Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 30, 2016 on DAYS

Hope needed time alone to sort out her feelings. Chad went on a bender after Abigail refused to see him. Steve found Joey, who was in trouble with the police. Kayla and Fynn almost made love. Henry asked Paul out on a date. Deimos agreed to marry Kate. Kate saw Deimos making out with Nicole.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 30, 2016 on DAYS
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Memorial Day Pre-Emption Memorial Day Pre-Emption

Monday, May 30, 2016

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 31, and picked up where the Friday, May 27 episode concluded.

Kayla kisses Fynn

Kayla kisses Fynn

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chase was in the hospital, recovering from when other inmates had stabbed him in jail. While Aiden watched over Chase from the doorway, Hope appeared at Aiden's side and mumbled that she could not stay. Hope rushed off. Aiden chased Hope to the square.

Hope admitted that she felt horrible about what had happened to Chase but that she also felt like it was justice for what he had done. Aiden said that what his son had done was awful, but Chase was still his "little boy." As Aiden started to walk away, Hope reached out and grabbed his hand. Across the square, Rafe saw Hope holding Aiden's hand.

Hope spotted Rafe and called out to him as she let go of Aiden. Rafe ambled over and told Aiden he was sorry to hear about what had happened to Chase. Aiden nodded. With a sigh, Aiden asked Hope for help in getting Chase a transfer to a psychiatric hospital. Hope said she only wanted to make sure that Chase was nowhere near her daughter.

After Aiden walked away, Rafe and Hope talked over coffee. Hope asked Rafe if she was a horrible person for her conflicted emotions. Rafe said that it was normal for Hope to feel conflicted about her feelings for Chase and Aiden. With a sigh, Rafe suggested that Hope take time to determine how she felt about Aiden. Hope whispered that she did not want to hurt Rafe. With a grin, Rafe said he knew. Rafe urged Hope to take a trip by herself and think.

After his chat with Hope, Rafe walked home. Rafe opened a beer and a bag of chips. When Adriana returned home, she asked Rafe why he was not at the gym. Rafe asked if there was any salsa, and Adriana groaned. Adriana pointed out that Rafe only ate salsa when he was upset. Adriana complained that Hope was trouble. Frustrated, Rafe left. Adriana called someone on the phone and asked to see them.

In the DiMera mansion living room, Ciara smiled as she looked at the chessboard and thought of Chad. When Chad stumbled into the living room to pour a drink, Ciara frowned. Chad collapsed on the couch. Chad acknowledged Ciara, and he admitted he was drunk. When Ciara asked about Abigail, Chad said that she had refused to see him. Crying, Chad said that his world was collapsing.

Ciara assured Chad that Thomas appeared to be happy and unaffected by the tension. Ciara told Chad that Abigail would heal and return home. While Ciara talked about how helpful her therapy had been, Chad fell asleep. Ciara covered Chad with a blanket and curled up next to him on the couch. Ciara imagined that Chad woke up and kissed her. Shaking off the thought, Ciara whispered, "It won't happen. Not tonight."

When Hope stopped by the mansion, Ciara told her that Chad was upset after his thwarted visit to see Abigail earlier. Hope told Ciara that she was leaving town for a trip. When Ciara asked why, Hope informed Ciara that Chase had been stabbed in jail. Ciara said she was feeling better after her session with Marlena and that she would be fine if Hope needed to leave town. Ciara said that her job at the mansion was helping her stay focused. With a smile, Ciara said it felt good to help people.

After Hope left, Ciara returned to the living room and gently woke Chad. Ciara told Chad that she needed to run an errand but that Thomas would likely sleep through the night. Ciara placed the baby monitor next to Chad. With a nod, Chad said he would not drink any more.

Aiden returned to the hospital to check on Chase. Aiden asked about the handcuffs, and the nurse noted that handcuffs were required when dealing with any prisoner in the hospital. When Chase woke up, he muttered, "I deserved this. I deserve everything that happens to me."

Chase told Aiden that according to other prisoners, sex offenders were considered to be the worst of the worst in prison. With a hollow voice, Chase said he was a sex offender and would be killed. Aiden swore he would not let Chase go back to prison. Aiden asked Chase to let him change Chase's guilty plea to an insanity plea. Crying, Chase said he did everything wrong. As Aiden hugged his son, Ciara watched them through the window.

