can't be with David," Evan replied.

"Rafe wouldn't let me near him, either," Orpheus grumbled -- just as Zoey's cell phone chimed. "Rafe's lawyer just filed papers for a restraining order against you both," Zoey summarized after reading a text message. "So, we move forward with our...counterplan, yes? You know what to do?" Orpheus said to Zoey. "I'm on it, Dad," Zoey confirmed with a mischievous grin before rushing off.

A short time later, Zoey arrived at the Hernandez house and told Rafe that David belonged with real family members. "And I'm suing for custody to make sure that's where he ends up," Zoey revealed. "You're wasting your time, because that's never gonna happen...[but], please, tell me why the hell you think that a judge would give custody to Evan or Orpheus," Rafe countered. "I'm not suing for custody on their behalf; I'm suing for myself," Zoey clarified, producing a document. "So, you think that the judge is gonna give custody to Evan's lawyer?" Rafe incredulously summarized, snatching the document.

"His name is Christian -- and I'm not just his attorney; I'm [also] his sister," Zoey cheerfully explained, stunning Rafe.

Meanwhile, Orpheus and Evan chatted in the park. "I hope you don't think Zoey isn't loyal to you," Evan stressed. "Oh, I don't expect passionate displays of allegiance from your sister; [she's] more the, um...buttoned-up, cerebral type -- smart, really smart," Orpheus replied. "I am so grateful for that right about now..." Evan admitted. "It's good to have a lawyer as sharp as she is in the family," Orpheus raved.

"But there are some things that need to stay between us. You know what I mean, right?" Orpheus continued. "I do," Evan confirmed. "No one needs to know what we did," Orpheus declared, and Evan agreed.

Kayla makes her choice Kayla makes her choice
Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Abe went to Julie's Place to meet with a candidate for a position at his office. Abe was annoyed when Kate sat across from him at his table. "You gave my secretary a phony name," Abe growled. Kate asked Abe to give her five minutes. Reluctantly, Abe sat back down.

"The mayor's spokesperson is the most important person at city hall, besides you, of course. You need someone with experience and gravitas," Kate said. Abe pointed out that Kate could have helped Steve and Hope but had failed to act sooner.

"How the hell do you live with yourself?" Abe asked. Kate apologized for her actions. "I thought you'd changed. When Theo was shot, I thought you [had] learned something," Abe said. When Kate groaned, Abe reminded Kate that Theo had almost been permanently paralyzed because of Kate's DiMera drama. Kate countered that Abe had worked for the DiMeras, and his son had worked for the family.

"Love and loyalty, it's a really complicated thing," Kate said. Kate suggested that everyone should start their lives over again, since Stefano was gone. Abe argued that Steve and Hope's situation was different from Kate's situation.

"Well, I was under Stefano's spell, as well, just in a different way. I will take complete responsibility for what I did, and I will always regret what happened, always," Kate said. Kate listed some of Abe's mistakes, and he shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

"Honestly, Jack was doing a better job, and he had amnesia," Kate said. "Is this your strategy to impress a potential boss?" Abe said. Abe asked why Kate wanted to work for him if she believed that he was a terrible mayor. Kate shook her head and noted that she thought Abe was a good and honest mayor.

"I also know that you have problems, and I also know that the latest polls show your constituents have lost confidence in your performance," Kate said. Kate offered to use her skills to build up trust in the community again. "You need a spinmeister extraordinaire," Kate said. Kate argued that she could convince the public to believe that Abe was not to blame for the chaos in Salem.

"I'm the person to do that," Kate said. Kate argued that Abe would not get reelected if he did not use her to save his campaign. Abe rose to his feet to leave. "Are there really any other candidates? No. I didn't think so," Kate said. Kate stressed that she was the best person for the job. "Just think about that," Kate said.

In Gabi's bedroom, she stroked the wedding ring on her necklace. Gabi thought about when Stefan had given her an heirloom ring on their wedding day. "I know this is all happening fast, and this is a marriage of convenience, but it is more than that. For me, at least. I've developed real feelings for you," Stefan had said.

Gabi's phone rang, and she shook off the memory of Stefan. It was a call from Simon about the fall line. "Cancel? What do you mean?" Gabi asked. Simon told Gabi that Chad had canceled the order for Gabi Chic. Gabi objected that she had as much of a right to make decisions at the company as Chad, but Simon would not listen. Simon ended the call. "Stefan, baby, how I wish you were still here," Gabi lamented.

In the DiMera mansion living room, Chad was staring at the painting of Stefano when Abigail walked in. Chad told Abigail that he and Tony had destroyed the microchip with Stefano's essence on it. "Tony and I weren't going to risk it getting into the wrong hands," Chad explained. When Abigail asked Chad if he was okay, Chad said was not sure. Chad noted that there could be copies of the microchip out in the world.

"The Phoenix always has a way of rising from the ashes," Abigail said. The door to the secret passage popped open. Abigail and Chad exchanged confused looks. "Father?" Chad asked. "Do I look like father?" Tony said as he walked out of the passageway. Tony explained that he had been in the wine cellar. Tony invited Abigail and Chad to join him for a Champagne toast. When Chad asked if they would be toasting their father, Tony chuckled. Anna walked in and explained, "No. Our departure from Salem. We've come to say goodbye."

Anna explained that she and Tony were anxious to get home to Europe. Tony noted that they had not been able to reach Kristen, so they wanted to toast without her so that he and Anna could catch their plane. Chad joked about how great the last meeting of the three siblings had gone. Tony chuckled. As Tony joked about how Chad would need firepower to get rid of the unwanted guest, Gabi walked in.

"That's Gabriella DiMera to you. And don't you ever forget it," Gabi said. Furious, Gabi demanded to know why Chad had canceled the shipment for her fall line. "Why would I consult you, Gabi? I'm the boss," Chad yelled. Gabi asked Chad if the board knew about his fugue state. Chad noted that he was no longer under the influence of Stefano. Gabi asked Chad how anyone could be sure that Chad was his own person.

"Why don't you hire a full-time psychiatrist? Since somebody here might need one," Gabi said as she waved her hand at Abigail. "You shut your mouth," Chad growled. Gabi asked Anna to support her, and in exchange, she would send Anna clothing samples.

"You think I need your damn samples to be chic?" Anna asked. Anna told Gabi that she and Tony were returning to Europe. Anna stressed that her support would remain with Tony and Chad. Gabi pointed out that Chad and Steve would not have to suffer any punishment for Stefano's influence. When Gabi mentioned Steve's eye, a flustered Anna defended her actions as necessary to save Tony.

Gabi turned her attention back to Chad, and she ordered him to uncancel the order to the buyers for her fall line. "Or what?" Chad asked. "Unlike you arrogant and entitled [people], I have earned my way to the top. I have worked my butt off to become the woman that I am. No one gave me a CEO job on a silver platter," Gabi argued. Gabi added that she was proud to be Stefan's wife and a part of the DiMera legacy.

