Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 2, 2013 on DAYS

Gabi used Arianna to convince Sonny to keep quiet about her fling with Nick, or Will would have less time to spend with his daughter. Brady asked Eric to marry him and Kristen. Marlena and Nicole teamed up to take down Kristen. Eric had more flashbacks of a mysterious woman the night that he got sick. J.J. was busted for dealing drugs.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 2, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Due to the Labor Day holiday, NBC did not air a new episode of Days of our Lives today.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 3, and pick up where the Friday, August 30 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In the rectory, Nicole was angry to learn that Brady was engaged to Kristen. Eric agreed with Nicole and called Brady insane. Brady argued that he was happy and wanted to inform Eric about the news since Eric worked closely with Kristen. With a sigh, Nicole begged Brady to call off his engagement. Brady countered that Nicole should not judge Kristen.

After Nicole stormed off, Eric noted that Nicole had yelled at Brady because she cared. Raising an eyebrow, Eric wondered aloud if Nicole still had feelings for Brady. Shaking his head, Brady noted that Nicole believed that all her exes should remain single forever. Brady asked if, after working with Kristen, Eric would give his engagement the benefit of the doubt. Eric remarked that he had seen a different side of Kristen. Brady lamented that he had been forced to choose between Kristen and his family.

Brady asked Eric to pick the wedding date because he wanted Eric's approval to marry in Eric's church. Brady promised to follow any task that Eric required. Eric accused Brady of using him. Brady said that even if the family did not support him, Brady was satisfied to have only Eric's blessing. Brady promised Eric that when Eric spent time with Kristen, Eric would understand why Brady had grown to love her.

Eric cautioned that Brady and Kristen might not be eligible to be married in the church. Brady nodded and asked Eric to give them a chance if they were eligible to marry in the church. "I'm not saying no," Eric said. "The only thing better than marrying Kristen is for you to be the one marrying us," Brady said.

While Gabi put the baby down in her room, Sonny looked around the apartment for Arianna's stuffed bunny. As Sonny reached under the couch, he found a condom wrapper. Gabi returned to the living room, and a furious Sonny accused Gabi of sleeping with Nick in their apartment. Gabi defended her right to have a life. Sonny warned Gabi that she could not get back together with Nick.

When Gabi argued that she did not have to justify her actions to Sonny, he countered that Gabi would have difficulty justifying her actions to herself. Gabi argued that she spent a lot of time alone with Arianna while Will and Sonny spent time opening clubs, going to class, and working out at the gym. When Sonny argued that he was working hard at the club, Gabi countered that she wished she had a job. Frustrated, Gabi said that she missed her life.

When Gabi argued that she was tired of Will and Sonny telling her what she could do and who she could see, Sonny shook his head. Sonny noted that he did not care what Gabi did but that it was a bad sign if Gabi was longing for the life she had with Nick.

"You don't get it. What I miss is for someone to be there when I feel lonely. Okay? Someone to tell me I'm beautiful when I feel when I feel ugly. Someone to hold me when I want to be held, all right? And yes, I miss sex!" Gabi said. Gabi argued that Sonny that did not like her or want her in the apartment. Frustrated, Sonny reminded Gabi that earlier they had reminisced about Arianna's birth.

Gabi asked Sonny why he could not trust her. When Sonny argued that he should not need to remind Gabi of why he had difficulty trusting her, Gabi thanked Sonny for reminding her of what she had done to Melanie. Furious, Gabi grabbed her purse and stomped out of the apartment.

In the pub, Will confronted Nick. "It's not about hating you. It's about protecting myself and my daughter from you," Will said. Nick stated that he wanted Gabi to be happy and that he believed Gabi was happy with Will, Sonny, and Arianna. When Will asked Nick if he was asking to be a third dad to Arianna, Nick shook his head and explained that he wanted to be a friend. Nick asked Will to give him a chance.

"I gave you one. Everyone gave you one when you got out of jail. Right? And you wasted it. I'm sorry. Nobody should have to go through what you went through. And nobody should have to go through what Sonny and I went through either," Will said. Caroline walked over and agreed. Seeing the tears brimming in Nick's eyes, Caroline asked Nick if the truth upset him.

Nick apologized for letting Caroline down, and she argued that she was to blame for putting Nick in a position to hurt Will and Gabi. When Caroline noted that Nick had not sent her a letter of apology or visited to apologize, Nick explained that he had not felt like Caroline wanted to hear from him. Caroline agreed but added that it was a cop-out for Nick to avoid her.

Nick asked Caroline and Will what would change their minds and make them believe that he had changed. Shaking his head, Will said that he did not know what it would take but that it was not something that would happen overnight. Will asked Caroline if she wanted help, and Will and Caroline disappeared behind the bar. With a defeated sigh, Nick left the pub.

After Nick left, Caroline told Will that she supported his stance against Nick. Will smiled and thanked his grandmother. After eating a snack, Will returned to the apartment. When Will asked about Gabi, Sonny informed him that Gabi had left. Will explained that he had spoken to Nick and that Nick had asked him to work things out. Sonny told Will that he was proud of Will for telling Nick to go to hell.

Will wondered aloud what Gabi saw in Nick. Will noted that Gabi's life was her own but that Arianna was his daughter and that he was not comfortable with Nick being around Arianna unless he or Sonny was with Arianna. Sonny agreed.

Confused after her confrontation with Sonny, Gabi went to Nick's apartment to talk. Gabi told Nick about her argument with Sonny. Nick surmised that Gabi's argument with Sonny had been about him. When Gabi said that Sonny had said she was stupid, Nick told Gabi that she was smart and that she should not believe Sonny. Nick kissed Gabi, and they had sex on his couch.

Afterward, Nick asked Gabi how she was feeling. Gabi admitted that she felt better but that she could not stop thinking about what Sonny and Will had said to her. Nick suggested to Gabi that she could move out of her apartment and into Rafe's apartment, since it was empty. When Gabi noted that Rafe was improving and would be home soon, Nick said it would be a couple months.

Gabi remained quiet, and Nick asked Gabi if she felt obligated to stay with Will and Sonny. Gabi admitted that she did because Sonny and Will had helped her when she had left the hospital. Nick reasoned that Sonny and Will were not helping Gabi if they were treating her poorly. Nick told Gabi to put herself first so that she could be happy. Noting that she had to return to Arianna, Gabi kissed Nick goodbye and got dressed.

Once Gabi was gone, Nick stared at a picture of her and opened his laptop. Nick typed, "My name is Gabriella Hernandez, and this is my story."

In their apartment, Will asked Sonny if he had spoken to Gabi. Sonny started to explain about his argument with Gabi when Arianna started to cry. As Will ran into the bedroom to tend to the baby, Gabi returned home. Seeing the happy look on Will's face as he left the room, Gabi noted that Sonny had not told Will about their fight. Sonny nodded. Gabi said that she did not need to know about Will and Sonny's life, and they did not need to know about her life.

