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J.J. convinced Lani to keep her baby. Theo left town. Anna and Roman broke up. Andre fired Gabi from her company. Stefan pushed Abigail's buttons. John and Chad suspected Andre was the saboteur. Andre and Kate professed their love for one another. Someone murdered Andre.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on DAYS
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Lani makes a decision about her pregnancy Lani makes a decision about her pregnancy

Monday, January 15, 2018

by Mike

At the police station, Lani, feeling guiltier each time J.J. uttered the words "our baby," started to confess that he wasn't the father -- just as someone joined them in the conference room.

"Am I interrupting?" Jennifer asked. "Not at all," Lani replied, forcing a smile. Jennifer explained that she was following up on a story and had been told that her son was working -- which was news to her because she had been under the impression that he wasn't going to return to active duty until the following day. "Well, actually, the truth is...I ended up quitting," J.J. clarified.

J.J.'s announcement surprised Jennifer -- and Lani, who wondered why he had decided to resign from the police force. "After everything that happened with Theo, [I just] never want to be put in that position again," J.J. explained. "[And you're] sure about this?" Jennifer asked. "Very sure," J.J. confirmed. "I'm ready to move on -- to focus on something new," J.J. added, giving Lani a pointed look.

Jennifer assured J.J. that she understood and simply wanted him to be happy. She then excused herself, explaining that she was dangerously close to being late for a dinner date. J.J. assumed that Eric was the lucky guy, but Jennifer vaguely clarified that she was meeting someone else for dinner. Before rushing off, Jennifer added that it was nice to see that J.J. and Lani had managed to work things out.

Once the coast was clear, Lani started to confess again, but J.J. quickly stopped her. "Before you say anything, I want you to come someplace with me," he insisted before leading her out of the police station.

At DiMera Enterprises, Eli confidently assured Gabi that the official launch of Gabi Chic was going to be hugely successful. Touched, she thanked him for always believing in her. "I wish that were true," he muttered, leading her to conclude that he was still feeling guilty about their recent misunderstanding. He confirmed her suspicion, sighing as he stressed, "You have no idea how much I regret that."

Gabi told Eli not to give the matter another thought. Nodding, he quickly changed the subject, offering to take her out to dinner so they could celebrate the impending relaunch of her company. "Maybe I should take you out, considering I'm likely to make major bank," she joked. "[Hey, I have] no problem being a kept man," he stressed, prompting her to warn that he would have to earn that honor.

J.J. took Lani to Tom and Alice's memorial plaque to remind her of his great-grandparents' legacy of family and love -- a legacy he was eager to continue with his own children. "[I may not be] the best Horton, but I am one of them, [and as a Horton], I have a lot to give this baby," J.J. stressed. "You don't understand..." Lani began to protest. "Oh, I think I do -- I understand that I really, really hurt you. But I will never push you away again, Lani. Please, just give me this chance," J.J. begged -- just as Eli and Gabi entered the Horton Town Square.

"Oh, God..." Lani muttered as Eli and Gabi approached. J.J. seemed to find Lani's trepidation a bit puzzling but didn't get much time to dwell on the oddity before Eli and Gabi initiated a conversation, stating that they were on their way to dinner to celebrate the impending relaunch of Gabi Chic and would love to share a toast with a couple friends. "I can't," Lani blurted out. "I mean...we...can't intrude," Lani quickly clarified. Following Lani's lead, J.J. politely encouraged Eli and Gabi to enjoy their evening together. As Lani and J.J. started to walk away, Eli stressed, "It's really nice to see you two together again."

Later, while eating dinner, Eli spontaneously asked Gabi to spend the night at his place. Chuckling awkwardly, she wondered if that was supposed to mean what she thought it meant. Nodding, he explained, "Look, I know that we've been taking things slow since we started seeing each other, and I'm cool with that...but I also would love nothing more than to show you how much I care about you." He was quick to stress that he wasn't trying to put any pressure on her, but she dismissed the concern, stating that she wanted to show him how much she cared about him, too -- and, coincidentally, John and Marlena were watching Arianna that night, anyway.

Meanwhile, in the park, J.J. apologetically assured Lani that he wasn't trying to pressure her into doing something she didn't want to do -- and that he would, in fact, support whatever decision she ended up making, since he was still her partner, even though he was no longer going to be working with her. He offered to walk her back to her place so she could have the rest of the night to think things through privately, but she hesitantly clarified that she didn't need any more time to make a decision. "Get ready for some sleepless nights. You and I are gonna have a baby," she added, forcing a smile. She fought back tears as he hugged her excitedly.

At the Brady Pub, Roman, dressed up for a night out with Anna, thanked Eric for agreeing to watch the place so it could stay open. Eric wondered if Roman's relationship with Anna was serious. "Right now, we are just having a good time," Roman replied -- just as Anna arrived. Somewhat surprised, Roman told Anna that she was early -- which wouldn't normally be a problem but was in this particular case because he needed to talk to his son about something before going into date mode. "I don't think we have to have another conversation about my pathetic love life," Eric protested, but Anna assured Roman that she understood.

While waiting for Roman to finish taking care of his fatherly duties, Anna headed off to Doug's Place to reserve a table -- and, on the way there, ran into Jennifer, who was waiting for Henry Shah in the town square. When Jennifer made complimentary comments about Anna's wardrobe, Anna explained that Roman was going to be treating her to a lovely dinner at Doug's Place later -- after he finished giving his son some fatherly advice.

"Apparently, [Nicole] is still the topic of conversation! It's like, get over it, you know?" Anna added, shaking her head in disbelief. "Yeah, I know..." Jennifer muttered. Anna wanted to know why Jennifer was sitting alone in the town square, but before Jennifer could respond, Henry arrived and apologized for his tardiness. Getting the picture, Anna smiled at the handsome doctor and knowingly encouraged Jennifer to have fun.

After Anna rushed off, Henry told Jennifer that he was planning to take her to a family-owned place that, according to friends, offered the region's finest clam chowder. "Brady Pub?" Jennifer guessed with a sigh. "You've been there?" Henry asked. "Once or twice..." Jennifer confirmed, forcing a smile. Henry offered to take Jennifer to Doug's Place instead, but she insisted, after a moment of thought, that the Brady Pub would be fine.