"I don't care that Stefano never met my husband. He's no less a DiMera than any of you," Gabi said. Worked up, Gabi argued that Abigail was no more a blood DiMera than her. Tony, Chad, Abigail, and Anna ignored Gabi and poured Champagne. Gabi continued to talk over everyone, and she argued that Stefano had run the company better than any of the other DiMera children.

"I'm not gonna let you forget him. Never. And while you're here sipping your Champagne on your asses, I'm going to go to the office and run this company!" Gabi said as she stomped out. Unconcerned, Tony, Anna, Chad, and Abigail laughed and clinked their glasses in a toast. Abigail suggested that they give Gabi control of Gabi Chic.

"I'm just saying bend a little. Keep enemies closer. A wounded Gabi is a dangerous Gabi," Abigail reasoned aloud. Chad refused to call a truce with Gabi. Anna blamed herself for having joined forces with Gabi. With a shrug, Chad said he was to blame and would fix the mess. Chad promised to make sure that the next time they gathered together to toast, it would be to celebrate the removal of Gabi from their work and personal lives. Tony asked for an additional toast to the future of the DiMera family. Tony and Anna said goodbye.

In her office at DiMera Enterprises, Gabi ended a phone call and turned and saw a man sitting in the chair behind her desk, with his back turned to her. "Stefan?" Gabi asked.

Kayla sat on the bench in front of the Brady Pub and wiped tears from her eyes. Justin rounded the corner and asked Kayla what was wrong. "I just came from seeing Steve," Kayla said. Justin guessed that Kayla was getting back together with Steve. Kayla said no.

"Jennifer showed me that it was an untenable situation, and I couldn't string you both along, it was unfair. I had to make a decision, but Steve made a decision for me. He told me it was over, and I should be with you," Kayla said. Confused, Justin asked why Steve had decided not to fight for Kayla. "He was until he found out everything he had done the past few months, especially to me," Kayla said. Justin thought about when he had told Steve about how Stefano had almost killed Kayla.

"Did he tell you how he found out?" Justin asked. With a shrug, Kayla said that John had told Steve. "What matters is, he wasn't prepared to deal with it. So, he believes that I would be better off with you. Safer with you," Kayla said. Justin sighed. Justin asked Kayla what she believed.

"You know how I feel about you. I love you, and I always will," Kayla said. With a nod, Justin said that love was not the issue. "I don't want you by default," Justin said. Justin said he did not want to be a consolation prize. "It has to be your choice, and right now, it isn't. Is it?" Justin asked. Kayla noted that her history with Steve was crazy. Kayla complained that Steve had spent a lifetime making decisions for her, and the one time she had made a decision for him with his eye, he had not been able to forgive her.

"I have worked really hard to make a stable life for myself. I'm not giving that up," Kayla said. Kayla added that it was clear that she could not continue to be in an emotionally tumultuous relationship with Steve anymore. "Is that how you really feel? Or is that just the hurt and grief talking?" Justin asked. "What's talking is my love for you," Kayla said. Kayla added that Justin made her feel loved and protected, and that was what she wanted in a relationship.

"Steve is my past, and you, you're my now. My future," Kayla said. Kayla kissed Justin. Justin urged Kayla to take time to process her feelings, but Kayla disagreed. "I love you. I choose you," Kayla said. Kayla asked Justin to take her home.

At the hospital, Steve thought about his conversation with Kayla about why Kayla had divorced him. "Maybe you haven't changed, but I have," Kayla had told Steve. Kayla had stressed that she would no longer take direction from Steve. As Steve shook off the memory, Hope walked in.

"Well. If it isn't my partner in crime," Steve said. When Steve commented on the flowers Hope was carrying, Hope said they were not from her. Hope handed Steve the card, but Steve was not interested in who had sent the flowers. Hope asked Steve what was wrong. "I just told Kayla she should be with Justin," Steve said. Steve explained that he had wanted to fight for Kayla, but after he had learned what he had done to Kayla while he had been Stefano, he hadn't been able to do it.

"I understand why you pushed Kayla away," Hope said. Hope explained that, like Steve, she felt guilt for what she had done when she had been microchipped. "What if I hadn't trusted Rolf and followed him to his lab? Stefano wouldn't have had any influence on me then," Hope said. "We've been through this before. You'd think we'd know better," Steve said.

"We've done all of these unspeakable things together," Hope said. Hope sat on Steve's bedside and shoved the gift card into his hand. With a sigh, Steve opened the envelope. "It's from Anna DiMera," Steve said with a chuckle. The card offered an apology for poking out Steve's eye with her shoe. Steve laughed. Steve noted that Anna had done him a favor because it had facilitated Stefano's capture.

Steve asked Hope if she remembered the original version of him that had fought with Bo. "Lost his eye! Round one. Terrorized you when I worked for Victor," Steve said. Steve noted that in the old days, he had believed Kayla could change him. "I'm still the same old Steve Johnson. No good husband. Ne'er-do-well," Steve joked sadly. Steve noted that Kayla was safer with Justin.

"Safer doesn't always mean happier," Hope said. "I think she loves him, and I want her to have a life with him. A life I can't give her," Steve said. Steve asked Hope to look out for Kayla for him. "I wasn't there for her at all this past year. Or Ciara. Shawn. Jennifer. Claire.," Hope said. Hope admitted that she did not know how to move past what she had done.

"I have not felt like me in a while. In a long time. Not my true self. What if I never do again?" Hope asked. Hope said that she learned something new about Gina's actions every day. With a shake of her head, Hope said that what was most upsetting to her was how pleased Gina had been with her nefarious plans. Hope thought about when Gina had made a toast with Stefano. "We toasted to getting everything we want," Steve said. Steve suggested that he was getting what he deserved.

Brady and Kristen wait for news about Rachel Brady and Kristen wait for news about Rachel
Wednesday, April 22, 2020
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail said goodbye to Tony and Anna then rejoined Chad, who was in the midst of a phone conversation with Thomas and Charlotte's nanny. "[She wanted to let me know] about a breaking-news story [about] Kristen --" Chad began to explain to Abigail after ending the call. "Oh, God -- what'd your sister do now?" Abigail wondered. "It wasn't her fault this time," Chad clarified before telling Abigail everything.

"What is with people in this town?" Abigail mused with a shake of the head after Chad finished the tale. "I don't know," Chad admitted, giving Abigail a shrug.

"I can't even imagine what it -- what it must have been like for my sister to find out that Rachel was still alive... And then, for Sarah to... I mean, what kind of -- who would do that to another mother?" Chad continued. "Think about it from Sarah's perspective -- I mean, she must have really been suffering in order to do something like that," Abigail countered.

"Don't tell me you're actually taking Sarah's side! [I mean], I know [she's] your family, but you have to admit that what she did [was] wrong!" Chad argued. "In [Sarah's] heart, she's [Rachel's] mother, [and] that's a really strong bond that you can't just, you know, flip on and off like a switch or something," Abigail reasoned. "I get [that, but] my sister's wanted a child her entire life, and to take that away from her, I think, is cruel," Chad maintained. "Let's not sanctify Kristen just yet, okay? I mean, she's been party to more than one kidnapping herself, right?" Abigail countered.

