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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 20, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, June 20, 2011

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor was shocked to hear Rafe's confession. Taylor lunged at Rafe, but Hope stopped her. Taylor demanded to know what was going on. Meanwhile, fake Rafe continued to believe that he was being haunted by Fay, and he begged her to go away.

Meanwhile, outside the mansion, Rafe stalled Kate by flirting with her. Kate was suspicious, but before she could question Rafe's behavior, she received a call from Quinn. Kate asked Quinn to meet her at the pier. Kate warned Rafe that she was going to tell Stefano about their strange encounter, then she walked away.

Back inside, Bo claimed that Rafe needed to get some air, and he started to drag fake Rafe out of the mansion. Taylor shouted that Rafe needed to be in prison; Hope assured Taylor that Rafe would go to jail. Sami returned Fay's necklace to Taylor, and she explained that they had been trying to reenact the events that had taken place on the night of Fay's fall. Sami begged Taylor to give Bo and Hope some more time to find out what had really happened that night. Sami promised that she would explain everything to Taylor as soon as she possibly could.

In the park, Gus told Vivian that he had done a background check on Quinn. Gus said that Quinn had never been married, and he added that Quinn did not have any children. Vivian was pleased to learn that she was not going to have to get accustomed to being called a grandmother. "I think you'd make a wonderful grandmother -- baking cookies, burying teddy bears alive in the backyard," Gus joked.

Gus said that Quinn appeared to be a very successful, legitimate businessman. "There's a lot more to this than meets the eye, and he has many, many contacts who can only be described as nefarious," Gus said. Vivian muttered that Quinn sounded just like his father, but Gus suggested that Quinn was similar to Vivian. Gus assured Vivian that he had meant that as a compliment; he explained that he had always believed that Vivian's nefarious contacts were an integral part of her je ne sais quoi. Vivian agreed, and she asked Gus to tell her more about her son.

Gus said that Quinn had an import and export business -- which Vivian translated to mean that Quinn was involved with smuggling; Gus added that Quinn had several offshore bank accounts -- which Vivian gleefully translated to mean that Quinn was involved with securities fraud. Gus said that Quinn also had a thriving modeling agency, comprised of extremely beautiful women. Vivian was decidedly less excited about Gus's final piece of news. "Oh, my God, Gus. This cuts me to the quick; my son's an...agent?" Vivian asked.

Outside the Cheatin' Heart, Quinn called Chloe. Chloe claimed that everything was fine at the Sapphire Club. Quinn asked to talk to Rob; Chloe said that Rob was sleeping, and she refused to wake him. Chloe pointed out that customers would not appreciate being disturbed when they were trying to get some sleep. Chloe abruptly ended the phone call, as Rob started to wake up.

Rob groggily tried to recall what had happened. Chloe explained that Rob had consumed a lot of champagne; she assured Rob that the champagne had not affected his performance. Rob started to kiss Chloe, and he offered to pay for another night with her. Chloe shoved Rob off of her, and she explained that she had another appointment that she needed to get to.

Later, Chloe ran into Justin as she was exiting the Sapphire Club. Justin offered to help Chloe sign the paperwork that he had told her about earlier. "It's the same as before; you're basically just stating that you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in accordance with the psychiatrist-prescribed treatment plan. As long as you keep up the good work, you should be able to get shared custody of Parker sometime in the relatively near future," Justin said.

After Chloe signed the documents, she hugged Justin; meanwhile, Rob watched with jealousy. Rob greeted Chloe as Lola. "Have a good time, man -- she's worth every penny," Rob assured Justin. Justin could tell that Rob was drunk, and he chased Rob away. After Rob left, Justin apologized to Chloe for the embarrassing encounter, and he assumed that Rob's comments had been due to a case of mistaken identity.