Meanwhile, back at the pub, Eric reluctantly confided in Roman about Jennifer's recent change of behavior. "Maybe she's just not ready to date again," Roman suggested. "She's more than ready to start dating -- just not me," Eric clarified, explaining that Jennifer was actually going on a date with a doctor that night -- after having turned down his offer to take her out. "[It's not] like Jennifer to play games," Roman mused. "This is not [a game]; she totally backed off, and I don't know why," Eric replied with a sigh. Roman pointed out that there was one surefire way to get the answer to that question, but Eric didn't want to put Jennifer on the spot.

Roman advised Eric that Jennifer was worth fighting for -- just like another woman they knew. "Not a day goes by that I don't regret [not] fighting for your mom a lot harder, [and] I don't want you to make the same mistake," Roman stressed. "I'll think it over," Eric promised. "Well, don't take too long -- round one just started," Roman replied, alerting Eric that Jennifer had just entered the pub with her date.

"Damn! You didn't tell me how good-looking that guy was! Is he a model or something?" Roman asked. "A doctor," Eric clarified. "Well, he could sure play one on TV!" Roman raved. "You're right -- you got no chance, man. Throw in the towel. That guy totally outclasses you," Roman jokingly taunted Eric before rushing off. Sighing, Eric reluctantly stepped over to Jennifer and Henry's table to take their order.

Despite feeling jealous, Eric couldn't help getting excited when Jennifer revealed that Henry was going to be volunteering his services to the Horton Center. The jealousy quickly returned, however, prompting Eric to pointedly muse that Henry had to have a really understanding wife if she was willing to put up with him devoting so much time to volunteer work in addition to the likely insane hours of his real job. Henry clarified that he wasn't married -- and didn't have a girlfriend, either. "But I'm hoping that will change," Henry added, smiling at Jennifer. Eric rolled his eyes then excused himself so he could get the pair their requested drinks. "Good thing he has that job at the Center. I don't think he's cut out for hospitality," Henry told Jennifer once the coast was clear.

Eric soon returned with the drinks and wondered if Jennifer and Henry were ready to finish placing their order. "I will have the cod," Jennifer announced. "We have meatloaf tonight," Eric pointed out. "I know," Jennifer replied. "You love meatloaf!" Eric protested. "I thought I'd try something new," Jennifer explained, giving Eric a shrug and a pointed look. "Customer's always right..." Eric muttered before walking away. Henry was quick to note that it seemed like there was something going on between Jennifer and Eric, but she insisted that they were just friends. "I'm glad, [because] in case you haven't noticed, my interest in you isn't entirely professional; I'd like to get to know you more personally -- if you're open to that," Henry replied. "I am very open to that," Jennifer stressed, well aware that Eric was listening nearby.

At DiMera Enterprises, Andre offered to take Kate out to dinner so they could celebrate the acquisition of Gabi Chic, which seemed poised to exceed even their wildest expectations if the early buzz online was an accurate indication of the public's interest in the company. "As happy as I am, you know what really galls me?" Kate grumbled. "How good all this is going to make Stefan look?" Andre guessed. "We did all the work; he's going to get all the credit. You know, I can see that headline right now: 'New DiMera CEO Opens Strong,'" Kate complained before going to get her coat. "Stefan may have the title, but he hasn't a clue that it's his mother and I who have all the power," Andre mused with a wicked grin before hurrying to catch up with Kate.

Meanwhile, Stefan complained to Vivian that Andre's arrogant little smirks were already getting incredibly tiresome. "His day will come," Vivian promised. "What a vicious Mommy I have," Stefan observed with obvious approval. "Well, I have to be vicious to deal with this crowd! The DiMeras were brought up to eat their own. I'm just playing the game," Vivian explained with a shrug. Chuckling, Stefan noted that Vivian's plan seemed to be working perfectly. Vivian nodded in agreement and excitedly reminded Stefan that they were still just in the beginning stages of it.

Stefan couldn't help being a bit concerned about the fact that so much of the plan hinged on a man who was, by all accounts, a bit of a loose cannon, but Vivian dismissively insisted that exploiting Andre's weakness -- his vaulting ambition -- would keep him eating out of the palm of her hand until they had no further use for him. Vivian assured Stefan that Andre wouldn't realize he had been duped until after it was already too late for him to do anything about the matter. Meanwhile, Kate and Andre barged into Stefan's office, not bothering to knock first. Vivian casually insulted Kate's wardrobe, secretly hoping that nothing incriminating had been overheard.

Kate predicted that Stefan would eventually realize that Vivian was an evil, selfish woman who was incapable of loving anyone other than herself. "And once he discovers that, you will be alone once again," Kate warned Vivian. "Nice to have something to look forward to, isn't it?" Kate cheerfully said to Andre as they walked away. Vivian feigned indifference, but Stefan sensed that Kate had a way of getting under Vivian's skin and pushing her buttons. "She does not push my buttons; I push her buttons!" Vivian insisted. Vivian desperately wanted to reveal the truth about Andre's deceit as a way of wiping the smirk off Kate's face, but Stefan reminded Vivian that doing that would ruin their plan. "I know, I know, I know! [It's just]...that woman needs to be taken down a peg," Vivian grumbled.

"That woman! She drives me crazy! These shoes are fabulous!" Kate insisted, still upset that Vivian had insulted her wardrobe earlier. Eager to change the subject, Andre -- who was sitting across from Kate at a table at Doug's Place, reading a menu -- mused that the salmon sounded like a good thing to order that evening. "Oh, no -- I lost my taste for fish years ago, [when] Vivian sabotaged a plane that I was on. We had to make a water landing, and I was rescued by a fishing boat," Kate revealed. "Just like Jason Bourne!" Andre noted, clearly intrigued. "For nine months, I was forced to chop fish night and day, and you know how I survived? I took a cleaver, and every time I saw a fish, I saw her face -- her pinched, ugly face -- and I chopped it!" Kate continued, pounding the table with her fist as an illustration of the action she was describing.

