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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 19, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, September 19, 2011

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Dario regretfully informed Melanie that he was going to be flying to Argentina later that night. Melanie hugged Dario, and she said that she wanted to make the most out of their last day together. Dario agreed, but he cryptically added that he had one last thing that he needed to take care of first.

At the police station, Quinn tried to convince Bo, Hope, and Rafe that he was being framed. Meanwhile, Vivian, Taylor, and Gus barged into the room, and Vivian demanded to know what was going on. "Whatever evidence you have is corrupted. My son is not a homicidal maniac!" Vivian insisted. Vivian assured Quinn that she was going to get him bailed out right away. Before Quinn could respond, Rafe escorted him into another room to begin the booking process.

"If you make this difficult for him because he's related to me, I will sue you, and the city, and this department!" Vivian vowed. Later, Gus tried to prepare Vivian for the possibility that Quinn might be guilty. "You may need to spend a bit more time looking at the facts. It's not as if your son is a doctor, or a teacher -- he's in the drug business," Gus pointed out. Vivian was furious, and she accused Gus of being disloyal.

"I am loyal above all else -- that's why I take such risks, and say these things. The last thing I want to see is you drawn into this disaster -- you're an Alamain. I'm looking out for you...and your name," Gus insisted. Vivian pointedly asked Gus if his loyalty extended to her son. Gus suggested that Quinn might not deserve Vivian's protection. "You listen to me -- he's my blood, and I will never abandon him again. Do we have that clear?" Vivian asked.

Later, Bo showed Vivian a summary of Quinn's previous arrests. Vivian wondered why her investigators had never mentioned anything about her son's criminal record. Taylor explained that Quinn had gone to great lengths to hide his past mistakes. Taylor added that she had been with Quinn when he had been arrested in Europe. Vivian was shocked, and she immediately assumed that Taylor was one of Quinn's prostitutes.

"Oh, my God! When Quinn introduced you to me, he said you were special -- what was that, a special whore? I can't believe we had lunch. We were talking about Alexander McQueen -- I thought we were bonding, and I even asked you about his time in Europe," Vivian said. Vivian remembered that Taylor's last name was Walker, and she wondered if Taylor was related to Nicole Walker. Taylor confirmed that Nicole was her sister, and she wondered why that was relevant.

"Well, you have a pedigree that suggests this line of work is in the realm of possibility. You're the one who started Quinn in this business, aren't you?" Vivian asked. Taylor denied Vivian's accusation, and Bo confirmed that Taylor's arrest had been for civil disobedience. Hope suggested that Taylor had accepted the job at the police station so that she could give Quinn confidential information.

"I knew Quinn years ago, and no, I did not work for him, or encourage him to do what he did. I know who that man is, and he is not the man that you are looking for -- that much is true, no matter what it looks like to all of you. And as far as me working here to help a criminal beat up poor, defenseless, you are way off-base, and if you knew me at all, you would know that to be true," Taylor insisted. Vivian interrupted, and she demanded to see Quinn. Bo reluctantly agreed, and Vivian and Gus followed one of the officers to Quinn's cell.

After Vivian and Gus left, Taylor insisted that she had not given Quinn any information about the case. Taylor wondered if Bo and Hope had any evidence to support their theory. "We have enough to hold you for twenty-four hours, until we're satisfied you're telling the truth...or not," Hope announced. Meanwhile, in Quinn's cell, Vivian assured Quinn that she was going to prove that he was innocent. Gus quietly watched as Vivian comforted her son.

In another part of the police station, Dario and Melanie greeted Rafe. Dario announced that he had received a promotion, and he explained that he was going to be moving to Argentina. Rafe assumed that Dario was joking, but Dario assured Rafe that he was being serious. Dario added that he was going to be leaving later that night. Rafe was incredulous, and he asked Dario to stay in Salem.

"Rafe, you know -- you know I don't want to leave you, Melanie, or Salem, but this job -- it could be huge for me, and if I didn't take it, I would regret it forever," Dario explained. Rafe reluctantly agreed, but he noted that he and Dario had finally started to reconnect with each other. Dario suggested that Rafe, Sami, and the kids could spend the winter in Argentina. Rafe agreed that the kids would love that. Rafe said that he understood that the promotion was a big opportunity for Dario, and he added that he was proud of Dario. Rafe hugged Dario, and Dario and Melanie left so that Rafe could get back to work.

At Chez Rouge, Abe greeted Lexie, and he told her about the arrest that Bo, Hope, and Rafe had made earlier that night. Lexie was relieved, and she pointed out that the arrest was going to boost Abe's chances for reelection. Abe wondered if it would be a good idea to run for another term. "Between the hours that you and I spend taking care of Theo, and all the things that life throws at us...I miss you, Lex," Abe said. Lexie wondered what Abe was trying to say. "I'm saying that maybe...I shouldn't run for reelection," Abe said.

Lexie was shocked, and she pointed out that Abe loved his job. Abe agreed, but he added that he loved Lexie and Theo more than he loved his job. "No -- I mean, I could never ask you to give up your career, okay? I mean, to give up what you love so we can have dinner together more often. So, why don't I cut back on my workload while your campaign revs up? If I'm with you on the campaign trail, we'd be together most of the time, right? It's win-win," Lexie suggested. Abe tried to protest, but Lexie was insistent.

Abe wondered if Lexie was sure, and Lexie assured Abe that she was confident about her decision. Lexie suggested that Abe could announce that he was running for reelection at Bo and Hope's party, but Abe was worried that Hope might not want him to steal the spotlight. Lexie said that she would ask Hope about the idea. Before Abe could respond, he received a phone call, and he explained that Taylor was in trouble. Abe excused himself, and he rushed over to the police station.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Adrienne showed Abigail and Gabi several clothing racks that were filled with dresses. Sonny and Chad entered the mansion, and Adrienne added that there were plenty of suits on the racks for the guys. Maggie told everyone to pick out something to wear to Bo and Hope's party. Adrienne suggested that Chad and Sonny might want to grab a few extra suits, and she explained that they were going to need them when they started meeting with potential investors for their Internet company.