In the middle of nowhere, Jade and Joey holed up in an abandoned shack to hide from Steve. Joey worried that Steve would eventually find them. When Jade commented that it felt like Joey missed his family, Joey reiterated that he wanted to be with Jade. Jade reminded Joey that whenever things were difficult, he suggested returning to Salem. Jade asked Joey to prove that he wanted to be with her by doing something unlawful. Joey agreed.

Joey and Jade walked to a souvenir shop called "On Your Way." After picking the lock, Joey ordered Jade to stay outside. When Joey returned, he grabbed Jade's hand, and they ran back to their hideout. In the abandoned shack, Joey showed Jade the crystal he had stolen for her. Joey said he had remembered Jade's story that the only time she had been happy had been on a vacation when she had seen crystals. Jade thanked Joey for making her happy.

"I didn't exactly feel good about stealing it," Joey said. Angry, Jade told Joey that if he wanted to be with her, he needed to live on the edge. With a smirk, Joey said her parents had to have kept her locked up tight. Jade argued that she would do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Jade grabbed Joey and kissed him passionately. When things grew heated, Joey went to grab condoms from his backpack and realized that he had left it behind at the commune. Joey wanted to return to the commune, but Jade ordered him to steer clear of it.

"To hell with you! I give up. You're never going to be free like me. Go home, Joey. Go home to mommy and daddy," Jade said as she stormed out. Joey followed Jade to the beach and begged her to stay. When Joey said he loved Jade, Jade said that he only loved the idea of her. Crying, Jade told Joey to go home. Desperate, Joey grabbed Jade and told her that he did not want to lose her. "You already have," Jade said, choking back tears. Jade kissed Joey goodbye and told him not to follow her.

At the commune, Steve yelled at Simone for lying to him. Simone stood her ground. When Steve intimated that he would report Simone and her ring of robbers to the police, Simone ordered Steve to leave. Steve warned Simone that she had threatened the wrong person. Simone growled that Joey had said that he wanted nothing to do with Steve. Steve looked past Simone and noticed his son's backpack on the couch. With a nod, Steve left.

After the coast was clear, Steve sneaked back into the commune's main room and rooted through Joey's bag. Steve found the knife he had given his son for his birthday. As Simone returned to the main room with two teenagers, Steve hid in a closet. Steve's phone pinged with a message notification. Simone heard the noise, and a quizzical look crossed her face. Shaking her head, Simone told the two kids to search the commune for a man in a black eye patch. "I want him gone by any means necessary," Simone said.

When Joey returned to the commune for his bag, Steve stepped out of the shadows and asked to talk. Steve told Joey that he and Kayla had been worried about Joey. Joey nodded. Steve warned Joey that the commune was trouble. Fighting tears, Joey said he wanted to return home. Outside, police sirens sounded. Joey gasped in panic.

In their hotel, Fynn hugged Kayla after she awoke from a nightmare. Fynn gently touched Kayla's face. Nervous, Kayla asked Fynn was he was doing. Pulling back, Fynn apologized. Fynn added that he found Kayla attractive and wanted to kiss her. With a smile, Kayla said she was flattered but that it would be unprofessional to get involved. Flustered, Fynn backed away from Kayla. Kayla called Steve and left a voicemail pleading with him to call her back.

Frustrated, Kayla said there were too many times in her life that she had desperately needed to talk to Steve and he had been absent. Fynn pointed out that it was obvious that Kayla hated feeling helpless. With an exasperated sigh, Kayla told Fynn that was exactly how she felt. Kayla called John, and he informed her that Steve was checking out Jade's aunt's commune. Frustrated that she had to learn information from John instead of Steve, she asked John to make Steve call her.

After Kayla updated Fynn, she complained that Steve would not keep her informed. Kayla said they should either talk to the mechanic or rent a car and investigate the commune on their own. Fynn disagreed. As Kayla grumbled about the situation, she grabbed her head in pain. Fynn gently eased Kayla on to the bed and urged her to rest.

When Kayla woke up after a nap, Fynn promised to help Kayla find her son if she waited until the morning to leave. Wiping away a tear, Kayla said she was worried about Joey. Kayla said she was a terrible mother. Fynn hugged Kayla and told her that she was just scared. Finn promised he would not leave Kayla. Fynn assured her that Joey would be fine. As Kayla pulled away from the hug, she looked into Fynn's eyes and kissed him.