Andre was surprised to realize just how intense Kate's hatred for Vivian truly was -- and Kate was quick to stress that Andre would never really have an accurate sense of her feelings for her archenemy. "You have no idea the things she did to me! She stole my son, Andre! I -- I have no idea why I deserve to have her in my life again!" Kate complained. Andre quickly changed the subject, proposing a toast to a marriage that was no longer one of convenience -- and, hopefully, would be blessed with years of happiness and love.

"Happiness and love?" Anna incredulously repeated, approaching Kate and Andre's table. "Those are things you don't deserve!" Anna told Andre, who groaned tiredly. Kate tried to keep things civil, but Anna wasn't interested in having a civil conversation with Andre, of all people. "I can only hope that someday, you get exactly what's coming to you!" Anna told Andre. Turning to Kate, Anna added that, because they were technically family as a consequence of Austin and Carrie's marriage, it was her duty to warn Kate to be careful around Andre. Kate tried to stress that Andre was a changed man -- and even reminded her of Tony sometimes -- but Anna countered, "That's when you really have to be careful. That means he's up to something!"

"Looks like a party! Hope I didn't miss all the fun!" Roman joked, joining Anna at Kate and Andre's table. "No, it hasn't been fun at all; as a matter of fact, we're feeling rather harassed," Andre clarified. Anna started to protest that she hadn't been harassing anyone, but Roman quickly interrupted, suggesting that it was time for them to find a table of their own. "Are you two together again?" Kate asked incredulously. "I think that falls under the category of, uh, 'none of your business,'" Roman coldly replied. "Odd. It wasn't that long ago that I found you shoving your tongue down my wife's throat," Andre mused. "Well, Kate made it very clear that she had other, um...obligations," Roman countered. Kate was quick to clarify that her marriage wasn't an obligation, prompting Roman to sarcastically state that hearing that made him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

"Don't be fooled, Kate -- [Andre's] still the same old snake he always was, and he will hurt you!" Anna reiterated before following Roman to a nearby table -- where she positioned herself in a spot that allowed her to continue shooting Andre pointed glares whenever she felt the urge to do so. Kate advised Andre to ignore Anna. Nodding, Andre thanked Kate for defending him. Kate made it clear that Anna's warnings hadn't fazed her.

At DiMera Enterprises, Vivian presented Stefan with a gift to commemorate his first day as CEO -- a watch that had once belonged to his cousin, Lawrence. "You know, you remind me of him..." Vivian mused. Vivian somewhat sadly admitted to Stefan that she felt lucky to have him in her life because he seemed to understand and accept her in a way that none of her other relatives ever had.

Stefan didn't share Vivian's confidence that Andre wouldn't be able to retaliate in some way once he realized that he had been duped, but Vivian dismissively assured her son, "You leave Andre to me. When it comes to those sort of things, I'm very good at keeping secrets good and...buried."

Stefan teases Abigail about Gabi

Stefan teases Abigail about Gabi

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sitting in Kayla's office, Lani told her that J.J. had overheard her talking to Kayla on the phone about terminating her pregnancy. Lani said that J.J. had assumed that he was the father. With a sigh, Lani said she had decided to keep the baby after seeing how happy the news had made J.J. Kayla reminded Lani that the paternity was a lie. Shaking her head, Lani said that J.J. was devoted to being a father. "Except the baby isn't his," Kayla said gently. "Well, maybe J.J. doesn't have to know," Lani said hopefully.

Kayla advised Lani to tell the truth, but Lani was hopeful that she could get away with the lie. Kayla added that Lani should prepare herself to spend every day for the rest of her life, lying to J.J. "You need to think of the long-term consequences here. If that child becomes ill," Kayla said with a shrug. Kayla added that the biological father also had a right to know.

Shaking her head, Lani said she was protecting both the men. Kayla said the long-term damage could be worse than telling the truth right away. "I'm just trying to do what's best for everyone," Lani cried out. Kayla urged Lani to take some time to think about whether to tell the truth.

At the pub, J.J. met with Eric for his therapy session. When Eric pointed out that J.J. appeared to be happy, J.J. shared the news about his impending fatherhood. J.J. then talked about looking for a new career to support his growing family. Eric asked about Lani. J.J. admitted that Lani had considered an abortion because she had worried about J.J.'s ability to be a parent. Eric asked J.J. if Lani had told him that. With a shrug, J.J. wondered aloud what other reason there could be for Lani to consider an abortion.

Eric reminded J.J. that it was important for both parents to be on the same page. J.J. insisted that Lani agreed with him and wanted to have a child together. Eric urged J.J. not to cling onto the idea of fatherhood to fill a void in his life. Shaking his head no, J.J. said he was certain that he wanted to be a father.

At Eli's apartment, Gabi and Eli made love. When Gabi got up to get ready for work, she noticed an earring on the floor. Sheepishly, Eli noted that the earring belonged to Lani. Eli explained that Lani had lost the earring the night that she had seen Gabi with J.J. With a nod, Gabi said that, like her and J.J., she understood that nothing had happened between Eli and Lani. Eli promised that Gabi was the only woman he wanted to be with.

In the square, Abe told Valerie that he had difficulty coming to terms with Theo's move to South Africa. Abe said he had considered resigning as mayor. When Valerie wondered aloud what she would do without Abe, Abe suggested she could join him in South Africa. Valerie noted that she wanted to stay with her son. With a nod, Abe said that Theo had made it clear that he did not want Abe to follow him to South Africa. Smiling, Valerie assured Abe that they would visit Theo as often as they could.

When Chad and Abigail went to visit Theo in the hospital, they were surprised to find Stefan playing chess with Theo. Stefan explained that he had wanted to meet Theo before he left town for rehab. Abigail asked for time alone with Theo, and Stefan said goodbye and left. When Chad warned Theo not to trust Stefan because he was the possible saboteur, Theo said he was unsure.

Theo noted that Stefan appeared to be a nice guy. Upset, Chad argued that Stefan was likely the reason that Theo had been shot. Abigail interjected that Stefan's involvement was only theoretical. Talk turned to the trial therapy, and Theo said that after researching the clinical trial, he was excited to be a part of it.

