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Dr. Charlotte Taylor
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Actor History
Sandra Robinson

Former psychiatrist at Salem University Hospital (December 2008 - January 2009)

Former psychiatrist at Lehman University in Minnesota (some time prior to December 2008)


Psychiatric ward at the Statesville Penitentiary, Salem, U.S.A. (January 22, 2009 - Present)

Somewhere in Salem, U.S.A. (December 2008 - January 2009)

Prior to 2008 Charlotte's whereabouts were unknown

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Kenneth Taylor (father; deceased)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Attempted murder (tried to kill Marlena then John) (January 21, 2009)

Assault with a deadly weapon (January 21, 2009)

Unethical behavior (used prescription medication as a weapon) (January 21, 2009)

Unethical behavior (purposely misdiagnosed John's therapy progress) (January 2009)

Brief Character History

In November of 2008, Marlena made an appointment for John with her mentor, Dr. Kenneth Taylor. But, Marlena was surprised to learn that "Dr. Taylor" was actually a young, attractive blonde female doctor named Charlotte Taylor. Charlotte is Kenneth's daughter. She took over her father's practice after his death. Skeptical at first, Marlena soon allowed Charlotte to treat John, especially because Charlotte was determined to help John remember his past and reunite him with Marlena.

Charlotte quickly became immersed in her sessions with John. In fact, she shocked Marlena by declaring that not only had she moved to Salem permanently, but she was hired by University Hospital and would be sharing a receptionist and waiting area with her. Charlotte could tell this bothered Marlena, yet once again assured Marlena her intentions were honorable. She even suggested they be friends. Marlena agreed, but an unspoken tension remained between the two colleagues despite "friendly" outings to the pub and Chez Rouge on New Year's Eve.

By January 2009, Charlotte stated that her "Talk Therapy" sessions with John were not working and suggested hypnotherapy. Although John was skeptical at first, he allowed Charlotte to proceed. While recording the session on video, Charlotte hypnotized John. She watched intently as he began to remember his past. However, once the session was over, Charlotte lied to John. She told him that it had been a bust and he would most likely never remember his past. John was shattered as he saw hypnosis as his last hope. This revelation prompted him to quit therapy despite Charlotte's urging to the contrary.

Later that day, while Charlotte was reviewing her session with John, Marlena showed up to confront her about giving up on John's hypnotherapy after only one time (he had told Marlena when he ran into her at the pub). Charlotte was furious at Marlena's audacity of accusing her of not properly handling John's recovery. She also implied that Marlena was acting unethically by wanting to discuss a patient's confidential diagnosis. Their battle became so heated that Kayla, the acting Chief of Staff, showed up to mediate.

On route to Kayla's office to sort of their disagreement, Charlotte abruptly apologized for overreacting and headed back to her office. There she suspected someone had tampered with her computer and had watched John's session. She called tech support and was angered when the man told her the filed had been emailed to Dr. Marlena Evans.

At first Charlotte went to John and tried to convince him to leave Salem with her. She claimed she could help him start over in a town where nobody knew him or would judge his new personality. It would be a fresh start from them both. John quickly disagreed and ended his relationship with Charlotte. Desperate, she went to Marlena's penthouse with intentions of killing Marlena so that her misdeeds would not go public.

As soon as she arrived, Charlotte and Marlena began to argue. Charlotte tried to convince Marlena that John had misunderstood her diagnosis, but Marlena saw through her deception. Charlotte then tried to taunt Marlena with the fact her career is about to be over as she stole confidential medical records. That didn't faze Marlena either causing Charlotte to become more agitated. Finally, Marlena demanded to know what Charlotte had against her.

With a combination of utter rage and an eerie calmness, Charlotte explained that she left her job at Lehman University to take care of her ailing father and that Marlena would have known that had she kept in touch with Kenneth. Then she confessed that Marlena had ruined her life by taking her father's attention and adoration away from her many years ago. Charlotte said her father always had time for his favorite student, but never his own daughter. She was also hurt Marlena didn't remember her from the times they met while she was working with Kenneth. Charlotte concluded by saying that since Marlena took her time with her father away from her and, since she didn't succeed in taking Marlena's time with John away, she would take Marlena's time away from everyone permanently. She produced a hypodermic needle filled with a large enough dose of muscle relaxant that it would kill her.

Despite the danger, Marlena refused to take the blame for Charlotte's unhappy childhood and suggested that maybe Charlotte just didn't live up to her father's expectations. This enraged Charlotte and she lunged at Marlena with the syringe. Marlena managed to fight Charlotte off, first by throwing a lamp at her then by pushing her into a corner. Unfortunately, that corner was behind the front door and when John burst in to save Marlena, Charlotte stabbed him in the back with the syringe. John collapsed and, although she didn't kill Marlena as planned, Charlotte was content with the fact John would most likely die and she would get her revenge after all.

Charlotte basked in her victory while watching Marlena feverishly administer CPR on John, yet Bo, Hope and Brady arrived at the penthouse and thwarted her plans. Bo began to help Marlena and Hope arrested her. However, even while being questioned by Bo and Hope, Charlotte showed little remorse over her actions. She refused to divulge what was in the syringe and actually bragged about what she did to John. Charlotte stated with demented pride that even if John lived, he would never be the same man Marlena fell in love with, therefore she had still gotten her revenge. Hope then warned Bo that he'd better get Charlotte out of her sight before she did something "unprofessional." Upon Hope's request, Charlotte was taken to a squad car and given a one way trip to a "padded room."

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