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Nicole bonded with Jude. Ava, Harris, and Lucas tracked Clyde to Montana, where Lucas captured Goldman. Maggie was thrilled by Sarah's engagement. Sloan disappeared. Melinda agreed to look into reopening Li's case. Alex moved into the Kiriakis mansion with Theresa, but he told her he wanted an open relationship. Stephanie talked to Chad about Everett's DID. Everett apologized to Eric. Stefan offered Theresa a job. The ISA cracked Clyde's code. Rafe arrested Melinda. Eric cornered Sloan with Nicole. Bobby vowed to protect Everett. Leo asked E.J. to revise their agreement.
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Nicole bonded with Jude. Ava, Harris, and Lucas tracked Clyde to Montana. Maggie was thrilled by Sarah's engagement. Sloan disappeared. Bobby vowed to protect Everett.
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Eric reunites Nicole and Jude

Eric reunites Nicole and Jude

Monday, May 27, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Maggie joined Xander and Sarah for tea. Maggie claimed she had needed to get out of the mansion. Xander rolled his eyes and inquired if Maggie's relief might have something to do with being away from Konstantin. Maggie assured them that she and Konstantin were fine.

Xander and Sarah were all smiles, and Maggie noticed the ring on Sarah's hand. The happy couple confirmed that they were engaged. An overjoyed Maggie hurried over and hugged them both. After she returned to her seat, she wanted details about the wedding planning. Xander and Sarah held hands as they updated her on their plans for a Scotland honeymoon. Xander wanted to show Sarah "my childhood haunts, or at least the ones I'm allowed to go back to."

Maggie then made a fuss over Sarah's custom engagement ring, which Maggie believed fit Sarah perfectly. As the couple basked in their happiness and shared a kiss, Maggie looked wistful. She told them they deserved "this moment" after all the obstacles they had endured.

Maggie did want a favor. She asked Sarah to hold off on her wedding until Maggie had married Konstantin. Sarah was curious as to why Maggie had made the request. Maggie covered by claiming that she wanted to be "fully present" for Sarah and Xander's wedding and not distracted by her own plans. When Maggie mentioned Alex and Theresa's upcoming move into the mansion, the news surprised Xander.

Maggie reminded Xander that, as Victor's heir, Alex was entitled to live at the mansion. Sarah wondered about Theresa's presence. Maggie did not want to pry into Alex and Theresa's relationship but assumed they had gotten close. Xander made a crack about Theresa being after Alex's fortune. Sarah nudged him and spoke about Maggie's "soft spot" for Theresa.

Maggie defended Theresa as someone who "wants to be loved." Xander asked Maggie how she would feel when "Hurricane Alex and Tornado Theresa" arrived, adding to Konstantin, Justin, and Bonnie's residence at the mansion. Xander made a point about "too much togetherness," and Maggie did not look enthused at the prospect.

Maggie mused about the "revolving door" the Kiriakis mansion had become, and Sarah attributed the many guests to Maggie's kindness. Victoria awakened from a nap, so Xander took her to change her diaper. Sarah said she was glad for the "alone time" because she had wanted to discuss something with Maggie.

Later, Sarah asked Maggie if she liked Sarah's idea for the wedding. Maggie believed it would make the day special, but she thought Sarah should tell Xander. Sarah agreed and hoped Xander would be receptive to her idea.

At the Black Patch office, Rafe dropped off a file on Clyde's book to John and Steve. Rafe hoped the investigators' ISA contacts could help with decoding the book. When Rafe mentioned the department being overworked, Steve guessed that many of the open cases were connected to Clyde's crimes. Rafe confirmed it, but he was more interested in the blood that had been found on the outside of the book because that blood could be the key to securing Gabi's freedom.

Rafe updated John and Steve on his theory that Gil had killed Li. Rafe believed that since Melinda had been reinstalled as D.A., she would reopen the case, given her feelings for Li. John and Steve wished Rafe luck.

After Rafe left, Steve and John sympathized with the priorities the detective was trying to juggle. They were glad to be able to help with the Clyde situation. John pressed Steve about the objective of their mission against Clyde and about how far they were willing to go to neutralize the fugitive. Steve wanted John to focus on the Konstantin situation while Steve took the lead on Clyde.

Steve flashed back to Ava implying she would kill Clyde, then Steve told John that Steve needed to keep an eye on Ava. John commended Steve for dealing so calmly with his "crazy ex" and marveled at the prospect of Steve and Ava getting along. Steve clarified that Ava and he were only working together because they had a common goal. John worried about the Clyde case interfering with Steve and John's ability to help Maggie, but Steve assured John that he would not let that happen.

John updated Steve on Maggie's full plan for catching Konstantin in the embezzling scheme. Steve admired Maggie's bravery, while John hoped she could pull off the plan before she had to marry Konstantin.

Later, John and Steve finalized their plans to turn the black book over to the ISA decoders. John called Steve his "brother" and pledged that neither Clyde nor Konstantin would come between them. "I trust you with my life," John said. "Right back at you, brother," Steve added, then he hugged John.

Harris walked through the door of Ava's apartment, clad in his Navy uniform. He jokingly asked if Ava always kept her door open for strangers, and Ava confirmed "only the handsome ones." They enjoyed a reunion kiss. Harris explained that he had been attending a Memorial Day service in Arlington. Ava assumed it had been hard to visit the graves of fellow soldiers who had been lost.

Harris admitted it was difficult but affirmed he remained grateful for the soldiers' sacrifices. He thought remembering their contributions in "ridding the world of evil" was especially important, given that he and Ava had Clyde Weston in their sights. Ava agreed that they needed to "rid the world of that evil bastard."

Ava tried to distract Harris with seduction, as she purred that there was "something about a man in a uniform, or out of it." He begrudgingly reminded her that they needed to stay focused on the task at hand: getting Clyde. Ava reluctantly backed off and brought Harris up to speed on the developments with Li's case. Ava dreaded having to tell Wendy that Ava had potentially been indirectly responsible for the death of Wendy's brother. Harris consoled her.

Harris confirmed to Ava that he and his Navy friends had been unsuccessful in decoding the book. He did have hope that they could track Clyde's location through an encrypted email.

At the police station, Rafe yelled at someone over the phone about the lack of progress in locating Everett. After he hung up, Harris arrived. Rafe welcomed him back, asked about his Memorial Day, and thanked him for his service. Harris again broached the subject of taking more time off. Rafe wanted to know why, but Harris held off on telling him. Harris also implied that he might quit if he was not given the leave of absence.

Rafe eventually acquiesced and said he hoped Harris' job was still waiting when Harris returned.

After Harris returned from his meeting with Rafe, he and Ava sent the email to Clyde and hoped for the best. They both expressed trepidation about leaving their jobs temporarily while they hunted for Clyde. Harris justified the absences by affirming the oath he had taken "to serve and protect." Ava believed it was she and Harris alone against Clyde. Harris corrected her and said he wanted to "loop someone else in."

Later, Ava told Harris that she would inform Roman about needing to leave town on an emergency. Harris was frustrated that Clyde hadn't yet taken the bait, but he grew enthusiastic when he got an alert confirming Clyde had finally opened the email. Harris announced that he and Ava were going to Montana. "With one pit stop along the way," he added.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole cradled Jude. She wanted an explanation for why Eric had claimed Jude was her son. E.J. feigned bewilderment, as well. Eric relayed what he had been told about the night Nicole had given birth, ending with Dimitri having brought Jude to Sloan. Nicole was confused why the doctor had told her that the baby had died. Eric presumed Sloan might have been involved, just as she had been when the DNA test had been run on Jude.