After Abigail left, Chad gave Theo a computer tablet so that they could keep in touch and play chess even a continent away. Theo started to talk about Stefan, but Chad cut him off. "Stefan is only interested in what is good for Stefan," Chad said. Chad and Theo hugged and said their goodbyes.

At DiMera Enterprises, Abigail dropped off the press release announcing Stefan's new appointment, placing it on his desk. Stefan apologized for surprising Abigail and Chad in Theo's room. Abigail talked about Chad's close relationship with Theo. With a smile, Stefan pointed out that Abigail lit up when she talked about her husband.

Defensive, Abigail argued that it was reasonable for her to love her husband. Stefan joked that Chad had not had difficulty moving on to another woman after Abigail's death. Abigail stressed that Stefan did not fully understand the situation with Gabi.

When Gabi entered the office, Stefan remarked that she was right on cue. Gabi thanked Stefan for the welcome flowers. Abigail said she needed to talk to Gabi about a press release in Gabi's office. After Gabi left, Stefan noted that Abigail was amazing for being so willing to be civil to the woman that had slept with her husband. Abigail reminded Stefan that her personal life was not part of her job. With a shrug, Stefan warned that Abigail's personal life would be difficult, working with her husband's ex-girlfriend.

"Are you convinced that she doesn't still have feelings for your husband?" Stefan asked. "Why are you trying to make trouble?" Abigail countered. Stefan said he wanted Abigail to be honest with herself about the situation. Abigail stressed that she and Chad had worked through their problems. "Chad came back for you and not just for the sake of the child?" Stefan asked.

Stirring the pot, Stefan added that Gabi had pitched a fit when she had learned she would not be working with Chad. Frustrated, Abigail told Stefan that he did not understand, and she walked out. Stefan noticed Abigail's ID tag on the floor. He stared at her photo.

Down the hallway, Gabi was in her office when Chad stopped by to visit. Chad congratulated Gabi on the sale of her company. Seeing the look on Chad's face, Gabi asked what was wrong. Chad said he had just said goodbye to Theo. Talk turned to Stefan, and Gabi admitted that she did not care for him.

"That idiot thinks I came to DiMera because I'm interested in you," Gabi said with a chuckle. Gabi said she had set Stefan straight about the friendship between her, Chad, and Abigail. Chad apologized for their rough history, and Gabi assured him that she was over the past. The two agreed to be friends for life and hugged as Abigail walked in.

Valerie stopped by Eli's apartment to give him a new suit. Eli chuckled about Valerie's mothering. When Valerie joked that Eli's girlfriend could take over for her, Eli commented that he had almost blown his relationship. "What did you do?" Valerie asked. Eli admitted that he had slept with Lani.

When J.J. stopped by the hospital to see Theo, he reported that he had quit the force. Theo asked J.J. if he was sure. J.J. said he was not interested in the job anymore. "Besides, I have better things in my future. More important," J.J. said. Theo confided that he was nervous about leaving Salem. Theo asked J.J. to watch over his sister, and J.J. agreed. With a smile, J.J. told Theo that he and Lani were expecting a "big change in our lives." Curious, Theo asked what had happened.

At the pub, Kayla talked to Eric over a cup of coffee. Eric mentioned his session with J.J., but he would not discuss specifics. Kayla said she understood how he felt.

At the hospital, J.J. spotted Lani as he exited Theo's room. Lani confirmed that the baby was healthy. Excited, J.J. admitted he had told Theo the news about the baby. Abe overheard as he arrived at the hospital.

Theo prepares for his move to South Africa

Theo prepares for his move to South Africa

> Theo prepares for his move to South Africa

Theo prepares for his move to South Africa

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

by Mike

At the Martin mansion, Eli finished telling Valerie about what had happened on Christmas Eve. Valerie, who knew a thing or two about secrets refusing to stay secret, thought it would be best for Eli and Lani to admit the truth to Gabi and J.J., but Eli disagreed. "This situation is different from yours and David's; [I mean], it's not like Lani's gonna have a baby -- thank God," Eli reasoned.

At the hospital, J.J. tried to explain away what Abe had just overheard, but Lani could tell that the cat was already out of the bag. "Dad, I'm pregnant," Lani confirmed with a shrug. Nodding, Abe hesitantly admitted that a lot of questions were swirling around in his head. "[But] before I ask them, there's one thing I'd like to say to both of you. I've come to see how much you love each other, so...congratulations," Abe continued.

"In a perfect world, my daughter would fall in love, decide to get married, make sure that marriage is working, and then tell me she was pregnant...but this is far from a perfect world," Abe added with a chuckle. J.J. stressed, for the record, that he was really happy about the unexpected development, and Lani claimed that she was, too. Satisfied, Abe hugged Lani and declared, "Then I'm happy, too."

Abe wondered if anyone else knew about the pregnancy yet. Lani gave J.J. a pointed look while stating that someone had unilaterally decided to share the news with Theo. Grinning sheepishly, J.J. explained that he had been unable to hide his excitement from the intuitive teen. "Well, you can hardly fault the man for being happy," Abe told Lani. "Why keep it a secret?" Abe continued. Lani hesitantly pointed out that, according to Kayla, eighty percent of miscarriages occurred within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, but J.J. casually countered, "But you've been doing so great, and it's already been, like, two months!"

Before Lani could respond, Valerie approached with Eli. Abe started to get the new arrivals caught up on what was being discussed, but Lani quickly stopped him, pointing out that it was almost time to say goodbye to Theo.

Meanwhile, Theo admitted to Claire that he was nervous about moving to South Africa but excited to finally leave the confines of his hospital bed and start doing something again. She assured him that she would find time to visit him during his year away from Salem -- which would fly by, in any case. He happily mused that at least one thing would be different when he returned home -- he'd have a niece or nephew to bond with and spoil.

Claire promised to keep the news to herself -- just as Ciara entered Theo's room. Ciara wanted to know what the couple was talking about, but Claire evasively suggested, "If you can't learn to knock, can you at least not butt in on private conversations?" Ciara apologized and stressed that she wasn't looking for a fight; she simply wanted to say goodbye to Theo. Nodding, Claire stepped outside so Ciara and Theo could have some privacy.

