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Serena agreed to help Eric set up Xander. Roman asked J.J. to go undercover. Paige got her revenge on Eve. Stefano and Victor discussed Clyde. Will tried to make Sonny think Paul was with Derrick. Abigail thought she was pregnant. Theresa schemed with Anne to get close to Brady. Sonny learned Justin had filed for divorce.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 6, 2015 on DAYS
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J.J. finds himself in trouble

J.J. finds himself in trouble

Monday, July 6, 2015

by Mike

While Hope and Aiden were discussing Clyde outside Club TBD, Rafe approached to greet them. Aiden accused Rafe of pushing Hope but received a phone call from Daniel before he could elaborate on what he was talking about.

After Aiden left, Hope explained to Rafe that she and Aiden had gotten into a disagreement after she had made the mistake of mentioning Clyde's recent meeting with Stefano. Hope told Rafe she still didn't know what had happened during the meeting, but she had passed the news along to Victor through Justin. "If Victor thinks that Clyde and Stefano are ganging up against him, it's only a matter of time before Victor --" Rafe began. "Puts a hit out on Clyde," Hope concluded for Rafe.

"Maybe Victor already tried. Maybe that's what happened -- he tried to pull a hit off," Rafe suddenly realized. Together, Rafe and Hope quickly started to formulate a theory, suggesting that Sonny's stabbing had been the direct result of a failed hit Victor had put out on Clyde after Clyde had tried to take over Victor's trucking business. Hope knew, however, that Victor would never admit that to anyone. Hope wanted to keep digging, but Rafe shot down that idea, reminding her that they had agreed to back off in order to protect the people they cared about. "Well...for now," Hope agreed with a mischievous grin.

Hope received a phone call from Doug, so Rafe headed inside to order a couple cups of coffee while waiting for her to finish the call. When Rafe spotted Clyde standing near the bar, he sent Hope a quick text message to warn her then kept Clyde distracted for a few seconds to give her time to hide so Clyde wouldn't see her when he exited the building. Once the coast was clear, Rafe rejoined Hope and assured her that Clyde probably hadn't seen them together or overheard their conversation. Rafe excused himself after reiterating that it would be best for him and Hope to keep Clyde off their collective radar -- at least for the time being.

At the Brady Pub, Roman listened patiently as Marlena vented her frustrations after learning that Xander was no longer in police custody. Roman apologetically informed Marlena that, while he was just as upset as she was, his hands were tied because Xander's alibi was airtight.

Later, Marlena entered Club TBD after finishing a phone conversation with Sami, who was worried because she hadn't heard from Eric lately. Spotting Hope, Marlena joined her and started complaining again about the situation with Xander. "It always frustrates the heck out of me when I know someone's guilty, and I can't do a damn thing about it. Like Stefano," Hope admitted. Marlena wanted to drown her sorrows in a latte, so she went to the bar to order one after musing that there had to be someone who could prove Xander was guilty. "Yeah, and that someone is probably Victor," Hope guessed after Marlena left.

Nicole was shocked to see Xander roaming around the hospital as a free man. Xander innocently denied Nicole's accusations against him, and as she grew more and more agitated, Daniel returned and started pummeling Xander. Anne soon stepped in to put an end to the assault, with the help of two security guards. "This is appalling! Jonas, you're a doctor! You are a surgeon, and your hands are not meant to be lethal weapons," Anne protested as the guards kept Daniel a safe distance away from Xander.

Anne threatened to call the police, and Nicole urged her to do so, revealing that the man Anne was trying to defend was an escaped criminal who was wanted for attempted murder. Xander maintained his innocence, and Nicole eventually got fed up and lunged at him, getting in a few slaps before one of the guards pulled her back. Daniel convinced Nicole to leave with him, but before they stepped into the elevator, he warned that he would kill Xander if Xander ever touched Nicole again. Anne tried to convince Xander to sue Daniel, and she even tried to hit on Xander, but he ignored her advances and excused himself to answer a phone call.

At the Brady Pub, Aiden explained to Daniel and Nicole that he had made a few phone calls and had determined that several reputable people were vouching for Xander, including a hotel manager and an alderman. Aiden added that the police had no way of proving Xander had done what Eric and Nicole had accused him of doing. Aiden apologetically concluded that the district attorney would never agree to press charges against Xander unless the police managed to find a way to break Xander's seemingly airtight alibi. Later, Rafe observed a meeting between Aiden and Clyde in the town square.

Nicole was still shaken up when she and Daniel got back to his apartment. Daniel suggested he and Nicole could stop thinking about the situation for the rest of the night, instead focusing on enjoying their first night of living together. Plagued with memories of what had happened between her and Eric in the crawlspace, Nicole protested that she couldn't stay with Daniel that night -- or move in with him at all, for that matter.

Eric was shocked when Serena informed him that Xander had been released from police custody due to a lack of evidence. Eric accused Serena of providing Xander with an alibi, but she insisted she hadn't helped Xander -- at least not intentionally. Serena explained that she had, however, been forced to admit that Xander had talked to her about leaving town the previous night. Serena claimed she had done everything she could possibly do to help the police build a case against Xander, but Eric disagreed, guessing she hadn't told the police about helping Xander smuggle diamonds out of Africa, since that would have gotten her and Xander sent to prison.

Serena explained that Xander had threatened to harm Eric if she tried to do or say anything that would incriminate Xander. Serena added, however, that if Eric really wanted her to admit to the police that she and Xander had smuggled diamonds out of Africa, she would do so, since she loved Eric and would do anything for him. Eric didn't want to hear that, so he told Serena to go live her life somewhere else and leave him out of it.

Later, Eric arranged a meeting with Xander in the town square and vowed to make him pay. Xander advised Eric to stop making false accusations, threatening to make Eric very sorry if Eric decided not to take the advice. Xander also told Eric to ignore the nonsense Serena had been spouting, arguing that she wasn't exactly a reliable source. Xander jokingly added, however, that Serena had once complained to him about how boring Eric was in bed, so she was obviously capable of telling the truth in some cases, at least.

"Thank you, Xander. You just gave me a terrific idea to make you pay for good," Eric muttered after Xander left. Eric headed off to the Salem Inn and told Serena he had thought of a way for her to prove she had meant what she had said earlier about being willing to do anything to help him.

Kyle contacted his boss, Clyde, and told him about a potential new recruit who had been in the game once before. Clyde liked the sound of that and instructed Kyle to find a way to sign the guy up. Clyde stressed that he didn't want to know Kyle's crew, nor did he want Kyle to ever utter his name aloud -- to anyone, including Kyle's own crew members. "Your job is to expand the business, and I expect you to do that. Whatever anyone wants, soft or hard, we got it. Don't let me down, son. I don't cotton to people who let me down," Clyde warned. Kyle confirmed that he understood. After ending the call, Clyde disposed of the burner phone but kept the SIM card.

