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Leo promised not to tell anyone that Tate and Holly were dating. Chanel and Johnny decided to announce her pregnancy, but he kept his job prospects from her. Paulina rehired Melinda. E.J. did not tell Nicole he had seen her kiss Eric. Chad asked Steve for help. Roman formally hired Ava. Steve told Ava he would not interfere with her plans for Clyde. Tate told Aaron about Holly. Alex asked Theresa to move into the mansion with him. The Hortons moved back home. Stephanie agreed to help convince Everett to start therapy for DID. E.J. forced Sloan to tell Eric that Jude was Nicole and E.J.'s son. Eric returned Jude to Nicole.
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E.J. forced Sloan to tell Eric that Jude was Nicole and E.J.'s son. Alex asked Theresa to move in with him. Stephanie agreed to help convince Everett to start therapy for DID. Chanel and Johnny decided to announce her pregnancy.
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E.J. stakes his claim on Jude

E.J. stakes his claim on Jude

Monday, May 20, 2024

Johnny and Chanel waited for an appointment with a specialist at the hospital. Johnny apologized for hovering over Chanel, but she admitted that she had been enjoying the extra attention. They spotted Holly and briefly chatted with her before she left.

Johnny offered Chanel oyster crackers to settle her stomach. He also updated Chanel on his job search. He had put his résumé online and had gotten a few views from local production companies. He had been thinking about taking the résumé down, since most film opportunities were in California. Chanel encouraged him to wait it out. A nurse called them in for the appointment.

After the consultation, Chanel and Johnny discussed the doctor's benchmarks for checking the baby's development: eleven weeks and 18 to 20 weeks. They agreed that the 18-week developmental stage would be especially important for learning about any potential problems. Johnny lamented the waiting and worrying but quickly apologized to Chanel for making it all about himself. She assured him that she wanted to know how he felt.

Chanel marveled at the sonogram, and she said the baby "looked like a bean." Johnny reminded her that the "bean" was an actual person growing inside of her. They talked about what they might want to name the baby. Chanel suggested Noel, since the name could apply to either a girl or a boy. Since the baby would be due around Christmas, Chanel thought it particularly fitting. Johnny agreed.

Chanel said that while she was still angry with her mother, on some level, she understood what had driven Paulina's actions.

Later, Johnny received a call from an old friend in the production business who had Johnny in mind for a potential job. Johnny was surprised and grateful but told the person he would have to talk the offer over with his wife. When he ended the call, Chanel approached. Johnny did not tell her who the call had really been from or what it had been about. They decided to get dinner.

Paulina summoned Melinda to her office to discuss the district attorney job. Melinda was pleased to hear that E.J. had been ousted from the position but was curious as to why Paulina had wanted to talk with her. Paulina offered Melinda her old job back, and Melinda shocked Paulina by turning down the offer.

Melinda was confused because Paulina had also fired her. Paulina believed the people of Salem needed a familiar face who was tough on crime. Paulina further felt that the district attorney's position could use a strong woman again. Paulina had tired of E.J. abusing the job to settle personal scores and to get his family off the hook. She reminded Melinda that the district attorney served at the mayor's pleasure, and Paulina would definitely find working with Melinda more pleasurable than working with E.J.

When Paulina mentioned how E.J. had been using her actions at the cabin against her, Melinda sympathized with Paulina. Melinda affirmed that a mother would do anything for her child, as Melinda wished she could still do for Hayley. The women commiserated over both having given their children up at birth in order to protect them.

Melinda worried about blowback from E.J. should she accept the D.A. job, but Paulina contended that being the district attorney would give Melinda her own power against E.J. Melinda mulled it over and agreed that taking the job might become her best protection. She accepted Paulina's offer, and the two headed out to celebrate over drinks and dinner.

At the restaurant, Paulina and Melinda were enjoying their meal and raising a toast when Johnny and Chanel entered. Paulina waved at them and smiled, but Chanel quickly left once she saw Paulina, and Johnny followed Chanel. Paulina looked hurt.

After Holly left the hospital, she met Tate -- whom she had texted -- in the park. She opened up about the fight with Nicole and the things Holly had said. Holly berated herself for being so cruel to her mother. Tate advised her that Marlena had once told him after he'd had a fight with his mother that people often lashed out the most at family.

Holly confirmed that Marlena had told her something similar when Holly had gone to see Tate's grandmother. Holly admitted, though, that the visit had made her feel worse. Tate consoled her, and Leo caught the close moment. He hid behind the bushes and attempted to take a photo with his phone.

When Leo fumbled with the phone, Tate and Holly heard the commotion and rushed over to the bush. They saw Leo, and Tate bemoaned that Holly and he had been "busted by Lady Whistleblower." Both Tate and Holly immediately pleaded with Leo to keep quiet. Leo complained that he had no material for his column and that the scoop had been the best one he had come across in weeks.

Leo turned down offers of money from both the kids and pledged that he had been working on becoming a better person. Leo mentioned how he had recently lost his great love, so he'd found Tate and Holly's innocence and star-crossed lovers schtick "uber adorable." Holly was quick to correct that Tate and she weren't lovers, but Leo cracked that it looked to be heading that way. Leo gasped that he was the nurse to Tate and Holly's Romeo and Juliet.

Leo name-dropped all the love-themed reality shows he had watched and quoted a line from Shakespeare about young love bringing feuding families together. He labeled himself a "sucker for love," agreed to keep Tate and Holly's "forbidden love" secret, deleted the photos he'd taken, and left. A relieved Tate and Holly shared a kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. caught Nicole and Eric kissing in the corridor then disappeared back into the main room, visibly shaken. Eric pulled away from Nicole, and both agreed it shouldn't have happened. As Eric prepared to take Nicole to her bedroom to sleep it off, E.J. reappeared and acted surprised to see that Nicole was home. Eric explained that Nicole had gotten into a fight with Holly and that Eric had brought Nicole home from the bar.

E.J. made an observation about how most men would have taken advantage of Nicole and pointedly thanked Eric for proving "chivalry is not dead." A rattled Eric left. Later, E.J. and Nicole had settled on the sofa in the main room as Nicole told E.J. about her argument with Holly. E.J. could barely contain his anger after Nicole informed him what Holly had said. Nicole defended her daughter and claimed that Holly had been through a lot.

Nicole admitted that a part of her had also agreed with what Holly had said. E.J. quickly retorted that Nicole was a wonderful mother. He urged her not to be hard on herself. Nicole regretted not calling E.J. after the fight, but she had been thankful that Eric had helped her before she had done something she couldn't take back. E.J. asked Nicole what she had done, but she backed off the comment.

E.J. wished that Nicole had leaned on him instead of Eric. Nicole reminded E.J. that Eric had sought her out. E.J. promised to always be there for Nicole and took her upstairs so that she could rest and recover. He noticed a text from Eric on Nicole's phone. When Nicole asked E.J. if he would be joining her, he said he had to step out for a moment, but he assured her he would return shortly.

As Nicole slept, she dreamed about kissing Eric. In her dream, however, she ended the kiss by confessing to Eric that she still loved him and that she had wanted the baby to be theirs. Nicole smiled in her sleep.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Sloan settled Jude down after a bottle and wondered what was keeping his father. Eric arrived and explained that he was late because he had been picking up two-for-one chili dogs. Sloan made a comment about Nicole, and Eric again reassured her that Nicole and he were just friends. He acknowledged his history with Nicole but referred to Sloan as his "now and forever."

