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Sarah rejected Xander for Tony. Ned blackmailed Gwen, and she used him to help Ava. Orpheus warned Clyde to eliminate E.J. before he remembered the shooting. E.J. remembered the shooting. The devil and Gabi took over DiMera. Ben and Ciara told Susan that Johnny might be possessed. The devil misdirected Susan's premonition to Belle. Ben told Jake about devil Johnny. Chanel begged Tripp to give Allie a second chance. Marlena asked Justin for help with her practice. Bonnie gave Nancy a makeover. Lani met with T.R. Eli investigated T.R. Will and Sonny talked to Craig. Craig was unmoved by Sonny, and he committed to Leo.
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The devil and Gabi took over DiMera, Orpheus warned Clyde to eliminate E.J., and Will and Sonny talked to Craig about Leo
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Gabi blindsides Jake

Gabi blindsides Jake

Monday, March 7, 2022

by Mike

At the police station, Gwen desperately tried to convince Ava that everything would be fine if they simply continued to work together as a team instead of starting to turn on each other. Ava bitterly pointed out that it was really easy for Gwen to say such a thing when only one of them was at risk of facing the consequences of their actions. "I helped you out, but this mess is all yours -- and yet I am the one that they dragged down here!" Ava snapped at Gwen before adding that nothing they had done had been worth the risk, anyway, because Sarah had still reunited with Xander in the end.

"Did Chad say that Sarah was back?" Gwen wondered. "No...but Abigail knows everything, and she's back, so..." Ava responded. Gwen breathed a sigh of relief and waved a hand dismissively then reminded Ava that they both had secrets. "It would be a mistake to threaten me," Ava countered. "And you can't prove a thing," Ava added. "Are you sure about that?" Gwen teased before giving Ava a wink then exiting the conference room. "God, could it get any worse..." Gwen muttered while passing through the park a short time later -- and, as if on cue, Ned Grainger approached from behind just then.

"Oh, things can always get worse... Remember me?" Grainger began. "Where the bloody hell did you come from? Have you been stalking me?" Gwen snapped. "As a matter of fact..." Grainger confirmed before demanding one million dollars from Gwen as a reward for having never identified the person who had knocked out Abigail at the airstrip.

Later, Ava received a visit from Grainger, who was dressed as a lawyer and was wearing a fake mustache. "Ned?" Ava realized. "Saul Goodman, attorney at law," Grainger clarified. "Your friend, Ms. Rizczech, sent me to negotiate a deal with the D.A. [Then] you're gonna walk out of this police station a free woman -- free to go wherever you plane, perhaps... [But] I must warn you -- my fees are quite steep..." Grainger elaborated. "You're hired," Ava agreed.

At the Horton Town Square, Xander greeted Sarah and tried to seize a hug. "Oh, my God... It can't be you..." Sarah muttered as Renee while backing away from Xander. "But it is --" Xander responded. "Get away from me!" Sarah demanded as Renee. "Sarah, please --" Xander protested. "[And] stop calling me that!" Sarah added as Renee.

"Don't you know who I am?" Xander wondered. "You think anyone could forget who you are, Alexander?" Sarah responded as Renee. "Alexandros, [actually] -- but I go by 'Xander' --" Xander clarified. "Really? You think you can just change the name that you go by, and people will forget that, as charismatic as you are, you're also a despicable, lying son of a bitch?" Sarah spat as Renee.

"Whatever it is you go by, I know you as 'Alex' -- and I want a divorce!" Sarah declared as Renee. "But...we're not married --" Xander objected. "Oh, how I wish that was true -- but I fell for your act, and I was foolish enough to marry you, which was the worst mistake I've ever made!" Sarah maintained as Renee. "I don't understand..." Xander admitted. "Then let me make it simple for you -- I am Renee DuMonde, and I intend to marry the love of my life, Tony --" Sarah began to explain as Renee.

"DiMera?" Xander sputtered. "As soon as he gets a divorce from that pathetic woman who somehow got her hooks into him -- you know, the one without a brain -- [so]...I am going to divorce you -- [and], to that end, I am going to go speak to Don Craig --" Sarah continued as Renee. "Who?" Xander wondered. "An excellent lawyer -- he's the best in town," Sarah concluded as Renee before rushing off, ignoring Xander's protests.

Xander contacted Jack once the coast was clear. "You want to go ahead and finish that story you were trying to tell me?" Xander began, and Jack complied -- and Sarah returned during the phone conversation. "Gotta go!" Xander whispered to Jack before ending the call and greeting Sarah again. "Renee! And I asked you to leave me alone!" Sarah snapped as Renee. "You...are aware that this 'Renee DuMonde' person you claim to be is dead and was murdered by a serial killer...[right]?" Xander challenged Sarah. "Yeah, well, loads of people in this town have been dead before -- and then, miracle of miracles, they were brought back to my very own father! So, add me to that list," Sarah reasoned as Renee.

"I wish I could get through to you -- I wish you could remember how much we love each other --" Xander fretted. "Oh, please -- you have a heart of stone, [and] you're incapable of love; all you wanted was my inheritance, [and] that's why you tricked me into marrying you --" Sarah argued as Renee. Xander showed Sarah a digital photograph of the two of them together. "That woman in the picture with the short hair -- that's Sarah Horton," Sarah declared as Renee.

"You truly don't recognize yourself in this picture? [I mean], when you look in the mirror, this isn't the face you see?" Xander translated. "No -- I see my face," Sarah confirmed as Renee. "[But]...according to Jack, Renee DuMonde would be about...65 years old...if she was still alive --" Xander objected. "Okay, well, what do you want me to say? I've aged very well -- it's in the genes; we DiMeras live practically forever," Sarah reasoned as Renee.

"At least let me take you to see your mother -- she's worried sick about you --" Xander suggested. "My mother? I haven't spoken to Emily in years!" Sarah protested as Renee. "I'm talking about Maggie --" Xander clarified. "I don't know why you keep going on about Sarah Horton, but what I do know is that you, Alex Marshall, make me sick!" Sarah declared as Renee before rushing off, again ignoring Xander's protests.

Gwen approached Xander a short time later. Xander started to tell Gwen about what was going on with Sarah.

At the Hernandez house, Gabi once again dodged Jake's advances, reasoning that they had a big day ahead of them and couldn't afford to get distracted for any length of time. "Fine, I'll get dressed...but tonight, we're celebrating!" Jake insisted before stepping into the bathroom. "Oh, I'll be celebrating...getting rid of your lying, double-crossing ass!" Gabi spat once the coast was clear.

At the DiMera mansion, the demonic presence grinned in anticipation of what was going to happen later that day. "Stop!" Johnny snapped at the demonic presence. "You again?" the demonic presence responded. "That's right -- it's me, Johnny Angel, and I'm taking over!" Johnny confirmed. "Do you really think you can fight the devil and win?" the demonic presence protested. "You're not as powerful as you think -- in fact, you're nothing without me!" Johnny insisted. "Oh, please -- you're nothing but a host body, a vessel for me to puppet --" the demonic presence argued. "That's what you think..." Johnny teased.