"So, I finally come back here, and you're taking off? You know, a less secure individual would take that personally," Ciara joked. "Well, good thing you're the most secure person I know," Theo countered, adding that he would never forget that -- or her. Fighting back tears, she asked to hold his hand one more time, just as she often had during childhood sleepovers, when every little noise had freaked her out. Then she gave him a hug.

After Ciara left, Abe entered Theo's room and offered him a chance to back out of the clinical trial, having realized that it really needed to be his decision. Theo decided to stick to the plan, reasoning, "How else am I gonna try and walk again?" Nodding, Abe pointed out -- perhaps more for his own peace of mind than for his son's -- that Celeste and Brandon were working out a schedule so that at least one of them would be with Theo in South Africa at all times to ensure that the teen would never get too lonely. Abe confidently predicted that Theo would eventually walk on his own again because the teen had a knack for beating the odds.

Meanwhile, J.J. went to the cafeteria to get Lani some soup, giving Eli an opportunity to talk to her privately -- and return her earring. Eli was relieved to hear that Lani had decided that J.J. and Gabi never needed to know about what had happened on Christmas Eve. Eli observed that Lani and J.J.'s relationship seemed to be back on track. Nodding, Lani wondered how Eli and Gabi's relationship was going. "Better than ever," Eli replied.

When Abe emerged from Theo's room a short time later, Lani said goodbye to Eli then went to see her brother. J.J. soon returned from the cafeteria, and Abe seized the opportunity to question him about his decision to leave the police force. "After what I did to Theo, I realized that police work isn't for me anymore. And now Lani and I have a baby coming. I don't want my kid to be raised by two parents who are both in the line of fire," J.J. explained. "Already thinking like a father," Abe observed, clearly impressed. J.J. vowed that Lani and the baby would always be his top priorities in life from that point forward.

Meanwhile, Lani tried to make small talk with Theo, who could tell that she was upset about something -- something that had nothing to do with his imminent departure. "Come on -- just let me listen to your problems for once," Theo begged Lani, who dismissively insisted that big sisters never had problems. Undeterred, Theo informed Lani that he knew about the baby. "[J.J.] seems really happy, and he loves you," Theo pointed out. Fighting back tears, Lani admitted that the feeling was mutual. Confused, Theo mused, "When I'm trying to fix an IT problem and I get stuck, I know that I'm missing some information, so...what am I missing?"

Lani claimed that she was simply feeling overwhelmed because the pregnancy had been a complete surprise -- and it was about to plunge her into situations that she wasn't exactly prepared to deal with yet. Theo wasn't convinced but decided to drop the subject, noting with a shrug, "I tried." He added that he would try not to worry too much about the true cause of her distress because he knew he could always count on her to take care of herself and do the right thing, no matter what. She forced a smile and gave him a hug then left so he could have a few minutes alone with his girlfriend. Ciara watched from afar as Claire and Theo embraced.

Meanwhile, Abe thanked Valerie for all the support she had given him lately. She promised to always be there for him and his family. "That family's getting a little bigger," he cryptically revealed, confusing her. "You didn't hear this from me, but...Lani's gonna have a baby," he added after swearing her to secrecy. Stunned, she forced a smile while worriedly eyeing a nearby trio -- Eli, Lani, and J.J.

At DiMera Enterprises, Abigail wondered why Chad and Gabi were in the middle of an embrace. Gabi explained, while separating from Chad, that she had been comforting him because he was upset about his nephew's impending move to South Africa. "Well, you're a good friend," Abigail told Gabi before somewhat pointedly beginning to talk to Chad about taking a trip to South Africa in the near future to see Theo -- and finally enjoying the honeymoon they had been postponing. Chad excitedly approved the idea then rushed off, vaguely explaining that he needed to take care of something.

Gabi, sensing that the hug had bothered Abigail more than she was letting on, waited until the coast was clear then asked her, "Are you really okay with [the idea of me] working so closely [with Chad]?" Abigail admitted that she'd had "a nanosecond" of jealousy but was quick to stress that Stefan was to blame. Chuckling, Gabi revealed that Stefan had tried to manipulate her earlier, too.

Meanwhile, Vivian worriedly warned Stefan not to let his feelings for Abigail jeopardize their plan. Stefan promised not to lose sight of the bigger picture, but Vivian didn't find his assurances particularly comforting, knowing that love often caused reason to go out the window. Vivian was especially concerned because Stefan was falling for a woman who had a history of mental instability. "There's a fine line between passion and madness, and I don't think Abigail is as far from that line as people think, so tread lightly," Vivian cautioned Stefan, who dismissively insisted that he was in complete control of the situation.

Chad soon entered Stefan's office and claimed, with feigned reluctance, that although he was annoyed with his new brother for trying to get between him and his nephew using chess -- which had always been their thing -- he had decided to let it slide. "[You've] convinced [Theo] that you're not out to hurt the family, and [he's] a genius, so I've learned to trust his instincts, [so I'm going] to give you the benefit of the doubt [from now on]," Chad continued, extending a hand as a peace offering while also issuing a verbal apology. Chad stressed, as Stefan shook his hand, that he looked forward to working with his brother to rebuild their father's company.

After Chad left, Vivian, who had watched the exchange with great interest, told Stefan, "I hope you didn't believe a word he said; I certainly didn't." Stefan couldn't be certain that the apology had been insincere, so he decided to follow his brother's lead and extend the same benefit of the doubt that he had just been given. "Just don't rattle [Chad's] cage -- especially when it comes to Abigail," Vivian warned Stefan.

Later, Stefan tracked down Abigail and returned her identification badge. Abigail, who was still with Gabi, handed over a press release about the acquisition of Gabi Chic that they had been working on together. "Is there any chance that you and I could have dinner tonight and go over this?" Stefan asked while flipping through the pages of the press release. "No, because I'm having dinner with my husband and our son," Abigail pointedly replied. "I was talking to Gabi," Stefan clarified.

Meanwhile, Chad contacted John while passing through a secluded section of Horton Town Square. "I'm not trying to pressure you; I just -- I seriously think that we're running out of time, okay? The more I'm around [Stefan], the more I think he's dangerous, [so] we need to resolve this -- before somebody I love gets hurt," Chad worriedly stressed, unaware that Vivian had followed him and was eavesdropping nearby.