When Sloan brought up how Eric had been making good money at the newspaper and that they should be able to afford better meals, Eric mentioned his hopes of saving for a down payment on a house. Sloan was touched and delighted by the idea of buying a house, as she'd never imagined that kind of future for herself.

Eric smiled and said he wanted the whole family experience with Sloan. She suggested that one day, that might include more kids, and Eric was receptive to the idea.

Later, Sloan admired a photo of Jude on Eric's camera. She was surprised when Eric reminded her that she had taken the photo. Sloan joked that Eric's photography talents were rubbing off on her. Eric called himself, Sloan, and Jude a "beautiful family."

Eric wanted to build that family by doing well at his job. He told Sloan he needed to leave and take more photographs for his story. Sloan assumed Nicole would be there, too, but Eric said he'd be alone. The answer seemed to settle Sloan, and Eric left without incident.

Following Eric's departure, Sloan answered a knock at the door and was none too pleased when E.J. invited himself in. Sloan hesitantly asked what he wanted. E.J. announced to a distraught Sloan that he was there to take the baby.

E.J. forces Sloan into an impossible situation

E.J. forces Sloan into an impossible situation

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

At Black Patch, Chad delivered a file to Steve with news articles about Clyde. "The fact that we weren't able to keep Clyde behind bars keeps me up at night," Chad admitted. Steve promised they would recapture Clyde. With a nod, Chad informed Steve that he had found new evidence about Abigail's murder. Chad gave Abigail's notebook from the newspaper to Steve, and Chad explained what Abigail had detailed about the Salem drug trade.

"She never said anything to you about any of this?" Steve asked. With a shake of his head, Chad said he did not think Abigail would have wanted Chad to know that she had been working on a dangerous story. "But I reached out to her dad, and he confirmed that Abby was working on something big," Chad confirmed. Chad added that Abigail had told Jack that the story had not panned out.

"Do you think that it's possible that my Abby wasn't collateral damage? That maybe she was Clyde's target all along?" Chad asked. Steve urged Chad to take Abigail's journal to the police. With a shake of his head, Chad noted that, unlike the police, Steve would not backburner the murder of his niece. "Technically, [the police] already solved the case. Clyde Weston confessed to the murder. They don't care about the why," Chad said. When Steve noted that Clyde's confession was that he had mistakenly attacked Abigail, Chad shook his head in disagreement.

"[Clyde's] reasons for going after Belle as some kind of warning to E.J., they just never made sense," Chad argued. Steve promised to investigate. "Bringing Clyde Weston down is personal to me. More personal than ever," Steve said.

At the Brady Pub, Roman complimented Ava on her job performance during her trial period. "You got the job," Roman said. Kate watched from the corner of the restaurant as Ava and Roman shook hands. Kate walked over and asked Roman if he could take a break.

"Thank you for the job, Roman. It means a lot to me," Ava said before she returned to work. Roman was about to sit down at a table with Kate when Eric walked into the pub. "Where is your little sidekick?" Roman asked. Eric confirmed that Jude was at home, and he was there to pick up dessert. Roman offered to give the pie to Eric for free if he would agree to let Roman spend more time with his grandson.

While Roman and Eric walked into the back to get dessert, Ava delivered a glass of wine to Kate. Kate noted that it was the wrong wine. "I heard Roman hired you, officially," Kate said. "He did," Ava said. Kate congratulated Ava, and she warned Ava not to attempt to take over the business. "Do we understand each other?" Kate asked. Ava smiled. Ava told Kate that she did not like to be threatened.

"It wasn't a threat. It was a promise. And unlike your boyfriend, I keep my promises," Kate said. Confused, Ava asked Kate what she meant. Kate explained that Harris had promised to petition for Lucas' release from prison. "Remind [Harris] to come through for Lucas -- or else," Kate said. "So, now you're threatening him, too, huh?" Ava asked. With a smirk, Kate noted that neither Ava nor Harris wanted to know what Kate was "capable of."

When Roman returned to join Kate, he asked her if she was upset that he had hired Ava. "I would never tell you how to run the pub," Kate said. With a shrug, Kate noted that if Ava was a good employee, it meant that Roman would have more free time to spend with Kate. Kate glared over at Ava. "I just wish I could trust her, that's all," Kate said. Steve walked in the door, and Roman called out to him.

"I need to see Ava. Is she around?" Steve asked. Roman pointed at Ava. "Take a break," Roman said to Ava. With a nod, Steve and Ava headed outside to walk and talk. Kate rolled her eyes. Steve and Ava walked over to the town square, and he asked her about her plans for Clyde. "Did you mean what I think you meant?" Steve asked. "He tried to kill my son, our son. He needs to pay. So, whatever I choose to do next, I'm warning you, Steve, do not stand in my way," Ava said. Steve promised not to interfere.

"But listen. I don't know what you're planning, what you got cooked up, but if Weston is found by whomever and he happens to be in a body bag instead of handcuffs, so be it," Steve whispered. Ava grinned. After their conversation, Steve left for home, and Ava returned to the clearing in front of the pub to call Harris. Harris confirmed that his friends in the Navy had made progress with the code. Ava informed Harris that Clyde had not emailed her, but she promised to forward it to Harris when Clyde reached out. With a sigh, Ava told Harris that she missed him.

In the Spectator office, Everett read comments on his story about the mayor's misconduct as Leo paced and reviewed possible stories for his column. Leo congratulated Everett on his big story, and he lamented that he had not been able to post a blind item about the mayor in his column first. "Especially since I have zip, zilch, nada for my column this week," Leo said. When Leo mentioned that he had killed a juicy story, Everett asked what had happened. Leo muttered that he was a romantic.

Stephanie walked into the office and announced that Paulina had fired E.J. and rehired Melinda Trask. "Poor E.J. He is having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week," Leo said. With a sigh, Everett noted that he was interested in a drink. Leo declined to join Everett, citing his need to stay sober. "Good for you," Stephanie said. Stephanie asked Everett if he wanted to go to the Small Bar. As Everett nodded yes, Stephanie noted that there were a lot of good-looking men at the bar.

"You don't need to drink to have fun," Stephanie said. Leo furrowed his brow. "Yeah, so I've heard. But I am also on the wagon from gorgeous, charismatic men who lure you in with their charm," Leo said. Stephanie reminded Leo that the bar was a great place to overhear gossip for his column. Leo leaped to his feet. "Quick, before I make a decision I'll be proud of," Leo said.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, E.J. demanded that Sloan hand over Jude. "I'm not asking you, Sloan. I'm telling you. That baby does not belong to you. It belongs to Nicole and to me," E.J. growled. Sloan reminded E.J. that they had agreed that it was in everyone's best interest that Jude remain with Sloan and Eric. "I did, yes, but that was before I saw [Eric and Nicole] kissing," E.J. said. Sloan was taken aback.

"I don't believe you. When?" Sloan asked. E.J. explained to Sloan what had happened at the bar and in the foyer. E.J. confirmed that neither Eric nor Nicole knew that E.J. had watched them kiss. "But obviously, they're working so closely together, coupled with their history, the way they always seem to orbit one another. It's a disaster waiting to happen, and it must be stopped," E.J. said. "But how?" Sloan asked. E.J. explained that if Jude were returned to Nicole, Nicole would quit her job to focus on her son and family. "It would drive a stake through the heart of any lingering feelings for Eric," E.J. said.

