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Abe offered Sheila a job. Roman agreed to woo Hattie. Mimi told Belle that Rex was the father of her baby. Chloe figured out that Mimi was the mother of baby Bonnie. Rex returned to Salem, engaged to Sarah Horton. Sami rescued a burned E.J. from Kristen's lair. Nicole appeared to die in the fire. Chad signed papers to commit Abigail, but Abigail married Stefan to stop it.
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Chaos erupts at Kristen and Xander's lair Chaos erupts at Kristen and Xander's lair

Monday, October 22, 2018

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Belle struggled to process the revelation that Rex was the father of Mimi's baby. "I find it hard to believe myself sometimes..." Mimi admitted.

"But then I look at her, and...the smile, the eyes -- she's definitely his kid," Mimi added. Confused, Belle wondered why Mimi had never mentioned the baby -- or the reunion with Rex -- before. "[I mean], we email [and] text all the time, [and] all you ever talk about is what job you're doing, or what you had for dinner, or..." Belle pointed out.

Sighing, Mimi explained, "Rex and me [and] pregnancy -- not my favorite subject." After a moment of thought, Mimi added, "[But] maybe it'll help to talk about it. I mean, you're my best friend, [and] it's not like you weren't front and center the last time around, when we were all in college, and Rex and I were totally in love... [Back then], I remember thinking, 'This is the guy I'm meant to be with for the rest of my life...' [But then I found out I was pregnant], and I panicked -- I was so sure a baby would ruin things for Rex and me... [Belle], why was I so sure? Why didn't I at least tell him? I mean, it was his baby, too! He should have been part of the decision!"

"I think you've suffered enough..." Belle tried to argue, but Mimi disagreed. "It was a life, and I ended it, [and that] still haunts me," Mimi admitted. "[You know], I think my love for my daughter is even more intense than it would be if I hadn't made that horrible decision about my first pregnancy. [That was] the biggest mistake of my life -- and not just because of the baby and the torture of wondering who he or she might have been [but also because it cost me] someone I loved so much," Mimi sadly added. Belle recalled that Rex had been surprisingly hard on Mimi after finding out about the abortion, but Mimi argued that Rex's reaction had been perfectly understandable. Fighting back tears, Mimi told Belle, "I keep waiting for the pain to at least ease up [to the point where I can finally] talk about this decision and not feel this...this terrible heartache..."

Belle helpfully changed the subject, wondering how Mimi and Rex had ended up back together after the breakup. "Well, I never expected it, but I guess his feelings for me didn't completely die..." Mimi began to explain. Interrupting, Belle suddenly remembered, "When you had the abortion, you got an infection, and I remember you telling me that Lexie said you couldn't have any more kids [as a result]..." Mimi clarified that Lexie had actually said that the chances of getting pregnant again were "one in a million" as a result of the infection. "So, yet again, Rex and I didn't use protection... Guess we beat the odds," Mimi added with a shrug.

"[Anyway], it came as a complete shock [again], like the first time, [but] this time it was a happy shock because it meant I could be a mother, which is something I always knew I wanted. [So], even though Rex and I weren't in a relationship, [and] even though I had no money, [and] no husband, [and] not even a boyfriend...Belle, when they told me that I was gonna have a baby, I just felt so grateful...and then I felt so nauseous. [I mean], it wasn't the easiest pregnancy in that way...but I didn't care -- I just couldn't wait to hold my baby in my arms. And now that little girl is the light of my life," Mimi continued.

Backpedaling, Mimi explained to Belle, "[So, the way that Rex and I reconnected] was all a big coincidence, actually. [See], I happened to go to Chicago last year to help a friend of mine set up a series of private poker games, [and] on the last night, uh, one of the 'high rollers' brought a friend, and it was Rex." Resisting the urge to question the legality of the private poker games, Belle instead wondered if Mimi and Rex's unexpected reunion had been awkward. "Strangely," Mimi replied. "Maybe it was the atmosphere -- very cool, very sexy, tons of money, Champagne... [Anyway], one thing led to another, and we hooked up," Mimi added.

"And afterward...?" Belle asked expectantly. "Nothing. I flew home the next day, [and that was that]," Mimi explained with a shrug. " does Rex feel about being a dad?" Belle wondered. "He doesn't know about the baby," Mimi admitted, eliciting a groan from Belle. "Like I said, it was a one-time thing, you know? [Then] I went back to my life, [and] he went back to his..." Mimi added, shrugging again.

"[Plus]...when Rex and I hooked up, he was...kind of...seeing someone...[but] they were 'having problems,' I guess," Mimi revealed. "So, anyway, a few weeks after I left Chicago, I called him [to tell him I was pregnant], and I got thisclose to saying the words...[but then] Rex announced that he's engaged. [And] he seemed so happy and excited [that] I just couldn't bring myself to tell him about the baby. I didn't want to ruin his life all over again. [I mean, we've] been over for a long time, [and] he's about to start a new life with the woman he loves. This is the last thing he needs," Mimi continued.

"[But] you just said that hiding the first pregnancy from Rex was the biggest mistake you ever made. Do you really want to repeat that?" Belle asked incredulously. "This is not the same thing," Mimi argued. "You are [once again] making a unilateral decision about a child that belongs to both of you, so..." Belle countered. "I'm deciding not to ruin Rex's life," Mimi clarified.

Belle was confident that Rex would instantly fall in love with and accept the baby if given the chance to do so. "[And then what] -- tell his fiancée to postpone their wedding because he has to report for diaper duty?" Mimi asked skeptically. "Sorry, Belle -- I am not saying a word to Rex about this baby...and neither are you," Mimi insisted with finality. "Fine," Belle reluctantly agreed.

"But he's gonna find out [eventually]...from the man who currently thinks he's the father of your baby," Belle warned. "Nope. Not gonna happen," Mimi confidently assured Belle. "[See, Rex told me that he stays] so busy with work [that] he's terrible about keeping in touch with his family, [and] he hasn't been back to Salem in years..." Mimi elaborated. "Besides, I'm gonna get this whole thing resolved before it ever becomes an issue...[if you just] make sure my mom wins this custody case against Lucas. Then I'll take my baby and disappear," Mimi begged Belle, who still had reservations.

"Mimi, my experience with this kind of thing -- [I mean], I think I told you, I represented Chloe during her whole custody thing with Holly, and it was just so ugly, [and] it caused problems with Shawn and me, and Brady and me, and... I want to help you -- I do -- but..." Belle explained. Undeterred, Mimi passionately argued, "Don't you know how important this is to me and my mom? [I mean], this is my child we're talking about -- a child I never thought I would have! And I will probably never be able to have any more kids, [so] she's it -- she's everything to me! [And you] remember when Claire was a baby, and you were separated from her, [so]...please, Belle, one mother to another -- help me, please!" Sighing, Belle reluctantly agreed to represent Mimi during the custody hearing.

Mimi breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Belle with a hug. "Let's just hope [this] doesn't, uh...blow up in our faces," Belle advised Mimi.

At the Brady Pub, Roman happily greeted Rex with a hug then proudly observed, "Damn, you look good! You got that good-looking face from your old man, you know!" Chuckling, Rex warned Roman, "I wouldn't let Mom hear you say that. She thinks that I'm her spitting image." Roman dismissively countered, "Really? [Well], I don't see any blue streak in your hair, [so I'd say] you are definitely all Brady."

"You know, half Roman Brady, half Kate Roberts -- Dr. Rolf's genetic engineering worked out real well for Cassie and me," Rex acknowledged. "He's dead, you know," Roman unceremoniously revealed. "Dr. Rolf? I thought that freak would live forever!" Rex admitted with a shake of the head. "I'm sorry to say this, [but] I'm glad. I cringe every time I think about [how he had Cassie and me] making our grand entrance into Salem. Remember that -- falling from the sky naked during a meteor shower [and landing] smack-dab in the middle of the Horton family barbecue on the Fourth of July? [And then] Shawn and Belle thought we were aliens [and dubbed us the Gemini Twins]. I'm never gonna live that one down," Rex added. Roman was quick to point out that, on the bright side, Rex wasn't Tony DiMera's kid, as everyone had first suspected back then.

Rex admitted that not having a true sense of identity back then had been rough. "But I'm happy I turned out to be human -- [and that] you turned out to be my dad," Rex assured Roman. "By the way, I spoke with Cassie, and, uh, I tried to get her to come back to Salem, but she was, um...she was a little hesitant, 'cause the last time she was here, she was...stabbed and stuffed into a Thanksgiving piñ;ata and left for dead," Rex added. Roman understand -- and had actually begun to suspect that neither Cassie nor Rex would ever set foot in Salem again. "[Well, this is] a good time to be with family, [because] I got some really big news," Rex explained, grinning.

Roman was surprised to learn that Rex was engaged. "Dad, she's so amazing. [See], we had our medical residencies in the same hospital in Chicago, [and] she works so hard, [and] she's so smart, [and] she's so fun, [and] she comes from a great family... Dad, you are gonna love this woman --" Rex gushed. Interrupting, Roman wondered if Rex was ever going to share the woman's name.