Adrienne wondered when the site was going to launch. "Uh, 2057? At this rate, uh...we're not launching anything," Will said with a sigh, as he entered the mansion. Will held up a stack of documents. "Uh, this is all legal stuff from the university. I don't want to make it sound like we can't do it, but,'s kind of ridiculous," Will explained. Abigail told Will that he could deal with the legal paperwork later, and she dragged him over to one of the racks of clothing.

Meanwhile, Adrienne flipped through the legal documents, and Maggie jokingly wondered if Adrienne was going to shred them. "No, but I do know how to get the young entrepreneurs out of the legal morass and into the black, fast," Adrienne explained, as she reached for her phone. Later, Justin entered the mansion, and he wondered if he had missed an invitation to a fashion show.

"Your son's business venture needs some pro bono help, or it will be grounded before it gets started," Adrienne explained. As Justin glanced at the files, he wondered why the living room was filled with clothes. Adrienne explained that she and Maggie had cleaned out all of the closets so that everyone could find something to wear to Bo and Hope's party. Justin wondered why everyone was planning to wear old clothing to such an important party. Adrienne insisted that the clothing was not old, and she explained that it was vintage.

Later, Dario and Melanie entered the mansion. Dario announced that he was going to be leaving for Argentina later that night. Gabi sighed, and she jokingly admitted that she was going to enjoy telling everyone that her brother was working in Argentina. Gabi wondered if Melanie was okay. Dario said that Melanie was trying to pretend that she was all right. Gabi reminded Dario of a Spanish phrase that their mother had always told them, which translated to "Whatever your destiny will be, will be."

Meanwhile, Maggie noted that Melanie was taking the news calmly, but Melanie assured Maggie that she was screaming on the inside. Maggie said that she had picked out a dress for Melanie, and she asked Melanie to try it on. Melanie thanked Maggie for trying to distract her, and she gasped when she saw the dress that Maggie had chosen. Melanie smiled and said that the dress was perfect.

Melanie, Abigail, and Gabi went upstairs to try on their dresses. After the girls left, Will said that he was going to miss Dario. Dario wondered if he was leaving Gabi in good hands, and Will promised that he would take care of Gabi. Later, Justin announced that he had looked over the university's paperwork, and he assured Will that it wasn't as bad as it looked. "You see, whenever a business -- and the university is definitely a business -- goes into business, it needs paper behind it -- to back it up, protect itself," Justin explained. Maggie interrupted, and she told Will, Chad, and Sonny that they were missing a fashion show. Will and Chad groaned, and they reluctantly followed Maggie upstairs.

Sonny started to follow his friends upstairs, but he stopped when he realized that there was something in the pocket of the suit jacket that he had tried on earlier. Sonny inspected the item, and he noted that it was Justin and Adrienne's old wedding invitation. Sonny wondered if he was wearing the suit that Justin had worn when he had married Adrienne. Justin confirmed Sonny's suspicion, and Sonny joked that the suit was really old. Sonny quickly added that the suit was also really cool, and he said that he liked it.

After Sonny left, Justin showed Adrienne the wedding invitation. Adrienne sighed wistfully as she realized that Sonny was wearing his father's wedding suit. Justin shrugged and joked that he was too old to remember if that was really the suit that he had worn on their wedding day. Adrienne laughed, and she assured Justin that he was just as handsome as he had been on the day that they had said their vows. "And I love you more now than I did back then -- and believe me, I loved you a whole lot back then," Justin said, as he kissed Adrienne.

Later, Sonny turned on some music, and Gabi, Melanie, and Abigail showed off their dresses in their impromptu fashion show. Dario was stunned when he saw Melanie's dress. Dario hugged Melanie, and they shared a final dance together as the music played in the background. As the music ended, Dario realized that it was time for him to leave. Dario said goodbye to Gabi, and Melanie offered to drive him to the airport. Dario said that the company was sending a car to pick him up, and he asked Melanie to escort him to the car.

"It wasn't hard enough that I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful girl in the had to wear that dress," Dario said, as he held Melanie's hand. Melanie said that she had wanted to make sure that Dario would never forget about her. Dario promised that he would call Melanie as soon as he landed in Argentina, and he passionately kissed Melanie. After Dario left, Melanie turned and realized that Maggie was standing in the doorway. Melanie sobbed as she hugged Maggie.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rafe and Sami ate breakfast and discussed the good news about the arrest of a suspect in the case of the beatings. When Sami mentioned that she was going to spend the day looking for work, Rafe apologized for being too wrapped up in his police work to help her investigate leads on jobs.

As Rafe left for work, he ran into Jennifer in the hallway as she was walking up to the front door. Sami shooed Rafe off to work and led Jennifer into the apartment so that they could talk privately. Sami explained that she had asked Jennifer to stop by because she needed help getting ready for a job interview. Jennifer was thrilled to assist Sami and coached her through a mock interview. After practicing responses to possible interview questions, Jennifer helped Sami decide on an outfit to wear.

Jennifer asked Sami to call her after the interview and tell her how it had gone. When Jennifer suggested that Sami and Rafe could join her and Daniel for a celebratory dinner when Sami got the job, a nervous Sami asked Jennifer not to tell Rafe about the interview. Sami confided that she had not told Rafe about the interview yet. Jennifer promised to keep Sami's secret.

At the hospital, a tired-eyed Brady kept his vigil at Chloe's bedside and begged her to wake up. Chloe quietly murmured Brady's name and then she slowly opened her eyes. Elated, Brady called out for help. Lexie examined Chloe and announced that her prognosis for a full recovery was good. Chloe was worried about her attacker, but Lexie assured Chloe that she did not need to fret because he had been caught.

"They caught Gus?" Chloe wondered aloud. Confused, Brady and Lexie told Chloe that Quinn had been arrested for the attacks. Shaking her head, Chloe firmly disagreed and told Brady that she was certain that Gus was her attacker. Panicked, Lexie left to call the police department and tell them about Chloe's accusation.

Chloe told Brady that she had heard the music playing and had heard Brady talking to her while she had been in her coma. Brady noted that he knew about what Chloe had been doing to earn money and asked her why she had not gone to him for help. Chloe explained that she needed to work in order to regain custody of Parker. Brady assured Chloe that only he, Nicole, and Kinsey knew that Chloe had been prostituting herself.