"The only problem is, Jude is not your son," Sloan countered. "Nicole doesn't, nor will she ever, know that," E.J. said. Sloan scowled and noted that if E.J. pushed to enact his plan, she would let everyone know that Eric was Jude's father. E.J. warned Sloan that if Sloan attempted to tell anyone the truth, he would make sure Sloan was charged with kidnapping, among other charges.

"You will lose Eric, your law practice, everything," E.J. said. Sloan noted that if E.J. took Jude, she would still lose Eric and be subject to criminal charges. E.J. offered to help Sloan flee the country. "You will still have your freedom and a chance to start over," E.J. said. E.J. promised to pay Sloan, and in exchange, she needed to keep Jude's paternity a secret forever.

"And if I don't?" Sloan asked. With a shrug, E.J. noted, "Then we'll both go down. And unlike you, I won't be anywhere near a prison." E.J. ordered Sloan to make a choice. Sloan walked over to the crib, and she started to cry. "I can't! I need more time," Sloan said. "You have 24 hours, and not a second more," E.J. said. E.J. reminded Sloan that there was no escape.

"There is nothing you could say or do that won't implicate you. So, double-crossing me isn't even an option," E.J. growled. "I will do anything, E.J.," Sloan whispered. E.J. leaned in close to Sloan's face. "But you have already done so much, far too much, and it's finally come back to bite you. My God, adopting Jude when you knew full well it was Nicole's baby," E.J. said with disgust. "And Eric's! We lost a baby, too!" Sloan countered.

In tears, Sloan claimed she had only wanted to ease Eric's pain. E.J. noted that Eric would leave Sloan if he knew about any of her lies. "And if your wife ever finds out that you're not the baby's father, do you think she's going to actually stay with you? Even if she does, do you really want to raise some other man's child?" Sloan yelled. E.J. noted that the world would see Jude as E.J.'s son.

"But whatever happens, you've already lost Eric. You see, to Eric and to the world, you will be exposed as a liar and a thief," E.J. said. Sloan argued that E.J was prolonging the inevitable discovery of Jude's paternity. With a smirk, E.J. left the apartment. Sloan dropped to her knees next to Jude's crib.

At the Small Bar, Everett and Stephanie were playfully bickering over tequila shots while Leo stared glumly about the room. "I just want to say that as engrossing and fun and sloppy as this D.A. news is, this is so much better than rummaging through newspaper archives, isn't it?" Everett said. Leo watched Everett and Stephanie laugh, and he pouted.

"I thought you said this place was crawling with gorgeous, lonely men," Leo complained. Stephanie pointed out a man in the corner, and Leo gasped with delight. Leo chattered about how the man appeared to be Spanish and that he had been learning Spanish in preparation for his honeymoon with Dimitri. Leo's smile fell away. Stephanie suggested a change of subject.

"What are we eating?" Stephanie asked. As Everett and Stephanie bantered about the menu, Leo asked them if they had figured out if they were dating or not. "We're just friends, but who knows what lies ahead," Everett said. Stephanie nodded in agreement. Everett and Stephanie talked about past "first" dates together, and Leo furrowed his brow in confusion.

"What is this?" Leo asked. "Sorry. This is just us trying to get a feel for where we are relationship-wise. Or should I say friendship-wise," Stephanie explained. Frustrated, Leo called out to the waiter for more drinks. "[And bring me] something that Carrie Bradshaw would drink after going to an A.A. meeting," Leo added.

A disheveled E.J. was surprised to see Chad waiting for him in the living room of the DiMera mansion. "Is everything okay?" Chad asked. "It's been a long day," E.J. said. E.J. offered Chad a drink. "I came across some information, and I don't really know what to do about it," Chad said. "You seeking some brotherly counsel?" E.J. asked. Chad nodded yes, and he asked for advice from the D.A., as well. E.J. started to admit that he was no longer the D.A., but he changed his mind.

"Fire away," E.J. said. Chad showed Abigail's notebook to E.J., and he explained his theory about Clyde's real motive for having killed Abigail. "I think he was going after Abby the entire time. I don't think it had anything to do with Belle. And I can't help but feel like it's my fault," Chad said. "What are you talking about?" E.J. asked. Chad reminded E.J. that Clyde had hated Abigail because she had cheated on Ben with Chad.

"And when [Clyde] found out that Thomas wasn't his grandson? Okay, look, Clyde wanted Abby out of the picture for a lot of different reasons, both personally and professionally," Chad said. With a groan, E.J. argued that Clyde was the only person to blame for Abigail's murder. Chad stressed that he needed to get to the truth.

"If this killing wasn't accidental, it means that son of a bitch hunted my wife down in her bedroom. Now that wound, E.J., is open again," Chad said. E.J. softened. "I understand. What can I do to help?" E.J. asked. Chad shrugged, and he said he did not know. E.J. admitted that he had hired men to find Clyde. "If there is anything, anything I can do to avenge Abigail's death, I will do it," E.J. promised. "Thank you. I just have one more favor to ask," Chad whispered.

E.J. escorted Chad up to the room where Clyde had murdered Abigail. Chad hesitated before he entered. As Chad looked around, he remembered the night he had found a bloody Abigail in their bed. E.J. put a hand on his brother's shoulder. "I still can't believe she's gone. And it doesn't get any easier. It just doesn't get easier," Chad said.

When Eric returned home, Sloan and Jude were gone. Eric texted Sloan, and he wondered aloud where Sloan had gone with the baby. Roman called. "I thought you were Sloan. She's not at home. And neither is Jude. He must be with her," Eric said.

Roman explained that Sloan had dropped Jude off at the pub. "Did she say where she was going?" Eric asked. Roman said he had assumed that Sloan had wanted to spend time alone with Eric. Eric said no. "I'm sure she'll call me soon," Eric whispered. Roman offered to babysit for the night. Eric promised to call Roman once he heard from Sloan.

At the pub, Roman and Kate cooed over baby Jude. "Funny how much you remind me of your dad when he was born," Roman said. With a sigh, Roman lamented that he had not been there to watch Eric grow up. "You're there for Eric now. He adores you," Kate said.

With a smile, Kate said Jude reminded her of Lucas and how Lucas had kept her on her toes. "And he still does," Roman said. Kate agreed, and she added that Lucas had made amends. Kate said she was proud of Lucas. "If Harris doesn't come through for him, this mama bear is going to take matters into her own hands," Kate said.

At the Small Bar, Leo spotted Sloan drinking in the corner, and he said hello. "Not in the mood," Sloan muttered. Leo ignored Sloan, and he asked for an update on Jude's cuteness. Sloan stared daggers at Leo, so he rejoined Everett and Stephanie at their table. "Very interesting," Leo said. "I feel like there's something you're not telling us," Everett said. With a shake of his head, Leo noted that Lady Whistleblower had nothing to say yet.

Across the bar, a slurring Sloan called out to the bartender for another drink. Everett called out to the bartender, as well. "Are you sure?" Stephanie asked. "The night is still young!" Everett said. Leo laughed. "He is so much more animated after he's had a few," Leo said. In the doorway, Eric stepped into the room and approached Sloan. Leo watched Sloan sarcastically call Eric her "knight in shining armor."