Kate decides to forgive Deimos

Kate decides to forgive Deimos

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Henry met with Paul, who noted that it had been a while since they had last seen each other. Henry apologetically explained that he had been pretty busy lately. Henry assumed that Paul knew just how time-consuming the college application process could be, but Paul clarified that he had actually missed out on the whole college experience because he had been drafted straight out of high school.

Paul was pleased to hear that Henry had recently told his parents he was gay. Henry reported that although his devout parents had seemed a bit disappointed to receive confirmation of his sexuality, they had suspected he was gay for most of his life and had simply been waiting for him to figure that out on his own. Henry added that they had told him they would always support him.

Paul raved that it had taken a lot of courage for Henry to open up to his parents about his sexuality. "Yeah, uh...this will take some courage, too," Henry replied, and he proceeded to ask Paul out on a date. Taken aback, Paul admitted that he was flattered. Paul suggested, however, that it would be better for Henry to date someone his own age.

Assuming that he was just being turned down gently, Henry said he understood why Paul wasn't interested. "I mean, you're -- you're famous, right? I mean, you could have any guy that you want, and I'm just... I'm just a nobody," Henry conceded. Paul insisted that wasn't true, stressing that Henry was a smart, sensitive, good-looking guy who had a lot to offer somebody. "Just not you," Henry concluded with a hint of disappointment.

Paul pointed out that he had always been more of a mentor to Henry, who argued that there was no reason they couldn't change that going forward. Henry assured Paul that it wouldn't be weird because students hooked up with teachers "all the time" in the modern world, but Paul apologetically maintained that it would be weird -- at least for him.

"And, on top of that, there's still someone out there I think about," Paul added. Henry started to ask if he knew the guy, but he soon withdrew the question, acknowledging that it was none of his business. "Whoever he is, he's a lucky guy," Henry declared before excusing himself. After Henry left, Paul retrieved his cell phone and stared wistfully at a picture of Sonny that was stored on it.

In their motel room, Kayla and Fynn began undressing each other, but Kayla soon stopped things from progressing further. Fynn assured Kayla that he understood, but she still felt foolish, admitting that she had let herself get swept up in the moment without bothering to consider the fact that he didn't need an ambivalent, confused woman in his life, who might just end up hurting him in the long run.

While Kayla was in the bathroom, trying to pull herself together, John arrived to check on her, and when Fynn let him into the room, he quickly realized that he was interrupting something. Kayla soon emerged from the bathroom and guessed that Steve had sent John to babysit her. John denied the suspicion, assuring Kayla that he hadn't said anything to Steve about his plan to visit her. John stressed that he simply wanted to offer Kayla his support while she was waiting for news about Joey. Kayla argued that if John really wanted to be supportive, he'd allow her to join the search -- and if he refused, she'd just go on without him.

At the commune, Joey grabbed his backpack then joined Steve in a closet, where they listened as a detective served Simone with a search warrant and began questioning her about the string of recent robberies in the area, which he had linked to her group because of the distinctive scorpion-shaped scars that had been seen on some of the perpetrators. "Boy, you really stepped in it this time, didn't you?" Steve whispered as he inspected the fresh scar on Joey's left hand. Joey denied involvement at first but eventually admitted that he had unintentionally participated in one armed robbery and had also stolen something for Jade.

Steve told Joey to quickly decide whether he was going to own up to what he had done, stressing that it was his choice to make, just like it had been his choice to get involved with the commune in the first place. "I came here to try to find myself," Joey explained with a sigh. Steve advised that running away wasn't the way to do that. Joey countered that Steve had been running his whole life, and Steve conceded the point but noted that he had paid for all the running he had done. "I think I finally learned my lesson. This, right here -- this is your lesson," Steve added.

"I don't know what to do. I'm screwed either way," Joey fretted. Meanwhile, the detective ordered Jade to show him her hands. Joey burst out of the closet and told the detective to leave Jade alone. Steve remained hidden as Joey told Jade he was sorry about their earlier fight. "I'm sorry you didn't fight harder for me. You would've if you really loved me," Jade angrily countered. Joey stressed that he did love Jade but couldn't leave his parents behind to be with her.

