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Lucas told Kate about Allie's rape. Clyde kidnapped Henry on Orpheus' orders. Kate stole Henry from Clyde, and she shot and detained Clyde for police. Rolf kidnapped Kayla for a cloning experiment, but Steve rescued her. Christian saved John and Marlena, but he ran off. Hope left Salem and said goodbye in a letter to Jennifer. Ben took Vincent from police custody. Kristen said goodbye to Rachel.
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Kate stole Henry from Clyde, and she shot and detained Clyde for police
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Orpheus and Clyde set a plan in motion Orpheus and Clyde set a plan in motion

Monday, October 26, 2020

by Mike

While passing through the park, Clyde contacted Orpheus, who was with Marlena at an abandoned warehouse. "I am about to make my move -- you got any last-minute instruction?" Clyde asked. "I've gone over and over and over it with you [already]! Why don't I say it in those short little words you're so fond of [this time]? Get. It. Done!" Orpheus replied.

"You really think that Clyde is going to do what you tell him -- [I mean], even after what your son tried to do to his son?" Marlena, who was tied to a chair, wondered after Orpheus hung up on Clyde. "I've managed to convince Clyde that we have shared interests," Orpheus explained. "Well, [if] you have a partner in crime [already, then] why do you need me?" Marlena asked. "Because you're a woman of unique talents," Orpheus replied. "I can't do much with my 'talents' when I'm all tied up," Marlena argued, and Orpheus conceded the point. "That phone call was a signal to me that it's time to alter that situation," Orpheus revealed. "You're...going to...untie me?" Marlena translated. "Oh, I'm gonna do more than that -- I'm gonna set you free," Orpheus clarified before starting to remove Marlena's bindings.

At the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Steve continued a phone conversation with Kayla, who was at the hospital. "I've had better nights -- [I mean], we've had so many close calls [while] trying to transfer the patients from the O.R. and the ICU onto the generator -- but everything's under control now, [so] I'm gonna be on my way [home soon]," Kayla assured Steve, who was relieved to hear that. "With Orpheus and his cronies running around Salem, I want you where I can see you," Steve stressed. "Don't you think that Orpheus has moved on from you and me, [though]? I mean, he didn't mess with us at all last time he was in town!" Kayla argued. "Yeah, [well], Adrienne didn't think she had anything to fear from him, either...and now she's dead," Steve countered. "[Still]...I think I'm okay," Kayla maintained.

"[Anyway], I was able to get the DNA kit to the lab before the power went out," Kayla revealed. "When will the results of the DNA test be back?" Steve asked. "It's hard to say because of the blackout," Kayla replied. "I just want to give Tripp some good news -- [and] if I can prove he's innocent, maybe he'll forgive me for going behind his back," Steve explained. "Going behind my back for what?" Tripp, who had just joined Steve in the living room, demanded to know. "What'd you do?" Tripp repeated after Steve hastily wrapped up the phone conversation with Kayla.

"It just drives me crazy that the med school tabled your application because of what Allie is saying, [so] I went behind your back [and] asked Kayla to put in a good word for you, [even though] I know you don't like getting special treatment -- [and] she hasn't agreed yet, but as soon as she's sure you're dead innocent, I'm sure she will," Steve coolly responded. "[But] how can she be dead sure? I mean, it's my word against her niece's! [You know], I should have gone ahead and just taken the paternity test -- but, uh, I just hated the fact that I had to defend myself over something I know I didn't do..." Tripp fretted. "Son, there's an old saying -- 'the truth will out' -- [and] I'm holding on to that," Steve stressed. "Thanks, Dad -- I hope you know how much it means that you believe in me," Tripp raved, making Steve squirm.

"What are you doing up so late, anyway?" Steve wondered. "Can't sleep -- which has been [the case] pretty much every night here lately," Tripp admitted.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rolf entered Kayla's office, wielding a gun, and started ranting about the destruction of the microchip then demanded the chief of staff's help.

At the abandoned warehouse, Orpheus finished removing Marlena's bindings. "You kidnapped me from my living room [and] brought me to...whatever this freezing place is...just to tie me up and then untie me? I don't get it -- what's the catch?" Marlena challenged Orpheus. "I told you [earlier] -- there's something that I have to accomplish, and you're the one person who can make that happen," Orpheus reiterated.

"My son needs help, and only you can give it to him --" Orpheus began to explain. "Christian almost killed Will -- and he was responsible for Jordan's death, and he was very happy [to] let Ben be put to death for [that]! Why would I help him?" Marlena protested. "You don't know the whole story -- [see], when I was transferred back to Statesville, I learned that Christian had [suffered] a breakdown about a month before I got there. [And] the prison officials -- those 'enlightened' men... You know how they responded to his illness? They threw him in solitary! You ever try to live in a 4x8 box, Marlena? It tests the sanity of anyone! It's no wonder he tried to end it... [Anyway], he came very close, but they managed to get there in time, [and now] he's in Bayview...[but] I'm not allowed to have any contact with him whatsoever," Orpheus continued. "That's the best thing that could happen to him," Marlena declared.

"[So], you want me to treat him?" Marlena assumed. "[No], I don't want you to 'treat' him -- I want you to get him out of there and deliver him to me!" Orpheus clarified. "You want me to break your son out of Bayview," Marlena translated. "I want you to have him discharged into your care," Orpheus further clarified.

"[See], I thought about taking a more direct approach -- guns blazing, hostage-taking -- but that would just invite the police to the party, and why do that when I have the perfect inside operative sitting right here? With your credentials, you can just waltz right in there and check Christian out," Orpheus reasoned. "It's not that easy --" Marlena protested. "Don't feed me that -- you managed to spring your pyromaniac granddaughter out of there, didn't you? [Now], I suggest you stop arguing and start thinking about how you're gonna achieve what I want, [because] I've taken out, uh, a little insurance policy to guarantee that you continue to follow my directives," Orpheus countered. "Have you taken John? Is that what you've done?" Marlena wondered.

At the Salem Inn, Ben received a visit from John, who apologized for the interruption. "Just want to make sure everything's all right -- [I mean], your session's been going on for a long time --" John explained. "[Actually], it's been over for a long time," Ben clarified. "Doc's not here?" John translated. "No," Ben confirmed. "But she came back," John assumed. "No," Ben insisted. "She told me she had to see you again..." John protested. "She didn't come back," Ben maintained. "She was worried about you, kid -- she thought you might be in a bad way, especially since she didn't hear from you..." John continued. "But she did hear from me, John -- I called her [and] left her a message about Orpheus being on the loose," Ben revealed. "What'd you just say?" John stammered.

"You didn't know," Ben realized. "Hell, no, I didn't know -- why didn't you tell me that when I walked in the door?" John snapped. "I didn't think I had to tell you, John -- everybody in Salem knows!" Ben explained. "Didn't mean to raise my voice," John stressed. "So sick and tired of walking around in this damn fog..." John grumbled.

"Do you really think Orpheus has her?" Ben asked. "Of course, he has her," John replied.

Ben quickly produced a cell phone and started to dial 9-1-1, but John objected, guessing that Orpheus would be listening to a police scanner at all times. Assuming that Orpheus wasn't working alone, John wondered if Ben had heard from Clyde since the prison break. Ben vaguely promised to alert John right away if Clyde reached out and shared any information about Orpheus. "You know, [Clyde] was running a drug ring when he left here, so I have to assume that he has a safe house somewhere -- he ever talk to you about it?" John asked. "He never talked to me about his business, John -- I'm sorry," Ben replied.

After giving the matter a bit more thought, Ben realized that there was someone in Salem who might know the location of Clyde's safe house -- Xander, who immediately gave up the information when John called and asked for it. "You're in no shape to do this alone -- let me go with you," Ben offered when John started to rush off. "I'm gonna need you right here -- Clyde might show up, [or] maybe even Doc," John protested. "I'm really hoping that Clyde won't wind up as collateral damage here...but he might," John warned. "If he's done anything to Dr. Evans, then he deserves that," Ben declared.