"Isn't funny how every woman you love ends up drowning their sorrows in booze when they don't get their way?" Sloan said. Confused, Eric asked Sloan what she meant. Sloan yelled for another drink. "Let's get you home," Eric said as he attempted to ease Sloan out of her chair. "I said no!" Sloan yelled as she pulled away. Across the bar, Everett appeared shaken as he watched Sloan yell at Eric to leave her alone.

"I don't want to cause a scene," Eric whispered. "You're the one causing a scene trying to forcibly drag me out of here," Sloan hissed. Leo walked over to help Eric. Stephanie noticed that Everett appeared upset. "Are you okay?" Stephanie asked.

At Sloan's table, Leo politely urged Sloan to call it quits and head home. "Who do you think you are? The both of you. Get lost. I don't want to see either one of you," Sloan said. Leo nodded and walked away. Eric asked Sloan what had happened after he had left the house. "What part of 'no' don't you understand?" Sloan yelled.

At Everett and Stephanie's table, Everett worried aloud that Eric would hurt Sloan. "Eric? Why would he hurt her?" Stephanie said. Eric pulled Sloan out of her seat, and she wrenched herself away. "I said no!" Sloan yelled. Everett rushed over and punched Eric.

The Hortons return home

The Hortons return home

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Tate joked with Aaron about Aaron being a "teacher's pet." Aaron denied the charge and said he'd had other things on his mind besides school. Aaron was disappointed that Holly's mom would not let Holly go to prom, and he was especially frustrated because he'd ordered "promposal" doughnuts for Holly. Tate patted Aaron on the shoulder and said he might be able to help Aaron with the problem.

Johnny approached Chanel as she set up bakery items outside Sweet Bits. Chanel joked about eating ice cream for dinner the night before but said that trend couldn't continue. Johnny believed she had been referring to the distance from Paulina, but Chanel clarified she'd meant not eating well-balanced meals. Chanel was appreciative that Johnny had been concerned about her relationship with Paulina, but Johnny asserted that he would back off and let the two of them work it out for themselves. When Johnny tried to stop Chanel from lifting one of the containers of baked goods, she also scolded him for getting into "dad mode" with her.

After Johnny went inside Sweet Bits briefly, Chanel's favorite customer, Felicity, approached Chanel with a plate of bread. Felicity thought the bread could be added to the bakery's menu. Chanel accepted the dish with a smile but wavered on tasting it, since she felt nauseous. Johnny came back outside and noted Chanel's dilemma. He warmly greeted Felicity and offered to sample the bread as the "official Sweet Bits taste tester."

As Felicity crossed her fingers, Johnny took a few bites of the bread and gave it his enthusiastic seal of approval. Felicity was delighted. After failing to learn Felicity's "secret ingredient," Johnny took off for a phone call while Chanel went inside the bakery. Tate and Aaron spotted Felicity standing at the table, and Aaron feigned mock outrage that Felicity had not left any bread for him. He introduced his sister Felicity to Tate.

Tate lightly bantered with Felicity about having stolen Aaron's cookies from his lunch. Felicity, who had baked the cookies, promised to make some for Tate, who responded with a fist-pump. When Aaron stated that Felicity was going to be a baker someday, she huffed that she was already a baker. They talked about Felicity working at Sweet Bits in the future. Chanel brought out the promposal doughnuts she'd made and presented them to a dejected Aaron.

Tate grabbed the box and opened it. Chanel and Felicity were mutually puzzled as Tate asked Aaron to be Tate and Sophia's prom date. They could go as a "throuple," Tate announced, which Aaron quickly corrected to a "friendly group date." Aaron insisted he didn't want to be a "third wheel" and snarked about "someone in the family dating" when Felicity said she'd be attending prom the next year with her boyfriend. After more prodding from Tate, Aaron finally relented.

In a private corner of the square, Johnny took a call with a producer. He tried to persuade the producer to let him stay based in the Midwest for a prospective job. The producer, however, wanted Johnny to relocate to California. Johnny sighed and said he needed more time to think it over.

After Johnny returned from his call, he, Chanel, and Felicity chatted about Felicity's favorite recipes before Felicity headed off for school. Chanel confided to Johnny that she had made a decision and wanted to move forward with the pregnancy. She encouraged Johnny to open up and tell her how he felt. Johnny assured Chanel he would support her and be by her side. When Chanel hugged him, he looked conflicted.

Theresa enthusiastically greeted Brady at the pub. He joked about her "sunshine, roses, and bubble gum" demeanor and wondered what had caused her good mood. With a smile, she talked up her good morning, including the fact that she had gotten back together with Alex. Brady sipped his coffee and tepidly congratulated her. He was curious as to what Theresa's new situation meant for Alex and Kristen, though.

Theresa dismissed Kristen and Alex's "fake hot mess of a relationship" as a ploy to make Brady and Theresa jealous. Brady chided Theresa about Alex and Kristen's plan having worked on her, and Theresa grudgingly admitted she might have overreacted. Brady was sorry that his "vacation" from Kristen was over. When Theresa asked him if Kristen stood any chance of ingratiating herself to Brady again, Brady declared, "not a snowball's chance in hell." Theresa was glad to hear that, as she believed Brady deserved better than a "psychopathic maniac."

Brady sarcastically thanked Theresa for putting him a step above a "psychopathic maniac." Theresa sincerely assured Brady that he was a great guy and that he deserved someone great. Brady believed after all his past failures in romance, perhaps it wasn't meant to be. Theresa encouraged him that when he least expected it, love would find him. Brady made a crack about her "greeting card sayings," and Theresa jokingly said maybe she should look into greeting cards as a job opportunity.

Brady and Theresa's talk then turned briefly to Theresa's job search, which she was confident would turn a corner soon. Brady brought up how his latest "job" would include chaperoning Tate's prom. Theresa said she'd been asked to chaperone, as well, and she joked with Brady about going to prom together. Brady promised to get Theresa a "hideous" corsage, and she promised they'd either have a "magical" time, or it would turn into a "horror show."

Theresa just hoped no "telekinetic kids" showed up at the dance to exact revenge. Brady snarked that in Salem, that was a distinct possibility. They both lamented not going to their own proms and affirmed to each other that they looked forward to "going to prom with you."

Tate and Aaron made their way to the pub. Outside, they broke open the box of doughnuts and shared them on the bench. Theresa, who was leaving the pub, briefly chatted with them and accepted a doughnut.

After Theresa left, Tate assured Aaron their prom plans were fine, and he confided that he planned on giving Aaron alone time with Sophia after the prom dinner. While Aaron liked Sophia, he didn't want to make a move on Tate's date. Tate confessed that Sophia was not the girl he was interested in. When Tate admitted that Holly and he had still been seeing each other in secret, Aaron was flabbergasted and dubbed the duo "Tateo and Holliet."

Although Aaron still had reservations about Holly, he agreed to keep Tate's secret. A grateful Tate asked Aaron to help plan a surprise for "her" just as Brady exited the pub. Tate quickly covered that he had been talking about Sophia when Brady inquired about what Tate had said. When Brady announced that Theresa and he would be attending prom, too, Tate initially thought Brady was joking. With an apologetic smile, Brady confirmed that he would be chaperoning, which amused Aaron and slightly horrified Tate.