Chloe was ashamed of what she had done, and she was worried what Brady thought of her. "I think you are a wonderful mother who had her kid taken away from her and was desperate enough to do anything she could do to get him back," Brady said gently. Chloe worried that her secret would get out, since Quinn was in police custody. Brady assured Chloe that she would be fine.

While Lexie examined Chloe, Brady stepped aside and called Nicole. Brady left a voicemail that said that Chloe was awake and was fine. When Brady returned to Chloe's side after Lexie left, he asked Chloe not to be angry with Kinsey for telling him about Chloe's job. Brady explained that without Kinsey's confession, they might not have found Chloe in time. Chloe noted that Kinsey had done the right thing by trusting Brady. When Chloe sighed and worried aloud about her future, Brady countered that he had a plan to secure a job for Chloe and to help her gain joint custody of Parker.

A cheerful Gus met up with Vivian in front of the Brady Pub. Noting the sunny day, Gus suggested to Vivian that they spend some time together. Worried about her son, Vivian demanded to know why none of the lawyers that Gus had contacted on Quinn's behalf had called Gus back. Gus shrugged, but Vivian swore to clear Quinn's name.

As Vivian and Gus headed over to the police station, Nicole walked into the Brady Pub and asked E.J. to help Taylor. E.J. accompanied Nicole over to the police station.

At the police station, Bo and Hope continued to interrogate Quinn. Though Quinn had allowed the interrogation without the presence of his lawyer, he did not change his story and continued to protest his innocence. When the forensics report came back with a confirmation that Chloe's blood was on the nightstick from Quinn's hotel room, Hope urged Quinn to come clean. Bo took Hope aside and told her that when he had reviewed the footage of Vivian visiting Quinn in his jail cell, he believed that Quinn was being sincere in proclaiming his innocence.

Bo and Hope agreed that they were missing part of the story. When Bo and Hope returned to the table to question Quinn, an exhausted Quinn asked for his lawyer. Once Quinn was led away to his cell, Bo and Hope wondered aloud what they were overlooking. Hope did a search for crimes in the area where the beatings occurred and discovered that Gus's mother had abandoned him on the pier.

In the main room of the police station, Abe escorted Taylor from her holding cell and promised to help her. Taylor claimed that Quinn was innocent. Roman walked over to Abe and Taylor and advised her to worry about herself rather than Quinn. Furrowing his brow, Roman asked Taylor if she had fed any information to Quinn about the case. As Taylor started to answer, Nicole arrived with E.J., who instructed Taylor to keep quiet. E.J. announced that he was Taylor's lawyer.

Nicole, E.J., and Taylor adjourned to a nearby office to discuss Taylor's case. Taylor fretted that Nicole enjoyed her plight, but Nicole assured Taylor that she empathized with her sister because she had been in a similar situation a number of times. When Taylor resisted answering E.J.'s questions, Nicole urged Taylor to let E.J. help her. Taylor noted that she had followed the investigation but that she did not believe Quinn was the culprit.

To support her argument, Taylor noted that Quinn was so upset about the beatings that he had taken his escorts off the streets in order to protect them. Nodding, E.J. excused himself in order to talk to Roman about getting Taylor released. Once alone, Nicole said that she was pleased to see a human side to her sister. Nicole assured her sister that she wanted to keep their promise to Fay to get along. With a tired smile, Taylor commented that she was grateful for the chance to work on her relationship with Nicole. Nicole nodded, and then she left to find E.J.

Bo and Hope took their discovery over to Rafe's desk in the main room just as Rafe was receiving a call from the hospital about Chloe's statement that Gus was her attacker. Vivian was pestering and threatening Abe on the other side of the main room while Gus hovered at her side. While Gus commented to Vivian that her son was a "bad seed," Roman, Bo, Hope, and Rafe discussed Gus's motive for the beatings and framing Quinn.

E.J. walked up to Roman and demanded that he release Taylor from custody. Suspicious of Roman's demeanor, E.J. asked Roman what was going on. Roman pulled E.J. closer and asked him in a whisper to stand by the coffee machine and wait.

While E.J. retreated to the coffee machine, Roman, Bo, Hope, and Rafe quietly took up positions circling Gus. Vivian continued to yell at Abe until she noticed the officers growing closer to her.

When Vivian asked what the officers were doing, a panicked Gus pulled out a knife and warned the officers to stand back or he would slit his throat. Confused about what was going on, Vivian berated Abe for upsetting Gus. As Gus began to ramble about how no one cared about him and that the women deserved to be beaten, a shocked Vivian realized that Gus was the attacker.

With the knife pointed at his throat, Gus backed toward the exit hallway. In a moment of terrible timing, Nicole marched down the hallway in search of E.J. The police officers cried out a warning to Nicole, but Gus whipped around, grabbed Nicole, and put the knife to her throat. After threatening to kill Nicole, Gus dragged her with him into a nearby office and locked the door.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As she finished her shift at the hospital, Melanie was surprised to see Maggie. Maggie revealed that she'd just had a follow-up exam with her neurologist, who had given Maggie a clean bill of health. Although Melanie was thrilled for Maggie, she was obviously still melancholy about Dario's departure for Argentina. Maggie suggested that the two of them go shopping to cheer Melanie up. Melanie thought that was a great idea, and happily agreed to help Maggie pick out a dress for Bo and Hope's party.

As she joined Daniel at the Brady Pub, Jennifer apologized for her tardiness. She kissed Daniel several times, and he joked that she should be late more often. Jennifer then explained that was late because she'd been helping Sami prepare for a job interview. When she described everything she'd done for Sami, Daniel suggested that Jennifer could perhaps turn her talents into a job. He then informed her that he'd planned a bike ride for the two them after lunch.

Caroline pulled up a chair and joined Jennifer and Daniel, and the women excitedly discussed the upcoming dedication ceremony at the new town square, the renovation of which had been the dream of Jennifer's grandparents. Jennifer couldn't believe that Caroline didn't know anything about the party that Bo and Hope were planning for after the dedication. Caroline admitted with a laugh that she'd even tried to bribe Ciara with ice cream for details about the party, to no avail. Daniel confessed that he, too, was curious about the mystery guests. Jennifer joked that she would have to use her journalistic skills to figure out what surprises Bo and Hope had in store.