At the Horton house, J.J. chugged a bottle of beer while Bev was talking about a party they planned to attend later that night. Bev decided she didn't want the rest of her beer, so J.J. happily chugged it, too. Bev suggested she and J.J. could skip the party and retreat to his bedroom instead, but he declined, knowing Jennifer would soon be returning home.

While lounging in her dorm room, Paige arranged a date with someone she had found online, muttering that he was exactly what she had been looking for. Afterward, Paige changed into a bikini and headed to the lake to escape the stuffiness of her dorm room, which didn't have an operational air conditioner at that time.

When J.J. and Bev arrived at the lake, the host of the party, Kyle, greeted them and urged them to help themselves to any of the party favors that were available. J.J. grabbed a drink and ended up alone with Kyle after one of Bev's friends pulled her away for a moment. Kyle casually asked if J.J. had found a summer job yet. J.J. confirmed that he was about to start working at Club TBD. Kyle started to make fun of the place, but when J.J. revealed that his cousin owned it, Kyle clarified that he just meant that cleaning up after people was lame. Kyle guessed the pay wasn't that great, either.

Kyle suggested J.J. could work for him instead, pointing out that dealing just a couple days each week would result in much more money for much less work. Someone lurked nearby and listened as J.J. declined the offer. Meanwhile, Paige arrived and spotted J.J. Paige quickly blended into the crowd so J.J. wouldn't notice her. Bev returned and laughed as she told J.J. and Kyle her friend was high on something and was acting hilarious. Bev and J.J. excused themselves and went to get some more beer. "Damn. I need that guy. I need that guy," Kyle muttered as he watched J.J. walk away.

Paige approached Kyle and started flirting with him. J.J. saw Paige talking to Kyle but tried to ignore them. Kyle soon excused himself so he could take care of something, promising to rejoin Paige as soon as possible. After Kyle left, Paige locked eyes with J.J. and tried to suppress a smile when he turned away in frustration. Meanwhile, a drunk guy bumped into J.J., spilling a drink on him in the process. J.J. pushed the guy away, and when the guy shoved J.J. back, J.J. tackled him to the ground and started pummeling him. Bev eventually managed to separate J.J. from the drunk guy, and J.J. walked away after taking one last look at Paige.

"Always a pleasure, bitch," Bev told Paige before rushing after J.J. When Kyle returned, Paige abruptly excused herself. Kyle said he hoped he would get to see Paige again sometime, and he watched as she walked away. Later, in her dorm room, Paige started to chastise herself for flirting with Kyle to make J.J. jealous, but she soon changed her mind, reasoning that it wasn't her fault that J.J. had attacked the drunk guy, since J.J. was always going off on people for no good reason. Paige turned her attention back to the guy she had met online, who had sent her another message about their date.

As J.J. stumbled through a secluded section of the town square, the guy who had been watching him lately told him to stop what he was doing. J.J. told the guy to take a hike. J.J. started to walk away, but the guy tackled him to the ground and pinned his arms behind his back. "No problem; we can do this the hard way," the guy said as he tightened a pair of handcuffs around J.J.'s wrists.

Hope questions Victor about Xander

Hope questions Victor about Xander

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In the park, J.J. was arrested by police for underage drinking at the lake. While J.J. complained in the office at the police station that no one had read him his Miranda rights, Roman entered the room and warned J.J. to be quiet. After one of the officers confirmed that no one had seen them escort J.J. into the police station, Roman ordered the officer to uncuff J.J. and leave. Once they were alone, Roman told J.J. that he was not under arrest.

Roman introduced J.J. to Agent Watts from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Roman explained that there had been an increase in drug distribution in Salem. When J.J. protested that he was clean, Agent Watts admitted that they had surveilled J.J. and had confirmed that J.J. was not dealing drugs. Confused, J.J. asked why they had dragged him down to the station. Agent Watts and Roman explained that they needed J.J.'s help with Kyle Southern. Watts asked J.J. to tell Kyle that he wanted to work with Kyle, selling drugs. As J.J. stared quizzically, Watts explained that he wanted J.J. to work undercover for the police and DEA.

Watts said that no one would question J.J.'s return to drug dealing and that J.J. was positioned to work with the people of interest to the DEA. J.J. refused to work as an informant. When Roman confirmed that neither Hope nor Jennifer knew about the plan, J.J. asked Roman not to mention it to them. Agent Watts argued that the influx of drugs into Salem was destroying J.J.'s town. Roman agreed.

"Well if you've done your research, you'd know that doing the right thing isn't my M.O. No matter how many times I try, it never seems to work out for me," J.J. said. Watts told J.J. he was free to go but that he could not tell anyone about the offer. Watts handed J.J. a business card, but as J.J. walked out, he said he would not change his mind.

In her room, Paige made arrangements with Daphne to accompany her on a meeting with a man she had met online. Paige met a man named Donald in the town square. As Daphne joined them, she asked about Paige's date. With a smile, Paige introduced Donald as her date. When Donald asked about Paige's friend, Paige commented that she thought Daphne would like to join in on their fun.

In the Brady Pub, Eve reviewed Laura Horton's medical file and researched drugs to mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia. Eve's phone rang, and when she answered it, she heard the panicked voice of Daphne on the line. Daphne urged Eve to rush down to the square to stop Paige from doing something stupid.

At the town square café, Paige had a drink with Donald as Eve and Daphne watched from nearby. Daphne told Eve that Paige had hinted at a threesome, and it had scared Daphne. Daphne texted Paige and asked Paige to meet her in the frozen yogurt shop. After Paige excused herself and left to meet Daphne, Eve confronted Donald. Eve ordered Donald to walk away from her daughter. With a smug grin, Donald informed Eve that he and Paige were planning a trip to Atlantic City. Eve lied that Paige was under 18, but Donald noted that he had seen Paige's ID.

When Eve argued that Paige was dating Donald to get back at her, Donald shrugged and commented, "Lucky me." Donald told Eve to leave. Upset, Eve asked Donald what he wanted in exchange for leaving Paige alone. Donald requested $10,000 in cash, stunning Eve. When Eve complained that she did not have enough money to pay him, Donald suggested that Eve could sell her diamond ring at the pawnshop.

After pawning the ring, Eve handed the stack of cash to Donald and asked him for a guarantee that he would stay away from Paige. Donald agreed to sign a contract. When Paige returned, Donald told her that Eve had given him cash to stay away from her. Chuckling, Donald handed part of the cash to Paige and said, "Here's your cut." Donald high-fived Paige and walked away.