Before Rex could respond, Lucas entered the pub, pushing a stroller. Lucas was surprised to see Rex, who was equally surprised to see the baby. "Uncle Rex, meet your niece," Lucas said. "She's beautiful!" Rex raved. "I didn't know you had a baby," Rex added. "Neither did I," Lucas admitted. "Can I hold her?" Rex asked. "Go ahead," Lucas replied, giving Rex a nod of encouragement.

Rex handed the baby back to Lucas a few minutes later. "So, Mom tells me that, uh, you and Chloe are back together," Rex revealed. "Yeah? [And did she also] tell you how thrilled she was about it?" Lucas sarcastically replied. "Thrilled enough that she failed to mention you two had a kid..." Rex mused with a shake of the head. "Yeah, well, Chloe's not the mom, so..." Lucas clarified. "She's not?" Rex asked before taking a sip of beer. "Bonnie Lockhart is," Lucas elaborated, causing Rex to choke.

"I know, it's shocking -- I had a baby with Mimi's mom," Lucas continued. "How exactly did that happen?" Rex asked after recovering. "You know what [else is shocking]? Your brother is engaged," Roman interjected. "[But] you love playing the field!" Lucas pointed out. "What can I say? I met the perfect woman," Rex explained with a shrug.

"Maybe you'll have a baby soon," Roman teasingly suggested. "Hey, hey, hey -- easy, okay?" Rex protested. However, despite the objection, Rex found it hard to stop staring at the baby in Lucas' arms.

At Kristen and Xander's lair in Nashville, Nicole tried to open another door and found that it, like all the others, was locked. "'J.D.' -- what does that mean?" Nicole wondered, staring in confusion at the sign on the door. Nicole knocked on the door and called out a greeting, but no one responded from the other side. When Nicole tried again, Brady heard and cried out for help from the room marked "E.D."

"Is Eric in there with you?" Nicole asked hopefully after locating Brady's room. "No, he's not, but [if you] let me out --" Brady began to respond. "After what you did to me?" Nicole bitterly countered. "[Besides], even if I wanted to, I don't have a key," Nicole added. "Sami took it when she locked me in here. [See], she thinks I'm working with Kristen -- which I'm not, [but] she didn't believe me, so she ran off to find E.J. [As it turns out], Kristen may have had him in this very room [all along]," Brady explained. "That's what 'E.D.' stands for..." Nicole realized. "There's a whole hallway full of rooms with initials," Nicole added. "Whose?" Brady asked.

"I don't know. I don't remember," Nicole replied. "[Look], I have to go. I will send help, but right now, I have to find Eric," Nicole added before rushing off, ignoring Brady's protests.

Meanwhile, Eric tried to get Kristen to reveal the names of the other people who were being held within the lair. Before Kristen could respond, Sami stumbled upon the morgue-like room and demanded to know what was going on. "Don't worry about me --" Eric began to assure Sami. "Oh, please! Your selfish witch of a sister is only worried about one person -- her precious E.J.!" Kristen dismissively insisted.

"Where is he?" Sami demanded to know. "I'm not gonna tell you," Kristen tauntingly replied. "Wrong. Answer," Sami declared through gritted teeth while lunging toward Kristen.

"Psycho bitch! Tell me where he is!" Sami demanded while tightening both hands around Kristen's neck. "Sami, Kristen can't tell you anything if she can't breathe!" Eric pointed out, but Sami ignored the point.

"Let. Her. Go," Xander ordered Sami, stepping into the room with a gun drawn. Sami reluctantly complied. "Where the hell have you been?" Kristen asked Xander between gasps for breath. "Have you got everybody out?" Kristen added. "I'm working on it. I had something to take care of first," Xander replied while shooting Eric a glare. "Are you talking about Nicole? Xander, what did you do to her?" Eric asked worriedly.

"Nothing! In fact, she knocked me out in the alley and took back that recording you stole from me. My poor, deluded wife still thinks there's a chance that you might escape and live happily ever after. She's running around [out] there right now, looking for you like a rat in a maze," Xander informed Eric. "Where's E.J.?" Sami asked Xander. "Oh, God -- you sound like a broken record!" Kristen tiredly snapped at Sami.

Meanwhile, E.J. sat motionless in the room marked "W.R.," which was actually a fully stocked laboratory -- Dr. Wilhelm Rolf's laboratory.

Rolf, who was sitting in front of E.J., held up a syringe. "Not to worry. I have been hard at work, refining the serum, and I am quite sure this is the maximum safe dosage for you," Rolf assured E.J. "I don't blame you for being a bit skittish, seeing as how the drug didn't work for you very well the first time around, but you must remember, the formula was far from perfected back then. I myself made a much more rapid recovery after Madam DiMera injected me. And now she's hoping we can finally bring you back to the land of the living -- for good," Rolf added before plunging the needle into E.J.'s arm.

"[I'm sure] it's been difficult being in this state for so long. You've probably wanted to give up many times," Rolf mused after setting aside the empty syringe. "But you have a lot to live for! Samantha Brady is here! Not my cup of tea, but, uh, there's no accounting for taste..." Rolf added with a shrug. E.J. suddenly leaped out of the wheelchair. "He's back!" Rolf happily observed. E.J. silently grabbed Rolf. "Look, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to offend you --" Rolf tried to protest. E.J. shoved Rolf backward, knocking over several beakers in the process, each of which was filled with some sort of chemical substance.

A lit Bunsen burner also fell to the ground, landing right in the middle of the pool of spilled substances. "Fire!" Rolf cried out in horror as the chemicals ignited into a massive wall of flames.

An explosion soon rocked the entire building. "We gotta get out of here!" Kristen told Xander as more explosions began. "What about these two?" Xander asked, still aiming a gun at Eric and Sami. "Forget about them! Come on!" Kristen replied while dragging Xander away. As soon as the coast was clear, Sami loosened Eric's bindings then went to get Brady.

"I'm going to find E.J.! You go get [Nicole]!" Sami told Brady and Eric before rushing off. Brady and Eric soon discovered Nicole, who was trapped with Holly behind a wall of rubble. Brady and Eric frantically began trying to clear a path through which Nicole and Holly could escape. After creating a small passageway, Brady and Eric instructed Nicole to hand over Holly. Nicole was reluctant to do so at first but eventually complied. Brady headed out of the building with Holly as Eric continued trying to free Nicole.

Elsewhere, Kristen told Xander to get the other patients out of the building. "No way! I'm not running into that inferno!" Xander protested. "Do as I ask -- or you'll wish you were burned alive!" Kristen impatiently warned Xander through gritted teeth. "What am I supposed to do with all those people?" Xander asked. "Just put 'em [wherever you stashed] Brady," Kristen instructed. "I have no idea where Brady is! When I went to get him, he was already gone!" Xander revealed. Horrified, Kristen rushed off in search of Brady.

Meanwhile, Sami stumbled upon Rolf's lab -- just as Rolf was emerging from it. "If you're alive, then I know E.J.'s alive, too! Where is he?" Sami demanded to know. "Don't go in there! It's bad!" Rolf replied before rushing off. Ignoring Rolf's warning, Sami stepped into the lab and found E.J. passed out on the floor.

Kristen soon emerged from the building and found Brady in the alley with Holly, who was crying. "Thank God you're okay!" Kristen exclaimed, rushing over to embrace Brady. "Yeah, well, the people in there are not!" Brady countered, dodging Kristen. "No, I know! All my work -- all my work... It's all going to hell, and I just -- I don't care anymore! I don't care! I just want you to be with me!" Kristen begged Brady. "I don't want to hear this right now!" Brady replied before starting to head back inside the building to check on the others. "Don't! There's a lab in there, and it's gonna blow up! Everything's gonna go -- any minute!" Kristen warned Brady.

"Please, just be with me!" Kristen repeated. "Not a chance," Brady spat. Kristen released a scream of frustration then reluctantly walked away after assuring Brady, "You will regret this one day -- I promise you!" Brady rushed off in the opposite direction with Holly. After finding a safe place to leave the child, Brady headed back inside the building to check on Eric and Nicole.

Sami helped E.J. get back in the wheelchair then started pushing it. Meanwhile, Brady rejoined Eric and Nicole. Eric hadn't been able to make any more progress with the wall of rubble but refused to leave without Nicole, even though she was advising him to save himself. Sighing, Brady knocked Eric out with one of the pieces of rubble then carried him out of the building and held him back when he regained consciousness and tried to reenter the building. Behind the wall of rubble, Nicole sobbed and kissed Eric's medallion while muttering, "Holly... Eric... Goodbye, my loves..." Another explosion soon occurred.

Elsewhere, Rolf stumbled upon Kristen. "Is everyone out?" Kristen asked. "I don't know, but it's too late -- the whole place is collapsing!" Rolf replied. "I'm not afraid," Kristen insisted before walking back toward the flames.

Eric is desperate to find Nicole Eric is desperate to find Nicole

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Kate sipped a drink in her hotel room as a frantic Gabi visited. Gabi demanded to know why Kate had not answered her phone. Gabi explained that she was eager to know if Kate had confirmed her story to Chad about Abigail. Kate informed Gabi that she had told Chad, Stefan, and Abigail that Gabby had attacked her. With glee on her face, Gabi asked Kate if everyone had believed Kate's lie.