Nicole remembered how she had believed Jude was her child then, even when the DNA test had claimed otherwise. She attributed her certainty to "parental know your child deep down in your soul." When Eric brought up performing another test, E.J. quickly assured him they would get all the necessary tests. Eric looked stricken as Nicole continued to express shock and joy.

As Nicole and E.J. bonded with Jude in the mansion, Eric entered and sadly set down the tote bag full of Jude's belongings. He apologized to Nicole, but she assured him that he had nothing to be sorry for because he was a victim, too. Eric believed he had been in denial and hadn't wanted to see the truth. Nicole put all the blame on Sloan, exclaiming "that bitch stole my baby." She turned to E.J. and demanded he have Sloan arrested so that Sloan could feel the same "awful emptiness" Nicole had felt.

E.J. tried to get Nicole off the subject of Sloan and claimed that they needed to focus on Jude. Holly's arrival interrupted Nicole's angry rant. Noticing everyone's solemn expressions, Holly asked what was going on. Nicole happily told Holly that Holly's brother hadn't died. "Jude is your baby brother," Nicole affirmed with a smile.

Holly asked how it could be happening. E.J. called it "a miracle" and expressed the "pure joy" he felt as he kissed the top of Jude's head. Holly wondered about the adoption, and Eric only said that Sloan had lied to all of them. He stated that he should go and turned to leave. "Wait," Holly said. Eric stopped and looked at her. "You're losing your son," she sadly said.

Realization dawned on Nicole's face, and Eric looked gut-punched. Nicole immediately apologized to Eric for getting caught up in her own feelings and forgetting about Eric's pain. Holly also expressed sorrow. Eric declared that the most important thing was Jude being reunited with his family. He confirmed to Nicole that he would not seek any kind of custody arrangement.

Nicole said she wasn't worried about that but was worried about him. "He was your son," she stated as E.J. grimaced. Eric claimed he would be okay. He said he needed to leave and "deal with Sloan." He promised that Sloan would pay. As Eric again turned to leave, Nicole stopped him. She tearfully asked an equally tearful Eric if he wanted to hold Jude before he left.

Eric wondered if holding Jude would be okay. Nicole said it would, as she knew how much Eric and Jude meant to each other. She handed the baby to an emotional Eric. "I am going to be grateful for the time we shared, and I'm going to always love you, more than you know," he pledged as he touched his forehead to Jude's. Eric tenderly kissed the baby, and a tear trailed down his cheek.

Eric thanked Nicole and handed Jude back to her. She promised that he could visit anytime he wanted, but Eric thought it best if he stayed away to give the family time together. Holly ran up and hugged Eric, and he affirmed his love for her. "Take care of your mommy," Eric said before departing. Nicole and Holly cried as E.J. looked on.

Outside, a devastated Eric tried to compose himself.

Back inside, Nicole happily settled on the couch with Holly and Jude. Holly observed how content Jude seemed in Nicole's arms. Nicole thanked Holly for the apology text that Holly had sent her.

Holly hoped Nicole knew that Holly hadn't meant the things she had said, and Nicole assured Holly she did know and that she loved Holly. E.J. joined them on the couch, and Nicole touted the day as their "new beginning." The trio cooed over Jude.

Later, Nicole enjoyed alone time with her son. "Oh, my God," she exclaimed over and over. When she held Jude up and proclaimed, "I knew it," the boy laughed. Nicole responded with her own tearful laugh and embraced him.

Rafe answered a summons from Eric and met him outside Eric's apartment. Rafe expressed condolences for Eric's loss and for Sloan's deception. Eric told Rafe that Sloan should still be inside. When they entered the apartment, though, it was a mess, and Sloan was nowhere to be found. Eric rushed into a back room and confirmed that Sloan had taken all her belongings.

Rafe noticed a necklace on the table. Eric said it was a Mother's Day necklace he had given Sloan. Eric realized Sloan had fled.

Rafe questions E.J. and Melinda about Sloan

Rafe questions E.J. and Melinda about Sloan

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

In the D.A.'s office, Melinda packed up E.J.'s things. Stefan walked in, and Melinda handed the box to him to deliver to E.J. "Can I help you with something?" Melinda asked. Stefan congratulated Melinda on her rehiring. Wary, Melinda warned Stefan that if he attempted to remove her from office like he had removed E.J., he would regret it. Stefan told Melinda that his only focus was to prove that Gabi was innocent. Stefan asked Melinda if she would reopen the murder case.

"I haven't made any decisions on any cases yet," Melinda said. "All I'm asking is that you follow the law," Stefan said. Suspicious, Melinda asked Stefan why E.J. had been disinterested in helping Stefan. Stefan explained that E.J. had followed his own agenda.

"You are an honorable public servant. Plus, this could curry some favor from the police commissioner," Stefan said. Melinda reminded Stefan that she did not report to Rafe. With a nod, Stefan suggested that it would help Melinda's reputation if she helped identify Li's real killer. "Like I said, I haven't had a chance to look at the files yet," Melinda reiterated. "Can you look now?" Stefan asked. Melinda groaned.

After a brief search, Melinda located the file and read through it. Stefan assured Melinda that the police had investigated the new evidence. With a wince, Melinda noted that the brother of the accused had run the new tests. "It went through the lab, obviously," Stefan said. Melinda argued that she could not do anything until her office ran its own independent investigation.

"Sure, but you have to admit, these facts in this folder seem pretty convincing in Gabi's favor," Stefan said. "Do I?" Melinda said with a raised eyebrow. Melinda explained that no matter how much Stefan and Rafe wanted to claim that Gabi was innocent, it did not mean it was true. "You going to review this case, or do I need to go over your head?" Stefan asked. Defensive, Melinda reminded Stefan that she was the D.A., and she did not answer to the DiMeras.

"I wasn't trying to push you around," Stefan assured Melinda. Stefan explained that he was anxious to get his wife out of prison. Melinda softened, and she said she understood that it was a terrible situation for Gabi. "But we can right that wrong together," Stefan whispered. Stefan told Melinda that he respected her and her office.

"I heard your press conference. You said you were committed to making Salem a safer, more just place. Doesn't that mean releasing innocent women from prison and getting killers off the street?" Stefan asked. Melinda told Stefan that she had no issue with reopening the case as long as the new evidence was legitimate and a judge agreed to reopen it. "So, you'd be willing to take it to court?" Stefan asked. Melinda noted there was a caseload backlog.

"Isn't it your duty to see that justice is carried out?" Stefan asked. "I do want justice for Li Shin. But as long as we're being honest here, I believe that he already got it," Melinda said. Stefan set his jaw, and he noted that his wife was not a killer. Melinda recounted that Gabi had had a motivation to kill Li, but Gil had not. "You are wrong," Stefan growled. Melinda said she was open to the idea that Gabi was innocent, but in her professional opinion, the new evidence was not enough to reopen the case or free Gabi.

Bonnie walked into the Kiriakis living room, and Maggie greeted her. "Where you been?" Maggie asked. Bonnie admitted she had been laying low in her room to avoid all the houseguests. "It was very lively," Maggie agreed. "Peace and quiet at last," Bonnie said. As Maggie nodded in agreement, Alex sauntered in with Theresa on his arm.

"I wasn't expecting you so soon," Maggie said. "I didn't know we needed to make an appointment to walk into our own home. But Bonnie, good to see you," Alex said. Alex kissed Bonnie on the cheek, and she hesitantly asked if both Alex and Theresa were moving into the house. "You haven't heard?" Theresa asked. Alex confessed that he had not had time to reach out to Justin.