After John left, Ben glanced at a framed photograph of Ciara and sighed. "I'm so messed up, you got me thinking I could actually trust you, Clyde... Do you have any idea how much hell Ciara would be giving me if she knew that I let you get away again? You haven't changed -- you're still the same bastard who used to beat me with that belt when I was too little to fight back! [But] I'm not little anymore -- [and] if I find out that you had anything to do with Dr. Evans going missing, I swear to God..." Ben mused before picking up a glass and hurling it at a wall with a scowl.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie and Nicole fussed over Henry, who had developed an ear infection. Henry eventually fell asleep, giving Allie and Nicole an opportunity to discuss the blackout. "I've always hated power outages, ever since I was a little kid -- quiet [and] creepy..." Allie admitted, shuddering. "Especially with three lunatics running around town," Nicole agreed, also shuddering.

Nicole admitted to Allie that, with the escaped prisoners on the loose and likely somewhere in Salem, it was a relief to know that Holly was with Chloe and Parker in New York City for the time being. "I swear, these guys walk in and out of Statesville like it's an executive suite..." Nicole mused before stepping into another room to change out of the clothes that Henry had drooled on earlier.

A short time later, someone knocked on the apartment door. "At this hour, in the middle of a blackout? Oh, my God -- I hope it's not Mom..." Allie mused before opening the door -- and finding Clyde standing on the other side of it, disguised as a worker from Salem Gas and Electric. "The power surge fried a transformer, which interrupted the whole circuit... [Anyway], that transformer's right outside this building, so we need to go through all the apartments [and] find that blown circuit box which started this whole mess," Clyde explained. "Okay... But even if you [do find it], how would that bring back the power for the whole town?" Allie argued. "Well, ma'am, I would love to sit down and explain it to you, but I got way too much work to do...[and] if we don't get the power back on, you won't have any heat tonight," Clyde countered.

Allie hesitantly stepped aside to let Clyde into the apartment, not wanting Henry to be cold all night. "This is my aunt and uncle's apartment -- I mean, I don't even know where the box is..." Allie admitted. "You leave that up to me," Clyde replied before stepping into another room -- then emerging from it a short time later and reporting that the blown circuit box was apparently in another apartment. Before leaving, Clyde warned Allie that a lit candle in the other room was sitting dangerously close to a curtain. Allie rushed off to take care of the issue as soon as the apartment door shut behind Clyde -- who waited a few seconds then opened it again and removed a piece of tape that had been discreetly placed over the latch earlier. Allie returned a short time later with Nicole, who had just finished taking a shower -- but, by then, Clyde was already gone again.

Seconds later, the apartment was suddenly flooded with light, prompting Allie to start telling Nicole about the worker from Salem Gas and Electric, assuming that the man had just found the source of the blackout. Nicole, like Allie, thought that the man's explanation for the blackout was a bit strange, but it was hard for either woman to argue with the obvious results of the man's work.

Orpheus was waiting at the abandoned warehouse when John burst inside with a gun drawn. "Slowing down in your old age?" Orpheus assumed. "Tell me where she is right now, or I'm gonna blow your head clean off!" John warned. "Not a good idea...'cause if you do that, I won't be the only one who dies," Orpheus countered.

Meanwhile, at the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie and Nicole decided to check on Henry -- and discovered that the child was gone.

John threatens Orpheus at gunpoint John threatens Orpheus at gunpoint

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

With a deep sigh, Kate grabbed the loose rope off of the carpet of the DiMera living room, and she groaned to Lucas, "I cannot believe that that idiot Gwen let Rolf get away." As Kate continued to complain about Gwen, Lucas interrupted Kate to talk to her about Allie. Concerned, Kate asked what was wrong. Lucas told Kate about the rape.

"I knew that [Allie] was having such a hard time since she got back to Salem, but I would never have imagined that," Kate said. Lucas told Kate that Allie blamed herself for the rape. Lucas blamed himself because Sami had warned him that Allie had been partying too hard in London, and he had dismissed Sami's concerns.

"You did that because you didn't want Sami pressuring Allie, because you thought that would push her further away, and you were right," Kate counseled. "I should have been there to protect my daughter!" Lucas said. When Lucas said he could have prevented the rape, Kate told Lucas that what had happened was in the past.

"It's not. She is gonna have a constant reminder of what happened that night. Every single day of her life," Lucas said. Kate gasped as she realized that Lucas meant Henry. "Henry came into this world because of that rape," Lucas whispered. Kate asked Lucas about the rapist.

"No arrests have been made," Lucas said. Kate vowed to take care of the person who had hurt Allie. "We're going to make sure that this man pays!" Kate said. Lucas told Kate that Allie had accused Tripp of the assault. "Why hasn't he been arrested? Why hasn't he been charged?" Kate asked. Lucas explained that Tripp had denied the accusation, and the police had been unable to arrest Tripp without additional evidence. Furious, Kate grabbed her phone to call Abe.

"That little punk raped my granddaughter. He doesn't get to walk around free as if nothing happened. Not on my watch," Kate said. As Kate waited for Abe to answer her call, she yelled that the police had not arrested Tripp because he was Steve's son. When Abe failed to answer his phone, Kate vowed to track Abe down and find justice for Allie. Kate stomped out of the house.

Allie went to check on Henry at Nicole's apartment, and she was alarmed when Henry was not in his crib. "How could this happen?" Nicole wondered aloud. As Allie muttered aloud in confusion, she stopped cold. "The repair guy. He must have taken him," Allie said.

John confronted Orpheus at an abandoned warehouse. As John leveled a gun at Orpheus, Orpheus cautioned John to steady his hand, or John's actions would result in Henry's death. "My associate is standing by, waiting for my instructions. If he doesn't hear from me soon, then, well, Henry is expendable," Orpheus said. Orpheus urged John to call Allie and check in.

With the gun still pointed at Orpheus, John called Allie. "Someone took Henry," Allie said. John asked Allie if she had called the police. "I did. They're on the way," Allie confirmed. John's voice remained calm as he told Allie that everything would be fine. "You trust me?" John asked. When Allie said yes, John said he would make sure that Henry was home soon. John told Allie to stay with Nicole at home, and he promised to call back.

"My credibility restored?" Orpheus asked as John ended his call. "I'm going to return her son. No matter what it takes," John said. Orpheus promised that Henry was safe as long as Marlena carried out her part of the deal. "The future of that little boy is in her hands," Orpheus said. John demanded proof of life and an explanation. Orpheus explained that Henry was his leverage to force Marlena to get Christian out of Bayview.

"Your son is nothing but a killer. Just like you," John said. Orpheus countered that prison had broken his son, and Christian needed his father's help to heal. John insisted that Marlena would never help Orpheus. "If the exchange doesn't happen at the appointed hour, none of you will ever see that boy again. So, you better hope she made the right choice," Orpheus said. Orpheus looked at his phone and noted that time was almost up.

"Getting someone out of a mental hospital in the middle of the night? That is impossible. Even with the Doc. So, what do you say about pushing back your deadline till morning?" John asked. Orpheus stressed that as a wanted fugitive, he did not have a lot of time to work with. John ordered Orpheus to have his accomplice deliver Henry to John, or John would kill Orpheus.

"My man has explicit instructions: if anything happens to me, that little boy doesn't make it. So, if you want Marlena to see her great-grandson again, you'll hand over that gun," Orpheus said. John continued to point the gun at Orpheus.

Orpheus reasoned aloud that Marlena would not have agreed to help him if she had not believed that Orpheus was prepared to go through with his threat to kill Henry. John continued to point the gun without a word. "You really want to be responsible for something terrible happening to Henry?" Orpheus asked. Reluctantly, John handed the gun to Orpheus, and he scowled. "That's what I thought," Orpheus said.

At Nicole's apartment, Allie yelled at herself for "being so stupid." Nicole argued that the situation had been confusing, but Allie countered that in the midst of a prison break, she should have been more careful. "The police are going to find him. He couldn't have gotten that far," Nicole said. When Lani arrived, she confirmed that the police had sent out an APB for Henry and the prisoners. Alarmed, Allie asked if Lani thought one of the prisoners had taken Henry.

Lani asked Allie for details, and Allie told Lani about the repairman. "Did you see him take Henry?" Lani asked. Allie said that Henry had been in his crib when the repairman had left, but she had gone into the bedroom to check on a candle that the man had mentioned to her. Lani showed Allie photos of the escaped convicts. "This is him!" Allie said as she pointed at a photo.