Maggie entered Alex's office at Titan and made a snarky comment about him being at work "before noon." Alex snapped that he wasn't in the mood and asked what Maggie wanted. When she broached the idea of setting up an office at Titan for Konstantin, Alex vehemently stated that "no way in hell would that creep be working here." Maggie looked nonplussed and let Alex know that he had no dominion over Maggie's actions.

After Maggie told Alex about her plan to set up a charitable trust in Victor's name, Alex clarified that she would only be doing it with her half of the inheritance. They argued about Konstantin's potential role in the venture, and Maggie warned Alex not to fight her on the project. Alex and she were equally in charge of the estate, and Alex might not like which battle she picked next if he continued to resist. Alex relented but cautioned Maggie that he would be keeping an eye trained on her "little con man."

Maggie demanded that Alex give Konstantin Theresa's old office. He bit back a reply and reluctantly agreed not to cause a problem. A call from Julie interrupted their tense conversation. Julie updated Maggie on the Horton house being successfully restored. Maggie congratulated Julie but did not seem excited about the prospect of the family leaving. When she hung up, she had no choice but to tell Alex about the upcoming departure of the Hortons.

Alex was pleased at the news and spoke about resuming his "rightful place in the family home," and Maggie wore a strained smile. Alex reasoned that the mansion was better suited for him than a small apartment was, and it was a better fit for his lifestyle. Maggie had assumed Alex would want to use his wealth to buy his own place.

Alex reiterated that he was Victor's son, and as such, he would be staying in Victor's home. He told Maggie to be on the lookout for a racehorse that would be delivered to the mansion. "Straight from the horse's ass," Maggie muttered, but she changed it to "horse's mouth" after Alex demanded to know what she had said.

Maggie informed Alex that Konstantin would claim the office space soon, issued another subtle warning to Alex, then left. After her departure, Alex lounged at the desk and called Kristen. He canceled their plans but promised to "make it up to you very, very soon."

Later, Alex greeted Theresa at their apartment. She wondered about all the boxes lying around, and he confirmed that he'd be moving out soon. Theresa acted disappointed, and Alex tried to comfort her by claiming he would be just across town. Theresa insisted it wouldn't be the same, which prompted Alex to guess that Theresa wanted to move with him to the mansion. Theresa admitted she no longer wanted to be strictly platonic with Alex. When he invited her to stay with him at the mansion, she gleefully accepted.

Julie mulled over a crossword puzzle in the main room of the Kiriakis mansion. Chad entered and suggested to Julie that he had access to all the newspaper's crossword solutions. Julie cut him off immediately and denounced the idea of cheating. Julie's mood brightened considerably when she answered a call. After she got off the phone, she happily announced that she had wonderful news for Chad.

Julie informed Chad that the call had been from the contractor, who had given them the all-clear to return home. Chad and Julie shared a happy dance. They excitedly began making plans, and Julie beamed at the prospect of being back in her own home that night.

Julie saw it as a good omen that she had dreamed about Abigail visiting with her the previous night. Julie immediately regretted the comment when she saw Chad's sadness. Chad reassured her that he had only been thinking about the discovery of Abigail's story on Clyde. Chad blamed himself for not preventing the murder.

Julie took Chad's hands and reminded him that in life, people couldn't control most things. Julie believed Abigail would be distraught at the idea of Chad remaining in so much pain. The best way to honor Abigail's memory, Julie affirmed, would be for Chad to live "a full, purposeful life."

Later, Julie was busy packing when Maggie arrived home. Maggie was happy for Julie but admitted she would miss Julie and the rest of the Horton clan. Julie told Maggie that she wouldn't be getting rid of Julie that easily, as the two would see each other often. Maggie assured Julie that Julie would always have a home at the mansion, and Julie said the same to Maggie in regard to the Horton house. They tearfully engaged in mutual expressions of love.

Julie, Chad, and Doug later got resettled at the Horton house. Doug happily sat in his favorite chair and marveled at the miracle of the home's restoration. Julie observed Chad's distracted, faraway gaze. Chad confessed that he'd been thinking about Abigail and Clyde. Julie pulled Chad beside her on the couch and affirmed that the Hortons would stand together against Clyde. She declared that Clyde didn't stand a chance, which got a smile from Chad.

Julie then proposed gathering all the Hortons together for a massive reunion. She hoped that by the time of the event, she would have successfully opened the time capsule. At the moment, though, she was content to honor the family in a different way. Julie walked over to the fireplace mantel and placed her framed photo of Tom and Alice atop it. "Welcome home," she softly said.

Sloan omits a major detail in her confession to Eric

Sloan omits a major detail in her confession to Eric

Thursday, May 23, 2024

As Eric was leaving the pub with Jude, Marlena approached and warmly greeted her son and grandson. Eric explained that Roman and Kate had watched Jude overnight, and Marlena offered her and John's babysitting services at any time. Marlena took note of Eric's sunglasses and pulled them off when he tried to change the subject. She gasped at his black eye and asked what had happened. Eric sighed and said, "Everett Lynch happened."

Eric explained the bar incident to Marlena, from Sloan's drunken state to Everett punching Eric because Everett had thought Eric had been manhandling Sloan. Eric apologized to Marlena for cutting their conversation short and stated that he needed to get Jude home. Marlena watched him leave with concern in her eyes.

At the newspaper office, Chad ended a call about E.J.'s firing as Stephanie entered. Chad wondered about Everett's whereabouts, as Everett had typically been the first in at work. With a frown, Stephanie said she knew Everett's exact location. Stephanie updated a shocked Chad on the events of the previous night at the bar. She felt bad because she believed Everett had honestly seen Eric as a threat to Sloan.

Chad was incredulous that Everett would view ex-priest Eric as dangerous and implied to Stephanie that Everett's actions might have been malicious. Stephanie grew offended and asked if Chad believed Everett had gotten what he had deserved. Chad bluntly assessed that people who committed assault usually ended up in jail. Stephanie continued to defend Everett, and Chad eventually relented and claimed he would stay out of it.

Chad scoffed, though, when Stephanie revealed that she had paid Everett's bail. Chad said that although Stephanie and he weren't together anymore, he still cared about her and didn't want her around someone with "violent tendencies." Stephanie contested that Everett's actions had been an "aberration," but Chad remained unconvinced.

Later, Stephanie ended a call about Everett's bail. Chad changed the subject and asked Stephanie how her "hangover cure" of coffee was working. She held her hand out and said "steady as a rock" with a smile. Stephanie had noticed that something seemed to be troubling Chad and asked him about it. He updated her on the discovery of Abigail's notebook and presented his theory that Clyde might have intentionally targeted Abigail.

Stephanie guessed that Chad had been feeling guilty and urged him not to blame himself. He admitted he had returned to the room at the mansion where Abigail had been murdered, but he stopped short of calling the visit "closure." Stephanie was happy for Chad when he informed her about having moved back into the Horton house. Chad claimed the move helped because the house was the place where he felt closest to Abigail.

After Chad briefly left the office, Stephanie got on the computer and was pleased to see that Everett's bail had been posted. When Chad returned, she told him the news and reported that Everett would likely be back at the office soon. Chad wasn't sure Everett would return to work, but Stephanie insisted Everett was a professional who knew that he owed his new colleague Eric an apology. Chad asked that Stephanie stay at the office while Chad picked up Thomas, and Stephanie happily obliged.