"[Justin] sure has missed you these last couple months," Bonnie said. Bonnie noted that Justin would be thrilled to hear that Alex would be living under the same roof. Alex countered that he would be busy with work, but he planned to "connect" with Justin at some point. Bonnie joked that she would tell Justin to pencil Alex in. Theresa thanked Maggie for her hospitality.

"Of course, dear. I am so happy that you are going to be living here," Maggie said. Maggie hugged Theresa. Alex explained that his plan was to move into the east wing, and Maggie noted that Henderson had been preparing the rooms as requested. "Rooms? I thought we were sharing a room," Theresa asked. Alex noted that they had the full wing to themselves.

"You're going to have a room. I'm going to have a room. We're going to share a room. No more cramped apartment living, you know?" Alex said. Alex promised to buy Theresa a wardrobe befitting "someone with the Kiriakis heir." Theresa was taken aback. "Someone?" Theresa said. Alex noted that they had not defined their relationship yet.

After Alex and Theresa headed upstairs, Bonnie blurted out, "What in the holy hell was that?" Maggie shrugged. Bonnie called Justin to tell him about Alex's move. "[Justin] is going to be happy to spend more time with Alex, but he voiced some concerns over, let's see, how did he put it? Ah, yes, 'the corrosive nature of the Kiriakis fortune,'" Bonnie said. Maggie agreed, and she said she hoped Justin would be a good influence on Alex.

"Worked on me!" Bonnie said. Bonnie and Maggie laughed. Alex and Theresa returned to the living room, and Theresa raved about the new space. "Will you two be joining us for dinner?" Maggie asked. Alex noted that he wanted to review the menu. Maggie directed Alex to look for the cook in the garden.

"Great! I'm going to head down to the stables. I'm going to check a few things out. Then maybe later we can go for a swim?" Alex said to Theresa. Alex kissed Theresa on the cheek, and he joked that they could work on the breaststroke. "Sounds good," Theresa purred. Bonnie's eyes went wide. After Alex left, Theresa noted, "I could really get used to this." Maggie encouraged Theresa to feel at home, and Theresa thanked Maggie again.

"I'm just thankful to be in a place where I don't have to worry about rent and utilities," Theresa said. Maggie admitted that she knew about Theresa's recent struggles. "I just hope you take this time to sort out your life. And to figure out what you want to do next," Maggie said. Theresa nodded in agreement. Bonnie joked about Alex's wealth, and Maggie warned Theresa to be careful with Alex.

"Money has a way of changing people," Maggie said. "Amen, sister," Bonnie agreed. Maggie left to find Alex, and Bonnie stayed behind to chat with Theresa. "You remind me of me," Bonnie said. "How exactly?" Theresa asked. Bonnie explained that she had been after the Kiriakis' wealth when she had first moved in.

"I tried to marry Victor to get it. But with Justin, it's a whole different story. Seems to me you're going for door number one," Bonnie said. "Are you calling me a gold-digger?" Theresa asked. Bonnie said that she did not judge Theresa. "It's perfectly fine to fall in love with a man and his money, as long as you're not trying to con him like Konstantin. Word to the wise, stay away from that piece of garbage," Bonnie counseled. Theresa nodded yes. Bonnie encouraged Theresa to pursue Alex if she loved him.

Upstairs, Maggie caught up with Alex in the hallway. Alex noted that the stable needed a full renovation, and he had found an architect to rebuild the stables from scratch. "There is going to be no construction on the grounds until after the weddings," Maggie said. "Weddings?" Alex asked. Maggie told Alex that Xander and Sarah were engaged. Alex asked if he and Theresa would be invited.

"We know Victor would want everybody to get along," Alex said. Maggie noted that family always found a way to get along. "I just want to be clear about the boundaries," Maggie said. Maggie stressed that she would not give in to every one of Alex's wishes. "I mean, you talk about what Victor wanted? I promise you, he wouldn't want you disrespecting his wife or anyone he cared about," Maggie said. Alex argued that he had fresh ideas about the house and the staff.

"Luckily, I am the future of this family, and I am going to take this family into the modern world. And I'm not going to hold back just because it might hurt your feelings," Alex said. Maggie chuckled. Maggie noted that it was clear that Alex relished the Kiriakis lifestyle and power, and she did not blame him for it. "But there's more to it than a name," Maggie said.

"Are you saying I don't understand what it means to be Victor's son?" Alex asked. Maggie noted that there was responsibility and sacrifice that went along with the family name. "And unless you're ready to embrace all of it, you're just merely playing at the job of being an heir," Maggie said. Maggie patted Alex's cheek, and she walked away.

Eric and Rafe walked into Sloan's apartment and looked around, but Sloan was gone. "I can't believe she just left," Eric muttered. Rafe called in an APB on Sloan.

"This just doesn't make sense. Her passport, her driver's license are still here," Eric noted. Rafe asked Eric approximately how long Sloan had been gone. "Maybe a couple hours," Eric said. With a nod, Rafe noted that he had a couple of ideas of where to start the search.

In the DiMera living room, Nicole told E.J. that their son was perfect. "Our precious son is alive," E.J. said. Nicole agreed that Jude was an answer to their prayers. With a sigh, E.J. noted that Nicole had known all along that Jude had been her son. "I felt it in my heart the moment I set eyes on him," Nicole admitted. E.J. apologized for not having believed Nicole.

"Can you ever forgive me?" E.J. asked. "Of course, I forgive you. How could you have known? I had a connection with him because I carried him," Nicole noted. Nicole assured E.J. that the only person to blame was Sloan. Nicole lamented all the lost time they had missed out on with their baby boy. "Jude will heal us, Nicole. It will just take time," E.J. said. Nicole argued that she could not stop thinking about the night of Jude's birth.

"I thought I lost everything. I never thought my life would be whole again," Nicole said. "And it is now," E.J. whispered. E.J. added that Rafe and Eric would make sure Sloan faced the consequences for her actions. "What about that doctor? And Dimitri?" Nicole asked. Nicole argued that Sloan could not have pulled off the scheme on her own. With a nod, E.J. noted that there would likely always be unanswered questions. "But when I look into our son's eyes, none of it matters," E.J. said. E.J. suggested that they focus on being parents.

"You're right. I cannot let my anger take away this moment," Nicole said. Nicole told Jude that he deserved to have an attentive and loving mother. "We've wasted too much time not being a family, and I'm not going to waste any more time thinking about that horrible --" Nicole said. Eric and Rafe interrupted with the news that Sloan had escaped.

"I'm sorry. While I was bringing Jude to you, she obviously took off," Eric explained. Nicole told Eric not to apologize. With a shake of his head, Eric noted, "I should have called the police first." Nicole argued that Eric had acted like a parent and had done the right thing. E.J. agreed. "We all hope that Sloan faces the consequences, but that's out of our hands," E.J. said. Rafe said there was an APB for Sloan.

"I don't know what she was thinking to run like this," Rafe said. Nicole scoffed and noted that Sloan had not wanted to face the consequences for her actions. Frustrated, E.J. asked Rafe why he was not out searching for Sloan. "Actually, I have questions for you," Rafe said. Rafe explained that Sloan had left without her wallet, keys, car, or identification. When Rafe asked E.J. if he believed Sloan had the means to start over, E.J. shook his head no. E.J. thought about when he had handed over a packet of materials to Sloan to help her start her new life.

"You'll never want for anything as long as you promise never to return to Salem or tell anyone that Eric is Jude's biological father," E.J. had told Sloan. E.J. shook off the memory. Rafe agreed that although Sloan was resourceful, she was not "flush with cash." "I don't even know how she got this far," Eric admitted. Rafe asked E.J. if he could reach out to his connections about Sloan.

