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Shane and Kimberly worked things out with Theresa. Gabi fought with Will and Sonny about her modeling job in New York. Kate and Sami worked together to stop Nick. Maggie walked out on Victor. Eric learned that he was suspended. Daniel and Nicole kissed. Jennifer confessed to Eric. Rafe took his first steps.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, November 18, 2013

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Sami dreamed that E.J. had woken her to deliver a heartfelt apology for keeping Kristen's secret, but when Sami really woke up, she was disappointed to see that his side of the bed was empty. Later, Sami entered the living room and found Johnny and Harold battling each other with a pair of Star Wars lightsabers.

Sami could tell that Harold needed a break, so she convinced Johnny to show Harold some mercy so that Harold could get back to work. Harold gratefully thanked Sami and handed her his lightsaber as he left the room. As Johnny started to battle his new opponent, Sami wondered why he wasn't at school. Johnny explained that E.J. had left the mansion after giving Johnny permission to skip school earlier that day.

As their battle continued, Johnny told Sami that E.J. had gone somewhere to meet someone, but he admitted that he hadn't been listening when E.J. had mentioned the person's name. Sami reasoned that Johnny's brain might have still registered the person's name even though he hadn't really been paying attention when E.J. had uttered it. Referencing Star Wars, Sami advised Johnny to use the Force to try to remember what E.J. had said, but when Johnny was still unable to remember, she assured him that it wasn't a big deal because it was just a name. "That's it -- Justin! Dad said Justin!" Johnny confidently stated.

Justin met with E.J. in a secluded section of Horton Town Square. "If this is about Kristen, she can find her own damn lawyer," Justin preemptively stated, but E.J. clarified that he hadn't arranged the meeting so that they could talk about Kristen, whose whereabouts he wasn't even aware of. E.J. announced that he wanted to work with Justin again, adding that Stefano had entrusted Kristen with certain responsibilities at DiMera Enterprises and that she had failed to meet those responsibilities.

Justin was sure that Stefano, who had only left town to oversee Chad's recovery, would be able to fix Kristen's mess himself when he returned to Salem. "Well, my -- my father and I have reached, uh, an understanding, if you will. He's going to stay out of town until he's had a little bit of time to reflect on some of his actions of late. In the meantime, there isn't really any need for me to take over, Justin -- all I have to do is...take over...the running of the company. This is a great opportunity for you and I to work together," E.J. summarized.

Justin laughed and said that he would have to be a complete idiot to even consider working with E.J. again. Justin summarized that he had helped E.J. orchestrate a hostile takeover of Stefano's company -- a fact that Adrienne reminded him of daily while also pointing out that Stefano could have easily sought revenge on Justin's entire family for what Justin had done to him -- and that in exchange for his efforts, he had gotten the privilege of defending Sami against murder charges while E.J. had lied to him every step of the way during the trial. Justin added that he had also gotten to watch E.J. return to Stefano everything that they had taken from him.

E.J. stressed that he had been forced to give everything back to Stefano in order to protect Sami, but Justin countered that she had nearly been found guilty because of E.J.'s protective nature. "And if you think I don't know why Stefano has control of the company again, you grossly underestimated my intelligence," Justin added. E.J. insisted that his offer had nothing to do with Sami or her trial, but Justin refused to forget the fact that someone else was raising Marge's son because she was in prison for nearly killing Chad in an effort to get back at E.J. Justin also pointed out that his marriage had almost blown up because of his involvement with E.J.

E.J. dryly stated that he was going to assume that Justin was declining the offer. "E.J., I've spent these last couple months getting reacquainted with my integrity. Find yourself another guy," Justin said before walking away. E.J. scoffed and dismissively muttered that it wouldn't be the least bit difficult for him to find another guy to handle the matter.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Gabi quietly read aloud one of the lines of her modeling contract. When Will entered the living room and asked if Gabi had said something, she quickly hid the contract under her purse. Avoiding Will's question, Gabi reported that Sonny had allowed Will to sleep in that morning to give Will some extra time to recover from the effects of jet lag.

Insisting that he was fine, Will wondered if Gabi had managed to get some sleep or if she had spent the whole night trying to decide if she should sign the modeling contract. Will admitted that he didn't understand why Gabi would be hesitant to sign the contract if Justin verified that it was legitimate, since it was an opportunity that could completely change her life. Gabi warned Will that her decision could also change his life.

Assuming that Gabi meant that he would have to take care of Arianna more often, Will insisted that he wouldn't mind at all because Arianna was his daughter, and he added that Sonny would also be willing to take extra shifts with Arianna so that Gabi would be able to attend meetings and photo shoots. Before Gabi could say anything else, Will received a text message from T, who had sent a link to Will with an accompanying note of concern about Eric.

After reading the article that T had linked in the text message, a stunned Will apologetically excused himself, exiting the apartment before Gabi could protest that she needed him to watch Arianna so that she could meet with Justin to discuss the modeling contract.

When E.J. returned to the mansion later that day, Sami was sitting alone in the living room. E.J. had a tense conversation with Sami about his earlier meeting with Justin, and as it devolved into another argument about E.J.'s decision to keep Kristen's secret from Sami, Will entered the mansion and announced that he had read some garbage about Eric online earlier. Sami proceeded to tell Will about what had happened during Brady and Kristen's wedding and that Kristen had disappeared afterward.

When Will summarized that Kristen had done something truly evil to Eric, E.J. impatiently changed the subject and asked Will to tell him and Sami about the seminar at Berkeley. After doing so, Will excused himself so that he could get back to Arianna. Sami assured him that Sonny and Gabi had gotten along quite well during his absence, and he admitted that he had never expected things to work out as well as they had. After Will left, Sami made it clear that she was still upset with E.J.

At the Horton Town Square, Gabi met with Justin to discuss the modeling contract. Gabi was adamant about paying Justin for his services, despite his protests, because she wanted to be certain that Justin wouldn't be able to share the details of their conversation with anyone. Justin suspiciously wondered what kind of modeling agency had approached Gabi, who assured him that she would never consider doing that sort of modeling.

When Justin inspected the contract and realized that Gabi would need to move to New York, he wondered if Will was going to be okay with the relocation. Gabi's silence convinced Justin that Will didn't know that she was considering moving to New York. Gabi sighed impatiently and explained that she had tried to talk to Will about the matter earlier that day, adding that when Will had suddenly left to deal with something, she had decided to talk to Justin about the contract first to see if the offer was even worth pursuing, reasoning that she didn't want to stir things up with Will unless there was a real reason to do so.

Justin reminded Gabi that Will was Arianna's father -- a role that he obviously took very seriously -- and he insisted that she needed to level with Will before even considering such a big decision. Gabi protested that Will and Sonny had each encouraged her to take advantage of the great opportunity that she had been given, but Justin guessed that they had only done so because she hadn't been completely honest about the details of the contract.

Justin inspected the contract and assured Gabi that it was legitimate. "Is there anything in there that would put modeling before me being a mom?" Gabi wondered. The question puzzled Justin, so Gabi started to explain that she and Will didn't have a formal custody agreement, but Justin interrupted her. "All right, stop right there. Now I know why you wanted to pay me for my silence, and I don't want any part of it," Justin said.

Justin assured Gabi that he would keep their conversation confidential because that was what he had previously promised to do. "But Will and my son love this little girl, and you're thinking about taking her away from them, right?" Justin added. Gabi countered that she also loved Arianna and had rights as the child's mother. "Yes, you do, but the last thing I'm gonna do is give you advice about how to make that happen," Justin said before walking away.

At the Horton house, J.J. rushed into the foyer to greet Jennifer when he heard her descending the staircase. J.J. was surprised that Jennifer hadn't already left for work, and she was equally surprised to see that he wasn't at school. Jennifer explained that she had overslept, and J.J. clarified that he didn't have a class during the first period of the day and would be going to school later.

Jennifer offered to make J.J. some breakfast, but he declined so that she could get to work right away. Jennifer insisted that she had time to make J.J. a proper breakfast first, but she wanted to grab her cell phone from the living room before doing so. J.J. blocked Jennifer's path, and she quickly realized that there was something in the living room that he was trying to hide from her.

Jennifer sidestepped J.J. and entered the living room, where she was pleasantly surprised to see a guitar laying on the couch. J.J. claimed that he was simply restringing the instrument, but Jennifer wasn't fooled, and she enthusiastically stated that it was wonderful to know that he had started playing the guitar again. Jennifer pointed out that J.J. hadn't touched his guitar since arriving in Salem earlier that year, adding that it was one of the reasons that he hadn't seemed like himself.