The demonic presence cried out in pain just then and fell to its knees. "I won't let you hurt any more people I love!" Johnny vowed. "I warned you what would happen if you fight me --" the demonic presence managed to choke out while struggling to stand. "My grandmother kicked you out -- I will, too --" Johnny declared. "Marlena and John drove me out with love -- 35 years of loyalty and selflessness... Ugh... [Anyway], that is why I am not worried about you -- 'cause you don't love anyone enough; only yourself, Johnny Boy," the demonic presence countered. "That's...not true..." Johnny whispered. "Only. Yourself," the demonic presence repeated -- and Johnny didn't respond.

Gabi contacted "Johnny" just then to make sure that they were still on the same page. "[Jake] doesn't suspect a thing," Gabi bragged. "Let's keep it that way -- we need his vote to convene the meeting," the demonic presence advised as Johnny. "Don't worry -- Jake is gonna get what he deserves...and I can't wait to witness it..." Gabi responded -- just as Jake emerged from the bathroom. Gabi hastily wrapped up the phone conversation with "Johnny" then coolly explained that what Jake deserved was to be the CEO of DiMera Enterprises -- and that, together, the three of them were about to make that happen. Jake nodded and smiled at Gabi, seemingly satisfied.

The demonic presence ran into Tony while trying to exit the mansion. "I was told you and Uncle Chad were out of town..." the demonic presence stammered as Johnny. "We were...[but], luckily, we found Abigail, and we got back here early this morning. Isn't that wonderful news?" Tony responded. "Yeah... 'wonderful'..." the demonic presence grumbled as Johnny before trying again to exit the mansion.

"Got a date with the devil?" Tony guessed. "Excuse me?" the demonic presence sputtered as Johnny. "Your movie -- I see the way you're dressed; you must be having a meeting with your producer," Tony clarified. "Oh, yeah, right -- yes, big meeting, so..." the demonic presence, which had donned one of its favorite suits for the occasion, agreed as Johnny. "How's it going?" Tony wondered. "Already working on the sequel," the demonic presence responded as Johnny before finally managing to exit the mansion. Chad entered the mansion a short time later and joined Tony in the living room, where they took turns updating each other on everything that had happened since their previous conversation.

Kate entered DiMera Enterprises and found Shin in one of the conference rooms. "I didn't know you were in Salem," Kate admitted. "I'm here for the shareholder meeting," Shin explained.

Kate gave Shin a look of confusion. "Gabi and Jake called a meeting for this morning -- along with E.J.'s son," Shin clarified. "They didn't tell me, and they've planned it for a time when Tony and Chad aren't here and E.J. is in prison -- which makes me think they think the time is right for a play..." Kate mused. "What is it you think they're planning?" Shin wondered. "I don't know...but whatever it is, they're not gonna get away with it," Kate responded.

"How many people are we expecting?" Kate asked. "The overseas members are perennially in absentia; E.J. is, as you noted, unavailable; and Tony and Chad have, quite inappropriately, taken the corporate jet somewhere on personal business --" Shin replied. "'Personal business'? Abigail was kidnapped!" Kate stressed. "I'm not unsympathetic, but it seems there's always a...'crisis' the DiMera family..." Shin countered. "Tony and Chad are on their way back, so we can just postpone the meeting --" Kate declared. "I have a flight to Hong Kong at noon -- I'm afraid I can't push this back," Shin objected.

Kate sighed then started to check in with Harold to find out if Chad and Tony were back in Salem yet -- just as Gabi and Jake entered the conference room, with the demonic presence close behind. "I just came from home, and it seems they have been delayed due to a weather incident; [in fact], from what I understand, they're in a holding pattern over the Bermuda Triangle. [But] we can accomplish everything we need without the other members of my family present," the demonic presence announced as Johnny. "That's what I'm afraid of..." Kate grumbled before ending the call.

Kate was stunned to learn that Gabi, Jake, and "Johnny" wanted to add Victor to the board as part of a grand scheme to gain control of Titan. "Because it would be that easy..." Kate sarcastically agreed.

Kate wasn't stunned to learn that Gabi, Jake, and "Johnny" wanted to oust Chad from the CEO position. "I won't allow that -- that won't be happening --" Kate firmly declared.

Jake was stunned when Gabi interrupted Kate and admitted to no longer being on board with either idea. "This is very interesting..." Kate cheerfully mused.

"Instead of adding Victor Kiriakis to the board, I suggest we elect Johnny DiMera -- [and] instead of having Jake as CEO, I propose you elect me instead," Gabi announced. "I second that motion!" the demonic presence stressed as Johnny. "Told you not to trust her..." Kate reminded Jake, who demanded an explanation from Gabi but was ignored.

"You know, as much as I would like Jake to get what he deserves...I am not gonna let you, Gabi, take Chad's rightful place at DiMera. [Now], I won't be voting for this travesty -- and, obviously, I don't think Jake will be, either -- [and] Mr. Shin is on Jake's side, [so] there will be a tie...[and] unless someone walks in that door and breaks the tie, it will be a stalemate, which means the status quo stands --" Kate argued. "'aye' -- which means the motion is passed," Shin muttered after locking eyes with the demonic presence.

Jake again demanded an explanation from Gabi -- then insisted, after finally getting answers, that "Johnny" was somehow to blame for everything that had happened. The demonic presence laughed off the accusation as Johnny, and Gabi also refused to take it seriously, but Kate listened with great interest.

Gabi rushed off to take control of the CEO office -- and Chad arrived a short time later and demanded to know what was going on. Meanwhile, Kate and Shin exited the conference room, leaving Jake alone with the demonic presence, which tossed out a few taunts as Johnny then threatened to contact security. "Don't even think about it," Jake warned while lunging forward, ready for a fight. "Get. Your hands. Off of me!" the demonic presence growled, revealing its glowing yellow eyes.

Jake fights the devil

Jake fights the devil

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

In the visitors' room at the prison, a cheerful E.J. greeted Belle when she walked into the room. "I am hoping against hope that you might have an update on the case that might uplift my spirits," E.J. said. Belle informed E.J. that she had tracked down Jason Smith, the man that had implicated E.J. in the kidnapping. Belle told E.J. that she had been unable to get any information out of Jason.

"There are other avenues we can explore," Belle said. Belle explained that she was searching for Sami's other captor, Pete. "And?" E.J. asked "Since he was never arrested, finding him has been a challenge," Belle admitted. Belle told E.J. that she would focus on lack of evidence for his appeal.

"I disregarded your advice at every turn, and yet, still, here you are," E.J. said. "I know you're innocent, and soon, everyone else will, too," Belle countered. E.J. thanked Belle for her faith in him. "I hope you know how appreciative I am for all of your help," E.J. said. With a nod, Belle asked E.J. about his cellmate.

"You mean Clyde Weston?" E.J. said. "That is surprising. How's it going?" Belle asked. E.J. confessed that he was already acquainted with Clyde as a former business associate. Belle suggested that E.J. transfer cells so that the association would not affect his appeal. "Ancient history. I actually think he could be quite helpful," E.J. said. Belle laughed. E.J. said he did not trust Clyde, but he needed someone to watch his back.

As Belle gathered her stuff to leave, she informed E.J. that her next plan was to talk to Chad. "Don't waste your time," E.J. said. When E.J. reminded Belle that Chad had called him a sociopath, Belle countered that Chad had been worried about Abigail at the time. Belle confirmed that Abigail was home safe.

