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Kristen was overwhelmed when Brady offered to adopt a child with her. Brady nearly caught John and Kristen in the secret room together. Jennifer and Abigail were surprised to see J.J. back in Salem. Nick attacked Sami and forced her to return the $30,000 she had stolen from him. Rafe threatened Nick.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 6, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, May 6, 2013

by Mike

Outside the Horton house, someone spied on Jennifer as she was getting ready for work. Jennifer started to leave, but she returned to the living room when she realized that she had forgotten her keys. After retrieving the keys, Jennifer noticed that the terrace doors were partially ajar. The discovery puzzled Jennifer, but she was in a hurry, so she simply shrugged, closed the doors, and rushed out of the house.

At the hospital, Jennifer greeted Daniel and Parker. Anne entered the waiting area in time to see Jennifer kiss Daniel. Anne grimaced as she watched the public display of affection, muttering that she was glad that she had chosen to skip breakfast that morning. Meanwhile, Maxine reported that Daniel had been looking for Anne earlier.

Noticing that a stray leaf was stuck to the back of Anne's shirt, Maxine wondered what Anne had been doing earlier. Anne vaguely stated that she had been dealing with some personal business. Meanwhile, Jennifer entered her office, and Anne barged in a short time later. Bitterly noting that she was stuck in the human resources department, Anne said that it was her job to remind Jennifer that public displays of affection were a violation of one of the hospital's codes of conduct.

Feigning concern, Jennifer suggested that, as part of her job, it might be best to request a mental health consultation for Anne, who was strangely obsessed with Jennifer. Furious, Anne insisted that it was her job to tell Jennifer how to act, not the other way around. Meanwhile, Daniel entered the room, and Jennifer received a phone call from someone, prompting her to excuse herself so that she could attend a meeting.

Jennifer encouraged Anne to go directly to Seth the next time that she wanted to complain about Jennifer's behavior. After Jennifer left, Daniel insisted that Anne would not be talking to Seth about Jennifer ever again. Daniel warned that Anne would lose her job if she continued to harass Jennifer. Refusing to listen to Daniel's threats, Anne started to walk away, but he stopped her.

Daniel revealed that he had talked to Chloe the previous night, adding that she had told him about all of the things that Anne had done to help Chloe ruin Jennifer's life. Anne refused to believe that Chloe had betrayed her, since they were friends, but Daniel explained that Chloe, in an effort to make amends for her past mistakes, had simply told the truth.

Daniel guessed that Seth would probably love to hear about all of the things that Anne had done. Daniel assured Anne that he would only share the information with Seth if she gave him a reason to do so. Before Anne could respond, Jennifer reentered the office and wondered if everything was all right. Anne vaguely stated that she and Daniel had simply been having a conversation with each other.

Changing the subject, Anne declared that Jennifer looked beautiful in the dress that she was wearing, and she wondered where Jennifer had purchased the dress. Taken aback, Jennifer said that she didn't remember. Anne shrugged and excused herself. After Anne left, Jennifer reminded Daniel that she was perfectly capable of fighting her own battles, but he countered that two heads were sometimes better than one.

Anne went to the waiting area, shaking her head in disbelief. "Am I the only one who sees that overindulgent, spoiled, self-entitled witch for what she is?" Anne asked Maxine, referring to Jennifer. Maxine observed that Anne certainly seemed to be the only person who had a problem with Jennifer, but Anne wasn't convinced. After Maxine left, Anne predicted that someone would eventually teach Jennifer a much-needed lesson.

Meanwhile, someone entered the Horton house. The person walked around the living room, eventually settling in front of the fireplace, where two framed photographs were perched on the mantel. After glancing at the photograph of Jack, the person picked up the photograph of Daniel and Jennifer.

At St. Luke's, Eric found Kristen waiting for him in his office. Eric guessed that Kristen wanted to talk about the wedding. Eric started to explain that, while he wanted to support Brady at the wedding, the situation was complicated. "You can go ahead and say her name -- Marlena. It always comes back to Marlena," Kristen concluded, interrupting Eric. Eric said that he wasn't interested in having a conversation about Marlena with Kristen.

"Because you're a smart man, and no good can come from discussing religion, politics, or Marlena -- who, in her very own strange way, kind of embodies both those things, huh?" Kristen mused. Unamused, Eric pointed out that it was safe to discuss religion at the church. Kristen agreed, seamlessly segueing into a discussion about her ongoing quest to make amends for her past actions.

Kristen wondered if Eric believed that she had been absolved of her sins, or if he felt that no amount of contrition would ever be enough to make up for the pain that she had once caused. Eric reiterated that he didn't want to discuss the situation with Kristen, who wondered if he was simply doubting his ability to be objective. Eric confirmed Kristen's suspicion, adding that his belief was that confession and true repentance had to precede absolution.

Kristen agreed and stressed that she had already given her confession to a priest. Kristen pointedly asked if Marlena had ever confessed her sins to a priest. Eric said that was none of Kristen's business. "It's absolutely my business. Absolutely. Are you aware that she has never shown me even the slightest bit of compassion in all these years? She's never apologized to me for ripping my world apart, tearing it upside-down," Kristen informed Eric.

Eric said that was none of his business, but Kristen disagreed, pointing out that he was in the business of comforting people who were lost and confused. Eric said that he could only comfort people who were being sincere with him, and he added that he wasn't allowed to take sides or disclose information about another person's confessions. Kristen nodded and assured Eric that she understood.

"Rhetorical question, okay? I mean, just for the hell of it. Am I alone here? Did Roman ever receive an apology from Marlena for tearing his life apart? I mean, did Sami? And as a matter of fact, did you?" Kristen wondered. Eric insisted that Marlena didn't owe him any apologies. Kristen observed that only a man of God could be that forgiving, but Eric reiterated that there was nothing to forgive.

"Well, I disagree with that. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've seen your sister, Sami, struggling with the horror of walking in on your mother and John -- you know, on the conference room table. And what about your father? Still struggling, to this day, with being lonely and miserable. Your life was destroyed, your family was decimated, but I guess that's okay with you, huh?" Kristen asked, pressing Eric for an answer.

Eric repeated that he wasn't going to talk about the situation with Kristen, who summarized that she had obviously struck a nerve. Eric ordered Kristen to leave, but she ignored his request. "It's not so shocking that you'd be so unfailingly loyal to your mother. She does kind of portray herself as a saint, doesn't she? I have one last question -- do you think Satan made her commit adultery? Because I know for a fact [that] it's on God's top ten list," Kristen noted.

Annoyed, Eric pointedly countered that he could think of a few other things that were on that list. Conceding Eric's point, Kristen wondered if he had ever thought about the things that had pushed her to take such desperate measures in the first place. After assuring Eric that she was willing to take responsibility for her own actions, Kristen reminded him that she had once been in love with John.

In an attempt to ignore Kristen, Eric opened a nearby Bible, but she grabbed it out of his hands and slammed it shut. "Whatever Marlena wants, Marlena gets," Kristen summarized. Eric angrily shouted that he had heard enough. Eric quickly calmed down and apologized for his outburst, but Kristen seemed to find his anger to be an endearing quality. Eric spontaneously decided that he would not be able to attend the wedding.

Eric tried to make his decision sound selfless, but Kristen wasn't fooled. "You've actually turned out quite well, considering where you came from. I meant [that] completely as a compliment, really. Your mother would be so proud of you...even if, deep down, you can't possibly be proud of her," Kristen mused. After promising to save a slice of cake for Eric, Kristen exited the room.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena bumped into Roman. Marlena apologized and started to walk away, but Roman followed her, guessing that John had done something else that had upset her. Marlena reminded Roman that she wasn't willing to discuss the situation with him, and he agreed to change the subject. Reasoning that Marlena could use a meal and a friend, Roman offered to treat her to some breakfast, and she reluctantly accepted the offer.

Elsewhere, in a secluded section of the town square, Brady had another meeting with the woman whom he had secretly been dealing with recently. Brady tucked an envelope into the pocket of his suit jacket and thanked the woman for her help and discretion. The woman wondered if the meeting would signify the conclusion of her business with Brady, who replied that the meeting had never even occurred in the first place.

As the woman walked away, E.J. approached Brady and asked about the clandestine nature of Brady's meeting with her. Brady deflected, wondering why E.J. cared, and E.J. replied that he cared because Brady was marrying Kristen. E.J. confirmed that he was planning to attend the wedding, adding that he was hoping that Sami would accompany him.

