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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Kate is driving around town in severe pain. She is also dirty and hungry and decides that she must find a job. She pulls into an alleyway and sees a guy outside a restaurant throwing food into a dumpster (while her mouth waters). She has flashbacks of older days (along with Billie and Austin) raiding dumpsters for food. She says bon a petit and makes her way over. She is munching away on French Fries when the guy comes out and chases her off.. She returns to her car and freshens up and changes and decides that she waited tables once (and was quite good) and she can do it again. She unbuttons an extra button for good measure and heads inside.

Meanwhile, a man shows up at the diner to inform Fayethat Paul will be coming up for parole soon. He is worried at how Fayemight take the news. He warns her to be careful and after he is gone, she thinks that she had better warn Abe. Kate shows up in the diner with the "wanted" sign and asks the owner and after they banter a bit, he gives her a job

Later, when Fayesees her, jokes and says it's not Halloween, why does Kate have on the waitress outfit? After she learns the truth, she apologizes. She tells Kate that she heard about the fire and Lucas's condition. She says that she has been praying for him. Fayeasks about Victor and wonders where Nicole is. Well, Kate delights in telling her that she is sleeping with Victor and Fayeis shocked, to say the least.

Victor and Nicole are checking out their new digs. They talk about Philip coming home soon and Victor is worried how well he will take the transition. They also talk about keeping him away from Chloe. Nicole offers to talk with Philip. She gets a call about Kate. Seems she has called Titan concerning her insurance. Victor shows a twinge of concert/regret wondering if she is sick. He seems to be changing his tune about being so rough on her, but Nicole quickly tries to change his mind. He asks her about her parents then. Teary-eyed, she talks about her father and how he got her involved in his schemes (she offers no details). She tells him that he may be getting out soon and asks Victor to protect her. He promises to do that. She comes on to him and they begin to kiss/undress. To herself, Nicole thinks that all of this is hers and someday, Titan will be hers as well.

As Chloe showers, Jan and Mimi watch and giggle. Belle walks up and wants to know what is going on. They are speechless. Belle cross-examines them and gets nowhere, so she drags Mimi off to question her alone. Chloe walks up to Jan and they get into it immediately. Chloe says that there are more important things than prancing around like a "Baywatch Babe" and the conversation ends with Chloe calling Jan a "loser", causing her to storm off. Belle manhandles Mimi out into the hallway and demands to know what they are doing. Mimi plays dumb and they argue. Chloe discovers Susan in the locker room and they get into a discussion about who gets picked on worse. As they talk, Jan makes her way into the air duct and eaves drops, laughing at them. Chloe tells Susan that she is too hard on herself. Belle comes back in and hears something in the duct. Mimi offers that it may be a mouse, but Belle thinks it's a rat and grabs a broom. Chloe distracts Mimi and Belle while Susan sneaks out (who doesn't want to be seen talking with Chloe).

Jen and Hope are in the car. They talk about Jack and their problems, but Jen says she needs to concentrate on Abby right now. Hope tells her that she hopes the living arrangements work out. They arrive at the Brady's. Hope finds out that Shawn will also be home for dinner and offers to make a special dinner. As he and Hope hug, he notices Jen and asks if she is okay. She assures him that she is and compares their family to a Norman Rockwell painting. Bo and Jen talk about Stefano as Hope goes to check on JT.

Bo mentions the idea of him going back to Ireland and bringing him down for once and for all. Hope overhears and strongly objects to the idea of going to Ireland...unless they go as a family VACATION. Hope asks Jen how she ended up in Ireland in the first place and Jen mentions something about her dad. (we see flashbacks of Jen and Bill [from the back only] in Africa). They question her, but she refuses to answer and says something about it being no one's business and that no man will tell her what to do again and rushes out. Bo and Hope wonder what is going on and Hope thinks that maybe it involved another man and Jen was hurt.

Julie and Alice are chatting as Julie pumps her with questions about Jen and the mystery man. (Alice asks her if she came by for tea or a game of 20 Questions). Julie explains that she is only concerned about Jen. Julie is dead set against the idea of Jack and Jen sharing a house. The doorbell rings and its Jack. She tries to brush him off, but Abby comes rushing down. He has juggling balls for her and they go outside to practice. He clowns around, while trying to teach her a lesson about practicing to be good at something. Inside, Julie continues to question Alice as she is sure something bad happened to Jen and she wants to know the WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHO.