At the pier, Kate told Quinn to find something that she could use to ensure that Chloe would never be able to see Parker again. Quinn sarcastically agreed that it would be terrible if a hooker was allowed to raise kids, alluding to Kate's own history as a call girl, but Kate wasn't amused. "I know you're new here. I know you don't completely grasp what being a DiMera is, but what that particular name means is that I don't have to take crap from anyone," Kate warned Quinn. Quinn reminded Kate that he had kept his end of the bargain, and he insisted that the rest was up to Kate. Before Kate could respond, Quinn walked away.

After Quinn left, Chad arrived at the pier. Kate noted that Chad was carrying an envelope, and she wondered if he was running an errand for Stefano. Chad confirmed that he had accepted Stefano's job offer, and he explained that Kate's advice had helped him make the decision. Kate reiterated that training Chad was going to give Stefano a new lease on life. Chad admitted that he was having doubts about his decision.

Chad explained that Stefano had described Chad's new job as a gray area, as far as the law was concerned. "You remind me of your mother, when she was around your age. She had a crisis of conscience -- she didn't want to be a working girl. But...she made that gray area work for her; she saved her money, she went to college, she had you. So maybe it isn't really the gray area that matters -- it's what you do with it," Kate said. Chad nodded as he considered Kate's advice. "Yeah, that's one way of putting it...but maybe you should just stay out of the gray area to begin with," Chad suggested.

Back at the park, Quinn found Vivian, and he told her that he knew that she had been looking into his background. Vivian said that she just wanted to be prepared, in case Quinn was looking for revenge. Quinn insisted that he wasn't in Salem because of revenge. Quinn claimed that he had gone to Salem because he had developed a vague desire to learn more about his mother, but Vivian wasn't convinced.

Quinn said that he had been intrigued by Vivian's earlier suggestion that Quinn's father had lied to him about her. Quinn reiterated that his father had never tried to influence Quinn's opinion of Vivian; he added that many of the citizens of Salem seemed to hate Vivian. Quinn wondered if Vivian cared about their opinions. Vivian admitted that she didn't, and Quinn conceded that they had that in common.

"I've found that not caring gives you a leg up. You see, most people are hampered by wanting to be well thought of...for people to like them. I'm stronger because I really don't care; do you think that's an inherited trait? You're the past master of not caring -- the queen. You didn't even care what your own son thought of you -- now, that's power," Quinn said. Vivian denied Quinn's allegations. Quinn mockingly wondered if Vivian was going to try to claim that she had cried herself to sleep every night, upset about the fact that she had been wrongfully torn away from her son.

"I wouldn't do that -- not even if it were true. I don't trust you. There's nothing to disprove that you're here to get revenge, and every hair on the back of my head is standing up, saying, 'Watch out for him -- he's the enemy,' and I have to protect myself against you," Vivian said. Quinn agreed that he felt the same way about Vivian. "Well, see, there's a little difference here, a profound difference -- you came to me, not vice versa, so...if there's an agenda, it's yours," Vivian pointed out.

Quinn suggested that it might be interesting for them to get to know each other. Vivian pointed out that they each had trust issues, and Quinn agreed that they should probably take things slowly. Vivian offered to let Quinn buy her a cocktail. "How would you like to hear about the first time I buried somebody alive?" Vivian asked. As Quinn and Vivian walked away, Kate watched.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Abigail greeted Adrienne. Abigail explained that she had wanted someone to talk to, and she said that she had been thinking about Chad. Abigail noted that Adrienne didn't seem very happy about the fact that Abigail was dating Chad. Adrienne admitted that she wasn't in a position to throw stones, because she was married to a Kiriakis. Adrienne added that she was never going to be able to forget about the terrible things that the DiMera family had done in the past -- especially the things that they had done to Jack.