Maggie and Melanie arrived then, loaded down with shopping bags, and joined Daniel and Jennifer. Laughing and chattering, the foursome caught up, and then Melanie told her dad about Dario's transfer to Buenos Aires. Daniel tried to comfort her. Jennifer divulged that she'd been heartbroken when her high school boyfriend, Frankie, had gone off to college. She continued that what had gotten her through it were her family and friends, plus her grandmother's cure for a broken heart: "a gigantic ice-cream sundae." After giving his endorsement of the idea as a doctor, Daniel asked Caroline to make just such a sundae for Melanie.

Melanie shared the enormous sundae with everyone at the table, and they all laughed as they chatted about their lives. Melanie declared that the sundae had done the trick, and thanked the others for cheering her up. Maggie and Melanie then left to continue shopping. Jennifer shoveled the last few bites of ice cream in her mouth, and Caroline returned the dish to the kitchen.

After Daniel left to rent bicycles for him and Jennifer, her cell phone rang. Jennifer considered not answering it, since the number was marked "private," but changed her mind. No one responded when she answered, so Jennifer patiently repeated, "Hello? Is anyone there? Can you hear me?" She finally gave up, and hung up. Caroline overheard, and guessed that it had just been a wrong number. Jennifer admitted, "You're probably right. I just hate when that happens. It always gives you the strangest feeling."

Meanwhile, a man in a turban told someone holding a cell phone, "I've contacted the U.S. Embassy. They're arranging a flight home for you."

At the police station, a uniformed officer was leading Taylor to a holding cell, but she stopped at Quinn's cell to speak to him. The officer waited while Taylor explained to Quinn that Roman was only holding her because he believed that she had abetted Quinn by covering up his attacks of prostitutes. Quinn swore that he was innocent, and Taylor assured him that she believed him. Quinn apologized that Taylor was in custody again because of him, but she was confident that the police would drop the charges against them. Quinn pointed out that there was plenty of damning evidence against him. Taylor believed that he was being framed, although Quinn had no idea who would want to frame him -- or why.

Quinn was dismayed to learn that E.J. was Taylor's lawyer, but she reminded Quinn that she and E.J. were no longer involved. Taylor added she'd only been with E.J. because she'd been trying to forget about Quinn. Quinn noted cynically that he'd hoped that a second chance for the two of them would allow them to have a real future together, and he would do something "respectable" with his life. Taylor hopefully countered that it wasn't too late, but Quinn didn't want her to waste her life waiting for him to get out of prison. Taylor maintained firmly that Quinn was innocent and would not go to prison. Quinn just wished for a chance to show Taylor that he had truly changed.

In the squad room, while everyone looked on in horror, Gus held a knife to his own throat. The police officers calmly urged him to take it easy and put the knife down, but Gus began to back out the door -- just as Nicole appeared in the hallway. Seizing the opportunity to take a hostage, Gus grabbed her around the neck with one arm, and held the knife to her throat with his other hand. The station erupted into noisy chaos as Gus dragged Nicole into a conference room and kicked the door closed behind him.

Hope grabbed a phone to call for help, while Bo and Roman shouted through the window at Gus to let Nicole go. E.J., Vivian, and Abe watched anxiously. Bo asked Gus to put the phone in the conference room on speaker so they could talk to him, and Gus did as instructed. Nicole pleaded with Gus to let her go, but he only screamed at everyone to shut up. Vivian covered her face with her hands. In a soothing voice, Hope tried to reason with Gus that he needed someone on his side, but he shouted that she was no different from "all those other tramps." Bo offered to let Gus go as long as he left Nicole behind, but Gus vehemently refused.

E.J., meanwhile, began to sidle out of the room, never taking his eyes off of the conference-room window. Gus spotted him and yelled, "Stop! You come in here and it's over for her!" Rafe quietly reproached E.J. for endangering Nicole. Bo then tried to negotiate with Gus, whose demeanor gradually began to change. Gus looked past everyone else to address Vivian. As she inched closer to the window to hear him better, Gus asserted in a seemingly rational voice that the two of them had been happy, scheming and plotting together, but then, "He just showed up and ruined everything. He tried to take you away from me."

It slowly dawned on a horrified Vivian that Gus was referring to Quinn. Hope carefully pulled Vivian back from the window, and in hushed tones, encouraged Vivian to reassure Gus that everything was going to be all right. When Vivian flatly refused, E.J. overheard, and made his way across the room in two angry strides. "I will hold you personally responsible for what happens to Nicole," he hissed to Vivian. At last, Vivian tentatively approached the window to speak to Gus. She asked Gus what he was doing -- and why.

Gus explained that he couldn't stand the way Quinn had treated Vivian, or how he'd tried to cut Gus out of Vivian's life. When Vivian reassured Gus that she cared about him, he replied, "I love you, too, Madam. I always have. I worship you." Vivian could only manage to tell Gus that she was very fond of him. Gus stated that he'd felt invisible ever since Quinn had shown up. "I see you, Gus," Vivian assured him, placing her hand against the glass. She added softly, "Gus, come out of there. Come away with me; leave Salem. We'll be together -- forever." A single tear rolled down Gus's cheek.

Outside the holding cell, the uniformed cop received a radio call for backup. When Taylor asked what was going on, he informed her that there was a hostage situation in the squad room. Worried about their loved ones, Quinn and Taylor peppered the cop with frantic questions. The officer only shoved Taylor into the cell with Quinn, and as he hurried out, he ordered them not to cause any problems until he got back.

Vivian promised Gus that it would be just the two of them, and they would have a "very good" life together. Nicole whimpered in pain as Gus slowly dragged her over to the window to reach his hand out to Vivian's. While Gus's eyes were fixed on Vivian and his hand was pressed against the glass, Rafe charged into the conference room, gun drawn, so Bo and Roman could take Gus down. Nicole got knocked out in the struggle.

As the cops dragged Gus out in handcuffs, E.J. sat on the floor, cradling Nicole in his arms and begging her to open her eyes. Rafe called for the paramedics, and finally Nicole moaned in pain. Gus's knife had nicked Nicole's throat, so Hope got a clean cloth to hold against the wound to stop the bleeding, and reassured E.J. that Nicole would be all right. Nicole opened her eyes, and held her hand against the lump on her head.