"As soon as I said that Gabby attacked me, well, that was Stefan's confirmation. He was very happy. But Chad? Chad, not so much," Kate said. Gabi argued that Abigail was not good for Chad. "And you are?" Kate sneered. Gabi asked Kate how everyone had responded to the story.

"[Chad] trusts me, which he really shouldn't," Kate grumbled. "You're doing him a favor," Gabi assured Kate. Gabi asked about Abigail. Kate said Abigail had denied that her alters had returned. Kate complained that she had watched Chad's heart break.

"You should be much more happy about this. Our plan is working. Chad believes that Abigail has relapsed. When I was there with Abigail, she was sipping her tea, and I swear that she was onto me, but nope. We're going to win!" Gabi chirped. A sour-faced Kate said she did not like lying to Chad. Kate added that she did not like Abigail, but Abigail had worked hard to integrate her personalities.

"Don't go soft on me right now because the Abigail that you're suddenly feeling sorry for, she killed your husband. Not one of her alters. And I hung for it," Gabi said. Gabi argued that Abigail deserved all the pain she was suffering as punishment for what she had done to Gabi.

"Abigail was not in her right mind," Kate argued. "I'm so sick of everyone saying that. It doesn't change what happened to me," Gabi said. Gabi reminded Kate that Arianna had been scarred because of Abigail's actions. "Everyone seems to give [Abigail] a pass!" Gabi complained. Kate stressed that she did not want to excuse Abigail's actions, but there was an explanation for what Abigail had done.

"So, how do I explain to my daughter that she may never have a brother or a sister? How do I explain to her that because of my best friend that I was beaten so badly that I may never have a child again?" Gabi asked. "I am so sorry for what happened to you," Kate said.

"Sorry solves nothing. I want Abigail to feel what I went through. I want her to hurt like I did, like I still do. So her lies, they send me to prison. But mine? They're going to get her committed. See, I can't have a baby anymore, so I'm going to take hers. And I will raise that child with Arianna, with Thomas, and with Chad. Abigail destroyed my life, so why shouldn't I take hers?" Gabi said.

"There is no doubt you paid a terrible price. And you're right, Abigail always gets a pass, but I remember how happy you and Chad were before she came back to Salem. And I do believe you are better for him than she is," Kate said. Gabi thanked Kate. With a nod, Gabi asked Kate to go to the hospital and make sure that Chad had taken Abigail there for examination. Kate refused, arguing that it would look suspicious. Gabi threatened to tell Chad about Kate's relationship with Stefan. Reluctantly, Kate agreed.

At the Horton house, Chad told Jennifer and J.J. about Kate's story. Jennifer was devastated to hear that Abigail had attacked Kate. On the staircase, Abigail listened as Chad, Jennifer, and J.J. talked about her.

"Abby is the only person that doesn't believe her alters are back," Chad said. "I don't believe it because it's not true," Abigail said as she walked into the living room. "Is that why you sent me upstairs to rest? So you could just talk about me behind my back?" Abigail asked.

"I just thought it would be best that you got some rest because of the pregnancy," Chad whispered. Jennifer and J.J. explained that they were worried. Abigail argued that she had not heard voices or had headaches. Chad noted that Abigail had lost time and had assaulted Gabi and Kate. Abigail countered that she had not assaulted anyone.

"I'm telling you, [Gabi] is setting me up," Abigail said. Abigail reminded J.J. that he had agreed that it was possible that Gabi had invented the return of the alters to get back at her. J.J. agreed that it could be possible. Abigail asked Chad why he did not believe her. Chad said Gabi had invited Abigail over for tea. Upset, Abigail corrected Chad and said that Gabi had invited her over to the mansion to drug her.

J.J. suggested that they examine the situation as if they were the police. J.J. asked about Gabi's concussion. Abigail argued that Gabi had injured herself. With a nod, J.J. asked about Kate's accusation. "She is obviously lying," Abigail said. Abigail reasoned aloud that Kate had lied because Kate preferred Gabi with Chad. Chad disagreed and noted that Kate had always respected Abigail, even if she had not liked Abigail.

"[Kate] knows how much I love you. And she knows how much you and Thomas mean to me. So, I can't imagine she would lie about something like that," Chad said. "How do you know that?" Abigail asked. J.J. turned Abigail's attention back to the facts. Emotional, Abigail insisted that Gabi had drugged her and driven her to the DiMera mansion.

"I just know I'm not crazy," Abigail stressed. "I should have gone straight to the hospital and gotten a blood test because then I would have proof that I'm telling the truth. Gabi drugged me," Abigail said. Jennifer suggested that they take Abigail to talk to a doctor. Abigail stressed that she would talk to a doctor if she truly believed there were anything wrong with her mental state.

"I really thought that you, the three of you, the people who know me and love me the most, would believe me," Abigail said. "I thought that would be enough," Abigail added. Chad told Abigail that she did not need to be afraid to see a doctor if she was healthy.

"If it'll convince you all that I am not losing my mind, I will ask Marlena if she can see me," Abigail whispered. Jennifer thanked Abigail for agreeing to talk to Marlena. Abigail went upstairs. Jennifer lamented that Abigail felt as if they had ganged up on her. J.J. wondered aloud if Abigail could be right about Gabi.

"A psychiatrist will give us answers," Chad said. "The last thing she needs is to think that we're railroading her into a psych ward," J.J. added. J.J. said he did not want to go to the doctor. With a nod, Chad asked J.J. to check on Gabi.

At the hospital, Will called Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion to ask about Arianna. Sonny told Will that Arianna had asked about drum lessons. Will chuckled, then his smile faded. As Will's tone grew somber, Paul wheeled his chair toward Will.

"Honestly I actually called because I wanted to hear your voice," Will said. With a sense that someone was near, Will turned and saw Paul staring at him. Paul frowned. Will hurriedly ended his call. Will asked Paul why he was out of bed. Paul explained that he was stir crazy. Paul added that he had not wanted to rely on Will to move around.

"That's part of the deal, because I'm always going to be here for you," Will said. With a nod, Paul asked Will to take him outside and get him frozen yogurt. Will happily agreed. When Will and Paul arrived in the square, they stopped at the café. Will suggested that they drive up to the mountains in the winter. Paul joked about not hitting the slopes. Will's face fell.

"I wasn't that kind of guy, anyway. Spring is more my season," Paul said. Paul joked that his wheelchair would give him easy access to peanuts and beer at baseball games. "I would not count on that, because by the time those games roll around, you are going to be walking," Will said. Paul thanked Will for remaining positive.

"You always say the right thing. I know that you are going through a lot of stuff with your family, and I haven't been as supportive," Paul said. Will assured Paul that he had been supportive. Paul asked about Sami. Will said he had not heard from his mother. Paul admitted that he had believed that Will had been talking to Sami on the phone at the hospital. Shifting his eyes away, Will admitted that he had been talking to Sonny on the phone.

Taken aback, Paul stuttered Sonny's name. Sonny walked up and announced that he had called because Arianna had wanted to talk to her father. Relieved, Paul said, "So, you were talking with Ari." Will nodded. Sonny told Paul that he looked good, and he apologized for not visiting Paul at the hospital.

"To be honest, I wasn't sure you wanted to have visitors," Sonny said. Paul said he had retreated, but he was hopeful again, thanks to Will. "Will has made all the difference. I can see a future because of him," Paul said. "There is no surprise there. The man is totally in love with you," Sonny agreed. As Paul smiled at Will, Sonny shifted his eyes away.

After buying frozen yogurt, Sonny, Will, and Paul sat in the square and chatted. Sonny told a story about Susan and Victor, and Will and Paul laughed. With a smile, Paul thanked Sonny for being a great friend to both him and Will. Sonny said he was happy to help. Sonny returned the topic to Susan, and he asked Will and Paul if there was room at the Martin house to board Susan.

"I don't think we should do that to Eli," Will said. Paul offered to talk to Eli because he and Will would be giving up their rooms since Will had found a new wheelchair-accessible apartment. "So, you're moving in together?" Sonny asked. Will said he was very excited. Paul said he wanted to have a dinner party after he and Will moved into the new place. With an awkward nod, Will noted that he needed to return Paul to the hospital.

"Take care of yourself, and if you ever need anything, you know I'm here for you," Sonny said as he clasped Paul's hand. "Thank you. And don't be a stranger," Paul countered. Will wheeled Paul away. As soon as Will and Paul were out of sight, Sonny's smile fell away, and he grimaced. Sonny noticed keys on the ground and picked them up.

"Just what I was looking for," Will said as he returned to the square alone. Will thanked Sonny for jumping in with an explanation for Paul about the phone call. "I thought about just telling him the truth. That I miss you," Will said. "I miss you, too. More than you know," Sonny said.

"I think we made the right decision, you know, because Paul obviously needs you, and I didn't realize how much until I saw the two of you together today," Sonny said. "It was the right decision, but it doesn't mean it wasn't hard as hell," Will agreed. With a sigh, Will walked away.

At the hospital, Jennifer checked in at the nurses' station, while Chad quietly thanked Abigail. Abigail said she was eager to prove that she was of sound mind. "It's not brave. I just love you and Thomas," Abigail said. Abigail asked Chad if he would move back into the house. Before Chad could respond, Kate arrived. Kate asked if Abigail had talked to a doctor yet.