"So...what, she deserved it?" Chad incredulously summarized. "No, I'm not saying she 'deserved' it...[but]...well, Chad, she stole Theresa's baby right out of [the] womb, [so], I mean --" Abigail tried to clarify. "[That was] a long time ago, [and] it was under different circumstances. She's changed [since then] --" Chad stressed. "Do you hear yourself right now? Come on! I have one word for you -- Haley!" Abigail countered. "That's a low blow. Haley's death was an accident. [Kristen] was suffering from postpartum depression [and] lost her mind because she had just lost a child -- [which, as it turned out], was a lie!" Chad argued.

"Okay," Abigail conceded. "[But] if Xander hadn't triggered Kristen, [then] Haley could still be alive right now, and...I don't know, maybe she and my brother could be really, genuinely happy together," Abigail continued. "What Xander did -- it affected a lot of people," Chad agreed. "Including Sarah, [who] is gonna be grieving the loss of that baby forever," Abigail stressed.

"I should have been more compassionate to what Sarah is going through," Chad admitted after some thought, seeing Abigail's point. "[And] I should have been more sensitive [to] your sister," Abigail admitted after some thought, seeing Chad's point. "We have to be on the same team -- [that's the only way] we're gonna get rid of Gabi," Chad insisted. "We're always on the same team when it comes to that bitch," Abigail replied.

At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi started to call security to report that an intruder was in the building. "That won't be necessary," the intruder insisted, turning to face Gabi. "My name is Li Shin," the intruder continued, extending a hand. "Shin's son," Gabi realized with a nervous laugh. "I didn't recognize you," Gabi admitted while shaking Li's hand. "It's quite all right -- we've never met before," Li acknowledged.

"I'm sorry I startled you," Li stressed. "Oh, no -- it's fine... It's just that... It's kind of crazy, but...[at first], I thought you were..." Gabi stammered. "Your dead husband," Li helpfully concluded for Gabi. "Well, yes... My late husband has been on my mind lately...and, uh, this is his office, [and] you were just sitting in his chair, [so] I..." Gabi explained. "Perhaps I should have called first," Li conceded.

"It's fine," Gabi reiterated before changing the subject, wondering why Li was in Salem. "Well, as you know, DiMera Enterprises has been without an official CEO for weeks...[and] the board feels it's time to rectify that, so my father sent me here to assess the situation and make a decision," Li revealed. "Well, then, you've come to the right place, because there's no contest -- see, when it comes to running this company, I'm the only choice. [After all], I ran this company for the last year -- successfully, I might add --" Gabi bragged. "Until the board had to fire you because of what you did to Julie Williams..." Li noted.

"Okay, fine -- so you have your reservations about my history. [But] I'm still the best candidate -- [I mean], Chad may have the DiMera name, but he doesn't have Stefano's killer instinct," Gabi continued. "Eh...he was able to reacquire all those shares from Kate DiMera..." Li argued. "[And] he was going to hand them over to [a] brainwashed Steve Johnson!" Gabi stressed.

"[Plus], he attacked me and Kate [and] threw us in a basement [then] tried to kill us!" Gabi continued. "I thought you said he doesn't have a killer instinct. I mean, which is it?" Li countered. "It's both, okay? He turned into this psycho zombie, and who knows if there's aftereffects -- [I mean], what if you're in a meeting [and] somebody says the wrong word, [and then] he tosses that person out of a window?" Gabi warned. "That seems a bit extreme..." Li argued with a laugh. "[It's] totally plausible! I know Chad -- he is unstable, unreliable, and unfit for this job!" Gabi insisted.

"And he's standing right here," Chad, who had gotten a tip from an assistant about Li's arrival in Salem, said while entering the office with Abigail.

"Great to see you again," Chad said while shaking Li's hand. "You, too -- last time we saw each other, the circumstances weren't so ideal," Li replied. "Yeah -- didn't you have to fire him for sexual harassment?" Gabi recalled. "Actually, Gabi, Chad was reinstated once they realized that there was some evidence proving that Juliette framed him," Abigail clarified. "Right -- there's always some excuse..." Gabi muttered.

"I'm not here to talk about [what happened at] the Paris office," Li stressed. "I'm fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both [of you]...and I'm prepared to make a decision," Li informed Chad and Gabi.

At the Salem Inn, Xander awoke with a start after a dream about winning -- and then losing -- Sarah. "Well, it's about damn time," Victor, who was sitting in a chair in a corner of Xander's room, snapped.

"Tell me I'm still dreaming," Xander begged with a groan, prompting Victor to pick up a miniature bottle of alcohol and throw it across the room. "Does that feel like you're still dreaming?" Victor wondered after the bottle made contact with Xander's right thigh. "Can you at least, next time, throw something that still has some booze in it?" Xander requested. "More booze is the last thing you need," Victor insisted. "The last thing I need is one of your lectures," Xander countered. "How'd you get in here, anyway?" Xander continued. "Last night, I got a panicked call from the hotel, telling me that my CEO's trashing his room," Victor explained.

"Look, I just lost the only woman I ever truly loved. She never wants to see me again. So, yeah, I got a hotel room and tried to erase the pain," Xander admitted. "Yes, I heard how you got dumped at the altar. So tragic..." Victor replied with a hint of sarcasm. "My worst nightmare came true -- Sarah found out the truth," Xander summarized. "And now the whole world knows that the babies were switched," Victor elaborated.

"Look, I'm sorry that Sarah found out the truth -- I truly am -- [but] we have to keep Maggie in the dark. Bad enough she found out that she was responsible for Adrienne's death; if she realizes that she [also] killed her own granddaughter, it would destroy her," Victor stressed. "I just don't see how we can keep her from finding out the truth [at this point]," Xander argued. "Well, ironically, her insisting on going to prison works in our favor. [See], I plan to talk to the warden [about] putting her in a situation where she'll insulated as possible," Victor revealed. "Solitary?" Xander assumed. "No, of course not!" Victor insisted.

"I've got people looking out for her as it is, [so] I'll just pay them a little more money to make sure she doesn't find out [the wrong things]," Victor clarified. "But what about Sarah? [I mean], last night, she was too upset about losing Mickey for it to dawn on her that her own mother was responsible for the death of her child, but she must have put two and two together by now, [so] it wouldn't surprise me if she's already at the prison, confronting Maggie --" Xander warned. "She's not...[because] she fled the country during the night -- along with Brady and Kristen's baby," Victor revealed, stunning Xander.

"I knew she left the mansion with Mickey last night, but Eric and I just assumed that she was giving the baby back to Brady and Kristen..." Xander admitted. "Well, obviously, she couldn't go through with it...[so], instead, she took off -- straight for the Titan jet. [And] they didn't file a flight plan, [and] I haven't heard anything yet [from the pilot]," Victor elaborated. "I can't believe Sarah would do this..." Xander muttered. "She was desperate," Victor reasoned. "I offered to run away with her and the baby, [but] she turned me down..." Xander revealed. "Well, obviously, she preferred to make her escape without you," Victor concluded.