"You want our help in tracking down Sloan in case this goes beyond the scope of the law," E.J. said. Rafe asked E.J. to let the police know if E.J. found any leads. "Whatever you need," Nicole said. As Rafe and Eric turned to leave, Nicole asked Eric if he wanted to say hello to Jude. "I don't want to wake him up," Eric said. Eric and Rafe walked out of the house.

On the porch, an emotional Eric fought back tears. "You all right?" Rafe asked. Eric shook his head no. "Jude is where he is supposed to be. But my heart," Eric said. Rafe said he understood. "I felt that pain when I had to turn David over after I was raising him all those months," Rafe said. Eric noted that Jude felt like his son, and Rafe countered that it would feel like that for a while.

In the DiMera living room, Nicole said she wanted to focus on Jude. E.J. brightened and he talked about rebuilding the nursery. E.J. changed the subject to Nicole's job. "I will talk to [Chad] about maternity leave," Nicole said. E.J. encouraged Nicole to do more.

"I feel so lucky right now, but also a little guilty," Nicole said. "Why?" E.J. asked. Nicole noted that she had everything, and Eric had lost everything. "And he's wanted to be a father for so long," Nicole added. E.J. said that he felt for Eric. "But the happiness we're feeling right now should have been ours all along," E.J. said.

Rafe went to the D.A.'s office, and Melinda warned him that she had already talked to Stefan about Gabi. "I'm not here to talk about my sister," Rafe said. Rafe explained that he was there to talk about Sloan's disappearance. Melinda acted surprised by the news. Melinda thought about her last conversation with Sloan when Sloan had explained that E.J. had promised to help Sloan escape.

"Why would she do that?" Melinda asked Rafe. "Because she got caught," Rafe said. Melinda shook her head as if confused, and she asked if Jude was missing, as well. "That's interesting that you mention him. He's the reason that she took off," Rafe said. "I don't understand," Melinda said. Rafe furrowed his brow, and he asked Melinda if she knew anything about the baby switch. Melinda feigned surprise.

"Did you say baby switch?" Melinda said. Rafe explained that Sloan had told Eric that the adoption had fallen through, and Sloan had faked the death of Nicole's baby so that she could take him. "No! Sloan would not do something like that. I don't believe it," Melinda said. "You helped to arrange this adoption. You honestly expect me to believe you knew nothing about this?" Rafe asked. Melinda explained that she had done the groundwork, but Sloan had taken over the final elements of the adoption. "As far as I know, Jude was the baby that they adopted," Melinda said. Melinda asked if Sloan had implicated her in the switch.

"No," Rafe admitted. With a shake of his head, Rafe added that he had a lot of questions about the situation. Melinda stammered that she hoped that Rafe found Sloan soon. "So do I. And I hope that I can trust you to see this through," Rafe said. Melinda stressed that she was on the side of justice. "For all who deserve it," Melinda added.

Stefan returned home and stomped into the living room. E.J. and Nicole shushed Stefan. "You guys babysitting?" Stefan asked. "This is our son," Nicole said. Confused, Stefan asked how. E.J. explained that Sloan had stolen their baby and passed him off as Eric and Sloan's adoptive child. "And now, she just decides to bring him back?" Stefan asked. Nicole explained that Eric had returned the child when he had learned the truth. Stefan stared at Jude in stunned silence.

"I'm so happy for you, for both of you," Stefan said. E.J. and Nicole thanked Stefan. "I saw how badly you suffered when you thought you'd lost your child. My God. Nobody has the right to break a family apart," Stefan said. "Miracles do happen," E.J. agreed.

Eric returned home to his apartment, and he stared at Jude's belongings around the room. With a sigh, Eric pulled out his phone and stared at a photo of Jude.

Marlena and John learn about Jude

Marlena and John learn about Jude

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

At the Brady Pub, Steve and Jada enjoyed small talk over dinner. Jada mentioned that she would have to leave imminently because the department was still short-handed. When she updated Steve about Harris' request for more time off, they both speculated about what Harris might be doing. Steve wondered if Ava's sudden disappearance might be associated with Harris' request, but Jada reminded Steve that Harris was a "big boy" who could take care of himself. Jada pressed Steve about what else was bothering him, and he admitted that he was worried about Stephanie.

Steve told Jada that he had heard about Everett's assault on Eric, and he wanted more details. Jada hedged on revealing anything about Everett's personal life, as she did not feel it was her place. Steve understood but wanted to ask Jada one question: "Is Everett Lynch a violent man?" Jada assured Steve that Everett had "never raised a hand" to her during their marriage, and she did not believe he would hurt Stephanie "in that way," either. When Jada tried to change the subject, Steve correctly surmised that there was more to the story.

Steve quickly apologized and told Jada he had not invited her to dinner to "grill you about my daughter's love life." He hadn't wanted to cross a line with Stephanie, either. Jada knew that Steve had only been acting as "a concerned dad," and she considered Stephanie lucky because Jada missed her father daily. Steve confided that he missed "my homeboy Marcus," too, and offered to step into Marcus' role as overbearing dad by interrogating Jada's boyfriends and showering her with "unsolicited advice." Jada lightly assured Steve that she was "good."

Steve grew serious and stated that he was proud of Jada and happy for her, as he believed Rafe to be "a good guy." As they ate, Steve observed the unique look of Jada's hamburger bun. She explained that the bun was gluten-free and that Goldman had told her about it. When Jada mentioned that Goldman had celiac disease and could only consume gluten-free bread, Steve looked intrigued.

After Jada finished her meal, she prepared to pay. Steve insisted that "surrogate papa pays," even after Jada jokingly reminded him that gluten-free bread cost extra. The two hugged and promised to do dinner again with Kayla and Rafe. Jada left, and Steve opened his laptop. He thanked Jada for giving him the information to find Harris and Ava.

In Montana, Harris and Ava arrived at their hotel room. Ava cracked that the space looked like the "Buffalo Bill room." Lucas followed them into the room and asked where he should put his roll-away bed. He made jokes about giving the "lovebirds the big bed," but Harris and Ava clarified that the trip was not a "romantic getaway" for them. They all agreed that they were determined to catch Clyde and to hopefully get Lucas his freedom.

Lucas light-heartedly mused to a puzzled Harris and Ava that the only thing he would miss in prison would be the "make-your-own-sundae-bar." The trio settled down and shared drinks, and Lucas wondered why they were risking getting "mauled by bears and eaten alive by mosquitoes in the middle of nowhere" to track down Clyde -- without any assistance from the FBI. Harris stressed that he wanted to take care of Clyde himself. Lucas understood that getting Clyde was "personal" for Harris, and Ava added that it was "personal for all of us."

Harris updated Lucas on Harris' visit to a local library, where the librarian had identified a photo of Goldman. The librarian had claimed that Goldman had frequently visited the library, but Clyde had not been seen. Harris thought that the local police's failure to follow up on a tip concerning Clyde might mean that Clyde had the cops "in his pocket." Harris also believed that since the town was small, he, Ava, and Lucas would eventually locate Clyde.

Lucas wasn't so optimistic about their prospects, given that Clyde was a "country boy," while he, Harris, and Ava were "city folk." Harris agreed Clyde was likely "holed up" in the woods. Harris thought that Goldman might be their best hope of tracking Clyde, since Clyde had routinely been sending his girlfriend into town for supplies. When Lucas asked if they would be turning Clyde in to the FBI after they found him, Harris confirmed, "That's the plan." Ava, however, flashed back to telling Steve that Clyde "had to pay" in a more "permanent" way.