"Not yet. And while we're waiting, maybe you [could] explain why you made up that story about me," Abigail said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Gabi stared in the mirror at the bump on her head. As Gabi fished in her purse for an aspirin, she found the bottle of sleeping pills. "The last thing I need is to pass out," Gabi said as she examined the bottle. "And Abigail might need another one of these in case someone still needs convincing that she's gone to Gabby-land," Gabi said. Gabi shoved the pills back in her purse on the desk and went into the kitchen.

J.J. walked into the Kiriakis living room, but no one was there. J.J. went over to the desk and saw Gabi's purse. J.J. thought about Abigail's accusation that Gabi had drugged her. With a sigh, J.J. opened Gabi's purse and looked inside.

In Nashville, Eric fought with Brady outside the morgue facility. Eric was frantic to go back into the facility after Nicole, but Brady stopped him. Eric struggled to break free. There was an explosion in the building, and Eric and Brady were blown to the floor as the front door ripped from its hinges.

"Nicole!" Eric cried out. From the burning facility, a bundled-up Sami pushed out a wheelchair that was covered in a blanket. Eric and Brady leaped to their feet to check on their sister. With a cough, Sami said she was fine. Brady asked if the person in the chair was E.J. Through tears, Sami said she did not know.

"I couldn't tell. He was so burned I just had to get him out. He needs help!" Sami said. Brady looked under the blanket and agreed that they needed to get the person in the wheelchair to a hospital. Eric asked Brady to take Holly and leave. As Eric turned toward the fire, Sami grabbed Eric's arm and begged him not to go back into the building. Eric refused to leave Nicole to die. There was another explosion in the building.

"No!" Eric screamed. Sami held Eric back. Brady grabbed Eric and helped Sami keep him from running into the flames. Sirens echoed in the distance. When firefighters arrived, Eric yelled that there were people inside. Sami chimed in that there was a burn victim in need of an ambulance. Brady added that he had a toddler that needed to go to the hospital, as well. As Eric struggled to break free, the firefighter gently shoved Eric back.

"No heroes! You take another step, and I'll have you arrested," the firefighter said. Sami assured Eric that the firefighters would find Nicole. Sami begged Eric to concentrate on Holly. "You made a promise to Nicole. You remember that promise? You gotta be there for Holly," Brady said. Eric nodded slowly.

At the hospital, Brady and Sami waited in a lounge. Eric walked in. Sami rushed over to Eric, and Brady asked about Holly. Eric said Holly was fine. With narrowed eyes, Eric blamed Brady for the situation. Brady argued that he had only teamed up with Kristen in order to find out what Kristen knew about E.J. Eric refused to believe Brady.

"Brady is on our side," Sami stressed. "No, Brady is on Brady's side! Why didn't you just call John and tell him about Kristen?" Eric asked. Brady reminded Eric that Eric had not called John when he had found Xander. Through gritted teeth, Eric countered that he had not been able to call John because Xander had Nicole's confession, thanks to Brady's actions. Brady apologized again for the recording.

"Nicole could be dead. There is a little girl who could grow up without having a mother -- and all because of your sick play of revenge," Eric said. Sami asked Eric not to say anything he could not take back. Eric warned Brady that if Nicole died, the blood was on Brady's hands. Brady said he had prayed for Nicole's rescue.

"There are a lot of things I wish I could take back, but I can't," Brady said. "It's too late for your amends!" Eric screamed. Sami begged her brothers to stop fighting. Sami told Brady to talk to the police and get information about the fire. As Brady turned to leave, Eric grabbed at him. Sami shoved Eric back. Brady walked out.

"Eric, you have every right to be angry. I understand how you felt, but you have to believe that Brady really is just trying to help," Sami pleaded. "Help? I had to get back to Nicole. I just needed more time. I promised I wouldn't leave her," Eric whispered. Sami hugged Eric and told him that if he had gone back inside, he would have died in the fire.

"I couldn't lose you. I am glad that Brady got you out when he did," Sami said. "But Sami, you were in the building. You wouldn't have walked out without E.J.," Eric countered. Sami said she did not know if the man she had rescued was E.J. Eric argued that Sami had believed in her heart that the man was E.J.

"It is more than a feeling. I mean, I found him with Rolf," Sami said. When Eric noted that the serum had worked on Will, Sami said she did not know if there had been complications with E.J. and the serum. Eric said he hoped the other patients had escaped. With a nod, Sami noted that there had been a lot of doors, but she had ignored them all because she had been focused on E.J. Eric urged Sami to go to the burned man, but Sami did not want to leave Eric. Eric promised her that he would be fine once he knew that Nicole had been rescued.

"You are the man that taught me faith. You hold onto it, okay? For both of us," Sami said as she hugged her brother goodbye. Eric went to the chapel to pray. "Please, dear God, save Nicole," Eric whispered. Brady walked in and listened as Eric said, "She is the love of my life, and I've already lost her twice before, and I can't lose her." Eric turned and saw Brady in the doorway.

"I have news," Brady said. Brady explained that the firefighters had searched the building but had not found anyone. A firefighter arrived and informed Eric that there were no survivors at the facility. "We did find this," the firefighter said as he handed Eric the medal Eric had given to Nicole.

Down the hallway, Sami went into the room of the burned man. The man was wrapped in bandages. " E.J. It's me," Sami said.

Abigail desperately searches for an ally Abigail desperately searches for an ally

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

by Mike

Eli went to Doug's Place to try to convince Julie to give Sheila a job. "Is this a friend...or a friend?" Julie asked curiously. "Just a friend," Eli clarified with a chuckle.

"I was hoping you were distancing yourself from [that] cunning little vixen Gabi," Julie admitted with a sigh, eliciting a groan and a look of annoyance from Eli. "I know, I know -- if you can't say something nice about a person..." Julie acknowledged. "But I do speak the truth here -- I mean, Gabi is the only girl I know who has been convicted of murder twice in four years, and her first victim was your cousin Nick..." Julie quickly added. Eli reminded Julie that Gabi had killed Nick in self-defense and had been framed for Andre's murder. "You may have a point..." Julie grudgingly conceded. "Nevertheless, I'm more than pleased to know you're not entangled with her anymore, because that girl is bad news, Eli, and [that's never going to change]," Julie confidently added.

Eager to change the subject, Eli started telling Julie about Sheila -- and reluctantly admitted, when asked, that there was a reason for the big gap in Sheila's work history. "Oh, Eli -- not another jailbird!" Julie exclaimed with a groan of concern. Eli reiterated that Sheila was an old friend, not a new girlfriend. "[We] grew up together. I was real tight with her and her brother. [And]'s my fault that they went to prison. I sandbagged them. It was a total career move. [And then...her] brother died in prison... [Anyway], I'd like to do something to help straighten out her life [and] give her a second chance," Eli elaborated.

"My grandson Eli -- saving the ex-con at a time..." Julie proudly mused. "Just...please, sweetie -- don't date 'em," Julie quickly added.

At the police station, Abe greeted Lani, who had been in the midst of privately pondering the nature of Eli's relationship with Sheila. "Where's Eli?" Abe asked. "He went out," Lani replied. "Well, he must have gone out on foot, because he's parked in my spot," Abe complained. "Oh, Eli didn't park in your spot, Mr. Mayor -- I did," Sheila matter-of-factly clarified, approaching Abe and Lani from behind.

"What's the matter with you? Have you no respect for the rules?" Abe asked, outraged. "You need to slow your roll," Sheila dismissively countered. "My 'roll' is just fine," Abe insisted before demanding to know why Sheila had once again parked in a reserved spot. "Look, it's real simple -- I borrowed Eli's car [because] mine was out of gas, and I was bringing it back to him, but the parking lot was full. And [then] voilà -- there it was, [a] prime spot near the front door!" Sheila explained with a shrug. "Yeah -- mine! And you knew it!" Abe grumbled, glaring at Sheila.

Sheila wondered why Abe was so protective of the parking spot. "This is not about a parking spot; it's [about] your arrogance!" Abe insisted. "What made you think that you could park there again after what happened the other day?" Abe asked incredulously. "Oh, no, I would never park my car there again -- lesson learned. But Eli's car? I mean, 'cause there is no way you would have your girlfriend's son's car towed -- basic logic," Sheila reasoned, shrugging again. "But since now I know you're responsible, maybe I will -- basic logic," Abe countered.

Lani was quick to remind Abe that it would cost Eli quite a bit of money to get the car back out of the impound lot. "[Yeah, $250]. Another $250, 'cause he already sprang my car," Sheila added. "Maybe you should pay him back," Abe helpfully suggested. "As I've already stated at a prior time before this, I don't have the money," Sheila reminded Abe. "[Which] makes people think they can look at me a certain kind of way -- like how you're looking at me now," Sheila noted, adding that, thankfully, Eli wasn't like that. "He understands the struggle. The man's even letting me crash at his place," Sheila casually revealed, stunning Lani.

Unmoved, Abe advised Sheila to do what any civilized member of society would do -- find a job. Scoffing, Sheila informed Abe, "I know every listing for this [town]. I check [them] every day. But the only job I'm remotely qualified for [is] 'executive assistant to the mayor' -- [and] I'll take that over my dead body!" Abe assured Sheila, "My sentiments exactly."