"If I'm gonna keep living here, you and Will are gonna stop telling me who I can see, when I have to get home, what I can and cannot do," Gabi said. "What do you mean if you keep living here?" Sonny asked suspiciously. Gabi explained that Rafe's loft was empty and that she believed it would help Rafe's recovery if she moved in with him.

"I'm not here because I need you. I'm here for Will's sake and I wonder what he's gonna think when he learns that I left because of you? And if he has to pick between his daughter and you," Gabi said. Gabi suggested that the easiest path would be for everyone to get along. Sonny grudgingly agreed. Will carried Arianna into the living room, and he cooed over the baby with Gabi while Sonny frowned in the corner.

Abigail stopped by Club TBD to meet Chad. Chad escorted Abigail to a patio in the club for a candlelit dinner. When Chad asked what the evening was about, Abigail thought about her conversation with Cameron about ending their relationship. Shaking off the memory, Abigail told Chad that she wanted to call their evening together a date. Over drinks, Abigail asked Chad how he was feeling after taking a punch to the face.

After thinking about telling Cameron that he was dying, Chad told Abigail that he was fine. Chad and Abigail slow danced on the patio, and then Chad offered to walk Abigail home. When Chad and Abigail arrived on her front porch, they discussed a book she had recommended about the future. Chad smiled and kissed Abigail. Abigail thanked Chad for the lovely evening, and he promised to call her.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen answered the front door and found Marlena. Surprised, Kristen asked Marlena if she was visiting because Marlena had spoken to Brady. When Marlena said she had not spoken to Brady, Kristen dropped the subject. Marlena walked into the living room and eyeballed Kristen's cell phone on the table. Marlena thought about her conversation with Roman about obtaining Kristen's phone records.

When Kristen asked Marlena why she was there, Marlena asked Kristen to persuade E.J. to convince E.J. that the children should stay with her at the penthouse to avoid paparazzi during the trial. Marlena began to cough. As Marlena reached out for the pitcher of water, she knocked it onto the floor and continued to cough. Marlena asked Kristen for water from the kitchen. With a groan, Kristen agreed to help and poured a glass of vodka instead.

Marlena started to laugh, so Kristen shrugged and walked toward the kitchen to get a glass of water. Marlena stopped Kristen and noted that she would have seltzer water. Marlena asked how to work the nozzle, and Kristen approached her to show her. Marlena squeezed the handle and sprayed Kristen. As Kristen went to clean up, Marlena grabbed Kristen's phone from the table. Confronted with a prompt on the phone for a password, Marlena typed in a few guesses.

When Kristen returned to the living room, she called out Marlena's name. Startled, Marlena clutched the phone to her stomach. The doorbell rang, and as Kristen went to answer the door, Marlena replaced Kristen's phone on the table. Kristen opened the front door and found Nicole, who marched into the foyer. As Nicole asked Kristen if the news was true, Marlena walked into the foyer and asked what the news was. A tired Kristen held up her hand and pointed at her engagement ring.

Stunned, Marlena noted that Kristen was engaged. When Nicole accused Kristen of using Brady, Kristen asked why Nicole believed that. Kristen argued that she had no interest in using Brady to hurt Marlena -- assuming that Marlena's offer of peace was an honest one. As Marlena stared in silence, Kristen wondered aloud how Marlena felt about the news. Marlena noted that she was stunned by the engagement, and Kristen agreed that Brady had stunned her as well.

Kristen asked Nicole to leave. With a smile, Nicole agreed to leave and noted that Brady would not be far behind her. After Nicole left, Marlena asked Kristen about the date of the wedding. Marlena congratulated Kristen, and she renewed her request to Kristen to talk to E.J. about the children. As Marlena left, Nicole stopped her on the porch. Nicole demanded to know why Marlena had been civil to Kristen. Worried, Nicole asked Marlena if she was considering giving Kristen another chance.

When Marlena asked Nicole why she was interested, Nicole explained that she worried about Kristen's hold over Brady. Nicole argued that they needed to stop the wedding. When Marlena expressed surprise, Nicole countered, "You're Sami's mother. You must have a scheming bone in your body somewhere." Nicole argued that she and Marlena could make Kristen's life a living hell. Smiling, Marlena promised to get back to Nicole.

Inside the DiMera living room, Kristen texted Brady, asking about his location. Brady texted back that he was with Eric. Kristen thought about when she had believed she had been pregnant with Eric's baby. Shaken, Kristen gulped down a drink. Kristen opened her laptop and watched the video of her with Eric. With a sigh, Kristen pulled the flash drive out of the computer and noted that it was dangerous to hold on to the video file. Grim-faced, Kristen noted that she could not destroy the video until she was sure that she had Brady.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Horton Square, Adrienne tentatively approached Marge Bernardi and Timmy and greeted them. Timmy proudly showed Adrienne the "passport" from his bank account. Marge explained that her late husband had opened the account to teach Timmy responsibility, and Timmy deposited the allowance he received for doing chores into it. Adrienne encouraged Timmy to keep up the good work.

Marge expressed her gratitude for what Adrienne had done to keep Sami Brady from getting away with murder. Adrienne insisted that she had only done what she'd thought was best, but Marge acknowledged that Adrienne had been looking out for Sonny. Marge warned Adrienne, "You want your son far, far away from Sami Brady and her family. If you [hadn't] intervened when you had, where would he be now?"

Just then, Timmy somehow spilled the contents of his backpack, so Marge and Adrienne helped him pick everything up. Adrienne picked up Timmy's bank account book and was placing the deposit slips back inside when her eyes grew wide. She took a long look, comparing the balance with the last deposit, before returning it to Timmy. After Marge and Timmy left, Adrienne excitedly hurried off.

At the police station, Sami was dressed and ready for the trial to begin as Abe led her into a conference room, although she admitted that she was confused as to why she was there. Suddenly, the door burst open, and her three younger kids ran in, shrieking, "Mommy!" as they ran into her arms. Will followed, carrying Arianna in his arms, and E.J. accompanied them all. Sami giggled ecstatically as she embraced all three little kids at once.

Sami held Johnny and Sydney in her lap while Allie crowded in next to them. The kids caught their mom up on what had been going on in their lives. Apparently Johnny had defended his mom's honor when a kid at summer camp had accused Sami of being guilty. Will offered to let Sami hold Arianna, and Sami happily took the tiny child from him. "Thank you for reminding me to count my blessings," Sami said, beaming at her granddaughter and children.