"That's Clyde Weston. Ben's father," Nicole said. Confused, Nicole wondered aloud why Clyde would be interested in Allie's baby. "Orpheus and Clyde were in on this break together, and they escaped prison once before," Lani said. Worried, Allie asked Lani what had happened during the last prison break. Lani explained that Orpheus and Clyde had terrorized the town -- and Marlena in particular. "Where would Clyde have taken the baby?" Nicole asked. "I'm pretty sure I have an idea of where to start looking," Lani said.

At Bayview, Marlena waited in Dr. Morris' office, and she thought about Orpheus's threat against Henry. Dr. Morris walked in, and he greeted Marlena. "I need to speak to you about a patient," Marlena said. Dr. Morris noted it was a little late, but Marlena explained that it was an urgent matter. When Marlena said she needed to remove Christian from Bayview, Dr. Morris noted that he had no information on a transfer.

"Yes, well that's because I'm just bringing it up now," Marlena said. "This is a highly irregular request, especially at this time of night," Dr. Morris countered. Marlena said it was unusual but necessary. When Dr. Morris noted that the transfer would take time, Marlena insisted that the patient needed to be released to her custody that night. Dr. Morris insisted that Christian was in the right facility, but Marlena firmly noted, "I don't have time to debate this with you."

When Dr. Morris reminded Marlena that she had been happy with Claire's treatment, Marlena grew defensive. "Please do not compare my granddaughter to a murderer. They are not the same," Marlena said. Dr. Morris encouraged Marlena to go home and get some rest, but she insisted Christian's release was a matter of life and death.

"I'm aware that the patient in question attempted suicide recently, but I don't believe Mr. Maddox is currently a danger to himself or others," Dr. Morris said. Marlena argued that she had known Christian since childhood and therefore knew him better than Dr. Morris. "You're hardly objective about this case," Dr. Morris said. Marlena reiterated that the transfer was a matter of life and death. Reluctantly, Dr. Morris said he would make the necessary calls.

"There is no need. I made the arrangements," Marlena said. "But there's protocol," Dr. Morris objected. Marlena told Dr. Morris that she would call the board and have him relieved if he did not retrieve Christian. When Dr. Morris returned with Christian, Marlena insisted that she needed a moment alone with the patient. Reluctantly, Dr. Morris left.

"I wasn't expecting to see you. What are you doing here?" Christian asked. "I'd like you to come with me," Marlena said. Christian refused. Christian explained that he had made progress with Dr. Morris, and he would not leave until Marlena told him where he was going.

"Is this even legal what you're doing? We can't just walk out of here. I'm a convicted murderer," Christian said. Marlena asked Christian to trust her. Suspicious, Christian noted that Marlena appeared nervous. "What's going on?" Christian asked. Marlena begged Christian to follow her, but he refused until she told him the truth.

"[Orpheus] would like to have you transferred," Marlena said. "And you agreed?" Christian asked with surprise. With a laugh, Marlena asked Christian why he was fighting his freedom. "I want nothing to do with my father. Not now, not ever again!" Christian shouted. Marlena appealed to Christian for help to get Henry back.

"I know you're working on being a good person," Marlena said. Marlena added that baby Henry was relying on Christian to help her. "We're just hoping you do the right thing," Marlena said.

In the park, Clyde paced restlessly with Henry in his arms, and he wondered aloud why Orpheus had not shown up to meet. "I'm going to have to ditch you, little man," Clyde whispered to Henry. Clyde mumbled to himself that he needed to get back to Ben and make sure Ben was okay. Frustrated, Clyde worried aloud about what Ben was up to while Clyde was stuck babysitting.

"He's hurting real bad, my Ollie. You know [Ben] feels like he has got nothing left to live for," Clyde told Henry. As Clyde looked at Henry, he chuckled. Clyde told Henry that he was not Ciara's baby, but he might calm Ben and keep him from killing Vincent. "I'm so scared [Ben] is about to do something crazy. But I hope it isn't too late," Clyde whispered. Kate rounded the corner, and she stopped in her tracks when she saw Clyde cradling a fussy Henry.

At the Salem Inn, Ben paced pack and forth. "Why didn't I give my dad some way to get in touch. I swear to God, if he has anything to do with Dr. Evans' disappearance," Ben said. Ben put the gun down on the table so that he could fish his phone out of his pocket to call John. As Ben dialed the number, Eli knocked on the door. Ben shoved the gun in the back of a desk drawer.

"What are you doing back here at this hour?" Ben asked. "I came to ask you more questions. About your dad," Eli said. Ben reiterated that he had not seen his father. Ben thought about his conversation with John, when he had told Ben not to talk to the police about Marlena's disappearance. Eli insisted that Ben let him into the room to search it.

"I already told you everything I know about my father's whereabouts," Ben said. Ben told Eli he could look around, and Eli brushed past him. Eli searched the room. When Eli opened the desk drawer that Ben had hidden the gun in, Ben squirmed. "Is that really necessary? Tearing apart my room?" Ben asked to distract Eli from the desk. Eli told Ben that a tipster had identified Clyde outside of the Salem Inn.

"[Clyde] never came by my room," Ben said. "I believed you the first time you told me that, but the way that you're acting since I walked in the door," Eli said with a shrug. Ben stressed that he had no way to contact Clyde. "I'm going to continue my search just in case you're lying to me and your dad was here. You never know, he might have left a clue behind," Eli said. As Eli returned his attention to the desk, Lani called his phone.

"Allie's baby has just been kidnapped," Lani said. Lani told Eli that Allie had identified Clyde as the kidnapper. "Clyde took Allie's baby?" Eli said. A look of alarm crossed Ben's face. "No," Ben whispered. When Eli ended the call, he interrogated Ben about Clyde. Eli asked Ben why he would protect Clyde over Marlena and Henry.

"I didn't know anything about my father taking Allie's baby. I swear to you, Eli, I would never have gone along with that," Ben insisted. "Clyde was here earlier, wasn't he?" Eli asked. Ben admitted the truth. "You were hiding him when I was here earlier?" Eli asked. Ben said he had lied, but he had not known what to do. Frustrated, Eli argued that if Ben had been honest, Eli would have arrested Clyde before Henry had disappeared.

"That little boy would be home with his mother right now!" Eli yelled. Ben groaned. Eli told Ben that if anything happened to Henry, it would be on Ben's head. With a sigh, Ben agreed. "I'm taking you down to the station," Eli said. Eli explained that until Clyde was arrested, he would not let Ben out of his sight.

At Nicole's apartment, Lani confirmed that Eli was with Ben. "I can't imagine Ben would condone this. He loves your family. Especially your grandmother," Nicole said. Allie worried aloud about Ben's grief, and she lamented that she had not listened to Nicole sooner about cherishing the people one loved. Allie talked about how much time she had wasted pushing Henry away.

"I was selfish. I didn't want to be stuck raising him, so I just wanted him to be adopted. And now I've lost him! This is my punishment! This is my punishment for being a horrible mother!" Allie cried out. Nicole took Allie by the shoulders and told her that she was a great mother.

"You told me how grateful you are to have a second chance to be in his life," Nicole said. "Look what I did with it. I didn't protect him," Allie said through tears. Allie said that if anything bad happened to Henry, it would be her fault. Lani and Nicole assured Allie that Henry's abduction was not her fault.

"We will not rest until your baby is found," Lani assured Allie. Allie noted that John had said the same thing on the phone but that he had sounded like he was certain. "How could that be?" Allie asked.

Kayla learns of Rolf's new plan for Stefano Kayla learns of Rolf's new plan for Stefano

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

by Mike

Roman rushed over to the hospital after a phone conversation with Steve, who was worried about Kayla. "[So, when you talked to Kayla earlier, she] told you she was on her way home --" Roman began after joining Steve at the nurses' station, wanting to go over everything again. "[But then she never showed up at the townhouse -- and, you know], she said she wasn't too worried about Orpheus because he didn't mess with her the last time he was in Salem, [so when] I offered to pick her up, she said [she'd just] get a security guard to escort [her to her] car... I thought that would be enough..." Steve continued for Roman.