"Move Eli's car -- or else," Abe added before walking away. Once the coast was clear, Sheila asked Lani if Abe treated everyone else just as rudely. Lani carefully acknowledged that Sheila was particularly good at getting under Abe's skin. "Yours, too," Sheila guessed. "The other day, I probably should have kept my opinions about your pops to myself...and my opinions about you...and my opinions about you messing with Eli's heart. And, um, the bit about me calling you a skank -- kind of overstated, so...yeah, I'm sorry about that, too," Sheila continued. "Thank you," Lani replied.

"Your dad, though? I mean, I know you love the old man, but...ooh, he's enough to give somebody hives!" Sheila declared, shuddering. "So, do yourself a favor and stop pushing his buttons," Lani advised. "Well, he can return the favor and stop pushing mine!" Sheila countered. "[Anyway], is it okay if I wait [here] for Eli, or is there a law against that, too?" Sheila added.

Lani silently pointed Sheila toward an empty chair. "So, you're staying with Eli..." Lani casually recalled as Sheila sat down. "Yep. Man's a real good guy," Sheila replied. "His place is a little...a little cramped," Lani noted. "Oh, girl, what you saying? It's hard to [even] turn around without bumping into one another...although a woman can bump into worse," Sheila countered with a chuckle. Lani didn't even crack a smile. "But it's just temporary. Soon as I get a real paying job, I'm out," Sheila continued. Lani gave Sheila a nod then walked away, carrying a stack of files to look busy.

Lani found Abe wrapping up a phone call in one of the conference rooms. "Did you come in here to get away from...that person...too?" Abe asked Lani after ending the call. "That Watkins character is an absolute nightmare!" Abe continued. "She hasn't had a lot of breaks, Dad. She's obviously not a bad person," Lani argued. "She helped Bonnie Lockhart take over Adrienne's life!" Abe countered. "Okay, bad choice -- absolutely. But Sheila's trying to get her act together now...and it would be so much easier if she had a job," Lani replied. "Are you about to ask me a favor?" Abe wondered.

"[Because the answer would be] no. Actually, make that hell no," Abe continued. "If Eli believes in her, I mean, how bad could she be?" Lani reasoned. "Why are you trying to help her?" Abe asked, confused. "I don't know -- I guess I feel sorry for her," Lani claimed, shrugging. "I mean, she's loud and totally obnoxious and opinionated, but that's just her armor," Lani added. Scoffing, Abe wondered if Lani was about to suggest that there was a heart of gold somewhere inside Sheila. "What if there is, and she's just been so hurt in the past that she's hiding behind being --" Lani began. "A pain in the ass?" Abe concluded for Lani.

Meanwhile, Eli entered the police station and demanded to know why Sheila had once again parked a car in Abe's spot. "Well, hello to you, too, hot stuff," Sheila countered. "[Look], I already talked to Shaft, and it's all good," Sheila added. "If you say so..." Eli skeptically replied. "Anyway, look, I talked to my grandma, and she agreed to let you work at her nightclub," Eli added. Stunned, Sheila thanked Eli with a hug. "You know, I've always had a dream to be a singer!" Sheila excitedly admitted. "Hold on -- she didn't offer you an opportunity as a singer. [You'd be] a dishwasher," Eli clarified, leaving Sheila deflated.

"Are you serious? If I wanted a job being a dishwasher, I could have stayed in prison!" Sheila protested. "Look, I know it's not ideal, but you don't have a lot of choices," Eli pointed out.

Just then, Lani returned with Abe. "Sheila, my dad has something he would like to say," Lani announced. "If you're gonna get on me again about the parking spot, over and out, okay? I'll move," Sheila preemptively assured Abe, resisting the urge to add a few choice expletives. "Hold on, Ms. Watkins," Abe called out, stopping Sheila from exiting the building. "I am eager to fill the executive assistant position in my office, and I wanted to know...if you would be interested," Abe hesitantly explained. Taken aback, Sheila briefly imagined what the alternative -- life as Julie's dishwashing slave -- would be like then enthusiastically confirmed, "I'll take it!"

At the hospital, Abigail angrily accused Kate of conspiring with Gabi to make it look like Gabby had returned. "Abigail, please -- you need to calm down!" Jennifer insisted as Kate innocently maintained that Gabby had returned. "You have no proof of that!" Abigail pointed out. "It's not like I could take a picture, because you knocked my phone out of my hands," Kate countered.

"[But] that woman who shoved me is the same woman who locked me in that secret room with Vivian and Marlena and left me to die, and that was definitely Gabby!" Kate added. Scoffing, Abigail argued that Kate was clearly still bitter about things that had happened in the past and therefore couldn't be trusted. "Why would I lie, Abigail?" Kate asked. "Where do I even begin?" Abigail replied.

Jennifer continued trying to defuse the situation, and Chad soon jumped in to help out, but Abigail didn't appreciate being managed. "I will [calm down] as soon as Kate stops lying," Abigail insisted. "[Stop pretending that] you are concerned about me, because this is exactly what you want. [After all], when I came back to Salem, you had your heart set on Chad and Gabi being together," Abigail continued, glaring at Kate.

"[Yes, but] Chad loves you, and that's [all] I care about -- his happiness," Kate countered. Unconvinced, Abigail guessed that Kate wanted to avenge Andre's death and had teamed up with Gabi in order to do so. "But going after me hurts Chad, and you wouldn't really do that voluntarily, so...she must have something on you," Abigail curiously added. Kate maintained that grand conspiracies were only playing out in Abigail's head. Fed up, Abigail angrily lunged toward Kate, determined to get a confession one way or another. Jennifer and Chad quickly intervened, holding Abigail back.

"I'm sorry. It's just all falling apart. I feel like Kate and Gabi are just trying to ruin my life, and it's like there's nothing I can do about it," Abigail explained to Jennifer and Chad after calming down. "It's gonna be all right. We're gonna go see Kayla, and it's all gonna be all right," Jennifer assured Abigail. "I don't need a doctor; I need answers. And if Kate won't give 'em to me, I know where I can get 'em," Abigail replied as someone stepped out of a nearby elevator. Abigail ducked inside the elevator as the doors started closing. Surprised, Chad chased after Abigail but wasn't fast enough to stop the elevator from leaving.

"I'm so sorry," Kate began while Chad was pounding buttons in a desperate attempt to summon another elevator. "For what? You told the truth, right? [And] she's just not ready to see it," Chad replied, shrugging.

After Chad stepped inside the next available elevator, Jennifer apologized to Kate for Abigail's earlier behavior. "Your daughter is a lunatic, just like your mother," Kate bluntly declared. "She's upset. And everything that she just said was true -- you've always sided with Gabi when it comes to Chad, [and] you've always undercut and insulted Abigail," Jennifer argued. "You know, instead of coming after me, you should be getting your daughter the help she needs -- before she kills someone again," Kate countered before walking away, leaving Jennifer speechless.

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, J.J. began rummaging through Gabi's purse. "What are you doing?" Gabi demanded to know, joining J.J. in the living room. "Chad asked me to, uh -- to come over and see how you were," J.J. hesitantly explained as Gabi seized the purse. "That's very considerate of you, but that's not what I meant. Why were you holding my purse?" Gabi wondered. "I can explain," J.J. insisted, stalling for time.

"I really did come over here to see how you were," J.J. reiterated. "And, uh, search for something -- evidence, maybe? Which means you think I am guilty of something," Gabi defensively guessed.

Gabi went to great lengths to stress the absurdity of Abigail's conspiracy theory while also making J.J. feel bad for believing it. "I can understand Abigail thinking I set her up, given our history and her paranoia, but you, J.J.? [I mean], I saved your life, J.J.! I sat next to you to make sure that you'd be around to wake up the next morning! You told me that I was a good person! [But now] your hand in my purse shows me that you're not quite sure of that -- that you think I am capable of all the things that Abigail says I'm guilty of! [You know], you used to love me, and now...[what], you think that I'm capable of destroying my best friend's life?" Gabi grumbled, piling on the guilt. "No, I -- I don't... I just... I don't know what to believe!" J.J. admitted with a sigh.

"I get it," Gabi assured J.J., pretending to soften. "It's easier to believe that I would, uh -- that I would create some crazy plot against your sister than [it is] to face the fact that she might be sick again," Gabi guessed. "[You know], despite everything that she's put me through, I still love her, and I want nothing more than for her to get the help that she needs," Gabi claimed.

"Stop pretending like you give a damn about me," Abigail demanded, joining Gabi and J.J. in the living room. Surprised, J.J. pointed out that Abigail was supposed to be at the hospital. "[Why], when all the answers are right here?" Abigail reasoned while sidestepping J.J. to get in Gabi's face. "So, how'd you do it, Gabi? I get drugging the tea -- that's really easy -- [but] what I'm really curious about [is how you] put the wig on me [and changed] my clothes [and drove] me to [the] DiMera mansion, 'cause that sure sounds like a hell of a lot of work. Then you smashed yourself over the head, but I'm the one that's crazy here. [And] you're not doing [this] alone, are you? [You know], every time you are in trouble, Kate is right there [to help -- like when] you didn't quite kill [Nick] the first time," Abigail continued.