After helping Nicole into a chair, E.J. took off his suit coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. With a wry joke, Nicole tried to insist she was all right, but then she began to whimper, and put her arms around E.J. They sat quietly in the conference room for a while as they waited to give their statements to Bo and Hope. Nicole thanked E.J. for saving her life, and admitted that she'd been afraid Gus would kill her.

After Bo and Hope had finished interviewing them, E.J. asked Nicole if she wanted to see a doctor. Nicole snappishly ordered E.J. to stop pretending that he cared about her. The two bickered a little, and then E.J. stated sincerely that he was glad Nicole was all right. He offered to drive her home, but quickly remembered that she lived at the Kiriakis mansion with Brady. Her voice breaking with emotion, Nicole maintained that she needed to be alone, although she was grateful for the offer.

The color drained from Vivian's face as Roman read Gus his rights. Abe tried to comfort Vivian, who admitted that she'd had no idea how disturbed Gus was. She ordered Abe to get her son out of jail immediately, and barked at the other cops to get "that monster," Gus, out of her sight. Roman promised that Taylor and Quinn would be free in a matter of minutes.

Gus pleaded with "Madam" to help him, but Vivian snapped that she hoped he rotted in hell. Gus pointed out indignantly, "I'm the only one who ever really cared about you. I've proven that time and time again. What about everything I've done?" Incredulous, Vivian contended that she'd nearly lost her son forever because of Gus. "I thought you cared about me. Don't leave me again, Mother," Gus implored. Aghast, Vivian exclaimed, "Mother?! I'm not your mother! I have one son: Quinn. I never want to lay eyes on you again; you make me sick!"

As Rafe led Gus out to book him, Vivian declared to Gus, "And by the way, you're fired." Just then, Taylor and Quinn returned from the holding cell. Quinn stated contemptuously, "I don't care what you did to me. I won't think about you again after I walk out of here. But what you did to my mother, and to those women you attacked? You'll never be free of that. And I hope it haunts you until the day you turn to dust in that tiny little cell." Rafe yanked Gus's arm and led him out of the room, while a relieved Vivian embraced her son. Quinn declared that he never wanted to see the inside of another jail cell for as long as he lived.

Abe quietly asked Taylor why she hadn't asked him or Lexie for help before things had gotten out of hand. Taylor was just relieved that it was all over.

Roman offered Quinn an official apology from the police department. Vivian sharply noted that her son deserved compensation, but Roman pointed out that there was a laundry list of crimes that he could charge Quinn with. Roman then said that the D.A. was prepared to offer Quinn a deal: he would clear Quinn of soliciting prostitution and felony drug possession if Quinn left town immediately. Roman then left so Quinn and Vivian could discuss it.

Certain that they would win, Vivian insisted that Quinn stay and fight the charges. Quinn confessed to Taylor that he didn't want to lose her again, and she concurred with his suggestion that they could start over somewhere else. Vivian protested, "You can't leave! If you leave, I'll be alone; I'll be all by myself." Just then, Ivan, Vivian's former manservant and dear friend, entered with two sari-clad women. "Oh, my God, I don't believe my eyes!" Vivian exclaimed. Ivan assured her, "Madam, believe them: I'm here. And you are not alone, Madam. I have come for you."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

by Mike

In Quinn's hotel room, Quinn and Taylor celebrated their release from custody. Quinn mentioned the possibility of leaving Salem, and Taylor eagerly agreed to join him. Taylor asked Quinn to give her some time to say goodbye to a few people.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady entered the foyer, and he saw that Nicole's luggage was at the foot of the stairs. Brady noted that it looked like Nicole had packed up all of her belongings. "Lock, stock, and a martini shaker," Nicole joked. Brady realized that Nicole was really planning to leave, and he admitted that he wasn't sure what to say to her.

"Look, I don't want you to feel guilty. There's something about almost being killed that makes you see things clearly," Nicole said. Nicole told Brady about the hostage situation that she had been involved in earlier. Brady wondered why Nicole had not called him. Nicole assured Brady that she was all right, and she added that E.J. had been at the police station.

"Ah, I see. I get it now. I get why us splitting up isn't a big deal for you -- it wasn't because your life flashed before your eyes or anything. It was E.J. -- again, it was E.J.," Brady snapped. Nicole denied Brady's accusations, and she explained that her near-death experience had helped her realize that she had been taking her life for granted.

"Brady, we used to be the best friends in the world. You were the only man that I could be myself with," Nicole reminded Brady. Brady nodded, and he added that he and Nicole had always taken each other at face value. "But now...we drink vodka and have sex," Brady dryly stated. Nicole admitted that she had gone off the rails after her miscarriage, and she acknowledged that she had lost herself somewhere along the way.

"You really think that we were some kind of mistake? You really think that we were just a you losing your baby, and me losing Arianna? Is that what you believe?" Brady asked. Nicole shrugged, and she admitted that there had been a time when she could have been happy with Brady. Nicole pointed out that a lot of things had happened since then, and she told Brady that their window of opportunity had closed.

"I'm not gonna be with a man because it's comfortable, although I really did enjoy driving Victor crazy on a daily basis...but that's not enough for me, and it's not enough for you," Nicole said. Brady wondered if Nicole was going to move back into the DiMera mansion. Nicole shook her head, and she said that she needed to stop living through other people.

" doesn't mean that I don't still love you, because I do, and a part of me always will,'re the one who said we weren't good for each other, and you're right," Nicole added. Nicole abruptly changed the subject, and she asked about Chloe's condition. Brady assured Nicole that Chloe was going to be all right. Brady hugged Nicole, then he excused himself so that he could get back to the hospital.

After Brady left, Taylor entered the mansion. Nicole said that she was glad that Taylor had been released from jail. Taylor said that she had heard about the hostage situation. Nicole promised that she was going to be all right. Taylor noted the stack of luggage, and she wondered if Nicole was planning on going somewhere.

Nicole explained that she was moving out of the mansion, and she said that she was going to start living again. Taylor laughed, and she admitted that Nicole was not the only Walker sister who was planning to make a big change. Taylor announced that she was going to be leaving Salem. Taylor added that she was leaving with Quinn.

Nicole reminded Taylor that Quinn was a pimp, but Taylor insisted that Quinn had given up that lifestyle. Nicole smirked, and she pointed out that Vivian Alamain would always be Quinn's mother. "You listen to me -- if she ever offers you a sarcophagus as a gift, you better call me immediately," Nicole warned Taylor. Taylor laughed, and she suggested that she and Nicole could leave Salem together.

