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Theresa convinced Alex to take her out. Stephanie lied to Chad. Tate was smitten with Holly. Holly was crushing on Johnny. Abe made unexpected progress. Susan declined to press charges. Harris and Ava kissed after they were released. Philip encouraged Belle to save her marriage. Chloe left town with Philip. Justin asked Alex to move back in. Maggie invited Konstantin to stay. Alex urged Brady to move his business. Shawn decided to go to rehab near Bo. Xander hired Sloan. Sarah was shocked to see Susan. Rex agreed to a divorce. E.J. obsessed over Susan's disappearance.
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Tate was smitten with Holly. Harris and Ava kissed. Sarah was shocked to see Susan alive. E.J. obsessed over Susan's disappearance.
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All of Salem talks about Alex being Victor's son

All of Salem talks about Alex being Victor's son

Monday, October 9, 2023

At the airport, Brady and Theresa waited for Tate to join them. When Tate appeared, Brady revealed that Tate had been kicked out of boarding school for a costly prank that involved a fire alarm. Brady insisted that Tate get a job to pay for the damages he had caused the school. Theresa disagreed, but Brady insisted that Tate learn new skills. "And I think I know exactly where he's going to do it at, "Brady said.

At the Brady Pub, Bonnie told Kayla the news that Alex was Victor's son. Kayla and Bonnie wondered why Victor had kept the secret for years. Bonnie said she worried that being Victor's heir would go to Alex's head. "And now, every single woman in town is going to want to get their hooks into him," Bonnie said, just as Theresa entered the pub with Brady and Tate.

Kayla was overjoyed to see Tate, and they hugged. Brady said that he wanted to talk to Roman about Tate finding a job. Tate scoffed, but Brady remained adamant. Brady said that he wanted to talk to Bonnie about what had been in Victor's briefcase that the ISA had recovered from the plane crash. Bonnie slowly gave Brady the news that Alex was Victor's son.

A short while later, Kayla mentioned that there had been a letter in Victor's briefcase. Theresa flashed back to having broken into the briefcase while in Greece. Theresa was revealed to have found a stack of letters in the briefcase. Theresa said that she had to take care of something, and she left.

Over lunch, Brady grew frustrated with Tate's dismissive attitude toward finding a job. When Brady mentioned Rachel, Tate seemed to imply that Brady was only using Tate to regain custody of Rachel. Tate stood up to leave. Brady asked Tate to wait for Roman. Tate said that he wanted to explore the town.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin was surprised when Maggie said that Alex had "kicked [her] to the curb" at Titan. Justin was upset that Alex had replaced Maggie, and he added that he was more appalled with Victor.

Justin said that the truth about Alex should have been revealed years earlier. Maggie said that Alex would always be Justin's son. Maggie recalled that, many years earlier, when Mickey had been married to Laura, Laura had had an affair with Bill Horton. Maggie recalled that Bill had been revealed to be Mike's biological father.

"When the truth came out, it was difficult. It was painful at first. But in the end, nothing mattered. Mike was still (Mickey's) son. Biology didn't matter one iota. And it's not going to matter with you, Justin. Because what matters is that you've raised Alex to be a fine young man," Maggie said.

Maggie sympathized with Justin's hurt feelings, but she said that he would move past them. Justin thanked Maggie for her perspective. Maggie noted that their family was hurting, and she pleaded with Justin to move back into the mansion.

A short while later, Bonnie appeared. Bonnie said that she hoped Alex would move back into the mansion. Justin told Bonnie about Alex having ousted Maggie at Titan. Bonnie and Justin hoped that Alex would "get over himself" before anyone else was hurt.

At the Titan office, Alex explained to Stephanie how he had learned he was Victor's son. Alex said that Victor had lied to him his entire life. Stephanie sympathized with Alex's hurt feelings about the revelation.

Stephanie asked if Alex would keep his apartment. Alex said he wasn't ready to live at the Kiriakis mansion with Justin. A short while later, Theresa entered. Theresa flirted heavily with Alex before asking him to dinner.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Kate told Chad that Xander was Victoria's father. Kate vowed that she wouldn't allow Sarah to break Rex's heart. Chad mentioned that Steve and Kayla were excited by the thought of Chad and Stephanie being married.

Chad admitted that he felt "pressured" because he and Stephanie hadn't been together long. Kate suggested that Stephanie had only said that she wanted to one day marry Chad because of pressure from Kayla. Kate asked Chad what he wanted. "Do you want to marry her?" Kate asked.