Gabi defensively ordered Abigail to shut up then quickly calmed down and dismissively added that Abigail sounded disturbingly paranoid. "Is it paranoid if it's true?" Abigail countered. "And you've gone extreme before -- [after all], you are the one who hired that psycho stalker who kidnapped Melanie, [and that was just because] you wanted to have a little alone time with Chad," Abigail added.

"You know what, if -- if -- if I did this -- which I did not...Abigail, would you blame me? I went to prison, got beat up, can't have children -- [all] because of you! And everybody just gives you a pass because you're 'sick'!" Gabi bitterly countered. "That kind of sounds like a confession to me," Abigail observed. "No. See, I would never destroy your life the way that you destroyed mine," Gabi insisted. "Your DID is back...and this time, everybody's gonna know about it so that you will never be able to hurt [anyone else] the way that you hurt me," Gabi added.

Abigail hoped that J.J. wasn't buying Gabi's act. "Look, I want to get to the bottom of this, but arguing with Gabi isn't the way, [so] I think that right now, [you should just let me] take you to the hospital," J.J. evasively replied. Scoffing. Abigail incredulously concluded that J.J. was buying Gabi's act. "I'm gonna go -- but not to the hospital. And I'm taking my son with me," Abigail announced before shooting Gabi one last glare.

"You're not taking Thomas [anywhere]," Chad insisted, joining the trio in the living room. "Fine, but I will kiss him goodnight," Abigail countered, trying to sidestep Chad. "You can't possibly have a problem with that," Abigail incredulously protested when Chad refused to budge. "I'll go with you, sis," J.J. helpfully offered, causing Chad to back down. Before following J.J. upstairs, Abigail vowed to eventually find a way to get Thomas out of the Kiriakis mansion -- and away from Gabi. "Abigail is completely out of control. You need to do something," Gabi told Chad once the coast was clear.

As Gabi started recapping Abigail's earlier tirade, Chad received a phone call from Jennifer. "Did you find her?" Jennifer asked when Chad answered the call. "I did, but she's refusing to go back to the hospital...[which means] I have no other choice but to have her committed," Chad replied with a sigh, unaware that Abigail had just returned. Horrified, Abigail sneaked out of the mansion before being spotted.

J.J. returned while Gabi was praising Chad's decision to have Abigail committed. "Susan Banks cornered me upstairs -- something about realigning my energy. Where's Abigail?" J.J. asked, alarming Chad and Gabi.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan awoke from a dream in which Gabby had complained that he needed to step up his game because he hadn't been doing enough to help her return.

Abigail soon barged into the mansion. "Gabby?" Stefan asked hopefully. "No, I'm Abigail...but if you ever loved any part of me, I need your help. I'm desperate," Abigail replied.

John devises a plan to deal with Hattie John devises a plan to deal with Hattie

Thursday, October 25, 2018

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Bonnie finished a large plate of breakfast foods as Mimi sulked on the other side of their table. "You gonna eat those?" Bonnie asked, already reaching for Mimi's uneaten plate of breakfast foods, which was equally large. "Kind of hard to have an appetite when your one-night stand is babysitting my daughter!" Mimi loudly complained.

Bonnie shushed Mimi while glancing around to see if anyone was listening. Unconcerned, Mimi hoped that Belle would be able to clean up the mess that Bonnie had created. "You know, I keep thinking about that, [and maybe it] wasn't such a good idea to tell Belle the truth. [I mean], she's still pretty tight with Chloe. You sure she won't spill?" Bonnie asked worriedly. "Yes, I'm sure. Belle's my best friend, not Chloe's. And hello -- attorney-client privilege?" Mimi replied, waving a hand dismissively. "All right, all right -- enough said," Bonnie conceded.

Belle soon arrived and wondered if Mimi was ready to go. "Ooh, where are we going?" Bonnie asked excitedly, standing to leave with Belle and Mimi. "Actually, um..." Belle awkwardly began. "What, I'm not invited?" Bonnie concluded, hurt. "[We're not going to] some fancy society party; we're just going to talk to Lucas about the baby," Mimi explained. "Well, shouldn't I be there?" Bonnie argued. "No!" Mimi and Belle insisted in unison. "Uh...we don't want Lucas to feel like we're ambushing him, so..." Belle added in a gentler tone. "But he'll be expecting me! I'm the baby's 'mama'!" Bonnie pointed out. "We've got this covered," Mimi maintained.

"While we're gone, just...try not to get into any trouble," Mimi added. Bonnie began pouting as Mimi and Belle walked away together.

Meanwhile, at Doug's Place, Lucas wrapped up a phone conversation with Justin then informed Chloe that Bonnie had hired a lawyer and was countersuing for full custody of the baby. "[But] we knew that would happen, right? It's not a surprise," Lucas added. "I guess not, but...Justin doesn't actually think Bonnie can win, does he?" Chloe asked worriedly. Shrugging, Lucas replied, "He thinks we have a pretty good case, and he's gonna try his best, [which is] all he can do...but he did get ahold of their paperwork, and apparently my alcoholism is in there, [and] my jail stint is in there, [so] they're going right for the jugular on me."

Chloe observed that it sounded like Bonnie had hired a real shark to handle the case. Lucas vaguely replied that Bonnie's lawyer was not only a real shark but also someone who knew all the key players in the case quite well.

Right on cue, Mimi entered the club with Belle. "You're Bonnie's lawyer?" Chloe asked Belle incredulously. "I can't believe this! I thought you were my friend!" Chloe added. "All I want is what's best for the baby," Belle stressed. "[Which] is to be raised by Lucas!" Chloe insisted. "The mother has rights, too," Belle carefully argued. "Oh, yeah? And where the hell is she?" Chloe countered while pointedly searching for Bonnie.

"Um...we didn't think that Bonnie should be here today. We didn't want the situation to, uh...escalate," Belle claimed. "Well, at least you're still capable of making some sensible decisions..." Chloe dryly mused. "Cut Belle some slack, okay? She wasn't trying to hurt your precious feelings. She didn't even want to take the case. I practically had to beg her," Mimi interjected. "For my mom," Mimi quickly added.

Belle helpfully changed the subject, announcing that a judge had granted Bonnie visitation rights while the custody case was pending -- starting immediately. "Oh, hell no!" Chloe protested as Lucas scoffed in response to the unexpected development. "What the hell was that judge thinking? As soon as we hand that baby over to Bonnie, she's gonna split town, and Lucas will never see his daughter again!" Chloe continued, outraged. "That won't happen. [Look], I'll personally guarantee nobody is leaving town with the baby," Belle promised. Lucas urged Chloe to calm down then started to step aside to consult with Justin.

" the meantime...could I hold my...uh...sister?" Mimi asked. "Yeah, I guess so," Lucas replied before exiting the club.

"Hey, sweetheart," Mimi said while picking up the baby. "Mom -- Mimi's here..." Mimi continued as Chloe watched closely. "She seems really comfortable with you. [And] I thought you'd never spent any time with her before..." Chloe curiously observed. "That's's only natural she'd take to me -- after all, she is my...flesh and blood..." Mimi reasoned, shrugging. Chloe nodded suspiciously.

Lucas soon returned. "Looks like we have to honor the visitation," Lucas informed Chloe, sighing. "Ugh! Son of a...Bonnie..." Chloe grumbled.

Chloe pulled Belle aside while Lucas was packing the baby's things. "Are you really taking Mimi's side in all of this?" Chloe asked incredulously. "All I want is what's best for the baby," Belle repeated. "And that is to be with...her mother. I wish you could understand," Belle carefully added. "No, I don't understand! You don't have any good reason to be representing Bonnie Lockhart -- that card-carrying lowlife!" Chloe insisted. "And all that stuff about Lucas' past -- are you really gonna use that against him? [Because] if you do use it, you will destroy him, [and] he will never see his daughter again!" Chloe added.

"How can you live with yourself? Don't you think that that little girl deserves to have her father in her life?" Chloe asked. "Yes, I do," Belle replied as Mimi listened nearby.

At the Salem Inn, Kate received an unexpected visit from Rex. Thrilled, she greeted him with a hug and wondered why he was in town. "What, I can't just stop by for a visit?" he asked. "Of course you can...but you never do," she replied. Conceding the point, he admitted that he was in town to share some really exciting news.

"I gotta say, I didn't think I'd be this nervous. [I mean], it was a lot easier telling Dad this, I gotta tell you," Rex mused after a failed attempt to reveal the news to Kate. "Oh -- so you already saw your father," she concluded with a hint of disappointment. "Yeah, I stayed with [Dad] at the pub last night," he elaborated. "And you're just [now] seeing me..." she grumbled. "Well, I didn't bring [Dad] these..." he countered while handing over her favorite brand of mint chocolates. "I think I'll forgive you now," she conceded with a laugh.

"Enough of the suspense -- what's the big surprise?" Kate asked Rex impatiently. "Right -- without further ado...I'm engaged!" he revealed. "Oh, my God -- you have to be joking!" she protested.