"Whatever did or did not happen, Chad led me to believe that we'd be pleased with his testimony, which means he knows something. Something that will exonerate you," Belle said. E.J. told Belle that he admired her tenacity, but he did not believe Chad would do anything to help him. "I am going to get you out of here. That's a promise," Belle said.

Clyde read in his prison cell at Statesville as Orpheus stopped by for a chat. Clyde mentioned that his cellmate was E.J. "The two of you ran a drug operation, did you not?" Orpheus asked. "Now, where would you come up with an idea like that?" Clyde asked. Orpheus chuckled. "I make it a point to stay in the know," Orpheus said. Orpheus told Clyde that he knew that Clyde had killed E.J.

"Your information is bogus. E.J. DiMera is alive and ticking," Clyde countered. Orpheus noted that Dr. Rolf had saved E.J. after the shooting in the park. "But I ain't the one who plugged him. Some two-bit junkie did that," Clyde said. "That's what the cops believe. Doesn't make it true," Orpheus said. Clyde swore he had not shot E.J. With a grin, Orpheus asked Clyde if his buddy Miguel had pulled the trigger.

"But you are certainly responsible for that bullet ending up in E.J.'s chest," Orpheus said. Clyde denied the accusation. Orpheus asked Clyde how E.J. felt about rooming with his attempted killer. "Even if I had been there, E.J. wouldn't know nothing about it. [E.J.] doesn't remember a damn thing about that evening," Clyde said. Clyde explained that Rolf's serum had side effects.

"As I understand it, in time, the memories come back," Orpheus warned. Orpheus mentioned Clyde's upcoming parole hearing, and he hinted that someone could provide evidence to the parole board. "Evidence that links you to a new crime," Orpheus said. "That would certainly throw a wrench into the works," Clyde whispered. With a smirk, Orpheus noted that Clyde "had it coming."

"I get it. You hold a grudge against me for stabbing you, I know. But like I told you before, I did that for my son," Clyde said. "And my son did try to kill Ben, so I suppose that makes us even," Orpheus muttered. Orpheus added that if Clyde got parole, he would be a useful friend on the outside. "One hand washes the other," Clyde said. Orpheus stressed that it was in both their interests that E.J. did not remember the shooting.

"We'll both suffer the consequences," Orpheus said. "What consequences are those?" E.J. asked as he returned to his cell. Clyde and Orpheus lied and said they had been comparing cellmates. "[My cellmate] keeps getting us both put on lockdown," Orpheus said. Clyde introduced E.J. to Orpheus. "So glad to see you boys are getting along," Orpheus said. With a grin, Orpheus walked away.

"How did it go with your lawyer?" Clyde asked. E.J. said he had no news. Clyde urged E.J. to have patience. "Sit back, relax, and enjoy this nice, cushy lifestyle," Clyde said. E.J. blinked with recognition. "What did you just say?" E.J. asked. "I said enjoy this nice, cushy lifestyle," Clyde repeated.

The memory of the night of the shooting flooded back to E.J. E.J. remembered that Clyde had used the same phrase right before Miguel had shot E.J. "You all right?" Clyde asked. "Yes. I was just thinking," E.J. said. E.J. smiled as if he had not just recalled that his cellmate had been the reason for the shooting.

In Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ben puzzled through the instructions of a baby swing. Ciara exited the bedroom, and Ben asked if she had been able to get some sleep. With a shrug, Ciara admitted that she had spent the night thinking about whether Johnny was possessed by the devil. "Part of me still thinks it is crazy," Ciara said. Ben argued that it was smart to investigate to make sure that their baby was safe.

"Did Susan Banks call you back yet?" Ciara asked. Ben said no. There was a knock at the door. It was Susan. "As soon as I heard your voice in my ear, I had a premonition, and I knew you were talking about someone near and dear to my heart. So, I hopped on the first bus here," Susan explained as she walked into the apartment. "You knew what I was calling you about?" Ben asked. Susan said it was about E.J.

"We weren't calling you about E.J.," Ben said. Ciara explained that they had called about Johnny. After Ben and Ciara told Susan their theory about the devil possessing Johnny, Susan asked why. Ciara told Susan about Julie's fire and the flipping cross. "We were just wondering if maybe you had sensed anything about Johnny?" Ben asked. Susan noted that she had spent time with Johnny after the exorcism, and she had not had any suspicions.

"We knew it was going to be a long shot," Ben said to Ciara. Ciara apologized. Susan told Ciara that she had had a premonition that the devil had stayed in Salem after he had left Marlena. "I thought that he just ducked right back into Marlena Evans," Susan said. Susan told Ciara that she had confronted Marlena, and Marlena had passed the test.

"I thought that my devil detector was on the fritz," Susan explained. "And you didn't get any bad vibes about Johnny?" Ben asked. Susan said no. After a moment, Susan gasped. Susan told Ben and Ciara about when she had been sick the night of Johnny's wedding party. "I couldn't shake this feeling that there was this evil force behind it all," Susan said. "The devil," Ciara whispered. Susan admitted that she had believed that the devil had not been done with Salem. With a shake of her head, Susan said she had talked to Johnny at the time and not sensed the devil.

"I can't believe the devil has possessed my poor grandson!" Susan yelped. "We don't know that for sure," Ciara said. "This whole thing could be a series of bizarre coincidences," Ben agreed. Susan said she needed to make sure her grandson was okay. Ben offered to go with Susan, but she refused. "If you show up with me, then that might tip Lucifer off that we're onto him," Susan said. Ciara did not want Susan to go alone, but Susan insisted that she go on her own.

At DiMera Enterprises, Jake's confrontation with Johnny turned ugly when the devil flashed his yellow eyes. Devil Johnny squeezed Jake's wrist. "What the hell is going on?" Jake asked. "Haven't you noticed? I'm not Johnny DiMera," devil Johnny said. Confused, Jake struggled to wrench his wrist away from the devil's grasp.

"What are you?" Jake asked. Devil Johnny let go of Jake and shoved him across the room. "You might be able to put your grubby paws on Johnny DiMera, but you do not manhandle the almighty!" devil Johnny growled. The devil noted that "only losers" believed that the devil had left Salem. "So, you've been here in Johnny for months?" Jake asked. The devil noted that it had been easy to convince Gabi to betray Jake.

"I knew it," Jake muttered. "[Gabi] already had doubts about you. All I had to do was stroke them. A few parlor tricks, a flash of my big sword, and I had her in my clutches. And now? I'm going to get her into my bed," the devil said. "I've got to warn Gabi," Jake said. As Jake ran for the door, it closed in his face. "Guess I'm dancing with the devil, after all," Jake said. Jake took a swing at devil Johnny.

Chad was annoyed when he walked into his office and found Gabi there. "Get your feet off my desk," Chad said. "This is my desk and my office," Gabi countered. Gabi pointed at the nameplate on the desk. Chad told Gabi to get out. With a grin, Gabi said, "You're looking at the new CEO of DiMera." Chad laughed. Gabi encouraged Chad to call Shin, and Chad's smile fell away.

"How in the hell did you pull that off?" Chad asked. Gabi explained that she had used Chad and Tony's absence as an opportunity to call an emergency shareholder meeting. When Gabi noted that they had elected Johnny to the board, Chad was stunned. "Shin cannot be okay with this," Chad argued. "[Shin] made the deciding vote," Gabi said. Chad asked about Jake. With a nod, Gabi said, "He got his ass handed to him."