Abigail pointed out that Chad was not responsible for the things that the DiMera family had done in the past. Before Adrienne could respond, Chad entered the bar. Adrienne excused herself so that Chad and Abigail could have some privacy. Chad realized that Abigail had been defending him; he said that he was sorry that Abigail felt that she needed to do so. "You know, I wasn't so much defending you, as I was saying that you weren't like the rest of your family, and I know that Stefano could never turn you into something that you're not. I wouldn't be with you if I weren't sure of that," Abigail said, as she hugged Chad.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole tried to order a drink; the bartender apologetically informed Nicole that he was about to close the pub for the evening, but Nicole flashed some money, and she convinced him to change his mind. Later, Maggie walked in and greeted Nicole. Maggie wondered why the pub wasn't closed, and Nicole joked that the owners were having a very private, exclusive, late-night party. Nicole assured Maggie that she wasn't drunk yet, and she added that she was working diligently to change that. Maggie dryly stated that it was always good to have a goal.

Nicole wondered why Maggie was roaming around in the middle of the night. Maggie explained that she had been having a restless night. "You can't sleep? You're, like, the perfect person, with the cleanest conscience conceivable," Nicole noted incredulously. Maggie pointed out that people who chose to drown their sorrows with alcohol were not the only ones who had problems. Nicole said that she was sick of dealing with her own problems, and she asked to hear about Maggie's problems as a distraction.

Nicole apologized for being insensitive earlier. Maggie admitted that things had not ended well with Victor earlier that night. Nicole insisted that Victor wasn't worth losing any sleep over; Maggie asked if Brady was worth drinking over. Nicole laughed, then she remembered that Maggie had an adopted daughter. Nicole guessed that Maggie had always considered herself Melissa's mother in every sense of the word.

"Is this about Sydney? 'Cause, you see, this is a little bit different. I adopted Melissa; I didn't kidnap her," Maggie gently stated. Nicole admitted that she had made a lot of mistakes, and Maggie assured her that everyone made mistakes. Nicole said that she had repeatedly made the same mistakes, and she added that E.J. understood that better than anyone. Nicole sighed and said that E.J. liked to use her love for Sydney as a way to hurt Sami. Nicole added that E.J. never did anything out of love for Nicole, because the only thing that he cared about was hurting Sami.

Before Maggie could respond, Nicole abruptly excused herself. Nicole explained that she had something that she needed to take care of. Nicole assured Maggie that she wasn't going to be driving. Nicole thanked Maggie for listening, and she said that she hoped that they would be able to talk again soon.

At the safe house, Bo and Hope used a camcorder to record their interrogation of fake Rafe. Fake Rafe refused to cooperate, but Bo and Hope reminded him that they already had his confession. "Taking that cameo was dumb, 'cause that made it a felony murder, and that's a cakewalk for the D.A.," Hope said, as she taunted fake Rafe. Bo said that fake Rafe was going to get the death penalty. Bo and Hope started to mock fake Rafe, and they suggested that the DiMeras had chosen him to be their scapegoat from the very beginning.

As Bo and Hope laughed, fake Rafe finally started to protest. "I had to kill that bitch. She found out who I was; hell, she -- she found out everything. It was all their plan, though. The DiMeras were behind everything. That old man...he picked me 'cause I kind of look like the guy, then he made me look exactly like him. They told me about Rafe, and the kids, his wife, everything. Then there was an accident, you know -- Rafe was in an accident, so they kind of speeded things up a little bit, and they put me in, 'cause that would explain things, in case I got it wrong," fake Rafe explained.

After fake Rafe was finished making his confession, he kicked the camcorder across the room. Fake Rafe snickered and said that he had just recanted his confession, but as he celebrated his victory, he heard his voice playing in the background. "'re going down, and you're taking the DiMeras with you," Bo said, as he and Hope watched the footage of fake Rafe's confession.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami assured Taylor that Bo and Hope were going to find out the truth about Fay's death. Taylor realized that she needed to call Nicole. Sami begged Taylor not to say anything to Nicole. Before Taylor could respond, Sydney started crying; after Sami excused herself, Taylor started to exit the apartment. Taylor was shocked when she found Nicole standing in the hallway.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At the clinic, Daniel and Carly stabilized an unconscious E.J. Melanie thanked Daniel for helping her, but Daniel cautioned that once the anti-seizure medication wore off, E.J. might remember that Brady had beaten E.J. to a pulp. "Brady has a really loyal friend," Jennifer said softly to Melanie. "My father has a really understanding girlfriend," Melanie retorted with a smile. Melanie apologized for ruining Daniel and Jennifer's date, but Daniel told Melanie not to apologize for asking her father for help.