While Sami was cuddling Arianna, Allie asked Will how their mom would take care of the little kids if she had to stay there. E.J. reassured them that he was doing everything in his power to get their mother home. Johnny declared, "He can do it. He made the tooth fairy find me in Camp Timberwood. He can do anything! Right, Daddy?"

When Will returned after the kids had gone, Sami was sobbing in E.J.'s arms, and Sami thanked Will for taking the baby to see her. Will announced that he wanted to go to Trask and tell her the whole truth behind why Sami had been fighting with Bernardi on the video. E.J. firmly reminded Will that the confession would only strengthen Sami's motive to kill Bernardi in the eyes of the jury, plus Trask could file perjury charges against Lucas.

Frustrated, Will admitted that he wanted to help, and he didn't know how else to do so. A grateful Sami tried to sound optimistic as she assured him that there was nothing he could do, but everything was going to be fine. She urged Will to go home and be with Sonny and the baby. Will hugged his mother goodbye and left. Sami broke down again once she and E.J. were alone.

Sami admitted she was ashamed that she'd considered taking the special prosecutor's deal -- but she was not sorry that she had turned Trask down. Sami added that although she knew that E.J. would do everything possible to help her, she knew that she would probably never get to hug her children again without handcuffs on. E.J. encouraged her not to give up.

"I'm a DiMera...and the mother of my children and the love of my life does not spend the rest of her life behind bars," he declared. Smiling, Sami said that she couldn't wait to be a DiMera. She added that she didn't know what else E.J. could do unless he could make Bernardi's razor materialize or they could implicate Stefano. E.J. assured her that he would never endanger her or Will, but he wouldn't hesitate to call his father's bluff.

Outside in the bullpen, Adrienne announced to Abe that she had information about Sami's case. Crossing his arms, Abe accused, "So you're here to put another nail in her coffin, huh?" Adrienne assured him that what she had to tell him could do just the opposite. She explained that she had seen the balance of Timmy's bank account on a receipt when he'd dropped his passbook.

"Given his last deposit of twelve bucks, unless the kid has developed a new line of shapewear or productivity app, I'm not quite sure where the other hundred grand came from," Adrienne said. Abe was stunned. "You may be able to prove that Bernardi was a dirty cop, after all," Adrienne pointed out. A grateful Abe declared, "Sami's like a daughter to me, and I believe she pulled that trigger to save Rafe's life. And if we can prove it, it'll be thanks to you."

Abe entered a few minutes later and announced that new evidence had been revealed -- and Trask had asked for a continuance. An elated Sami hugged E.J.

At the Horton house, J.J. had just removed a baggie full of weed from his backpack when Abigail walked in. Although J.J. quickly shoved the pot back in his bag, Abigail noticed and asked what it was. J.J. snapped that it was none of her business. Abigail noted that given the way J.J. was acting, maybe she should make it her business. "Who do you think you are, Abs? Mom? Well, let me tell you something. Nobody can be a bigger hypocrite than she is, but keep it up, and you might be just as bitter and miserable," J.J. sniped -- just as Jennifer entered.

Abigail wanted to know what was going on, so J.J. informed her that their mom and "Dr. Dan" were finished -- although Jennifer was probably still seeing Daniel like the last time they'd taken a break. J.J. headed out for class, but Jennifer followed him and stopped him on the front porch to demand an apology. She insisted that she had not lied to J.J. about her and Daniel, but he retorted that if she never believed him, he shouldn't have to believe her.

Jennifer swore to J.J. that she and Daniel were over, but J.J. didn't buy it. "If you're going to act like you're making this great sacrifice for me and then go back to him two days later like you always do... Don't pretend like I matter to you, okay?" J.J. said. Jennifer maintained that her children were her entire life, but she would not tolerate J.J.'s disrespect.

"I am still your mother!" Jennifer declared firmly. "Then why don't you start acting like it!" J.J. retorted. He announced that he had a final to turn in. As J.J. left, Jennifer warned him that she would check his score online later.

When Jennifer went back inside, Abigail expressed her sympathy about Jennifer and Daniel's breakup. With a sigh, Jennifer admitted that she had made a mess of things. "Mom, you can't let J.J. run your life," Abigail pointed out. Jennifer explained that Daniel had ended things because they each needed to focus on their sons. "What are you going to do, Mom?" Abigail asked. Jennifer asserted that she didn't need Daniel to live a full and happy life. "I am fine. We're all going to be fine," Jennifer insisted as she got up and strode out of the room.

Daniel was reviewing Rafe's chart at the hospital when Jordan arrived at the nurses' station. Daniel noted that Jordan had done a very thorough assessment of Rafe. Jordan merely replied that it was her job to be thorough. "I know this is a long shot, but I knew a Ridgeway back in medical school. Any chance that you could be related?" Daniel asked. Jordan curtly informed him that no one else in her family was in the medical field.

Maxine showed up and asked Jordan to join her for a cup of coffee. "I'll tell you where all the bodies are buried -- or not, as the case may be," Maxine said slyly. Jordan declined, citing too much work. After Jordan had left, Daniel asked Maxine if she would accompany him to the "rubber chicken dinner" where he was scheduled to receive the award -- especially since he felt the award was just as much hers as it was his. Maxine said that she would love to, but asked, "What about Jennifer?"

Daniel would only say that things were just not working between him and Jennifer. Although clearly disappointed to hear that news, Maxine happily accepted Daniel's invitation -- but she assured him that if anything changed and he needed to cancel, it was all right.

Daniel was at home later when Abigail showed up to beg him not to give up on Jennifer. "The guilt that I feel over my dad's death is nothing compared to what my mom is carrying around," Abigail noted, explaining that Jennifer was punishing herself for lots of things, including falling in love with Daniel while Jack had still been alive. Daniel maintained that maybe moving on was exactly what Jennifer needed, but Abigail countered that Jennifer was only truly happy and relaxed with Daniel.

"There is nothing wrong with you two besides my stupid little brother!" Abigail contended. Daniel asserted that he and Jennifer had both agreed on how things needed to be -- and everyone needed to accept that. Abigail reluctantly promised to try to respect Daniel's decision. Daniel thanked Abigail for always being his advocate and supporting Jennifer through her grief while Abigail was also grieving. "I'm pretty certain your dad would be very proud of you," Daniel asserted.

Daniel urged Abigail to be good to herself, as well. When she said that she was trying, he asked if things were going well with Cameron. Abigail admitted that she was confused about Cameron. Daniel encouraged her to be honest and clear in order to keep things from being confusing -- and to listen to her heart instead of what other people thought. Abigail grew teary-eyed as she thanked Daniel.

Abigail acknowledged that J.J. had been a jerk to Daniel, but she insisted that J.J. hadn't always been like that -- and she was worried about her brother. "I just want to know from a guy's perspective: Is there anything else that I can do?" Abigail asked. Daniel replied that J.J. would keep doing whatever he wanted until he cared enough to change his behavior and be responsible for his own life -- and there was nothing any of them could do to stop him.