"Now you know what it feels like to be lied to and manipulated and screwed over. It doesn't feel very good, does it?" Paige said. Paige wondered aloud if she should give her money to the veterans, since Eve had taken money from the veterans with the lawsuit. Eve begged for Paige to stay and talk, but Paige ordered Eve to stay out of her life.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor warned Xander that Hope was en route to talk. Victor ordered him to explain why Xander had not been arrested. With a shrug, Xander explained that the police did not have enough evidence to hold him. Xander asked if he could continue to work with Victor once the episode with Nicole had been dropped with the police. With a nod, Victor said that he was aware of Xander's talents and would decide later whether he would redeem him or not. Victor told Xander to leave and not reach out to him unless Victor contacted him first.

As Xander slipped out the back door, a surprised Maggie asked Victor why Xander had been in their home. Victor explained that he had summoned Xander to the house to talk. Hope arrived, and Maggie greeted her. When Maggie asked Hope how Xander had slipped through custody, Hope answered that Xander had secured an airtight alibi in Chicago the night that Nicole and Eric had been attacked. Victor answered Hope's questions about Xander. When Hope asked why Xander had been at the mansion, Victor explained that he had summoned Xander to the house to disown Xander for shaming the family. Victor denied that he had offered any assistance to Xander.

Hope said she was hopeful they would eventually be able to charge Xander with attempted murder. As Victor nodded, Hope asked Victor why Xander had returned to Salem. Victor shrugged and said he had been surprised by Xander's arrival in town. Suspicious, Hope pressed Victor for information about Xander's business dealings. Victor said he had told Hope the truth. Hope told Victor she loved him then left.

When Maggie returned to the living room, she asked Victor about his conversation with Hope. Victor lamented that he had not foreseen that Xander would make trouble. Maggie suggested that Victor use his resources to help the police.

Eric visited Serena at her hotel room and asked her to help him make Xander confess what he had done to Nicole. Eric asked Serena to reassure Xander that she would not rat him out to gain his trust and then to get Xander to admit to any part of Nicole or Eric's stories. Shaking her head, Serena said she had talked to Xander and did not believe he would say anything incriminating. With a nod, Eric said he had a plan B. Eric said that if he could not make the charges for attempted murder stick, he would pursue charges for diamond smuggling. Eric asked Serena to make Xander admit to some misdeed.

When Serena paused, Eric asked Serena if she was more worried about incriminating herself than pursuing justice. Serena said that her fear was that Xander would kill her if she pushed him to admit to any crimes. Eric said he did not want Serena to risk her life, and he apologized for being impulsive enough to ask her. When Serena asked Eric if they could work together to catch Xander, Eric yelled that he did not want anything to do with her, and he left.

In the hall outside Daniel's apartment, Nicole told Daniel that she did not think he was ready to move in together. Nicole worried aloud that Daniel wanted her to move in to protect her, but Daniel assured her that he had asked her to move in because he loved her. Daniel stressed that he had no doubts about taking their relationship to the next level. When Nicole hesitated, Daniel asked her to stay the night and think about whether to move in or not.

Inside the apartment, Daniel ceded his bedroom to Nicole and offered to sleep in the guest room. Daniel said he wanted Nicole to feel comfortable. "I should have been there for you, and you should know, from now on, I always will be," Daniel said. Nicole shook her head and argued that if she had not lied in the past, then Daniel would have had a reason to trust her. Daniel shook his head. Daniel told Nicole that the incident with Xander had proven that they could trust one another again and that she did not need to keep any secrets from him.

As Daniel turned to leave, Nicole told Daniel that she did not doubt their relationship. Nicole reiterated that she did not want to lose Daniel. Daniel agreed. Nicole kissed Daniel, and the two made love. Afterward, Nicole thought about her secret kiss with Eric, and she swore to herself that she would never tell Daniel.

Outside Club TBD, Xander saw Serena and stopped her. Xander teased Serena about her failed relationship with Eric. When Serena said Xander disgusted her, Xander chuckled and commented that she had enjoyed having sex with him after Eric had dumped her in Africa. After a couple more obnoxious comments, Xander walked away.

At Eric's apartment, Marlena stopped by to visit her son. Eric admitted that he was upset that the police had released Xander. Worried, Marlena asked Eric to avoid Xander, but Eric said he was not afraid of him. Marlena told Eric that she was sorry things had not worked out with Serena. When Eric commented that Serena had used him and not loved him, Marlena disagreed. Marlena said that she believed Serena had loved Eric.

Shaking his head, Eric said that Serena's lies had put everything into perspective. Eric thought about his kiss with Nicole in the crawlspace. After Marlena left, Eric was walking around his apartment when Serena called him. Serena told Eric that she had changed her mind about helping Eric take down Xander.

Victor and Stefano plot against Clyde

Victor and Stefano plot against Clyde

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Victor was surprised when he arrived downstairs in his house and found Stefano waiting for him in the living room. "I want to know what is going on between you and Clyde Weston?" Stefano inquired. "Well, Maggie and I go square-dancing with him and Kate every Thursday night. The man is a Baryshnikov of the two-step," Victor replied. Explaining that Weston had claimed to have worked out an agreement with Victor, Stefano asserted that Clyde Weston was a "hillbilly simpleton."

Victor warned Stefano that it would be foolish to be so dismissive of Clyde. Victor explained that he had pushed back when Clyde had tried to take over his territory -- but Victor had made the mistake of underestimating Clyde and his resources, and it had cost Victor dearly. It mystified Stefano that Victor had simply surrendered to Weston. Victor countered that his main concern was the safety of his family -- and Stefano should protect his own family, or what was left of it, from Weston.

Stefano declared that Clyde needed to be "dealt with" -- permanently, but Victor said he had already tried that. Stefano realized that Weston had been behind the attack on Victor's nephew Sonny. Victor said he didn't want to make another attempt on Weston's life until he was sure he could "neutralize" the measures Clyde had in place.

Victor explained, "He's made arrangements for retribution. I'm just not willing to suffer those consequences. Neither are you. Think of Chad and Theo, your other grandchildren." Victor continued that they would wait until Weston let his guard down, and then they would make their move. Chuckling, Stefano concurred, "He won't even know what hit him."

When Ciara and Hope ran into Rafe in Horton Square, Ciara chattered excitedly to Rafe about getting to umpire a couple of innings of a baseball game. Rafe reminded Ciara that there had been more female astronauts than female umpires, but he assured her that she would be great at it. Kate arrived and commented about how chummy Rafe and the Brady ladies seemed. Rafe asserted that he and Hope had become friends while working together.