The detective impatiently interrupted and once again demanded to see Jade's hands -- and Joey's, too. Simone complained that the detective couldn't force the teens to comply because they had rights, but he countered that the search warrant specifically granted him the authority to inspect everyone's hands for signs of the scorpion insignia. Joey told the detective to leave Jade alone, insisting that she hadn't done anything wrong. "If you're looking for a scorpion, then here," Joey added, holding up his left hand so the detective could see the scar.

The detective observed that Joey was wearing a jacket that looked a lot like the one the getaway driver had worn during the most recent robbery. Joey countered that he was certain he wasn't the only person in Southern California who owned that kind of jacket. Simone agreed and wondered if the detective had any concrete proof that her group had committed the robberies. The detective eyed Jade while pointing out that a young woman had also been present during the most recent robbery. Joey reiterated that Jade had done nothing wrong, prompting the detective to wonder how Joey could be certain of that if he hadn't been involved in the crime.

"Because I was the one driving the car," Joey revealed. The detective warned that Joey had just admitted to committing a crime that carried a three- to nine-year prison sentence. Joey clarified that he had only admitted to driving the getaway car, and he stressed that he had been tricked into participating in the robbery. The detective countered that Joey hadn't been tricked into driving off with stolen items after the robbery had occurred, meaning that in the eyes of the law, he could indeed be held responsible. The detective promised, however, that the district attorney would probably cut Joey a break if he revealed the names of the other participants.

"I'm not gonna say anything more. I drove the car. That's all you're gonna get from me," Joey insisted. Nodding, the detective proceeded to place Joey under arrest as Steve watched helplessly from the closet.

At Edge of the Square, Dario ran into Nicole, who gave him an update on how things were going with Deimos. Dario guessed that Nicole was falling for Deimos, but she denied the suspicion, insisting that she had just lost the love of her life and might never fall for anyone else again -- especially not Deimos, whom she couldn't stand. Nicole bragged that she was close to achieving her goal of making Deimos pay for what he had done to Maggie. Dario warned that Nicole was playing with fire. "I've been playing with fire my whole life," Nicole countered.

Deimos left the Kiriakis mansion for a while, and when he returned, he found that someone had left a trail of rose petals leading from the foyer to the top of the stairs, along with a bottle of Champagne, two glasses, and a bra hanging on the banister. With a grin, Deimos grabbed the bottle of Champagne and the glasses then followed the trail of rose petals to his bedroom, where he was somewhat surprised to find Kate waiting in his bed. "You just can't stay mad at me, can you?" Deimos mused.

"I am angry at you. I'm furious with you. You're going to have to calm me down," Kate clarified, adding that Deimos would never get another chance to do so. Deimos joined Kate in bed and started kissing her, but he pulled away when she bit his lip. Deimos reminded Kate that she had previously insisted on him being gentle with her, but she explained that she wasn't in the mood for gentleness that night.

After having sex, Deimos and Kate talked about eloping to Las Vegas. Deimos was surprised that Kate still wanted to marry him right away, and he took that to mean that she had made peace with the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement. Kate clarified that she still had no intention of doing that because she wanted Deimos to see her as an equal. Kate added that she would only marry Deimos if he promised to never see Nicole again. "If I let you bully me into signing the agreement and tolerating Nicole's obvious pursuit of you, then you'll think less of me. If I bow to you, it's over," Kate reasoned.

Deimos accepted Kate's terms, but while she was taking a shower, he received a phone call from Nicole, who asked to see him right away then hung up before he could refuse. When Kate emerged from the bathroom, Deimos told her he was heading out to buy her a wedding ring. Kate expressed skepticism, guessing that all the jewelry stores were closed for the evening, and she assured Deimos that they could just pick up a ring in Las Vegas instead. Deimos protested that Kate deserved a special ring, and she conceded the point and encouraged him to proceed with his plan.

Deimos met Nicole in the park, where she was waiting with a bottle of Champagne. Nicole guessed that Deimos had been testing her because he didn't fully trust her. "And quite frankly, I don't blame you for mistrusting me...until tonight. Tonight, I realized that I would throw away my entire plan to be with you. I mean, you made me feel something I've never felt before, and I'm scared," Nicole admitted.

Stressing that she didn't like being scared -- or running away from her feelings -- Nicole proceeded to kiss Deimos, who responded passionately, unaware that Kate was watching nearby.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 6, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 1 episode concluded.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 6, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 1 episode concluded.

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