Jennifer gushed about J.J.'s musical skills and said that she had missed hearing him play his guitar, but he skeptically dismissed her praise and insisted that he wasn't that talented. Jennifer told J.J. to stop putting himself down, adding that he was an amazing musician and a really wonderful son. Jennifer urged J.J. to play something for her, but he evasively stated that he was out of practice and the guitar was out of tune.

Jennifer was confident that she would still like whatever J.J. played for her. "I'm not twelve anymore, okay? I'll suck and I'll know it," J.J. protested, but Jennifer continued to beg him to play something, so he finally promised to practice the instrument when she wasn't around to hear his efforts. Satisfied, Jennifer assured J.J. that she appreciated his recent efforts to change his life and that the judge at J.J.'s sentencing hearing was also going to appreciate his efforts.

J.J. remained silent as Jennifer hugged him and excused herself so that she could get to work. J.J. wondered if it was tough for Jennifer to go to the hospital, where there was always a risk that she would run into Daniel. After replying that she hoped that she wouldn't run into Daniel, Jennifer quickly exited the house.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline greeted Theresa, who was surprised to see that the place was devoid of customers. Caroline explained that she had closed the pub for the day. Theresa initially assumed that the pub was closed because of what had happened with Eric the previous day, but when she realized that wasn't the case, she started to suspect that the decision to close the pub had something to do with her.

Right on cue, Shane and Kimberly emerged from the kitchen and greeted Theresa, who was surprised to see her parents because she had been under the impression that they wouldn't be arriving in Salem until the following day. After receiving a hug from Shane and assuring him that she was going to be all right, Theresa awkwardly accepted a hug from Kimberly and wondered why Shane and Kimberly had arrived in Salem a day early.

Shane explained that he had cut his trip short, and Kimberly added that they had wanted to rush to Salem right away because they were very worried about Theresa. "So are we," Roman said as he, Kayla, and Hope emerged from the kitchen. Theresa knowingly observed that the situation had all of the earmarks of an intervention, and Shane wondered if she really believed that an intervention was uncalled-for after what had happened to her.

"I don't need anybody else to point out to me that I messed up, okay? I figured that out while they were pumping my stomach. Look, I had a lot of time at the hospital to think about...stuff, and how close I came to -- you know, and -- look, the point is, I get it, okay? I messed up, and I had one chance here and I blew it, and I hit rock bottom, and -- I don't like being there, you know? And I know I just need to pull myself --" Theresa started to say, but Kimberly was able to interrupt and finish the sentence because she had heard hundreds of similar statements from Theresa in the past.

Kayla assured Theresa that the family wasn't trying to gang up on her, and Roman added that he understood that it was tough for people to make big changes in their lives. Roman advised that the first step was for Theresa to admit that she needed help, and she quickly confirmed that she did indeed want her family to help her. Hope was glad to hear that, but she warned that Theresa would lose the family's support if she didn't immediately check herself into a rehabilitation program.

Theresa, who had gone to Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the past, conceded that it was probably a good idea for her to start attending them again, and she added that she was aware of a group that held regular meetings at St. Luke's. Kimberly announced that there was a possibility that Theresa might have to return to Los Angeles and attend meetings there instead. Theresa dramatically protested that her life would be over if she returned to Los Angeles.

Shane suggested that the judge who had given Theresa probation might show some leniency if she checked herself into a rehab facility immediately after arriving in Los Angeles, but Kimberly added that Theresa had to face the consequences of her actions either way. Theresa summarized that her parents were throwing her to the wolves, prompting Kayla to reply that the Bradys weren't going to continue enabling Theresa's drug habit.

Theresa reiterated that she would attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and stop using drugs, adding that she still had a job in Salem. Confused, Hope recalled that Theresa had been fired a few weeks earlier, but Theresa clarified that Anne had rehired her. Kayla reported that the decision wasn't Anne's to make, regardless of what Anne might have wanted Theresa to believe. Theresa worriedly protested that her probation would definitely be revoked if she were fired again. Theresa tearfully wondered why everyone was unable to see that she was trying to turn her life around.

"Honey, you overdosed. You almost died! And now we're here, and we're gonna make sure that's just not gonna happen again, Theresa. If I have to pick you up and put you on that plane myself and take you to L.A., I will," Kimberly assured Theresa, who guessed that Kimberly was loving the predicament that Theresa was in. Sensing trouble, Shane intervened and suggested that it was time for everyone to take a break.

Theresa followed Shane outside and thanked him for intervening. Theresa started to complain about Kimberly, but Shane interrupted and warned that she would no longer be able to play him against her mother. "Look, I know I was away far too much when you were young, but you have to know that your mother's a very fragile person, and she had to do the parenting for both of us," Shane added. Theresa protested that Kimberly wasn't that fragile and that Shane hadn't been there to witness their mother-daughter fights, but Shane reasoned that dealing with an adolescent was a difficult task for anyone to handle.

Theresa couldn't believe that Shane was taking Kimberly's side. "Oh, would you stop making this about your mother? You are a grown woman, Theresa! It's time you started taking responsibility for your actions! If you had a problem with your mother, it's because you drank too much, you took drugs, and you slept around with boys twice your age," Shane impatiently replied. Theresa wondered if Shane had ever considered the possibility that she had gotten involved with older men because she had been searching for a father figure.

Conceding the point, Shane said that, while he might not have been around as often as he should have been during Theresa's youth, that was no longer the case, and she was no longer a teenager who could guilt him into allowing her to get away with things that she had no business doing in the first place. Shane added that Theresa's overdose had to be a wakeup call for everyone, not just Theresa.

Theresa tearfully wondered why no one was willing to believe that she had changed, prompting Shane to remind her that the Bradys had all heard that claim from Theresa many times before and that she had simply been playing them every other time that she had made that claim. Theresa wondered what she would have to do to convince her family that she had truly changed. Ignoring the actual question, Shane cryptically informed Theresa that in addition to convincing the Bradys that she had truly changed, she would also have to convince one other person.

Meanwhile, inside the pub, the rest of the family rallied around Kimberly and assured her that they were going to make sure that Theresa would be all right. When Shane reentered the pub, the Bradys wished him and Kimberly luck, and Shane and Kimberly exited the pub together, ignoring Theresa's request for information about where they were going. Later, Caroline went outside to try to convince Theresa, who had stubbornly stayed outside to avoid hearing more judgments from the rest of the Bradys, to rejoin the rest of the family inside the pub because it was freezing outside.

Caroline assured Theresa that everyone was on her side and that things would go more smoothly if Theresa made an effort to work with the rest of the family, and Theresa reluctantly agreed to take Caroline's advice. When Caroline and Theresa reentered the pub, Kayla assured Theresa that Shane and Kimberly would soon return. Theresa wondered why Kayla had previously stated that Theresa's job was still in jeopardy.

Kayla explained that everyone at the hospital was aware that Theresa had nearly died because of an overdose. Kayla insisted that Theresa couldn't possibly expect to have job security after that sort of incident, but Theresa guessed that Jennifer was responsible for putting Theresa's job in jeopardy again. Theresa believed that Jennifer was out to get her, and Kayla wondered if Theresa would blame Jennifer if that were true. Theresa protested that she hadn't even realized that Daniel had been present during her overdose until after the fact, but Kayla reminded Theresa that Jennifer had other reasons for having misgivings about Theresa.

At the Horton house, J.J. was strumming his guitar in the living room when the doorbell rang. J.J. opened the door and greeted the strangers who were standing outside, who introduced themselves to J.J. as Jennifer's friends and Theresa's parents, Shane and Kimberly. Taken aback, J.J. curiously tried to get Kimberly and Shane to reveal the reason for their visit so that he could relay the message to Jennifer, but Shane simply asked J.J. to tell Jennifer that they were in town for a few days and had something that they would like to talk to her about -- preferably in person, although they'd be willing to discuss the matter via a phone conversation if Jennifer was too busy to meet with them.

J.J. nodded and dismissively stated that he had enjoyed meeting Shane and Kimberly. "Crap!" J.J. groaned after Kimberly and Shane left. J.J. grabbed his jacket and went to the hospital to tell Jennifer about Shane and Kimberly's earlier visit. Meanwhile, Shane and Kimberly returned to the pub as Roman and Hope were excusing themselves to pursue a new lead on Kristen's whereabouts.