Picking up the recap again, Roman summarized that Kayla's failure to return home in a timely manner or answer subsequent phone calls had prompted Steve to head over to the hospital to make sure that everything was okay. "[Yeah...and when I got here], I found Kayla's phone [and] bag in the office, [so] I thought that meant she was still in the building...[but] I checked with all her colleagues [and] searched the place top to bottom -- she's not here!" Steve concluded. "[And] you think Orpheus has her," Roman assumed. "I don't know, man... [You know], I shouldn't have listened to her, man -- why did I listen to her?" Steve fretted.

Steve and Roman eventually gained access to the hospital's surveillance footage and discovered that Kayla had left with Rolf earlier -- but it was impossible to determine which way they had gone after they had exited the parking garage in Kayla's vehicle. Steve contacted Chad, who revealed everything that had happened during Rolf's earlier visit to the DiMera mansion. After ending the call, Steve shared the information with Roman, who contacted the police to initiate a search of traffic cameras near the hospital. "They could be anywhere!" Steve fretted to Roman.

Meanwhile, Rolf and Kayla reached their destination -- a laboratory at an undisclosed location. "Impressive, isn't it? Perhaps not so well-equipped as the facility where I implanted Stefano's essence into your husband, [but still]..." Rolf said to Kayla, beaming with pride. "What am I doing here?" Kayla wondered. "The Phoenix always rises, as I told you [earlier]...and he will again -- with the help of what is contained inside here..." Rolf explained, directing Kayla's attention to a steaming contraption that resembled a Crock-Pot. "I'm afraid to ask what's in that thing..." Kayla admitted.

"Something which is quite precious to me -- [and] I have gone to great lengths to create conditions which would preserve it until such time as I might need to access it again..." Rolf summarized before opening the lid of the contraption and inviting Kayla to take a look at its contents. "Close the lid!" Kayla begged while recoiling in horror, and Rolf complied with a shrug of confusion.

"Is that Stefano's?" Kayla asked. "Yes -- he donated it in the name of science," Rolf replied. "[Look], I don't understand how you think that's gonna help you revive Stefano --" Kayla protested, amusing Rolf, who clarified that reviving Stefano wasn't the plan. "My goal is much more grandiose -- I am going to clone an entirely new Stefano!" Rolf excitedly elaborated.

"You...want to...clone Stefano..." Kayla dryly repeated. "You sound skeptical," Rolf curiously observed. "'Skeptical'? No! I mean, given your past experiences, and what you've been able to do...I mean, I don't think anybody would doubt what is possible when you put your mind to it... It's just...[well], I'm just sad for you, [because] you, a brilliant man in your own right -- I mean, beyond brilliant, actually; you are a genius, [and] I don't know any man on the face of the earth that has quite your...capabilities -- [and yet] you cling to this idea that you need Stefano --" Kayla carefully responded.

"Your attempt to psychoanalyze me [is] not going to work," Rolf warned. "It is only an attempt to open your eyes so that you can see [that], with your extraordinary gifts [and] your brilliant mind, [you] could do things that could change the world -- combat climate change, [or] discover vaccines that could save people's lives, [or] --" Kayla countered. "I have no interest in any of the above; I have [only one] goal...and I must achieve it -- right here [and] right now, period! So, no more talk -- we must get [started right away], while the time is right!" Rolf insisted, waving a gun at Kayla threateningly to end the debate.

"Now, I'm sure you are aware that the science of cloning has come a long way in recent years --" Rolf began to summarize. "Of course...but it's still extremely complicated --" Kayla argued. "I have spent years exploring ways to prolong Stefano's existence -- [and], I assure you, I have made great strides in the cloning process --" Rolf stressed. "[Still], even if it was possible -- and I doubt it is -- that clone, even though it would have Stefano's DNA, would be a baby [at first, and] it would be decades before he is ever the man that you remember --" Kayla warned. "Which is why I initially opted to implant the chip containing Stefano's essence into your husband [instead] -- it helped me to reconnect with the fully grown Stefano in all his underappreciated brilliance -- [but], fortunately, I have a backup plan, and this lab has all the equipment we need to see it through," Rolf countered. "I am not gonna help you clone Stefano DiMera!" Kayla insisted.

"Look, I understand you're not a fan of the man, [but] you should be grateful that I have given you this opportunity to participate in such a groundbreaking experiment --" Rolf reasoned. "'Groundbreaking'? How about sickening! Your obsession with prolonging the existence of a man that everybody else wishes never existed at all -- no, I will not help you [with it, because] I am a medical doctor; I'm not a mad scientist like you!" Kayla maintained. "Oh, po-tay-to, po-tah-to; Franken-stine, Franken-steen!" Rolf countered, waving the gun dismissively. "[Listen], I took an oath to preserve life --" Kayla continued. "And that is exactly my intent!" Rolf stressed. "[So], for the last time, I am not going to help you with your crazy 'experiment'!" Kayla concluded. "Then I shall accomplish the cloning on my own...[after] tying up loose ends..." Rolf vowed before advancing toward Kayla with a syringe.

Kayla nervously backed away from Rolf. "You know, I wouldn't admit this to anybody [else, but]...I actually sympathize with you -- [I mean], when Steve was gone, [and] I thought that he had given up [and] thrown away 30 years [with me], I was profoundly lonely, [and] I think that you're lonely, [too]; I think that you miss your old friend --" Kayla stammered. "More than I can say," Rolf confirmed. "[But, you know], I found love again...[and] you could go out there in the world -- it's a big world -- and you could find somebody else to share your life with, [too] --" Kayla continued. "No, you don't understand -- no one compares to Stefano; he is everything to me!" Rolf stressed. "[Now], there will be no more talk; I want an answer -- are you going to help me clone Stefano...or not?" Rolf challenged Kayla, waving the syringe threateningly.

"You're not giving me much choice, so I guess I'll help you," Kayla conceded. "Just put that needle away!" Kayla begged, and Rolf complied. "So, how does this cloning work?" Kayla wondered. "We take one of Stefano's cells [and] transfer it into an egg which has had its nucleus removed, [and] we then allow that egg to develop into an early-stage embryo," Rolf explained. "And where does this egg develop -- in a test tube or something?" Kayla assumed. "You really think I would reproduce Stefano in something as inhospitable as a test tube?" Rolf asked incredulously. "Well, the embryo has to develop someplace..." Kayla defensively reasoned. "Yes -- and when it does, we will implant it into a surrogate," Rolf clarified. "And where are you going to find a woman who would carry Stefano's clone?" Kayla challenged Rolf. "I don't have to 'find' one -- you will carry Stefano's clone!" Rolf further clarified.

At the abandoned warehouse, Orpheus won a round of gin against John. "That's the third time I've beat you, John -- that aneurysm mess up your card-playing skills?" Orpheus asked. "[Just] can't seem to get my head in the game when my great-grandson has been kidnapped," John replied. "Oh, he'll be fine --" Orpheus dismissively promised. "He damn well better be -- you harm a hair on that baby's head --" John angrily countered. "Whatever happens to Henry is entirely dependent on your wife coming through for me," Orpheus reminded John before impatiently noting that Marlena was running late.

As if on cue, Marlena knocked on the warehouse door and called out a greeting. Orpheus opened the door while holding a gun on John, who silently assured a surprised Marlena that everything was okay. "Stay apart -- I don't want you two ganging up on me," Orpheus said to John and Marlena before focusing on Evan. "Hey, Dad," Evan began. "Christian," Orpheus replied. "I've missed you... [Anyway], you look good -- you look well..." Orpheus somewhat awkwardly continued, acknowledging the fact that Evan had grown a beard since their last meeting -- a feature that made their resemblance even more obvious.

"All things considered, [especially -- after all, it] can't have been easy to be locked up in Bayview with all those crazies --" Orpheus continued. "A lot better than being in prison," Evan stressed. "Yeah... Yeah, you weren't cut out for prison, son -- I knew that... Thank God they found you in time --" Orpheus continued. "My breakdown wasn't just about being in prison -- I feel guilty about what I did to Jordan...and what happened to that woman, Adrienne, and that baby..." Evan clarified. "That car accident was not your responsibility, son --" Orpheus insisted. "Just tell me what's going on," Evan demanded.

"I was getting the help I needed at Bayview, [so] why did you make Dr. Evans bring me here?" Evan challenged Orpheus. "That's true, you know -- Dr. Morris said [Christian's] making incredible strides [at Bayview]... If you really care about him, you might let him go back and finish the work that he's doing there --" Marlena interjected when Orpheus didn't immediately respond to Evan's question. "If you want to see that baby again, you really should keep your mouth shut!" Orpheus snapped at Marlena before focusing on Evan again.