Chad said that he hadn't thought about marriage until he had overheard Stephanie and Kayla talking. Kate encouraged Chad to take all the time he needed. Stephanie entered, and she asked if she was interrupting something.

Kate and Stephanie made small talk before Kate left. Afterwards, Chad said that he'd missed Stephanie. Stephanie referenced her and Kayla's talk about marriage a few nights earlier. Stephanie clarified that she hadn't been hinting at marriage. Chad said he didn't feel he and Stephanie should rush things.

Chad added that he liked the way things were between him and Stephanie. "Don't you?" Chad asked. "Absolutely," Stephanie replied as she and Chad hugged. With their faces to each other's backs, Chad and Stephanie seemed to be lost in thought.

Tate is smitten with Holly

Tate is smitten with Holly

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

In the Brady Pub, Paulina told Kate that she was nervous about her date with Abe. "How many people can say they are dating their husband?" Paulina said with a laugh. Paulina confessed that she was nervous because it would be her first date with Abe in her apartment, and she was worried it might drive him away.

"Abe has lost his memory, not his mind. Why would he not want to remember that he is married to one of the most charismatic, fascinating women in all of Salem?" Kate said. Paulina chuckled, and she thanked Kate for boosting her ego. Kate advised Paulina to let Abe know that he was lucky to share his life with Paulina.

In the town square café, Abe was reading up on gossip about his favorite soap opera when Nicole stopped by his table to say hello. "I know who you are. You're Nicole Walker, and you have a daughter named Holly," Abe said. Elated, Nicole congratulated Abe on having gotten his memory back. Abe clarified that he had been learning about the people in his past life, but he did not have his memory back. Abe asked Nicole for details about their relationship.

"You've always been like a father to me. And I've missed you. Very much," Nicole started. Nicole told Abe about their familial connection through Brandon and Fay. With a wistful smile, Nicole explained that Abe had never judged her and had always been there for her. "I hope I get my memory back soon because you just seem like a very special person," Abe said. "Very flawed person, actually," Nicole countered. Abe asked if Holly was excited about the new baby. With a smirk, Nicole noted that Holly was a teenager and wholly uninterested in her mother.

Abe checked his watch, and Nicole asked if he needed to leave for his date. "I'm concerned that if I'm alone [with Paulina at her apartment], then once again, [Paulina's] expectations are going to rise to the surface," Abe confessed. When Nicole assured Abe that Paulina would not pressure him, Abe joked, "Have you met the woman?" Nicole laughed.

Nicole advised Abe to "go with the flow. Live in the moment and don't get caught up in expectations. Because there are worse things than having a wonderful woman madly in love with you." Abe smiled. "I may not remember you, but I'm starting to understand why we were so close," Abe said. Nicole tentatively asked for a hug, and Abe obliged. "I hope to talk again soon," Abe said. Nicole agreed.

At the Price apartment, Johnny arrived for his date with Chanel. Since neither one had a plan and since Paulina was not home, Johnny suggested they stay in. As Johnny and Chanel began to make out, Paulina returned home with groceries for her dinner date. Johnny and Chanel quickly broke their embrace.

"No need to be embarrassed. I'm happy to see you two back together again," Paulina said. With a nod, Paulina told Chanel and Johnny to leave for the evening because she was having a dinner date with Abe. Paulina fussed about her appearance. "Don't be nervous," Chanel said. Paulina admitted that she was worried that she might push Abe away again. Chanel started to criticize Paulina's choice for the menu when Johnny suggested they steer clear.

"Try and remember that, Abe's memory, it may be spotty or whatever, but his heart is the same. And somewhere deep down, his love for you is still there. It's just waiting to resurface again, and when it does, it's going to be just as strong as it was before, if not even stronger," Chanel said. Pleased, Paulina told her daughter she sometimes knew the perfect thing to say.

"We found our way back to each other because it was meant to be, same as you and Abe," Johnny said. Paulina pulled Johnny and Chanel into a group hug. With a laugh, Paulina told Johnny that he might need to return later to repeat his speech to Abe.

At the Brady Pub, Kate told Marlena about Paulina's date with Abe. Marlena noted that Paulina was such a vibrant woman that Abe would be entranced. "Even if Abe doesn't get his memory back, I think he might fall in love with her all over again," Marlena said. Kate switched the subject to her conversation with Chad about Stephanie. "I understand they are very happy together," Marlena said. "They are. I just hope that continues," Kate said.