Theresa could tell, based on Shane and Kimberly's looks, that they had gone to decide whether she would be returning to Los Angeles or not, and she braced herself for the verdict.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kate stopped by Club TBD to pick up a cup of coffee for Rafe. T overheard Kate mention Rafe, and T said that he had watched Jordan drinking with Abigail and Gabi the night before. As T raved about how hot Jordan looked, Kate frowned. Kate asked Sonny to tell Will to call her. On her way out, Kate wondered aloud why Jordan had spent time with Gabi.

At the lake, Rafe sat in his wheelchair and gazed out over the water with Jordan. Rafe joked that he wanted to walk down to the water under his own power. Jordan warned Rafe not to push too hard. Rafe saw Will walking nearby and called out to him. Rafe and Will chatted about Will's writing workshop and the mess with Eric. With a smile, Will informed Rafe that Gabi had good news, but Will did not say more. Will mentioned that he had heard that Jordan had hung out with Gabi and Abigail at Club TBD.

After the hospital called Jordan's cell phone, Jordan told Rafe they needed to head back. Rafe pushed Jordan for details about Jordan's evening with Gabi and Abigail, but Jordan joked that if Rafe was not at the van by the time she started the engine that she would leave Rafe behind. Rafe laughed and wheeled his chair in pursuit of Jordan. From the bushes nearby, Kate stepped into the clearing and watched with a dismayed face as Rafe left with Jordan.

In Club TBD, Will arrived and informed Sonny that he had heard the news about Eric. Will explained to Sonny and T that Eric had claimed that Kristen had drugged and raped him. Changing the subject, Will asked what was in the pastry box at the end of the bar. With a grin, Sonny opened the lid to reveal a cake with icing spelling out, "Strike a Pose." Sonny said that they would eat the cake to celebrate when Gabi signed her modeling contract. Both Sonny and Will hoped aloud that Gabi would sign the contract.

In the town square, Nick spotted Gabi sitting in the cafe with Arianna and stopped by their table. Gabi informed Nick that Justin had reviewed the modeling contract but that she had not told Sonny or Will that she would have to relocate to New York. Gabi wondered aloud if she was making a mistake signing the contract. With a sigh, Gabi confided her fear that Arianna would resent Gabi for moving away from Will in order to model.

As Gabi talked about telling the agency no, Nick played up the negative sides of signing the contract, which spurred Gabi to defend the offer and the upside to signing the contract. Nick mentioned Will's writing workshop, and Gabi noted that Will had his life planned out. In deep thought, Gabi murmured that if she said no to the agency offer that she would be giving up not just a job but a career. Gabi worried aloud whether she would resent Will and Sonny if she turned down the offer and had to ask Will and Sonny for financial help.

"I have to do it. I guess I just have to," Gabi said decisively. Gabi stepped aside to call the modeling agency and inform them that she would sign the contract. Nick leaned over to Arianna and whispered how much Arianna would love New York. When Gabi returned, she worried aloud how to tell Will and Sonny about moving to New York. Gabi said that she was afraid Will would fight her for custody of Arianna.

Nick assured Gabi that Sonny and Will understood that their living situation together was temporary. Shaking her head, Gabi said that her understanding with Will and Sonny did not mean they would accept her moving away with Arianna. Gabi noted that Will had been separated from Arianna for a week and was upset to be apart from the baby for even that small amount of time. Nick told Gabi he was happy for her and urged her to go home and tell Sonny and Will about the move.

Once Gabi and Arianna had left, Nick made a call about a job offer in New York. Nick eagerly accepted the position and told the person that he was excited to move to New York as soon as possible. After hanging up on the call, Nick saw Will and called out to him. Nick made small talk about the writing program and Eric. Uncomfortable, Will was polite but did not have much to say. Nick encouraged Will to write an autobiography.

When Gabi returned to her apartment, she found Sonny in the kitchen. Gabi rolled the stroller into the bedroom to put Arianna down for her nap. While Gabi was in the bedroom, the phone rang. Sonny answered it and offered to take a message for Gabi. The caller informed Sonny that Gabi was moving to New York.

Sonny hung up the phone and seethed with anger. When Gabi returned to the living room, Sonny turned abruptly to face her and yelled, "You selfish bitch!"

At the nurses' station in the hospital, J.J. informed Jennifer that Shane and Kimberly were in town and wanted to talk to Jennifer about Theresa. Daniel walked down the hallway, and Jennifer was flustered. Recovering, Jennifer said that she would handle it. J.J. walked away as Jennifer checked her phone messages. After Daniel consulted with Maxine about a patient, Jennifer informed Maxine that she would be off-site on an errand.

As Jennifer waited at the elevator, Maxine left to talk to a patient. Jennifer took the opportunity to talk to Daniel alone about Eric. Daniel said that he believed Eric had been drugged. Nodding, Jennifer said that she was pleased that Eric could rely on Daniel. Jennifer said that she felt naÔve for believing that Kristen had changed, saying, "Sometimes you think you know people." "And sometimes, you don't really know at all," Daniel concluded.

Jennifer informed Daniel that the dinner for the top ten doctors had been postponed. Nodding, Daniel said that he did not plan on attending the dinner. Jennifer agreed that it was for the best if Daniel did not attend. Jennifer said goodbye and left. J.J. walked around the corner and stared at Daniel. Daniel motioned down the hallway.

J.J. met with Daniel in the physical rehabilitation room. Daniel warned J.J. to stay away from him. Shaking with stress, J.J. informed Daniel that Theresa's parents had visited him, and he had been worried that Theresa had regained her memories. Daniel warned J.J. that no one could learn the truth about Theresa's overdose before J.J.'s sentencing hearing.

When J.J. asked about Theresa's memory, Daniel counseled that if Theresa had not remembered already then she likely would never recover her memories of that night. J.J. told Daniel that he had visited Theresa in order to check on her. Gritting his teeth in frustration, Daniel told J.J. that it was a terrible idea to talk to Theresa and that J.J. should avoid Theresa at all costs. Daniel added that J.J. needed to steer clear of Daniel so that no one would figure out what had really happened the night Theresa overdosed.

J.J. talked about how well things were going between him and Jennifer. J.J. mentioned that Jennifer had cried when J.J. had taken his guitar down to the living room. Smiling, Daniel confided that he remembered Jennifer talking about how well J.J. had played his guitar. Daniel told J.J. that Jennifer had always been proud of J.J. With a sigh, J.J. lamented that he had to continue to lie to his mother.

When Jordan and Rafe returned to the hospital, Rafe continued to press Jordan for information about her night out with Gabi and Abigail. Jordan evaded the question. Rafe begged Jordan to at least tell him if she had had a fun night out. Jordan smiled slightly and told Rafe to return to his room. Across the hall, Kate watched as Rafe grabbed Jordan's hand and told Jordan that he was happy Jordan had spent a night out having fun.

Kate followed Jordan down the hallway and confronted her in the physical rehabilitation room. "Is that always the way you work?" Kate asked. Confused, Jordan asked Kate what she meant. Kate accused Jordan of playing up her mysterious side and then drawing people in by slowly opening up to them. Jordan stressed that she was not playing games with anyone.

After talking to J.J., Daniel walked down the hall to check on Rafe. Rafe was anxious to return to his home and his work. With a smile, Daniel assured Rafe that Rafe would be home soon. Rafe asked Daniel how he was doing. When Daniel raised an eyebrow, Rafe joked that he was practically a staff member at the hospital because he had been there so long and that he had heard the gossip. Daniel said he was fine.

At the Brady Pub, a terrified Theresa stared at Shane, Kim, Caroline, and Kayla and asked them if she was going to Los Angeles to face jail time. Shane stressed that the family wanted to help Theresa. Theresa protested that she had changed and that she wanted a chance to prove it. Caroline interrupted to note that she believed that Theresa wanted to change, but Caroline was concerned that Theresa's desire to change would wear off over time.

Theresa begged her family to let her stay in Salem. Shane said that the family was there to support Theresa but that they were not the only ones that had a say in whether Theresa could stay in Salem. A look of horror spread across Theresa's face as she realized that Shane meant that Jennifer would have a say in Theresa's fate.

When Jennifer arrived at the pub, Shane explained the situation. With tears brimming in her eyes, Theresa offered a sincere apology to Jennifer. Theresa apologized for being a bitch and for tormenting Jennifer. Theresa explained that she was entering rehabilitation and that she wanted to make amends to Jennifer.

Jennifer announced that it was Shane and Kimberly's decision whether to send Theresa back to Los Angeles or not. Jennifer stressed that if Theresa remained in Salem, Theresa was not allowed to interact with J.J. ever. Narrowing her eyes, Jennifer threatened that if Theresa did not avoid J.J., Jennifer would make Theresa's life miserable.