Grunting, E.J. began to stir awake. Daniel urged Carly, Melanie, and Jennifer to leave the room and let him talk to E.J. alone. Once Daniel was alone with E.J., Daniel gently called out to E.J. As E.J. opened his eyes, Daniel explained that E.J. was in the hospital after sustaining a beating. When Daniel asked E.J. if he knew who his attacker was, E.J. responded that he remembered being on the pier but that he did not remember anyone else with him.

Leaving E.J. to rest, Daniel slipped into the hallway and explained to Jennifer, Carly, and Melanie that E.J. did not seem to remember the attack. Carly was concerned that E.J. would become belligerent once the sedative wore off. After E.J. fell asleep, Carly, Melanie, Jennifer, and Daniel crept back into the room and devised a plan to transport E.J. over to the hospital and explain why Daniel had taken E.J. to the clinic first. Daniel told the group that in order to protect Melanie from the DiMera family, Daniel would tell E.J. that he had found E.J. on the pier.

Daniel ordered Carly to go home and rest, since she was still recovering from her illness. Turning to Jennifer, Daniel apologized to Jennifer for cutting their weekend short. Jennifer joked that Daniel's attention to his daughter was very unattractive. With a grin, Daniel kissed Jennifer, while a visibly uncomfortable Carly stood in the corner and looked away.

While Daniel and Melanie transported E.J. to the hospital, Carly and Jennifer wiped down the surfaces in the clinic to remove all traces of fingerprints. Carly nervously babbled about how Jennifer and Daniel would have other opportunities to be together. "That's the thing. The most important thing in a relationship is the friendship," Carly said. Feeling awkward, Jennifer hesitantly agreed with Carly. When Carly babbled on about Daniel's relationship with Chloe, Jennifer sternly warned Carly that she did not want to hear about Chloe.

With a sigh, Carly admitted that she was conflicted about Jennifer and Daniel. Confused, Jennifer asked Carly why. Carly apologized for starting the conversation and walked away. Jennifer followed Carly into the other room and assured her she was not upset with Carly for talking about Chloe. Jennifer noted that though her weekend with Daniel had been cut short, she and Daniel had managed to have a nice time at the spa. Tired, Carly stumbled and Jennifer helped her sit down. Worried, Jennifer offered to drive Carly home.

Back at the hotel, Jennifer refused to leave Carly's side when Carly was still feeling ill. Carly relented and let Jennifer follow her into her room. As Jennifer gazed at the mess, she asked Carly what had happened in the room earlier. Tired, Carly told Jennifer that she wanted to rest. After Carly crawled into bed and went to sleep, Jennifer started to clean up the room.

After straightening the room, Jennifer looked around for her keys and noticed a coating of white powder on the desk. As Jennifer looked closer, she noticed there was an empty pill capsule on the table as well. Worried, Jennifer looked over at her sleeping friend Carly.

At the hospital, Lexie rushed into E.J.'s room as Daniel was checking his vital signs. Daniel explained to Lexie that he had found E.J. unconscious on the pier and had taken him to the clinic. Astonished, Lexie asked Daniel why he had not taken E.J. to the emergency room. Daniel explained that his phone was dead and that he had needed to treat E.J. quickly because of the seizure. When Lexie asked Daniel if E.J. had said anything, Daniel shook his head and promised to take care of E.J. for her.