Julie is sure that another man (NOT Jack) broke Jen's heart. Outside, Abby starts questioning Jack about if he and her mom still love each other and informs him that she wants a baby brother. A flustered Jack sidesteps the issue and gets back to the juggling. There is a loose ball and while Abby runs to retrieve it, he overhears Alice and Julie. He finds it hard to believe that Salem's own Doris Day was involved with another man. He thinks that could be valuable info, if it came to a custody battle. When Abby returns, he hugs her hard and says that no one will EVER come between them again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Austin admits to Greta that he slept with Sami again. He says he regrets it even more this time. They go to the diner, where Austin is shocked to see Kate working. He offers to help her, but she insists she's going to do this her way- working her way up from the bottom. She manages to get in a few choice words about Sami before she has to go back to work, and asks Austin to keep his job at Titan.

Back inside the diner, Kate apologizes to Fayefor her harsh words about Nicole, but warns Fayethat what she said about Nicole is true. Kate says Victor is ruthless, and Fayeshould try to protect Nicole from him at all costs.

Lexie pays Stefano another visit, informing him that Glen is moving forward with the DNA test. Stefano tells Lexie not to worry. He reminds Lexie that Marla was very promiscuous and says the DNA test could easily reveal that Glen isn't the father. Lexie is afraid that Isaac will one day learn that Lexie kept him from his biological father, and will never forgive her for doing so. Stefano tells her to focus on the present, and says that Glen may be dead by then. Lexie is suspicious, but Stefano covers by saying that any of them could be dead by then- they don't know what the future holds. Lexie leaves the mansion unconvinced; she's determined to move forward with her plan to switch the DNA samples.

Sami and Brandon share dinner together, and Sami continues to send Brandon mixed signals. He asks her to tell him where he stands, and she says that she loves Austin. She tells Brandon that she and Austin slept together again, and Brandon is shocked that Austin walked out on her after making love. He says that if he and Sami had just made love, he definitely wouldn't have walked out on her afterwards. They are about to kiss, but Sami pulls away and Brandon gets a call from Lexie. She tells him to meet her if he is still interested in helping with the DNA switch, so he tells Sami that he has to go meet a friend. Sami realizes that this is the second time a guy has walked out on her tonight.

Philip comes thisclose to walking in on Victor and Nicole together, but they manage to cover up the true extent of their relationship. Philip is a little suspicious when he learns that Nicole and Victor are living together, but Victor assures him that it's only temporary. Philip is furious when Victor tells him to dump Chloe, and storms out of the house.

Mimi manages to drag Belle out of the locker room before she discovers that Jan is in the ventilation shaft. Belle is still convinced that Jan and Mimi are up to something, though. Philip surprises Chloe, who is thrilled to have Philip back in Salem. Jan meets Kevin in the locker rooms, where they share two kisses. Kevin is quite pleased with himself when Jan says he's a good kisser.

Brady's lawyer Cameron pays Abe a visit, and it's quickly established that she and Abe were involved before Abe met Lexie. She offers Abe a deal- get Roman to admit that he used Brady as a pawn to win back Marlena, and Abe walks away from the lawsuit unscathed, Roman gets fired and the police department pays Brady a cool million. Abe says he won't sell out his partner. When Cameron points out that an indictment in this trial would make the looming custody battle more difficult, however, Abe seems to consider the deal.

Brady and John toss around a football, and John presses the issue of girls. Brady tries to divert the subject, and starts to complain about Chloe. John thinks Brady may have a thing for Chloe. To avoid the subject again, Brady tells John to go out on the terrace to catch the football...and it looks like John may fall over the terrace ledge trying to catch the ball.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

The show opens with a replay of Brady throwing a football pass to John, who goes over the balcony railing, but maintains his balance, and rights himself with football in hand. Brady had rushed towards him, and is shook up at what might have been. Belle comes in, upset about Chloe, but before she can explain, Cameron Reese arrives, glowing with the news she thinks Abe may testify against Roman, and their case is a winner, and they can set up the hearing soon. She wants Belle to testify, though Brady is seemingly against it. John doesn't like this all going down before Marlena returns. Cameron says Belle can give written testimony, and she and Brady talk about Roman losing his pension, his benefits, and Brady getting a million dollars. Belle protests Roman losing his pension, and tells John no way. Cameron says the pension and benefit issue gives them bargaining chips. Cameron, Brady and Belle convince John it is better to have this over with before Marlena returns, as one less problem. John finally agrees. Cameron leaves, Belle complains a bit about Chloe but won't explain and goes upstairs. John teases Brady about being so interested in the fact that perhaps Chloe won't be coming around there much any more, and goes up after Belle.