Harris balked at Lucas' offering of elk jerky for dinner, so he and Lucas left to get something at a nearby convenience store. After they departed, Ava answered a call from Steve, who announced that he knew that Ava and Harris were in Montana. Steve wanted to join them, but Ava convinced him that his presence might tip off Clyde. They bantered about Steve's distrust of Ava. Steve wanted Ava to be careful, for Tripp's sake; as she pulled out a gun, Ava assured Steve she could take care of herself.

Before Steve ended the call, he informed Ava about the specialty bakery that Goldman had mentioned to Jada. Steve had investigated and discovered that the bakery had made frequent shipments to a specific postal address in the Montana town. Ava agreed that Harris and she could use the intel to find Goldman -- and find Clyde in the process. When Harris and Lucas returned with their "meal" of slushies and flaming hot cheese puffs, the trio sat down for dinner and made plans for the next phase of their quest.

In Horton Town Square, Marlena and John compared gifts they had bought for Jude. John joked that his "Best Grandma in the Galaxy" shirt topped Marlena's "Best Grandpa in the World" baby tee. Marlena wondered why Eric, Sloan, and Jude had not arrived yet for their planned gathering. She called Eric, who -- still in bed and upset -- texted that he wasn't coming. Marlena told John about the text, and she worried that something was wrong.

Marlena called Chad and asked if Eric had reported to work. Chad confirmed that he had not and guessed that Eric might be staying away because of the incident with Everett. Marlena then tried Sloan's number but was surprised and concerned when she discovered the number had been disconnected. Later, a worried Marlena and John arrived at Eric and Sloan's apartment. Eric answered the door, and their worry grew when they took note of Eric's disheveled appearance. Marlena asked Eric what was wrong, and Eric sadly responded, "Everything."

Inside the apartment, a dejected Eric updated Marlena and John on the events that had unfolded. The couple told Eric they were sorry for what he had been through and assured him he wasn't at fault after Eric blamed himself for Sloan having fled. John asked Eric what he and Marlena could do, and Eric stated that he wanted to be alone. He promised Marlena that he would not drink. Marlena was concerned about Eric's health after he admitted that he had not eaten since learning the news.

Marlena and John took Eric to Horton Town Square for a meal. Eric ate little and insisted he had no appetite. He asked Marlena to tell the rest of the family about Jude, and she reassured him that she would. When John suggested that Nicole would ensure Eric was still a part of Jude's life, Eric lamented that he needed to stay away from Jude for Nicole and E.J.'s sakes. "I have to stay away," he reiterated with a shaky sigh.

Everett passed by the table, and Marlena caught up with him before he could leave. She asked him how he was doing and told him that she and Stephanie had been trying to get in touch with him. Everett claimed that his phone hadn't been charged and impatiently asked what was so important. Marlena said that she wanted to talk with Everett about what had happened the previous night.

Everett grew agitated and stressed to Marlena that he had no memory of attacking Eric. When he noticed Eric sitting at the table, he approached and attempted to apologize. After Everett mentioned Sloan -- and Eric's love for her, Eric got upset and rushed from the table. John followed Eric, while Marlena stayed behind with Everett.

Marlena explained to Everett that Eric had experienced a personal loss. Everett wanted to leave, but Marlena encouraged him to stay and claimed she wanted to help him. When Everett insisted on leaving, Marlena challenged him to admit that he was avoiding his problems. Everett declared the conversation over and stormed off. Marlena then called Jada and requested Jada's help with an intervention for Everett.

John caught up with Eric and tried to calm him down. Eric apologized for his abrupt departure, but John said he understood. John opened up about how difficult it had been for him when he had been forced to relinquish Eric and Sami to Roman. John explained that remaining in the twins' lives had made the transition easier for him, and he believed remaining in Jude's life could do the same for Eric. While he was grateful to have maintained his relationship with John, Eric was not sure staying connected to Jude was in the boy's or Eric's best interest.

In the park, Chad brought Stephanie a snack of a banana nut muffin and a vanilla latte. Stephanie was happily surprised that Chad had remembered her favorite snack. They were interrupted when Chad received the call from Marlena, inquiring about Eric's whereabouts.

Later, Chad and Stephanie worried about Eric. Chad noticed that something else was disturbing Stephanie. She hesitantly confided the news about Everett's presumed DID diagnosis. She hadn't wanted to violate Everett's privacy, but she was worried about how "unpredictable" he had become. Stephanie admitted that she had also been concerned about how Everett would react if he saw her with Chad. She told Chad about Everett seemingly switching personalities when Everett had been held at the police station.

Chad chastised himself for not seeing the signs with Everett after he had gone through the same thing with Abigail's DID. Stephanie apologized for being insensitive to Chad's prior experience. She informed him that Steve and Kayla had told her about Abigail's previous diagnosis. Chad assured Stephanie he was fine talking about it, but he wanted to warn Stephanie that she had "a tough road ahead" if she chose to stay with Everett. He asked her if she was prepared.

Stephanie acknowledged that Everett's condition would bring challenges, but she believed it "honorable" and the right thing to do to stand by him. Chad understood, as he wished he could have done the same for Abigail. Stephanie gently reminded Chad that he had done everything possible to help his wife and again urged him to stop blaming himself for Abigail's death. Clyde had been the only one responsible, she affirmed.

Stephanie received a text from Jada. After reading the text, Stephanie told Chad that Marlena wanted to stage an intervention for Everett. Stephanie proclaimed her intention to help and left Chad, who wished her luck. A moment later, Chad fielded another call.

Steve had contacted Chad to update him on Clyde. While Steve could not reveal Clyde's location to Chad, he assured Chad that Harris was on Clyde's trail and would bring Clyde back, "dead or alive." Steve and Chad agreed on which option they preferred.

Lucas gets the upper hand on Goldman

Lucas gets the upper hand on Goldman

Thursday, May 30, 2024

At the Bistro, Stefan greeted Theresa at her table. He remarked that it had been a while since he had seen her and wondered what brought her to the restaurant. Theresa raised a glass and pronounced that she was having a "celebratory mocktail" after moving into the Kiriakis mansion, or "domicile," as she called it. She bragged about the size of her and Alex's living quarters and the number of servants who attended to them.

Theresa made a crack about Stefan's "proverbial silver spoon." She sarcastically asked why he was running "this very popular restaurant" as she glanced around the empty dining room. Stefan admitted that things had been slow, especially since he had lost his manager. When Theresa made a comment about a new manager, a smiling Stefan looked at Theresa with interest.

Stefan showed Theresa a job advertisement he had crafted. Theresa said it was okay but knocked the lack of personalization in job searches. Stefan agreed that socialization was important and asked Theresa if she "happened to know anyone perfect for the job." Theresa suggested Stefan hire Stephanie for public relations. Stefan said he had worked with Stephanie before, but he needed someone "on-site."

Stefan questioned Theresa about her involvement with the "Brady family restaurant dynasty." Theresa joked that she was a member of the Brady family who frequented the pub. Stefan affirmed that it was good enough for him and said he believed the job ad had been made especially for her. While Theresa was flattered, she demurred that she was in a relationship with Alex.