Anna decides to end things with Roman

Anna decides to end things with Roman

Thursday, January 18, 2018

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, John and Marlena took a quick coffee break together then parted ways, each having agreed to a meeting with someone. When Marlena mentioned that she was attending her meeting against her better judgment, John laughed off the comment, insisting that she never did anything against her better judgment. "Yeah...this is against my better judgment," she muttered to herself after he walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Roman greeted Anna and wondered what she wanted to do that day. "I'm up for anything -- except Doug's Place," Anna replied, adding that she didn't want to support an establishment that was willing to serve Andre DiMera, of all people. "It just makes my blood boil that Tony's been dead all these years, and that S.O.B look-alike is alive and well -- and living happily ever after with Kate!" Anna grumbled. Sighing, Roman carefully advised Anna that it might be best to put a moratorium on talk of the DiMeras from that point forward. To his surprise, she agreed, conceding that she needed to stop giving that family the power to bother her.

Changing the subject, Anna asked Roman to hand over the bottle of polish he used on the pub's silverware. "[It's] for Tony," she explained, reaching into her purse and pulling out the urn that contained her husband's ashes. "He's getting a little tarnished," she added with a frown. Roman reluctantly produced a bottle of polish and a rag. Anna lovingly polished the urn while musing, "You know, they have these little silver-polishing towelettes that you carry around in your purse... Now, not that they weren't handy, but they just didn't do a good enough job -- and Tony, he didn't have any faults, but he was fastidious about his appearance..."

Marlena entered the pub while Anna was demonstrating the best way to polish the urn. Relieved, Roman called Marlena over to the bar. "Tony, look who's here!" Anna said to the urn. "Fancy seeing you here!" Anna added, still polishing the urn. "Yeah, well, I was -- I was in the neighborhood," Marlena replied, exchanging a look with Roman. Anna, already forgetting Roman's earlier advice, apologized to Marlena for what had happened in Prague the previous year. "I'm afraid I was very rude to you," Anna acknowledged. "We were all under terrible stress," Marlena diplomatically replied, prompting Anna to grumble that Stefano DiMera had been the cause of that stress.

Fed up, Roman wondered if Anna had ever bothered to consider the fact that his customers might not be particularly fond of the idea of dining within sight of an urn that was filled with a dead man's ashes. Chuckling dismissively, Anna clarified, "I don't think of them as his ashes; I think of them as his spirit." Marlena gently suggested that Tony's spirit might prefer to be freed from the confines of the urn. Anna conceded that Marlena might have a point, since Tony had been confined to "DiMera chains" for most of his life. Anna quickly backpedaled, however, when she realized that she was being advised to scatter Tony's ashes.

"Marlena, we took vows!" Anna protested, cradling the urn protectively. "The vows were 'til death do you part. He died; you parted," Roman tiredly countered, upsetting Anna. Marlena helpfully suggested that Roman was probably just concerned that Anna's reluctance to let go of the urn was preventing her from being able to move on with her life. Chuckling nervously, Anna gave Roman and Marlena a suspicious look.

After a moment of thought, Anna protested, "Wait a minute -- wait just a gosh-darn minute! You didn't just happen to be in the neighborhood, [Marlena]! This is collusion! You're not just here talking to me like a friend; this is a stealth therapy session!" Outraged, Anna admonished Roman for going behind her back to arrange such a thing instead of having the guts to tell her to her face that he thought she needed therapy. "I think you need therapy," Roman matter-of-factly confirmed.

Scoffing, Anna wondered if Marlena agreed with Roman's assessment. Marlena evasively replied that Anna's opinion was the only one that truly mattered. "If you think you could use some help, I can certainly give you some referrals," Marlena added. Anna wasn't interested in Marlena's suggestions but was quick to offer one of her own, angrily advising, "Mind your own bloody business -- and leave Tony and me alone!" Nodding, Marlena apologized for blindsiding Anna then excused herself.

Roman told Anna that he cared about her and was only trying to help her. "Talking to Marlena Evans is not going to get me to forget Tony! I still miss him! He's part of who I am! And if you can't accept that, then maybe we shouldn't be seeing each other at all!" Anna countered. As Roman tried to protest, Anna continued, "I won't be with someone who can't accept me for all of me -- all of my curves, edges, imperfections... and that includes carrying around the remains of a husband whose death was never, ever avenged!" Anna stormed off in tears with the urn, deciding that it was best to end things with Roman right away.

Outside, Anna paused to put away the urn -- and discovered, in the process, that someone had slipped an envelope in her purse at some point. Someone watched from afar as she gasped while reading the enclosed letter.

John met with Chad in a secluded section of the town square and reported that DiMera Enterprises had, in fact, never been hacked. "So Theo was shot for -- for nothing, and whoever [was sabotaging DiMera] was on the inside, and they just made it look like they were on the outside?" Chad incredulously summarized. "Exactly. So now what you have is a very small pool of suspects," John pointed out.

"I think I might know who did it," Chad began, but a sudden noise stopped him from completing his thought. Immediately suspicious, Chad checked the surrounding area and found Vivian, who innocently claimed that she hadn't been eavesdropping; she had simply been passing through the area and had dropped her purse in excitement when she had heard her nephew's voice. "Nephew?" Chad repeated, giving John a look of confusion.

"Yes!" Vivian confirmed. "Oh, John...I know that our genealogy was revised, but I still think of you as my dear, dear nephew," Vivian continued. "Wasn't your father Yo-Yo Ma?" Vivian asked. "Yo Ling," John clarified, clearly unamused. "Oh, the basketball player!" Vivian recalled. "That's Yao Ming," John replied. "Ah, the vase," Vivian concluded. "Well, the mysteries of the Orient -- they're so...mysterious," Vivian added, waving a hand dismissively. John sarcastically stated that Vivian's lingering love for him was touching. "Oh, John, you've got to meet my son, Stefan -- he's just like his father!" Vivian bragged. "I'm sorry to hear that," John countered.