Kate learned that Rafe was going to the summer picnic with Hope and Ciara, who were meeting Aiden and Chase there. "Looks like you're going to be the third wheel," Kate remarked to Rafe. Ciara wanted to know what a third wheel was. Rafe clarified that he wasn't going to the picnic. After making another snide observation, Kate left. Unable to let it go, Ciara repeated her question, adding, "Is it bad to be a third wheel?" As Hope stepped away to take a phone call, Rafe explained that it was only a bad thing if one were trying to keep others from having a good time.

Hope returned and informed Ciara that Chase was sick, so Aiden and Chase couldn't join them at the picnic. Ciara was disappointed because Aiden was supposed to help her make calls during the baseball game at the picnic. She invited Rafe to join them, and he eagerly agreed, which made Ciara very happy.

Kate was furious when she arrived at her office and found Justin behind her desk, going through her files. Justin reminded her that he had a meeting in Chicago and needed information to present to the board -- and Kate hadn't been in the office when he'd needed her. Kate offered to get Justin whatever he needed after he got away from her desk. After Kate retrieved the file Justin needed, he asked what time he could expect her to show up for work the next day. Kate took offense at Justin bossing her around -- even though he was her boss.

Kate complained, "We both know the only reason you took this job was to get back at Lucas for sleeping with your wife." Justin informed Kate that he had filed for divorce. Kate was taken aback, but Justin reminded her that he and Adrienne had both slept with other people. Kate asserted that by sleeping with Lucas, Adrienne had merely been getting Justin back.

"You had it coming to you. Don't overreact," Kate advised. Justin insisted he wasn't overreacting; his marriage was just over. Kate expressed genuine sympathy for the end of Justin and Adrienne's marriage. Justin asked Kate to keep the news quiet until he had a chance to tell his kids.

Will surprised Paul by dropping by Paul's hotel room. Paul tried to get rid of Will, but Will pushed his way into the room. After wondering sarcastically why Paul hadn't bought his own place yet, Will shifted gears and implored Paul, "I came here because I want to ask you -- I want to beg you to step aside... Please give Sonny and me a chance to work things out." Will acknowledged that he shouldn't have behaved the way he had in the past, but he was trying to change.

Paul pointed out that he couldn't change how Sonny felt. Will countered that Paul shouldn't have suggested to Sonny that Will hadn't been ready to get married. Paul argued that he hadn't done that, and he thought Sonny was just trying to figure out his own feelings. "What Sonny's trying to figure out is how to get out of this marriage. It's because of you," Will maintained. Paul insisted that he'd only compared his situation to Will's, since neither of them had been out very long, and both had clung to Sonny because it had been the safe thing to do.

Will argued that he had never hidden his relationship with Sonny -- plus he and Sonny had a daughter, and the three of them were a family. As a fed-up Will was leaving, he nearly ran into Derrick, who had arrived to play tennis with Paul. "You two have fun!" Will said on his way out, with a taunting look over his shoulder at Paul. Derrick and Paul engaged in some playful trash-talk before they headed out with their tennis rackets.

When Clyde stopped by Club TBD to pick up some coffee to go, he remarked to Sonny that it wouldn't surprise him if there were a wedding in the near future for Ben and Abigail. Although Sonny was happy for his cousin and Ben, he was surprised, since the two had just moved in together. "But, you know, men and women can still get married. Not just for your kind," Clyde said lightly. Bristling, Sonny demanded to know what Clyde had meant.

Clyde apologetically explained that he was simply of a different generation and had to get used to the idea of gay marriage. "That must be so tough for you," Sonny said sarcastically, but with a smile. Flustered, Clyde stated with seeming sincerity, "Obviously, I've said the wrong thing, and I am sorry. I hope you can accept my apology." Sonny conceded, shrugging. On his way out, Clyde looked back in Sonny's direction and muttered, "Better be careful, Sonny boy. The next time, I'll have 'em shove that knife through your heart instead of your back."

Ben dreamed he was in bed with Abigail, who called him "Chad" when expressing her love. Ben started awake when Abigail called his name from the foot of the bed. "You all right? Seemed like you were having a nightmare," Abigail said with concern. Ben claimed he couldn't remember what he'd been dreaming about.

Abigail said Theo really liked Ben and wanted Ben to join them at the summer picnic at the lake -- as did she. After Ben happily agreed to go, Abigail warned him that Theo had also invited Chad. Ben was worried that Chad would act like a jerk, but Abigail reassured him that Chad wouldn't behave that way in front of Theo. As Abigail headed for the shower, Ben scowled.

After Abigail had gone, Clyde stopped by the apartment to pick up some papers that Ben had signed. Clyde observed that Abigail had really put her touches on the place and had made it look more like a home. Ben pointed out a vase that Abigail had gotten with the gift card that Clyde had given them. Ben said he and Abigail were supposed to go to a picnic at the lake later -- but Chad DiMera was also going to be there.

Clyde was incredulous. Ben explained that it was for Chad's nephew, Theo, to whom Abigail was very close and who also had autism. Ben continued that Theo didn't always understand everything and just wanted everyone to be friends. "Is that what he wants, or is that what Chad told him to say?" Clyde asked skeptically. Ben asserted, "There's just something about Theo. He brings out the best in everyone. I don't think even Chad would try to use him to get what he wants." Although he hoped Ben was right, Clyde proposed, "Sometime soon, we gotta put our heads together, see if we can come up with some way to get this DiMera dude out of the picture -- permanently."

Later, Clyde visited Kate in her office. Kate asked how things were going with Ben since Abigail had moved in. "Well, it's a period of adjustment, you know. They've got a few things to smooth over, but in the end, I think everything's going to work out just fine," Clyde predicted.

Abigail went to the club to pick up some food for the picnic. As Sonny returned with Abigail's filled basket, he remarked that it seemed like a lot of food for two people. Abigail explained that Theo and Chad were going, as well -- and she was optimistic that Ben and Chad could put aside their differences for one afternoon.

"Abigail, the problem isn't how Chad feels about Ben. It's how he feels about you," Sonny noted. Abigail contended that Chad hated her. Sonny asserted that Chad still cared about her and wanted another chance with her, although Abigail didn't buy it.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad tossed out the rose that he'd given Abigail the morning after they'd spent the night together. Zoe arrived a moment later at Chad's invitation. She assumed she was there to discuss business, but Chad said he wanted her to accompany him and his nephew to the summer picnic. Disappointed, Zoe said she'd been hoping for something more "intimate" after their kiss. Chad pointed out that the picnic would allow Zoe to see a different side of him. He promised to take her shopping in the square on the way so she would have something to wear.