When Abe arrived at the Price apartment, Paulina gave herself a pep talk before she opened the front door. Abe presented Paulina with a bottle of wine. With a sniff, Abe asked about the delicious smell. "Lamb chops. You liked them before, so there is a good chance you'll like them again," Paulina said. The two made awkward small talk until Paulina suggested that they let the wine breathe. Abe offered to put the wine in the decanter. Unprompted, Abe went to a cabinet and retrieved the decanter. Paulina gasped with barely restrained joy, and she pointed out that Abe had remembered where they had kept it.

"I wasn't even thinking. I just wanted the decanter. Maybe it was just a guess," Abe said. Paulina explained that they had bought the decanter after their wedding, and Abe had suggested where to store it. With an eager smile, Paulina said she took that as a sign of more good things to come. With an uncertain nod, Abe poured the wine.

In the park, Tate complained to a friend on his phone about his move to Salem. Holly walked by, and she dropped a bag on the ground. Tate ended his call, and he called out to Holly. Tate introduced himself, and he noted that maybe his move to town was not all bad. When Holly asked about Tate's move, he told her about his prank with the fire alarm at school.

Amused, Holly opened her bag, and she offered to share her weed with Tate. Tate looked around, and he noticed a cop nearby. The two decided not to smoke the joint in the park and risk getting caught. Tate asked Holly if she wanted to hang out sometime, and she gave Tate her number. Holly noted it was too bad she could not pay him back for having helped her recover her bag.

"You have plenty of time to make it up to me," Tate said. Tate leaned in to kiss Holly, and she pulled away. "What are you doing?" Holly said. Tate apologized for having misread the situation. "I'm so sorry. I feel bad. I feel like a jerk," Tate said. Holly said it was fine, and she offered to be friends. Tate and Holly shook hands and agreed to just be friends. With a smile, Holly confessed that she was in love with someone else. When Tate asked about the boy, Holly noted that she had known the boy forever.

As Nicole finished her shopping in the square, she called Brandon to tell him about her conversation with Abe. Nicole was ending the call when she ran into Tate. Tate explained that he had been forced to move back to Salem, but he declined to give details. "Dad will tell you," Tate said. Tate told Nicole that he had met a nice girl in the park, but he had felt stupid because he had misread her interest in him. "She's into someone else," Tate said.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny and Chanel planned to watch Clueless for their movie night. "It's gonna go okay for Mama, right?" Chanel asked. "No. It's going to go great," Johnny said. Chanel smiled, and she went into the kitchen to make popcorn. Holly arrived, and she stared lovingly at Johnny from the doorway. When Johnny realized Holly was there, she played it cool and made small talk about movies.

Chanel returned from the kitchen, and she was surprised to see Holly had joined her date. "Are you guys like back together?" Holly asked. "We are," Chanel said. Holly forced a smile, and she said she was happy for Johnny and Chanel.

At Titan, Theresa sidled up against Alex, and she teased him about his decision to choose work over dinner with her. "Maybe it was pity sex in Greece, after all," Theresa said. "Not pity sex at all. I wanted to be with you. And I promise you we will have that first date," Alex countered. Theresa rolled her eyes, but she continued to tease Alex. Theresa asked Alex if he was worried about her reputation as a gold digger. Alex shook his head no.

Theresa reminded Alex that she had been into him before anyone had learned about his inheritance, but she thought about when she had read Victor's will before anyone else. Alex stressed that he was secure enough in his charms that he did not suspect that Theresa was after him for his money. Theresa pushed again for Alex to blow off work and take her to dinner. Worn down, Alex offered to call the Bistro for a reservation.

"I know we got the whole gold digger thing cleared up, but you're not using me to make Brady jealous, are you?" Alex asked. Theresa told Alex that she had been on a plane with Brady and their son, Tate. "You would not be questioning my feelings for that man [if you had been on that plane]," Theresa said. Theresa noted that she and Brady had fought the whole time. When Theresa explained why Tate had been expelled, Alex noted, "My kind of kid." Theresa told Alex that she hoped Salem would be good for Tate and that the drama would be behind them.

In Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Stephanie agreed with Chad that she was not in a hurry to get married. "I just don't think we have to rush things. I like the way things are, don't you?" Chad asked. "Absolutely," Stephanie said. After Chad left to pick up the kids from Doug and Julie, Stephanie called her mother to tell her about Stephanie's conversation with Chad.