"I've gotta find her," Xander decided. "Didn't she say she never wanted to see you again?" Victor argued. "Yes, but she's gonna need my help to evade Brady and Kristen. [I mean], she doesn't have my resources -- she's out there all by herself -- [and] if they track her down first..." Xander reasoned. "Then Kristen is going to unleash a fury on Sarah the likes of which the world has never seen," Victor realized, and Xander nodded in agreement.

"You sure you want to get involved with this? She's a fugitive, and you've got enough trouble as it is," Victor warned. "I don't care! Sarah needs me, [and] I'll do anything to make sure that she and Mickey are okay! [I mean], I know she's angry [with me right now], but maybe, in time, she'll change her mind -- [and] even if she never forgives me...[well], I still need to help her!" Xander countered.

"You really are in love with her," Victor observed. "More than anything in this whole damn world," Xander confirmed.

At the police station, Eric and Nicole watched sympathetically as Kristen paced the floor.

"Why don't you sit down --" Eric eventually began to suggest. "Brady's been on the phone [with] the ISA for hours!" Kristen pointed out, ignoring Eric's advice. "What if something happened -- [I mean], what if my baby girl is hurt because Sarah's been dragging her around God knows where?" Kristen fretted. "Sarah loves [Rachel and] would never put that little girl in danger," Nicole assured Kristen. "I think we should just give [Sarah] some time --" Eric tried to reason. "'Time'? 'Time'! Are you kidding me? Uh, she's already had [Rachel] for a year!" Kristen protested.

Brady returned just then and reported that the pilot of the Titan jet was back in Salem and was en route to the police station for questioning.

The pilot arrived a short time later and reported that Sarah and Rachel had gotten off the Titan jet at an airport in London. "I had no idea she was kidnapping a child -- I mean, uh, as far as I knew, the baby belonged to her! [And] she claimed she was going on her honeymoon with Mr. Kiriakis, and they didn't want anybody to know where they were going, [so she didn't want to file a flight plan...and] she said Mr. Kiriakis was wrapping up some Titan business, and he'd join her later," the pilot explained. "Are you the dumbest man on the earth? What in the hell's wrong with you?" Kristen spat before lunging at the pilot in anger, prompting Brady to intervene.

The pilot apologized then rushed out of the police station. "[That] stupid pilot was completely useless!" Kristen grumbled. "You can't blame him. It's not his fault," Brady insisted. "You're right -- it's not his fault, and I don't blame him," Kristen agreed after a moment of thought. "I blame your brother!" Kristen continued, glaring at Eric. "[After all], he's the one who convinced [you] to let Sarah say goodbye to Rachel! I wanted to go over there right away to get my baby, [but] no -- we...we had to put Sarah's feelings first, didn't we?" Kristen concluded.

Kristen quickly backpedaled, apologizing to Eric for the outburst. "If it wasn't for you and Nicole...I mean, Brady and I would never know that our baby was alive," Kristen acknowledged. "I'm just so scared -- [you know], I'm afraid that I'm never gonna see my baby again, and I'm never gonna get to hold her..." Kristen explained, fighting back tears. "I understand," Eric replied.

"If we don't get her back...I just don't know what I'm gonna do," Kristen admitted to Brady.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny left the kitchen with a tray of food and started searching for Will, who was ultimately located in the living room.

Will, who was fiddling with a cell phone, didn't immediately acknowledge the food or Sonny, who took that to mean that something was wrong. "I'm sorry -- um, I'm just a little distracted," Will explained while pocketing the device. "I've been trying to see if there's any news about Sarah and the baby, [but nothing yet]... Damn it, I -- I can't believe my cousin took Brady's baby, and we could have stopped her!" Will continued, sighing.

"How are we to blame for any of this? We had no way of knowing 'Mickey' wasn't Sarah's baby when we ran into her," Sonny argued. "I knew something was up with her, [though]. I could have confronted her, but I didn't; I -- I just let -- let it go --" Will reasoned. "You can't beat yourself up. The only person to blame for all of this is Xander. [That] guy is slime," Sonny stressed.

"I can't imagine what Sarah and Eric are going through -- [I mean], learning the child you've been raising isn't yours, and that your real baby died almost a year ago..." Will mused. "On Mother's Day. Sarah's baby and my mom died from injuries they sustained in the same accident," Sonny elaborated. "Oh, my God -- I...I didn't even think about that! Maggie didn't just kill your mother; she killed her own grandchild, [too]!" Will realized. "She deserves to be told," Sonny declared. "Are you serious? After all she's been through [already], you just want to rub it in her face that -- that she killed her own grandchild, [too]?" Will countered.

"Look, uh, of course you have every right to be angry with Maggie, [but] wanting her to suffer like that... I mean, it just seems a little cruel," Will continued. "No, no, no -- that's not what I meant. [I'm just saying that] the truth is going to get out, and I would hate for her to have to find out through the guards, or other inmates, or on the news..." Sonny clarified. "You're right," Will conceded after some thought.

"Maybe I should, um, go to Statesville right now and -- and tell her... [I mean], Maggie and I understand each other, and we kind of went through the fire together when we found out that she caused the accident and not me..." Will mused. "You tried to protect her then, too," Sonny noted. "Nobody understands how Maggie feels right now better than I do," Will explained with a shrug.

"So, I think I'll go over there and...find a gentle way to break the news to her about Sarah and the baby --" Will continued. "Like hell you will!" Victor, who had just entered the mansion, snapped.

Eric and Nicole agreed to wait at the police station for updates on the search for Sarah and Rachel so Brady could take Kristen back to the Salem Inn to get some rest. "I would never say this in front of Brady or Kristen, but I understand why Sarah ran off -- I didn't want to let go of the baby, either," Eric admitted to Nicole.

Brady eventually rejoined Eric and Nicole, who didn't have any news to report. "How did I not know that Mickey was my baby? [I mean], Kristen knew -- deep down, she always [felt a] connection [to Mickey -- and] you figured it out..." Brady fretted to Nicole. "I got lucky. You mentioned that Rachel had a birthmark, and I -- I spotted the same one on Mickey, [and] then I just started thinking [about] how Xander insisted that Tate get tested for the bone marrow transplant --" Nicole explained to Brady. "Wait a minute..." Brady said with a groan.

"Xander pushed for Tate to get tested...but he wasn't the one that convinced Theresa to do it -- that was Victor, [which means] that son of a bitch knew [that] was my baby all along!" Brady realized before storming off. "I wouldn't want to be in [Victor's] shoes when Brady gets his hands on him..." Nicole admitted to Eric.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen caught Xander in a hallway, trying to contact Sarah. Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor convinced Will and Sonny not to say anything to Maggie about Mackenzie and Rachel -- but the couple warned that Maggie could still find out some other way. After Will and Sonny headed upstairs together, Brady stormed into the mansion and joined Victor in the living room.