"DiMera is in chaos because you and Jake got into a fight?" Chad asked. "It doesn't matter why it happened. All that matters is that I ended up on top," Gabi said. Chad vowed that he would not let a lover's quarrel destroy his family's legacy. "I'll call a meeting," Chad announced. Gabi told Chad that he did not have the votes to remove her because of Johnny.

"I don't understand why [Johnny] would turn on me like that. He wanted to work with me to remove vultures like you," Chad said. "Looks like you got played by your little nephew," Gabi said. Chad vowed that Johnny would not get away with his betrayal. A loud thump emanated from the wall. "What the hell was that?" Gabi asked. "It's your company. You figure it out," Chad said.

Next door, Jake lay unconscious on the conference table as the devil straightened his suit. Gabi walked into the conference room, and she saw Jake. "I thought you said you were calling security," Gabi said to "Johnny." The devil changed his eyes back to normal, and he told Gabi that Jake had sneaked back onto the property and attacked him. Gabi rushed to Jake and whispered, "Jake? Are you okay?" Jake did not move.

"The guy was acting like a complete psycho. I had no choice. I had to defend myself," "Johnny" said. Gabi gently shook Jake, and he stirred awake. "What the hell were you thinking?" Gabi asked. Jake sat up and grabbed his head. "Johnny," Jake started before doubling over in pain. "Johnny is what?" Gabi asked. After a moment, Jake said, "Johnny is a creep who tricked you into stabbing me in the back." Devil Johnny smiled as he thought about how he had altered Jake's memory before Gabi had rushed into the room.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," "Johnny" said. Gabi asked what had happened. "It's all a little fuzzy," Jake said. "Johnny says you attacked him," Gabi whispered. Jake called "Johnny" a liar.

"He got you to believe that I'm doing all this stuff that I didn't do," Jake said. "Like telling Maggie you'd be fine if I didn't get the top position at Titan?" Gabi asked. "I never said that," Jake protested. "I was there! I heard you say you were just using me," Gabi said. "That's impossible!" Jake argued. When Gabi mentioned the petition to take her shares, Jake blamed "Johnny."

"Do we really have to listen to this again?" "Johnny" asked. Jake told "Johnny" to butt out of his conversation with Gabi. Gabi asked "Johnny" to let her talk to Jake. "I'll be fine," Gabi said. Reluctantly, "Johnny" left the room. "You happy now? You got everything you want," Jake said. "That's right," Gabi said. Jake shook his head in disbelief.

"Obviously, you don't need me anymore, right?" Jake asked. "Obviously," Gabi said. Jake asked Gabi if she planned to dump him. "Spare me the act, please. Don't pretend. This is your fault!" Gabi said. Jake started to argue then fell silent and grabbed his head. As Jake swayed when he got to his feet, Gabi suggested that Jake go to the hospital. "I'm fine!" Jake said. Gabi told Jake goodbye. "I love you, Gabi. I don't understand why you're doing this," Jake said. "That makes two of us," Gabi countered. Gabi told Jake it was a good time to collect his things from the house.

"A few weeks ago, we were on top of the world. You and me. Partners in life. In business. We had our whole bright future ahead of us. And now? I don't know how this could have happened," Jake said. Jake stopped at the doorway to look back at Gabi then he walked out.

Belle went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Chad about E.J.'s appeal. Chad was surprised. "I assumed since you were the company's counsel that you'd heard the news," Chad said. Chad told Belle that he had been ousted from the company by Gabi.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ciara dressed to go out to pick up vitamins while Ben worked on the baby swing. When Ciara opened the door to leave, she walked past Jake. "You do not look good," Ben said. "Gabi double-crossed me and elected herself as head of DiMera, and me out in the cold," Jake said. Ben asked what had happened. "I'm still trying to figure that out. But what I do know is that snake Johnny DiMera got it in her head that I was the one who betrayed her. I just don't know how he did it," Jake said. "I can think of one possibility," Ben said.

At the DiMera mansion, devil Johnny was lying in bed when Susan walked in. "What are you doing here?" Johnny asked. "I am here to see if you really are my grandson," Susan said.

Susan confronts the devil again

Susan confronts the devil again

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

by Mike

At the Walker apartment, Allie produced a cell phone and considered dialing Tripp's number -- but someone knocked on the front door before she could make a decision.

Allie released a hopeful gasp then opened the front door -- and sighed after finding Chanel, not Tripp, standing on the other side of it. "Sorry -- I didn't mean to not show up at the bakery today; I didn't mean to leave you in the lurch --" Allie muttered. "I'm not here to give you grief about that -- I'm here to see if you and Tripp found a way to work things out," Chanel clarified. "That would be a 'no'..." Allie admitted before filling Chanel in on everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "It's all my fault --" Chanel fretted at the end of the tale. "Don't say that -- I was in a committed relationship, [and] I chose to sleep with you [and] lie about it. There is no one else to blame but me," Allie protested.

"I blew it -- with the most amazing guy I've ever known!" Allie summarized, prompting Chanel to offer a hug of comfort. "You were there for me -- [I mean], that night, you held me and made the pain go away -- [and] I want to do the same for you..." Chanel declared while locking eyes with Allie -- but Nicole entered the apartment before anything else could happen. Chanel offered Allie a few more words of comfort then rushed off.

Nicole updated Allie on Rafe's trial, the closing arguments of which had been presented that day. Allie couldn't believe that the trial was progressing so quickly, but Nicole explained that there wasn't much to the case because Rafe was innocent. Allie felt bad about having never tried to help prove that Ava had framed Rafe, but Nicole maintained that doing so would have meant betraying Tripp.

Allie sighed and admitted to having betrayed Tripp in another way. "Coming from someone who's made a lot of mistakes in my life, especially when it comes to love, I did learn one thing -- if you love someone and they love you back, even if you've done something wrong, there's always a chance you can make it right," Nicole advised. "I don't think he's ever going to give me that chance," Allie fretted.

Tripp was in the middle of a work shift at the hospital, occasionally attempting to fiddle with a tablet computer but mainly just staring at a random spot on a wall near the nurses' station, when Shawn approached from behind and called out a greeting -- then, after a few seconds of silence, called out another greeting. "Sorry?" Tripp finally answered, turning to face Shawn.

"I was hoping you could tell me that you've heard from your mother," Shawn explained. "We spoke a few days ago... Why?" Tripp responded. "Your mom was being held for questioning in the disappearance of Abigail DiMera -- and then someone posing as your mom's lawyer just walks her out of the station... We're still trying to get down to the bottom of it and find out what happened, but the officers that were asleep on the job are definitely gonna answer some serious questions," Shawn clarified. "My mom didn't even know Abigail -- I don't think I've ever heard her even mention her name -- so...why would she have anything to do with her disappearance?" Tripp argued, drawing a shrug from Shawn, who soon rushed off.

Tripp tried to contact Ava, but the call went to voicemail. "Hey, Mom -- I'm worried about you, so just please give me a call back as soon as you get this, okay?" Tripp said before ending the call -- just as Ciara approached, carrying a bag of prenatal vitamins from the pharmacy. "Give Allie all my love, okay?" Ciara asked at the end of a brief conversation with Tripp. "You'll have to do that yourself -- we broke up," Tripp replied, stunning Ciara.