Nicole joked that Quinn would love that idea, and she declined Taylor's offer. Nicole explained that she was going to make a fresh start for herself in Salem. Nicole said that she hoped that Taylor and Quinn would be happy together. Taylor promised that Nicole was eventually going to find someone who would make her happy. Nicole wasn't convinced, but she said that it was nice to know that she still had Taylor.

At the hospital, Kinsey assured Chloe that Brady understood why Chloe had turned to prostitution. As Kinsey started to talk about how Brady had lied to the police, Abe entered the room, and he wondered who Kinsey was talking about. Chloe claimed that she and Kinsey had been talking about Gus, and Abe apologized for jumping to conclusions.

Abe handed Chloe an envelope, and he explained that he was giving Chloe the reward money that someone had offered for the attacker's arrest. Chloe was reluctant to accept the reward, but Abe insisted that Chloe had earned it. Chloe opened the envelope, and she noted that the check was from Titan Industries. Chloe was shocked when she saw the amount of money that she was being given.

After Abe left, Chloe showed Kinsey the check, and Kinsey pointed out that the money could help Chloe regain shared custody of Parker. Later, Brady stopped by to check on Chloe, and Chloe thanked him for the reward money. Brady assured Chloe that he had posted the reward before Chloe had been attacked. Brady promised that he wasn't just using the reward as an excuse to give Chloe a handout.

Brady realized that Chloe might not be comfortable with the idea of accepting the money as a gift. Brady suggested that Chloe could always pay him back at a later date. Chloe pointed out that Brady was giving her a lot of money, and she reminded him that she didn't have any spectacular job opportunities lined up.

"Remember when I said I had an idea? Well, it's kind of more than an idea at this point. I've set a little something in motion for you. I know this guy in Chicago -- I do business with him, and he owns several clubs. I sent him a demo of your singing, and he loves your sound, Chloe," Brady explained. Chloe noted that Philip and Parker were living in Chicago. Chloe wondered if Brady had gotten her a job in Chicago.

Brady clarified that he had just gotten Chloe an audition. Brady said that if Chloe wanted to be with Parker, then she needed to nail the audition. Chloe promised Brady that she would be able to handle the audition. Brady added that his friend's clubs attracted a lot of agents and record producers, and he noted that it would be a great opportunity for Chloe.

Brady said that he just wanted Chloe to be happy. Brady asked Chloe to take care of herself, and he assured her that she was going to be all right. "Do you know how long I've waited to hear someone say that, and actually believe it? This is the best news. Because of you, I actually have a chance to help raise my son," Chloe said, as she hugged Brady.

At Chez Rouge, two of Ivan's female companions walked over to Vivian's table. Vivian assumed that she had consumed too many martinis, and she vowed to take a pledge of sobriety the next day. Ivan's companions explained that they wanted to give Vivian the gift of music, and they started to sing to her.

"You are his night, you are his day...without you in his life, he has nothing to are his goddess, burning with are his one and only desire...he would be so happy if you'd take his hand...and allow him to call you Madame," Ivan's companions sang in unison. Vivian wondered if she was hallucinating, or if someone just had a very strange sense of humor.

Ivan entered the room, and he assured Vivian that she was not hallucinating. "Oh, Ivan...I should have known you'd show up on a day when Gus lost his mind. You're my knight in...shining...harem pants," Vivian dryly stated. Ivan pointed out that the last time that he had rescued Vivian, she had left him shortly afterward. Vivian laughed as she remembered the hot air balloon that Ivan had used to rescue her.

Vivian said that she had left because Lawrence had been ill. Vivian added that she had hated the idea of leaving Ivan, and she noted that he had landed on his feet. "Madame...I've used my lottery winnings to start a movie studio in India. It's been very successful, and these two are my latest discoveries, but...Madame, my heart has been always empty, because I could not share my success with you," Ivan explained.

Vivian thanked Ivan for his offer, but she added that the last twenty-four hours had been particularly overwhelming. Vivian told Ivan about Gus and Quinn, and she admitted that she needed some time to think. Ivan pointed out that Gus had been a servant. Ivan explained that he was approaching Vivian as an equal, and as a partner.

"My wealth has brought me great power, Madame. With great power comes responsibility. You, Madame -- you are so great. It would be an honor to be responsible for you. Forget all these Victors, Stefanos, Carlys, Kates, whoever -- come away with me," Ivan suggested. Ivan promised that Vivian would never be bored, and he added that all of her desires would be fulfilled.

Ivan's companions returned, and they presented Vivian with two metal briefcases. Vivian looked inside the briefcases, and she saw that they were filled with precious jewels and stacks of cash. Vivian admitted that green was her favorite color, but she regretfully informed Ivan that she was looking for more than jewels and money. Vivian wondered how Ivan had managed to amass his fortune.

Ivan said that he had made a list of all of his wildest dreams, and then he had placed them on the big screen. Vivian said that she was proud of Ivan. " know...I just...I just need love. I've just needed it for so long," Vivian admitted. Ivan assured Vivian that his heart had always been filled with love for her, and that it always would be.

At the Brady Pub, Taylor greeted Abe. Taylor guessed that Abe had asked her to meet him at the pub so that he could talk to her about Quinn. Abe said that he loved Taylor like a daughter, and he added that he didn't want her to get involved with someone like Quinn Hudson. Taylor assured Abe that Quinn had decided to change his life. Abe wondered if Taylor could really forgive Quinn for everything that he had done.

Taylor jokingly pointed out that Quinn wasn't E.J. Abe laughed, but he admitted that he wasn't sure if Quinn was any better than E.J. Taylor said that she loved Quinn, and she added that she believed that he was serious about his plans to change his life. Before Abe could respond, Quinn approached Abe and Taylor's table, and he promised to prove to Abe that he was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Ivan walked in, with his companions in tow. "I am here to unveil my latest discovery -- a creature who will set Bollywood on fire. A new queen of Mumbai. She is the star of my next box office hit -- a musical, to be titled Madame with the Dragon Tattoo," Ivan announced, as Vivian entered the pub. Quinn pulled Vivian aside, and he wondered if Vivian was trying to reinvent herself again.