"You know, most mothers would offer up, like, a 'congratulations' or...something..." Rex pointed out, somewhat disappointed. "Well, I am not 'most mothers,'" Kate replied. "Very true," Rex conceded. "So, what's your objection?" Rex added while bracing for the answer. "Well, for one thing, you've never said a word about her! And now you're engaged to her? I mean, how long have you been dating?" Kate asked. "About a year," Rex revealed with a shrug. "A year! And you never said anything about it!" Kate incredulously repeated. "Well, in my defense, you haven't exactly approved of the people your children have dated in the past..." Rex reminded Kate. "Well, actually, my children would have my full approval if they would date people that -- that are worthy of them! I mean, I'm protective -- so sue me!" Kate countered.

"[Anyway], just tell me about your fiancée," Kate encouraged Rex, softening at once. "Smart? Pretty? Tall? Short? Blonde? Brunette? Where'd you meet? Where's she from?" Kate asked excitedly. "I'm gonna start with the last question first, [because] it's kind of funny -- she's actually from Salem," Rex revealed. "Oh, my God -- it's Mimi, isn't it?" Kate concluded with a groan. "I cannot believe it's Mimi! She aborted your child! She lied to you about it! Why would you ever forgive her for that? Why would you get involved with her again?" Kate asked incredulously. "Calm down! It's not Mimi!" Rex clarified.

Relieved, Kate grumbled that the family certainly didn't need another connection to the Lockhart clan. "Yeah, I saw [Lucas] yesterday...and I was lucky enough to meet my brand-new baby niece," Rex revealed, knowing what Kate was talking about. "She is such a beautiful little baby!" Kate gushed. "I know!" Rex agreed.

"[When I was holding her], I felt this, like, bond with her, you know? [And] it just made me realize that I would love to have kids of my own someday," Rex admitted. "Does that mean you and your fiancée are talking about trying right away?" Kate asked excitedly. "Really? No, we have not discussed that yet. You're gonna have to be patient -- and be happy with [just] one brand-new grandchild right now," Rex replied. "Unless, of course, your sister is secretly engaged..." Kate countered. "Sorry -- Cassie is happily single," Rex reported.

"You know, I really wish that we had stayed more in contact over the years," Kate admitted with a sigh. "I mean, I know that we don't have a 'normal' parent-child relationship, but..." Kate continued, shrugging. "It's not your fault," Rex assured Kate. "And I think that we made up for lost time, you know? And, look, I...I know we haven't seen much of each other over the years -- I get that -- but...I still feel really close to you," Rex added. "Even though you don't include me in major life events?" Kate countered. "I promise I will do a much better job of that in the future," Rex replied.

Satisfied, Kate went back to probing for details about Rex's fiancée.

After receiving a text message, Bonnie went to the hospital, armed with a bag of junk food and vodka, and entered Hattie's room. "Well, hello, 'Dr. Marlena Evans'!" Bonnie said to Hattie after closing the door. "You came!" Hattie happily replied. "And you brought food -- real food!" Hattie added as Bonnie started removing items from the bag. "Nothing but the best for my former partner in crime!" Bonnie declared.

"How did you know I was back in town?" Bonnie asked. "I read all about your custody case," Hattie explained, holding up the latest issue of a local tabloid magazine. "You got knocked up by that Lucas Horton? Why didn't you tell me?" Hattie demanded to know. "Um...well..." Bonnie replied, laughing awkwardly. "Why are you pretending to be Marlena again?" Bonnie countered. "It's a very long story," Hattie replied with a sigh. The two friends proceeded to fill each other in on their respective cons while eating junk food and drinking vodka. They eventually tried to add an adult film to the equation, but the hospital didn't offer any.

"I don't need to fantasize about anybody except Roman Brady, [anyway]," Hattie declared. "I can't believe you're still stuck on him! I mean, babe, there's so many fish in the sea!" Bonnie protested. "Oh, I've flung that net far and wide, and I've had my share of gentleman callers, [but]...I don't know -- somehow that Roman Brady, he just...he makes me feel special. And if he'd just give us half a chance, I think we could -- we could make it together!" Hattie explained with a shrug. Nodding, Bonnie admitted to being hung up on someone, too. "Who's that?" Hattie asked. "My baby daddy -- daddy..." Bonnie revealed, giggling.

"Maybe in another life, we could have had a future," Bonnie added, sighing. "Hey, don't do that -- don't go givin' up on your dreams!" Hattie protested. "You're right," Bonnie conceded, perking up at once.

Meanwhile, Kayla finished examining Marlena. "You are making great progress. We are going to be springing you soon," Kayla declared. "The sooner the better," Marlena insisted, knowing that Hattie was wreaking havoc as a stand-in. "What if she doesn't want to [end the ruse]?" Kayla asked. "John has a plan for the worst-case scenario...[and] he's putting it into action right now," Marlena vaguely revealed.

As Kayla helped Marlena take a few laps around the room, they discussed what had happened in Nashville. "John Doe's injuries are quite severe. The doctors in Nashville are doing everything they can, but I'm gonna have him transferred to our burn unit as soon as he's stable," Kayla reported. "[Sami] really thinks it could be E.J.?" Kayla added. "Well, she's desperate to believe it is," Marlena confirmed, shrugging. "[Then] the DiMeras have kept [him] away from his family all this time. Why would they do that?" Kayla wondered. "I don't know...and there's no one to ask. Kristen and Xander perished in the building...along with poor Nicole," Marlena replied.

Changing the subject, Marlena asked Kayla about Steve. "I've, uh...only spoken to him once since the ISA picked him up," Kayla revealed with a sigh before proceeding to fill Marlena in on the reason for Steve's arrest. "I don't know how I thought for one second that Stefan was trustworthy," Kayla admitted, sighing again. "And now that Abigail is pregnant with his baby, we are stuck with him for life," Kayla grumbled.

While on the subject, Kayla told Marlena about Abigail's recent troubles. Marlena was willing to see Abigail right away, but Kayla clarified that Abigail was refusing to seek treatment. Marlena was sorry to hear that.

Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Roman admired a signed baseball card that John had just handed over. "An Ernie Banks rookie baseball card? Signed by the man himself? Where did you get this?" Roman asked, stunned. "Paul's got boxes of memorabilia, [and] I was helping him get rid of some stuff before he moved in with Will, [and] I just mentioned you were a fan, [and] he said, 'Hey, it's all yours,'" John explained with a shrug.

"Wow -- Ernie Banks. 'Mr. Cub.' I don't know what to say," Roman admitted. "Actually, I do -- what do you want from me?" Roman asked John suspiciously. "Well, now that you mention it..." John began.

"Okay, let me get this straight here -- you want me to pretend I've fallen for Hattie [and] convince her to divorce you [and] go back to prison?" Roman incredulously summarized after John finished talking. "Sounds kind of crazy, doesn't it? But she'll do it -- for you!" John insisted. "I don't think so. I have rejected her way too many times. [I mean], don't you think it might seem a little fishy [if], after all this time, suddenly I return her feelings?" Roman asked. "No! You are Roman Brady! Come on, man -- I got faith in you! You'll figure a way to pull this off!" John replied.

"You know, what you're asking's beyond the call of duty, and it's worth way the hell of a lot more than an Ernie Banks baseball card...[but]...all right," Roman reluctantly agreed. "I will romance Hattie so you and Marlena can live happily ever after," Roman added as John began celebrating. Roman was quick to good-naturedly warn that John and Marlena were going to have to work really hard to repay such a big favor.

At the Salem Inn, Kate recorded a voicemail message for Roman. "Thanks for the heads-up about our son being in town -- and that's sarcasm, just in case you don't get it. Anyway, what did you think about, uh, his fiancée? I mean, I have to admit, when he told me, I was a little bit surprised. What about you?" Kate asked before ending the call.

While passing through the town square, Chloe spotted Bonnie, who was sitting alone at a table, drinking a Bloody Mary. "Why aren't you with your baby?" Chloe asked Bonnie suspiciously.

Meanwhile, Rex passed by the Brady Pub and noticed Mimi sitting on a nearby bench with the baby. "Mimi?" Rex asked, stunned. "Rex?" Mimi replied, horrified.

Sarah Horton returns to Salem Sarah Horton returns to Salem

Friday, October 26, 2018

At the Horton house, Chad and Jennifer talked to Justin about Abigail. Chad confirmed that one of Abigail's alters had returned. When Justin asked what he could do to help, Chad said, "You can help us have her committed." Justin noted that he needed just cause to commit Abigail. Chad provided a picture of Gabi's injury and statements from Kate and Gabi. Justin reviewed the evidence and said he felt he had enough for a judge to approve a motion.

"There is no coming back from this, so I need you to be sure," Justin told Jennifer and Chad. Chad said he felt like he had betrayed his wife, but he was certain the right thing to do was commit Abigail. Chad handed paperwork to Justin. With a nod, Justin said the paperwork looked good, and he told Chad to sign the papers. Chad was hesitant, but Jennifer reminded Chad that commitment was the best way to help Abigail and the children. Chad signed the papers. After Justin left, Chad and Jennifer hugged and cried in frustration.

At the DiMera mansion, J.J. forced his way into the home, looking for Abigail. Directly behind J.J., Gabi pleaded with him to calm down and not assume that Stefan had kidnapped Abigail. Gabi explained that Chad had already checked the mansion for Abigail the night before. J.J. suggested that he and Gabi split up and search the mansion again. After J.J. left the room, Gabi made a phone call and said, "I'm thisclose to getting Abigail committed."