"Johnny was the one who told you? Huh..." Ciara muttered after Tripp elaborated. "The little twerp seems to get off on making people miserable," Tripp spat. "I am so, so sorry," Ciara declared. "Yeah, well, maybe I'm just one of those guys that women use until something better comes along," Tripp grumbled. "What? No! That is not true --" Ciara argued. "Really? Because I lost you to Ben, and now I've lost Allie to Chanel, so..." Tripp countered. "That was a rotten thing to say," Tripp apologetically backpedaled after a moment of thought. "It's just...I'm so tired of coming in second place with the women that I care about," Tripp quietly fretted.

Ciara rushed off after offering a few more words of comfort -- and Chanel approached Tripp a short time later and started lobbying for Allie to be given a second chance. "I don't want to hear another word from you -- and you can tell your girlfriend that I never want to see her again!" Tripp eventually interjected before storming off.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad finished telling Belle about the stunt that Gabi and "Johnny" had pulled earlier that day. "I didn't know they even knew each other," Belle admitted. "Not to discount Gabi's ability to manipulate, but it seems my little nephew isn't quite as naïve as he was pretending to be," Chad responded.

"When E.J. went to prison, Johnny swore up and down to me that we were on the same side [and] that what his father did to Abigail was absolutely unforgivable --" Chad began to elaborate. "Making a pass at her, you mean," Belle interjected. "Forcing himself on her, I mean," Chad countered. "An accusation that E.J. denies --" Belle stressed. "I saw my brother kiss my wife, [and] Abigail experienced it, so either Abigail and I are lying or E.J.'s lying -- there is no other explanation!" Chad argued.

"I have to ask -- I mean, did this motivate you to maybe not tell the whole truth when you were testifying against your brother?" Belle wondered. "I swear to God that it happened just as I said it did, okay? I found the money trail that linked E.J. to Sami's kidnapper on my computer at DiMera, and then I went to the police, and I reported it," Chad responded. "That is a very direct -- and very careful -- answer to my question, which makes me there something that you're not telling me?" Belle challenged Chad again.

"I appreciate how dedicated you are to E.J.'s case, but aren't you still DiMera's general counsel? [So], why don't you focus on what we pay you for -- [because] if you're not gonna help me oust Gabi and reclaim my CEO position, then I'll find somebody who will!" Chad snapped.

Upstairs, the demonic presence laughed off Susan's concern that Johnny was possessed. "The Prince of Darkness was sent packing -- I was in the room where it happened --" the demonic presence argued as Johnny. "Yes, you were -- and it's only a hop, skip, and jump for the ol' Beelzebub to find his way outta Dr. Marlena and directly into you!" Susan countered. "There were a lot of other people in that room..." the demonic presence stressed as Johnny.

Susan, who was apparently still under the influence of the mental block that the demonic presence had put in place during their previous encounter, conceded the point and agreed that "Johnny" was giving off no obvious vibes of possession -- but added that the devil was definitely somewhere within the walls of the mansion at that exact moment. The demonic presence led Susan downstairs while again laughing off the suspicion -- and they ran into Belle in the foyer.

"I'm doing everything in my power to help E.J. overturn his conviction," Belle assured Susan before starting to rush off. "Don't forget your coat," the demonic presence advised Belle as Johnny before stepping into the living room to take a phone call. Belle picked up the coat then exited the mansion while donning it -- and Susan watched while frozen in shock, seeing that "666" was written across the back of it. "It's her!" Susan exclaimed before rushing out of the mansion in a panic.

The demonic presence, which had been eavesdropping from the living room, grinned and raised a glass of Strega to Stefano's portrait. "Well, Nonno, looks like I fooled that old fool Susan Banks again...and now that bitch Belle's gonna be so busy trying to convince everybody she doesn't have two horns under those golden locks, she won't have time to spring little Elvis from the cooler, and I can turn up the heat on my plans --" the demonic presence bragged.

"Telling Granddad about your little coup?" Chad interjected while stepping into the living room. "I think he'd be proud...of at least one of us..." the demonic presence reasoned as Johnny. "This isn't over -- I will take back what's mine...and then you can go to hell," Chad spat before storming off. "Oh, believe me, Uncle Chad -- the fun is just beginning..." the demonic presence teased.

Belle headed over to the police station to see Shawn -- who noticed something on the back of Belle's coat. "Looks like some ash or some soot -- just, like, a few little specks of black..." Shawn explained while brushing the back of Belle's coat. "It came right off. You been to a fire?" Shawn added. "I guess you could say that -- I just came from the DiMera mansion, and it looks like Chad just got royally burned..." Belle responded.

At the Brady-Weston apartment, Jake finished telling Ben about the stunt that Gabi and "Johnny" had pulled earlier that day. After making sense of the timeline, Ben offered to contact Gabi and explain that Jake had been at the Brady-Weston apartment, not the Kiriakis mansion, when the not-so-secret meeting with Maggie had supposedly occurred.

"She's not gonna believe you," Jake predicted. "What I'm wondering is if you're gonna believe me when I tell you how I think Johnny did this," Ben admitted before elaborating.

"Look, I know it sounds crazy, and I'm not trying to be the one to put that type of stuff out there -- I know this is exactly the type of paranoia that could land my ass back in Bayview --" Ben tried to conclude. "[It] makes no sense...yet it explains everything... [And, actually], now that I think about it, 'Johnny' almost bragged about it -- about morphing into me..." Jake responded.

Ciara soon returned, prompting Jake to rush off -- and Susan burst into the apartment a short time later. "The devil is not in Johnny -- [actually], the devil is now in Belle Brady!" Susan declared.

Will and Sonny return to Salem

Will and Sonny return to Salem

Thursday, March 10, 2022

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie determinedly sashayed into the study then seductively greeted Justin, who was reading a book. "Victor and Maggie are in Chicago on an all-night trip, [so] we have the whole house to ourselves, and I've always wanted to make love in the light of a roaring fire..." Bonnie, who was wearing a silk robe, declared before shedding the garment and posing for Justin -- just as Sonny entered the study.

Sonny turned away with a gasp of horror after seeing that Bonnie was completely naked. "I guess I should have called first," Sonny conceded with an awkward laugh. "Oh, my God, I wish I had called first..." Sonny muttered with a cringe of discomfort. Sonny blinked hard while waiting for Bonnie to put the robe back on. "You can face us now," Justin eventually assured Sonny, who hesitantly agreed. "Surprise -- I'm home!" Sonny weakly exclaimed while giving Justin and Bonnie a shrug.

Justin hugged Sonny -- and then Bonnie tried to do the same. "I missed you so much," Sonny said to Justin while keeping Bonnie at arm's length. "I missed you, too -- [and] I hope you...and Will and Ari...?" Justin began to respond, and Sonny confirmed that the whole family had made the trip from Phoenix to Salem. "Are in town for a while?" Justin concluded. "Well, it's all pretty up in the air..." Sonny answered.

Sonny wondered if there was room at the mansion for a trio of unexpected guests. Justin insisted that there was always room for one particular trio of unexpected guests, and Bonnie agreed then promised to start locking doors before disrobing in the future. "I'm gonna go slip into something a little less comfortable..." Bonnie added before rushing out of the study.