Abe runs into Roman, tells him how he is being asked to sell Roman out. Brady will drop his case against Abe if he testifies against Roman. Roman says go ahead, take the deal, but Abe says no. Roman advises that Brady has a solid case without Abe, but Abe again refuses, saying Brady would have no case if Marlena testifies. They go to the diner to have coffee.

Kate comes from the back, returning a sewing kit to Fay. She has shortened her uniform considerably, and lowered the neckline some, asking Fayeif she never thought of doing so. It really improves the tips. Fayenotes that grumpy customer Joe comes in, and Kate offers to wait his table. He is surly at having been kept waiting, but Kate schmoozes him with that silky voice, using a lot of innuendo, and he is putty in her hands. She manages to get him to change his standing order, and he tells her he wants her station all the time when he comes in, and leaves her a $20 tip. Suddenly she gets a bad pain, but tells Fayeshe is not used to the greasy air, just needs some fresh stuff and goes outside.

Hattie arrives, in scarf and sunglasses, and in a few minutes Rolf comes in. She is upset at being kept waiting for so long, and wants Marlena's life NOW, or she is gone. Rolf tries to talk her out of it, and then leaves to get his cell phone in the car. Fayesits down, and tells Hattie the new waitress is Kate Roberts, which Hattie finds hard to believe. Mr. Burke scolds Fayefor jabbering instead of working, telling her if she wants to keep the "head waitress" position, pay attention to the competition (Kate) and get hustling. Rolf returns, and Hattie again complains about how slow things are going, and threatens to tell the police about the plan. Rolf grabs her wrist tightly, and threatens her right back. Hattie agrees to be patient, and Rolf rewards her with something to tide her over for a while....$5000. Hattie is floored...and lookout Salem Mall -- Here comes Hattie! She happily leaves, as Rolf mutters to himself that Stefano may have to change his mind about Hattie taking Marlena's place.

Roman and Abe are sitting in a booth, still discussing the case Brady is bringing. Roman knows he went at things in the wrong manner, and does not want Abe going down along with him. He tells him he has the problems about Isaac to contend with and, if he (Roman) loses his pension, instead of going fishing for a couple of years.....he will just get another job and work forever. He gets up to leave, and Fayeslips into his seat, warning Abe her husband Paul is probably going to be released from prison. And she would not forgive herself if anything happened to Abe. Outside Roman hears moans and cries, and finds Kate collapsed on the ground. As he cradles her, his hand comes up with blood on it and he begins to yell for help.

As Chloe walks in at, they are all chanting "Ghoul girl" but quiet down as Philip comes in. He confronts one boy, who backs down and tells everyone that Chloe is his girl and they better knock it off. Everyone goes off, except Mimi, who defends her stance, citing the "glue-do." Jan tells Mimi she has the film, and they get all excited about it.

Philip and Chloe start to chat about missing each other while he was gone, and he tells her Victor doesn't want him seeing her any more. He doesn't understand, since Chloe had kept his secret, so Chloe tells him how she blurted out the secret to Brady, and even told him where Vic was. Phil gets angry (besides a bit jealous). Jan and Mimi see the two arguing and sneak over to eavesdrop. Jan gets a rather mysterious phone call from Jason (thought he had a new girl) and then Mimi comes over to reveal that she thinks Brady is the cause of the argument between Philip and Chloe.

Chloe and Philip's argument heats up, and she leaves. Outside, she looks back through the window at Philip. Looking at her are Jan and Mimi, who sticks her tongue out at Chloe. Just then Susan walks me, Chloe stops her and says she has the diet phone numbers at home, and invites her to come with her and get them. Susan agrees. Inside, Jan shows Mimi the shower scene tape, and Mimi has second thoughts. Jan remarks that the names Chloe are called now will be nothing to later when she will get a new one .."slut." Mimi tries to wiggle out of the whole thing, saying they are sure to get into trouble, but Jan smirks "no, it'll be Chloe who gets into trouble."

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Sami and Will stop by the Brady Pub to pay Shawn and Caroline a visit. The grandparents are thrilled to see Sami looking truly happy, and the four join together in a prayer of thanks. Will goes to play with Shawn, and Sami asks Caroline for advice about the men in her life. Caroline tells Sami she should try to forgive Lucas, but Sami doesn't know if she can. The subject quickly turns to Austin, and Sami admits that she feels she is manipulating Austin into a commitment. Caroline thinks Sami should wait until Austin is ready to commit to her freely, instead of trying to "push" the commitment on him. Sami realizes that Caroline is right, but doesn't know if she is willing to take the risk.