Vivian assured Quinn that Ivan was a good man. Vivian noted that she and Quinn had been turning their backs on love for a long time, and she said that she was glad that they were finally ready to stop doing that. Quinn suggested that Ivan might just be interested in Vivian's money. Ivan interrupted, and he said that he had plenty of his own money.

Ivan added that he also had a private studio, a jet, and a yacht that he had named The Madame. Vivian sighed wistfully, and she said that she was touched by Ivan's sentiment. Vivian told Quinn that she had known Ivan for a long time, and she added that Ivan had always treated her like a queen. Vivian said that she was going to leave Salem with style, the same way that she had arrived.

Vivian offered to give Quinn and Taylor a ride out of town on Ivan's private jet. Taylor agreed, and Abe wondered if Taylor knew what she was getting herself into. Taylor shrugged and admitted that she wasn't sure, but she added that it seemed like it was going to be a lot of fun. "You're trying to save the soul of a pimp -- one whose mother is the devil herself -- and you think you're going to win?" Abe asked.

Taylor said that she had to try. Taylor said goodbye to Abe, and she asked him to kiss Lexie and Theo for her. After Taylor and Quinn exited the pub, Vivian walked over to Abe's table. "Mayor Carver, would you please give a message to my friends, Salem? Just tell them that even though I'm leaving, that, um, they'll never be forgotten -- particularly...Carly," Vivian said, then she turned and left the pub.

At Salem Oaks, Melanie, Nicholas, Jennifer, and Daniel waited to surprise Carly on the day of her release from rehab. Meanwhile, in Carly's room, Carly sighed as she tried to compose a letter of apology to the hospital. Carly said that the hardest part about writing the letter was going to be admitting to herself that she had made mistakes.

Later, Dr. Norman looked at Carly's finished letter, and she wondered if Carly was ready to send it to the hospital. Before Carly could respond, Melanie and Nicholas entered the room, and they announced that they had a surprise for Carly. Carly followed Nicholas and Melanie to the lobby, where Daniel and Jennifer were waiting to surprise her with cupcakes and balloons.

Carly thanked everyone, and she said that she had been thinking about what she was thankful for. "Not only am I clean and sober, but I have the family that I've always wanted, and that family includes the two of you. I will never forget what you did for me," Carly said, as she hugged Jennifer and Daniel. Later, Carly explained that she was going to be going to Europe with Nicholas. Melanie added that she was going to join Carly and Nicholas as soon as she managed to get some time off from work.

Carly thanked Jennifer for her help, and she added that she was sincerely happy for Daniel and Jennifer. "I really thought, when Jack left, that that was it -- that I would really never find happiness again with another man. I really believed that. But I am -- I am so happy, Carly, and I want that for you. I know you're gonna meet that man, and he is gonna be the luckiest man," Jennifer assured Carly. Jennifer hugged Carly, and she said that she was going to miss Carly.

Later, Daniel congratulated Carly on her recovery, and Carly thanked Daniel for his help. Carly reiterated what she had told Jennifer earlier, and she begged Daniel not to let anyone interfere with his relationship with Jennifer. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Jennifer received another mysterious phone call. When Jennifer tried to answer the call, the only thing that she could hear was static.

Later, Nicholas wondered if Carly was ready to leave. Before Carly could respond, one of the Salem Oaks employees handed Carly a large box of flowers. When Carly opened the box, she found a bouquet of black roses. Carly told Nicholas that his Aunt Vivian still had her sense of humor. Nicholas told Carly that he would stop by the Salem Inn on their way to the airport, so that he could chastise Vivian for her constant abuse.

Carly assured Nicholas that Vivian would never be able to hurt her, or her family, again. Nicholas excused himself so that he could dispose of the flowers. After Nicholas left, Dr. Norman pointed out that every member of Carly's family had forgiven her. Dr. Norman wondered if Carly was finally ready to forgive herself. Carly realized that she was, and she handed Dr. Norman the letter of apology that she had written.

Dr. Norman promised to deliver the letter to the hospital, and she asked Carly to enjoy her life. Meanwhile, Jennifer received another mysterious phone call. Jennifer sighed, and she warned the caller that she was starting to get annoyed. As Jennifer tried to shake her feelings of unsettlement, in an undisclosed location, the mystery caller boarded a plane that was bound for Chicago.

Friday, September 23, 2011

E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion after a run, and found Stefano at the chess table. E.J. complained about how much he despised running, and hated having to smile and greet everyone he met on the street. He also grumbled that everyone could talk of nothing besides Bo and Hope's party, but Stefano gleefully pointed out that it was at said party that E.J. planned to make a big announcement.

Stefano hoped that E.J. would not allow another woman to distract him. E.J. maintained that he was focused, and planned to stay two to four moves ahead of his opponent -- just as Stefano had always taught. Stefano cautioned E.J. that he would have more than one opponent, and some of them were people for whom E.J. cared. E.J. acknowledged that there might be some unpleasantness at first, but he was optimistic that everything would work out -- because he was doing everything for Johnny and Sydney, so they could be proud of the DiMera name.

Stefano wanted to know what would happen if things didn't turn out the way E.J. wanted. "You're just going to have to trust me," E.J. replied, adding that Stefano had to let E.J. handle things his own way -- for the children's sake, if nothing else. Stefano then asked E.J. what the provocative dance with Nicole had been about. Shrugging, E.J. maintained that he'd just been having a little fun. E.J. sat across the chessboard from his father. Stefano stated that although he looked forward to the bombshell that E.J. was going to drop at the party, he was concerned that E.J. would somehow damage the family name that Stefano had worked so hard for.

E.J. took his father's hand across the chess table, and declared that times had changed; people no longer had time to spend hours contemplating their next move. "The old ways -- your ways -- were very effective once upon a time. But this is a new era. This is my time. I am your heir apparent, but I am not you -- and I will no longer allow you to stand in my way," E.J. proclaimed quietly.

Stefano countered, "Your life is my life, my family, my future. Can't your thick skull understand that?" E.J. replied that he needed to make his own future, adding, "You either stand beside me, or you stand aside." Stefano handed his son one of the kings from the chess game, and declared that E.J. had won by standing up for what he believed in, and standing up to Stefano.