At Kate's behest, Kayla met Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate explained that she wasn't happy with Rafe's lack of progress, and she wanted to know what Kayla planned to do about it. Kate added that Rafe felt the physical therapist wasn't working him hard enough. After pointing out that Kate had recommended the therapist, Kayla stated that if Rafe had problems with his care, he could take them directly to her. Kate admitted that she was just frustrated because Jordan hadn't even gotten Rafe out of bed yet. Kayla reassured Kate that Rafe was in excellent hands.

In Horton Square later, Jennifer confided in Kayla about how J.J. didn't respect her. Kayla listened supportively as Jennifer explained what had happened with Daniel, adding that maybe she had deserved it when J.J. called her a hypocrite. Jennifer admitted that Daniel had been right; she had to focus on getting through to her son, because she might never get another chance.

In the park on his way to school, J.J. left a message for Theresa that they could meet up later because he had gotten what she needed. Bev showed up and suggested that she and J.J. should celebrate the end of school, maybe by going to the new club. J.J. boasted that he could get them in because his sister was dating one of the club's owners. Bev's ex, Cole, scowled as he eavesdropped on J.J. and Bev from behind some bushes.

J.J. kissed Bev goodbye when Rory showed up. After Bev had gone, Rory needled J.J. about giving free stuff away to "that Theresa chick." J.J. promised that they would make some money after class in a couple of hours. Rory announced that he had a new customer lined up. Cole continued watching from the bushes.

Later, Rory and J.J. met up with Rory's new customer. J.J. handed the baggie to the guy -- just as the police showed up and arrested Rory and J.J.

When Jennifer arrived for work at the hospital, she asked if Maxine had seen Theresa. "You want to hazard a guess?" Maxine replied. Maxine informed Jennifer that she had a date with Daniel to his award ceremony. She began hinting that Jennifer should go instead, but Jennifer interrupted and cheerfully urged Maxine to go and have a good time.

Jennifer used her tablet to look up J.J.'s final grade. She gasped when she saw his marks, exclaiming, "Oh! Eighty-six percent! Oh, J.J., good job. I know you can do it."

Rafe was struggling to squeeze a hand strengthener in his hospital bed when Stefano crept into the room. Applauding, Stefano cheered sarcastically, "Bravo, Rafael! You did it!" When Rafe demanded to know what Stefano was doing there, Stefano noted that Samantha's trial was about to begin. "You know, if I were you, I would say to myself, 'I wonder what the hell the point is of living?' Especially knowing that you are never going to be a real man again," Stefano sneered.

Without allowing his face to give him away, Rafe tried to reach the call button lying next to him on the bed. Rafe asserted that his condition was temporary. The two men continued sparring verbally, and Rafe had just managed to extend a finger to touch the call button -- but suddenly Stefano snatched it off the bed. Waving the cord around, Stefano cautioned Rafe that a hospital could be a very dangerous place, as Rafe and his friend Bernardi had found out.

"You stupid son of a bitch. You think I don't know that you didn't send Bernardi here to kill me?" Rafe said, shaking his head. Stefano maintained that Samantha had shot an innocent man, but even if Bernardi hadn't been innocent, it had to kill Rafe that he would have to testify against his ex-wife, who could go to prison because she'd tried to protect him. Stefano's cruelly amused chuckle built to a full-blown laugh.

Stefano taunted that he would like to see Rafe try to be a real man again -- although Stefano doubted that would ever happen. Rafe countered that everything that had happened was because Stefano hadn't been able to handle the knowledge that his ex-wife had actually moved on with a real man, and Stefano couldn't stomach Kate being with someone who respected and cared about her. "I don't care who my whore of an ex-wife is in bed with," Stefano maintained, chuckling.

Furious, Rafe ordered Stefano to shut up, but his fist lay limply, ineffectively on the bed. Stefano mocked Rafe for not being able to defend himself or his lover. Stefano cheerfully asserted that he was not there to hurt Rafe; he was only there to offer Rafe encouragement. Stefano pressed the call button and tossed it onto the bed. "Now your nurse will bring your pot to you," Stefano said derisively as he ambled out. Rafe warned that he would get out of there -- and then, Stefano had better hope that he was already dead.

Kate arrived at the same time a nurse entered to check on Rafe. "That son of a bitch," Rafe growled. A livid Kate immediately understood that Stefano had been there, and she hurried out after her ex over Rafe's protests. Stefano was already on the elevator when she caught up with him, and he grinned malevolently at her as the doors closed.

A little later, Jordan had Rafe working out with an exercise band around his wrists, fighting to pull his hands apart as she counted down the repetitions. When Rafe had finished, Jordan cautioned him not to overtire himself. Rafe wanted to do more, so she reluctantly allowed him to.

Kate tracked Stefano to Horton Square and ordered him to stay away from Rafe. "'Or what?' said the gentleman to the whore," Stefano said, blowing smoke from his cheroot in Kate's face. Kate warned Stefano that she would do whatever it took to protect Rafe. Stefano's demeanor changed from detached indifference to rage as he wondered what would happen to Rafe -- and to Kate's promise to take care of him forever -- when Kate's eye started to wander again. "What a joke that is! Because he is never going to be able to watch out for himself ever again," Stefano predicted before strolling away.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

by Mike

Kate found Kayla at the Brady Pub and demanded to know how Stefano had gained access to Rafe's room. Kayla suggested, somewhat dismissively, that Kate might want to hire twenty-four hour protection for Rafe, although she doubted that Kate would be any happier with a team of handpicked security guards than Kate had been with their handpicked physical therapist.

Kayla promised to talk to Rafe about what had happened with Stefano, but Kate decided to save Kayla the trouble, succinctly summarizing that Stefano had threatened Rafe's life. Kayla knowingly pointed out that Stefano could have killed Rafe earlier if he had really wanted to do so. Kayla added that Stefano was on the hospital board and was also the hospital's top donor.

Kayla sarcastically wondered if there were any other board members whom Kate would like to have banned from the third and fourth floors of the hospital for Rafe's protection. Kate shook her head in disbelief and wondered if she could at least hire a private guard to protect Rafe. As she stood to leave, Kayla said that she would need to get Rafe's consent before allowing Kate to hire someone to protect him.

In Rafe's room at the hospital, Jordan ended Rafe's daily therapy session, prompting him to protest that he could have done at least ten more repetitions of the exercise that he had been working on. Jordan warned that if Rafe pushed himself too hard, he could end up causing further damage to his body. Rafe insisted that he knew what his body was capable of handling.