Brady forced a smile and said that was terrific news, prompting E.J. to wonder how Brady really felt about the situation. "E.J., you know that happy toast that you're preparing for me and Kristen? All the glowing words that you're planning to say, and the well-wishes delivered through gritted teeth? Then you understand exactly how I feel about you and Sami," Brady replied.

E.J. noted that it was touching that Brady was standing up for Sami, since the siblings had spent most of their lives at each other's throats. Brady countered that E.J. had only recently met Kristen, who had been excommunicated from the DiMera family years earlier. E.J. admitted that he had never heard a single good thing about Kristen while he had been growing up, especially not from Stefano.

E.J. pointed out that preconceived notions could often be inaccurate, but Brady said that wasn't always the case. E.J. stated that he loved and supported Kristen, and Brady expressed the same sentiment about Sami. E.J. noted that he and Brady had just found some common ground, and Brady suggested that it would be best for them to quit while they were ahead. As Brady walked away, E.J. muttered that Brady and Stefano had nothing in common with each other.

In Kristen's office at DiMera Enterprises, Kristen placed a phone call to Stefano and informed him that she was going to have to cross Eric's name off the guest list. Stefano feigned disappointment, but Kristen insisted that it was disappointing, since she had been hoping that all of Marlena's family members and friends would be in attendance when Brady announced that he had found Kristen in bed with John.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Stefano about his earlier encounter with Brady. E.J. wondered if Stefano was concerned about the fact that Kristen was about to marry into the Kiriakis family. Stefano vaguely stated that he was concerned about a lot of different things, adding that there was no reason to let his blood pressure suffer as a result of something that might not even happen.

E.J. observed that Stefano seemed to be implying that the wedding wasn't going to happen. Stefano said that not even he could predict the future. E.J. countered that Stefano could certainly try very hard to change the future, but Stefano claimed that he believed that it would be best to simply live in the present, totally and completely.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole found John sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of bourbon. Nicole took a seat next to John and guessed that it had been difficult for him to hear about Brady and Kristen's recent engagement. In response, John tightened his grip on the glass until it shattered in his hand. Nicole gasped and wondered if John was okay. "Do I look okay?" John quietly asked.

Nicole assured John that he wasn't the only person who was apprehensive about the engagement. Nicole optimistically observed that it was possible for a person to change, using John as an example, since he had reinvented himself multiple times -- as a mogul, a priest, and a spy, among other identities. Nicole suggested that if Brady truly loved Kristen, that might be the only thing that really mattered, especially since it wasn't like John still loved Kristen.

As Victor entered the pub, John reminded Nicole that Brady had recently lost two different women whom he had once believed he would spend the rest of his life with. John said that Brady wasn't in a healthy place, and he started to suggest that Kristen might be taking advantage of that, but he stopped himself and said with a shrug that he and Nicole loved Brady and simply wanted him to be happy.

John excused himself, noting that he needed to clean up the mess that he had made when he had broken the glass earlier. "And how are you gonna clean up the real mess? John, what are you gonna do to stop Kristen?" Nicole wondered. John pointed out that practically everyone had already tried to talk to, beg, plead with, or threaten Brady, who had refused to change his mind about Kristen.

Nicole pointed out that Brady had received his stubbornness from John, who was never willing to give up. John said that it was sometimes necessary to simply accept the fact that life had changed. Meanwhile, Roman and Marlena entered the pub. John observed that it seemed like Marlena and Roman were getting closer, and she wondered if it would make a difference to John either way.

Nicole interrupted and awkwardly greeted Marlena and Roman before quickly excusing herself. After Nicole left, John said that he and Roman needed to have a talk with each other. Guessing that the talk would quickly escalate into a fight, Marlena tried to protest, but Roman assured her that he would be fine. Roman and John exited the pub, ignoring Marlena's attempts to stop them.

Victor, who had been quietly observing things from the moment that he had entered the pub earlier, approached Marlena and advised her to let John and Roman go. Marlena admitted that she was afraid that Roman and John might kill each other. "And what would you do to stop them? Every time you've opened your mouth, you've made things worse, haven't you? Leave well enough alone, Marlena -- for everyone's sake," Victor advised.

Victor apologized for his bluntness. "But I do hope you're self-aware enough to know that you pushed Brady into that temptress's arms and kept him there," Victor added. Marlena insisted that she cared about Brady just as much as Victor did, and Victor said that he believed her. Victor wondered what kind of advice a good psychiatrist would give to someone who was in Marlena's shoes.

Marlena wished that she knew the answer to Victor's question. "I know. What's the one thing you haven't tried? Walking away. Do it, Marlena. Accept the fact that you've lost John and move on...before things get worse," Victor recommended. Victor acknowledged that he was probably telling Marlena things that she didn't want to hear, but he added that preparation was often the best weapon. "You're in a tough situation, and you think, 'Now, surely, it can't get any worse.' But it does. It can always get worse. It can, and it will," Victor cryptically warned Marlena.

At the Horton Town Square, Roman wondered if John cared about Marlena's feelings at all. After a brief silence, John quietly confirmed that he did care, prompting Roman to advise him to stop treating Marlena like the enemy. "It stops now. You look after her, Roman. You take care of her. She's all yours," John said before walking away, leaving Roman confused.

Elsewhere, John ran into Abe, who noted that they hadn't had a chance to talk to each other recently. Abe offered to treat John to a beer, but John refused the offer and abruptly started to walk away. John quickly stopped himself and apologized, explaining that he'd simply had a lot of things on his mind lately. Abe urged John to talk to someone about the things that were bothering him, but John wasn't interested in doing so.

Abe admitted that he was worried about John, who insisted that he had everything under control. Abe wasn't convinced, and he reminded John that they were friends. John promised to call Abe when he was ready to talk, and Abe hoped that he would receive that phone call in the near future. After Abe left, John muttered that he was going to go after Kristen, regardless of what it might cost him.

At St. Luke's, Nicole told Eric about everything that had happened at the pub earlier. Nicole noted that Brady and Kristen's wedding was driving everyone crazy, and she wondered if Eric was planning to attend the ceremony. Eric said that he had decided to keep his distance, and he advised Nicole to do the same thing. Nicole was willing to follow Eric's advice, but she wasn't convinced that he would be able to do so.

Nicole revealed that her earlier encounter with John had made her feel like he wanted to kill someone with his bare hands. Nicole noted that John had once killed people for a living, and she admitted that she was afraid that Brady and Kristen's wedding might end in disaster.

In Kristen's office at DiMera Enterprises, Brady told Kristen that he needed to talk to her about something important. "I love you more than words can say. You've changed my life, and now I want to change yours," Brady cryptically stated. Brady retrieved the envelope from the pocket of his suit jacket and handed it to Kristen. Kristen was shocked to discover that the envelope contained adoption papers.

Brady told Kristen that he had called in a favor to ensure that their application would not be turned down for any reason. "I know how much you want to be a mom, and I know that you thought it was impossible, but I'm standing here in front of you right now, telling you...we can have a child together. We can do it. All you have to do is say the word," Brady said, leaving Kristen speechless.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A mysterious person walked through the living room of the Horton house. He stopped at the mantel and gazed at a photograph of Jack before picking up a picture of Jennifer and Daniel. After setting it down again, the person moved around the room, looking at other family photos and lingering on those of Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail. He continued on to the kitchen.

At the hospital, as Daniel walked Jennifer to the nurses' station on her way home, he expressed envy that she could leave but he still had work to do. Maxine entered and informed Daniel that his afternoon surgery had been canceled, so he had a few hours free. "As long as you show up for rounds, no one will even notice that you're both gone at the same time. Surely you two can find something to do to pass the time," Maxine added.

After Maxine walked off again, Jennifer suggested that she and Daniel go back to her house, since Abigail would be in class all afternoon, and they would have the place to themselves. Daniel offered a counter-suggestion that they go to his place because Parker was out with the nanny. They agreed to meet at Daniel's after Jennifer ran an errand. Maxine looked pleased with herself as Daniel and Jennifer left together.

In Kristen's office, Brady produced adoption papers for his stunned fiancée and informed her that he had pulled some strings to make sure that they would not be turned down. Kristen began to cry, so Brady apologized for upsetting her. Kristen explained that being a mom was all she had ever wanted, but added, "I can't go on like this... You're such a good man, Brady. You don't deserve this."