Stefan smirked and finished the thought for Theresa: she didn't need to work because she would soon be rich. Stefan did wonder how Theresa would fill her time. She speculated about music lessons, volunteer work, or travel before admitting that "being rich might be terribly boring." For the time being, though, she wanted to keep her options open and her time free.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen and Alex enjoyed each other's company in bed. Between kisses, Kristen asked Alex if he had gone straight to her bed from Theresa's bed. Alex didn't deny the insinuation but attempted to placate Kristen by gifting her a necklace. He claimed the jewelry had reminded him of her. Kristen said she would "reward" Alex and threw the blankets over them as she continued kissing him passionately.

Later, Alex ignored a message on his phone that he assumed was from Maggie inquiring about his presence at work. Kristen encouraged him to go to Titan because her brother E.J. was always on the lookout for a vulnerability in the company. Alex assured her that E.J. wouldn't get anywhere near Titan "as long as I'm in charge." When the phone interrupted them again, Alex glanced at the message and jumped up, exclaiming he was late for an appointment. He groaned and reluctantly left to get dressed, while Kristen held her new necklace and chuckled.

Downstairs at the DiMera mansion, E.J. chatted with Jude, who was in his crib. He assured the boy that he would get used to his new family and regretted that the "little one" had spent all night crying "every hour on the hour." E.J. remarked that he was no longer using Jude's name because he intended on renaming the boy something "more suitable."

When Kristen and Alex emerged from upstairs, she made a crack about E.J.'s new "fetish" after she observed him clutching a toy. Unfazed, E.J. asked Kristen if she had time to meet his son. Alex kissed Kristen goodbye, coolly greeted E.J., and left for his appointment. Kristen approached the crib and remarked that she had thought she heard a baby crying the night before. E.J. admitted the boy had experienced a rough night and asked Kristen to sit down because he had "a long story" to tell her.

After E.J. filled her in on Jude, a shocked Kristen called Sloan "pure evil." E.J. claimed Sloan had "vanished without a trace," leaving Nicole wanting to "throttle her." While Kristen understood the "undead baby" part after her own experience with Rachel, she had a harder time believing that Sloan hadn't had any help.

E.J. got rattled and insisted that he was only going by what he had been told. He assured Kristen that both he and the police were on Sloan's trail. Kristen was amused at the thought of the Salem police accomplishing anything useful. She also poked an irritated E.J. about losing his "magic touch," given his lack of progress in finding Clyde.

Kristen concurred that E.J. had experienced an "eventful week" and expressed happiness for him since he had his son back. She said she was sorry for his loss of the D.A. job. E.J. vowed that Paulina would regret making an enemy of him. Kristen surmised that E.J. had designs on Paulina's job, but she was curious as to why E.J. thought becoming mayor wouldn't present a conflict of interest with his duties at DiMera. E.J. brushed off the concern and confidently asserted that "the mayor makes the rules, and I love to make rules."

A short time later, Stefan walked into the mansion. Kristen asked him if he had heard the news about the baby, and he confirmed that he had. E.J. and Stefan were dismissive of each other. Kristen excused herself and Stefan, as she wanted to discuss something with her brother. With a distrustful look, E.J. watched them go.

In her office, Marlena checked in with Roman over the phone. They talked about Eric, and Marlena expressed her gratitude that Roman was supporting their son. After she ended the call, Marlena gazed at a picture of Jude on her desk and sighed. She called the situation "so heartbreaking."

Shortly after, Alex arrived at Marlena's office. He apologized for being late and claimed he had been busy with work. Marlena asked if he wanted to talk about something specific. Alex began rambling about his efforts to put his "playboy ways" behind him. He confirmed he was back with Theresa, which Marlena had already heard from Tate. Alex then admitted he was also seeing Kristen.

Marlena looked perturbed as Alex continued to talk about preferring seeing both women at the same time because "variety is the spice of life."

After Marlena's inquiry about how he felt about the situation, Alex confided that he believed Kristen was with him for the "physical" aspect of their relationship, while Theresa was with him "for the money." He complained that women had been "throwing themselves" at him "more than usual" since he had gotten his inheritance. Marlena gave a slightly disapproving look and made a couple of sarcastic remarks as Alex pressed on with his belief that most women were after money.

When Marlena pressed Alex about why he had asked Theresa to move in with him, he justified that he was doing her a favor. Marlena suggested that Alex might be leading Theresa on about his level of commitment to her. Alex agreed he should talk with Theresa and clear the air.

As Alex prepared to leave, Marlena asked him to say hello to Maggie for her. Alex took the mention of Maggie's name as an opportunity to rant about Maggie's involvement with Konstantin. Marlena admitted she "wasn't a fan" of the man, and she requested that Alex keep an eye on Maggie. He promised her he would and left after scheduling an appointment with Marlena for the following week.

Following Alex's departure, Marlena called Roman again. They agreed Eric would need his family "now more than ever," since Eric had lost his son.

Alex encountered Theresa in Horton Town Square. He explained that he wanted to be honest with her and confessed that he was still seeing Kristen. Alex also let Theresa know that he was not ready for a commitment. Taken aback, Theresa plastered on a smile, claimed she would enjoy not being bound by a commitment, and asked Alex to clarify that they were in an "open relationship." He hesitantly agreed but looked nonplussed when Theresa sauntered off.

In the Montana hotel room, Ava stirred in bed. She turned over and was startled to find Lucas asleep beside her. When she raised up, Harris was at the desk and on the laptop. He announced that they had a break on Clyde. Harris confirmed that his ISA contacts had successfully cracked the code in Clyde's book and identified Clyde's major dealers. Harris revealed that three of the identified dealers lived nearby, and he was confident "one of those dirtbags" would lead them to Clyde.

Ava balked when Harris suggested she stay behind while he tracked down Clyde. She raged that she could had not "come all this way to sit on my ass." The two continued to bicker as Lucas awoke in the background. Later, after Harris had left, Lucas complained about Harris dragging him "into the middle of nowhere to do nothing." Ava, however, claimed that she had received a message from Harris informing her that Goldman would be at the Post Office that day.

Ava further claimed that Harris wanted her and Lucas to stake out the site. Lucas was skeptical that Harris wanted them to go, but Ava insisted. Later, Ava, who wore a cowboy hat and sunglasses, arrived outside the Post Office. A less-than-thrilled Lucas followed behind, clad in his monk garb. He and Ava argued about Ava's choice of disguise for him.

Ava sarcastically asked if she'd deprived Lucas of his dream of being cowboy for a day, and Lucas defended that at least with the cowboy hat, he'd fit in instead of standing out. She managed to convince him that people might trust him and open up to him as a religious figure. Before Ava went inside to talk with the clerk, she instructed Lucas to stay outside as a lookout for Goldman. She warned him not to confront the woman without backup.

After Ava entered the office, Lucas impatiently paced outside. A woman in a cap literally ran into him and started to apologize. It was Goldman, who recognized Lucas and moved to pull a gun from her waistband. Lucas braced himself.

When Ava exited the Post Office, she was shocked by the sight that greeted her. Lucas had tied up a struggling Goldman. Alarmed, Ava scolded Lucas and asked what had happened to Goldman's eyes, which looked blackened. Lucas proudly confirmed that he had subdued Goldman with bear spray. He said the monk outfit had come in handy because it had allowed him to hide the spray, and he mused about what else he could fit in the robe.

Ava turned her attention to Goldman and pledged to the protesting woman that Goldman would lead them to Clyde. Ava and Lucas hurried a still-struggling Goldman away.

Harris entered a warehouse and approached a man who was smoking. When he asked the man for a cigarette, the man -- called Snake -- got angry and demanded to know who Harris was. Harris tried to calm Snake, but the man guessed Harris was a cop. He pushed Harris and fled. Harris took off in pursuit.