In Paris, Sarah entered Chad and Abigail's old apartment -- or, at least, an apartment in the same complex -- and said to Rachel, "Welcome to our new home, Mickey."

Brady lashes out at Victor Brady lashes out at Victor
Thursday, April 23, 2020
by Mike

In Paris, Sarah and Rachel got settled in their new apartment. "Isn't our new home beautiful, Mickey? It's a good thing I remembered cuzzy Abigail saying that it's just sitting here empty since she and Chad moved back to Salem. We can start a whole new life here, you and me...[and] no one -- ever -- will find us," Sarah said to Rachel -- just as someone rang the doorbell.

After realizing that the visitor had no intention of going away, Sarah reluctantly opened the apartment door -- and found an elderly woman standing on the other side of it. "I live downstairs, and I heard a baby crying. Is everything all right?" the woman began. "Uh, yeah... Um, it was my baby... She -- she was, uh, a little bit fussy earlier, but she -- she's fine [now], so there's nothing to worry about," Sarah replied before trying to shut the door. "I know who you are," the woman realized. "I think you're mistaken --" Sarah nervously protested. "Madame DiMera," the woman recalled, drawing a sigh of relief from Sarah.

"I didn't see much of you when you first lived here, [but] surely you remember me -- Jeanne Marie, your neighbor. [Now], what is your given name again -- um, Antoinette, [or] Amélie, [or]...?" the woman continued. "Abigail," Sarah clarified. "Where is your handsome husband?" Jeanne Marie asked. "Husband?" Sarah repeated. "Who could forget dear Charles, eh?" Jeanne Marie replied. "Chad? [Oh], he's back in the States," Sarah revealed. "Salem," Jeanne Marie recalled. "Yes," Sarah reluctantly confirmed. "You seem...a bit lost... I hope you two have not had a quarrel, eh?" Jeanne Marie mused. "A terrible one," Sarah declared.

"I'm very sorry to hear that... [You know], that baby is very young...[and], if I remember, your children were older, and you had two of them..." Jeanne Marie replied. "My older children...are...with their father... This is a new addition to the family," Sarah claimed. "Well, I hope you can find [a] way to reconcile because of the baby, eh?" Jeanne Marie stressed before rushing off.

At Statesville, Maggie entered the visitor's lounge and greeted Julie. "Jennifer told me everything. I'm so sorry -- so sorry -- about what happened to Sarah," Julie stressed. "Okay... What happened to Sarah?" Maggie replied. "You don't know..." Julie realized. "[And] I'm not letting you out of here until you tell me what's going on," Maggie warned Julie, who sighed then reluctantly started to respond -- just as Will burst into the visitor's lounge. "There's been a crisis at the restaurant!" Will said while ushering Julie out of the visitor's lounge, ignoring Maggie's protests.

Will, who had been working with Sonny to warn people that Victor didn't think Maggie could survive learning the truth about Mackenzie, explained to Julie that there wasn't really a crisis at the restaurant. "I did not tell her anything -- I just said I was sorry about what happened to Sarah, [and] she didn't know what I was referring to," Julie told Will. "Let me handle it," Will assured Julie, who nodded then rushed off.

Will took a deep breath then rejoined Maggie in the visitor's lounge and explained that Julie had rushed off to deal with the crisis at the restaurant. "I'm not stupid -- I know you got Julie away from here so you could cover for her," Maggie countered. "I need to know what's going on! [And] you, of all people, know what it's like to be in prison -- isolated, alone, people on the outside trying to protect you from anything upsetting -- [so] you need to tell me what you're hiding from me! [Look], you have a daughter -- how would you feel if people lied to you about Arianna? [I mean], I know Sarah's a grown woman, but she's still my little girl!" Maggie continued.

Will conceded Maggie's points but remained reluctant to reveal what was going on with Sarah. "Look, you went to prison for me, and I will forever be grateful for that...but if you don't tell me the truth now, I'll never forgive you!" Maggie warned Will, fighting back tears. "Okay, okay -- I'll tell you..." Will assured Maggie before taking another deep breath.

"The truth is that, um...the wedding never happened...[because] right before they were about to get married...Sarah changed her mind about Xander... [I guess] maybe she came to her senses [and] realized that he -- he has done too many terrible things to commit to spending her entire life with him..." Will explained. "But I thought she loved him enough to put aside all of her reservations she had about him... [I mean], unless he did something new -- something that you're not telling me...?" Maggie protested. "I'm sorry, Maggie... I can't -- I can't tell you more than I already have..." Will insisted.

"Okay... [Well], when you get home, uh, will you tell her how much I love her -- and that she needs to call me or come visit?" Maggie requested. "Of course... [But] I get the sense that Sarah wants to be alone for the time being..." Will replied before rushing off, clearly uncomfortable. Maggie tried to contact Sarah, but the call went to voicemail.

At DiMera Enterprises, Li announced that Chad was back in charge of the company as its new CEO.

"I believe this is what's best for the future of DiMera," Li explained to Gabi with a shrug as Chad and Abigail celebrated their victory. "You think Chad's what's 'best'? Have you lost your mind? [You know], my husband would be rolling in his grave right now about this decision!" Gabi declared. "Hmm. Be that as it may, it's my decision -- and the board is behind me," Li stressed, shrugging again.

"[Then] the board is just as crazy as you are! [Gabi Chic is] nothing without me, [and] if you go through with this, I am going to exercise my option to disassociate it from DiMera, and I'm gonna move my work somewhere else, where it's appreciated!" Gabi countered. "That's not going to happen. We predicted you might attempt something like this, so we preemptively removed you as head of Gabi Chic -- [in fact], you were officially out as of this morning...[and], by your reaction today, I see we made the right choice," Li replied. "You can't --" Gabi protested. "Look at your contract, and you'll see we're perfectly within our rights," Li explained.

"Gabi, it's time to go," Chad advised. "In these situations, I really like to try to just see the bright side of things, you know? Like, in this case, for example, you get to go home...[and] have time to just pack your things leisurely," Abigail advised. Gabi scowled and stormed off with a growl of anger. "Excellent decision," Chad assured Li. "It wasn't an easy one," Li admitted. "Huh. Should've been..." Abigail muttered.

"[Gabi] did build a successful company from the ground up, whereas DiMera Enterprises was handed to you," Li reminded Chad. "I'm not sure I would put it that way..." Chad argued. "I would. [After all], by all accounts, you were your father's favorite," Li reasoned. "Okay, yeah, I, uh...I've been fortunate...[but] I'm committed to prove that DiMera can succeed, and I'm not just gonna create a profit [but also use the company to] do some good in the world," Chad declared. "Noble sentiments...[but], ultimately, the proof will be in the bottom line. We're with you, Chad...but the leash is short, [and] we'll be watching," Li replied, making Chad gulp.

Gabi went to the town square's Gabi Chic store and discovered that it was closed for renovations -- and that the locks had been changed.