Sonny waited until the coast was clear then admitted to Justin that it was still hard to accept Bonnie as a part of the family. "Is that the real reason why you didn't come to our first wedding?" Justin wondered. "No -- I honestly did have a work emergency, okay? I was in the middle of taking the company public, and I couldn't take any time off," Sonny maintained.

"If I had been able to come home, I would have given my blessing. It's just...some of the things that happened at the ceremony gave me pause, to put it mildly..." Sonny continued before reminding Justin of those things. "[Look], is Bonnie the wife that I would have chosen for you? No. But if she makes you happy --" Sonny continued. "She does," Justin confirmed. "Then I'll give her a chance -- I will support this marriage 1000%," Sonny concluded. "Thank you -- that means so much to me --" Justin began to respond while giving Sonny a hug. "It means so much to me, too!" Bonnie, who had eavesdropped on the last part of the conversation from the hallway, stressed.

Bonnie tried again to hug Sonny, who didn't dodge the attempt this time -- but did refuse to start referring to Bonnie as "Mom" anytime soon.

At the hospital, Marlena wrapped up a phone conversation while en route to the nurses' station -- then ended the call with a sigh. "That's the third one this week..." Marlena muttered -- just as Will approached from behind and called out a greeting. "Oh! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes..." Marlena raved before seizing a hug from Will.

"We dropped Ari off with Gabi, and Sonny is seeing his dad...and here I am!" Will summarized. "It's just so good to see your smiling face -- you're a perfect little pick-me-up..." Marlena reiterated. "Is something wrong?" Will wondered. " professional reputation has taken...kind of a hit -- in fact, my career may be over..." Marlena admitted.

"The devil kept seeing your patients?" Will sputtered after Marlena elaborated. "And you can imagine that the devil's advice wasn't quite up to my professional standards -- [for example, the devil] encouraged one of my patients to cheat on her husband in the form of self-care, [so] now her life is in shambles, [and] she is switching to another doctor, along with half of my patients, and I expect the board will want me to resign... [You know], all those years ago, when I was possessed, I lost all my patients at that point, practically...and, well, it's happening all over again -- I really shouldn't feel too surprised..." Marlena fretted.

"And, of course, it won't help that Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story is coming out soon..." Marlena added. "Johnny's still making the movie?" Will sputtered. "He didn't tell you?" Marlena translated. "I haven't talked to him in a while," Will explained. "Really? Because he's still giving you story credit... [Well, anyway], he tried to talk his way out of it, [but] the producer is making him fulfill his contract, [and] I had already signed the release, so I don't really have any options... So, when the movie does come out, I expect I'll be fired, if that hasn't happened already [by then]," Marlena continued. "There's gotta be something we can do!" Will insisted.

At the Brady Pub, John and Brady caught up with each other over lunch. "If I hadn't hired Steve to try to find Kristen... I mean, Dad, I knew it was gonna be dangerous --" Brady fretted. "Eh, Steve knew what he was getting himself into," John insisted.

"He said Kristen swore up and down that she had nothing to do with framing me for Philip's death -- not that we can take her at her word for anything... [Anyway], now that she's escaped again, I'm [back] at square one -- I don't even know if Philip is alive or dead --" Brady added. "And 'til then, you can't move on with Chloe, can you?" John guessed. "Right -- I mean, Chloe and Philip, they were still together when he disappeared, [so] much as I'd love to start something up with Chloe, I don't feel right pursuing a relationship with her while we don't know what happened to Philip," Brady confirmed.

"What if you never find out?" John wondered. "Nancy asked me the same question, and I told her...'I guess Chloe and I will have to just stay in limbo,'" Brady responded. "Forever? Oh, come on, son -- 'forever' is a long time!" John protested. "Yeah, and that's why Nancy is so determined to play Cupid," Brady explained.

"Although she's backed off recently, since she found out that her husband has been cheating on her with a man -- although I wouldn't use the term 'man'; I would use the term 'pond scum' --" Brady added. "You met Craig's boyfriend?" John translated. "Yeah, I have -- and, as it turns out, so have you," Brady confirmed.

"Diana Colville's son?" John sputtered after Brady elaborated. "Mm-hmm -- the same son she tried to pass off as yours years ago," Brady responded. "[You know], when Leo and I thought that we were father and son, I saw a different side of him -- underneath all of the bravado, he's just a kid that was desperate for love and acceptance [because] his old man abused him and Diana was emotionally abusive -- [so], with Craig, maybe Leo has found the love and acceptance he's always been looking for, [and] it's made him a better person," John argued.

"You can defend Leo all you want, [but] I know damn well that [he's] gonna break Chloe's dad's heart in two unless I do something to break 'em up...[and] that's why Chloe and I have devised a plan to rescue Craig from Leo's clutches," Brady countered. "You and Chloe just need to stay out of this --" John warned. "Too late -- the plan is already underway," Brady admitted -- just as Will entered the pub, with Marlena close behind. Sonny arrived a short time later. Brady admitted to being responsible for Will and Sonny's return to Salem -- then explained to John that they were the plan.

At the Horton Town Square, Nancy blubbered to Chloe about the plot of a movie that had aired the previous night. "About last night..." Chloe eventually interjected. "I wasn't working late..." Chloe hesitantly admitted. "Brady and I, we...had dinner...with Dad and his new boyfriend," Chloe sheepishly clarified.

"You have totally betrayed me! [But] I should have known -- even in high school, you always took your father's side against me!" Nancy spat. "That is not true -- and I am not taking sides!" Chloe protested. "Really? I spent last night in my room, alone, watching rom-coms, while you and Brady were out celebrating Valentine's Day with your father and his new boyfriend --" Nancy grumbled. "I'm sorry -- I never meant to hurt your feelings --" Chloe fretted. "Then maybe you shouldn't have gone!" Nancy argued. "Are you kidding? I don't want to hurt Dad's feelings, either! Don't you get it? I love the both of you, and I don't like being stuck in the middle of this!" Chloe countered.

Nancy apologized to Chloe after calming down. "You're right -- we've put you in a terrible position... [Look], it's just that I feel so displaced -- I mean, thinking of you and Brady out with your father and his new boyfriend, bonding and having a great time --" Nancy tried to explain. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, that's not exactly how it went -- [actually], the whole evening was a complete disaster..." Chloe clarified before elaborating.

At the Salem Inn, Leo wondered if Craig was going to be able to forget about everything that Brady and Chloe had revealed the previous night. "Was I thrilled to hear about all the schemes you pulled? No, I wasn't. [But] I've done my share of underhanded things, so I have no right to judge," Craig admitted.

"The problem daughter can't stand you, [and] I just have real reservations about moving forward with this relationship if it means that there's a chance of losing Chloe over it," Craig added. "You're afraid of being with a man, and you're looking for any excuse to jump ship," Leo translated.

"That is not it -- at least not on a conscious level..." Craig insisted. "Look, I get it -- I know that this is overwhelming... [I mean], I was very young when I came out, [whereas you've] been married to a woman all these years [and are now] turning your entire life upside down... But, Craig, that is a good thing -- [see], up until now, you've lived your life for your wife and your daughters, [and] you have denied your true feelings to be the man you thought you were supposed to be, but now it is time for you to be your true self, and you cannot let Nancy or your daughters or anybody stop you from doing that," Leo argued. "Maybe you're right..." Craig conceded.