"Your grip strength is twenty-eight bilaterally, your lean body mass is eighty-five percent, and your shoulder range of motion is sixty degrees medially. If you continue to push, you risk a serious setback. Is that something you want, Mr. Hernandez?" Jordan bluntly asked. Frustrated, Rafe replied that he wanted to get out of his hospital bed, get released from the hospital, get back on his own two feet, and get his life back.

Jordan said that in order for Rafe to accomplish his goals, he would need to listen to her, follow her instructions, and do exactly what she told him to do. Jordan added that it would probably be best for her to stop treating Rafe immediately if he wasn't willing to comply. Before Rafe could respond, Kayla entered the room, and Jordan seized the opportunity to leave.

Rafe dryly thanked Kayla for saving him from Drill Sergeant Ridgeway. After assuring Rafe that things would eventually get better, Kayla changed the subject and started to talk about patient safety. Rafe quickly interrupted and guessed that Kate had told Kayla about Stefano's earlier visit. Rafe clarified that Stefano hadn't actually threatened him, adding that Stefano had simply emphasized the fact that Rafe was helpless in his hospital bed.

Kayla offered to get the police department to start assigning police officers to guard Rafe's room again, but he declined the offer, stressing that he didn't want his fellow officers to see him in his weakened state. Kayla reported that Kate had offered to hire a private guard for Rafe, but he insisted that he didn't need protection. Rafe said that he simply needed to get better so that he could get released from the hospital. Kayla assured Rafe that Jordan represented his best chance of accomplishing that goal.

Elsewhere, Kate asked Jordan for an update on Rafe's progress. Jordan bluntly refused the request and reminded Kate that patient information was confidential. Kate started to say that she was the person who was paying for Jordan to work at the hospital, but she stopped herself before revealing too much information. To cover her blunder, Kate said that she was the person who had been caring for Rafe, but that failed to sway Jordan, who abruptly walked away without giving Kate any information.

Later, Maxine greeted Kate and promised to make sure that only staff members and the people who loved Rafe would be able to enter his room in the future. After talking to Maxine, Kate found Kayla and proceeded to complain about Jordan's earlier refusal to talk about Rafe's progress. Kayla advised Kate to ask Rafe to sign a waiver so that Kate could be given updates on Rafe's progress, although she doubted that anything other than Rafe's full recovery would truly give Kate peace of mind.

When Kate entered Rafe's room a short time later, Rafe told her that, while he appreciated her concern, she needed to realize that he didn't want or need her to control every aspect of his day-to-day care. Kate protested that every patient needed an advocate, but Rafe insisted that she needed to stop thinking of him as a patient and start treating him like a man.

Rafe reasoned that if a nurse took too long to respond to his call for help, that would simply give him more motivation to get better so that he could take care of himself again. Kate sighed and quietly admitted that she felt responsible for his predicament, but he assured her that he was the only person who was responsible for himself.

In the waiting area, Jennifer bragged to Maxine about J.J.'s impressive test score, noting that it seemed like he had finally turned a corner. When Jennifer turned to walk away, she bumped into Daniel, whom she hadn't seen because she had been doing something on her cell phone. After apologizing, Jennifer shared her good news with Daniel, stating that, while it might not seem like much to him, she was very proud of J.J.'s accomplishment.

After halfheartedly stating that he hoped that J.J. continued to do well in the future, Daniel abruptly walked away. Jennifer placed a phone call to J.J., but the call went to voicemail.

In an office at the police station, Sami wondered if Justin knew why Melinda had requested a continuance. "Well, I'd imagine it has something to do with the new evidence that's come to light. Isn't that right, E.J.?" Justin pointedly replied. E.J. feigned ignorance as Sami asked Justin to elaborate.

As soon as Justin finished telling Sami and E.J. about the new evidence that Adrienne had discovered earlier, E.J. abruptly excused himself, claiming that he wanted to take care of a few things at his office. Justin offered to help E.J., who quickly declined the offer. After E.J. left, Justin summarized that if the new evidence turned out to be legitimate, it could be enough to prove Sami's innocence.

Justin noted that it was odd that Bernardi had chosen to stash his money in Timmy's account instead of hiding it in a more secure location, such as an offshore account or a safe. Sami suspected that Marge might have known about the money all along, but Justin reported that Marge had been quite shocked when she had seen Timmy's account balance. Sami guessed that it had probably been difficult for Marge to realize that she had never really known Bernardi at all.

"Yeah, well, when you're in love with somebody, it's easy to see what you want to see...and ignore what you don't," Justin mused, prompting Sami to assume that he was no longer talking about Marge. Sami guessed that Justin was struggling to understand why she had nearly accepted a deal that had involved betraying E.J. Justin assured Sami that he wasn't judging her, but she was more than willing to judge herself for what she had almost done.

Sami explained that she had only considered the offer because she had been desperate to see her kids again. Justin understood, guessing that Sami had naturally assumed that E.J. would have found some way to escape prosecution, since he was a DiMera. Sami admitted that she still believed that E.J. would have found a way to avoid being prosecuted, although she had ultimately been unable to take that chance.

Sami initially claimed that she had changed her mind about accepting the deal because the kids needed E.J., but after giving the matter further consideration, she admitted that she needed him, too. The realization caused Sami to dryly summarize that, as usual, she had done something for purely selfish reasons. Justin disagreed, stating that he suspected that Sami would do anything for E.J. and vice versa.

In a secluded section of the park, E.J. informed Stoller that the police had found the money that Stoller had placed in Bernardi's account. E.J. wondered how long it would take a skilled forensic accountant to figure out when the money had been placed in the account. Stoller estimated that it would take anywhere from a week and a half to two weeks for an expert to figure out that information.

Stoller believed that the investigators would give up before finding any information that would prove that the money had been deposited in Timmy's account after Bernardi had died, but E.J. insisted that Melinda was not the kind of person who would give up easily. Stoller remained convinced that he and E.J. had nothing to worry about. "Pray you're right," E.J. said with a sigh before walking away.

When E.J. rejoined Sami and Justin at the police station, he announced that he wanted Justin to challenge the continuance. E.J. reasoned that he didn't want to give Melinda any extra time to find additional evidence that could make Sami look guiltier. Sami reminded E.J. that Melinda already had the video of Sami's argument with Bernardi, and she wondered what else Melinda could possibly find.

"That's exactly what I was thinking," Justin suspiciously stated. Justin warned that the case still wasn't a slam dunk, but E.J. asserted that the new evidence was enough to get Sami acquitted. Justin conceded that he could probably argue that Melinda needed to be held accountable for the schedule that she had originally requested. Sami wondered if E.J. really believed that moving forward with the trial was the right move.