As Jennifer walked out of the pub, Kayla followed. Kayla told Jennifer that she was pleased by Jennifer's decision. Jennifer said that Theresa was not the only person that had made mistakes. When Kayla asked Jennifer if she believed that Theresa would turn her life around, Jennifer said that she doubted Theresa could do it.

Inside the pub, Theresa talked to her parents privately. Theresa asked hopefully if she could stay in Salem. Shane noted that he had instructed Jennifer to call him if Theresa interfered in Jennifer or J.J.'s lives. Shane and Kim told Theresa she could stay in town, but they demanded to know what had caused Theresa to overdose.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In the DiMera living room, E.J. made calls for work while Sami and the children played outside. When Sami entered the living room, E.J. suggested that the children should return to school. Sami and E.J. bickered about Kristen, and Sami reminded E.J. that he had lied to her. "I don't see the point in going round and round," E.J. said. Sami disagreed.

"You know that I did the right thing, and now you have had a night on your own to think about it. You know in your gut, in your heart, and most likely in your head that what I did, I did to protect you and your brother," E.J. said. Sami disagreed and accused E.J. of protecting Kristen, who was a rapist. E.J. said that he only knew that Kristen and Eric had slept together.

Suspicious, Sami asked E.J. if he had known about the drugs or where Kristen was hiding. E.J. said he did not know anything about Kristen's plans or what she was doing at that moment. Sami accused E.J. of holding out on her. E.J. countered that his concern was for Sami and not Kristen. Nodding, Sami said that she would not leave E.J. but that their relationship was on hold. Sami explained that she wanted separate bedrooms.

E.J. approached Sami and stood close, towering over her. E.J. whispered that he would respect Sami's wishes. "I'm sure it will be tough. For me. I will consider myself duly punished," E.J. added softly as he hovered near Sami's face. Tempted, Sami let E.J. linger before she leaned away. E.J. nodded and returned to work.

Sami paced behind E.J. as he worked, and she wondered aloud if Marlena would call. E.J. assured Sami that Marlena would call eventually. As E.J. continued to pore over his files, Sami asked him if he was struggling to straighten out the mess that Stefano and Kristen had left in their wake at DiMera Enterprises. E.J. grumbled that it would take a month to fix the problems that Kristen had caused at work.

As E.J. lamented that he needed someone to help him, his eyes widened. E.J. asked Sami to run the retail section of the business so that he could concentrate on the industrial and financial aspects of the business. Sami grabbed the folder that E.J. offered and she talked about an idea she had to present to the distributors. E.J. smiled. Self-conscious, Sami asked why E.J. was smiling.

"I love the way your mind works," E.J. said. "You have some good ideas yourself. I mean about how to run the business," Sami said. Sami promised to get out of E.J.'s way so that he could work. Sami added that she had promised to visit Will, and that she would get back to work after that. E.J. urged Sami to visit with Will. Smiling, Sami thanked E.J. for letting her help with the company. "I trust you, Samantha," E.J. said.

"It still doesn't change how I feel about the other thing," Sami said softly. E.J. agreed and noted that he had not forgotten that he was banished from Sami's bedroom. "We're a good team. In your heart, you know that," E.J. said. Sami smiled sadly and left.

Chad called E.J. on the phone at the mansion. After talking to his brother, E.J. asked Abigail to meet him. In the park, E.J. informed Abigail that Chad was doing well. When Abigail reacted with relief, E.J. raised an eyebrow and noted that Abigail seemed to still care for Chad. Abigail admitted that she still cared. E.J. announced that Chad had decided not to return to Salem. When Abigail noted that she could not be with Chad even if he were in town, E.J. reminded Abigail that Chad would do anything to be with her.

Abigail asked E.J. if he understood that Chad's lies about his brain tumor had been wrong. When E.J. rolled his eyes, Abigail gasped. Abigail asked E.J. if he had known that Chad was lying about being ill. E.J. admitted that he had known.

In their apartment, Sonny called Gabi a selfish bitch. Sonny informed Gabi that he had spoken to her modeling agency on the phone and had learned that Gabi was moving to New York. Gabi explained that she had told Sonny and Will that there were issues with the contract, but Sonny and Will had continued to push her to sign with the agency. Furious, Sonny argued that if Gabi had told them about the move to New York, Sonny and Will would not have been so insistent.

Pointing out that Sonny and Will were only supportive when it was convenient for them, Gabi yelled that she was not going to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime. Sonny asked why Gabi had not considered how the move would affect him and Will. When Gabi pointed out that Sonny and Will were able to pursue their dreams, Sonny countered that Gabi needed to consider Arianna when Gabi made any life-changing decisions.

Gabi argued that the modeling job would help her provide for Arianna. When Will arrived home, Sonny ordered Gabi to tell Will about her modeling offer. Gabi explained that the contract required Gabi to move to New York. Will asked what would happen to Arianna. "The baby gets her own first class ticket. One way," Sonny groused.

Confused, Will asked Gabi if she wanted to take Arianna away from him. Gabi explained that she did not want to take Will's daughter away but that the job provided an apartment, childcare, and monthly plane tickets home. When Gabi suggested shared custody, Will refused, citing his upbringing as a reason to avoid shared custody. Will asked why they could not continue to live together.

Gabi explained that she could not live with Sonny and Will forever. Gabi reminded Will that before she had been pregnant ,modeling had been her dream. "I honestly never thought that I would get this opportunity again, and now it's here, and Will, let me tell you, I am not about to let it go," Gabi said. Will asked how long Gabi had know about the move.

As Gabi noted that she had told them about the contract as soon as she had received it, Sonny disagreed. Sonny argued that the contact at the modeling agency had informed him that they had already secured an apartment for Gabi and had baby-proofed the residence, which showed that Gabi had kept the information about the move from them for a while. As Sonny raised his voice, Arianna started to cry. While Will went into the bedroom to check on the baby, Sonny threatened to tell the modeling agency about Melanie's kidnapping.

Defensive, Gabi warned Sonny not to threaten her. Sonny said that he would not let Gabi hurt Will or Arianna. When Gabi said she would not hurt them, Sonny countered that Gabi had not meant to hurt Melanie, either, and he instructed her to look at what had happened. Gabi said that she regretted what she had done to Melanie every day of her life.

"I find that very hard to believe," Sonny growled. Gabi reminded Sonny that if he told anyone about the kidnapping that it would hurt Chad as well. Sonny countered that he was not worried about Chad because the only witnesses to the beating by Chad were Gabi and Nick. Gabi wondered aloud if Stefano would be upset that Sonny was willing to hurt Chad. Setting his jaw, Sonny refused to back down.

When Will returned to the living room, he noted that the modeling job was a great opportunity. Will suggested that if the modeling agency was that interested in Gabi then she could ask to model in Chicago instead of New York. Gabi asked Will how he would feel if he could only write for family and friends and not share his work with anyone outside that limited circle. Gabi added that Will could write anywhere and that Sonny could open a club in any city.

"Unfortunately, I can only get this opportunity in New York," Gabi said. When Will said that he could not let Gabi leave, she countered that she did not want to be double-teamed by Will and Sonny. Will assured Gabi that they did not want to gang up on her. Will begged Gabi to think about the offer and not to make a decision until they talked about it. Gabi left without a word.

Once Gabi was gone, Sonny called his father in the hopes that there was a way to stop Gabi from leaving town. Will saw the pastry box and looked at the cake. After talking to Justin, Sonny informed Will that Gabi was in a good position. Sonny noted that the contract showed that Gabi intended to make an effort to return to Salem once a month and did not intend to keep Will from his daughter.

Sonny argued that the only option was to go to family court and argue that Gabi was an unfit mother. Will refused. Sami knocked on the front door. When Will let her in, she was suspicious of Will's reaction to her arrival. Will explained that he had forgotten that Sami had said she would visit. Sami spotted the cake and asked about it. When Sami asked if something was going on with Gabi, Will and Sonny looked at one another.

At the Brady Pub, Shane and Kim informed Theresa that she would be able to stay in Salem. Kim asked Theresa why she had overdosed. Theresa stressed that she wanted to change then she stormed out of the pub. Kim chased after Theresa. Caroline returned from the back room and asked Shane what had happened. Shane lamented that he had not been around while Theresa was growing up. Caroline reminded Shane that he was there for Theresa at that moment.