Changing the subject, Vivian casually revealed that she had heard enough of Chad and John's conversation to know that they had been discussing DiMera business. Chad coolly claimed that the conversation had been about John's daughter, Belle, who worked for DiMera Enterprises. Nodding, Vivian abruptly excused herself. "We'll have dinner sometime. Chinese. Your treat," Vivian told John before walking away.

Chad wondered how much of the conversation Vivian had really heard. Shrugging, John warned Chad that, in any case, Vivian definitely hadn't bought the story about Belle. Concerned that Vivian might still be lurking somewhere nearby, Chad decided not to voice his suspicion about the saboteur's true identity. "[I'll] get back to you," Chad promised John, who noted that the saboteur needed to pay for what had happened to Theo.

Andre and Kate went to the hospital to say goodbye to Theo -- and were disappointed to learn that the teen was already en route to South Africa. "I thought Abe knew we were coming!" Andre protested. "He did; I texted him, [and] he texted me back, [saying] that it was okay," Kate confirmed. Kate guessed that, on some level, Abe still blamed her for what had happened -- and rightfully so, of course. Andre insisted that Kate needed to stop blaming herself, adding that, if anything, he was to blame because he had given his family plenty of reasons to suspect him of being DiMera Enterprises' saboteur. Touched, Kate thanked Andre for his support.

Changing the subject, Andre wondered why Kate hadn't bothered to mention that Lucas was scheduled to be released from rehab later that day. "I don't know; I just -- you know, I don't like to talk about that, so..." Kate explained with a shrug. Nodding, Andre encouraged Kate to take some time off so she could be with her son, assuring her that he could handle Gabi Chic's relaunch on his own. Kate happily accepted the offer.

Before heading back to DiMera Enterprises, Andre assured Kate that they would take a trip to South Africa to see Theo as soon as things settled down. "I love you, Kate," Andre added. Kate started to respond, but Andre quickly stopped her. "You don't have to say anything; I just wanted you to know," Andre explained with a smile before walking away.

At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi refused to have dinner with Stefan, pointing out that he was her boss -- and, in any case, she already had a boyfriend. "I certainly don't want to do anything to antagonize the police," Stefan conceded. "Why? Are you involved in something illegal?" Abigail asked curiously. Stefan innocently clarified that he certainly didn't fear all police officers; he only feared the well-built, jealous ones who were dating women he was interested in dating himself. "I mean, look at what that trigger-happy cop did to my unarmed nephew," Stefan added. "That cop is my brother, and he was cleared of all wrongdoing," Abigail countered.

Gabi abruptly excused herself, but Abigail stayed behind to admonish Stefan for the stunt he had just pulled, insisting that it was completely inappropriate of him to be hitting on his employees. Stefan dismissively insisted that workplace romances weren't exactly uncommon -- and, in fact, DiMera Enterprises already had several to its name. "Are you so bothered by this because you think I'm sexually harassing Gabi...or is it because I'm not sexually harassing you?" Stefan asked, prompting Abigail to slap him. Chuckling, Stefan pointedly noted that it was completely inappropriate for an employee to assault her boss. Abigail dared Stefan to try to fire her for what she had just done, warning him that cases of wrongful termination usually resulted in negative press and staggering settlements. "So vindictive," Stefan observed. "No, I'm mad," Abigail clarified.

"[See], I'm married to a real man, so I have a very low tolerance for cheesy innuendo from arrogant jerks like you," Abigail continued. Stefan offered a halfhearted apology, conceding that his sense of humor sometimes rubbed people the wrong way. "It's my experience that people who talk about their sense of humor usually don't have one," Abigail countered.

Abigail agreed to let Stefan's behavior slide as a misunderstanding but warned that she would be watching him closely in the future to ensure that he treated the female employees of DiMera Enterprises with the utmost respect. "If you want a date, go off-campus," Abigail stressed. Stefan confirmed that he understood but added with a sigh, "It just seems that the most interesting and dynamic women in Salem all work here."

Meanwhile, Vivian joined Andre, who was in his office and had just finished a mysterious phone conversation. Vivian worriedly warned that John and Chad were close to identifying Andre as DiMera Enterprises' saboteur. "Well, I'll just have to put our plans on hold -- at least for the time being," Andre decided. "Sounds like you're getting cold feet," Vivian countered. "Well, aren't you?" Andre asked. "No!" Vivian insisted.

"Gabi Chic launches tomorrow. We need the cash. We can't afford to back off! We're too close!" Vivian continued. Nodding, Andre grumbled that Gabi was going to be getting sixty percent of the profits. "You know what to do," Vivian pointed out. "Yeah, I know what to do...and I'm going to do it right now," Andre promised. "It's a good thing I kept Kate away from here. It'd be rather difficult to try to explain this to her," Andre added.

Gabi soon arrived for a meeting with Andre. "Think about what I said," Vivian urged Andre before rushing off. "That woman is your basic nightmare," Andre told Gabi once the coast was clear. Changing the subject, Andre informed Gabi that her company was likely going to generate millions of dollars. "Unfortunately, you won't be sharing in the profits," Andre added before firing Gabi.

Chad summoned Abigail to a secluded section of the town square so they could talk about what he had learned earlier. "I know you're not gonna want to hear this, but...everything's pointing to Andre," Chad told Abigail.

Vivian joined Stefan in his office at DiMera Enterprises and warned him, "[Andre's] becoming too much of a liability. I think we'll have to -- I don't know how to say this -- neutralize him...permanently."

Andre is attacked

Andre is attacked

Friday, January 19, 2018

Kate picked up Lucas when he was released from rehab. Overcome with emotion, Kate complimented Lucas on how good he looked. "It was your tough love. You and Sami. You made me see that I wanted to live again, to be a father to my kids," Lucas said. Kate said Will was excited to see Lucas. With a nod, Lucas said he was anxious to be a father again. Kate offered to help find Lucas work.

When Lucas asked about a job with Countess W, Kate said she would see what she could do about getting him a job with Gabi Chic. Talk turned to Stefan, and Lucas joked that Stefan had to be a treat, with Vivian and Stefano as his parents. Kate said she had been able to face the transition, thanks to Andre. Lucas asked Kate if the marriage had become real. With a sly smile, Kate said things were good. Kate added that Andre had told her that he loved her. Lucas asked his mother if she felt the same way about Andre.