Assuming that Kristen believed he would prefer a biological child to an adopted one, Brady reassured her that wasn't the case, because there were so many children who needed love -- who needed Kristen. "I know how much you have to give, and I want to have a child with you," Brady declared. He professed his love for Kristen, who was moved. She admitted that no one had ever loved her as much as Brady had -- not even John. "I can't do this. You don't deserve this," Kristen repeated, then added, "It goes back to your dad."

Kristen explained that what had happened to her back then had so completely broken her that it had taken years to even be able to discuss it in therapy. She added tearfully that the holes that losing her baby had left in her heart had made her do things that she hadn't really wanted to do. Brady realized with dismay that he had dredged up the most painful memories of Kristen's life, but she reassured him, "What you did was so beautiful and so loving..." An understanding Brady interrupted, "But you are not over losing your child."

Just then, Jennifer knocked and entered the office. When she saw the looks on Brady's and Kristen's faces, Jennifer asked if everything were all right. Although Jennifer offered to return later, Kristen insisted that she was okay. After Brady left, Kristen tried to pretend that she was just experiencing pre-wedding jitters.

As she gave Kristen a small satin pouch, Jennifer explained that it could be Kristen's something blue and something borrowed for her wedding day. It was the necklace that Daniel had given to Jennifer when they'd gotten back together, which Jennifer said represented new beginnings -- and Kristen was getting a second chance at the life she'd always wanted. Kristen broke down. She explained that even though she had returned to Salem with much reluctance, she had been trying to make things right ever since she'd gotten back.

Jennifer asked what had changed, and Kristen admitted tearfully, "What's changed is that Brady loves me. He loves me completely and totally, like I've never been loved before." Jennifer pointed out, "That's a good thing because that's the man you're going to marry. Kristen, you've won." Kristen explained that she didn't want to hurt Brady. Jennifer asked if Kristen were worried that she would damage Brady's relationship with John and Marlena, and Kristen admitted that she was.

"I'm not a good person, Jennifer. I'm not like you, and I'm not like Brady," Kristen declared, sobbing. Jennifer insisted that Kristen had changed -- and it was because of Brady's love. Touched, Kristen thanked Jennifer for being her friend. The two agreed to meet later to discuss wedding plans. After Jennifer left, Kristen examined the sapphire necklace and smiled. She grabbed her purse and hurried out.

Brady was sitting alone in Horton Square when Daniel walked by and remarked on how unhappy Brady looked. Brady told Daniel that he'd done something for Kristen that he had thought would make her happy, but instead it had really upset her. Daniel urged Brady not to blame himself. "Oh, I don't. I blame my dad," Brady declared.

After Daniel had gone, Brady imagined John strolling through. "Let her go, son. Kristen belongs to me, and I will see her in hell before I ever see her happy with another man -- especially you," John growled in Brady's imagination. Snapping back to reality, Brady got up and stalked out of the square.

At Daniel's apartment, Daniel and Jennifer fell on the bed together -- and on top of a bunch of Parker's toys. Laughing, they continued kissing anyway, as Daniel tossed some of the toys off the bed. After they made love, they ate ice cream in bed. Jennifer cautioned Daniel that he was in "the toddler zone," and that Parker would change his life -- but in the best way possible. Daniel acknowledged that it had to be overwhelming for Jennifer because his son was suddenly around all the time, but he would always make room for her.

Later, Daniel took Jennifer home. They agreed that they would have to do it again some time. After reluctantly kissing Jennifer goodbye, Daniel trotted off. Jennifer closed the door and leaned against it with a contented sigh. A voice sounded from the living room doorway, "Where have you been?" Jennifer gasped when she turned and saw her son, J.J., standing there.

Sami dashed into the living room of the DiMera mansion and informed E.J. that Officer Bernardi was getting off work in an hour. Sami's plan was to get the evidence against Will from Bernardi before he turned it over to Stefano. E.J. told Sami that Will had left him a message that morning. Sami accepted E.J.'s offer to talk to her son, who was apparently nervous about what his mom was up to.

"God, I can't believe that Stefano double-crossed us," Sami said, but she was determined not to let Stefano get his hands on the evidence. After Sami gave E.J. a passionate goodbye kiss, he urged her, "Come home early." Sami thought that was a good idea -- as was building a bonfire out of the evidence. She suddenly remembered that she'd left her keys upstairs and rushed out to retrieve them.

Just as Sami left the room, her cell phone began to ring. E.J. picked up her purse to answer the phone -- but ran across Sami's gun first. Picking it up gingerly, he eyed it with dismay. When Sami returned, E.J. had stashed the gun in a desk drawer. "You want to tell me what the hell you're doing with that?" E.J. demanded, yanking the drawer open. Sami was initially annoyed that E.J. had looked through her purse, but he explained that her phone had rung. Sami finally divulged that Kate had given her the gun.

E.J. wanted to know why Sami was carrying the gun around in her purse. Sami admitted that she'd intended to leave it in her desk, but then Nick had dropped by. After showing E.J. that she hadn't even loaded it, she promised to take the gun back to her office. E.J. began to get anxious about Sami going to the police station by herself, but she pointed out that she could hang out there without drawing attention to herself. E.J. begged her to be careful.

Ciara was sitting in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, looking at the picture of Kristen and Sy, when she heard her mom's voice. Ciara quickly stuffed the picture back into her backpack as Hope, Adrienne, and Justin entered the room. Adrienne asked if Ciara were excited to see her daddy when he returned home. "Daddy changed his mind. He's not coming home. He's probably never coming back," Ciara announced petulantly.

Hope reassured Ciara that Bo loved her and didn't want to be away from her, but work was preventing him from returning home -- although he would, just not as soon as they had hoped. When Justin took Ciara into the kitchen for a snack, Adrienne apologized profusely to Hope. Hope explained that Bo was supposed to have been on his way home, but something had interfered.

Ciara returned to the doorway just in time to overhear her mom admit that she didn't know when Bo would be back. Hope informed Ciara that they had a date to see the new panda at the zoo, and Ciara's mood instantly changed. After saying their goodbyes to Justin and Adrienne, the Bradys left. As the front door closed, E.J. called Justin's cell phone. The two agreed to meet to discuss E.J.'s proposal.

A little while later, Justin met E.J. in a bar. "Was it necessary to come this far out of the way?" Justin asked. E.J. wanted to know if Justin had looked over the proposal. Justin said that he'd spent most of the previous night doing so -- and he had questions. "Ask. I'll give you half an hour to decide whether or not you're going to help me bring about the end of the great Stefano DiMera," E.J. said.

Once he was finished answering Justin's questions, E.J. asked, "Where are the flaws? I need to know. Where are the kinks? Where are the weaknesses? Now is the time." Justin admitted that if there were any, he hadn't been able to find them. "E.J., you have a real shot at taking over your father's empire," Justin declared -- but he pointed out that if E.J. seized all of Stefano's legal assets, Stefano would no longer have cover for his illegal businesses.

Justin wanted to know if E.J. were prepared for the consequences of leaving his father with nothing. "You mean retaliation?" E.J. asked. "No, devastation," Justin warned, adding that if E.J. took away Stefano's business, it would destroy him -- professionally and personally. "Justin, it's not that I'm not aware of the consequences. I just don't care," E.J. maintained.

"You're picturing it, aren't you? Stefano DiMera, ruined," E.J. said, laughing heartily. "Do you notice how you never call him your father when we talk about this?" Justin pointed out. E.J.'s smile faded. He asked whether Justin wanted the job or not. "I'm in," Justin agreed. The men clinked glasses.

Hope took Ciara to the police station so she could do a few minutes' work before heading to the zoo. When Hope noticed Sami lurking outside her office door, Sami claimed that she was there to take her dad out for coffee. Hope informed Sami that Roman was out. While she kept an eye on the evidence room, Sami asked Ciara how she was.

Meanwhile, in the evidence room, Bernardi emptied the box labeled "DiMera Shooting" into his backpack with gloved hands.

Hope asked Sami, "Are you going to be here a little longer? I don't like to leave Ciara in here alone." Sami replied, "Sure," so Hope rushed out with some files, promising to return in a few minutes. Pouting, Ciara predicted that her mom would be gone an hour. Sami asked Ciara what was going on that was making her give her mom such a hard time. Ciara admitted that she'd gotten in trouble at school. When Sami asked why, Ciara explained, "My dad lied. He said he was coming home, but now he isn't."

Sami tried to reassure Ciara that Bo hadn't lied on purpose; he had probably intended to return home, but then something had happened. "Like what?" Ciara asked. "I don't know, sweetheart, but I know that your daddy loves you like crazy," Sami affirmed. Sami heard Bernardi leaving just then, so she quickly said goodbye and "I love you" to Ciara, then hurried out.