Bobby lashes out at Everett's intervention

Bobby lashes out at Everett's intervention

Friday, May 31, 2024

In the D.A.'s office, Melinda hissed at Sloan over the phone not to call her anymore. Melinda confirmed that Rafe had questioned her. When there was a knock on the office door, Melinda hurriedly ended her phone call. Rafe walked in.

"I was just telling that A.D.A. how much I'm looking forward to working with you again," Melinda said. "I'll bet you were," Rafe said. Rafe explained that he had more questions. "The more I thought about it, the less your explanation made sense," Rafe said. Rafe asked Melinda why she had not known that the adoption had fallen through.

"You don't think that Sloan was motivated to keep me in the dark?" Melinda asked. "So, the adoption agency never got in touch with you?" Rafe asked. Melinda stressed that after Sloan had taken over the adoption arrangements, the agency had had no reason to talk to Melinda. "And Sloan taking over just meant one less thing on my plate," Melinda added.

Melinda asked Rafe what motive she would have had to give Nicole's baby to Sloan. "I mean, the risk alone to my career, my reputation, and the ever-vengeful DiMeras. We're talking madness," Melinda argued. After Rafe left, Melinda heaved a big sigh of relief. "Man, I'm good," Melinda whispered.

Leo was working on his laptop at the café in the square. "No offense, Everett, but the quality of writing at the Spectator has really gone down the last couple of months. But that is about to change, starting today," Leo said. As Leo started to type, Eric walked up. Eric told Leo that Sloan had told him everything. "About?" Leo asked. "About Jude, who you knew all along was E.J. and Nicole's son and what you used to blackmail her," Eric said. Confused, Leo said, "She told you about that?" Eric said Sloan had told her everything before she had disappeared.

"Do you know where she went?" Eric asked. Leo said no. Worried, Leo asked if Sloan had run off with Jude. "Jude is where he belongs. When I learned the truth, I took him right to Nicole and E.J.," Eric said. Leo called Eric honorable. Eric explained that when he had returned home to deal with Sloan, she had already left town. "If I knew where she was, I would tell you," Leo said. Eric did not believe Leo.

"Look, I tried to do the right thing, more than once," Leo protested. "Yeah, right," Eric grumbled. Leo reminded Eric that he had almost said something at the christening. "Almost!" Eric yelled. Leo admitted that he had been a coward but that he had been making an attempt to be more noble and honest. Eric grabbed Leo's shirt and pulled Leo close to his face. "You don't got a noble bone in your body," Eric said through gritted teeth. Eric released Leo's shirt.

"You sat on the story. You kept from publishing it because you didn't want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg," Eric said. Leo stressed that the day he had learned the truth about the baby, he had gone directly to E.J. and Nicole. "They wouldn't listen to me," Leo said. "So, you went to Sloan instead? You took our money to keep your mouth shut?" Eric asked. Leo explained that he had lost Dimitri and had been desperate. Angry, Eric grabbed Leo's shirt collar again. Leo called out to Rafe for help.

"What's going on here?" Rafe asked. Eric released Leo. "Get out of my sight," Eric growled. Leo grabbed his stuff and ran off. Eric apologized to Rafe for having lost his temper. "I can't say I blame you," Rafe admitted. Eric explained that he had hoped Leo could lead him to Sloan, but it had been a dead end.

"We're not giving up," Rafe promised. Eric nodded yes. "[Finding her] is not going to make me a father again," Eric said. Rafe patted Eric on the shoulder, and he said that finding Sloan would help with Eric's grief. With a shake of his head, Rafe informed Eric that he had questioned Melinda, and he was amazed that Melinda had not been a part of the adoption handoff of the baby. Stunned, Eric noted that Melinda had handed them the baby. "Why didn't I see this sooner," Eric said. "This means that Trask knew all along. That she knew that Jude was Nicole's baby," Rafe said.

Leo marched into Melinda's office, and she heaved a frustrated sigh. "I just ran into Eric Brady, who told me that Sloan confessed everything then hit the yellow brick road to nowheresville?" Leo said. Melinda confirmed that she had already talked to Rafe. Leo argued that everyone knew he had blackmailed Sloan, and they knew why. "Your problem, not mine," Melinda said. Leo asked Melinda to help him. Melinda promised to redirect Rafe's focus. "The only person who can truly prove that you were blackmailing Sloan is Sloan. And she is long gone," Melinda said.

After Leo left, Rafe returned to Melinda's office. "What now?" Melinda said. "You lied to me," Rafe said. Rafe said he had proof of Melinda's guilt, and he arrested her.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. talked to Jude about giving the baby a new name. "Something befitting the family you now proudly represent. Because biology be damned. I'm your daddy now, not Eric Brady, and your mommy will never know otherwise," E.J. said. As E.J. said it would be their little secret, Nicole walked in. "What secret?" Nicole asked. With a grin, E.J. said he had been talking to his son about a new name. Nicole asked why.

"Eric and Sloan chose the name. Don't you want to reserve that pleasure for ourselves?" E.J. asked. "I kind of like Jude. Well, he's used to it, anyway," Nicole said. E.J. reminded Nicole that Jude was a baby and would not know the difference. "If you're adamant. I mean, you are his daddy," Nicole said. E.J. said, "I am indeed." E.J. announced that he was taking the baby out for a walk.

After E.J. left, Sloan slipped into the living room through the garden door. "Hello, Nicole," Sloan said. Sloan warned Nicole to keep her distance. "Really? How long were you waiting there? Were you waiting for E.J. to leave?" Nicole asked. Sloan shook her head no. "I'm not worried about E.J.," Sloan said. Nicole growled, "If you come within twelve feet of my baby, I will kill you." Sloan explained that she was there to see Nicole, not Jude.

"There is something that you have to hear," Sloan said. Sloan explained that she had started to walk away, but she had realized that she could not live with herself if she did not face Nicole. "That's the only reason you can't live with yourself?" Nicole yelled. Nicole announced that she would call Rafe so that Sloan could make her confession. Sloan asked Nicole to wait.

"I am so sorry. Profoundly sorry. I regret all the pain that you've suffered. I do. But you need to hear and know I didn't plan it," Sloan said. Nicole scoffed. Sloan explained that Dimitri had shown up on her doorstep with Jude right after Sloan had had a miscarriage and a failed adoption. Nicole groaned. "I had hit bottom. And then all of a sudden, a baby showed up in my home. It felt like it was fate," Sloan said. Nicole punched Sloan.

"I deserved that," Sloan admitted. "You deserve more than that," Nicole said. With a sigh, Nicole reminded Sloan that she had supported Sloan after her miscarriage because Nicole had been through the pain herself. "I lost two babies before Jude. And when he was born, it was a miracle. And then, it became a nightmare because of you!" Nicole yelled. Nicole argued that because of Sloan's lies, she had missed the first six months of her son's life.

"And I am not the only one who suffered. Your husband. Your wonderful husband, who's only wanted a child his entire life. One wish, one wish, Sloan. And when he finally got that wish, the child he thought was his was ripped from his hands," Nicole said. "And mine!" Sloan countered. Nicole screamed at Sloan that the baby did not need Sloan.

"When I thought Jude was my son, you made me out to be a lunatic. And when I stole him from the Horton Town Square that day, because you negligently left him alone, you made me grovel for forgiveness. What kind of person sinks that low?" Nicole asked. Sloan reminded Nicole that Nicole had done the same thing. Nicole screamed in frustration. When Nicole told Sloan to leave, Sloan said she had heard all the things that Nicole had done to Sami.