Kate said she did not want to answer the question because Lucas would not like anything she could say on the matter. "He's changed. I like being around him. I like the way he makes me feel," Kate said. Lucas noted that Kate deserved to be happy. Relieved, Kate hugged Lucas.

Chloe summoned Brady to Doug's Place under the guise of making another payment on her loan to him. Chloe said she had asked him to pick up the check at the restaurant in order to grill Brady about Eve. Chloe informed Brady that she had confronted Eve about exploiting Brady's vulnerability. "Are you using her? Is she using you?" Chloe asked. When Brady asked for Chloe's opinion, Chloe admitted she believed there was something special between Brady and Eve.

Chloe counseled that if Brady wanted to have a relationship with Eve, he and Eve needed to eliminate suspicion from the relationship. Chloe suggested that Brady prove himself to Eve. After Brady left, Lucas stopped by to see Chloe. Elated, Chloe gave Lucas a hug when she saw him. Lucas told Chloe that he could not have gotten through rehab without her. When Lucas asked how he could repay Chloe's kindness, she suggested they be friends. Grinning, Lucas asked Chloe out on a date instead. Chloe agreed to join Lucas for ice-skating the next day.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie overheard Eve telling Tate a fairytale story about Theresa. When Eve mentioned something sensitive, Maggie swooped in and escorted Tate into the kitchen for cookies. After putting Tate to bed, Maggie returned downstairs and cautioned Eve to be careful about fairytale stories she told Tate. Eve protested that she believed Theresa loved her son and that he should know that. Maggie asked Eve about Theresa. With a shrug, Eve said she did not know anything about her sister. Maggie confided to Eve that she was worried Eve would shatter Brady's heart like Theresa had shattered it.

After Maggie left, Eve called Theresa on the phone and left her a voicemail. "I miss you, and I know that Tate misses you, too. There is something I would like to talk to you about," Eve said. Brady walked in. Flustered, Eve hung up the phone and lied about the caller, explaining that the conversation was about Gabi Chic. Eve said she was disappointed about losing out on the bid. Brady said he had an idea of how to proceed.

In Stefan's office, Vivian suggested to Stefan that they should "neutralize" Andre because he would snitch on them if caught. When Stefan asked for ideas, Vivian suggested that they kill Andre. Stefan refused. Defiant, Vivian said she would handle Andre with or without Stefan's help. Annoyed, Stefan cautioned Vivian that he would not let her return to her old ways, like burying people alive. Vivian argued that her revenge on Carly had been personal, not business. Stefan ordered Vivian to promise that she would not kill Andre. Vivian said she would leave Andre to Stefan but warned him that he would regret letting Andre live.

In Andre's office, Andre fired Gabi for committing fraud. Shocked, Gabi demanded an explanation. Andre explained that the seed money for Gabi Chic had been from Eduardo, an assassin. Gabi protested that she was not a criminal, but Andre said he needed to protect his family by severing ties to Gabi. Gabi refused to leave. Gabi argued that Andre resented her. Andre chuckled.

"You are a liability, so you are out," Andre said. Gabi said she would not leave without her company. Andre reminded Gabi that their contract provided that DiMera would retain control of the company. Furious, Gabi pointed out that Andre was part of a family of criminals and was a hypocrite. Andre claimed that the business had become legitimate. Gabi asked Andre if Chad and Abigail agreed with him. Gabi added that Kate would be upset, as well. When Gabi threatened to call Kate, Andre warned her not to bother. Gabi threatened to return and make Andre pay.

In the park, Abigail asked Chad why he believed Andre was to blame for the hacking of the company. Chad said that someone on the inside had sabotaged the deals, and only Andre would have known the details of Kate's plans. Abigail did not believe Andre would stab Kate in the back. Shaking his head, Chad said Andre's first love had always been power. Abigail offered to prove to Chad that Andre could be trusted. Abigail listed all the times that Andre had helped her without a motive. With a nod, Chad agreed to wait for evidence before going after Andre.

"Stefan's not just trying to take your business. He wants everything you have," Abigail said. "What's that supposed to mean?" Chad asked suspiciously. Abigail stammered that Stefan had daddy issues. Abigail added that Stefan's best means to sabotage the company was to turn the family against itself. With a nod, Chad said he would follow the evidence, but if it pointed at Andre, Chad would never forgive him.

As Abigail walked home, she ran into Gabi. Emotional, Gabi told Abigail that Andre had fired her. "He's not going to get away with this. I swear I will kill him for this!" Gabi yelled as she marched off.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian told Stefano's painting that their son's heart was "too big." Vivian read a text message from Andre explaining that Gabi had been terminated. Vivian noted out loud that Andre was no longer useful. In his office at DiMera Enterprises, Stefan listened to Vivian through a planted microphone. Stefan made a phone call. "It's me. I have a job for you," Stefan said.

Kate went to see Andre in his office. A glowing Kate said that Lucas was good. Kate added that Lucas had made her realize that she loved Andre. "You do?" Andre asked in disbelief. "I can't tell you how I've longed to hear those words," Andre whispered. Andre said he hoped Kate still felt that way after he told her his news.

In the morning, Lucas went to pick up Chloe at "Doug's Place," but she was not available for the date because of a job offer. Chloe explained that she was headed out of town for two months for a role. Lucas told Chloe he was happy for her. "Rain check on that date?" Chloe asked with a smile. Lucas joked that the ice would be melted by then, but they could attempt bungee jumping instead. Chloe agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eve woke up next to Brady in bed. "We keep ending up like this," Eve purred. "We do. I wish I could remember it," Brady said. Brady's phone beeped. Thrilled, Brady announced that there was a problem with the IPO for Gabi Chic. At the DiMera mansion, Kate looked at a disheveled Chad and commented, "Looks like we both had rough nights." Upstairs, Vivian rushed into Stefan's room to tell him that they needed to get their stories straight. At DiMera Enterprises, Abigail found Andre's body on the floor of his office. Abigail broke down in tears.

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