"Who are you talking to?" J.J. asked as he returned to the room. Gabi ended her phone call. J.J. said he had heard Gabi's voice, and he had wondered if she had found someone. Gabi said she had been talking to Rafe on the phone. J.J. asked why Gabi had been discussing committing Abigail. Gabi said she had updated Rafe so he knew that the situation had grown serious. Stefan returned home to the mansion with Abigail.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?" Stefan asked as he saw Gabi and J.J. standing in the foyer. Gabi growled at Stefan, but Abigail argued that Stefan had not influenced her in any way. Gabi said she hoped Abigail would get help. When J.J. interrupted to say that Chad would be relieved to hear that Abigail was okay, Abigail told J.J. to go ahead and call Chad.

"What is going on?" J.J. wondered aloud as he waited for Jennifer to answer her phone. Abigail stared silently at her brother. When Jennifer answered the call, J.J. told her that Abigail was okay, but she was with Stefan. Jennifer told J.J. that she was on her way over.

Outside the Brady Pub, Rex spotted Mimi sitting on a bench with her baby. Panicked, Mimi asked Rex why he was in Salem. Before Rex could respond, Mimi stuttered out an explanation about the baby and that it was her little sister.

"I know exactly who that little baby is and who it belongs to," Rex said. "How did you find out?" Mimi asked. Rex said he had talked to Lucas and met the baby earlier. Rex asked to hold his niece, but Mimi reminded Rex that is was cold season. Rex appealed as an uncle, and Mimi reluctantly agreed.

"Every time I hold this little bean, I want to have kids of my own," Rex said. Mimi's face fell. Rex apologized for dredging up their past. Rex added that he believed they had matured since their affair. Rex said he felt he was ready to be a dad.

"Rex, there is something you need to know," Mimi said. "What is it?" Rex asked. Mimi explained that Lucas and Bonnie were suing one another. Mimi urged Rex not to get too comfortable with the baby, since Bonnie would likely win custody and leave town. Rex said he was not so sure that Bonnie would win her case.

"I haven't known [baby Bonnie] for that long, but I have this connection with her. I didn't mean to overstep," Rex said. Rex added that he had not wanted to get off on the wrong foot with Mimi, since they had gotten along the last time they had met up. "You mean because we slept together?" Mimi asked. Rex blushed. Rex and Mimi reminisced about their night together in Chicago.

"I didn't lead you on at all, did I?" Rex asked. Mimi assured Rex that he had been clear that he was involved with another woman at the time of their night in Chicago. Mimi told Rex that she would not tell his girlfriend about their one-night stand. Rex thanked Mimi for her discretion. As Rex cooed over the baby, Mimi asked about Rex's girlfriend. Rex noted that his girlfriend was on her way to town. Mimi wished Rex and his girlfriend well. With a smile, Rex told Mimi that he did not regret their night together.

"Maybe that night we got the closure we needed," Rex suggested. Rex said they would always have the baby to connect them, since they were both related to her. Nervous, Mimi said she needed to go. After Mimi left, Rex noticed a baby bootie on the ground, and he called out. Mimi kept walking.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas told Maggie that Belle was helping Bonnie countersue for custody. Lucas complained that Bonnie had not been there when he had handed over his daughter to Mimi for Bonnie's visitation.

"Knowing Bon Bon, I'm sure she had something better to do," Maggie grumbled. Lucas confided that he was worried the courts would side with the mother. Maggie told Lucas that he would be the better parent, and she felt confident that Lucas' family and friends would vouch for him.

"Justin will do his best. Now, that said, we don't know which way this case will go. That's why you need to prepare yourself in case the outcome is not what we hoped," Maggie said. Lucas said he was confident that this time as a father was his chance to start clean and experience all the firsts he had missed with Will and Allie. Maggie told Lucas to remember that he had his friends and family in his corner, no matter the outcome of the case.

"I'm very grateful to have a lot of people who love and care about me," Lucas agreed. Maggie and Lucas hugged and told one another that they loved each other.

In the square, Chloe asked Bonnie why she was not with baby Bonnie. Bonnie argued that the baby was with Lucas. With a scowl, Chloe explained that Belle and Mimi had picked up baby Bonnie. Suspicious, Chloe asked Bonnie why she was not taking part in her visitation with the baby.

"Nobody is lying to you; I just forgot," Bonnie said. Bonnie added that she had lost track of time for when to meet up with Mimi. When Chloe reminded Bonnie that the visitation was limited in time, Bonnie said she was leaving to meet up with Mimi. As Bonnie rose to leave, she stumbled.

"You are not going anywhere near that baby," Chloe said. Bonnie chastised Chloe for jumping to conclusions. Bonnie explained that she had wanted Mimi to bond with her sister. Bonnie added that she had only had one drink. With a groan, Chloe argued that she could smell the alcohol on Bonnie from across the square. Bonnie joked about not being a lightweight, then laughed that Lucas had passed out during their night together before he had finished.

"Then how did you get pregnant?" Chloe asked. Bonnie clarified that she was referring to their second round of sex. Chloe groaned in disgust. As Bonnie turned to leave, Lucas rounded the corner. "Where the hell is my daughter?" Lucas asked. Chloe interrupted to argue that Bonnie had no idea where to find the baby. Bonnie said she was going to text her lawyer. Chloe noted that Bonnie had been drinking.

"You call Mimi and tell her to bring my daughter back," Lucas yelled. Lucas argued that Bonnie had given up her visitation time when she'd chosen to drink instead. "When are you going to get it through your thick head that baby Bonnie doesn't belong to you?" Bonnie slurred. Confused, Lucas asked Bonnie what she meant.

Bonnie said she was talking about winning the court case. Mimi arrived with the baby. Mimi told Bonnie that she had talked to Belle about visitation. As Mimi wheeled the stroller over to Bonnie, Chloe commented that Bonnie had "had a few." Mimi's eyes went wide. "One. Ish," Bonnie said. Frustrated, Lucas took control of the stroller and left with Chloe.

When Bonnie went to order another Bloody Mary, Mimi reminded Bonnie that she was fighting to keep her daughter. With a sigh, Mimi said that things were difficult enough without the new hurdle. Bonnie looked at Mimi, puzzled. Mimi told Bonnie about Rex's arrival in town.

In the Brady Pub, Rex talked to his girlfriend on the phone. "I love you," Rex said. "I love you more," Sarah Horton said. Sarah told Rex she would meet up with him at the pub. When Sarah hung up the phone, she knocked on the doors of the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie answered. At the sight of her daughter Sarah, Maggie screamed with joy and hugged Sarah.

In the park, Gabi warned J.J. not to beat himself up for looking out for Abigail. J.J. worried that Abigail had turned to Stefan and would never forgive him, Jennifer, or Chad. Gabi argued that Abigail could be dangerous. With a shake of his head, J.J. said that Abigail had not seemed like Gabby, but she was definitely different. "She was so calm and collected," J.J. marveled.

J.J. apologized for suspecting Gabi of framing Abigail. Gabi assured J.J. that she understood. "I just want everybody to live the life they deserve," Gabi said. "I hope you can forgive me for ever believing, even for a second, that you would do anything [to hurt Abigail]," J.J. said. Gabi assured J.J. that there was nothing to forgive. After hugging Gabi, J.J. pulled away. J.J. hesitated near Gabi's face, then walked away.

Lucas returned to Doug's Place with Chloe and baby Bonnie. Lucas grumbled about Bonnie being drunk. "She raised that stink about visitation and then she didn't spend any time with the baby at all? At least Mimi was with her," Lucas said. As Lucas went to get a bottle, Chloe thought about some of Bonnie's comments.

"Oh, my God. Is it possible? Bonnie isn't your mother. Mimi is," Chloe whispered to baby Bonnie.

In the DiMera living room, Stefan encouraged Abigail to eat and rest. "Do you think we did the right thing?" Abigail whispered to Stefan. Stefan stared at Abigail as Chad and Jennifer rushed into the room. Chad said he was relieved to see Abigail was okay. J.J. told Abigail that he was on her side. "You keep saying that," Abigail muttered. With a nod, J.J. left with Gabi.

"We were looking for you all night," Chad said. Abigail said she had heard Chad on the phone, talking about commitment. Chad said he was concerned that Abigail would not talk to a doctor. "I'm trying to do what is best for you, whether you like it or not," Chad said. Justin called Chad's cell phone to tell Chad that the judge had approved the commitment papers.

"Why is Justin calling?" Abigail asked. "Justin went to court, and I'm sorry, Abby, but you've left us no choice," Chad said as he presented his copy of the commitment papers. Abigail refused to go to a facility. Chad asked Abigail to do what was best for the kids. Abigail said no.

"You don't have a choice," Chad said. "Actually, I do," Abigail responded. "You can't have me involuntarily committed. Only my husband can do that," Abigail said. Chad agreed and pointed out that he was Abigail's husband. Abigail shook her head no. "I am," Stefan said as he waggled his ring finger. Stefan's new wedding ring sparkled. Chad's mouth fell open in shock.

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