Once Lexie stepped outside, Daniel gently woke E.J. and asked him how he was feeling. "I'm in a different room. How'd I get here?" E.J muttered. Avoiding the question, Daniel asked what E.J. remembered. Before E.J. could answer, Lexie returned to the room and smiled when she saw that E.J. was awake. Daniel briefed Lexie on E.J.'s injuries. As Daniel started to leave, Lexie asked E.J. what had happened. E.J. admitted that he did not remember. "Which means that whoever did this just might get away with it," Lexie lamented.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady entered the darkened living room to find Victor sitting in a chair. Brady asked Victor where Maggie was. "It's just you and me. Why don't you cut the crap and tell me who you beat up tonight?" Victor asked. Still half drunk, Brady sat down and joked that he had run into a door. When Brady went to fix a drink, Victor grabbed the glass and shattered it on the floor. "What you do in your private life affects all of us because you do it in our name," Victor stressed.

When Victor pushed Brady for details, Brady became defensive. "I do love you, but I don't answer to you. And I don't need to defend myself to you because I am the majority shareholder of this corporation, which means I run things around here," Brady growled. Brady added, "People are going to know the Kiriakis family is the family that doesn't take things lying down, and we mean business. That's the way I want it." With a smirk, Victor noted that Brady's fight sounded more like a vendetta.

"If you've got an enemy out there, he's my enemy too. And despite my advanced years, I can still be a powerful ally," Victor said. Brady refused Victor's help. When Victor countered that he would find out what had happened, Melanie arrived at the mansion and informed Victor that he would not have to do much work. "I'll tell you everything you need to know," Melanie said to Victor. Melanie explained that Brady had a drinking problem and that Brady had fought with some drunks on the pier. When Victor asked what the fight had been about, Melanie noted that the men had accused Victor of stealing from the working man and that Brady had stood up for Victor.

"Is that why you wouldn't level with me? You think I give a damn what a couple of drunks think?" Victor said with a scowl. As Brady stood silent in the corner, Victor shook his head and went upstairs to bed. Brady thanked Melanie for lying for him but noted that Victor would learn the truth in the morning. "You may have caught the break of a lifetime, so please don't blow it," Melanie said.

At the loft, Nicole was surprised when Taylor answered the front door of Sami's apartment. Nicole admitted that she needed to talk to Sami but that she could not speak in front of Taylor. As Nicole turned to leave, Taylor begged Nicole to stay because she needed to say something. Worried that Sami would overhear, Taylor escorted Nicole down to the pier.

Once on the pier, Taylor explained that she had promised Sami to keep a secret but that she could not keep that secret from Nicole. Taylor informed Nicole that Fay had been murdered. "Who would want to kill our mom?" Nicole asked. When Taylor said that Rafe had thrown Fay down the stairs, a shocked Nicole asked Taylor how Taylor had learned about the details. Taylor explained that she had walked in on a reenactment of the crime at the DiMera mansion. Shaking her head, Taylor informed Nicole that Rafe was acting strangely and that he believed Sami was Fay and that he had killed her. Taylor explained that Sami had been forced to admit that Rafe had stolen the cameo.

"It's got to be awful to believe that your husband is capable of such a thing," Taylor said. "Since he never would have done it before," Nicole responded. Nicole told Taylor that Fay had attempted to tell her something before she died and that Fay must have been pointing the finger at her killer. Shaking her head, Nicole insisted that she had to leave. Taylor urged Nicole to sit with her so that they could work through the revelation together.

"I am very grateful to you for telling me what happened, especially since Sami didn't want you to tell me. But I am sorry. I am not civilized enough to process my mother's death with my husband's mistress," Nicole said curtly as she walked away. Before Nicole left the pier, she received a call from a nurse at the hospital. When the nurse informed Nicole that E.J. had been beaten and sustained a concussion, Nicole remembered finding a disheveled and bloody Brady in the park. Without another word, Nicole stalked off, leaving Taylor alone on the pier.