When an officer entered Hope's office, Ciara informed him that her mother would be back any minute to take her to the zoo. The cop placed an envelope, which read "Prisoner Release Notice," on Hope's desk, and told Ciara that it was very important for Hope to see before she left.

After the officer had gone, Ciara grumbled that she would never get to see the pandas. She took the envelope off her mom's desk and hid it on a shelf behind the desk. When Hope returned, she was a little dismayed that Sami had left, but she announced that she was officially off-duty. After Hope signed out of her computer, she and Ciara left for the zoo.

Sami was out of breath by the time she caught up with Bernardi in front of the Brady Pub. When she introduced herself, Bernardi recognized her as the commissioner's daughter. "Yeah, he doesn't always claim me because he hates the DiMera family, and I'm engaged to marry E.J. DiMera," Sami explained, showing Bernardi her engagement ring, then adding, "Which is why I'm here, obviously. Stefano DiMera sent me to you. He said you have something for me." Bernardi played dumb, so Sami clarified, "The evidence he asked you to get? I'm supposed to take it back to the house."

In the park, John met a man wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head. After John showed the man an envelope containing some cash, the man fretted, "If anyone sees me here with you, I'm dead." John assured the man, "Oh, relax. You'll be long gone before anybody finds out -- as long as you have what I need." The man gave John an envelope and assured him that everything he needed was inside. John paid the man, who hurried off. John stuck his hand in the envelope and pulled out a skeleton key.

When Kristen returned to the DiMera mansion, Stefano could tell that something was bothering her. Kristen admitted that Brady had just given her an amazing wedding gift: he'd arranged for an adoption, no questions asked. Stefano pointed out that Kristen could have had a baby years earlier if she'd wanted one, and reminded her that she had said Brady was "collateral damage." Kristen admitted that the way she was feeling was unexpected. "Are you in love with Brady?" Stefano asked. "I a way I am," Kristen confessed.

Kristen asked Stefano for the key to the secret room. Stefano told her to ask Harold for it. "Did you store everything from my almost-wedding to John there?" Kristen demanded. Stefano said that he had, but reminded Kristen that was ancient history and the room was only a storeroom. "I just need a little corner so I can just get my thoughts straight! Please!" Kristen demanded shrilly. Stefano sighed, conceding defeat. Kristen headed downstairs.

A keyed-up Brady returned home and asked Stefano where Kristen was. Stefano was momentarily speechless.

Kristen turned on the light in the secret room, which was filled with household odds and ends for storage. As she shut the door behind her and looked around, she recalled physically fighting with Marlena in that room when the door had been soundproof and hidden behind a wine rack. "You bitch!" Marlena had roared. "John is mine and you're not getting anywhere near him!" Kristen had shrieked, shoving Marlena back into the room and locking her inside.

Kristen began searching through boxes until finally she found her veil from her wedding to John. As she fingered the tulle, suddenly the door opened, and John entered the room. Kristen's eyes widened in shock.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Will visited Gabi at the Kiriakis mansion to give her a gift for the baby. He explained how little Arianna Grace could use the toy dashboard, complete with steering wheel and horn, while her mommy drove the car. Gabi pointed out that the baby wouldn't be able to use it until she was at least a year old, but Will had been too excited to pass up the good deal he'd gotten.

Gabi asked if Will were worried that he wouldn't be around when Arianna was a year old, and she reassured him that Nick wouldn't keep him away. Will was very confident about that, and Gabi wondered what had happened to change his attitude. Will hedged that his daughter's arrival was beginning to seem more real to him. Gabi promised that Will would be in the baby's life because it was what she wanted, and Will declared that everything was going to work out fine.

Will was curious about what kinds of cravings Gabi was having. She confessed to liking tamales and frozen yogurt, which Nick had gotten for her the last time. Will was grossed out but glad that Nick was looking after Gabi. "So you two are happy?" Will asked. "Sure. For the most part, everything's great," Gabi hedged. She explained that Nick had been stressed about work. Gabi got up to grab her purse and asked Will to walk her out.

Nick was working on his laptop at Common Grounds when Vargas startled him by slamming the computer shut. Nick maintained that the two of them shouldn't be seen together, but Vargas was only concerned with how his money was doing. Nick said that he was trying to build up Vargas' capital but it would take time to find the right opportunities. Although Vargas understood, he felt like Nick was keeping something from him.

Nick asserted that lots of people were demanding things from him -- his wife, his boss -- and he wanted to make good decisions with Vargas' money, but he needed time and space to do so. Vargas reluctantly agreed, but he warned Nick that he was not a patient man.

Gabi walked in just in time to witness the obvious tension between Nick and Vargas. "Is everything okay?" Gabi asked. After Vargas made an excuse and left, Gabi whispered to Nick, "That guy is so creepy! I don't think I like you talking to him." Nick cautioned Gabi that it would be difficult to avoid running into Vargas around town, but he would try to steer clear.

Gabi asked Nick if he wanted to accompany her while she shopped for things for the baby. A decidedly downbeat Nick urged Gabi to go without him, since he had so much work to catch up on. Gabi reluctantly agreed. She informed Nick that Will had dropped by the house with a present for the baby. "He's really looking forward to being a dad," Gabi added. Nick replied, "Good for him," which surprised Gabi. She said that she hoped he'd meant it.

When Sami stopped Officer Bernardi in front of the Brady Pub and asked for the evidence that Stefano had instructed him to retrieve from the police locker, Bernardi played dumb. Sami insisted that Stefano had sent her to get the evidence from Bernardi because she could get it into the mansion without arousing suspicion. Bernardi firmly maintained that he didn't even know Stefano DiMera.

When Bernardi walked away, Sami followed him. He tried to lose her, but she chased him through Horton Square to the park. Sami warned him that he did not want to anger Stefano by not giving her the evidence. To prove that she knew what she was talking about, Sami revealed that she had witnessed Bernardi's meeting with Stefano on that very spot. Bernardi countered that if that were true, then Sami would know that he was supposed to take the evidence straight to Mr. DiMera. "The plan changed," Sami declared.

Bernardi started to call Stefano to check Sami's story. Not knowing what else to do, Sami grabbed the phone away from Bernardi. She lied that Stefano was in a very important meeting and didn't want to be disturbed. "Geez, lady! Look, I know Stefano didn't send you! I don't know what your angle is, but this is suicide for you. You do not mess with the DiMeras!" Bernardi warned. Changing tactics, Sami pulled the envelope containing Nick's thirty thousand dollars out of her purse and offered it to Bernardi in exchange for the evidence.

Pointing out that he would be dead before he could spend it, Bernardi refused to double-cross Stefano DiMera. Bernardi started to walk away, but Sami attempted to grab the backpack out of his hands. They fought for it, and Sami jumped on Bernardi's back to try to get the bag away from him. As they struggled, Bernardi managed to toss Sami back onto the bench then quickly picked up the backpack and fled. Sami retrieved the money, which had scattered on the ground in the melee, and vowed that Bernardi would regret double-crossing her.

Maggie pulled Daniel aside at the hospital and asked for a favor. She noted that Brady wasn't speaking to most of his family because of Kristen, and Maggie was worried that the stress would cause him to start using again, especially since he seemed to think that it wasn't a problem if he had a couple of drinks every now and then.

Daniel reminded Maggie that she was Brady's sponsor, but she didn't think Brady would listen to her. Maggie asked Daniel to talk to Brady and make sure he was coping with everything all right. "I don't think Kristen is the problem," Daniel asserted.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady asked E.J. if he'd seen Kristen. Since E.J. had just returned to the house, he didn't know where his sister was. Brady knew that Kristen was at home because her car was still in the driveway, so he tried calling her cell phone, but it went straight to voicemail. E.J. playfully wondered aloud if there were "trouble in paradise," but Brady insisted that everything was fine. E.J. strolled back out while Brady continued trying to find Kristen.

A little later, a breathless Brady entered the living room from the terrace. "Where the hell is she?" he wondered aloud. Just then, the doorbell rang, so Brady strode angrily through the living room and foyer to answer it. When he saw Daniel on the doorstep, Brady declared that it wasn't a good time, but Daniel insisted that it was important. Daniel explained that he was concerned about Brady -- and Daniel wasn't the only one. Brady irritably demanded to know if Maggie had asked Daniel to check up on him.