Furious, Gabi picked up the nearest heavy object -- a decorative metal daisy -- and began to swing it at the store's windowed entrance. "Planning on adding breaking and entering to your long list of criminal activities? Why am I not surprised?" Julie called out from one end of the town square, stopping Gabi. "This is my store, okay? I have been locked out, and I am gonna get in by whatever means necessary!" Gabi explained.

"You have a very broad interpretation of what 'belongs' to you," Julie noted. "[If] you're talking about my husband's heart, it still makes me very sick that it's beating inside of your body!" Gabi spat. "Yeah, well, we all have regrets...[but] I'm here, [and] I'm not going anywhere, [and] I'm married to the most wonderful husband in the world, [and] I have a family [and] friends that -- that love me... What have you got?" Julie countered.

"Shut your mouth!" Gabi demanded. "Or what? You gonna brain me with that pot-metal daisy, sending yourself right back to prison?" Julie replied. Gabi released a sigh of defeat as Julie walked away.

Chad and Abigail went to Julie's Place to continue their victory celebration. Julie soon arrived and admitted, after hearing the good news, that the earlier encounter with Gabi suddenly made much more sense. Meanwhile, Gabi fought back tears while standing in front of the town square's Gabi Chic store. "Oh, Stefan... First, I lose you... Now I lose my business..." Gabi fretted before suddenly noticing Stefan's reflection in the windowed entrance.

At the Salem Inn, Xander finished recording a voicemail message for Sarah then realized that Kristen had overheard every word of it.

"[So], you want to help [Sarah], do you? Help her do what?" Kristen, who had just happened to catch Xander exiting one of the rooms, snapped. "Sorry -- I'm in a hurry, so..." Xander replied before starting to rush off, leaving the door to the room ajar. "You are not going anywhere, you son of a bitch!" Kristen spat before shoving Xander back into the room and slamming the door shut.

"Try to have some compassion, Kristen -- Sarah is completely devastated over this!" Xander reasoned. "Oh, my God -- she's devastated? Why does everybody keep telling me how devastated she is?" Kristen grumbled. "Because she just found out that the little girl that she has known [and] loved and seen through cancer isn't her biological child --" Xander tried to explain. "Yes -- and never was!" Kristen stressed. "Just think about the bond they have. Sarah loves that little girl with all her heart -- more than you can possibly imagine --" Xander continued, prompting Kristen to lunge forward in anger.

"Oh, my God -- you don't 'imagine' that I know how strong the bond is between a mother and her child?" Kristen snapped, grabbing Xander by the shirt collar. "I didn't mean it like --" Xander tried to clarify. "I know what it is to love [a] child and then lose it, because that's what happened to me!" Kristen continued, shaking Xander. "I wasn't saying that --" Xander tried to backpedal. "On the first day she was born, I was told that my baby was dead and that I would never get to hold her in my arms again [or] see her grow up -- and that was a lie, you... She's alive -- my little girl is alive -- and she's been kept from me...because of you!" Kristen spat.

"How could you do this to me? We were partners -- allies!" Kristen continued. "I love Sarah, [and] I'd do anything for her," Xander explained. "My baby is out there with Sarah, God knows where --" Kristen snapped, smacking Xander's chest. "I want to find [them] just as much as you do," Xander stressed. "Yeah? [Well], when we do find [them], I promise you, I will make [Sarah] pay for stealing my baby!" Kristen vowed.

"What kind of a person does that?" Kristen continued. "Get off your high horse, Kristen -- Sarah may have taken your baby, but you tried to take hers first," Xander countered. "[She] wanted an abortion [at the time -- I would have just been] taking [a] baby that she didn't want!" Kristen stressed. "Oh, please -- you didn't care about the baby; [you only cared about] finding a way to trap Brady!" Xander argued. "That is not true!" Kristen insisted. "Of course, it is!" Xander maintained. "Shut up!" Kristen snapped, slapping and shoving Xander. "I'm just pointing out that you're in no position to judge," Xander explained, shrugging.

"[Yeah, well], if we're being honest now, I don't think you really loved Sarah. You've never loved anybody but yourself," Kristen countered. "That used to be true...[but] I do love Sarah -- she's changed me," Xander insisted. "Oh, my God -- people don't change!" Kristen argued. "You've been running around telling everybody that'll listen that you've changed!" Xander pointed out. "That is different, because I became a mother!" Kristen reasoned. "[And I've been] raising that little girl [like a father] --" Xander reminded Kristen. "Don't you dare act like she's yours!" Kristen warned, wrapping both hands around Xander's neck.

"All I'm saying is, I finally know what it means to be selfless...and it wasn't just Sarah that I had to look after -- I had to spare Maggie, too!" Xander continued. "Oh, come on -- the only person that loves Maggie [enough to] risk everything would be..." Kristen began to protest. "Oh, my God -- Victor! He put you up to this!" Kristen suddenly realized.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor started to greet Brady, who quickly interrupted. "You let me believe my daughter was dead, you sick bastard!" Brady spat, scowling at Victor. "You're the one that called Theresa to convince her to have Tate tested as a bone marrow donor for 'Mackenzie' -- [and you did that because] you knew that they were siblings [all along, because] you were working with Xander to switch those babies!" Brady continued. "Do me a favor, please, for once in your miserable life, and just be honest with your grandson, please!" Brady concluded. "Fine -- I did all those things," Victor admitted after some thought.

"And if I had to do them over again, I'd do exactly the same thing, because I was protecting Maggie. [Now], I know you feel betrayed, but you have to look at this from my perspective. [Allowing the truth to get out] would have destroyed [Maggie, and] I couldn't let that happen," Victor continued. "So, you just decided to play God...and, uh, you let [your lie] destroy Kristen and me, your grandson, instead. [I mean], you say that you couldn't bear to watch Maggie suffer, [and] I get that, [but] why is it so easy [for you] to watch me suffer? How do you think I felt?" Brady countered.

"I wasn't okay with it -- in fact, it damn near killed me, literally. [The stroke] -- I'm convinced it was brought on by the terrible stress of making the decision that I had to make," Victor insisted. "Stress...[or] guilt?" Brady wondered. "Both," Victor clarified. "I don't believe [you] anymore, [so] don't claim that you care about me, 'cause I don't think you ever did," Brady admitted. "That's not true!" Victor stressed. "Right after I lost my baby -- or thought that I had lost my baby -- [you] fired my ass [and] replaced me with Xander!" Brady pointed out. "I didn't have a choice -- [that] was the price that he demanded!" Victor explained.

"How many times are you gonna do this to me? [I mean], you always find a way to put me last -- [and], funny enough, no matter what you do, I always come back to you!" Brady mused with a shake of the head. "Because we're family --" Victor reasoned. "Don't you cite that 'family' crap with me! You know, when you had [that stroke], I came to see you, even though I was so angry with you [that] I didn't want to have anything to do with you, [because] I said, 'Hell, Brady, he's still your grandfather, so --'" Brady countered. "And always will be," Victor stressed. "No, I don't think so -- not anymore," Brady decided. "You don't mean that!" Victor protested.