Shane thanked Caroline for supporting him. With a twinkle in her eye, Caroline said that someone could sweep Theresa off of her feet just like Shane had done with her daughter Kim.

Outside the pub, Kim asked Theresa why she was angry. Theresa argued that Kim had ruined her life. Theresa added that Kim had been controlling. Kim apologized for being busy when Theresa was younger, but Theresa commented that she had been happy back in those days. Theresa noted that things had changed between them when Theresa had gone out on her first date.

Chuckling, Kim said, "I probably just saw too much of myself in you." "Yeah, this is all about you," Theresa grumbled. Theresa asked why Kim had been so tough on Theresa when Theresa had started dating. Kim explained that she had preferred that Theresa hate her than watch her daughter get hurt. Kim admitted that she should have known better than to control Theresa. Theresa apologized and reached out her hand to Kim.

"You can find your way, Theresa. I know you can. If you want me to back off, I can do that. If you want more space, I can give you more space, but I will never stop loving you, and I will never ever stop believing in you," Kim said through tears. Theresa thanked Kim for flying to Salem to see her. "You will always be my baby," Kim said. Theresa and Kim hugged.

When Theresa and Kim returned inside the pub, Theresa hugged her father and thanked him for visiting. Caroline took Theresa into the back to call Roman. Shane asked Kim what she had said to calm Theresa down. Kim shrugged, and Shane suggested that the pub was still full of magic. Smiling, Kim told Shane that she loved him.

Shane and Kim said goodbye to Theresa and urged her to call them whenever she wanted. Smiling, Caroline urged Shane and Kim to return soon. As Shane and Kim walked away, Caroline reminded Theresa that her parents loved her. "They really love this place," Theresa said. "You will too," Caroline added.

Nicole answered a knock at Daniel's front door and found Abe in the hallway. Nicole and Abe talked about Kristen, and Abe encouraged Nicole to reach out to Eric. Abe explained that Eric was shunning any offers of assistance from family and friends, and Abe hoped that Nicole could get through to Eric. Nicole noted that if Eric needed time to be alone then everyone should respect his wishes. With a sigh, Abe remarked that people in shock often pushed loved ones away when they were needed the most.

"It takes someone you really trust to break through all that," Abe said. "I don't think that person is me," Nicole said sadly. Abe asked what had happened between Nicole and Eric. Without answering the question, Nicole stressed that Eric would not open up to her. Abe nodded, then left. Once Nicole was alone, she thought about when Eric had accused her of rape. "No way. I can't help him. Not anymore," Nicole whispered.

In the rectory, Bishop White visited Eric. Eric apologized. Nodding, Bishop White asked Eric to tell him what had happened. Eric told Bishop White all that he knew about the incident in the capital. Father Matt said that he believed that Eric had been drugged. When the bishop told Eric that he should have talked to someone after the dreams started, Father Matt interrupted to say that Eric had talked to him right away. Father Matt explained that he had believed at the time that Eric had been struggling with his vow.

Bishop White asked Eric when he had realized that Eric was struggling with a memory rather than a dream. Eric explained that when he had realized that he was dealing with more than dreams, he was still struggling to understand what had happened and had not had a chance to talk to anyone before the wedding.

"We could have helped you before this became so ugly and public. You must understand you've put yourself and the church in a terrible position," Bishop White said. Eric apologized and noted that he had not known the truth until he had seen the video. When the bishop asked why Kristen had targeted Eric, Eric explained that Kristen had a long-standing feud with Eric's mother. Father Matt stressed that Eric was a victim.

"There is evidence to suggest otherwise. That video, Father Matt showed it to me, and it doesn't look good," Bishop White said. Bishop White noted that the church had taken steps to be accountable for any sexual improprieties by any of the clergy. Eric asked what he could do to help. Bishop White ordered Eric not to talk to anyone, and he explained that they would need to find the evidence to prove Eric's innocence.

When Eric asked what would happen if he could not provide enough evidence to exonerate himself, Bishop White noted that Eric could be defrocked. Father Matt urged Eric to remember that it was not a question of whether he or the Bishop believed Eric. Bishop White informed Eric that he was suspended from his duties. Eric nodded and said, "I'm deeply sorry."

Eric walked into the chapel and kneeled at the altar. Eric prayed aloud to God. After apologizing, Eric removed his collar and placed it on the altar.

In the town square, Nicole bought a coffee at the coffee cart. As Nicole crossed the square, she saw Eric dressed in civilian clothing, and the two stared at one another.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

by Mike

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, E.J. admitted to Abigail that he had convinced Chad to continue to lie about having a brain tumor when Chad had expressed some qualms about doing so. E.J. maintained that helping Chad, whom he loved and wanted to be happy, had been the right thing to do.

E.J. reasoned that Abigail never would have found out that Chad had lied about having a brain tumor if Chad hadn't been shot, but she refused to believe that. Abigail pointed out that Cameron had been suspicious of Chad's story even before Chad had been shot, but E.J. clarified that Cameron's investigation into Chad's medical records had confirmed that Chad was undergoing treatment as part of a medical trial.

Abigail realized that E.J. had rigged Chad's medical records to make it look like Chad was telling the truth about having a brain tumor. E.J. reasoned that his involvement was irrelevant and that the only thing that truly mattered was that Abigail and Chad were in love with each other, but she refused to refer to what Chad had done as an act of love.

Abigail suddenly recalled that Chad had initially been reluctant to move into the DiMera mansion, and she guessed that E.J. had used Chad's lie about the brain tumor to blackmail Chad into doing so. Abigail couldn't believe that E.J. had blackmailed his own brother -- someone who had been willing to take bullets that had been meant for E.J. "He's a hell of a guy -- I'm glad you noticed," E.J. pointedly stated.

Abigail didn't appreciate the deflection, but E.J. reasoned that the true point of their conversation was that she and Chad were perfect for each other. E.J. added that he wanted the best for Chad and that he wouldn't be much of a brother if he didn't at least try to plead Chad's case to Abigail. Abigail found it hard to believe that E.J. wanted the best for Chad, since he had blackmailed Chad into doing something that Chad hadn't wanted to do, but E.J. claimed that blackmailing Chad into moving into the DiMera mansion had been in Chad's best interest because Chad had gotten to spend time with his niece and nephew and had ultimately been happy there.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Abigail observed that E.J. was apparently able to justify anything, including the fact that he and Chad had destroyed her life. Confused, E.J. wondered how Abigail's life had been destroyed. E.J. reasoned that Chad had simply wanted a fair shot at Abigail, whom Cameron had made a move on while Chad had been anxiously waiting for a specialist to determine if Chad really did have a brain tumor. E.J. summarized that Chad hadn't planned to lie about having a brain tumor and had only done so because he had recognized an opportunity to level the playing field and make things right.

Abigail countered that nothing about the situation was right and that Chad had gotten the opposite of what he had wanted in the end. As Abigail started to walk away, E.J. asked if she was happier without Chad in her life than she had been when she and Chad had been together, prompting her to evasively insist that wasn't the point. "It's the only point that matters. It's why I was helping Chad, and it's why I thought I was helping you," E.J. replied.

E.J. believed, based on his observation of the couple, that Abigail and Chad were right for each other. Abigail started to protest, but E.J. interrupted and added that he doubted that Abigail had only slept with Chad because Cameron had been unavailable at the time, since she seemed to have too much integrity to do something like that. Abigail started to confirm the suspicion, but when she realized that she was helping E.J. prove his point, she stopped herself and instead insisted that she didn't need to discuss her personal life with him.

E.J. asserted that he was right about Abigail and Chad, knowingly adding that she would have continued to pursue Cameron if he had been anything more than a distraction for her, and that Cameron likewise would have fought for her if he had really wanted to be with her. Abigail countered that Cameron had been trying to act like a decent human being -- a concept that was apparently foreign to the DiMeras -- but E.J. maintained that she deserved a better man than Cameron and that Chad fit that description.

Abigail believed that she could find a man who wasn't willing to lie and manipulate situations to his own advantage. E.J. conceded that the world was filled with steady, bloodless, boring men, but he suspected that Abigail would prefer a man who was passionate enough about her to do whatever it took to be with her. Abigail denied the suspicion, insisting that she wouldn't be interested in such a man if he lied to get what he wanted. "Well, that is a pity for my brother. It is rather worse for you. One day, you're going to realize that a man who is not willing to push boundaries for the woman that he loves is not a man worth having," E.J. predicted before walking away.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will told Sami that he didn't want to talk to her about what was going on with Gabi. Undeterred, Sami started to leave so that she could track Gabi down and get her to reveal what was going on. Will tried to stop Sami, protesting that the situation was none of her business, but Sonny gently reminded Will that she did have a stake in the matter.