"Of course, I was lying, but I don't want to come across as some desperate --" Stephanie said before she heard Chad in the hallway. Stephanie ended her call before Chad opened the front door. Chad was alone, and he explained that the kids had begged him to let them stay with Doug and Julie for the night. Chad suggested that they go out to eat at the Bistro. "I was thinking about our earlier conversation," Chad said. Chad asked if they were good, and Stephanie said she did not want to rush things, either.

When Chad and Stephanie arrived at the Bistro, Stephanie spotted Theresa, and she ran over to say hello to her cousin. "I guess you meant it when you said you were sticking around," Stephanie noted. "Things have changed a little," Theresa confirmed. Theresa mentioned she had returned with Tate. Stephanie invited Theresa to join them for dinner, but Theresa explained that her date was parking the car. Alex walked in.

"This guy was going to spend the night working, but I wore him down," Theresa said. Theresa asked Stephanie to join her for a trip to the bathroom, so that she could update her cousin on Tate. After the women left, Chad asked Alex if he was okay after the recent revelations. "It hasn't fully sunk in yet," Alex admitted.

"For what it's worth, I went through something pretty similar when I found out Stefano was my father. So, I'm probably one of the few people who actually knows what you're going through," Chad said. Chad noted that despite their past issues, he was there for Alex if Alex needed him. Alex thanked Chad for the offer.

When the ladies returned, the couples went to tables across the room from one another. Chad asked Stephanie what she thought about Alex dating Theresa. "Alex was [Theresa's] type before he came into the Kiriakis fortune," Stephanie said. "Hope it works out, I guess," Chad said. Across the room, Alex thanked Theresa for having forced him out of the office and his head. Theresa winked at Alex.

Harris and Ava receive good news

Harris and Ava receive good news

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

At the Salem Police Station, Ava was handcuffed to a table when Susan and E.J. appeared. Ava and E.J. argued before Rafe interrupted the commotion. Susan told E.J. that she wouldn't press charges against Ava. Outraged by Susan's decision, E.J. huffed as Ava smirked.

Susan said that she had forgiven Ava and that she would rather Rafe focus on finding the man who had delivered her to Edmund in London. Ava thanked Susan before Susan and E.J. left. Afterwards, Rafe told Ava that there was still a possibility that Ava could be remanded to Bayview.

In the interrogation room nearby, Marlena thanked Harris for having helped rescue Susan. Marlena offered to vouch for Harris any way she could. Harris said that he was more concerned for Ava. Marlena listed all the ways that Harris had helped Ava.

Harris sensed that Marlena had a question. Marlena asked why Harris had done so much for Ava, and she asked if there was more than friendship between Harris and Ava. Marlena said that Harris was in denial about his feelings for Ava.

Harris said that he didn't want to talk about his feelings, but he admitted that he cared about Ava because the two had grown close in recent months. Just then, Ava entered the room with Rafe, and she smiled at Harris.

Rafe said that the district attorney's office wasn't pressing charges for the forged passports. Ava noted that she and Harris still had to complete their court-ordered stays at Bayview. Marlena said she would be glad to talk to Ava's doctors to inquire about whether Ava returning to Bayview was necessary. Marlena stepped out.

Rafe thanked Ava and Harris for trying to coax a confession out of E.J. When Marlena returned, she said that Ava's doctors had decided to release her from their care at Bayview. Marlena added that Ava was free to leave. Ava threw her arms around Harris as she celebrated the news.

Alone in the room with Marlena afterwards, Harris said that he felt his mental health had improved since he had first entered Bayview. Harris added that being on the run with Ava had made him feel in control again. Harris asked if he could end his stay at Bayview and continue seeing Marlena on an outpatient basis.

Marlena agreed, and Harris thanked her. "I'm just curious about one thing. Your decision to leave Bayview... does that have anything to do with the fact that Ava is no longer there?" Marlena asked. "Not at all," Harris said with a smirk and a gleam in his eye.

A short while later, Harris called the Brady Pub and spoke with Kate, who was happy that Harris was safe. Harris inquired about renting Eric's old room above the pub. Kate said she thought it was a good idea, and she agreed to let Roman know. Harris thanked Kate.

After the call ended, Ava returned to the room. Harris shared that Marlena had agreed to release him from Bayview. Ava seemed worried that Harris would leave town, but Harris assured Ava that he wasn't going anywhere. "For what it's worth, I'm really glad that you're staying in Salem. I guess I'll see you around," Ava said softly. "Yeah, I guess so," Harris replied as he and Ava gazed at one another.