Brady insisted that he wasn't using drugs, but Daniel pointed out that Brady had been mad all day. "Maybe I have a right to be mad right now," Brady argued, adding, "Let me tell you something about my dad... He's running around town, trying to break up my relationship with Kristen, all right? You don't even know about the damage he's already done. If he tries it again, he's gonna pay!"

When Harold entered the living room, Brady asked if he had seen Kristen. Harold informed Brady that Kristen had asked him for the key to the old wine cellar. Brady wondered why Kristen would want to go down there. "Some items from her previous wedding are stored there, sir," Harold explained. As Daniel headed for the door, Brady thanked him. A bit taken aback, Daniel assured Brady, "I'm on your side, man." Brady admitted with a wry shrug, "I know you are. I just wish everybody else was."

J.J. surprised Jennifer as she returned home to the Horton house. She threw her arms around her son excitedly but then asked why he was home when his semester at school didn't end for another three weeks. J.J. claimed that his exams had all been take-home essays, and he'd wanted to surprise his mom. He noted that Jennifer looked "a little frazzled." Jennifer maintained that she was just busy with work.

Jennifer started to tell J.J. about Daniel, but Abigail arrived just then. She hugged her brother with the same enthusiasm that Jennifer had. While Jennifer went upstairs to change, Abigail and J.J. caught up. J.J. repeated the story to Abigail about having take-home exams, but she didn't seem to buy it. "What's really going on?" Abigail asked.

J.J. insisted that nothing was going on and changed the subject to Cameron. Beaming, Abigail declared that Cameron was a great guy, and she couldn't wait for J.J. to meet him. J.J. said that Abigail deserved a good guy, and Abigail pointed out that they all did -- including their mom. "She's really happy with Daniel," Abigail stated. As she showed J.J. a picture of Daniel and Jennifer, Abigail asserted that J.J. would like Daniel.

Just as J.J. was asking Abigail to show him her hangouts, Jennifer returned and asked to speak to J.J. privately. After Abigail had gone, Jennifer declared, "I emailed your school to find out why they didn't tell me you were coming home early, and their reply was really puzzling." J.J. laughed it off, but Jennifer asked if there were something he wanted to tell her. J.J. insisted there was nothing else to tell.

After Jennifer went upstairs to take a phone call, the doorbell rang. When J.J. opened the door, Daniel immediately recognized him. Daniel started to introduce himself, but J.J. interrupted, "I know who you are."

John's arrival in the secret room surprised and dismayed Kristen, who demanded to know what he was doing there. "I think it's time that you and I finish what we started. Don't you?" John asked. Kristen asked how John had gotten in, and he showed her the skeleton key. Kristen ordered him to leave or else security would soon arrive to throw him out. John pointed out that security wouldn't make their rounds again for a couple of hours.

Kristen emphasized that she really wanted John to leave, adding, "This is over between us, John. I'm done. I'm finally, finally done." John countered that Kristen couldn't just say that it was over and have it be true. He hinted that he knew what Kristen truly wanted, but she argued that he did not know what she was thinking or feeling. She insisted that she wanted to be free of the past, which had been controlling her and constantly reminding her of what she'd lost.

"Your son is so wonderful and he's so loving... He deserves only the best from the people around him. What's happening between you and me is not fair to him, and that's why it has to end," Kristen declared. She opened the box containing her wedding items and ran her hand over them. When John pressed her to tell him what she wanted, Kristen admitted, "I want what I've been dreaming about for years: I want my happy ending."

John asked what Kristen's happy ending looked like. She showed him the contents of the box and divulged that they were from their wedding. Kristen pulled out a white jewelry box and removed the strand of pearls inside. She explained, "My mother wore this on her wedding day. I was supposed to wear it on mine, but I never did." John asked if Kristen were going to wear the pearls when she married Brady.

As she removed Jennifer's necklace from her dress pocket and showed it to John, Kristen explained that she was going to wear it because it was supposed to symbolize new beginnings. Kristen continued that the necklace had reminded her of everything that was stored in the secret room -- and all of the things that had never happened for her. "Uh-huh, everything that you just said you wanted to be free from," John remarked. Kristen acknowledged that perhaps the past hadn't let go of her, and maybe it never would.

John understood how the past could sneak up on someone, especially if something like a box of pictures or an old jersey caused seemingly forgotten memories to flood back in. Kristen pointed out that they were standing in the room where she had imprisoned Marlena. "That's how far it went with me. So do you really think you can find just some stupid Little League jersey [and] it's all gonna be wiped away?" Kristen asked.

John replied, "No, because that's not the way it is." He explained that he would never forget what Kristen had done to him and Marlena -- but Kristen had made him reexamine his actions back then. "I wasn't innocent. I can see that now... I should've been honest with you and myself about my feelings for Marlena, but I was trying so damn hard to convince myself that I was over her that I doubled down on you, and that wasn't fair," John admitted, acknowledging that at the time, he had wanted to be over Marlena.

Kristen asserted that Marlena was the love of John's life and always would be. "Things change. Feelings change. You know that," John pointed out. Kristen asked if John hated her more than ever since she was involved with Brady. John stated that he didn't hate Kristen; his feelings for her were complicated. Kristen acknowledged that complicated was better than utter hatred. As she told John to see himself out, she started to open the door -- but John put his hand on it to prevent that.

With his hand planted above her head, Kristen turned to eye John curiously. Just then, Brady banged on the door. "Kristen, are you in there?" Brady called.

While E.J. was waiting at the Brady Pub to meet Sami, Will entered. When Will learned that E.J. hadn't heard anything from Sami yet, he became anxious. E.J. invited Will to join him so they could wait for Sami together. Will admitted that he was worried because his mom was handling things, although he felt better about it, knowing that E.J. was involved. "It was good of you to let your mother take care of this for you. You know, to let her know that you trust her, at least enough to allow her the chance to make it up," E.J. said. "Kind of like you're doing with Stefano?" Will asked.

E.J. pointed out that there was no comparison between Stefano and Sami, and Will agreed. Will confessed to being surprised that both Stefano and his mom were coming through for him. Will asked about the first time E.J. had seen Johnny. E.J. admitted, "You know, there was considerable effort expended to keep me away from Johnny when he was born. But when I finally had the chance, your mother, she took him and she put him into my arms, and it was like the entire room just melted away." At that moment, E.J. had realized that keeping his son safe was all that mattered.

Will asked if E.J. had been scared. E.J. said that he hadn't been at first -- but then he had been terrified. "I didn't know how to be a good father. Please, I didn't know how to be a good anything, really," E.J. admitted with a laugh. Will assured E.J. that he had become a great dad. E.J. asserted that Will was going to be a fantastic father who would love his daughter just as fiercely as Sami loved him.

Sami arrived out front just then, disheveled and out of breath, so she stopped to compose herself and smooth her hair before entering. Will immediately asked his mom about the evidence. Sami said that she hadn't heard anything yet -- but reassured Will that there was nothing to worry about, because Stefano DiMera always got what he wanted.

Will confided that he wanted to wait until after the baby was born to destroy the agreement in front of Nick, because he didn't want to cause Gabi any unnecessary stress. E.J. inferred that things weren't going well for Nick and Gabi. Will admitted, "It's tense, definitely, and Gabi says that Nick's under a lot of pressure at work. But -- I don't know -- I feel like there's something else going on." Sami suggested that Will go to the kitchen and say hello to Caroline, so he complied.

As soon as Will was out of earshot, E.J. asked what had happened. "Epic, epic fail," Sami conceded. She whispered that Bernardi hadn't had any trouble smuggling the evidence out in his backpack, but he had refused to hand it over to her, no matter what she'd tried. E.J. wanted to know if Sami had treaded lightly, as they'd agreed. Sami admitted, "By the time that I got him to finally admit that he really does work for Stefano, it was clear to him that Stefano had not really sent me -- and at that point, there was not a tremendous amount of room for subtlety."

When Sami admitted that she'd offered Nick's money to Bernardi, E.J. hissed, "We need to clean out that purse!" Sami clarified that Bernardi hadn't taken the money, and she had prevented him from calling Stefano. E.J. warned that Bernardi would have to report back to Stefano, but Sami believed that if Bernardi told the truth, it would only make him look incompetent. Sami promised to invent a cover story to tell Stefano. When E.J. had to take a phone call, Sami rose to leave. E.J. strongly advised his fiancée not to get into any more trouble.