Bo tied up Javier, the faux Rafe, at the safe house storage room. While a drugged Javier slept in his chair, Rafe arrived at the storage room. Bo and Hope informed Rafe that they had Javier's confession on video. With a huge grin, Rafe stared at the camera. When Bo noted that Rafe should have approached him sooner, Rafe explained that Sami had been concerned about the mole in the police department. Rafe pointed out that if the mole had tipped off E.J., then E.J. would have fled the country with the children.

"It would be really nice if Sami had more faith in her dad and Uncle Bo," Hope said. As Rafe checked the camera, he was dismayed to find that the end of the confession had been erased. Bo grabbed the camera and was upset to learn that Javier's kick to the camera had damaged the video of the confession. Rafe became pessimistic about proving his innocence. Frustrated, Rafe slapped Javier and ordered him to confess again, but still drugged, Javier remained groggy and unresponsive.

When Javier came to, he noticed that Bo, Hope, and Rafe had a dour look on their faces. With a grin, Javier surmised that his kick to the camera had damaged his recorded confession. Javier noted that he had confessed because of the drugs, but that his head had cleared, and he would not confess again. As Rafe and Hope conferred in the corner, Bo took a phone call from Lexie. Lexie explained that someone had beaten E.J. and that he was in the hospital. Lexie asked Bo to look into the attack as a favor to her.

"We may have finally caught a break. His guard is down. He's vulnerable," Bo noted about E.J. Hope urged Bo and Rafe to talk to E.J. Bo was reluctant to leave Hope alone with Javier, but Hope assured her husband that she would be fine. Hope sat in a chair and scrolled through the email on her phone while Javier pushed Hope to talk to him. "I hate to break it to you but the truth is we got what we need," Hope announced.

At the hospital, Bo and Rafe marched into E.J.'s room and attempted to rouse him from sleep. As Bo slapped E.J.'s chest and Rafe ordered E.J. to wake up, Lexie entered the room and asked why Rafe was in the room. Bo explained that he needed a witness to his conversation with E.J. Uneasy, Lexie asked Bo and Rafe to talk to her in the hallway.

Outside E.J.'s room, Lexie explained that E.J. had sustained a concussion and was in no shape to undergo questioning. "I can't have you waking him up to take a statement, especially not in the presence of someone who hates his guts," Lexie said. Lexie asked Bo to follow up with E.J. in the morning. As Lexie went to check on some test results, Rafe received a call from Sami informing him that Taylor had left the loft. "We're screwed," Bo lamented in frustration.

After talking to Sami, Rafe informed Bo that Sami had told Taylor that Rafe "may have murdered Fay." When Bo asked why Sami had let Taylor leave, Rafe explained that Sydney had been having nightmares and Sami had needed to check on her daughter, leaving Taylor alone and free to leave the loft. "Who knows what she'll do?" Rafe said. Bo ordered Rafe to find Taylor. "If Taylor tells E.J. that Fay was murdered, he'll be ready for us," Bo noted.

Upset over the news about Fay, Taylor was sitting on a bench on the pier, crying, when her phone rang. Lexie called to tell Taylor that E.J. was in the hospital with a concussion. Panicked, Taylor told Lexie that she was on her way to the hospital. As Taylor hung up her phone, she turned to find Rafe in her path. "Sorry. You're not going anywhere," Rafe announced.

Nicole rushed over to the hospital and talked to Daniel about E.J.'s injuries. When Nicole asked Daniel if E.J. had been mugged, Daniel said it was possible but the police would have to investigate. Nicole demanded to see her husband, and Daniel urged Nicole to remain calm and let E.J. sleep. With Daniel's approval, Nicole slipped into E.J.'s room, then she grabbed a pillow. Furious, Nicole stood over E.J. and slowly lifted the pillow up to his face.