At the police station, Rafe was on the phone with Harris and complained when Harris requested more time off, as the force had already been short-handed. After the call, Rafe's attention was drawn when Jada exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" She showed Rafe a file of an arrest from the previous night, which indicated the perp's name as Robert Stein.

Rafe and Jada perused the file about the arrest, and both were perplexed that Everett had insisted to the cops that his name was Robert Stein. Jada decided to enlist Marlena's help and called her. Jada's confusion grew when Marlena clarified that Marlena was no longer Everett's therapist and that Everett had quit therapy against her advice. Jada asked Marlena if she would be willing to see Everett, anyway, and Marlena agreed.

Everett lay on a cot in a jail cell and banged his fist against the bedding. His demeanor completely changed when he spotted Jada approaching outside the cell. He strode to the bars with a confident swagger and began flirting with her. Jada wanted to know what was wrong with him. As Everett asked if Jada was as happy to see him as he was to see her, Rafe entered the holding quarters and demanded Everett be quiet.

Everett wondered if Rafe didn't think that Jada looked "really good." An unfazed Rafe unlocked the cell door and cuffed Everett, against Jada's brief protest. Rafe informed Everett that Dr. Evans was waiting for him. As Rafe led Everett away, Everett turned and thanked Jada for standing up for him. Jada looked disturbed and puzzled by the interaction.

Later, Everett sat at an interrogation table with a smirk. When Rafe and Jada asked for his name, Everett said, "Robert Stein." With a smile, he corrected it to "Bobby." Jada and Rafe were curious why Everett insisted they call him Robert Stein, and he retorted that they kept telling him that was his name. Marlena entered the room and greeted Everett.

At Marlena's mention of the name "Everett," Everett's expression changed again, and he looked around the room in confusion. He inquired what he was doing there.

Jada and Rafe moved outside and watched through the window as Marlena began her session with Everett. When Marlena asked how Everett was feeling, he sighed and said "confused." He also had a headache and wanted to leave so he could get started on a "hangover cure." Everett jangled the cuffs and again asked what he was doing at the police station.

Marlena asked Everett what name she should call him. He smiled and said they'd moved past "Mr. Lynch," so she should call him by his name, Everett. When Marlena asked if he remembered going by Robert Stein, Everett grew frustrated and reiterated he had no memories of his time as Bobby. Marlena then stunned Everett by asking him why he had attacked her son Eric.

Everett insisted he had no memory of the assault. The last thing he could recall was Eric arguing with a drunken Sloan. Then, Everett said, everything "went blank" in his mind. Marlena said they had gained important information, and they needed to "put the pieces together."

Rafe and Jada reentered the room, and Rafe informed Everett that Everett's bail had been posted. Everett requested that Rafe let him leave. When Marlena attempted to get Everett to accompany her back to her office, he declined and abruptly left.

Jada asked Marlena what Everett had remembered, and she confirmed that Everett did not remember the attack. Rafe and Jada wondered if Everett might have experienced a drunken blackout. Marlena didn't believe that to be the case but revealed that she did have a theory about what had happened to Everett.

Melinda arrived at Sloan and Eric's apartment and found a frantic Sloan. Sloan immediately updated Melinda on E.J.'s ultimatum and pleaded with Melinda for help in stopping E.J. Melinda, however, was more interested in ensuring Sloan kept Melinda's name out of the situation. Sloan lashed out at Melinda for being self-centered. When Melinda filled Sloan in on the district attorney switch, Sloan backed off and assured Melinda that E.J. knew nothing about Melinda's role in the switch.

Sloan again implored Melinda for help, but Melinda conceded, "E.J.'s got you beat." Melinda made Sloan promise that she would not take Jude with her if Sloan went on the run. Sloan assured Melinda that she had no intention of kidnapping Jude, and she reasoned that by following E.J.'s instructions, she could get something out of it. "And be safe," Melinda added.

Sloan began reconsidering and mused she might just say "to hell with it" and tell the full truth. She believed Eric deserved to know he was a father. Melinda pressed Sloan to keep the truth of Jude's paternity hidden, or else Eric's happiness would come at the expense of Sloan's freedom.

Sloan picked up a picture of Eric and Jude. She marveled at how "joyous" Eric looked in the picture because he finally had "everything he ever wanted." Sloan reassessed all the actions she had taken to keep Eric happy. She affirmed that she loved him and didn't want to lose him. Before Melinda could get more traction in her efforts to keep Sloan quiet, Eric entered the apartment with Jude. Melinda fussed over Jude for a bit then excused herself and left.

Eric told Sloan they needed to talk, and Sloan agreed. Eric was glad that Sloan wanted to have a discussion with him, as he believed that communication was vital for a good marriage. He asked Sloan if he had done something to upset her, and she immediately assured him that he hadn't. When he mentioned their son, Sloan sniffled and said that was what she needed to talk with Eric about. After drawing a deep and shaky breath, she confessed to Eric that Jude wasn't their son.

Eric reassured Sloan that although Jude wasn't theirs biologically, Jude was still their son. Sloan grew more upset and contended that Jude wasn't theirs "biologically or otherwise." Eric then assumed something had gone wrong with the adoption. At Sloan's continued insistence that she needed to reveal what she'd done, Eric told Sloan she'd had too much to drink and went across the room to get her water.

An agitated Sloan rose up and exclaimed that Jude was Nicole and E.J.'s child. A stunned Eric turned around as Sloan continued, "Nicole and E.J.'s baby didn't die. He's very much alive, and he's right there." As Sloan motioned to Jude, Eric followed her gaze, and a tear rolled down his cheek.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole interrupted a call E.J. had been making about Sloan. Nicole wanted to know how E.J. was doing, and E.J. assumed she was referring to her drunken state the night before. Nicole held up her tablet, which displayed a story about Paulina having fired E.J. as district attorney. Nicole told a perturbed E.J. she was sorry, both for the news and for not being there for E.J.

E.J. claimed that Nicole had not been in any condition to hear the news of his firing. And besides, he reasoned, he also felt guilty for not being able to support Nicole after her fight with Holly and for leaving Eric to "play the hero." He dismissed the previous night as "but a memory." Nicole flashed back to kissing Eric and, with a strained smile, agreed with E.J.

Nicole again assured E.J. that Eric had only helped her because she hadn't shown up for work. She opened up about her attempts to "dull the pain" of what Holly had said with alcohol and admitted the words still hurt. E.J. guiltily consoled her. He reassured Nicole that Holly would come around in time and dismissed Holly's hostility as that of an angry teenager. Nicole wasn't as sure, since she had been keeping Holly away from "the guy she's crazy about."

E.J. insisted Holly would eventually see that Nicole had been acting in Holly's best interests. He commended Nicole as a "strong, independent woman" that any child would be "lucky beyond measure" to call mother. With a determined look, E.J. vowed that Nicole would again one day have the chance to prove herself as a wonderful mother.

Nicole turned the talk to E.J. and offered to speak with Abe on his behalf. E.J. said he didn't want Nicole "fighting [his] battles." He grew excited as he revealed his plan for a recall petition against Paulina. When he rattled off his intention to run for mayor and win, Nicole expressed reluctance. E.J. already had a full workload, and becoming mayor would only increase the work. E.J. defended that leaders delegated, and he would merely be serving as "the face" of the city.