In Horton Town Square, Tate told Nicole that he felt "stupid" for having misread a girl's interest in him earlier that night. Nicole was taken aback when she learned that the girl was Holly. Nicole shared that she was Holly's mother.

Tate let it slip that Holly had said she was interested in another guy. Nicole asked if Holly had mentioned who the guy was. Tate said only that Holly had shared that she felt her crush felt the same way about her. Tate received a text from Brady, and he told Nicole that he had to leave. Nicole told Tate to be safe and to stay in touch.

After Tate left, E.J. appeared, and he said he had incredible news to share. Nicole was thrilled when Susan appeared. Susan learned that Nicole was pregnant. Nicole pointed to her stomach, and she said that she was carrying Susan's future grandchild.

Susan seemed doubtful. "Are you sure about that? Because I'm not getting any kind of familiar connection," Susan said. E.J. insisted that he and Nicole were having a baby and that Susan would soon have another grandchild. Susan said that she was happy for E.J. and Nicole.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Brady and Tate argued when Brady said that he didn't think it was a good idea for Tate to pursue Holly. Brady admitted that he was being tough on Tate because Tate had caused Brady and Theresa a lot of worry.

Brady said that Tate would enroll in Salem High the following day, and he added that Tate would be working when he wasn't studying. Brady said that Roman had agreed to give Tate a job at the Brady Pub. Tate argued with Brady about the decision.

Marlena was delighted to see Tate in her living room when she returned home. Marlena and Tate teased one another before she left with Brady to help set up Tate's new room. Afterwards, Tate texted Holly. Tate asked if Holly wanted to hang out the following day. Holly, angry at Tate for having told Nicole about her crush, had harsh words for Tate. "Sorry, Big Mouth. Ur dead 2 me," Holly texted.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny asked Holly to watch Clueless with him and Chanel. When Johnny started to cough, Holly offered to grab water for Johnny and Chanel. Alone with Chanel, Johnny said he hoped that the night hadn't been a disappointment for Chanel. "It's never a bust when I'm with you," Chanel said lovingly.

Johnny surprised Chanel when he asked her to move into the mansion with him. Chanel asked that she and Johnny not get ahead of themselves so early into their rekindled romance. Chanel and Johnny were kissing when Holly returned with a look of disappointment on her face.

As she carried glasses of water on a tray, Holly slipped, and she spilled water all over Chanel. Holly apologized as Chanel headed upstairs to change into one of Johnny's T-shirts. Alone in the room, Johnny told Holly that the mansion had been more enjoyable since she and Nicole had moved in.

Holly heaped praises on Johnny, and she asked if she could tell him a secret. Holly was nervous as she prepared to tell Johnny that she had a crush on him. Just then, Susan entered. Susan squealed with delight at the sight of Johnny, who was overwhelmed with joy that Susan was alive.

Susan told Johnny and Nicole about Ava and Harris having rescued her. Susan ordered E.J. to leave Ava alone. Johnny added that it was time for E.J. and Ava to wipe the slate clean. E.J. surmised that he was outnumbered, and he said that he agreed. "Fresh slate, it is, "E.J. said contemptuously.

At the same time, Rafe stared at a file on E.J. at the police station. "I know you tried to have Ava killed. She may be off the hook, but you're not, Elvis," Rafe said to himself.

Shawn makes a decision about his future without asking Belle

Shawn makes a decision about his future without asking Belle

Thursday, October 12, 2023

At Alex's apartment, Justin said that he still thought of himself as Alex's father. Alex said he loved Justin and that he was grateful to Justin. Justin brought up Alex's decision to oust Maggie as CEO of Titan. Alex claimed that he was the right person to lead the company. Justin asked Alex to move back into the Kiriakis mansion. Alex agreed to think about it. Justin and Alex hugged before Justin left.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin offered Maggie his sympathies over Victor's death. Over coffee, Maggie was delighted when Konstantin presented her with a photo album that contained several photos of Victor as a young man.

Maggie thanked Konstantin, and she asked how she could repay him for the gift. Konstantin said that Maggie's smile was enough of a reward. Konstantin added that he planned to stay in Salem for a bit. Maggie asked where Konstantin was staying. When Konstantin mentioned a hotel, Maggie insisted that he stay at the mansion.