E.J. assured Sami that going forward with the trial and getting her acquitted would be the best way to ensure that she would be reunited with the kids in a timely manner. "Sami, as your attorney, I just have to say this -- that I'm not sure that in your best interest. But in the end, it's your decision, and yours alone," Justin advised Sami. Sami asked Justin to challenge the continuance, explaining that she wanted to end her nightmare once and for all so that she could reunite with her kids. Justin agreed and excused himself so that he could file the necessary paperwork.

At St. Luke's, Nicole entered Eric's office as he was staring at a receipt from the hotel that he had stayed at when he had visited the state capital. Nicole could tell that something was wrong with Eric, but he tossed the receipt aside and insisted that he was fine. Unconvinced, Nicole started to rant about Brady's earlier attempt to get Eric to agree to support Brady and Kristen's engagement, assuming that was why Eric was upset.

Eric defended Brady, prompting a stunned Nicole to wonder if he had actually agreed to perform Brady and Kristen's wedding ceremony. Eric refused to answer Nicole's question, reminding her that his private conversations with other people were confidential. Eric turned his attention back to the hotel receipt and informed Nicole that he still needed to reimburse her for settling his bill that night.

Unwilling to let Eric change the subject, Nicole reiterated that it was obvious that something was torturing him. Nicole stressed that Eric could always confide in her, and he assured her that he was aware of that fact. "But you won't. I get it. You only need a friend when it's convenient for you. You put that collar on, and you hide right behind it. You know what? Just forget I said anything. I'm going," Nicole said before abruptly exiting the office.

Nicole went to the park, where crime scene tape had been placed around the area where J.J. and Rory had been arrested earlier. A passerby informed Nicole that some kids had been arrested for selling drugs earlier, adding that she no longer felt safe anywhere. As the passerby walked away, Nicole muttered that she wasn't going to feel safe while Kristen was in town.

Nicole placed a phone call to Marlena, but the call went to voicemail. "Dr. Evans. Hi, it's Nicole Walker. Remember when you said you'd be in touch about the whole wedding-crashing thing? Tick-tock, Doc. Call me," Nicole said before ending the call.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel greeted Eric, who had asked to meet with him earlier. Eric admitted that recent events had made him reconsider his previous decision to stop trying to figure out what had happened to him on the night that he had gotten sick at the hotel near the state capitol. Eric wondered if Daniel could think of any other way that they could figure out what had happened that night.

Daniel offered to take another look at Eric's blood tests, but he was unable to think of anything else that he could do to help Eric. After telling Daniel about the sense of uneasiness that he had experienced when he had seen the book of matches from the hotel, Eric changed the subject and asked for an update on Daniel's relationship with Jennifer. Eric was surprised to learn that Daniel had decided to end his relationship with Jennifer.

Later, Eric returned to St. Luke's and gave Nicole the reimbursement that he had mentioned earlier. Nicole was still upset about Eric's unwillingness to confide in her, so he offered her a halfhearted apology and vaguely explained that something else had been on his mind lately. "Okay. Well, then, you think. I'll walk," Nicole said before abruptly exiting the office. After Nicole left, Eric stared at the hotel receipt and started to recall the details of his recurring sexual dream again.

In the park, Cole and his friend -- the guy who had purchased drugs from J.J. -- watched as two police officers arrested J.J. and Rory. Cole grinned triumphantly as he made eye contact with J.J. Before J.J. could react to the fact that Cole had set him up, Hope arrived to assist the officers. Hope was shocked to see that one of the officers was arresting J.J., who assured her that he could explain everything.

After one of the officers escorted Rory away, J.J. started to say something else to Hope, but she interrupted and advised him to wait until his attorney was present. "And don't tell me you didn't do it. You were caught in the act of selling drugs. You can't explain that away, J.J.," Hope added. J.J. replied that he could explain why he had been selling drugs.

Hope considered the matter for a moment before agreeing to listen to what J.J. had to say. J.J. informed Hope that he and Jennifer had gotten into a huge fight about Daniel earlier. "So, look, I was just in a really bad place when my friend Rory reminded me that I owed him some cash -- like, now, today. He told me that we would be settled up if I helped him, so it wasn't my idea or my fault," J.J. claimed.

"No. I'm sorry, J.J., but this is your fault. The why -- it doesn't matter. How ridiculous is that? The point is, you were dealing drugs. And now you're gonna deal with the consequences," Hope replied before grabbing J.J.'s backpack and instructing the other officer to escort him out of the park. Later, at the police station, Hope placed a phone call to Jennifer, who promptly proceeded to brag about J.J.'s test score.

Hope interrupted and informed Jennifer that she needed to get down to the police station right away. A short time later, Jennifer arrived and wondered if J.J. had been arrested for shoplifting again. Hope shook her head and regretfully informed Jennifer that J.J. had been arrested for selling drugs. Meanwhile, an officer escorted J.J. to another room to get his fingerprints. Hope proceeded to tell Jennifer everything that J.J. had said earlier.

Hope excused herself so that she could try to find Justin and get him to recommend a good attorney for J.J. After Hope left, the officer returned J.J. to the room and left him alone with Jennifer. J.J. assured Jennifer that he could explain everything. J.J. claimed that he had made a dumb decision because he had been upset about his earlier fight with Jennifer. J.J. proceeded to tell Jennifer the same story that he had told Hope earlier.

"Mom, I -- I swear, it happened one time. One time. And if I had been thinking straight, I -- I never would have let Rory talk me into doing something like this. I just -- aren't -- aren't you gonna say anything?" J.J. asked as Jennifer silently stared at him. J.J. wondered if Jennifer believed him, and she quickly replied that she didn't. J.J. insisted that he was telling her the truth.

"Do you know how many times I have heard you say that? Really, how stupid do you think I am, J.J.? I feel like I don't even know my own son anymore, but you know what the sad thing is? It's that I think I finally do. I wanted to believe you. I wanted to believe every excuse, every single story, but now, I have to face the truth -- that my son is a criminal. He's a liar. No, don't even say anything, because you know what? It is the end of the line. It is all over," Jennifer told J.J.

Friday, September 6, 2013

E.J. showed up outside at the courthouse just as Justin exited a courtroom. Justin ordered E.J. to disclose whatever he had done so that Justin could fight the continuance. E.J. resisted, so Justin demanded, "Did you plant the money in Timmy Bernardi's bank account?" E.J. asked if Justin really wanted to know the answer, pointing out that the trial was Samantha's best opportunity to prove her innocence. Justin reluctantly agreed to fight the continuance but cautioned E.J. that it could return to bite them.

At the jail, Sami opened an envelope that E.J. had given her, containing handmade cards from her kids. She chuckled at their artistic talents and had to force herself not to cry. Inside the envelope was also a letter from E.J. In it, he confessed that he'd been finding it hard to sleep without her next to him, but he only missed her more when he would go downstairs to look at the portrait of the two of them.