E.J. chuckled and headed off to make plans, leaving an unenthusiastic Nicole behind. In another room, E.J. made a phone call to someone he had tasked with watching Sloan and Eric's residence. E.J. was pleased when the person reported that Sloan and Eric were alone. E.J. believed he would receive a visit from Sloan imminently.

Later, E.J. rejoined Nicole and claimed he had been discussing his plans with Rita. Nicole wanted to leave E.J. to it and get back to work herself. E.J. tried to dissuade her from leaving. He wanted a "relaxing, healing day" alone with Nicole. After some persuasion, Nicole agreed that the idea sounded "divine." She hugged E.J., who reveled in it being "just the two of us."

Eric learns Jude is Nicole's son

Eric learns Jude is Nicole's son

Friday, May 24, 2024

At the Spectator, Stephanie stared at Everett's empty desk and sighed. Stephanie called Everett's phone, but it went straight to voicemail. "I'm starting to worry. Where are you?" Stephanie said.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Rafe and Jada asked Marlena if she knew why Everett had attacked Eric without provocation. "I can't give you any information based on prior psychiatric sessions that I've had with him. I can only give you insights that I've gained from right here during the interview because I am no longer his psychiatrist," Marlena explained. Rafe said he understood. Jada asked Marlena if she had a possible diagnosis.

"It would only be possibilities, but it would be based on what the four of us saw right here in this room," Marlena said. With a grunt, Rafe noted that Everett had behaved like two different people. "Bobby and Everett," Jada said. Marlena nodded yes. "They both live inside his head," Marlena said. Marlena suggested that it was possible that Everett had dissociative identity disorder -- DID.

"I'm kind of familiar with it. Abigail DiMera had it," Rafe said. Marlena nodded yes, and she noted that it was a rare disorder. "Usually, it happens because of some early childhood trauma," Marlena added. Marlena argued that Everett had lashed out because Eric's fight with Sloan had triggered Everett to relive a childhood trauma and turn into Bobby.

"If this is true, this would explain so much," Jada said. "Stephanie posted his bail. We should call her," Rafe added. When Stephanie answered the call, she told Jada that she had not seen Everett since his release. Jada asked Stephanie to visit the station so that they could discuss new evidence. After the call, Jada admitted to Marlena and Rafe that she had not believed that DID was a real thing. Marlena noted that it was rare but treatable. "But who the hell knows where [Everett] is right now?" Rafe muttered.

When Stephanie arrived at the station, she asked what was wrong. Marlena, Jada, and Rafe explained to Stephanie that it was possible that Everett had DID. "My God, I don't believe this," Stephanie said. Jada noted that it made sense why Bobby had sent her mixed signals.

"Everything that I was so angry about. Everything that he did to hurt me, the lying, the cheating, walking out on me -- he only did that because his other personality didn't know that he existed," Jada said. Stephanie asked Marlena how they could help Everett. "[Everett] has to admit that he needs help," Marlena said. "But you discharged him from your care," Stephanie said. With a shake of her head, Marlena explained that Everett had quit treatment. Marlena explained that Everett was resistant to getting help because he was frightened.

"And that is where you come in," Marlena said. "What can I do?" Stephanie asked. Marlena explained that the best treatment for DID was intense psychotherapy, but Everett would need to accept help. "And you're hoping that I can convince him," Stephanie said. Marlena told Stephanie that she was their best shot. Stephanie agreed to help. Marlena advised Stephanie to proceed carefully and not push Everett into therapy. "But first, we have to find him," Rafe said.

In the town square, Johnny and Chanel ate at the café, and Johnny smiled as he noted that Chanel appeared to be over her morning sickness. "I'm not just ravenous, but I'm excited about this little person that's growing inside of me," Chanel said. "I'm excited, too," Johnny admitted. Chanel announced that she no longer wanted to worry about the possible complications from the radiation.

With a grin, Chanel said that she wanted to tell everyone about the baby. When Johnny admitted that he was hesitant to share the news so early in the pregnancy, Chanel argued that they should focus on the positive possibilities. "I want to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy, and we can't do that if we keep treating it like some big, dark secret," Chanel said. When Johnny remained quiet, Chanel asked about his thoughts.

"I'm thinking that's not the only reason, okay? It's not just the scare of the radiation exposure that I'm hesitant to tell people we're pregnant," Johnny said. Johnny reminded Chanel that E.J. and Nicole had lost a baby recently. With a nod, Chanel suggested that the news that E.J. and Nicole had a grandchild on the way would help them heal from their own loss. "Maybe," Johnny whispered. Chanel noted that she would start to show soon.

"I actually hadn't even thought about that," Johnny admitted. Chanel chuckled. "Well, Daddy, it is time that you start thinking about it, because this little one is here to stay. So, it is time that we start thinking about the future," Chanel said.

Nicole was working in the DiMera living room when Holly texted her an apology. The text read, "Really sorry about our fight. Did not mean what I said, was just upset. I hope you can forgive me. I love you." Nicole smiled, and she texted back to Holly that she loved Holly. E.J. carried in a snack tray, and he noticed the preoccupied look on Nicole's face. Nicole told E.J. about Holly's text.

"I knew she would come around eventually, express regret over how much she hurt you," E.J. said. E.J.'s phone rang with a call from his assistant. "I told you not to bother me today unless it was urgent!" E.J. snapped when he answered the phone. When E.J. ended his call, Nicole noted that she had never heard E.J. speak to Rita like that before.

"She has thick skin. She'll be fine," E.J. muttered. "What is going on, and what has got you so wound up?" Nicole asked. After a moment, E.J. said he had been angry because he had hoped that the phone call had been from Paulina. "You did a really good job [as D.A.]. It's gonna be her loss," Nicole said. E.J. vowed to have Paulina recalled as mayor. Nicole changed the subject back to their day of relaxation, and she gave E.J. a neck massage.

"Why do you keep checking your watch?" Nicole asked. After some hesitation, E.J. said, "I'm expecting a delivery." Nicole sat on E.J.'s lap in the hopes of coercing some details out of him. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with. Not now, anyway," E.J. said. As Nicole poked playfully at E.J., he laughed. Johnny and Chanel walked into the living room. Johnny told E.J. that he was sorry to hear about the loss of E.J.'s D.A. job.

"I would put in a good word for you, but my mom and I are not really on the best of terms," Chanel admitted. E.J. asked Chanel if she agreed that Paulina had been in the wrong when she had left isolation. "I do. Especially because I'm pregnant," Chanel announced. Johnny and Chanel smiled lovingly at one another as Nicole gasped with delight. Nicole congratulated the newlyweds, and she noticed that E.J. was not surprised by the news.

"Neither of you told. Is it because you think I couldn't handle it?" Nicole asked. Although Johnny did not explain why, he said that they had decided not to tell anyone the news except E.J. Chanel told Nicole that they had wanted to make sure that Nicole was the first to hear the news once they had decided to announce the pregnancy. "You two are going to be such great parents!" Nicole squealed.