Conceding the point, Will reluctantly informed Sami that Gabi's modeling job was in New York and that Gabi planned to move there with Arianna. "The hell she is!" Sami loudly exclaimed, waking Arianna in the process. Sonny went to take care of Arianna so that Will could continue the conversation with Sami, who was struggling to understand how Gabi expected to raise Arianna alone in New York while pursuing a full-time modeling career.

Will explained that the modeling agency had made living arrangements for Gabi and Arianna and was also providing childcare services for Gabi. "Oh. Did they get a new daddy for [Arianna], too?" Sami sarcastically asked. Will informed Sami that he was apparently allowed to visit Arianna whenever he wanted to -- using the money that he didn't have to pay for travel expenses -- and that the modeling agency was also willing to pay for Gabi and Arianna to return to Salem for a few days once per month.

Sami skeptically stated that the deal sounded like a fairytale and that no modeling agency would ever provide a client with such a generous contract. Will shrugged and summarized that modeling was Gabi's dream and that she was obsessed with it. Sami insisted that Gabi needed to get real, adding that there was absolutely no way that Gabi was going to move Arianna to New York.

Sensing trouble, Will warned Sami to stay out of the matter. As Sonny returned, Will predicted that Sami's interference would only make things worse, and he assured her that he would handle the situation himself because he was Arianna's father. Sami insisted that she was simply looking out for Will, and she admitted that she couldn't believe that Gabi was even considering taking Arianna away from him and moving to New York.

Sonny reasoned that Gabi was allowed to have a life of her own. Sonny admitted that he understood Gabi's point of view, since he had his club, Will was pursuing writing opportunities, Cameron had just joined Doctors Without Borders, and Gabi simply wanted to make her own mark on the world. Will agreed, adding that he couldn't blame Gabi for wanting to take advantage of an incredible opportunity that had dropped in her lap.

"Wow, I can't even listen to the two of you. I mean, you sound like you're ready to just hand the baby over to her. You gonna pack her bags for her, too? Drive her to the airport?" Sami asked incredulously. When Will sarcastically confirmed that he and Sonny might just do exactly that, Sami grabbed her cell phone and announced that she was going to send E.J. a text message.

"That's an ominous sentence," Will muttered as he seized Sami's phone and begged her to let him handle the situation himself. Sami wanted to know what Will planned to do, and he replied that he wasn't going to get in Gabi's face and start yelling about his rights, Sami's rights, and everyone else's rights, because if he tried to forbid Gabi from living her own life, that would only make Gabi even more determined to take the job and move to New York.

Sami reluctantly conceded Will's point and agreed to stay out of the matter, optimistically adding that there was still a chance that Gabi would eventually regain her senses and decide to stay in Salem. After Sami left, Sonny incredulously wondered if she had really just listened to Will and agreed to back off. "Wouldn't count on it," Will knowingly replied.

Later, Will emerged from Gabi's bedroom with Arianna -- who, according to Will, had given up on trying to sleep because she sensed the drama in the air. Sonny told Will that T was going to handle things at Club TBD so that Sonny could spend the rest of the day with Will. Sonny had a few errands that he wanted to take care of first, so he left after kissing Will and Arianna and assuring them that everything was going to be all right.

Later, Will received a visit from Abigail. As Abigail gushed over Arianna, Will mused that his daughter had changed a lot in the week that he had been gone, adding that he couldn't imagine how much she would change if he were to spend a whole month away from her. Abigail optimistically replied that Will would luckily never have to worry about that.

Changing the subject, Abigail tried to talk to Will about his writing, but she could tell that he was distracted. Abigail tried to excuse herself, but Will encouraged her to stay, claiming that he was simply suffering from jet lag and had also had an eventful day. As Will watched Abigail play with Arianna, he started to get emotional, prompting Abigail to wonder what was wrong. "I'm sorry. I just, um -- you know, I missed her, and I don't want to -- I don't want to go away again. And I'm sorry that Daddy left, but he's back now, and he'll be around," Will promised Arianna.

Later, at the Horton house, Abigail thought about E.J.'s parting words from their earlier conversation. "It's E.J. DiMera. What does he know?" Abigail dismissively muttered.

At the Brady Pub, T greeted Gabi, who was killing time while waiting for Rafe to finish his physical therapy session at the hospital. T invited himself to join Gabi at her table, joking that killing time was his best event. T tried to get Gabi to tell him about the good news that Sonny had alluded to earlier, but she evasively stated that she wanted to talk to Rafe before sharing the news with anyone else. T declared that Gabi deserved some good news, adding that he had always believed that she deserved something better than what she had gotten with Nick.

Later, after T left, Sonny greeted Gabi and apologized for the things that he had said to her earlier. Sonny stressed that Will didn't know about the things that Sonny had said to Gabi earlier and that Will also hadn't asked Sonny to apologize to her. Sonny reasoned that it was important for him and Gabi to stop fighting with each other because that was the worst thing that they could possibly do to Arianna.

Gabi agreed and claimed that she wasn't trying to hurt Will, adding that she simply wanted to do what was best for her and Arianna, including providing Arianna with the best possible life. Sonny wondered who Gabi had used as a sounding board for her decision, and she evasively asserted that she had made the decision on her own because that was just the way that it had to be. Sonny nodded and started to excuse himself, but Gabi stopped him and asked him to tell her how Will was doing. Sonny stared in silent disbelief at Gabi, who apologized and admitted that she had asked a really dumb question.

When Sonny returned to his and Will's apartment, he found Will lying on the couch, holding Arianna on his chest. Sonny smiled and wondered how Will and Arianna were doing. "We're good. I can't lose her. I will not," Will replied with a sigh as he stared at Arianna.

At Club TBD, Sami ran into E.J., who could tell that something was wrong. E.J. dismissively assumed that Sami was simply still upset because he had kept Kristen's secret about Eric, but Sami clarified that, while she was still very upset about that and wasn't going to get over it quickly, something else was also bothering her. Sami refused to tell E.J. what was going on, assuring him that she could handle the matter on her own and pointedly adding that they apparently didn't have to tell each other everything anyway. Sami left the club and later spotted Gabi walking away from the Brady Pub. Sami sighed as she started to follow Gabi.

At the hospital, Maggie entered Daniel's office and apologetically informed her son that she wanted to take a rain check on their lunch date. Daniel assumed that Maggie was canceling their plans because she wanted to do something with Victor instead, but she admitted that she hadn't spoken to Victor yet and wasn't sure when she would be ready to do so. Maggie added that she simply wasn't ready to go out in public yet.

Refusing to be cheated out of spending time with his mother, Daniel took Maggie back to his apartment so that they could have a private lunch together. As they enjoyed a meal of soup and salad, Maggie told Daniel that she had truly believed that Victor had put his ruthless days behind him. Daniel suggested that Victor might not have intended for things to happen the way that they had, but Maggie believed otherwise and guessed that Victor was quite happy with the results of his plan. Doubtful that Victor was happy that Maggie had moved out of the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel pointed out that she was eventually going to have to face her husband.

Later, after Maggie left, Daniel received a visit from Anne, who gleefully served him with a summons to appear before the hospital's disciplinary committee. Anne made a point of informing Daniel that Jennifer was going to be at the hearing. Daniel guessed that Anne had arranged the hearing as a way of hurting Jennifer indirectly through Daniel, but Anne maintained that Daniel had hurt Jennifer on his own and that Anne was simply trying to clean up his mess.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor was reading a newspaper when Marlena entered the living room and demanded to know why he had publicly humiliated Eric. "Take it down a notch, Marlena. I didn't do anything to your son -- in fact, it was Father Eric doing Kristen that was --" Victor said, stopping only when Marlena slapped him. "I can't remember the last time that happened. Makes me feel young," Victor joked as he rubbed his cheek.

Marlena couldn't believe that Victor wanted to banter with her after what had happened to Eric. Victor boldly reasoned that he should be thanked for shedding light on the fact that a terrible crime had been committed against Eric. "I should call Crime Stoppers -- I'll bet there's a reward!" Victor mused. Marlena incredulously reminded Victor that they had been working as a team to expose Kristen. "I'll split it with you," Victor assured Marlena.

Unamused, Marlena pointed out that Victor would not have been able to expose Kristen if Marlena had not provided him with the flash drive. Victor apologetically agreed that he should have thanked Marlena sooner. "Your apology won't begin to cover what you've done. You knew what was on that DVD when you gave it to me, and you knew that if I took that in and put it on the screen, it would destroy my son's life," Marlena summarized.