"[So], you feel guilty about killing Jordan... You feel guilty about turning me in to the police, [too]?" Orpheus challenged Evan. "I did what I thought was right at the time --" Evan stammered. "You betrayed me!" Orpheus spat.

"But I don't hold it against you, [because] you're my child, [and] I love you -- that'll never change; the bond between a father and a son is a powerful thing," Orpheus continued. "That's why I helped you try to get your son back from Rafe --" Orpheus continued. "And Sonny's mother is dead because of it!" Evan pointed out. "That's all over -- it's behind us," Orpheus insisted, drawing a shake of the head from Evan.

"We're gonna start fresh -- me, you, David... That's why I got you out of Bayview -- so you could be with your son --" Orpheus continued. "Zoey has David --" Evan argued. "But he belongs with you!" Orpheus countered. "[And] I'm gonna make that happen," Orpheus continued. "We're gonna be together as a family, making up for lost time -- I've waited so long for this to happen... You want it to happen, too...don't you, son?" Orpheus concluded. "Answer me, damn it!" Orpheus snapped when Evan didn't immediately respond to the question.

Evan remained silent, further irritating Orpheus. "Why the hell aren't you saying anything? Do you not want to be with your family? Do you not miss your son?" Orpheus challenged Evan. "Of course, I do -- so much!" Evan insisted. "[Well, don't worry] -- you're gonna be reunited with him [soon; you just] need to trust me --" Orpheus promised. "I want to...but it scares me that you kidnapped Dr. Evans' great-grandson --" Evan admitted. "I had to do that -- [it was] the only way that I could have gotten you out of Bayview!" Orpheus reasoned.

"And it better not have been for nothing, or Dr. Evans will never see that little boy again..." Orpheus stressed, prompting Evan to give in. "Are you sure that you can keep David and me safe?" Evan challenged Orpheus. "Guaranteed -- I promise! But, son, this town is full of cops looking for me, [so] we need to move, and we need to move now!" Orpheus replied. "When will I see him?" Evan asked. "We'll be on our way as soon as I deal with John and Dr. Evans..." Orpheus promised Evan before pointing the gun at John and Marlena. "We had a deal --" Marlena began to remind Orpheus before gasping at the sudden sound of sirens outside. "You better not have told the cops where we are!" Orpheus snapped at Marlena. "I'd never take that risk!" Marlena insisted. "It's true, Dad -- Marlena drove me straight here [and] didn't make any calls along the way," Evan confirmed. "We better get going, while we still can..." Orpheus decided before ordering John to tie Marlena to a chair.

While Orpheus was focused on John and Marlena, Evan grabbed a paint can and swung it at the back of Orpheus' head. "I thought you were going to leave with your father..." Marlena admitted to Evan while John was checking on Orpheus. "No, I wasn't -- I, uh...I just said that to get him out of here before he hurt either of you or Henry," Evan clarified. "Thank you so much!" Marlena exclaimed. "As much as I miss my son, I couldn't go on the run -- I mean, uh, I'm getting better, but I'm not ready to raise a child...especially with my father around..." Evan reasoned. "You did the right thing -- the right thing for you and for David," Marlena declared. "I just want my boy to have a good life," Evan summarized with a shrug. "We know you do...and we appreciate your concern for all of us -- [but], unfortunately, your old man is knocked out cold [now], and we still don't know where Henry is," John interjected, drawing a groan from Evan, who apologized for having failed to consider that beforehand.

Evan asked to use Orpheus' cell phone to contact Zoey and check on David -- a request that John and Marlena were happy to grant. Marlena watched protectively as John tied Orpheus to a chair -- and when the task was finished, they realized that Evan was gone.

At the park, Kate wondered what Clyde was doing with a baby. "Kate, turn yourself around, walk on outta here, and forget you ever saw me," Clyde advised. "As much as I would love to do that, I can't, [because] you not only broke out of prison -- you kidnapped a baby, [too]!" Kate countered before producing a cell phone and starting to dial 9-1-1 -- then stopping after noticing an AMBER Alert on the device.

"You bastard -- [that's not just] any baby; that's my great-grandson!" Kate realized. "Yeah...[so], if you don't want anything to happen to this child, you do as I say -- you throw your phone in the bushes," Clyde demanded, and Kate reluctantly complied. "Why did you take this innocent baby?" Kate asked. "I got my reasons," Clyde replied. "Is it money? Because I will pay the ransom --" Kate offered. "No -- cash always comes in handy, but that's not the reason. [See, Ben's] a mess -- you know, 'cause of his dead wife and all -- [and] I thought this little guy could cheer him up," Clyde clarified. "A kidnapped baby's gonna cheer him up?" Kate incredulously repeated. "Well, you know, it's not all about Ben -- Henry here gives me leverage, [too]," Clyde further clarified. "If you want a hostage, don't take him -- take me," Kate suggested.

"I did not see that comin'...[but], like I said, I was hopin' that Henry here could cheer Ben up, [and] I don't think you'd have the same effect," Clyde argued. "[But] Ben's not the only one with needs, now, is he? [I mean], you've been in prison a long time, [and] that had to be pretty tough on you [as] a virile man -- [that] lack of satisfaction... [And, you know], you and I were pretty good together [once, so I'm sure we] could be that way again... [Look], whatever you want, I could make you happy..." Kate seductively countered. "You're still one sexy woman, Kate...but also a lot of trouble, [so] I'm not interested -- Henry here's a lot more valuable and a lot less hassle --" Clyde decided after some thought -- and, as if on cue, Henry woke up and started crying uncontrollably.

"Pipe down!" Clyde begged, but Henry just kept crying. "Hush, little baby... Don't say a word... You're gonna be safe with this jailbird..." Clyde sang off-key before looking to Kate for approval, feeling proud of the improvised lyrics. "That is completely stupid," Kate declared. "And if that jailbird can't sing... He's gonna steal you a diamond ring..." Clyde continued singing off-key, but Henry's cries just seemed to get louder.

Clyde eventually grew concerned enough to let Kate try to get Henry back to sleep, not wanting the child's cries to attract the wrong kind of attention. "Don't get any funny ideas about runnin' off -- you know what I'm capable of if I'm crossed!" Clyde warned Kate, who nodded in response. "Allie said that [Henry] has an ear infection...[but] you're lucky -- I do have one of [his] pacifiers in my purse, if I can go in there and get it --" Kate revealed. "Whatever -- just get him to stop crying!" Clyde agreed, prompting Kate to reach for the pacifier -- and produce a gun instead.

"Whoa -- always carry a gun in your purse? What else ya got in there -- whip and chains?" Clyde asked with a nervous chuckle. "Like you said, we used to be great together -- I'm sure we can settle this in a way that's very satisfactory to the both of us..." Clyde continued. "[Look], you keep the baby, [and] I'll just walk away, [and] we'll pretend this never happened..." Clyde continued. "Don't move!" Kate warned.

"All right, this charade is over -- you actin' all tough and everything! We both know you are never gonna --" Clyde argued, but Kate pulled the trigger before anything else could be said.

Steve races to save Kayla from Rolf Steve races to save Kayla from Rolf

Thursday, October 29, 2020

by Mike

At the police station, Eli continued a phone conversation with Shawn. "We're doing everything we can to help [Roman] and Steve find Rolf...[but] Orpheus [has] completely lawyered up, and his kid is still on the loose, [and] we don't have any information from the AMBER Alert, [so] we don't know where Clyde Weston is -- or the baby," Eli reported.

At the park, Kate comforted Henry as Clyde writhed on the ground in pain, having taken a bullet to the upper left arm. "Call me an ambulance!" Clyde demanded. "I wouldn't speak in the imperative if I were you; if I were you, I'd start groveling," Kate advised. "You didn't have to shoot me!" Clyde argued. "Maybe I wanted to; maybe I still do. [So], why don't you think, real hard, of a reason that I shouldn't just pull this trigger one more time -- and, this time, [aim] a little to the left," Kate countered.

"[See] -- even you can't give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you!" Kate summarized when Clyde didn't immediately respond. "Please..." Clyde begged. "Why did you take Henry?" Kate wondered. "It was Orpheus --" Clyde explained. "Don't do that -- don't blame someone else [when] you're the one who kidnapped him!" Kate snapped.