"Obviously, you were as desperate as I was. But maybe, maybe you could extend the same grace that you were once extended," Sloan said. "And get away with it? No. Never, Sloan, Never!" Nicole countered. Sloan called Nicole a hypocrite. "Call me what you want. I'm calling the cops," Nicole said. As Sloan rushed to leave, Eric blocked her path.

Outside the Brady Pub, Marlena ran into E.J. while he was out for a walk with Jude. Marlena stopped herself before she noted that Jude looked just like Eric. "Sorry. I'm used to him being my grandson," Marlena said. "I'm the one who is sorry," E.J. countered. With a shake of her head, Marlena told E.J. that he did not need to apologize, because they were all victims in the situation.

"And I know how much you both suffered, and I'm glad that you're going to be reunited with your son," Marlena said. E.J. thanked Marlena. "And I know that you and Nicole will be amazing and loving parents to this little guy," Marlena said. Marlena told Jude goodbye, and with tears in her eyes, she walked away.

At the hospital, Stephanie stopped by Marlena's office. Stephanie said she and Jada were eager to move forward with intervention. "It's important to get Everett the help he needs. And the good news is, Jada is on her way over," Marlena said. In Marlena's office, Marlena assured Stephanie that it was normal for her to feel overwhelmed by the situation. "With Everett being so resistant, well, it's gonna take everything we have to help him go through this," Marlena counseled. Marlena reiterated that she would not be a part of the intervention, but she would be nearby if needed.

At Everett's hotel room, Jada let herself in. The shower was running in the bathroom, so Jada yelled out, "Bobby! The front desk said you were here!" Jada went into the bathroom and got into the shower stall with a naked Bobby. "Bobby, I had the most terrible dream last night. I dreamt that I lost you," Jada whispered. "Lost me? That could never happen. You are my wife. You are Mrs. Bobby Stein. Now and forever," Bobby said. Bobby grabbed Jada and kissed her.

"I dreamed that you had a split personality," Jada said. "So, which one of me was sexier?" Bobby teased. Jada told Bobby about Everett. Bobby said not to worry. "There is no Everett," Bobby said. Stephanie walked into the bathroom. "Everett? What the hell is going on here?" Stephanie asked. Everett startled awake from his dream.

When Jada arrived at Everett's room, he was already showered and dressed. Jada asked if he was okay. Everett admitted that he had had an odd dream that he could not quite remember, and it had thrown him off. "What are you doing here?" Everett asked. "I was hoping that we could talk," Jada said. Everett nodded yes as Stephanie knocked on the door. Stephanie walked in, and she and Jada pretended that they were surprised to see one another there.

"Am I supposed to believe that this was some sort of coincidence?" Everett said. Stephanie and Jada admitted that they had coordinated their visit. "We're here because Dr. Evans suggested that we both talk to you," Stephanie said. Frustrated, Everett complained that Marlena would not leave his memory issues alone.

"Yes, there are gaps in my memory, but it's because I was in a car accident," Everett argued. "You know she doesn't believe that's the cause," Stephanie countered. Defensive, Everett asked Stephanie how much Marlena had told her about him. Jada pointed out that Everett was no longer Marlena's patient. "And it is pretty obvious that something very serious is going on with you," Jada said. Everett insisted that he had punched Eric because of alcohol.

"You insisted you were Bobby Stein. You made a pass at me," Jada said. "What?" Everett said with surprise. Jada noted that it had happened the morning after the bar fight. "Look, I know this is really confusing for you, not being able to remember. But it was like you were two very different people yesterday," Jada explained. Stephanie noted that Marlena had observed the behavior, and she had believed that Everett had dissociated. "She thinks you have DID," Jada added.

"She thinks that I have multiple personality disorder?" Everett asked incredulously. Everett chuckled. Jada explained that Marlena's theory was that Everett had developed the disorder as a coping mechanism when he had suffered abuse as a child. Everett argued that the theory did not make sense. "Why does Jada only remember you as Bobby when I only know you as Everett?" Stephanie asked. "And you don't remember cheating on me with Stephanie," Jada added. Stephanie reminded Everett that he had no memory of his childhood.

"You have an alter ego, and he exists to protect you," Jada said. "I don't need any protection," Everett countered. As Stephanie warned Everett not to keep his past buried, a frustrated Everett screamed at Stephanie, "Shut up!" Stephanie and Jada stared wide-eyed. "Everett doesn't need to know any of that. And I'm going to make sure he never does," Bobby growled. Bobby smiled at Jada, and he told her that he missed her.

"Bobby, what are you doing?" Jada asked. Bobby reached for Jada, and she pushed him away. "Baby, you're my wife," Bobby said pleadingly. When Jada mentioned the divorce, Bobby argued that the divorce was invalid because Everett had signed the papers. "Why would you want to be married to me?" Jada asked. "You know the answer to that. Because we were so, so good together," Bobby said. Jada reminded Bobby that he had cheated on her and had planned to propose to Stephanie.

"No, that was Everett. Everett bought the ring for Stephanie. Sorry, but the spoiled princess thing isn't really my vibe. No offense," Bobby said. Bobby argued that his relationship with Jada was real. Jada appeared disgusted. "Are you even real? You are just a part of someone's psyche," Jada argued. Bobby chuckled, and he noted that he was real.

As Stephanie said Everett's name, Bobby screamed, "Everett's not here!" With a shake of his head, Bobby ordered Jada and Stephanie to leave his room. Stephanie and Jada refused to leave. Bobby again yelled at them to leave, and he opened the door. Marlena was in the hallway. Bobby groaned.

"Fantastic, come right in," Bobby said. Bobby asked Marlena if she was there to have him committed. "You have an illness that needs treatment, Everett, Bobby," Marlena said. "It's Bobby," Bobby confirmed. "The good news is, you can be helped," Marlena said. Bobby said he did not need help. When Marlena argued that Everett needed help, Bobby stressed that Everett was fine.

"There are ugly things from Everett's past that the three of you cannot even begin to imagine. Things that he does not need to face again. So, get it through your heads. He doesn't need your help. He doesn't want your help. He has me!" Bobby said. "So, you admit that you're keeping things from him?" Jada asked. Bobby argued that those were Jada's words. Stephanie asked Bobby why he got to decide what to keep from Everett.

"Because I do. That's why. I forget, did I ask you to leave? I think I did," Bobby said. Stephanie walked over to Bobby, and she said, "Everett, I know you're in there. And I believe that you do want to deal with your past. That's how you can move forward. That's why you went to Dr. Evans in the first place." Stephanie touched Bobby's face, and she promised Everett that she would be at his side during the treatment.

"Don't listen to her. Don't listen to her. Don't listen to her," Bobby muttered. Bobby winced and grabbed his head in pain. Marlena, Jada, and Stephanie helped Bobby to the bed. Bobby stared off into space. "I know what you want to do to me. Now you're never gonna see Everett again. Never ever," Bobby said. Marlena noted that Everett needed medical treatment for his high blood pressure. "If you won't do it for yourself, then do it for Everett," Marlena said. Stephanie pleaded with Bobby, and he agreed.

As Stephanie and Jada stepped aside to pour a glass of water for Bobby, Jada noticed a panicked look on Stephanie's face. "[Bobby] was so adamant. What if I never see the real Everett again?" Stephanie whispered to Jada.

Outside the Brady Pub, Leo ran into E.J. Leo asked E.J. to clarify their arrangement. "There must be a part of this baby switch story that isn't public knowledge," Leo said. Leo explained that it did not make sense that E.J. had paid Leo not to tell anyone, including E.J.'s wife, about the baby. "And why wouldn't you want that kid back as soon as you found out the truth about him?" Leo asked.

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