Jen, Jack, and Abby stop by the Brady Pub, and Abby sees the Brady's praying. Jack tells Abby that they are probably praying because they are so grateful that they are all together. Abby immediately compares the situation to her own, and Jack tells her she is right- they are a family again. Inside, Jen brings up Ian and Ireland, and Shawn gets uneasy. He pulls Jen aside, and asks her what she knows. She says she doesn't know much- just that it has something to do with Stefano and the DiMera factory. Shawn warns Jen not to try to find out anything about Ireland; Jen is a bit shaken by Shawn's sudden temper. He apologizes, saying that he didn't mean to scare her, but assures her that it is in her best interest to forget the entire ordeal. Jennifer says she can't forget- Ireland holds some fond memories for her. She has a memory of her and the mystery man with some kids in Ireland. She agrees not to ask about Ireland if Shawn will agree not to ask about her past in Ireland. Jack sees them from across the Pub, and his reporter suspicions arise.

Roman is worried about Kate, and insists on getting her to the hospital ASAP. Kate tells him that if he really wants to help, he can drive her to the free clinic. Roman is confused, but Kate tells him she can't get help at a better hospital without money. He reluctantly takes her to the free clinic, where an attendant tells them to have a seat. Roman can't believe that, in her condition, Kate is still forced to wait, but Kate tells him that's how things work when you don't have money and power to throw around. She explains to him that she's gone through this before, when she was working her way up from the bottom with Austin and Billie. She passes out, and is taken into the exam room, as a worried Roman looks on. The doctor tells her that she has a tumor, and asks her if she has a job. Minimum wage or not, she'll be expected to pay for the medical bills when she receives eligibility. He gives her a prescription, and Kate tells Roman to take her back to the diner so she can make sure she still has a job. Roman seems very impressed by the "new" Kate.

Lexie explains to Brandon that the doctors will swab Isaac's mouth for a sample tomorrow, as well as Glen's. Brandon will need to replace Isaac's sample with another. He assures Lexie that everything will work out, but she isn't convinced.

Susan follows Chloe home, where Chloe has written down the number for the weight loss program. Chloe immediately gets into an argument with Nancy, who has thrown the paper that the number was written on into the trash. Nancy doesn't realize that Susan is in the other room, and when Chloe introduces Nancy to Susan, Susan is appalled to learn that Nancy is Chloe's mother. Chloe goes upstairs to search for the number, thinking that she may have written it down somewhere else, and Nancy tries to act friendly with Susan. Susan is secretly amazed that someone as beautiful as Chloe could be the daughter of someone as fat as Nancy, and Nancy thinks that Susan would be a very pretty girl- if only she weren't so fat. Eventually, Susan reveals that the number Chloe is looking for is for a weight loss program, and Nancy is thrilled that Susan is attempting to lose weight. Susan offers to give Nancy the number, and Nancy is shocked when she realizes that Susan thinks Nancy needs to lose weight. Nancy can't believe that Susan would compare herself to Nancy, and when Susan retreats to Chloe's room, Nancy admires her "classically feminine" body in the mirror. Meanwhile, up in Chloe's room, she and Susan bond, as Chloe realizes that Susan really understands why Chloe hates Nancy.

Friday, April 27, 2001

The hearing to decide Brady's suit against Abe, Roman, and the police department begins. Brady plays up his injuries as Cameron lays out her client's demands... That Roman be discharged from Salem P.D., and lose his pension/benefits. In addition, Brady will receive one million dollars. John, starting to have second thoughts, thinks Marlena should be there, but Roman says he doesn't want her involved. Roman then announces that as much as he loves his job, he takes full responsibility and will accept whatever punishment is necessary. Brady is smug, thinks he's going to get everything he wants... Victor continues to forbid Philip from seeing Chloe, but Philip says he loves her... No one will keep them apart. Susan drops by to see Chloe, who proceeds to give the overweight girl a pep talk. Nancy and Susan again argue about being overweight. Later, Philip stops by to reconcile with Chloe, but he totally blows it when he sees Susan there and calls her "gigantor." This doesn't sit well with Chloe, who proceeds to throw him out... Kate gets a glimmer of hope at the hospital when she visits Lucas. His hand moves, but Nurse Brenda explains that it's just a reflex. They still don't know if he will ever regain consciousness. Later, Kate is livid when she learns that Lucas is being transferred to an out-of-state rehab facility today. Nicole and Victor arrive just in time to see her breakdown. Craig tries to comfort Kate, but she is beyond consolation, as she bids farewell to her dear Lucas... Craig talks with Marlena in private re: the recent tense feelings his family has been experiencing. Marlena does her best to counsel Craig, but she truly thinks the Wesleys may need family therapy. Craig fears the problems with Chloe could spell trouble for his future with Nancy...

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