Just then, Abe passed through the area and saw that Kate was holding Clyde at gunpoint. "Call an ambulance -- she shot me!" Clyde said to Abe. "[Clyde] kidnapped Henry -- [so, instead of calling an ambulance, why don't you] call Allie and tell her [that] Henry's safe...and just leave me here for one more minute..." Kate said to Abe while keeping the gun aimed at Clyde. "Kate, back away," Abe advised before choosing a third option -- calling the police and letting them deal with the matter of dispatching units to the scene. "Tell them to take their time -- I want to watch him bleed out," Kate said to Abe while glaring at Clyde.

After ending the call, Abe again tried to convince Kate to stand down. "I will let you take the baby back to Allie [if you just] give me the gun...[or] you can wait for the police, and I will have them arrest you, [too]," Abe stressed, drawing a scoff from Kate, who reluctantly handed over the gun. "I hope you rot in hell!" Kate spat at Clyde before rushing off with Henry. "I think she may get her wish..." Abe said to Clyde.

At the laboratory, Kayla scoffed at the craziness of Rolf's plan. "'Crazy'? Ooh, I don't think I like that word -- I prefer 'mad scientist'; that has a connotation of genius!" Rolf stressed. "[Yeah, well], clearly, your field isn't gynecology, 'cause I'm a little old for what you're proposing," Kayla argued. "[Granted], conventional science casts doubts on the viability of your womb...but, uh, I'm not limited by their ignorance -- [remember], on my watch, Kristen DiMera carried a child to term," Rolf countered. "[Still], I'm not gonna do [this] -- you are not gonna touch my body!" Kayla insisted. "I'm afraid I'm not asking -- [just like] I didn't ask your husband if I could put Stefano's chip in his brain," Rolf, who was still holding a gun in one hand and a syringe in the other, clarified before advancing toward Kayla, who tried to run away but wasn't able to unlock the laboratory door in time.

After administering the contents of the syringe, Rolf placed Kayla on a gurney, encountering no resistance during the process. "The drug I gave you blocks all neuromuscular activity, which is why you cannot move or talk or scream," Rolf explained to Kayla. "But the procedure won't take long -- and, when I'm done, you will be pregnant again! Isn't science wonderful?" Rolf continued while stroking Kayla's cheek.

Rolf donned scrubs then prepared to start the procedure with the removal of Kayla's clothes -- but, just then, Steve kicked open the laboratory door.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Henry slept soundly as Kate told Allie and Nicole about what had happened earlier. "I thought he'd be so scared, [but he's acting] like nothing happened..." Allie curiously observed. "I'm sure he missed his mommy, [but] he didn't really know he was in any danger, [so] he wasn't scared," Kate coolly claimed.

Allie was content with just watching Henry sleep, but Nicole and Kate were soon drinking martinis together to unwind. "I know that, uh, we haven't always gotten along --" Kate acknowledged. "Oh, Kate, let's be honest -- we've never really gotten along," Nicole stressed. "Yeah, that's fair -- [that's] probably more accurate," Kate conceded, laughing with Nicole about the matter.

"But I do want you to know that I have seen you stand up for [Allie] -- not just tonight, which had to have been hell [for both of you], but ever since she came back to Salem -- and you've helped know, when her family couldn't...[and] I am grateful," Kate concluded. "Well, sometimes, not being family has its advantages," Nicole noted. "Don't I know it..." Kate agreed.

"You know, Kate...uh...maybe, sometime, you and I could, know, grab a drink..." Nicole suggested. "If you'd like," Kate replied. "Well, what I'd like is a detailed, first-person account of the shooting of Clyde Weston," Nicole admitted. "You got it," Kate promised, sharing another laugh with Nicole.

Kate asked for some time alone with Allie, prompting Nicole to step into another room. "Honey, I, uh...I want you to know that...I talked to your dad, and, um...he told me about what happened -- he told me what Tripp did," Kate informed Allie. "I was dead drunk when it happened, [so]...basically, it was my fault --" Allie began to explain. "Don't say that -- don't you even think that!" Kate protested. "I can't help but think that," Allie admitted. "I don't care what state you were in -- what he...what he did to you is a crime, and the fact that you were unable to stop him [just] makes him even more culpable, in my opinion," Kate argued. "Maybe...[but still], look at the mess that I always make [for myself] -- I mean, I opened the door for my son's kidnapper!" Allie tearfully countered.

"Stop that, okay? [And] listen to me, because I had to learn this the hard way -- you can't always stop bad things from happening, and you can't always prevent your loved ones from getting hurt," Kate advised Allie. "But you can make sure that the people that hurt them pay for what they do..." Kate stressed, causing Allie to suddenly stop crying and perk up a bit.

At the police station, Ben watched as Eli handcuffed Rolf to a chair in one of the conference rooms. "Any word on my father?" Ben asked after Eli emerged from the conference room. "He's been shot...[but] he's in stable condition," Eli reported. "Can I see him?" Ben requested. "You want to see that piece of dirt?" Eli incredulously repeated. "He's still my father," Ben defensively explained.

"I should charge you with aiding and abetting an escaped prisoner --" Eli declared. "Whatever, man..." Ben conceded with a shrug of indifference. "[But] the memorial for Ciara is tomorrow, [so...just] get out of my face," Eli concluded. "Thank you," Ben said while giving Eli a nod. "Don't make me regret this!" Eli warned as Ben rushed off.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad wrapped up a phone conversation with Steve then informed Abigail and Gwen that Rolf was in police custody. "Why did he take Kayla?" Abigail asked. "It was pretty clear that, uh, Steve didn't want to talk about it, so..." Chad replied. "This 'Rolf' guy [sounds] dangerous..." Gwen stammered. "Gwen, you're white as a sheet!" Abigail observed. "I'm sorry -- I shouldn't have left you alone with him," Chad admitted to Gwen. "Don't worry -- I promise, you are never going to have to deal with him ever again," Abigail assured Gwen -- who received a phone call just then.

"Something wrong?" Chad wondered as Gwen stared at the name of the caller. "Um...I...I...I ought to take this... It's... Excuse me..." Gwen stammered before rushing out of the study. "Gwendolyn, I'm at the police station, [and] I want you to come down here -- I'm, uh, in need of a bit of assistance," Rolf explained when Gwen answered the call. "It's late --" Gwen protested. "Well, it's not too late for me to give a statement -- and I don't want to incriminate myself, but I'm sure [Detective Grant] would be interested in finding out how I managed to escape from the DiMera mansion after I'd been tied up...or perhaps I could tell him about your plans for, uh, Abigail Deveraux..." Rolf countered. "I'm coming," Gwen conceded before ending the call.

"Who was it?" Chad asked when Gwen returned to the study. "That was, um...that was a friend of mine, and she's very panicked about everything that's been going on this evening --" Gwen claimed. "She already heard about it?" Abigail incredulously interjected. "Apparently...[and] she knows I live here, [so] she's very worried about me...[and], you know, she's, um...uh...a single woman, and she's very lonely...uh, and she's high-strung -- she's, you know, the high-strung type... Anyway, I think I should go and -- and see her now, so..." Gwen nervously concluded. "I could go with you, if you --" Abigail offered. "No!" Gwen insisted.

Clyde was handcuffed to a bed at the hospital, trying to think of a way to escape, when Ben arrived. "I can't believe you got by all those cops out there, [but it's] good to see you --" Clyde began. "I'm not here to make you feel better -- [in fact], you're lucky you got shot in the arm; otherwise, I'd be breaking your legs!" Ben snapped.

"Orpheus said he'd get me outta prison if I took the kid -- I was never gonna hurt him --" Clyde stressed. "And what did you think Orpheus was gonna do with him -- play peekaboo? And what about the little kid's mother -- do you think she knew that you weren't gonna hurt him? Did you leave some kind of note [behind] -- a nice little note, saying you're a nice kidnapper?" Ben countered. "Hey, I'm sorry, all right?" Clyde insisted. "What you did tonight was horrible, and Kate had every right to shoot you -- and yet here you are, still whining [and] playing the victim [and] blaming somebody else... What I want to know is, what kind of 'God' takes Ciara and lets someone like you live?" Ben mused.