"You know what my half-brother Eric is doing right now? He's been up all night, and he is [still] searching for Sarah and my baby girl. He's going through the worst time in his life -- he just found out that his girl is gone -- but he's helping me out...[and] you know why he's doing that? Because he cares about me, Granddad, because that's family!" Brady stressed. "Maggie is my family, too!" Victor countered. "Does she know what you did?" Brady wondered. "No -- and you can't tell her, please!" Victor replied. "Don't worry about it. [I mean], it might serve you right if I did...but I have bigger things to do," Brady assured Victor.

"I'm done, Granddad -- uh, I don't want you contacting me, I don't want to see your face... We're not family anymore. You're dead to me," Brady declared before storming out of the mansion, ignoring Victor's protests.

A short time later, Xander tried to contact Victor from the Salem Inn -- but Victor didn't get a chance to answer the call before Kristen stormed into the Kiriakis mansion.

"Xander told me everything! I know it was you -- you planned to take my baby and give it to Sarah [then] let Brady and me believe that our little girl had died!" Kristen snapped, scowling at Victor. "I did what I had to do to protect Maggie," Victor explained. "This wasn't about protecting Maggie! [I mean, you can] act like your motives [were] noble, [but] you didn't do this out of love, Victor -- you did it out of hate! [After all], you knew that if [Brady and I] were having a baby together, then he would love me forever, [so] you would have done anything to break us up, including letting us believe that our baby had died!" Kristen countered.

"Are you done ranting? Because I have things to do," Victor replied. "Yeah -- as a matter of fact, I am done talking about this..." Kristen confirmed before picking up a knife that was on the tray of food Sonny had presented to Will earlier. "You stole my child -- and now, thanks to you, I may never see her again -- [so], for what you did to me, you deserve to die, you son of a bitch!" Kristen spat, getting right in Victor's face with the knife. "Oh, don't be so dramatic -- we'll find your daughter. [And besides], we both know that you're not gonna --" Victor countered.

Kristen silenced Victor with a quick stab to the stomach.

Gabi and Ben see Stefan Gabi and Ben see Stefan
Friday, April 24, 2020

A worried Xander paced his hotel room and called Sarah's cell phone again. "Oh, thank God you finally picked up. Sarah, where are you?" Xander asked. In Paris, Sarah growled, "I have nothing to say to you." Xander begged Sarah to tell him where she was hiding. "You are the last person I would ever tell where I am," Sarah said. Xander told Sarah that she was not safe.

"What choice did I have? I love Mickey with all of my heart. I need her, and she needs me," Sarah said. Xander said he could help Sarah, but she declined the offer. "I am the only mother that Mickey has ever known," Sarah said. Sarah said she could not hand the baby over to Kristen. Xander told Sarah that the police were on her trail.

"I don't want your help!" Sarah yelled. "You may not want it, but you need it if you want to keep your daughter," Xander said. Curious, Sarah asked Xander what he had in mind. Xander said he had a foolproof plan for him, Sarah, and Mickey. Sarah reiterated that she would not go anywhere with Xander.

"Not after what you did, lying to me for months and months. How do I know you're not lying now? How do I know the cops aren't listening to this phone call?" Sarah asked. Sarah theorized aloud that Xander wanted to draw her out in exchange for immunity with the police for his crimes.

"I swear, I haven't done anything like that. Yes, I lied to you about Mickey, but I did it out of love. I love you, Sarah. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. And all I want to do right now is to help you have a life with your daughter," Xander said. Xander reminded Sarah of what he had said in his vows about being a bad man.

"I just couldn't bear to have you suffer the way I knew you would if I told you the truth. I only wanted what was best for you, and I still do. I want us to be a family, Sarah. You, me, and Mickey," Xander said. Through tears, Sarah told Xander that it was not possible to be together. Xander reminded Sarah of the first weeks of Mackenzie's life when they had worked together as a team to take care of the little girl.

"I want to be there for the rest of it. I want us to raise Mickey together. I want to see her grow and change and achieve all of her dreams. So, of course it's possible for us to be a family. We already are one," Xander said. Xander begged Sarah to tell him where to find her. "Are you honestly telling me that no one will ever find us?" Sarah asked. Xander said yes. Xander added that they would have a happy life together as a family. Xander stressed that he could get new identities for Sarah and Mackenzie.

"You know I can do this," Xander said. "Yeah, that's the problem, Xander. I know exactly what you're capable of," Sarah whispered. Sarah ended the call. "Don't hang up!" Xander yelled with desperation. When Xander called back, the call went to voicemail. In Paris, a crying Sarah promised Mackenzie that she would never let anyone take her away.

In the Brady Pub, Ciara informed Ben that Rafe had told David that Evan was his real father. "He's not sure that David totally gets it, obviously, of course, but I mean, I guess Rafe felt that it was important for him to hear it," Ciara said. Ciara added that David had told Rafe that he wanted Rafe to be his "daddy." Ben worried aloud about Ben and Orpheus, and Ciara confirmed that Justin had filed a restraining order against them.

Talk turned to jobs, and Ciara mentioned that Julie's Place was hiring. "Bad idea,"' Ciara and Ben said together with a laugh. Ciara noted that though she loved her grandmother, she did not want to have Julie as her boss. "We are two young, smart, driven people who really want to work," Ciara said. Ben suggested that they take the evening off and go to Inspiration Point.

When Ben and Ciara got on her motorcycle outside, it failed to start. After examining the bike, Ben announced that there was a problem with the carburetor. "No moonlit romantic ride for us tonight?" Ciara asked. Ben said no romantic ride, but he could fix the bike. Ciara reminded Ben that he had already rebuilt the bike once.

"You knew how much this bike meant to me, and you put in the time and the effort to make it new again. You know that told me that you were a kind, generous, caring person," Ciara said. Ciara added that she had already known Ben was a good person before he had fixed her bike. Ben and Ciara kissed. Ciara pulled out her phone to find a garage, and she gasped. Ciara noted that a local garage was not only open but was also hiring a mechanic.

"This could be the perfect job for you!" Ciara chirped. Ben countered that he had more ambitious goals, and Ciara nodded in agreement. Ciara added that they needed to find work to pay bills in the short term. Ben agreed.

In the square, Gabi stared forlornly at the window to her store. "Stefan, first I lose you, and now I lose my business. If I could do it all over again, I would never have given Julie your heart. After they ripped you away from me and no one cared? You should be here right now. You don't deserve this. I don't deserve this," Gabi said. Gabi saw a reflection of Stefan in the window. Shaken, Gabi closed her eyes.

"Just open your eyes and turn around," Gabi said. With a sigh, Gabi turned and saw Brady walk past her. "Where did he go?" Gabi yelled. Gabi explained that she had seen Stefan in the reflection of the window. Brady shook his head no. Brady said he needed to go look for his daughter. "I'm sorry," Gabi said as Brady trotted off in search of Kristen.