E.J.'s letter continued that it was amazing to him that they were finally together again after so many years -- and so wrong that they were apart and could no longer make up for lost time. He vowed to do everything in his power to make sure Sami didn't suffer for having done absolutely nothing wrong. "I will get you back to your children. I swear I will," the letter concluded. After Sami dried her tears, she called out to the guard for a fresh pencil then began to write in a journal she kept under her pillow.

Justin went to the jail after the continuance hearing and informed Sami that Trask had seemed a little nervous. Sami thought that was a good sign because Trask didn't seem like the type who got rattled easily. "I'd feel better if I wasn't so nervous myself," Justin admitted. Concerned, Sami asked why Justin was nervous.

Backpedaling, Justin said that he'd simply meant that he hoped that the evidence about the money didn't end up hurting their case. He urged Sami to stay focused and forget he'd said anything. Justin got a text message from the judge's office and left for the courtroom. Ignoring Justin's advice not to worry, Sami muttered, "Obviously you think E.J. planted that evidence."

Stefano was drinking wine with Cecily at Club TBD when his ringing phone interrupted their conversation. "Well, well. That's interesting," Stefano remarked to the caller.

When E.J. arrived at the club a little later, Stefano remarked, "I hear things are looking up for your fiancée." E.J. calmly asserted that Samantha's case was none of Stefano's business. Stefano stated that it was fortunate the money had been found in the dead cop's son's account, because an honest detective would not leave that kind of money in a child's bank account. "Maybe, just maybe that is Samantha's ticket to freedom," Stefano said.

E.J. countered that Samantha's ticket to freedom was that she was telling the truth. Stefano observed with amusement that E.J. had walked in the door like a "weak little puppy." E.J. replied that he had merely learned not to jump the gun. "If you had only learned that before you stabbed your father in the back," Stefano said.

E.J. remarked that Stefano was being very "jovial" in defeat. Stefano cheerfully argued that he wasn't defeated because he had plenty of money and no longer had to deal with day-to-day problems. Stefano continued that E.J.'s critics had observed that the situation with Samantha had changed E.J. -- but Stefano had assured them that E.J. was smart enough to deal with everything, no matter what happened with Samantha.

"My fiancée's going to be fine, father. She can beat these ridiculous charges -- and then the real criminal will be brought to justice," E.J. asserted. Stefano said that he wished he could help, but his hands were tied. As Stefano walked away, E.J. muttered, "I wish they were tied behind your back on a gallows."

E.J. returned to the jail, and Sami quickly observed that he seemed a little upset. E.J. confided that he'd just run into his father. Sami acknowledged, "Your dad must be getting a thrill out of it, knowing that I'm in hell because he put me here." E.J. promised Sami that Stefano would pay. Justin returned from court and announced that the judge had denied the prosecution's request for a continuance -- and Sami's trial would start that very day.

As Kristen and Brady lay in bed together, Kristen suddenly noticed what time it was and apologetically explained that she needed to check in with E.J. about Sami's trial. She asked what had happened when Brady had announced his and Kristen's engagement to Eric. Brady admitted that it hadn't gone well, so in the interest of improving their brotherly relationship, he had asked Eric to perform their marriage. "Oh, no way in hell," Kristen exclaimed.

Kristen went on and on about what a bad idea it was to have Eric marry them. Brady argued that he thought they should do it right that time by getting married in the church and going through Pre-Cana to show everyone how much they meant to each other. Kristen was adamant that it wasn't going to happen. Brady admitted that he didn't understand her reaction, because he thought it would be fun for them to get to know each other even better during the Pre-Cana sessions.

Kristen put her foot down: "I'm not going to do it." After some encouragement from Brady, Kristen agreed to at least talk to Eric about it. Brady reassured her that the only reason he wanted to do it was because he loved her.

At St. Luke's, Eric reviewed his bill from the Capitol Plaza Hotel and had more flashes of his recurring dream. He wondered why thinking about the night he'd stayed at the hotel seemed to trigger thoughts of the dream. Father Matt entered and asked Eric what was wrong. Eric explained that looking at the hotel bill had caused some more concrete memories of his trip to return, but then out of the blue he'd also begun to remember his dream.

Father Matt asked if Eric thought they were connected. Eric didn't think so, but noted, "It's like both things are grabbing hold of my mind, and it's getting stronger, not weaker." Father Matt suspected that the dream had upset Eric because he'd been under so much stress with the school and what was going on with his sister on top of his regular duties. Father Matt urged Eric to rely on his faith in God and the legal system.

Eric admitted that as a twin, he had always found it easier to deal with things that were about him than about his sister -- and for a change, Sami was an innocent victim who'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time. "With a gun," Father Matt pointed out.

Father Matt was on his way out when Kristen arrived. After Father Matt had gone, Eric stated that choosing between the final two scholarship applicants would be a difficult decision. Kristen announced that because she thought both candidates deserved the last spot, she was going to donate more money so they could both attend. A grateful Eric rose to see Kristen out, but she said that their business wasn't done. "This Pre-Cana thing... I would really like it if you would tell him that you thought it over and that the answer is no," Kristen requested.

Theresa showed up at the park for her prearranged meeting to buy drugs from J.J. As Theresa was pacing and fretting about where J.J. was, Abigail arrived and demanded to know why Theresa was in the park instead of at work. Theresa retorted that she could take a break once in a while. A friend of Abigail's ran up just then and informed Abigail that she had just seen J.J. get arrested for dealing drugs. Abigail grabbed her friend's hand, and the two rushed out of the park together.

Since she knew that the cops had J.J.'s phone, Theresa worried that she would be incriminated. "No, that's not going to happen! I have to find out what's going on," she muttered to herself as she hurried away.

Nicole arrived at the hospital just in time to overhear Maxine telling Daniel that Jennifer had just left in a hurry for the police station. Maxine got a page and had to rush off. Guessing that Maxine had been talking about J.J., Nicole asked Daniel, "What'd [J.J.] do now?" Daniel tried to tell her that it was none of her business, but Nicole pointed out that J.J. had caused Daniel nothing but trouble. Daniel asserted that he didn't even know if J.J. had done anything.

Nicole urged Daniel to go to the police station anyway, so Daniel reluctantly made a phone call to try to find out what had happened. As he hung up, Daniel said that J.J. had been caught selling drugs. Nicole was hardly surprised. Daniel admitted that when J.J. had been arrested before, Daniel's showing up had only made things worse. Nicole tried to persuade him that Jennifer would want him there.

A tearful Abigail arrived just then, looking for her mom, and Daniel informed her that Jennifer was at the police station. Abigail asked if Daniel would drive her there, since she was too upset to drive. Daniel agreed, so the two hurried out.