Craig and Leo soon started to undress each other -- and Nancy burst into the hotel room just then, with Chloe close behind. "Get your grubby little paws off my husband!" Nancy snapped. "I should have bolted that door..." Leo muttered. Nancy started lashing out at Leo, who responded with sweet talk and insisted that they would be good friends soon enough. Nancy laughed off the prediction then doused Leo with Champagne before storming off. Chloe stayed behind to suggest a do-over with Leo, who happily accepted the offer. Craig was thrilled to see that Chloe was making an effort to get along with Leo.

Following Will's advice to fight, Marlena headed over to the Kiriakis mansion with John and hired Justin to take on the hospital board, if necessary, since Belle was already busy with E.J.'s case. Meanwhile, Bonnie entered the Brady Pub to pick up a takeout order and found Nancy sobbing at the bar. Chloe and Brady met up at the town square's bar for drinks with Leo, giving Will and Sonny an opportunity to talk to Craig privately at the Salem Inn.

Sonny tells Craig his story about Leo

Sonny tells Craig his story about Leo

Friday, March 11, 2022

Lani pushed the twins' stroller through the town square. As Lani comforted a fussy Jules, T.R. walked over. "Where you off to?" T.R. asked. "I'm taking the twins to spend the night with their grandfather," Lani said. "His name is Abe Carver, right?" T.R. asked. Lani turned to leave, and T.R. asked Lani if she would have a drink with him after she dropped off the twins.

"I don't think that would be a good idea. Paulina, my mother, wants me to stay very far away from you," Lani said. T.R. said he understood. T.R. added that he would be at the Brady Pub if Lani changed her mind. "Don't count on it," Lani said.

At the Brady Pub, Nancy cried on Bonnie's shoulder about her marriage problems. "Did you just find out [about Craig]?" Bonnie asked. "I've been suspicious for a while," Nancy admitted. Nancy told Bonnie that she had found condoms in Craig's briefcase, and he had claimed the condoms had been swag from a conference. Bonnie shook her head in disgust. "I can't even imagine what you're going through," Bonnie said. Bonnie told Nancy about a boy she had liked in school that had been gay.

"How did you react after he confided to you?" Nancy asked. "After admitting that I was completely devastated because of my crush on him, honey, I just told him I loved him no matter what. You know what? It made us closer. Because he was honest with me," Bonnie said. Nancy asked Bonnie if she was still friends with the man. "We talk all the time!" Bonnie said. Bonnie told Nancy that the man was one of the best people she knew.

"And unlike Craig, he never had to live a lie. Or feel that he had to marry a woman," Nancy whispered. "Just because your marriage is ending doesn't mean what you had wasn't real and wonderful. You and Craig loved each other, right? You had fun. You had two beautiful children," Bonnie pointed out. "We did have fun," Nancy agreed. Through tears, Nancy noted that she and Craig had made "two beautiful children."

"Exactly. You know, relationships end for all sorts of reasons. And just because they don't work now, doesn't mean they never did, honey. You just have to treasure all those good memories. Anyway, that's my two cents," Bonnie said. With a deep sigh of relief, Nancy thanked Bonnie for her advice. Nancy told Bonnie that Craig had a boyfriend.

"Well, that was fast," Bonnie muttered. "A younger boyfriend. Someone he says he is crazy in love with. It's going to be a big adjustment for me being all alone after sharing 30-plus years of my life with someone who was not only my husband but my best friend," Nancy said through tears. Bonnie told Nancy not to give up. "If he has got himself a new boy toy, you just get one, too," Bonnie said.

"But I don't want somebody new," Nancy protested. Bonnie advised that being uncomfortable with a new person was better than moping over someone she could not have. "Your life is not over," Bonnie said. Bonnie saw T.R. walk in, and she suggested him as a candidate for Nancy. Bonnie called T.R. over.

"Can I help you ladies?" T.R. asked. Bonnie introduced herself and Nancy. "My friend here, well she is single and ready to mingle. How about you buy her a drink?" Bonnie said. Nancy stared, her mouth agape. "Nice to meet you, Nancy, but the thing is, I'm sort of waiting for someone," T.R. said. T.R. walked over to another table.

"That was so embarrassing," Nancy whispered to Bonnie. "All he said was he was meeting somebody," Bonnie noted. Nancy argued that T.R. was "totally turned off" by her. "You're an attractive, charming woman, and you are still in your prime!" Bonnie said. "I'm not feeling real prime right now," Nancy countered. Bonnie told Nancy that her feelings were normal, and she offered to help Nancy get started on a dating app. Nancy was hesitant, but Bonnie insisted that Nancy follow her home for a makeover.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie restored Nancy's red hair color. "Excuse me, but aren't you a backup dancer for Beyoncé?" Bonnie joked. Nancy giggled. Bonnie promised to find Nancy "a young, hot hunk."

At the bar in the square, Brady asked Chloe if Leo was suspicious about their evening out. "What's going on here?" Leo asked. "I didn't realize that you were right here," Chloe said. Leo asked Brady, "What am I not supposed to be suspicious of?" Chloe said she and Brady had run into one another. With a shake of his head, Leo asked Brady if he was there because he had fallen off the wagon again.

"I won't breathe a word. When it comes to the twelve steps, I'm not a fan," Leo said. With a nod, Brady confirmed he was still sober. "I did meet a client, I happened to run into Chloe. That's the end of that story, but I'm going to get going," Brady said. As Brady rose to leave, Leo asked Brady to join them. "You're important to Chloe, which means you're important to me," Leo said. Brady sat back down.

"Tell us everything about yourself," Chloe said. "Well, you already know the bad stuff," Leo started. Chloe said she wanted to get to know the side that her father knew. "Tell me everything. From the beginning," Chloe said. Leo talked about his life as an artist. Chloe asked about Leo's painting, and when Brady asked about specifics, Leo raised an eyebrow.

"Are you two really that fascinated by my love of art? Or are you stalling to give Will and Sonny more time to hate on a bitch to Daddy?" Leo asked. Chloe acted innocent. "Did you really think I was dumb enough to think that you suddenly wanted to hang out with someone like me? Girl, bye! I've binged enough housewives to know a two-faced heifer when I see one. But you, ghoul girl, and your one, two, three faces, well, this takes the cake!" Leo said. Brady warned Leo that he could not pull off righteous indignation.

"Bye bye, cocaine cowboy. This queen has had enough," Leo said. As Leo stood up, Brady put his hand on Leo's shoulder and gently pushed Leo back onto his stool. "How did you know that her nickname in high school was ghoul girl?" Brady asked. "And how did you figure out what I was doing here tonight?" Chloe added. Leo said he had read up on Chloe. Leo added that he had been suspicious of Chloe, so he had lingered at the hotel long enough to see Will and Sonny arrive.

"I'm not going to apologize for trying to protect my dad," Chloe said. "Protect him from what exactly? A mutual love of escargot and the best sex of his life?" Leo retorted. "That's her father. Watch your mouth," Brady said. Chloe told Leo that she did not trust him. "Think whatever you want. I don't care. I do care about what Craig thinks, and he thinks I love him," Leo said. "He thinks?" Brady asked.