Marlena pointed out that Victor could have shown Brady the DVD privately, but Victor unapologetically maintained that exposing Kristen publicly had been his only option because Brady had stubbornly refused to let anyone express any concerns about Kristen before the wedding. Marlena summarized that Victor had sacrificed her son. "You're right. And I don't give a damn," Victor matter-of-factly replied, adding that saving Brady had been the most important thing.

"You are a selfish, destructive, vengeful man, and I am so sorry that I ever came to you," Marlena stated as Maggie quietly entered the mansion and eavesdropped from the foyer. Victor reasoned that Marlena had known exactly who he was when she had teamed up with him, adding that they had both been willing to do anything to destroy Kristen. Marlena insisted that she would not have been willing to use Eric as collateral damage. Victor dismissively stated that Eric had simply been a casualty of war. Marlena calmly told Victor to go to hell, and as she exited the mansion, Victor replied that he would meet her at the gates.

Maggie revealed herself to Victor, who admitted that he hadn't realized that she had entered the mansion. Maggie guessed that Victor wouldn't have behaved differently if he had known that she had been listening to his conversation with Marlena, who had every reason to be upset with him. Victor shrugged and dismissively summarized that Marlena had simply made a deal that she had ended up regretting, but Maggie doubted that eviscerating Eric had been a part of the deal.

Maggie wondered what had happened to Victor, but he didn't understand the question. "That's the problem. Let me spell it out -- the man I'm looking at? He's not the Victor I married," Maggie summarized. Victor replied that, while he loved Maggie, she was spewing a load of nonsense. Victor asserted that he was the same man he had been when she had married him, but Maggie disagreed, recalling that the Victor she had married had been tired of manipulating and bullying his way through life and had given that up -- or had at least claimed that he had done so.

Victor reasoned that anything was fair game when family was involved, dismissively adding that Eric would be just fine as long as Eric was actually telling the truth about being raped. Victor optimistically pointed out that his actions might even result in criminal charges being filed against Kristen. Victor was certain that Maggie would regain her senses after a good night of rest. Maggie said that she had already made her decision. "After everything that happened -- that you did -- I've decided our marriage is over," Maggie announced before exiting the mansion.

At the Horton Town Square, Eric told Nicole about what had happened during his earlier meeting with the bishop. Eric admitted that he wasn't sure what was going to happen to him if Kristen didn't resurface to confirm that he was telling the truth about being drugged and raped, since the church would otherwise have to base their decision on a video that seemed to portray him as a willing participant in the sexual encounter.

Eric added that there were a lot of things that he needed to try to fix, and Nicole guessed that their relationship was one of the things that he was referring to. As Eric confirmed the suspicion, Abe interrupted and asked to talk to him about what had happened with Kristen. Meanwhile, Eric received a phone call from an important member of St. Luke's Academy's Parent-Teacher Association and excused himself so that he could answer the call.

Abe told Nicole that he was glad that Eric, who was probably going to have to spend a few weeks fielding difficult phone calls, had a friend like her to lean on. Nicole clarified that she hadn't planned to run into Eric, but Abe shrugged and reasoned that he didn't care how the encounter had happened and was simply glad that she was supporting Eric. As Eric returned, Abe received his own phone call and excused himself to answer it.

Nicole started to walk away, but Eric stopped her and announced that he had some things that he wanted to say to her. Nicole replied that she had already heard that Eric wanted to make things right, and she wished him luck with his attempts to do so. Eric wondered if Nicole really had nothing to say to him. "No, there's lots of things I wanted to say once upon a time, but you didn't want to hear it, so now, what's the point?" Nicole wondered.

Eric tried to apologize, but Nicole said that she couldn't help him. Nicole walked away after adding that she needed to move on with her life and planned to do exactly that. Nicole returned to Daniel's apartment and found him angrily smashing things, and she urged him to tell her what was going on. Daniel summarized the situation for Nicole, but he insisted that she didn't need to worry about it because she already had enough to deal with.

Nicole insisted that she was going to help Daniel because she was his friend, adding that his problems were a great distraction for her. Daniel complained that he simply wanted to forget about his troubles for an afternoon or even just an hour. Nicole gave Daniel a comforting kiss on the cheek, but as she pulled away, they stared into each other's eyes for a moment, and she gently kissed his lips.

Back at the Horton Town Square, Marlena approached Eric and Abe as they were finishing their interview. After Abe left, Eric told Marlena about what had happened during his earlier meeting with the bishop. Eric informed Marlena that he was staying in the room above the Brady Pub. Marlena protested that she had plenty of room at her place, but Eric refused her offer. Marlena told Eric that she loved him and was trained to help, but he walked away after insisting that he needed to handle the matter on his own.

Friday, November 22, 2013

After Rafe completed a session in the physical therapy room with Jordan, he surprised Jordan by getting out of his wheelchair and taking a few steps -- his very first without assistance. Although clearly impressed, Jordan would only admit that it was "very encouraging." Rafe lost his balance, but Jordan caught him and helped him back to his chair.

Finally Jordan cheered, "That was incredible!" Rafe wanted to know if those first steps meant that he would be able to walk again. Jordan reminded him that she couldn't guarantee results, but she believed that Rafe wouldn't just walk again, but he would return to normal.

At Daniel's apartment, Nicole gave Daniel a playful kiss on the cheek, but the mood suddenly turned serious. They shared a long, searching gaze, then Nicole kissed Daniel more tenderly on the lips. He began to kiss her back, but after a few moments, they both backed away. "We're not going to do this again...are we?" Nicole asked tentatively. "No way in hell," Daniel and Nicole simultaneously agreed. After discussing it a bit, they concurred that their friendship was too important to jeopardize, plus they both really needed a good friend right then.

Nicole excitedly informed Daniel that she was starting a new job the next day. She explained that she'd gotten her old job back as a roving television reporter. Only half-joking, Daniel tried to extract a promise that Nicole wouldn't do an exposť about him, but she pretended to sulk because she'd hoped that he would be her first subject. The roommates shared a giggle about it. As Daniel got ready to head to the hospital, Nicole announced that she needed to go to the rectory to pick up her mail.

Daniel knew that Nicole had to be worried about running into Eric. Nicole revealed that she'd bumped into Eric and learned he had been suspended -- and unless Kristen turned up and confessed, Eric would likely never get to be a priest again. Daniel wondered if Nicole kissing him had anything to do with running into Eric earlier. "What crazy-ass loop-de-loop did you get on to come up with that conclusion?" Nicole asked. Although Daniel was skeptical, Nicole assured him that one thing had nothing to do with the other.

Daniel pointed out that Nicole couldn't blame Eric for what Kristen had done. Nicole explained that she blamed Eric for thinking the worst about her when he should have known better. Daniel cautioned Nicole that he wouldn't turn his back on Eric as a friend, but he was concerned about how she might react. Nicole assured Daniel that she was glad Eric had someone in his corner -- although it could never be her again.

While Eric was at the Brady Pub, he noticed people in the restaurant whispering about him. He started to leave but ran into Jennifer at the front door. She informed him that she needed to discuss something about Kristen with him, and it could not wait -- but Jennifer suggested that they talk somewhere away from prying eyes.

After Eric accompanied Jennifer to the Horton house, she admitted that she had not heard from Kristen. Jennifer expressed her regret about what had happened at the church with the video -- but there was more to the story, and she believed she should have told Eric sooner. Jennifer revealed that Kristen had confessed to being unfaithful to Brady while they had been broken up -- and Kristen had briefly feared she'd gotten pregnant during the encounter.

Jennifer continued that she hadn't felt it was her business to tell anyone about it, because Kristen had been so worried that Brady would never forgive her, so Jennifer had simply comforted Kristen. "But then when I saw that video in the church of the two of you together, I realized why she couldn't tell Brady, because she had set this whole terrible thing up, Eric," Jennifer said. "My God, if she was pregnant," Eric began, unable to even finish the sentence.

Jennifer admitted that if she hadn't protected Kristen, the "nightmare" at the church would never have happened. She pleaded with Eric for his forgiveness, which he freely gave. Eric pointed out that even if Jennifer had stepped forward, it wouldn't have changed anything. Jennifer was upset that the church couldn't see that Eric was a victim. Eric pointed out that unless they found Kristen and she confessed, there was no proof.