"I don't deserve a son like you...and you sure as hell don't deserve a daddy like me..." Clyde admitted. "What, did you hear that in a movie or something?" Ben wondered. "I know I can't change how you feel about me...but I would like to help you, just this one time... [Look], you want Vincent Belman to die for what he did to Ciara, [and] so do I...but I don't want you to pay the price -- I don't want you to go back on death row -- [so]...let me do it -- [I mean], I'm goin' back into Statesville, [anyway]; I can make it happen, [and] we can get you an airtight alibi --" Clyde offered. "No! [Because, you see], I don't just want him dead -- I want him dead at my hands; I want him to die knowing [that] I'm the one who made him pay for what he did to Ciara," Ben stressed with finality.

At the hospital, Steve prepared a cup of tea for Kayla while joking that, after everything that had happened that night, a stronger drink would probably be better. "Not after the drugs [Rolf] gave me," Kayla argued. "The E.R. doctor said they were short-lasting --" Steve countered. "I just want to be safe, okay?" Kayla snapped.

Kayla quickly apologized to Steve. "You saved me, and I am grateful...[but] being so helpless, [and] not being able to move or scream -- [having to just] lie there and listen [to] the arrogance [and] the pleasure he took out of scaring me... [Well, you know], I thought I had buried it -- I did -- but I guess you don't ever really bury it, do you? And then all those feelings just come flooding back -- just being so helpless, [and] humiliated, and just the rage, that utterly useless rage... You know, tonight -- the last time I felt like [that] was when I was raped," Kayla tearfully explained. "I didn't make the connection..." Steve regretfully admitted.

Steve comforted Kayla with a hug. "I hope you understand [now] why it's so hard for me -- this whole thing with Allie and Tripp --" Kayla began to summarize. "I see that now," Steve confirmed. "I mean, you're pinning all your hopes on that DNA test -- that it's gonna prove that Tripp did not rape Allie -- but what if it doesn't? I mean, what if he did do what she said he did? Are you going to be able to accept that truth?" Kayla concluded. "I love you -- you're more important to me than anyone in this world -- so, if it turns out that what Allie is saying is the truth, I'll just have to accept that," Steve conceded.

At the Horton Town Square, Abe informed Kate that Clyde was going to make a full recovery. "That's a pity," Kate declared with a sigh. "But that's not why I'm here -- that's not why I wanted to talk to you," Kate clarified. "I have a bone to pick with you -- [I mean], when the hell were you going to tell me that [Tripp] raped my granddaughter, and what the hell are you gonna do about it?" Kate elaborated. "I don't know -- [I mean], the case is ongoing, [and] there is an issue with jurisdiction... But, once that's resolved, the D.A. will look at the evidence and decide whether or not to file charges," Abe replied. "[Tripp] is not going to walk on this, okay? And if the cops and the court can't do their job and make him pay, I will!" Kate vowed. "[Now], when the hell am I getting my gun back?" Kate demanded to know.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie told Nicole about the earlier conversation with Kate. "[This is] a good thing -- [I mean], the people that love you should know [about what happened]. You didn't do anything wrong, [and] you don't have to keep Tripp's dirty little secret for him," Nicole stressed. "I think, deep down, I was keeping it a secret for Henry," Allie admitted.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail wondered if Chad was ready to try to get some sleep. "I'm gonna wait up for Gwen," Chad decided. "You feel guilty that you left her with Rolf," Abigail assumed. "It was strong rope -- a letter opener wouldn't have cut it...[and besides], how in the hell did he get a letter opener in the first place? [And then] she gets a phone call in the middle of the night [and] just charges off -- [I mean], did you see her reaction when she saw the caller? [And] I thought Claire was her only friend [in the area]..." Chad curiously mused -- but none of that concerned Abigail, who was starting to think of Gwen as a member of the family.

At the police station, Gwen joined Rolf in one of the conference rooms. "So, what are we going to do to get me out of here?" Rolf challenged Gwen. "How the hell am I supposed to get you out of here? You're chained to a chair in a police station -- I can't just untie you like I did before!" Gwen protested. "Necessity is the mother of invention, my dear -- and it is necessary for you to get me out of here...unless you want me to share with the police what I know about you..." Rolf countered. "I have already done enough explaining to Chad about how you got free from those ropes, and this would be the second time tonight that you've gotten away with me in the picture, [so]...I think you're going back to prison," Gwen maintained. "Well, what if I take you with me?" Rolf threatened Gwen.

After giving the matter a bit more thought, Rolf decided to keep Gwen's secret, reasoning that Abigail was to blame for Chad's disloyalty toward Stefano and needed to pay for it. "But, in exchange for my silence, there is one thing I want you to do for me..." Rolf warned Gwen.

Jennifer receives a startling letter Jennifer receives a startling letter

Friday, October 30, 2020

On the morning of Ciara's memorial, Brady knocked on Eli's front door. When Eli answered the knock, Brady scowled at him. "Are you happy now?" Brady asked. As Eli stared in silence, Brady walked past Eli into the apartment.

"Tough day for both our families," Eli said. "It is. Of course, before I pay my respects [to Ciara], I have to take my baby down to the police station so she can say goodbye to her mother," Brady said. Eli nodded.

"[Kristen] is going to get five years because of what you did," Brady said. Eli groaned, and he pointed out that Kristen was going to prison because she had made the decision to stab Victor. Eli added, "[Kristen] was facing serious charges whether I recorded that conversation or not." Brady countered that Eli had backed Kristen into a corner.

"You know how much you love Kristen? Well, that's how much I love my wife. Lani is a good person who has made one big mistake: giving Kristen time to get away. But Kristen, on the other hand, has spent her entire life making misery for other people. So, I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time feeling guilty that [Kristen] is finally gonna pay for some of that," Eli said. Eli asked Brady what he would have done if the roles had been reversed. Brady argued that if he were Eli, he would pray that Lani did not find out that Eli had recorded his conversation with Kristen and used it as leverage.

"Are you saying you're going to get back at me by telling Lani what I did?" Eli asked. Brady shrugged. After a moment, Brady said he would not tell Lani. "I'm doing this because Kristen made me promise to keep my mouth shut," Brady said. Brady explained that Kristen had been adamant that she wanted to protect Lani and the babies.

"You, on the other hand, I couldn't care less about," Brady said. When Eli asked Brady what he meant, Brady said he hoped that Eli would be haunted by the fact that he had broken Rachel's heart. Emotional, Brady stomped out of the apartment.

Lani talked to Kristen in the interrogation room at the precinct. "How did this happen? Kristen, I still don't understand," Lani said. Kristen explained that she had pleaded guilty in the hopes that the court would grant leniency. "There is a possibility of parole after two years," Kristen said. Lani agreed that the sentence could have been worse, but she added that she was disappointed there was not a better option that would not take Kristen away from her daughter.

"Given my past, community service was not an option," Kristen said. Lani asked about Brady. "After the hearing, [Brady] went to pick up Rachel," Kristen explained. Kristen said she was upset that she would have to say goodbye to her daughter in a police station. With a shake of her head, Lani said it was awful that Kristen had everything she had ever wanted but had to let it go.

"Why didn't you hire the best criminal defense attorney in the country and fight back?" Lani asked. Kristen cautioned Lani to calm down for the sake of her babies. "I will never forget how much you have done for me," Kristen said. Lani said she had done what any friend would have done. With a chuckle, Kristen said she had spent most of her life avoiding friendships with women because she had only seen women as competition.

"All I cared about was getting the man I wanted, getting ahead in my career, and getting revenge on anyone who crossed me. And then I met you. I met you, and I found out what it was like to have a friend," Kristen said. Kristen told Lani that she would treasure their friendship for the rest of her life. When Lani asked if there was anything she could do for Kristen, Kristen told Lani to be happy.

"I'm going to be okay. I love you," Kristen said. "I love you, too," Lani responded. As the women clasped hands, Brady walked in with Rachel. Lani left, and Kristen fussed over her daughter as Brady told Kristen about his morning feeding with Rachel. "You're changing every day, you clever girl," Kristen cooed at Rachel. With her voice shaking, Kristen noted that Rachel would say her first words soon. Brady promised to record Rachel's first words and send Kristen thousands of pictures of firsts.