"He knows I do, because he has never been happier," Leo stressed. Leo noted that Craig had not been happy in a long time. "I do love him. With my entire heart and soul," Leo said. Leo suggested they have drinks again sometime, and he walked out. "That went well," Brady said.

Will and Sonny paid Craig a visit in his hotel room at the Salem Inn. "Thanks, but no thanks," Craig said as he shut the door in their faces. Sonny banged on the door until Craig let them into the room. "I'm assuming my daughter and Brady Black sent you," Craig said. "They don't want you to get hurt by Leo the same way I did," Sonny said. Craig said he knew that Leo was problematic, but it did not change his feelings for Leo.

"I know what it's like to be taken in by Leo, all right? And I've learned the hard way that he is always only out for himself," Sonny said. "I know who Leo is. We're very happy together. So, anything you say can't change that," Craig stressed. "Okay, well then, you have nothing to lose by hearing what my husband has to say," Will said. Reluctantly, Craig agreed.

"So, how did you meet him?" Craig asked. Sonny told Craig that he had met Leo through a dating app. "[Leo] said Will's loss was his gain. He was funny. He thought I was funny. I mean, it all went really well. Until I found out it was no accident we happened to meet on that dating app," Sonny explained. Craig laughed. Sonny told Craig that someone had paid Leo to seduce Sonny. Craig's smile fell away. Craig asked why, and Sonny told Craig the whole story.

"I know where you are. I had just lost the love of my life. You have been closeted your whole life. You and I were both vulnerable, and Leo knew it. I just don't want him to use you the same way he used me," Sonny said. Craig noted that Leo had appeared to only hurt Sonny's feelings. Sonny told Craig about the bogus sexual harassment lawsuit. "Leo was so happy to do it. Assuming the price was right," Will said.

"Did Leo tell you he blackmailed me into marrying him?" Sonny asked. "I am well aware you two were married," Craig said. Sonny warned Craig that Leo was always after the money. Curious, Craig asked about the blackmail. Reluctantly, Sonny and Will told the story of Leo's accident and presumed death.

"We panicked, and we made a horrible mistake," Sonny said. "You sure did," Craig muttered. Sonny said that Leo had been fine but had used the incident to blackmail Sonny into marriage. "I've heard enough. From where I'm standing here, Leo is the victim here. Not the two of you," Craig announced. Craig added that Leo's actions were in the past. "We've all done things we're not proud of to get what we want, but Leo has changed," Craig said. Craig opened the door to show the visitors out.

"I'm sorry, but you're wrong. And I can prove it," Sonny said. Craig said he already knew about the emerald. "In my book, he's a hero," Craig said. Craig asked Sonny if he knew that Leo's father had abused Leo. "[Leo] stood up to his father by embracing who he was 100%. That is a strength that I wish I had when I was his age," Craig said. Craig noted that he was not gullible and that he saw Leo "for exactly who he is."

"We didn't come here because we think you're naïve. We came here because I wish like hell someone had warned me about Leo," Sonny said. With a nod, Sonny and Will walked out. In the hallway, Will and Sonny ran into Leo. "Nice try, bitches," Leo said. Leo went inside the hotel room, and Craig kissed him passionately.

Will and Sonny met up with Chloe and Brady at the bar. Sonny told them things had not gone well. "If anything, Craig is even more convinced than before that Leo loves him," Sonny said. Chloe was disappointed. "It wasn't for nothing. Your dad heard about Leo from the two that he hurt the most," Brady said. Sonny said that Leo had prepped Craig.

"[Leo] made sure your dad knows about his rotten childhood with his homophobic father," Will said. With a sigh, Chloe noted, "That would get to my dad." Brady reminded Chloe that Leo was a professional con artist. Chloe refused to give up. "I have to make my dad see Leo for who he really is," Chloe said. "I think I might have an idea," Sonny said.

At the Salem Inn, Craig and Leo cuddled in bed. "How was your time with Chloe?" Craig asked. "It was fine. Brady was there," Leo said. Leo told Craig that Chloe and Brady had appeared to be interested in getting to know Leo. "I'm sorry to inform you that Chloe was only pretending to be interested. While you were with her, she sent two of her friends to pay me a visit," Craig said. Leo confirmed that he had seen Will and Sonny at the hotel.

"You knew that they were here? Did you tell [Chloe]?" Craig asked. Leo said he did not want to get between Craig and his daughter. "I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I did it right," Craig said.

At Eli and Lani's apartment, Paulina stopped by to talk to her daughter. "She took the twins to see her dad," Eli said. Shocked, Paulina asked Eli why he had let Lani take the twins to see T.R. "What? No! You know Lani and I don't think of Ray as the kids' grandfather or Lani's dad," Eli said. Paulina sighed with relief, and she apologized.

"You have good reason to be nervous," Eli said. Eli added that T.R. had not been back to the apartment since Paulina had run T.R. out of it. "I'm surprised. That man has never learned to take no for an answer. The other night when I saw him, he was as determined as ever to make sure that he is a part of Lani's life," Paulina said. "When?" Eli asked. Paulina told Eli about her conversation with T.R. in his hotel room.

"I don't like you being in a room alone with a guy who used to beat you," Eli said. "I had to go over there and give him a piece of my mind, didn't I? To warn him to stay away from Lani?" Paulina countered. When Paulina told Eli that T.R. had said that Paulina had been the one that had hurt Lani, Eli noted, "That's how guys like him work. They get you feeling defensive and weak."

"Well, that didn't happen. Trying to say that my lying to Lani about him is the same as him hitting me? The nerve of him!" Paulina said. Eli stressed that Lani understood that Paulina had lied to Lani to protect her. "I hope that she gets that," Paulina said. Eli asked Paulina to stay away from T.R. With a sigh, Paulina told Eli that T.R. had told her that prison had reformed him. Eli scoffed at the idea.

"What are you thinking?" Eli asked. Paulina mentioned Price Town. "You realized you were wrong and apologized," Eli said. Paulina noted that it had taken time for the town to forgive her. "I want to believe in second chances, Eli, because you all, you gave me one," Paulina said. Eli argued that the family had forgiven Paulina because she had been genuinely sorry for her actions. Paulina said she wished there was a way to determine if T.R. was a changed man.

Eli offered to reach out to his contact at the ISA to do a background check on T.R. "If there is anything that proves T.R. hasn't changed, you better believe I'll find it," Eli said.

At the Brady Pub, T.R. looked at his phone and sighed. "Give it up, brother. It's not happening," T.R. said. Lani walked into the restaurant. "It's just one drink. Don't read too much into it," Lani said as she sat at T.R.'s table. Lani stressed that Abe was her father. "And that is not up for discussion," Lani added. "Understood," T.R. said. "And I will never be okay with what you did to Paulina," Lani said. T.R. swore he would never hurt anyone again. Lani reminded T.R. that she was a cop.

"Against my better judgment, I'm here," Lani said. "It's a start. Thank you, Lani. I mean that," T.R. countered. Lani and T.R. ordered food, and T.R. smiled when Lani asked for mayo for her fries. "Everyone thinks it's gross," Lani said. "I was just about to ask the waitress [for] the same thing," T.R. said with a laugh.

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