On the phone with Justin, E.J. said, "So all the certificates were filed? Oh, good work, Justin. No, we've never done business there, so my father's not going to know where to look. I think we're on schedule, yeah." After promising to be in touch, E.J. hung up and left the pub.

When Will returned from the kitchen, he was on the phone with Rafe. As Will agreed to wait there for Rafe, he looked around the pub with surprise. "Where did everybody go?" Will wondered aloud.

In the park, Sami rehearsed what she was going to say to Stefano: "Look, Stefano, I saw your guy at the police station, and he was being so obvious -- I mean, I had to step in." Just then, a hand clamped over her mouth.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Brady called out for Kristen, wondering why the entrance to the secret room was locked. Kristen opened the door and greeted Brady with a kiss, claiming that she had unwittingly locked herself in the room earlier.

Kristen apologized for worrying Brady, explaining that she had been trying to secretly gather some items that she didn't want him to see until their wedding day. Unaware that John was hiding behind the door, Brady said that he had assumed that his earlier gift had upset Kristen, who assured him that the gift had simply made her emotional.

John listened with interest as Kristen declared that Brady's gift was the most wonderful, beautiful gift that she had ever received. Kristen promised to talk to Brady about the gift as soon as she finished searching for items in the secret room. As Brady started to leave, he heard a noise, but Kristen blamed it on a group of rats that were hiding behind the walls.

Brady cringed, and Kristen assured him that she would ask Harold to take care of the matter right away. Satisfied, Brady walked away, and Kristen breathed a sigh of relief as she closed the door. John asked about the gift that Brady had referenced earlier, and Kristen explained that Brady wanted to adopt a baby with her. John wondered if that was what Kristen wanted, but she ignored the question and told him to show himself out.

Kristen exited the room, leaving John behind. John pocketed Kristen's mother's strand of pearls before sneaking out of the mansion. Meanwhile, Kristen entered the living room and quickly realized that Brady was upset about something. Brady revealed that Harold had informed him that all of the items from Kristen's disastrous wedding to John had been stored in the secret room.

Brady admitted that he should have expected his adoption idea to cause some painful memories to resurface. Kristen assured Brady that she wasn't sad, adding that his suggestion had simply stunned her. Kristen said that, while she still wanted to be a mother eventually, she wanted to focus solely on being Brady's wife first. Brady wondered if Kristen's visit to the secret room had reignited some of the feelings that she'd once had for John.

"I took one of the proverbial walks down memory lane down there, and, um...I guess the most significant thing I learned is that none of the junk down there could possibly reawaken the love that I felt for John. I mean, maybe the hurt, and possibly the humiliation of it all, I mean, I've known in my head for a long time that I'm over him, but I think I knew for sure in my heart today that I'm over John," Kristen replied. Brady was pleased to hear that Kristen had finally managed to get some closure. Later, Brady went to get a bottle of wine, and Kristen quietly muttered that it would all be over soon.

At St. Luke's, Marlena greeted Eric, who explained that he had asked her to meet him at the church because he had suspected that she might want to talk about her relationship with John. Marlena quickly guessed that Nicole had told Eric about John and Marlena's tense encounter at the pub earlier that day. Eric said that Nicole was simply worried, and Marlena admitted that she was also worried.

"I, um...for the first time, I -- I, um -- I don't...know that...we're going to get back together. I'm afraid this marriage may be over now," Marlena sadly stated. Eric wondered what had changed, and Marlena replied that the problem was that nothing had changed. Marlena explained that John had not made any efforts to repair their marriage.

Hoping to take Marlena's mind off of her problems for a while, Eric invited her to take a walk with him. Eric led Marlena to the Horton Town Square, where they unexpectedly spotted John, who completely ignored them. Unable to handle any additional disappointments, Marlena abruptly excused herself, barely maintaining her composure.

Eric confronted John, who refused to discuss his marriage with Eric. Eric noted that Nicole was worried that John might try to pull some sort of stunt at Brady and Kristen's wedding. John advised Eric to take everything that Nicole said with a grain of salt, but Eric admitted that he was afraid that she might be right about John.

Eric was certain that John, who had made reckless decisions in the past, was capable of doing so again. Eric said that it had taken him a long time to forgive John for being partially responsible for ending Marlena and Roman's marriage. Eric added that, in the end, he had realized that John truly loved Marlena, and he had eventually started to think of John and Brady as members of his family.

Eric begged John to refrain from doing anything that could end up hurting their family again. John insisted that Eric didn't know what he was talking about. Eric countered that he knew that John needed to leave the matter in God's hands, because otherwise, they might all live to regret it. "I'm sorry, God, but I'm not gonna stand by and watch that woman destroy my boy. I'm gonna stop her," John vowed after Eric left.

At the Horton house, J.J. said that Jennifer and Abigail had told him a lot about Daniel. J.J. forced a smile and shook Daniel's hand, but it was clear that he was skeptical about the doctor. After an awkward silence, Daniel wondered if Jennifer was at home. J.J. reported that Jennifer was talking to someone on the phone. Another awkward silence followed, which was broken when Daniel asked if it would be okay for him to enter the house and wait for Jennifer to end her phone call.

"Yeah, sure. Make yourself at home...although I'm guessing you already have," J.J. replied as Daniel stepped into the foyer. Daniel offered to leave so that J.J. and Jennifer could spend some time together, but J.J. declined the offer and encouraged Daniel to take a seat in the living room. J.J. remained standing, folding his arms and staring at Daniel like a disapproving father who was scrutinizing a daughter's boyfriend.

A short time later, Jennifer entered the room and greeted Daniel. Seemingly upset, Jennifer started to say something to J.J., but he interrupted and announced that he was going to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. After J.J. left, Daniel wondered if Jennifer was all right. Jennifer nodded and vaguely stated that she simply needed to talk to J.J. about something important.

Daniel took the hint and excused himself. After Daniel left, Jennifer summoned J.J. to the living room. Jennifer informed J.J. that his headmaster was the person who had called her earlier. J.J. assured Jennifer that he could explain everything. "I don't think you can. You lied to me. How could you not tell me that you were expelled from school for dealing drugs?" Jennifer demanded to know.

Jennifer noted that the headmaster had tried to call her numerous times over the previous few weeks. Jennifer was surprised that J.J., who had once been afraid to eat a cookie without her permission, had somehow managed to prevent her from receiving the calls. J.J. explained that he had wanted to be able to tell Jennifer his side of the story in a face-to-face conversation so that she could look into his eyes and know that he was telling the truth.

J.J. explained that his roommate was the person who had been selling drugs -- marijuana, to be specific -- and he insisted that he had been completely unaware of his roommate's illegal activities, although the school officials had not believed him. J.J. said that his roommate's stash of drugs had been found in their room, which had made him partially responsible for the crime.

Jennifer said that J.J. should have asked her to help him, but he wasn't convinced that she would have been able to fix the situation. J.J. thought that he detected hatred in Jennifer's eyes, but she insisted that he was wrong. Jennifer said that she simply wanted to know why J.J. had chosen to handle the situation on his own. "Because I think, deep down...I was afraid that you wouldn't believe me, either. I was right, wasn't I?" J.J. guessed.

Jennifer assured J.J. that she believed him, but she added that he had still lied to her, and she promised that there would be consequences for his actions. Jennifer vowed to help J.J. fight the school's decision, since having an expulsion on his permanent record could be detrimental to his future. J.J. nodded and breathed a sigh of relief, admitting that it felt good to know that everything was out in the open and that Jennifer believed him.

At Common Grounds, Abigail told Cameron that J.J. was in Salem. Abigail admitted that she was suspicious about the timing of J.J.'s arrival. Guessing that J.J. might not have told her and Jennifer the real reason that he had returned to town, Abigail hoped that he wasn't in some sort of trouble. Changing the subject, Abigail wondered if Cameron had managed to find a new secondary job yet.

Cameron announced that he had found a part-time custodial position that offered flexible hours. Realizing that Cameron would only be making minimum wage, Abigail apologized for spoiling his high-paying job at the strip club with her interference. Cameron assured Abigail that he would rather mop floors than perform as a stripper.

Cameron added that he wouldn't have felt right about keeping his old job at the strip club anyway, since he and Abigail had recently started dating again, and he knew that it would have made them both feel uncomfortable. "Uh, listen -- I've had a lot of time to think about it, and, uh...after all that's happened...I want us to be together, so that I can really show you how much I care about you -- in every way," Abigail said.