When Hope met Nick at Club TBD, he informed her that he was leaving that day for New York. "I go straight from here to the airport," Nick advised his stunned cousin. "With what? Only the backpack I gave you last Christmas?" Hope asked, indicating the pack on the chair next to Nick. Nick explained that he had sent his things ahead. Hope seemed pleased that Nick's job offer had gone through, but she questioned whether the job were the only reason he was going to New York. Nick assured her that everything was fine, except that he hadn't gotten a chance to tell his Aunt Maggie that he was leaving yet, because he hadn't wanted to add to Maggie's stress since she had moved out of Victor's due to everything that had happened at Brady and Kristen's wedding. Hope urged Nick to tell Maggie right away.

Hope remarked that Nick would be back to visit soon, but Nick advised, "Don't count on it." Hope acknowledged that Nick had been going through a tough time. Nick was hopeful that moving someplace new, where no one knew what had happened to him in prison, would help him start fresh. He got a text message just then and claimed that he had to leave so he wouldn't miss his flight. Hope hugged her cousin and wished him well before he hurried out.

After Nick had left the club, Hope called Eric and requested to see him right away because she had news about Kristen. Eric and Jennifer headed back out together.

As Nicole was sorting through her mail at St. Luke's, Eric arrived. Eric admitted that he was there because he had forgotten something. Nicole simply said goodbye and left, just as Hope entered. Hope worried that she had interrupted something, but Eric assured her that she had not.

At the hospital, Daniel approached Jennifer and apologized that she had to be a witness at his disciplinary hearing. "You know, you really need to get over yourself," Jennifer retorted. She declared that she did not need Daniel's patronizing concern. "I won't be agonizing over what happened between you and Theresa. In fact, I will feel nothing at all, except maybe revulsion and disdain," Jennifer said firmly. Daniel tried to interrupt, but she cut him off with a curt, "Don't you get it? You mean nothing to me."

Kate stopped by Will and Sonny's apartment to celebrate Arianna turning six months old. As Kate took the little one from Will, she immediately recognized that Will and Sonny were not exactly in a celebratory mood. The guys quickly filled Kate in about Gabi's modeling job in New York. Without letting on to Will and Sonny, Kate recalled that Nick was also moving to New York. Instead, she expressed optimism that they would be able to talk Gabi out of leaving.

Kate asked who else knew about Gabi's contract. Will said that only his mom and Sonny's dad knew so far, but Sonny believed that Gabi had already made up her mind. Kate handed her great-granddaughter back to Will, and promised that no one would take Arianna away from them. After Kate left the apartment, she whipped out her phone, muttering, "I know what you're up to, and you are not going to get away with it."

Sonny gently cautioned Will against doing anything that might make the situation worse -- such as taking Arianna away without Gabi's consent, which would be considered kidnapping. "I see you thinking about it... I'm worried because you're upset, and I don't want you to do anything crazy like that. You could lose Ari forever," Sonny implored. Will reassured Sonny that he had no intention of kidnapping his daughter.

Will decided that his next step had to be finding a job, perhaps with E.J. or Kate's help. "If Gabi's going to New York and we can't stop her, then I need to go to New York and get a job, too," Will explained. He continued that the two of them could get their own place so they could be near Arianna, and one of Will's mentors from Berkeley could help him transfer to NYU.

Mustering as much enthusiasm as possible, Will pointed out, "It's a big city. There's tons to do there. We're young. [...] You can get a job as a bartender in five seconds, tops." Sonny testily reminded Will, "I am not a bartender. I own my own club. Those are two different things. And I have spent so much time and energy in this town, on that place. Like, I can't believe you'd even say that to me." Will quietly warned Sonny, "Don't make me choose between you and my daughter."

When Sami stopped Gabi in the park, Gabi had no interest in talking to her, believing that Sami was only going to try to change Gabi's mind about moving to New York. Sami assured Gabi that she just wanted to talk, mother-to-mother, about what the job and the move could mean. Gabi assured Sami that she would be able to see Arianna whenever she wanted, but Sami pointed out that it wasn't realistic to think that Arianna's family would be able to jump on a plane whenever they wanted to visit.

Gabi listened rather impatiently while Sami described how, when she'd been a young mother, she had used Will as part of her schemes to get what she'd wanted -- and Will had suffered for it. Sami pointed out that Arianna would be with babysitters while Gabi often worked twelve- to fifteen-hour days. "I'm just saying that she needs you, not just a babysitter -- and she needs her father. And if you take her to New York, she won't have either of you," Sami asserted gently.

Gabi maintained that she would be set for life if she took the job -- and so would Arianna. Sami understood exactly why Gabi would want to make a career move like that. "Which is why I would like to make you an offer of my own: You stay here in Salem, and I will give you an exclusive contract with Countess Wilhelmina," Sami proposed, adding that it would give Gabi the best of both worlds. Gabi politely declined. Sami guessed that it wasn't just the modeling job that Gabi wanted; it was a glamorous life in New York.

Sami assured Gabi that she understood Gabi's desire to follow her dream -- but Sami suggested that Gabi leave Arianna in Salem with her father and other family who loved her. Incredulous, Gabi refused to leave her daughter behind, insisting that the hours would not be as bad as Sami was describing. "This agency wants Ari, too," Gabi added without thinking. "What? Ari is part of the deal?" Sami demanded, her eyes narrowing suspiciously.

Gabi explained that Arianna was only part of the deal because the agency knew that Gabi wanted her daughter with her -- but they did have a photo shoot planned for Arianna and Gabi together. Sami was worried about Arianna being exploited, but Gabi swore she would never let that happen. Sami reiterated that she understood how excited Gabi was for the opportunity, but she pleaded with Gabi to at least consider Sami's offer. Gabi agreed to think about it, but she cautioned that she wasn't likely to change her mind.

Gabi went to the hospital to tell Rafe her news. He was thrilled for her but disappointed that it meant that she and his niece would be moving to New York. Gabi assured him that she and Arianna would be back once a month, plus he could visit whenever he wanted. Rafe wanted to know how Will had taken the news. Gabi admitted that neither Will nor Sami was thrilled, but they also understood that it was a great opportunity for her and for Arianna.

Rafe reminded Gabi that she was a mom, and he would miss her and the baby if they left -- but he also acknowledged that she was an adult who had to make her own decisions, and he would support whatever choice she made. Gabi gave her brother a grateful hug.

Jordan arrived after Gabi had gone with some paperwork for Rafe to sign. Jordan declared that she was proud of the progress Rafe had made earlier, but she observed that he seemed a little quieter than usual. After telling Gabi's news to Jordan, Rafe admitted that he wasn't sure moving to New York was the best thing for his sister. "Your sister strikes me as a smart girl. She'll figure it out. But if she needs help, she'll come to you," Jordan reasoned.

As Sami walked through town, she got out her phone. "If I can't get through to Gabi as a mother, then I'll have to find another way to deal with her -- even if it means dealing with the devil," Sami said to herself.

Nick met Kate in Horton Square because she had sent him a text message telling him that she had a check for him. "Yeah, well, I lied -- you son of a bitch," Kate said bluntly. "I know why you're going to New York, and it's to set up house with Gabi and the baby," Kate accused. Nick insisted that he'd gotten a really good job and it was just a coincidence if Gabi and Arianna ended up there, as well. He asserted that Kate was just as fake as everyone else in Salem.

"All I care about is my great-granddaughter being near her father, so if you think you're going to keep Will away from his baby, you can think again, you little creep!" Kate hissed menacingly. A sincere Nick assured Kate that he had been wrong to take out his own issues on Will and Sonny -- but Nick being with Gabi had nothing to do with Will being taken away from his daughter.

Nick added that he was very supportive of Gabi and the baby returning once a month to visit and of Will visiting New York as often as possible. In an attempt to prove to Kate that he really did mean well, Nick produced a flash drive containing details of a project they had discussed -- and he had done it free of charge.

After Nick left, Kate muttered, "Oh, Sami, do I need to talk to you." Just then, Kate got a text message from Sami asking to meet.

Nick was walking through Horton Square a little later when he spotted a glum Gabi sitting alone on a bench. He sat next to her and asked what was wrong. "I've changed my mind. I'm going to turn down the agency's offer. I'm not going to New York," Gabi said tearfully.

When Kate and Sami met in the park, both seemed prepared for battle -- but with a common enemy instead of each other, for a change. They quickly determined that each had heard of Gabi's plans. Sami revealed that she had tried talking to Gabi as a mother, but it hadn't gone very well. Then Kate dropped the bombshell: "Nick Fallon is moving to New York with Gabi."

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