Once Chad and Zoe got to Horton Square, Chad arranged it with the manager of a clothing store to have whatever Zoe bought charged to his account. As Chad left Zoe to her shopping, Abigail arrived and spotted Chad. She followed him as he headed out of the square.

Abigail caught up with Chad in the park just as he was ending a business call. After Chad teased Abigail about her picnic basket, she asked if he were picking up Theo. Chad explained that Abe was picking Theo up and meeting them at the lake. Just as Abigail was about to ask Chad about what Sonny had said, Zoe showed up, wearing a sarong over a revealing black maillot-style swimsuit with numerous skinny straps over her abdomen.

"What do you think?" Zoe asked, twirling so Chad could admire her. He declared that she looked "amazing." Chad explained to Abigail that he'd invited Zoe to join them at the picnic. Abigail asked if Chad had explained about Theo to Zoe, who was clearly in the dark. "Chad's nephew is on the spectrum, and, you know, sometimes it takes him a long time to warm up to a new person," Abigail explained, adding that she just didn't want Zoe to get the wrong impression of Theo. Zoe was grateful, and Chad acknowledged that he should have filled her in.

After Abigail left, an astute Zoe deduced that Chad had invited her to the picnic to make Abigail jealous. Chad tried to deny it.

As she walked back through Horton Square, Abigail was talking to herself: "Well, Sonny, you're wrong. Chad doesn't have feelings for me. He just pretended to so that he could pay me back." Abigail realized that she had left her sunglasses in the park, so she reluctantly headed back to retrieve them.

When Abigail returned, she overheard Chad telling Zoe, "If I have to attend the Salem Summer Picnic, I would rather do it with somebody who is beautiful and interesting." Zoe reiterated, "No, you invited me to make Abigail jealous."

Will took Arianna to Club TBD to invite Sonny to join them at the picnic. Sonny pointed out that he had to work, but Will countered that T had offered to cover for Sonny. "We haven't missed the picnic since she was born. It's a family tradition," Will pleaded. Sonny worried that Will was trying to ignore their problems. Will said he had made an appointment for himself with the therapist his grandmother had recommended -- and just because they were having problems, it didn't mean their lives had to stop. Sonny agreed. He took the change of clothes that Will had taken there for him and took them into the back to change.

Once Rafe, Hope, and Ciara got to the lake, Rafe pitched a baseball to Hope so Ciara could practice being an umpire. When Hope argued with one of Ciara's calls, Ciara pretended to eject her from their game. "Ejecting people is even more fun than calling them out," Ciara declared, to Rafe and Hope's amusement. Ciara gave her umpire's mask to her mom and left to play with some kids from school. Rafe jokingly wondered where Ciara had learned to love being in control.

As Hope and Rafe chatted about their respective jobs, Hope noted that Rafe had to miss working as a detective, since being a cop was in his blood -- just as it was in hers. She added that she was glad he was still around to talk to about cases. Rafe admitted that he had enjoyed working for Victor at first. "But...something changed. He changed," Rafe added.

Ciara returned from playing with her friends and begged Rafe to teach her more about being an umpire. As Rafe grabbed his glove and left with Ciara, Ben arrived, looking for Abigail, but Hope hadn't seen her yet.

When Sonny, Will, and Arianna got to the lake, Sonny grumbled about how he preferred their usual spot and being near their friends. Will said he thought it would be nice for the three of them to have some private time, but Sonny pointed out that there were no kids nearby for Arianna to play with. Just then, Paul and Derrick returned from a dip in the lake, shirtless and dripping wet, and began to dry off a few yards away from Will and Sonny.

Abigail realizes something startling.

Abigail realizes something startling.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa eavesdropped outside Tate's nursery as Brady joked with the nanny, Hayley. Theresa interrupted, claiming she was looking for her missing tablet computer, and when she failed to locate it, she tried to get Hayley to continue the search in the sunroom. Hayley pointed out that she wasn't Theresa's maid, and when Theresa took offense, Brady made it clear that Hayley was just following his instructions.

Leaving Tate in Hayley's care, Brady dragged Theresa off to the living room and warned her to stop trying to find excuses to intrude on his private time with Tate. Theresa denied the accusation, insisting she had simply forgotten where she had placed her tablet because saying goodbye to Tate was always an emotional experience. "Give me a break. You're living in this house; your baby's right down the hall. But you and I might as well be living on different continents, because we are going to lead separate lives. Got it?" Brady asked. "Fine by me!" Theresa snapped before storming off, slamming the door behind her.

Theresa returned to the nursery and found her tablet hidden under a blanket. Before leaving, Theresa made it clear that she hadn't appreciated Hayley's earlier attempt to make her look bad in front of Brady. "I don't have to make you look bad. You take care of that all by yourself," Hayley replied. Theresa countered that she was Tate's mother, and Hayley was just the hired help. Ignoring the comment, Hayley carried Tate off to the kitchen to retrieve his bottle. Meanwhile, Theresa noticed a new smoke detector hanging on the wall. "Oh, my God! Seriously?!" Theresa shouted before leaving the room.

Theresa tracked down Anne at the hospital and started complaining about Hayley, who already seemed to be getting on Brady's good side. "God, what if my plan doesn't work?" Theresa fretted. Anne wondered what Theresa was talking about. Theresa explained that she was trying to think of a way to save Tate from something really horrible so Brady could start to see her in a different light.

"Right, like a woman who would put her kid in jeopardy just to score points with his father. How is that new?" Anne asked. Theresa stressed that she would never do anything to put Tate in real danger. Theresa added that she was simply trying to get Brady to see her as a great mother, hoping that would be the first step toward getting him to see her as someone who was worthy of his love and trust. "Mm-hmm. Ooh! I have an idea. Why don't you try being a really great mother?" Anne suggested. Theresa clarified that the point was that Brady needed to be around to witness her being that way.

Theresa feared that if she did manage to save Tate from something horrible, Hayley would receive credit for the rescue. Anne wondered if Hayley ever took a day off. Theresa shook her head and complained that, to make matters worse, she had just discovered that a nanny cam had recently been installed in Tate's nursery. Theresa explained that, while the new smoke detector in the nursery might seem innocuous to most people, she had seen such devices before -- in fact, one had gotten an ex of hers busted for drug possession.

Theresa was hurt that Brady hadn't warned her about the surveillance in Tate's nursery, but Anne suggested he might not know about it himself. "Victor. Oh, that sly old bastard! You know, he would do anything to get something on me," Theresa muttered. "Yeah, well, thank God you've been a model mother," Anne sarcastically replied. Theresa agreed and started to complain about how Victor would have eyes on Tate at all times, but she soon thought of a way to use the situation to her advantage -- with Anne's help. "Why are we so afraid of technology when it has the power to do so much good?" Theresa mused, grinning mischievously.