As the fabric of the pillow brushed E.J.'s face, he startled awake. "What are you doing?" E.J. blurted out in a panicked rush. Feigning innocence, Nicole told E.J. to lift his head so that she could put a pillow behind him. "The nurse told me you got mugged. Too bad they didn't finish the job," Nicole said grimly. When E.J. rolled his eyes, Nicole leaned close to him and whispered, "I know what you did."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maggie and Julie met at the Brady Pub to begin decorating for Will's graduation party. Julie guessed that Maggie had asked her to start so early in the morning because of something other than the party, and mentioned Victor's recent contribution to the hospital. Maggie divulged that Victor had said that she was too good for him. Julie asked if Maggie missed Victor. Maggie insisted she didn't, and she wanted Julie to tell her to forget about Victor once and for all. Julie didn't understand why.

Maggie explained that Victor was a gangster, albeit a retired one, and she was relieved that he wanted out. She admitted that she had been conflicted about being with Victor -- or with anyone -- because she felt guilty. Julie asserted that Mickey would want Maggie to be happy, not lonely. Maggie insisted that she wasn't lonely, but Julie wished that Maggie could see herself for the vibrant, dynamic woman she truly was.

Maggie confessed that she still felt sad most of the time, and she didn't know if she could handle it if Victor wanted their relationship to go further than it had. She added that she had only been interested in Victor because she believed he didn't really want to be with her, and that made their relationship "safe." Julie maintained that Victor had brought Maggie back to life after Mickey's death, and Maggie had been good for Victor, as well. Maggie concurred with Julie, but felt it was time for her and Victor to move in different directions.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie begged Brady not to screw things up for the people who had covered for him, and not to go after E.J. Brady declared that Melanie, Daniel, and Carly should not have gotten involved, because he would never forget what E.J. had done. Melanie hotly reminded Brady that she was a nurse and couldn't just leave someone so badly injured alone. She warned Brady that although E.J. didn't remember who had beaten him up, he eventually might. Brady declared that he would handle E.J., because he was sick of putting the pieces back together when E.J. ruined lives. Melanie urged Brady to let it go before things between the DiMera and the Kiriakis families turned into World War III. Brady just ignored her and downed a glass of whiskey.

Victor entered, and divulged that E.J. had been admitted to the hospital after being beaten half to death the night before, then asked if Brady were responsible. Brady maintained that he'd had nothing to do with what had happened to E.J., and then left the room before Victor could question him further. Victor admitted to Melanie that what she had said about Brady defending him had touched him -- and had distracted him, just as she'd intended. "You lied to me, Melanie. Don't ever do that again," Victor ordered.

Melanie countered that because she and Philip were divorced, she no longer had to do what Victor said. She added that Victor was bad for Brady and Philip, because he all but forced them to do reckless things to prove they were worthy of his love and approval. "Sounds like you've been spending too much time with Maggie," Victor remarked. "Sounds like you haven't been spending nearly enough," Melanie replied lightly, and then walked out.

When Bo called Hope to check on their prisoner, she admitted that she'd put faux Rafe in the closet to shut him up. Bo divulged that Lexie had cut his interview of E.J. short, and that he'd had to send Rafe to look for Taylor, who had gotten away from Sami. Hope was worried what Taylor might do, and offered to do whatever she could to help.

Taylor was on the pier when Lexie called to tell her that E.J. had been beaten and admitted to the hospital. Taylor declared that she would be right there, but as she hung up and started to hurry off, Rafe appeared. "Sorry; you're not going anywhere," Rafe warned her. A frightened Taylor accused him of being a murderer, and screamed for help. Rafe grabbed her as gently as he could, and clamped a hand over her mouth to quiet her.

After extracting a promise from her that she wouldn't scream again, Rafe asked if Taylor had told anyone else that she thought he killed her mother. Taylor lied that she hadn't. Rafe understood why Taylor was afraid of him, but he couldn't tell her everything that was going on just yet. Taylor quietly stated that she didn't know why anyone would have wanted to hurt her mother, one of the kindest, gentlest people she'd ever known. Rafe assured her that he also wished he knew why.