Cameron recalled that Abigail had previously stated that she didn't want to have sex until her wedding night, and he assured her that he respected her choice. "Actually, what I told you, Cameron, was that I wanted to wait until I found the right guy. I'm pretty sure that I'm looking at him," Abigail clarified. Cameron insisted that he didn't want Abigail to feel pressured, stressing that he was willing to wait until she was positive that she was ready.

Abigail firmly stated that she was ready. After jokingly assuring Cameron that she wasn't hinting that she wanted to have sex in the coffeehouse, Abigail promised that they would be together in the near future. Cameron reiterated that he was willing to wait, predicting that he and Abigail would know when the time was right. Later, Abigail and Cameron went to the Horton house, where she introduced him to J.J.

Jennifer excused herself so that she could make a phone call, and a short time later, Cameron went to another room so that he could check on a patient. Abigail asked about J.J.'s earlier talk with Jennifer, knowingly guessing that there had to be a reason for his sudden departure from school. J.J. confirmed Abigail's suspicion, but he added that he and Jennifer had already talked about the situation, and he promised that everything was fine.

Changing the subject, J.J. wondered why Jennifer had felt the need to step outside just so that she could make a phone call. Abigail guessed that Jennifer was probably talking to Daniel. Abigail asked for J.J.'s first impression of Daniel, but before he could respond, Cameron called out to her from another room. After Abigail left, J.J. approached a nearby framed photograph of Jennifer and Daniel and stared at it intently.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Nick grabbed Sami and dragged her into a nearby alley. "I know you and your precious son are used to getting away with everything, but you're not gonna get away with stealing from me. You're gonna give me my money, and you're gonna give it to me now," Nick said as he backed Sami into a corner.

Nick told Sami to be very afraid of him, reminding her that he had gone to prison for murdering someone. Guessing that Sami was probably carrying the money around in her purse, Nick tried to pry it out of her hands, but she managed to knee him in the groin during the struggle. While Nick was doubled over in pain, Sami retrieved her gun from her purse and pointed it at him.

"Yeah. So, actually, I'm not afraid of you, Nick. But if I were you, I'd be afraid, 'cause you take one step towards me, and I will blow you away," Sami warned. Sami noted that it had been incredibly stupid for Nick, who claimed to be extremely smart, to attack E.J. DiMera's fiancée. Sami knowingly stated that Nick couldn't tell the police that she had stolen his money, since it was obviously dirty money.

Sami mused that she could just give Nick the money and convince Roman to do a random search of Nick's house to prove that he was involved in criminal activities. Nick shook his head and confidently stated that Sami was going to give him exactly what he wanted. Sami reminded Nick that she was the person who was holding the gun, but he countered that he had something that could do much more damage.

Nick retrieved his phone and played a recording of Will's confession for Sami. Nick happily informed Sami that he had plenty of extra copies of the recording stashed in various locations. Nick wondered if Sami had really believed that his sole copy of the recording would have been stored on the flash drive that she had stolen from his room earlier.

Sami feigned ignorance, but Nick warned that if she didn't return his money right away, he was going to take Will's confession to the police the moment that he walked away from her. "Who says you're walking away?" Sami asked, aiming the gun at Nick's chest. Nick walked up to the barrel of the gun and dared Sami to pull the trigger, claiming that if anything happened to him, Will's confession would be sent to the police right away.

Sami assumed that Nick was bluffing, but he wondered if she was willing to take that chance. Sami reluctantly agreed to give Nick the money, and he warned that he would destroy Will's life if she ever told anyone about the cash. Nick asked if Sami understood what he was saying, and in response, she menacingly waved her gun in his face and replied that she believed that they understood each other.

Nick silently walked away, taking the money with him. "Nick Fallon, you are so lucky that this wasn't loaded," Sami quietly muttered after Nick left. Later, Sami tried to call E.J., but the call went to voicemail. Sami left a message for E.J., vowing to give Stefano a piece of her mind later.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe said that it was time for Will to be honest with him. "Nick's my brother-in-law now, and I'd like to believe that he's a stand-up guy and that he's gonna look out for Gabi...and my niece. Something just doesn't feel right, so...why don't you tell me the real reason that Nick doesn't want you to be a part of the baby's life?" Rafe suggested.

Will evasively reminded Rafe that Nick had decided to remove Sami and Will from Gabi's life after she had nearly lost the baby a few months earlier, but Rafe was convinced that something else was going on. Will said that he was simply trying to protect Gabi, who had been instructed to avoid stress. Rafe wondered what kind of stress Will was talking about. Will sighed and remained silent.

"Is there some sort of deep, dark secret about her husband that you know? Will, this isn't just about Gabi. She's gonna be raising her baby with him. Your -- your baby. I know how much you love that little girl. I know you did not want to give up your parental rights, and somehow, he forced your hand. What did he do? Will, why did he do this? Why the hell did he turn on you?" Rafe wondered.

Rafe urged Will to talk to him, noting that it was obvious that Nick was trying to hurt Will for some reason that had nothing to do with Sami. Rafe insisted that Gabi needed to know the whole story, but Will disagreed. Rafe appreciated the fact that Will was trying to protect Gabi, noting that Will was her best friend in the entire world. Will said that he felt the same way about Gabi.

Pointing out that he wasn't fragile and didn't need to be protected, Rafe once again urged Will to tell him the truth. "Okay, okay. Um...Nick doesn't want Sonny or me in my baby's life because we're gay," Will revealed. Disgusted, Rafe shook his head and wondered how Will had figured that out. "Well, he basically told me that, um, he doesn't want Sonny or me in the baby's life because we're faggots," Will explained.

Rafe angrily wondered why Nick believed that he had the right to pass judgment on Will and Sonny. Will shrugged and speculated that something had happened to Nick during his time in prison, since he hadn't always been that way. Rafe asked if Gabi knew that Nick was a homophobe. Will shook his head and watched as Marlena entered the pub.

Marlena warmly greeted Will and Rafe. Rafe abruptly excused himself, prompting Will to wonder where he was going. Rafe simply told Will not to worry, adding that he would be in touch. Will sighed as Rafe exited the pub, and Marlena wondered if everything was all right. Will evasively stated that he didn't want to talk about the matter, and he quickly changed the subject, noting that Marlena had seemed sad recently.

Marlena claimed that she was fine, but Will wasn't convinced. Marlena thanked Will for his concern and said that, like him, she also didn't want to talk about the matter. Will nodded and assured Marlena that he understood. "Is it about John, though? Listen, listen, listen -- I just want you to know that he is making a huge mistake," Will said as he hugged Marlena tightly.

Changing the subject, Marlena noted that Will's daughter would soon be born. Will beamed with delight and said that he was nervous and excited about being a father. Marlena was glad that Will had decided to be a part of his daughter's life. "Nothing is going to stop me from being the best father that I can possibly be," Will firmly stated.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Nick was making arrangements to move forward with the financial investment that he had been planning to make before Sami had stolen Vargas' money. Rafe approached Nick and observed that he seemed to be quite pleased with himself. Nick nodded and replied that life was good, but Rafe disagreed.

"I know exactly who you are now, Fallon. And for my sister, life isn't looking good at all," Rafe said.

Friday, May 10, 2013

In the DiMera mansion Sami arrived home and asked E.J. where Stefano was hiding. E.J. cautioned Sami not to confront Stefano. Annoyed, Sami reminded E.J. that he could not tell her what to do. E.J. countered that Stefano would react poorly if Sami threatened him. As Sami sat on the couch with E.J., he assured her that he would take care of her and deal with Stefano. Overwhelmed, Sami cried out that she was tired of dealing with Stefano.

From the doorway of the living room, Johnny pleaded with his parents to stop fighting. E.J. swept Johnny up in his arms, and Sami assured her son that she and E.J. were not fighting. When E.J. asked Johnny why he was awake, Johnny announced that he had not had dessert. Sami agreed to let Johnny have fruit. While E.J. went to the kitchen to get the food, Sami asked Johnny how he liked living in the mansion.

"I liked it better when we lived with Rafe," Johnny said as E.J. reentered the room. Sami hugged her son, and E.J. stood quietly in the doorway behind Sami and Johnny. When Sami asked Johnny what he meant, Johnny said that he missed Rafe, and he asked Sami if she missed Rafe as well. Sami told Johnny that although Rafe loved the family, he would no longer live with them. E.J. looked crushed as he listened to the conversation. Sami reminded Johnny that in the mansion, they could live with E.J.

"Daddy's the best! I love daddy!" Johnny said enthusiastically. E.J.'s face softened as he heard his son's words. Johnny said that he did not like the mansion and that he wanted to move into Rafe's apartment with the whole family, including Rafe and E.J. As Sami smiled at her son, E.J. cleared his throat to announce his presence.