Lucas saw Adrienne entering Club TBD, so he followed her inside and observed that she looked upset about something. Adrienne explained that she was trying to track down Sonny so she could tell him she and Justin were getting a divorce. Lucas wanted to know where he and Adrienne stood, but when she didn't respond right away, he acknowledged that it probably wasn't the best day to be asking her that question. Adrienne stressed that she appreciated Lucas' patience and understanding. Lucas promised not to put any pressure on Adrienne but admitted he was a bit concerned about the fact that he hadn't seen much of her lately.

Lucas wondered if Adrienne had realized she didn't want to divorce Justin, after all. Adrienne replied that her desires didn't matter because the divorce was going to happen either way. "It's different this time than it was the last time. It's not about hurt feelings or misunderstandings or trying to get the other person to listen. It's," Adrienne sadly added.

Adrienne stressed that she didn't want Lucas to feel guilty about the situation or convince himself that he needed to rush into some sort of commitment with her as compensation for the divorce. Adrienne admitted she didn't think she and Lucas were in the right place to make such a commitment yet, anyway. "Listen, whatever we have is just starting. Who knows where or how far it will go, but I'm okay with that," Lucas assured a tearful Adrienne.

Abigail eavesdropped as Chad denied that he was using Zoe to make Abigail jealous. Chad adamantly assured Zoe that he and Abigail were over for good. "You keep telling yourself that. Maybe you'll actually start to believe it," Zoe replied before walking away. Chad followed Zoe, and once the coast was clear, Abigail emerged from her hiding place and retrieved the sunglasses she had dropped earlier.

Later, at the lake, Abigail and Theo played on an inner tube Ben had supplied. Afterward, Zoe observed that Abigail looked kind of sick. Abigail dismissed the concern, insisting she was just feeling a bit dizzy because she had been spinning around on the inner tube. Zoe rushed off to buy some hot dogs for everyone when she noticed a vendor nearby. "Oh, God -- hot dogs," Abigail muttered with disgust after Zoe left.

After eating, Abigail and Ben left. As she helped Theo fold a towel, Zoe observed that he was sporting a pretty sweet watch. Theo panicked, realizing he had forgotten to return the watch Ben had let him borrow earlier. Theo started to chase after Ben and Abigail, but Chad stopped him and promised to return the watch himself.

While putting away some leftovers in Ben's apartment, Abigail grimaced and clutched her stomach. "Maybe I have the stomach flu or something. Couldn't be that -- I'm not late, am I? Am I? No, no. No, it's impossible," Abigail insisted, staring in disbelief at the calendar app on her cell phone. "What's impossible?" Ben asked as he emerged from the bathroom. Before Abigail could respond, Chad arrived to return Ben's watch.

John spotted Paul, Will, and Sonny while dropping off some little league equipment at the lake. Paul introduced John to Derrick. Derrick started teasing Paul about losing their game of tennis, prompting Paul to defensively point out that he had a bad shoulder. Derrick admitted tennis and beach volleyball were the only two sports he was good at. Will said Sonny was also great at beach volleyball. Paul started to reminisce about a time when he had seen Sonny's skills firsthand, but he quickly stopped himself. Paul declined to play a game of beach volleyball with Derrick, knowing he had already put his shoulder through enough stress for one day.

Will encouraged Sonny to join Derrick instead. After Sonny and Derrick left, John excused himself so he could head over to the Kiriakis mansion to see Tate. Paul offered to walk John to the parking lot, and on the way there, John observed that things had seemed a bit tense between the guys earlier. Paul insisted everything was fine. John guessed Paul hadn't expected to run into Will and Sonny at the lake. Paul confirmed the suspicion but added that he had known all along that deciding to live in Salem would mean having to deal with running into Sonny and Will from time to time.

Changing the subject, John wondered how Paul and Derrick knew each other. Paul explained that Derrick had once worked as the bellhop at the Salem Inn. Observing that Derrick seemed friendly enough, John wondered what else Paul knew about the guy. Paul laughed and admitted it was kind of funny and cool that his new father was hovering and asking him about the new guy in his life. Paul said John's questions were making him feel like John accepted him for who he was, and he appreciated that. Paul stressed, however, that he and Derrick were just friends.

Elsewhere, Derrick apologized to Sonny for telling him about Will's visits to Paul's hotel room months earlier. Sonny understood, pointing out that there was no way Derrick could have known Will was Sonny's husband. Derrick hoped everything would work out for Will and Sonny, since they seemed like great guys. Sonny assured Derrick everything would work out. Derrick mused that he found it unbelievable -- great, but unbelievable -- that Sonny and Will were already married and raising a kid together, since they were both really young.

After John left, Paul approached Will and offered to watch Arianna for a while so Will could go hang out with Sonny and Derrick. Ignoring the offer, Will observed that it seemed like Paul and Derrick were more than just friends. Will noted that Derrick was obviously hot -- and obviously thought Paul was hot, too -- and Derrick and Paul clearly had chemistry, so there was really no reason they shouldn't be more than just friends. "Why are you pushing this, Will? What are you so afraid of?" Paul wondered. Will insisted he was just calling things the way he saw them, but Paul countered that Will was just seeing what he wanted to see.

"Does Sonny know that you brought him here because you want him to think that something's going on between Derrick and me?" Paul wondered. Will denied the accusation, insisting he didn't organize his life around Paul's movements. "Let me tell you something, Will -- it is perfectly normal for two gay men to be friends without sleeping together. And you and Sonny would know that if you had any gay friends," Paul pointed out. "Like you?" Will countered. Paul predicted that Will's desperate antics to hang on to Sonny were only going to end up pushing Sonny away. "Don't you start telling me what's gonna happen between Sonny and me," Will warned.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Derrick returned, bragging about how they had crushed their opponents in the beach volleyball game. Sensing some tension between Will and Paul, Sonny wondered if everything was all right. Will assured Sonny that nothing was going on, and Paul quickly dragged Derrick off for some food so Will and Sonny could have some privacy with Arianna.

After Paul and Derrick left, Sonny once again wondered what had happened between Will and Paul earlier. Will explained that Paul had gotten a bit defensive when Will -- in an attempt to be friendly -- had asked about Paul's relationship with Derrick. Sonny assured Will that Paul and Derrick were just friends, adding that he knew that because that was what Derrick had told him earlier. "Hmm. So you were wondering the same thing I was," Will noted.

Before Sonny could respond, he received a phone call from Adrienne, who asked him to meet her at Club TBD so she could talk to him about something important. After Sonny left, Will sighed and told Arianna the day hadn't exactly gone the way he had hoped it would.