Jennifer and Maggie stopped to rest on a bench outside the Brady Pub after a long walk. Maggie admitted that she didn't want to have a relapse before Bo and Hope's party. Jennifer concurred, because she wanted to see Maggie cut a rug on the dance floor at the party. Both women laughed about how unforthcoming Bo and Hope had been about the details. When Maggie was ready to head back to Jennifer's, Jennifer asked if they could wait a few more minutes, so as not to spoil a surprise Bo was planning for Hope. Grinning, Maggie rubbed her hands together with excitement.

At the Horton house, Bo gave Hope a box of items that he and Jennifer had compiled. Hope lifted off the lid, and was immediately overcome with emotions. She first tenderly pulled out a photograph of her grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton. Bo explained that he and Jennifer had gone through a bunch of boxes to find some "artifacts" that represented what Tom and Alice meant to the family. Bo suggested that it could all be displayed on a table at the party.

A moved and grateful Hope took a seat on the sofa with the box, as Bo elaborated that he'd guessed she might want to go through the box with just him before sharing it with others. Hope kissed her husband appreciatively. Hope then found Nathan's medical bag, which had belonged to Tom, and was glad that Nathan was letting them use it for the party. She fondly recalled how, despite his busy career as a doctor, her grandfather had always been there for the important things.

Bo and Hope reminisced about how Tom and Alice had never taken themselves too seriously, and laughed as they remembered a time when Alice had enthusiastically embraced dressing up as Groucho Marx for a skit. Hope recalled her grandfather's brief, secret life as a beat poet, and how her grandmother had been furious about that secret -- until Alice had sneaked into a poetry reading and heard Tom recite a poem about her. Bo produced a book of Tom's poetry from the box, to Hope's surprise and joy.

Hope noted that her grandparents had loved and supported each other no matter what, even though they hadn't always agreed. When Hope found a handful of blue ribbons in the box, Bo noted that he and Jennifer had found several boxes of ribbons and trophies that Alice had won for her famous doughnuts. Bo affectionately remembered how the sweet, fearless Alice had used doughnuts on more than one occasion to help one of the Brady boys escape from jail. Hope declared that she missed her grandmother every day, and Bo agreed that he did, too.

Bo and Hope laughed as they shared memories of how they'd met -- and how Bo had kidnapped Hope from her wedding, and the two of them had ridden away on his motorcycle. They joked about how boring their lives together had been. After they recalled a few of their shared adventures, they agreed that they enjoyed a night home alone with Ciara more than anything. Grinning, Bo declared, "I got this feeling, Fancy Face, that the adventures are not over. They're only just beginning."

Hope found a picture from her and Bo's wedding in England, and remembered how "Gran" had helped make the day even more special for Hope. Bo acknowledged that "Mrs. H." had been there for him when his dad had died. A beaming Hope asserted, "I think she saw you as a kindred spirit. She didn't look like it, but she was a rebel through and through." Bo reminded Hope how her grandmother had always been their biggest fan -- and he intended to keep his promise to Alice that he would always try to make Hope happy.

Bo and Hope were cuddling playfully on the couch when Maggie and Jennifer arrived. Jennifer bounded giddily into the living room, while Maggie clapped her hands happily. Hope thanked Jennifer for the lovely surprise, and everyone exchanged exuberant hugs. Jennifer explained her reasoning about the photographs to Maggie and Hope, "We wanted people to see Doctor and Mrs. H. as people, and not just the benefactors who put all the money into this town square." Maggie fondly described the glory days of the square: "It was where everybody came together -- old guys playing chess with the kids, families on picnics, the big bands, the ice-cream parlors..." Jennifer declared that the restoration and party would be the "rebirth of Salem."

It was then Jennifer and Maggie's turn to look through the carton of photos and other things. Bo couldn't help but laugh at the women's happy tears, as they described how generous Tom and Alice had been with their love and their time, especially with children. Hope declared that the rededication of the town square would ensure that Tom and Alice's hopes and dreams would live forever.

Doug and Julie arrived, and again, warm embraces were shared all around. Bo and Hope kept mum behind mischievous smiles while the others discussed the Bradys' secrecy. Maggie asserted to Doug that his daughter should have gone to work for the CIA. Julie asked about the box, and Jennifer quickly explained what the contents were for.

Jennifer mentioned the scrapbook she had put together the year before for Alice's funeral, and none of them could believe that it had been over a year since Alice had passed away. Doug shared a memory of something Alice had told him when Addie had died. "Death is a transition, dear. Life never ends; you know that," Alice had affirmed. Doug declared that Alice had been right, because people lived on in the hearts and memories of their loved ones.

Maggie related how Alice had always treated her like a daughter, and described how supportive Alice had been, especially when Maggie had been worried about a health problem. Jennifer stated that living in Tom and Alice's home made her feel very close to her grandparents. Julie proclaimed that it was wonderful that there were still Hortons living in the house. They all fondly recalled what a loving, romantic couple Tom and Alice had been, and Maggie professed that Bo and Hope's romance was almost as great as the Hortons' had been. Everyone begged for hints about the party, but Hope and Bo refused to say anything beyond, "It's going to be a night to remember!"

After the others left to find a place to have dinner, Hope confided to Bo that even though her grandparents had left them with many wonderful memories, she felt like there was something more. "I can almost hear Gran whisper in my ear, 'There's more, Hope. It's here; it's close.' I just don't know what it could be." Bo believed that if "Mrs. H." were trying to tell Hope something, it would be soon. The Bradys then left with the box of photos, and as Bo closed the door behind them, something fell out of the shelves in the entryway and onto the floor.

A mystery man checked into a hotel room. The bellhop asked if it was the mystery man's first visit to Salem, and the man replied that he had once lived there. When the bellhop inquired about how long the man would be staying, the man declared, "This time, I'm staying for good." Later, the man found a newspaper on a park bench. He picked it up and saw the headline, "HUGE PARTY TO CELEBRATE NEW TOWN SQUARE." He folded the paper deliberately, and then hurried away.

The mystery man carried the newspaper back to his hotel room, and made a phone call to get more information about the "shindig." Gazing at a picture of Jennifer, the mystery man mused, "Well, Ms. Horton, looks like I know where I'm going to be able to find you tomorrow." At last, it was revealed that the mystery man was none other than Jennifer's ex-husband, Jack Deveraux.

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