"You're not going to see your mama for a while, but I'm going to be back. I promise you," Kristen said. Kristen told Rachel that she would have her daddy and that Kristen would think about her all the time. "I'm going to dream [of] when you and I are together again, and one day, that dream is going to come true," Kristen said. Kristen held Brady's hand, and she smiled at him. Kristen asked Brady if he could take Rachel out of the station before the guards took her away, but he refused.

"[Rachel] is too young to know what's going on, and I'm spending every last second that I can here," Brady said. "Do you know how much I love you?" Kristen asked. Brady said he had a good idea. Panicked, Kristen said she did not know if she could go to prison. Brady assured Kristen that the time would fly by, and when Kristen left prison, Rachel would be there waiting for her.

In the police station bullpen, Eli met up with Lani. "I just keep thinking that Kristen did what she did because she had been led to believe that her daughter had died, and if that hadn't happened to Kristen, then her, Brady, and Rachel would be this happy family now," Lani said. When Lani wondered aloud what she would have done if she had been in Kristen's place, Eli reminded Lani that she was not Kristen. With a smile, Eli said he was going to get Vincent from his cell and deliver him to justice.

At Hope's house, Jennifer called out to her cousin, but there was no answer. When Jack walked in, Jennifer noted that she had used her spare keys to get in the house because Hope had not answered the door. "She's obviously not here," Jennifer said. Jack asked Jennifer if Hope had expected them to pick her up, and Jennifer confirmed that that had been the plan.

"Where could she be?" Jennifer wondered aloud. Jennifer checked her phone but there were no missed calls or texts from Hope. As Jennifer sighed, she saw a note on the desk with her name on it. Jennifer opened the envelope and found a note. Jennifer read the letter aloud to Jack; the letter disclosed that Hope could not bear to attend the funeral of a second child.

"How I wish Bo were here with me now, but I know if he were, he wouldn't accept that his sweet girl was gone, and he would do anything, go anywhere, to find her," Jennifer read. Hope explained in the letter that as long as there was a chance that Ciara was alive, Hope needed to look for her. Hope wrote that she believed Ciara was strong enough to survive the ordeal, and Hope had been afraid that if she attended the memorial, she would no longer have the strength to believe that Ciara was alive.

"I was afraid that being around all those people mourning her, I would have to start learning to accept that my daughter, the light of my life, was really gone," Hope wrote. Hope continued that she could not bear to give up hope that Ciara was alive. "I will never give up until I find her," Hope wrote. Hope continued that she would be in touch soon, but she asked Jack and Jennifer to tell the family about why she had left town.

"I love you, Jennifer. You're more like a sister to me than a cousin. Just knowing you're there for me has been such a comfort to me. Even now, picturing you reading this, your loving concern, your empathy, it's giving me the courage to do what I need to do," Jennifer read aloud. With a groan, Jennifer said she was worried about her cousin. Jack urged Jennifer to listen to Hope.

"[Hope's] not in her right mind! It's the grief!" Jennifer yelped. Jennifer wondered aloud why Hope had run away from the support and love of her family. "Our love and support is letting her do what she needs to do," Jack counseled. With a nod, Jennifer agreed that they should let Hope do what she needed to do to deal with her grief. "We can't take that from her," Jennifer said. Jack hugged Jennifer as she cried on his shoulder.

At the Brady Pub, Julie stared at an enlarged photo of Ciara. A harried Claire walked in and complained that the napkins were not ready for the service. When Julie suggested another color, Claire argued that the missing napkins were Ciara's favorite color. "I wanted everything to go perfectly for her today, but everything is going wrong," Claire lamented. Julie cautioned Claire to remain calm. Claire rattled off all the items on her to do list that were still pending.

"At a time like this, nobody cares. They just want to be together. No one is gonna taste that food, and certainly they're not going to care what color the napkins are," Julie stressed. "I care!" Claire said. Julie noted that Ciara had known how much everyone loved her. "She didn't know that about me. How could she? I almost killed her!" Claire said through tears. When Claire noted that she was no better than Vincent, Julie reminded Claire that she had a heart.

"This memorial is my last chance to show [Ciara] how much I loved her," Claire explained. Julie put her arm around Claire, and she told Claire that Ciara had seen that Claire had recovered. "There is no unfinished business between you and Ciara," Julie said. When Claire claimed that she should have saved Ciara, Julie stressed that Claire could not have stopped Vincent. "[Ciara] forgave you. You have nothing to prove," Julie said. Relieved, Claire thanked Julie. Julie offered to set things up for the memorial, and she urged Claire to go to the church and check on things there. "That gives me time to do one more thing -- something I know Ciara would have wanted me to do," Claire said.

After Claire left, Julie set up for the buffet, and Doug walked in and went over to the picture of Ciara. With a sigh, Doug asked Julie if his tie was straight. As Julie fixed the tie, Doug said that Ciara had given him the tie for his last birthday. Doug asked Julie if she had seen the headstone. With a nod, Julie said she had seen a photo, and she was pleased that Ciara would be buried next to Zack and Bo.

"How are we ever going to get through this day?" Doug asked as his voice cracked with emotion. Julie hugged Doug, and they cried together. As Julie dried her eyes, Jennifer walked in. When Doug asked about Hope, Jennifer told Doug and Julie about the letter. "To lose Ciara, and now this?" Julie wailed. Doug said he understood why Hope had determined not to give up on her search for her daughter. "We've got to respect that. That's a mother's determination," Doug said.

At the Salem Inn, Ben stared at a photo of Vincent in an online story about his arraignment. Ben picked up Vincent's gun and gripped it tightly. "I'm sorry, Vincent. You're going to be a no-show at that arraignment," Ben said. Ben looked at his wedding photo, and he promised Ciara that he would get the truth from Vincent.

"Just because there was a bullet missing, doesn't mean it was used on you," Ben said. Ben vowed to get answers from Vincent. "I promised you justice, and if there is any chance at all that you are still alive, I'm going to make him tell me. And I'm not going to stop until I find you," Ben said to the picture of Ciara.

Ben stuffed the gun into his jacket pocket, but as he started to leave his room, he ran into Claire in the hallway. "What are you doing here?" Ben asked. Claire said she wanted to know if Ben had changed his mind about attending the memorial. Ben refused to go. Claire asked Ben where he was headed instead. Ben said he had decided to take Ciara's bike out on the road to "get away from it all."

"That's how I want to remember [Ciara]. Her hair blowing in the wind. My hands around her waist. Not some gravestone with her name on it and nothing underneath it," Ben said. Claire asked Ben if he believed there was a possibility that Ciara could be alive. Ben looked away. Claire apologized, and she told Ben to reach out to the family if he needed support.

"When you married Ciara, you became part of our family," Claire noted. Claire urged Ben to remember that the family was there for him. Ben said he would be fine. Claire placed a flyer for the memorial on the dresser, and Ben backed away from it. Ben told Claire to lock the door when she left. With a nod, Ben rushed out of the room.

Claire picked up the wedding photo of Ciara, and she sat on the bed and talked to Ciara. "Ben is a wreck without you," Claire said. Claire worried aloud that she had a bad feeling about Ben.

Eli went down to the holding cells at the police station, and he yelled at Vincent to get on his feet. "You got a date with the judge," Eli said. As Eli flipped through his keys, Ben grabbed Eli from behind in a chokehold. Ben placed the gun against Eli's head, and Ben told Eli that he was there for Vincent. Eli warned Ben to let the justice system work, but Ben could not be swayed.

"You almost got charged last night. Don't make things worse!" Eli yelled. "This son of a bitch took Ciara from me. Nothing could be worse than that," Ben countered. When Eli told Ben he could not let Ben take Vincent, Ben barked that Eli could not stop him. As Ben pushed the gun against Eli's temple, Eli told Ben that he did not believe Ben would shoot him. "Don't be so sure about that," Ben growled.

When Eli did not return to the bullpen, Lani went downstairs to determine why Eli was delayed. Eli was unconscious on the floor, and Vincent was gone. Lani dropped to her knees and called out to Eli to wake up.

In the park off the square, Ben forced Vincent to his knees, and Ben pointed the gun at Vincent's forehead. "What do you want from me? I've already told you everything I know," Vincent said. "For your sake, I hope that is not true," Ben countered.

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