Konstantin remarked that Maggie didn't truly know him. Maggie said that Konstantin's gift had made her feel closer to Victor. "So, you are staying here, in Victor's home. And I won't hear another word to the contrary," Maggie said. A short while later, Maggie introduced Justin to Konstantin. Justin was surprised when Maggie said that Konstantin would be staying at the mansion.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Chloe told Brady that she was leaving Salem. Chloe said that she felt she needed to reset her life and to be closer to Parker. Chloe added that she would leave the following morning, and she noted that Philip was leaving with her. Chloe admitted that she still had unresolved feelings for Philip.

Chloe said she hoped that Brady would trust her to make her own decisions. Brady said that Philip had been Chloe's first love. Brady added that Chloe had also been his first love, as well. "And I don't think I'm ever really going to get over you," Brady said.

Brady apologized to Chloe for how the two had broken up months earlier, and he rued that he and Chloe were saying goodbye again. Chloe said that she didn't regret a moment of her time with Brady. "Sitting here with you as a friend, I'm so grateful for all of it. And you will always be here in my heart. Always," Chloe said through tears. "And you will be in mine. Always," Brady said with a lump in his throat.

Chloe and Brady held one another closely as they hugged. Chloe stood up to prepare to leave. The two said through tears that they would miss one another. "Listen, I want you to have the best life, whatever that means. And if you can find it in your giant heart to forgive Philip... he must be on the right track," Brady said.

Marlena appeared a short while after Chloe had left. Brady shared the news about Chloe and Philip leaving town together. Marlena said that Brady and Chloe had always had a special relationship. Brady's phone chimed, and he left to visit Alex.

Back at Alex's apartment, Brady confronted Alex for withholding that he was leaving Basic Black for Titan. Alex said that Basic Black's exclusivity rights with DiMera Enterprises would soon end, and he asked Brady to move his business to Titan.

At the Brady Pub, Belle was surprised to learn that Philip was leaving Salem with Chloe. Philip was adamant that he and Chloe weren't back together, but he conceded that they still had feelings for one another.

Belle told Philip that Shawn had cheated on her, and she said that her marriage might be over. Philip asked Belle not to give up on her marriage, and he encouraged her to talk to Shawn. Belle agreed, and she and Philip hugged one another closely.

After Belle left, Kate appeared. Kate tried to talk Philip out of leaving town with Chloe, but he refused. Kate said that she would always worry about Philip because she loved him more than anything. Philip said that he knew Kate only wanted the best for him.

Philip and Kate stood up, and they wrapped their arms around one another. Chloe entered, and after several seconds of tense silence, Kate said that she was happy -- if Philip was happy. Philip and Chloe thanked Kate, who prepared to leave. "And Chloe? Be careful with my son's heart," Kate said on her way out.

Philip told Chloe about his conversation with Belle earlier, and he said that perhaps he and Chloe could have a going-away breakfast with Shawn and Belle the following morning. "The Last Blast Gang send-off. I'd like that," Chloe recalled fondly. Philip and Chloe said that they both had a lot of hope about their futures.

At the Salem Police Station, Shawn looked up from his desk and saw Talia. Talia said that she and Shawn should talk, given that Belle knew of Shawn's one night stand with Talia. Shawn said that the affair might be Belle's "breaking point."

Talia stood up to leave after Belle appeared. Belle said that she had something to tell Shawn. "I'm hurt, and I hate what you did, but I would like to try to forgive you and get this behind us so that we can try to save our marriage," Belle said.

Shawn said it that it was "nice" that Belle wanted to work on their marriage. Shawn disclosed that he had found an outpatient rehab facility close to where Bo was being treated, and he added that Ciara and Ben were also near the area.

Shawn said that he planned to leave Salem indefinitely -- and without Belle. Belle was hurt that Shawn said he didn't want her to go with him. Shawn claimed he needed the time away to work on his problems if he and Belle were ever going to have a chance to save their marriage.

Shawn said that he was sorry and that he hoped Belle would understand. "I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. I think what I don't understand is why you can lean on your mom and your sister, but not me. I'm your wife," Belle said.

Shawn claimed that his decision was about "showing up" for Hope and Ciara, as well as facing the consequences of what he'd done to Bo. Belle asked if Shawn would return home to her. Shawn claimed that he wanted to return to Belle "more than anything." With tears in her eyes, Belle and Shawn hugged one another closely.

Sarah runs into Susan and begins to question everything she's done

Sarah runs into Susan and begins to question everything she's done

Friday, October 13, 2023

Sloan finished up a call with Melinda and got an update on the private adoption process. Sloan said that the process could be hurried along once she and Eric got their marriage license. As Eric was preparing to head to the pub, Xander showed up unexpectedly at the door. Xander claimed that he needed to speak to his lawyer. Eric turned and looked at Sloan and begged her to tell him that she was not Xander's attorney.