Gabi walked over to the cemetery to visit Stefan's grave. Gabi replaced the dead flowers with a fresh rose. "Maybe I saw your reflection because I miss you so much, I can't breathe sometimes. Or maybe I'm losing it," Gabi said. Gabi lamented that she had lost everything and had to watch Chad and Abigail gloat over her downfall. Gabi vowed to fight back. "For you. For the love of my life. I'm gonna make you proud," Gabi said.

At Julie's Place, Chad and Abigail celebrated ousting Gabi from DiMera Enterprises. "Locked out of her own place. Can you imagine? I'm just so glad that Julie was there, you know, in the moment, able to just, like savor it," Abigail said. Chad said he was grateful to be CEO again.

"Gabi is a has-been now, isn't she?" Abigail said with a chuckle. "For the first time in a long time, I feel free. I can run DiMera the way that it should be," Chad said. When Chad mentioned his siblings, Abigail agreed that Kristen would be focused on other things. Abigail noted how sad it was for Sarah and Eric to lose a child. Chad noted that it was sad for Kristen. "And Eric and Brady," Abigail stressed. With a nod, Chad said he felt for Eric and Brady, too.

With the restaurant empty, Chad and Abigail sat down with a bottle of Champagne and dinner. Chad started to make a toast, but he was interrupted by the ring of Abigail's phone. "It's a French country code," Abigail murmured as she answered the call.

After the phone call, Abigail informed Chad that their French neighbor Jeanne Marie had called to check on her after Abigail's fight with Chad. Jeanne Marie had also offered to watch "our baby." Suspicious, Chad asked Abigail if someone was staying in their apartment. "I didn't think that until now," Abigail said. Concerned, Abigail started to call the landlord, but Gabi walked in.

"I have a bone to pick with you," Gabi announced. Chad asked Gabi to leave. Gabi told Chad he had no right to lock her out of her storefront. "What we did was standard procedure when someone gets fired," Chad argued. Abigail added that they had to lock the store to prevent Gabi from destroying the inventory. "You do always think the worst of me, don't you, Abs?" Gabi said. "Yes. I do," Abigail said with a smirk. When Abigail noted that Gabi had proven she was unstable, Gabi countered that Abigail was crazy, and her alters would break out again.

"You say one more word about my wife, and I'm gonna rip your tongue out. You understand me?" Chad growled. "I really hit a nerve," Gabi teased. Chad told Gabi that he would let her get her stuff from the storefront if she agreed to move out of the house. "My husband owned that house. If anybody should find another place to live, it should be the two of you," Gabi argued. Gabi informed Chad and Abigail that she planned to sue DiMera Enterprises for wrongful termination.

With a big smile, Gabi grabbed the bottle of Champagne and attempted to pour a glass for Abigail. Chad grabbed Gabi's arm and ordered her to leave. "Enjoy your celebration," Gabi said as she put the bottle back on the counter and walked out. Gabi returned to the cemetery to talk to Stefan at his grave. Gabi told Stefano that Abigail and Chad had been celebrating her removal from the company.

"It should be you running DiMera, okay. Not that remote-controlled moron. They're gonna get what they deserve," Gabi said. At the DiMera mansion, Abigail and Chad returned home early. Chad called the company lawyers to ask about Gabi's plan to sue for wrongful termination. Abigail sipped a cocktail, turned, and saw Ben standing in the doorway, twisting a necktie in his hands. Abigail gasped and dropped her glass. "Ben?" Abigail whispered. "What? Are you okay?" Chad asked.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen grabbed a knife from the fruit and cheese plate on the table. Victor asked Kristen what she planned to do with the knife. "Something that should have been done a long time ago, you bastard," Kristen said. Victor scoffed. When Kristen argued that she might never see her daughter again, Victor promised they would find Rachel. Kristen leaned forward, close to Victor's face.

"I don't believe you," Kristen whispered. "Damn it, woman. Put that knife down. We both know that you're not --" Victor said before Kristen plunged the knife into Victor's stomach. Victor gasped then slumped his head forward. Kristen sighed in relief. Kristen dropped the knife and whispered, "You got what you deserved, you heartless son of a bitch." With fury in her eyes, Kristen left out the back door.

Sonny wandered downstairs into the foyer as he called Will on the phone. Will told Sonny about his visit with Maggie at the prison. After the call, Sonny wandered into the living room. With most of his attention on his phone, Sonny told Victor that he would be relieved to know that Will had prevented Maggie from learning about Sarah and the baby. When Sonny looked up, he saw the blood on Victor's lap, and he rushed to check on him. Sonny put pressure on the wound and called 9-1-1.

When Victor arrived in the ER, Kayla feverishly worked to save his life as a frazzled Sonny watched helplessly from the corner. "What's happening?" Sonny asked. "He may have a ruptured aortic valve," Kayla said. Kayla ordered Sonny to leave.

Sonny called Ciara while she was waiting at the pub for Ben to return from the garage. Sonny told Ciara that someone had stabbed Victor and that he was at the hospital. "I'm on my way," Ciara said before she ended the call. "Who would do this?" Sonny whispered to himself.

A frustrated Brady walked into the police station to get an update on the search, and he was surprised to see Kristen sitting alone in the interrogation room. "I thought we agreed that you needed some rest," Brady said. "I tried. I just couldn't stop thinking about our little girl and how much I wanted to hold her in my arms," Kristen said. Kristen suggested that they use the DiMera jet to go to London.

"We have to have faith that the authorities are doing everything they can to find her. They're gonna bring her home," Brady reassured Kristen. Brady reminded Kristen that the police and the ISA were working to find their daughter. "I won't stop looking. Not until we find her," Brady vowed. As a distracted Kristen nodded, Brady announced that he had discovered that Victor had worked with Xander to switch the babies. Kristen thought about her confrontation with Victor.

"I already knew," Kristen said. Kristen told Brady about her conversation with Xander and his confirmation that Victor had been involved. "Of all the times that man has screwed me over, I didn't think it could get any worse," Brady said. Brady asked Kristen if she had confronted Victor.

"The woman I used to be would have shown Victor no mercy," Kristen said. "Yeah, but you are not that woman anymore, and I know that. I'm proud of you for not engaging with that miserable old bastard," Brady said. Kristen averted her eyes. "I just want to find our Rachel," Kristen said. Brady promised Kristen that they would find their daughter and have a happy life together.

After Brady checked with the police, he returned to tell Kristen that they had found footage from the London airport where Sarah had deplaned with Rachel. "We're getting close," Brady said. Kristen suggested that they fly to London. Before Brady could respond, his phone rang. Sonny told Brady that Victor was in the hospital with a stab wound. After Brady ended the call, he turned to Kristen.

In Victor's hospital room, Ciara sat at her grandfather's bedside. "I don't know who would do this to you. I also know that no one on this planet is as tough as you are. You're gonna be okay. You have to be okay, because what is this family going to do without you, Grandpa?" Ciara said. As Ciara watched the ventilator breathe for Victor, Kayla walked in.

At a nearby garage, Ben saw a mechanic working underneath a car. "Excuse me? I'm here about the job," Ben said. The mechanic scooted out from under the car, and he looked like Stefan. Ben's mouth dropped open in surprise.

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