At the Kiriakis mansion, John gave Brady an update on the case against Xander. When Brady questioned him about it, John confirmed that Justin and Kate had offered Paul a job at Mad World, and Paul was thinking about accepting it, which meant Paul could be hanging out in Salem for quite a while longer. Brady was glad to hear that, since he wanted to get to know Paul better. John admitted he needed to do the same, and he proceeded to reveal how he had meddled in Paul's love life earlier. John explained that he just wanted Paul -- and his other kids -- to be happy. Brady confidently predicted Paul would eventually find the guy he was meant to be with.

Before leaving, John stressed that he didn't like the fact that Theresa was staying at the Kiriakis mansion. "If you get the chance, get her out of here as soon as possible. 'Cause I think we both know that that girl is gonna be nothing but trouble," John predicted.

Abigail takes a pregnancy test

Abigail takes a pregnancy test

Friday, July 10, 2015

Nicole was up and drinking coffee on Daniel's couch when he got out of the shower. Daniel observed that something seemed to be bothering Nicole, and she admitted that she needed to tell him something. A bit glum, Nicole explained that she'd needed some time to think about Daniel's invitation for her to move in with him -- but, brightening, she announced that she'd decided to accept. A thrilled Daniel kissed her.

Reveling in the moment, Daniel declared that he loved Nicole and trusted her with his heart. Nicole hoped he would always feel that way, but she was worried that someone could say something to change the way Daniel felt about her. Daniel assured Nicole that he was aware of all the crazy things she'd done, but she admitted that he didn't know everything. Nicole explained that she had flirted with Xander and said some unflattering things about Daniel, but nothing had happened with Xander, although she'd let him believe something could.

Daniel understood that Nicole had only done that to protect Eric in an effort to make up for destroying the documents that could have cleared Eric's name. "Nicole, you have worked really hard to be more honest, to get your life together. So I know all I need to know about you -- and there's nothing Xander or anyone else [can] say that's going to make me change the way I feel about you," Daniel declared. As Daniel headed into the bedroom to finish getting dressed so they could move Nicole's things in, the two playfully argued about which of them was luckier to have the other.

On the phone with Serena, Eric had opened his door to leave when he remembered that he'd forgotten his wallet and returned to retrieve it. Serena swore that she was more committed than ever to helping put Xander in jail. "I'll see you soon, Serena," Eric said before hanging up. When he turned to leave, Brady was standing in the doorway. "You want to tell me why the hell you're still speaking to Serena Mason?" Brady demanded. Eric refused to discuss it with Brady, who assured Eric that he hadn't been the only one Xander and Serena had fooled.

Eric reiterated that he didn't want to talk about it. Brady said he was just trying to be there for Eric, as Eric had done for Brady numerous times. Eric guiltily admitted that he hadn't been there enough for Brady in the previous few weeks. He asked how things were going with Brady living under the same roof with Theresa. Brady confessed that it had been challenging. Eric offered to talk to Theresa, who he knew really loved Tate and wanted to be a good mother. Brady declared that it made him sick to think that Xander could get away with what he'd done to Eric and Nicole.

While Serena waited for Eric in Horton Square, she daydreamed that she sacrificed her freedom to win Eric's love and forgiveness.

As Daniel and Nicole were walking through Horton Square, Nicole declared emphatically that she would not stop living her life just because Xander was running loose. "In fact, I want to put that awful night behind me -- every part of it, every moment -- and concentrate on being with the man I love," Nicole added. Just then, Serena appeared, carrying two coffees in to-go cups. After they exchanged chilly but cordial greetings, Nicole remarked on the two coffee cups. Serena explained that she was meeting Eric. Nicole and Daniel's incredulous reactions irked Serena, and she stomped away.

Eric arrived while Daniel and Nicole were trying to figure out why Serena and Eric would be seeing each other again. Privately, Nicole told Daniel, "I don't think I'm up to this right now... So maybe I'll just do some errands, and you can ask Eric what's going on with Serena." Nicole bade Eric goodbye and left. Daniel demanded of Eric, "Any reason on planet Earth why you're seeing Serena?" Eric irritably ordered Daniel to leave it alone.

Eric apologized for snapping. Daniel maintained that after what Eric had done for Nicole and Daniel, Eric could yell as much as he wanted. "You saved Nicole's life, and, by extension, you saved mine. I could never do enough to repay you for that," Daniel declared. He expressed his gratitude to Eric for comforting Nicole when things had looked hopeless. Eric interrupted rather vehemently, "Stop! Stop it, Daniel! Just stop thanking me. It's the last thing you need to be doing."

Serena returned to her hotel room and sent a text message to Eric, asking him to meet her there instead of at the square. A moment after she'd sent it, there was a knock at the door -- but instead of Eric, it was Nicole. "Well, it's just you and me, Serena. And now I finally get to tell you exactly what I think about you, you lying, deceitful bitch," Nicole proclaimed.

In a hospital break room, Theresa proclaimed her determination to prove to Brady that she was a wonderful mother -- and get rid of the nanny -- by using the nanny cam to her advantage. Theresa asked if Anne still had the "techie friend" who could do almost anything with electronics. When Anne confirmed it, Theresa declared that it was time for them to do recon. When Anne reminded Theresa that they were both on the clock, Theresa stated dreamily that she really loved Brady. She grabbed Anne by the hand and dragged her out.

A few minutes later, Theresa led Anne into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and started laying out their game plan, but the posh surroundings distracted and enthralled Anne. Theresa headed upstairs while Anne stayed behind to admire the artwork and fine furnishings.

When Theresa entered the nursery, Hayley was sitting and reading in the rocking chair next to a napping Tate's crib. Hayley wanted to know if Theresa had cleared her unscheduled visit with Mr. Black. Brushing off Hayley's question, Theresa surreptitiously eyed the smoke detector and explained that she was really there to talk to Hayley and see if the two of them could start fresh.

Theresa admitted that she was very new to motherhood, and she could really use Hayley's help and advice -- and perhaps the two of them could become friends in the process. Although she seemed a bit baffled by Theresa's about-face, Hayley agreed. Theresa whispered a goodbye to Tate and headed out.

Anne was inspecting the glassware and decanters on the bar when Theresa returned. Based on the nanny's rudeness to her, Theresa concluded that Hayley didn't know she was being recorded. Theresa guessed that the camera hidden in the smoke detector was wireless and the feed went to a computer in the house. While Anne looked over her shoulder, Theresa opened the laptop on the desk and found the nanny-cam program right on the desktop. After a quick search, she found video of the nanny reading from earlier.