While Nicole chatted with Chanel, E.J. escorted Johnny into the foyer to talk privately. "Why would you make this decision when you know full well that it is a mistake," E.J. asked. Johnny told E.J. that it was none of E.J.'s business. "But it certainly was my business when I flew that specialist in from Switzerland, right?" E.J. countered. Johnny argued that E.J. had offered help so that he could control Johnny and Chanel's decision about the pregnancy. E.J. denied the accusation.

"I was trying to be helpful," E.J. said. Johnny told E.J. that Chanel was happy about the baby. "She has chosen to be optimistic. She has chosen to believe that this baby will be a blessing to us, no matter what," Johnny said. E.J. asked Johnny if he had reached the same conclusion. "I have. And I'm trying to be optimistic. I'm trying to be happy," Johnny said. E.J. argued that "trying" meant that Johnny had reservations about going through with the pregnancy.

"I'm not going to lie to you. I'll admit I'm a little worried, okay? I don't know if going through with this pregnancy is the right thing. But I also don't feel that it's my place to say so," Johnny said. Johnny told E.J. that he loved his wife, and he would not overrule what she wanted. "As I said, I think you're making a terrible mistake," E.J. said. "To me, if it makes my wife happy, then it's never a mistake," Johnny countered.

In the living room, Nicole gave Chanel a baby book from her baby shower. "I thought I gave all the gifts away, and I came across this, and I just couldn't give it up. And maybe this is why," Nicole said. Touched, Chanel thanked Nicole for their first baby gift. "I know that this must be really, really hard for you," Chanel added. Nicole admitted it was but that she was also very happy for Chanel. Nicole and Chanel hugged.

As Nicole sniffled back tears, she apologized to Chanel for "falling apart." E.J. and Johnny returned to the room, and E.J. asked Nicole what was wrong. Nicole explained that she had gotten emotional about the baby. "Understandably," Chanel said. "This baby is gonna bring so much joy to all of us. Right, Grandpa E.J.?" Nicole said. E.J. chuckled. Chanel thanked Nicole for her kindness, and she and Johnny went upstairs to their room.

"I wish I could take your pain away," E.J. told Nicole. "No one can. But I do seem to move forward, since, you know, I have a daughter, and I have a husband and a new job. But I have to accept the fact that the pain is always going to be there. It is never going to go away," Nicole said. E.J. hugged Nicole, and he looked at his watch over her shoulder.

Upstairs, Johnny asked Chanel how she felt after telling Nicole about the pregnancy. "It felt right," Chanel said. Chanel asked Johnny about his conversation with E.J. Johnny explained that E.J. was worried about the risks and that E.J. had offered to cover the bills. Surprised, Chanel noted that it was a kind offer. Johnny asked about Chanel's conversation with Nicole.

"It was so sad," Chanel admitted. Chanel showed Johnny the book that Nicole had given her and explained why. "[Nicole] is still in such terrible pain. Still grieving that little boy she and your dad lost," Chanel said. Chanel worried aloud that the pregnancy would hurt Nicole further. "There's no avoiding that," Johnny said. Chanel suggested that they move out of the mansion.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Sloan confessed to Eric that Jude was not their child. "Nicole and E.J.'s baby, he's not dead. He's very much alive. He's right there," Sloan whispered as she nodded toward Jude. Eric stared in horror at his son. "That's not possible," Eric stammered. When Eric asked Sloan why she had lied, she explained, "I didn't want to lose you." Eric gaped at his wife.

"You took another woman's child because you were afraid to lose me?" Eric said. Sloan explained that she had been grieving after her miscarriage and infertility diagnosis. "Knowing how much it meant to you to be a father, I thought that if I couldn't give you a baby, I thought that you would leave me. I wanted to have a family with you so badly, especially after losing my parents, my brother," Sloan said. Sloan said the adoption had felt like a second chance.

"But what I didn't tell you was that that adoption, that second chance, it fell through, like, very last-minute," Sloan said. Sloan explained that the parents had decided not to go through with the adoption when they had learned about Sloan's past. "And Dimitri Von Leuschner showed up on my doorstep with a baby," Sloan said. Sloan explained that because of the police presence at the hospital, Dimitri had decided to hand the baby off to Sloan as a go-between.

"I saw it as our last chance at being parents. Our last chance at happiness. It was my last chance to hold on to you," Sloan said. As Sloan caressed Eric's arm, he flinched. "Tell me this is not true," Eric whispered through tears. "I wish I could," Sloan said. Sloan reached for Eric, and he backed away. Eric asked about the DNA test, and Sloan admitted that she had tampered with the results. Tears streamed down Eric's face.

"My heart is broken. I know yours is, too, probably more than mine. I wish I didn't have to tell you any of this right now," Sloan said. Eric asked Sloan why she had decided to tell the truth. Sloan lied and said it was because Eric had been getting closer to the truth. "Leo knew the truth," Sloan explained. A look of realization crossed Eric's face, and he noted that Leo had wanted to tell him something at the Salem Inn.

"Nicole and I, we found him quite drunk, and that's when he said he had news to share with Nicole to make her happy and make me sad," Eric whispered. "That's why Nicole felt such a bond with [Jude], as well," Sloan said. Furious, Eric yelled, "And you shunned her! You accused her of kidnapping your child when you knew all along that Jude was her child. That her baby was alive." Disgusted, Eric pointed out that Sloan had put Nicole and E.J. through the hell of mourning a child.

"I did it because I love you!' Sloan screamed. "Don't tell me you love me. Don't tell me you love me or Jude! Because nobody would have ever done that to me. You're not even capable of love," Eric countered. Sloan broke down in tears. "How could you do this?" Eric asked. Sloan admitted that her actions had been terrible, but she had acted out of love. Sloan hugged Eric as he stood there in stunned silence. "I did it for us. I would do anything for us," Sloan whispered. Numb, Eric said, "Stop touching me." After a moment, Eric wrenched himself free from Sloan, and he knelt beside Jude.

"You ready to go, big guy?" Eric asked. "What are you doing?" Sloan said. Eric announced that he would take Jude back to his real parents. As Eric packed Jude's things, Sloan leaned over the crib. "My sweet baby boy," Sloan said. "Stay away from him," Eric warned. Sloan sniffled back tears, and she asked if she could say goodbye to Jude. "You don't get to do that. And don't say another word," Eric said. Sloan retreated to the couch.

Once Jude's things were packed and he was nestled in his stroller, Eric squatted in front of his son. "Hey, sweet boy, who I've come to love so much. I'm gonna miss you so much. I'm never going to stop missing you," Eric said. Eric started to sob, then he choked back his tears. Eric asked Jude if he was ready to meet his real parents. As Eric picked Jude up in his arms, he warned Sloan not to leave. "I'll be back. And you'll pay for what you've done," Eric growled.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole curled up in E.J.'s arms on the couch, and she thanked him for taking such good care of her. The doorbell rang. "Maybe it's the delivery you're expecting," Nicole said. With a shrug, E.J. and Nicole went to the front door. Eric was standing on the front porch, cradling Jude in his arms.

"What brings you by?" E.J. asked. Nicole smiled and waved hello to Jude. "What are you doing here?" Nicole asked. Red-faced from crying, Eric stared at Nicole. Worried, Nicole asked what was wrong. "Your son, he didn't die. Jude is your son," Eric said. Tears formed in Nicole's eyes as baby Jude turned and looked at his mother. Eric handed the baby to Nicole. "What?" Nicole said as she cradled her smiling son in her arms.

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