Sloan confirmed that she was, prompting Eric to look at Xander in disdain and ask him what he'd done "this time." "Well, look at you jumping to conclusions!" Xander groused. Xander said that he was actually the wronged party. Eric shook his head and headed off to the pub.

Once Eric was gone, Sloan asked Xander what made him think that she'd be able to win him full custody of his daughter. Xander argued that Sarah was an unfit mother because she'd lied when she'd said that he was not Victoria's father. "She put another man's name on the birth certificate -- married him to keep me away from my kid," Xander explained. Sloan's face fell as Xander stated that Sarah had done the same thing to Eric.

Sloan said that Sarah's history might give them "some play" in court, especially if a male judge were to be assigned to the case. Still, Sloan warned Xander that he faced an uphill battle.

In Horton Square, Sarah phoned Maggie to check in on the baby. She was both thrilled and bewildered at how easily Maggie was able to get the little one to fall asleep. As she ended the call, Sarah saw a woman across the square, bent over and struggling. She hurried over to check on the woman and was stunned when the woman stood up and revealed her face. "Susan?" Sarah gasped. Susan merrily declared herself alive and well and asked if Sarah would like a lollipop.

E.J. showed up moments later, toting a bag of bear claws from Sweet Bits. Susan snatched the bag and rummaged through it for a pastry. Sarah still stood transfixed, staring at Susan. Sarah said that her lack of sleep had made her think that she was hallucinating Susan's presence. Needing to sit down, Sarah staggered back to her table. Once she was seated, she commented that she'd been very angry with Xander for Susan's death. "Now you're not angry anymore, right?" Susan asked.

Sarah took a deep breath and said that Xander was not a murderer. "Not this time," E.J. quipped. Susan wagged her finger and ordered E.J. to "soft-pedal [his] judgment." Still obviously stunned, Sarah stood up and said that she needed to get home to her baby.

Rex blasted Kate for going behind his back to tell Sarah that she needed to set Rex free. Kate was overjoyed when Rex revealed that Sarah had taken Kate's advice and asked him for a divorce. "This is the best news I've had in ages," Kate beamed. Rex snapped that his news wasn't good because he did not want a divorce, and he did not want to turn his back on his daughter. Kate clarified that the baby was Xander's daughter, but Rex repeated that he was Victoria's father.

Kate noted that Xander was unlikely to step aside and let Rex serve as Victoria's father. Kate insisted that she was not trying to be harsh, but she did not want to see Rex get hurt. "Sarah is giving you an out. Agree to the divorce. Let her go," Kate said emphatically.

Sarah returned home and overheard Kate telling Rex that Sarah would never feel for him the way that he felt about her. The conversation stopped when they both realized that Sarah was standing in the doorway. "When an inconvenient marriage is no longer convenient, what do you?" Kate asked sarcastically. Rex told Kate to leave so that he and Sarah could talk. Kate agreed, but before she left, she ordered Sarah to leave Rex "the hell alone."

Once Kate had left, Sarah told Rex that she'd run into Susan Banks at Horton Town Square. Rex said that he'd planned to tell her the news. Sarah surprised Rex by telling him that she believed that Kate was right: they all needed to move on with their lives.

Rex told Sarah that he was going to return to Chicago if she still planned to go through with the divorce. A teary-eyed Sarah apologized to Rex for hurting him. Rex claimed she had nothing to apologize for because everything had been his idea. He did, however, express concern that Sarah might be taken in by Xander again. "Thank you for being the best best friend in the word," Sarah sobbed as she embraced Rex. Rex told Sarah to be happy, and he left the room.

A short time later, Xander burst into the room and demanded that he be able to see his daughter. Sarah said that Rex was upstairs with Victoria, and she asked Xander to have the decency to let Rex say goodbye. Xander was confused. Sarah explained that she'd told Rex that she wanted a divorce and that Rex was headed back to Chicago. When Xander asked why, Sarah replied, "Because of you."

Sarah shared that she'd run into Susan. "It must be such a huge weight off of your shoulders to know you're not a killer, after all," Sarah said softly. Xander said that he'd spent many sleepless nights, thinking about Susan. Xander muttered that Sarah believed he was a horrible person with no conscience. Sarah insisted that she did not think that. "I never thought... I was just scared to let you back into my life," she replied. They looked longingly into each other's eyes.