As Theresa emailed the video files to herself, she noted that the nanny had left the room during the recording. She said she could have Anne's friend edit the video to make it look like the nanny was out of the room all day -- and add audio of Tate crying. The women were just about to leave when Brady got home. Theresa explained that she'd been trying to coordinate her hospital schedule with the times she could see Tate, but her copy of the custody agreement was at the house. Theresa hinted that Anne should leave, so Anne exited after gushing to Brady about how nice the house was.

Theresa said she had a lead on a new place, and she hoped to be able to move out of the mansion with Tate in a week or two. "There's just been a lot of tension between the two of us, and I don't want the baby picking up on that," Theresa added evenly as she headed out.

Will, Lucas, and Arianna arrived back at Will and Sonny's apartment after the picnic. Lucas was happy to get some time to play with his granddaughter. Will said Adrienne had summoned Sonny to talk to him about something important, and Will wondered what it was about. Lucas hedged that he was sure Sonny would tell Will what was going on. Will confided that things had improved between him and Sonny, and Will had made an appointment to see a therapist on his own at Sonny's suggestion.

Will was optimistic that therapy could help him learn something that would help him save his marriage and his family. Lucas wondered if Sonny were as committed to working things out as Will was. Will said Sonny was willing to give Will a chance to prove himself and restore trust, and Will believed that Sonny would realize that he both wanted and needed the life they'd been building together. Will admitted that he needed to clear his head, so Lucas offered to watch Arianna while Will took a walk. A grateful Will accepted. He grabbed his keys and headed out.

Ben found Abigail in their living room, staring at her phone in disbelief and muttering, "No, no. It's impossible." Ben asked what was impossible. Just then, Chad arrived to return Ben's watch, which Theo had forgotten to return. Chad saw the stricken expression on Abigail's face and asked what was wrong. Suddenly, Abigail gagged and rushed to the bathroom. Ben guessed that spinning in the inner tube at the picnic had upset Abigail's stomach, and Chad remembered that she was prone to motion sickness.

Chad thanked Ben for being so good to Theo at the picnic. Abigail emerged from the bathroom and agreed with Ben's deduction about why she'd gotten sick, adding it had also been hot, plus she'd eaten a chili dog after the game on the inner tube. After Chad headed out, Ben asked Abigail again what she'd been talking to herself about. Abigail claimed that she had just been thinking about "work stuff." As Ben left for work, he kissed Abigail goodbye and cautioned her that he would be at the club until late.

As soon as the door closed behind Ben, a flipped-out Abigail gasped and exclaimed, "Oh, my God! Pregnant! No, it was -- it was the wrong time. It can't be." She grabbed her purse and hurried out.

At Club TBD, Sonny couldn't believe that his parents were getting a divorce. Adrienne pointed out that her marriage to Justin had been troubled for a long time. She added that Justin's affair with Elsa proved that he hadn't been happy for a while, and only after that had become apparent to Adrienne had her friendship with Lucas blossomed into something more. Noting that divorce was a huge, life-changing decision, Sonny asked if Justin and Adrienne had really talked about things.

Adrienne admitted that she and Justin had never discussed what had gone wrong in their marriage; they'd only argued. Sonny reassured his mother that he loved her and would support her no matter what, but he wondered if she and Justin could find a way to be happy together again. "I guess I need you to tell me that this is the only way, [and] a divorce is the only way to fix things between you and Dad," Sonny implored his mom. Sonny quickly amended that, admitting that a divorce was the opposite of fixing things.

Adrienne said Justin didn't think there was anything left to salvage, but she acknowledged that perhaps she hadn't fought hard enough for them. Sonny wondered why, instead of fighting, his mom had turned to Lucas. Adrienne emphasized that Lucas had been kind and supportive when she had really needed it. Sonny admitted that he couldn't help but be angry and disappointed in his father for his involvement with another woman.

"Honey, don't do that. One thing doesn't lead to the other. Your father and I, we had problems in our marriage that we couldn't work out, and that's all, but we still respect each other. We will always share a huge bond because of our kids," Adrienne asserted. Acknowledging that it was really none of his business, Sonny asked if Adrienne's "thing" with Lucas was serious. Adrienne said she and Lucas cared for each other but weren't making any kind of commitment.

Chad approached Adrienne and Sonny's table just then, so Adrienne made an excuse to leave. Drying her tears, she hugged Sonny and left. Chad expressed concern for Sonny.

A little later, Chad was reassuring Sonny that he didn't have a problem with Sonny hiring J.J. Sonny wanted to make sure that everything was all right between Abigail and Chad, since it was obvious Chad still had feelings for her. Chad denied it, insisting that whatever he'd had with Abigail was over, and there were no residual feelings. "I'm through with her, and she's through with me," Chad maintained.

When the doorbell rang at Will and Sonny's, Lucas answered the door with Arianna in his arms and found Adrienne on the doorstep. "I just came by to give her a hug," Adrienne explained sheepishly as Lucas invited her in. "This is how we got to where we got to, isn't it? Watching this little one be adorable together?" Adrienne noted while she and Lucas played with Arianna. "Is this okay -- for now?" Adrienne asked. Lucas declared that it was perfect.

Abigail was leaving Horton Square, carrying a small paper sack, when Will caught up with her. Will said he was sorry that they had missed seeing each other at the lake the day before. Distracted, Abigail said she was running late and started to hurry away. A concerned Will grabbed her arm, sending the bag to the ground and spilling its contents -- a home pregnancy test. Abigail stuck the test back in the bag and asked Will not to say anything about what he'd seen. "Of course. But Abigail, you shouldn't have to go through this alone," Will said.

Will asked if Ben would be with Abigail when she took the test. Abigail snapped that Ben was working late and reiterated that Will couldn't tell anything about it to anyone. Will said gently, "Abigail, please, you're my cousin, and if you'll let me, I'd like to come with you and be there with you when you find out." Abigail reluctantly agreed.

As Will and Abigail entered her apartment, she described her symptoms and admitted that she was worried, even though she and Ben had been careful. She added that she was glad not to be alone just then. Will confessed that it was a relief to focus on someone else's situation instead of his own. He predicted that if Abigail were pregnant, Ben would be thrilled. Will was surprised to learn that Ben and Abigail had never discussed whether they wanted kids, even though they'd moved in together. Abigail noted that she and Ben were young, just starting out, and not at all ready to have kids.

Abigail quickly apologized for being insensitive, but Will assured her that she hadn't been. He said while he hadn't been ready, either, raising Arianna with Sonny was the best thing he'd ever done. Before Abigail headed into the bathroom with the test, Will hugged her and promised that he would be there for her. A few minutes later, Abigail returned from the bathroom, carrying the pregnancy test stick by one end gingerly, as if it might detonate. "Abigail, are you pregnant?" Will asked.

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