When Brady ran into Nicole in Horton Square a little later, he noticed that she wasn't in a particularly good mood and asked if she wanted to talk about it. Nicole noted wryly that it wasn't any of her business. Brady lightly accused Nicole of making a "stealth attack" on Kristen, but she maintained that it had simply been a conversation. Nicole added that she couldn't bear to see Brady get hurt again.

"I am serious when I say that [Kristen] is a mistake, and I will never accept that you two belong together. And I don't think Eric will, either," Nicole asserted. "You know, I think you're wrong about Eric, actually. As a matter of fact, Nicole, he may wind up marrying Kristen and me," Brady informed a stunned Nicole.

At the police station, Jennifer furiously addressed a handcuffed J.J., acknowledging that, despite his attempts to deceive her, she had finally realized that he was a liar and a criminal. "It is the end of the line for you... I don't believe one thing that comes out of your mouth because everything that you have said to me since you came back here, every single word, has been a lie!" Jennifer spat.

Jennifer recounted how J.J. had lied about dealing drugs at boarding school, and he had obviously lied about stealing Cameron's prescription pad. J.J. complained about his mom yelling at him in the police station, but she angrily pointed out that he should be more worried about going to jail and having a criminal record. "Did you have drugs in our house?" Jennifer demanded. When J.J. responded with stony silence, Jennifer had the answer she'd dreaded.

A horrified Jennifer quickly realized that J.J. had also put drugs in the doughnuts the night of her book club meeting. She demanded to know if J.J. thought it was funny to violate people who loved him. Insisting that it had been a mistake, J.J. explained that he'd intended to give the laced doughnuts to his friends. He tried to apologize, but Jennifer believed that he was only sorry that he'd been caught -- although getting caught hadn't stopped him before.

Pointing out other times that J.J. had lied to him -- about the sneakers, about going to the library -- Jennifer declared that J.J. had played her for a complete fool. She accused J.J. of lying about destroying Daniel's MP3 player, Parker's train set, and Daniel's car. "But do you want to know what really, really gets me? It's that you threw your father's memory in my face!" Jennifer scolded tearfully, adding, "I can't even say the word for what you did to his memory!"

"What happened to you?" Jennifer cried. Just then, Daniel and Abigail arrived. Scowling in Daniel's direction, J.J. maintained, "That's what happened to me." J.J. added viciously, "He's the only one you really care about. I can stay in jail; that's fine by me. I just want you to get out of my damn face!" Devastated, Abigail began to cry.

Incensed, Jennifer accused J.J. of being a coward because he blamed everyone else instead of owning up to and taking responsibility for his own mistakes. "I will always love you -- always -- but I do not like you right now!" Jennifer seethed. A cop sat across the desk from J.J. to begin some paperwork. As Jennifer crossed the room to join Daniel and Abigail, another cop led in a handcuffed Rory. Rory's mom followed, berating her son for being stupid.

Jennifer explained to Abigail that Hope was sending a lawyer for J.J., since Justin was busy with Sami's trial. Jennifer admitted that although she was furious, she was afraid that J.J. would mouth off to one of the cops and get in even more trouble. Abigail volunteered to talk to J.J. for Jennifer. While Abigail joined her brother, Daniel asked Jennifer what he could do. She merely put her head on his shoulder and allowed him to comfort her.

Jennifer admitted to Daniel that he had been right about everything, and she had been wrong. Abigail warned J.J. not to give the cops any attitude, but he just glared at his mom and Daniel across the room. Daniel suggested, "Maybe now he'll let you help him. Maybe now you can get through to him." He added that lies threw Jennifer because she was so honest. Daniel got paged about a surgery, so Jennifer encouraged him to take care of it because she knew he would be with her even if he weren't physically present.

Theresa went to the hospital and asked if Maxine had seen Jennifer. "She had to leave," was all Maxine would say. While Theresa was stewing near the nurses' station, Daniel arrived. Maxine informed Daniel that his surgery had been postponed. She deduced that he had been to the police station and told him that she was glad he'd gone, even if Daniel and Jennifer weren't together. "She's my friend. I just needed to make sure she was okay," Daniel maintained, although Maxine didn't buy that Jennifer was just his friend.

Once Daniel was alone, Theresa told him that she'd heard about J.J. and asked if there were anything she could do to help. Daniel thanked her politely but said that there wasn't much anyone could do. "So I guess my name didn't come up. Let's hope it stays like that," Theresa said to herself as Daniel walked away to review some charts.

Theresa asked if she could buy Daniel a cup of coffee, since his surgery had been postponed, but he declined. She assured him that she was a good listener if he needed to talk, so he rebuffed her more firmly. Theresa insisted that she had only meant for them to get coffee as friends. "Doctor Jonas, I really just want to help. There's got to be something I could do," Theresa asserted, batting her eyes sweetly.

Daniel reiterated that although he appreciated Theresa's concern, there was nothing she could do because Jennifer was a strong, resilient woman who could handle the situation. As Daniel walked away, Theresa scoffed, "Well, that's your last chance, mister. You just blew the best thing you could ever have." She wondered how she was going to replace the money she'd given to J.J. for the drugs until she recalled something she'd seen online.

Back at the police station, Abigail admonished J.J., "This isn't about Daniel; this is about you selling drugs and getting caught doing it." J.J. complained that he didn't expect Abigail to understand because it was as if she didn't know him at all. Abigail declared tearfully that he was right that she didn't know him anymore -- but she really wanted her brother back. J.J. contended, "We can never be what we were before Dad died. I will never be that same kid again, so stop trying to turn me into something that I'm not."

Rory's mother introduced herself to Jennifer and guessed that it was Jennifer's first time to get a call from the police about J.J. -- although Rory's mom had been getting calls about her son since he was thirteen years old. She continued that she was about to kick Rory out, and Jennifer should do the same thing. The woman asserted that it wouldn't be the last call Jennifer got because J.J. wasn't going to change.

Rory's mom noted that J.J.'s dad had left after only a couple of minutes. "J.J.'s father is dead," Jennifer corrected the woman. Rory's mother cautioned Jennifer not to let J.J. chase decent men away like Rory had. Noting that Daniel was a good-looking man and Abigail seemed very nice, Rory's mom advised Jennifer, "Cut your losses and concentrate on the things that count, 'cause take it from me: that kid of yours ain't worth it."

The cop announced that it was time for J.J. to go to his cell. Jennifer told Rory's mom, "I don't know how you can say that you're going to give up on your son. I will never give up on my son." The woman cautioned Jennifer that J.J. was going down, and there was nothing Jennifer could do about it. As the officer escorted J.J. away, Abigail cried to Jennifer, "What's going to happen to him, Mom? To us?"

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