E.J. presented Johnny with strawberry shortcake and joked that he had made the dessert himself. Sami took Johnny into the kitchen to finish his dessert, and E.J. answered a phone call from Rafe.

Nicole dropped her purse in the park, and Eric stopped to help her pick up the items that had fallen out of her purse. As Eric smiled at Nicole, he kissed her, and they fell to the ground in a passionate embrace. In the rectory, Nicole awoke from her daydream about Eric and scolded herself for thinking about him. Frustrated, Nicole knocked papers off of her desk.

Nicole dropped to her knees and quietly pleaded with God to help her stop lusting after Eric. As Nicole started to pick up the items she had knocked to the floor, Eric squatted beside her to help. Eric's hand brushed hers, and he smiled. Nicole joked that she was working on a new filing system. Eric helped Nicole gather the papers off of the floor and apologized for all the changes around the office.

"Sometimes things never change at all," Nicole countered. When Eric asked Nicole what she meant, Nicole said that Eric was still the good person he had always been. Eric confided that he was worried that John would disrupt Brady's wedding and that he had attempted to talk John out of any plans to ruin the wedding.

Nicole thanked Eric for taking her under his wing at the church. Nodding, Eric thanked Nicole for listening to him and being his friend. Nicole offered to help Eric with his family, and he nodded. When Eric noted that he would be sad to see Nicole leave, a surprised Nicole countered that she was not leaving. As Nicole joked about her numerous fights with Eric, Vargas interrupted to ask Eric about work on the floors.

Eric gave Vargas instructions then left the rectory. Once Eric was gone, Vargas chuckled and asked Nicole if he was oblivious to the fact that she was lusting after Eric. Annoyed, Nicole countered that Eric would see through Vargas. When Vargas said that he would not be around much longer, Nicole seemed suspicious. Vargas explained that he was hoping to move on from his job at the church. When Eric returned, Vargas left. Eric said goodnight to Nicole, and she returned the sentiment. Nicole sat on the desk and smiled.

At the coffeehouse, Will struggled with his conscience over whether he had done the right thing in talking to Rafe. Will worried that the news about Nick's homophobia would get back to Gabi. Kate entered the coffeehouse and presented a pair of booties to Will for his daughter. When Sonny excused himself and went to the bar, Kate asked Will what was wrong.

Will asked Kate why she had broken up with Rafe. When Kate changed the subject, Will refused to let the matter go. Sonny joined the conversation and agreed with Will that they had never seen Kate as happy as she had been when she was dating Rafe.

"When you're in love, it's harder to hide than you might think," Will said. Kate asked Will if he had told Lucas about her affair with Rafe. Will noted that he had not told Lucas about the affair but that Lucas had remarked that Kate appeared to be happy. Shrugging, Will said that he had not seen Rafe smile since his breakup with Sami.

Kate thanked Will and Sonny for their concern. Smiling, Kate said goodbye and left. Outside the coffeehouse, Kate looked at her phone and pulled up Rafe's phone number. With a sigh, Kate walked away.

In the town square, Hope asked Vargas how he was adjusting to life outside of prison. Vargas informed Hope that he had talked to Nick. Vargas thanked Hope for helping him since his release from prison.

In the park, Rafe told Nick that Gabi would be better off if she left Nick and moved on with her life. Stunned, Nick stared in silence. Rafe recounted that Nick had pressured Gabi to lie about the baby's paternity and then had convinced Will to sign away his parental rights. Rafe asked Nick why he did not want Will in the baby's life. Defensive, Nick asked Rafe if Will had said anything. Rafe denied the charge.

When Rafe's phone rang, he informed Nick that Hope was calling him. Rafe wondered aloud whether Hope would be interested in hearing about the kind of person Nick was. Rafe answered the phone and agreed to meet with Hope. When Rafe hung up the call, Nick pleaded with Rafe not to talk to Gabi until Rafe had heard Nick's side of the story. Nick added that Gabi did not need any extra stress.

Rafe noted that he did not want to keep any secrets from Gabi and that he would talk to her as soon as he was able. Rafe left the park and walked to the police station to meet with Hope about a case. When Hope appeared distracted, Rafe asked her what was wrong. Hope explained that she was late to pick up her daughter and that Ciara was so mad that she had told Hope not to bother getting her from her friend's house.

Hope confided that she felt like an inadequate parent since Bo had left. Rafe assured Hope that she was fine and that Hope needed to keep showing Ciara how much she loved her daughter. When Hope asked Rafe about becoming an uncle, Rafe tensed. Rafe explained that he was overprotective of Gabi.

Bernardi entered Hope's office, gave a file to Hope, and informed Rafe that his package had arrived at the station. Rafe explained to Hope that he had ordered another FBI jacket for Johnny. Rafe called E.J. and informed him that the jacket had arrived. E.J. asked Rafe to meet him at the pub. E.J. texted Sami to inform her that he had to run an errand, and he asked her not to speak to Stefano while he was out.

In Hope's office, Rafe worried aloud that he would not get to spend time with Johnny once Sami married E.J. Hope assured Rafe that he would still get to spend time with Johnny. Shrugging, Rafe commented that Sami and E.J. deserved one another. Hope countered that Sami was no saint but that no one deserved to spend their life with a DiMera. Smiling, Rafe left.

In the hall of the police station, Rafe called Gabi and asked her if she wanted anything from the bakery. Gabi asked for a muffin, and Rafe noted that he would be there for Gabi no matter what.

At the pub, Caroline urged Gabi to rest upstairs, but Gabi resisted. When Caroline lamented her memory loss, she added that she was pleased that her Alzheimer's was progressing at a slow pace. Gabi thanked Caroline for her support. When Caroline asked about Nick, Gabi called Nick to see when he was going to be at the pub. Nick said that he would be by shortly then hung up the phone to take a call from Vargas.

In the square, Nick paced as Vargas informed Nick on the phone that he had talked to Hope about Nick. Vargas asked Nick if there was any news about the investment. Nick stressed that he was working on the plan then hung up.

Nick marched over to the coffeehouse and confronted Will. Nick demanded to know what Will had said to Rafe. Will explained that he had not said anything to Rafe and that Rafe had figured out that Nick was homophobic. Frustrated, Nick remarked that he had apologized for using a slur against Will. Sonny interrupted to remark that their issue with Nick was that he had blackmailed Will to keep Will away from his daughter. Nick stormed off in search of Rafe.

Once Nick was gone, Will told Sonny that he felt sorry for Nick because he had worked to turn his life around. Sonny reminded Will that Nick would not have been in prison if he had not killed someone. Shrugging, Will countered that he could have gone to prison for attempting to kill someone. Will added that he was worried how Gabi would take the news about Nick's homophobia. Sonny assured Will that they would be there to support Gabi.

"Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I am. I really hope Gabi gets this lucky someday," Will said. Will apologized to Sonny again for not telling him about the baby from the start. Sonny noted that he understood why Will had lied and reminded Will that he supported Will no matter what.

At the pub, Kate greeted Gabi and asked her how she was feeling. Gabi admitted that she was anxious to meet her daughter. Kate gave Gabi the baby booties she had shown Will. Grinning, Gabi thanked Kate for the gift, and she told Kate that she would always be welcome to visit the baby. Gabi noted that she was sorry that things had not worked out between Kate and Rafe. Kate smiled.

E.J. entered the pub and thanked Kate for the gift she had given Sami. With a devilish grin, Kate explained that she liked to give gifts that people could use. Kate assured E.J. that Sami would put the gun to good use.

In the town square, Nick called Gabi to check on her. Gabi explained that Rafe was on his way to meet her at the pub. After Nick hung up the phone, he mumbled to himself, "Everything will be terrific as long as Rafe doesn't get to you first." As Nick walked toward the pub, someone called him on his cell phone about the money for the investment. Nick noted that he had the money and would hand it over soon.

In the DiMera mansion, Sami returned to the living room and found Stefano sitting at his chessboard. When Stefano asked Sami if anyone had taught her chess, she shook her head no and asked Stefano to teach her. Sami sat down and noted that Stefano was the king, and then she asked who she, E.J., Kristen, and Chad were on the board. As Sami's ire grew, she asked Stefano what piece on the board represented Will.

As Rafe walked through a dark alleyway, checking his phone messages, someone hit Rafe on the head with a pipe, knocking Rafe out.

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