Ava looked quizzically at her phone as it rang, and an unknown number displayed on the Caller ID. On the other end, Harris told her that he'd given up his burner phones and gotten a new phone and legitimate phone number because he was "going back to being a semi-respectable citizen." Ava chuckled and replied, "Me, too."

Harris wondered how Ava's first night as a "non-Bayview resident" had gone. Ava sang the praises of clean sheets, a knife that actually cut, and being able to spend time with her son. Ava said that she was happy Harris had found a place to stay at the Brady Pub. He was, too, but wasn't sure how he'd pay his rent. "I haven't seen many 'help wanted' signs for a washed-up SEAL whose most recent job was mercenary-slash-hit man," he grumbled.

Tripp approached his mother from behind, quietly listening in on her phone call. Ava rattled off the list of ways that Harris had helped people in recent weeks, and she called him a hero. Harris disagreed with her assessment. Ava spotted Tripp and told Harris that she had to go. Ava offered to make Tripp and Wendy breakfast, but Tripp remarked that he usually just had a protein shake. As for Wendy, she had skipped out earlier to go to a job interview.

Seeing the smile on Tripp's face, Ava asked her son just how serious things were between him and Wendy. "I'm in love with her," Tripp replied. He then asked Ava how serious things were between her and Harris Michaels. Ava replied that she and Harris were just friends.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Harris spotted Eric and introduced himself. Harris shared that he was staying in a room at the pub and hoped that Eric didn't have any concerns about that. To assuage those concerns, Harris stated that he'd been in therapy sessions with Marlena, and he'd been assured that he was no longer "a menace to society." Harris stated that Salem was the only place that he had ever considered home, and he wanted to stick around to start over and figure out who he wanted to be.

Harris shared that he needed to find a job to be able to pay his rent. Eric mentioned that Roman wanted to hire some additional help at the pub. Harris muttered that some 16-year-old -- possibly a grandson -- had been hired for the job. Eric explained that Tate was actually a "great nephew." As the two men mused that they'd never be able to figure out the Brady family tree, Kate strolled in and asked them if they were as happy as she was that Dimitri had been arrested.

Kate suggested that Harris go to the police station and apply for a job. Harris didn't think that was such a good idea because he "was just in a mental institution." Kate called that "just a blip" and offered to give him a recommendation. "Unlike the incompetent folks at that police station, you actually get things done," Kate deadpanned.

Before heading home, Eric offered to show Harris around town. Kate took the opportunity to once again push for Harris to consider working for the Salem Police Department. Harris told Kate that he'd give the suggestion some thought and left the pub.

Marlena showed up at the pub a short time later and sat down at a table to chat with Kate. She told Kate that Harris had texted her to say that everyone at the pub had treated him nicely. Marlena then turned her attention to Kate and asked how she was doing with Philip deciding to leave town. Kate admitted that the only thing she felt was "dread" because Philip had chosen to leave with Chloe.

Seconds later, Rex appeared tableside with a suitcase and told Kate that he was headed back to Chicago. Kate leaped to her feet and insisted that Rex didn't have to leave town just because he and Sarah were getting a divorce. Rex kissed his mother on the cheek and told her that he loved her.

Later, Tripp was preparing to head off to work when Harris showed up at the apartment. Tripp thanked Harris for saving Ava's life. "She's been through hell more than once [and] doesn't need to be dealing with anybody else's baggage," Tripp said before leaving. Ava laughed slightly and apologized for what Tripp had said. She explained that she'd been known to fall for guys and get "obsessive." Harris took her hand, and after a moment of hesitation, the two kissed.

Eric returned home with a scone as a peace offering for Sloan. He apologized for his behavior and explained that Xander pushed his buttons. Sloan shared that she'd learned that Sarah had kept him from his child. Eric nodded but said it was not a part of his life that he liked to revisit. Eric claimed that looking back, he'd come to understand why Sarah had done what she'd done. Still, it was not easy to forget the pain that Sarah had caused him and everyone else.

Back in Horton Town Square, as Susan chowed down on a bear claw, E.J. was annoyed by Susan's claims that she had been treated nicely when Xander had kidnapped her. Susan asked E.J. to promise that he would not harm Xander or Ava. Susan then shared that she was going to return home to Memphis.

E.J. asked Susan to reconsider. E.J. said that he needed to know who had forced Susan "into captivity."

Somewhere in an unknown location, a man used his tablet to read an article about Susan Banks being alive.

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