When Hope arrived, she pulled her weapon and ordered Rafe to get away from Taylor. A relieved Taylor ran over and ducked behind Hope. Mouthing the words, Hope instructed Rafe to go keep an eye on his look-alike. As Rafe headed up the stairs, Taylor demanded to know why Hope was letting him go. Hope explained that there wasn't enough evidence for an arrest, and reiterated her promise that Fay's death would not go unpunished. Skeptical and furious, Taylor announced that she was leaving because E.J. needed her at the hospital.

Hope was dismayed when she figured out that Taylor and E.J. were involved. She refused to let Taylor go to the hospital, and apologized for not being able to explain everything to Taylor. Hope added, "I've seen E.J. in action a lot longer than you have, and he will hurt you in ways that you can't even begin to imagine." Taylor maintained that she'd heard it all before, but she believed in forgiveness, and in the heart's ability to change. She pleaded with Hope to call the hospital so Taylor could at least hear E.J.'s voice, and Hope agreed that it might happen soon.

Taylor demanded to know why she was being treated like a criminal when Rafe was still running around free. Hope replied, "You're not; you're being treated like a witness." Fed up, Taylor started to leave, but Hope reached for her to stop her. "Get away from me!" Taylor shouted, shoving Hope away -- and knocking Hope out cold against one of the moorings on the pier.

At the hospital, Lexie demanded to know why Daniel had given a sedative to E.J., who had a head injury. Daniel defensively explained that E.J. had experienced a seizure before they'd gotten to the hospital. After a bit of an argument, Daniel accused Lexie of questioning his medical judgment. She apologized, and admitted that she lived in constant fear that she could lose her brother because of the way he lived his life. Lexie then thanked Daniel for everything he'd done for E.J.

At the DiMera mansion, Mary was surprised to find that Stefano was up so early. As she headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast for him, Stefano spotted a damaged decanter on the bar and asked about it. Mary began to tell him about what had happened, but a call from Lexie interrupted them. Lexie informed Stefano that E.J. was in the hospital with a severe concussion. After promising to be right there, Stefano hung up, and asked Mary to tell Kate and Chad to meet him at the hospital.

Bo arrived at the nurses' station, and told Maxine that he had spent the night there, waiting to interview E.J. Although Maxine didn't think it would be a problem for Bo to go into E.J.'s room, Stefano's arrival interrupted their conversation. Bo told Stefano to wait his turn so Bo could try to determine who'd assaulted E.J. Chuckling, Stefano countered, "Bo Brady, the last time you solved a crime, Bill Clinton was in office." He was suspicious of Bo's motives for wanting to take E.J.'s statement.

Carly awakened in her hotel room and found Jennifer still there -- and about to take a taste of the white powder she'd found on the desk. Carly got out of bed and apologetically joked about what a mess the room was, like their room at boarding school had been. Indicating the powder and the broken capsules, Jennifer noted, "No matter how bad things got, I never saw anything like this." As she demanded to know what the powder was, her cell phone rang.

Jennifer answered reluctantly; it was Daniel, asking if she and Carly had made it home all right. Jennifer assured him that they had. Daniel thanked her for all she had done to help the night before. After Jennifer hung up, Carly explained that because her stomach had been upset, she had crushed up some aspirin to help keep it down, and to make it work quickly. Jennifer apologized, but she was still worried. Carly declared that she was feeling better, so she was going to the hospital to take over for Daniel so that he and Jennifer could spend some time together.

Stefano shook Daniel's hand and thanked him for saving E.J.'s life. Daniel insisted that he'd just been doing his job. Stefano offered to buy Daniel his own hospital to repay him, but Daniel declined. Stefano asked if Daniel had seen who had attacked E.J. Daniel hedged that the police were looking into it. Carly and Jennifer arrived just then, so Daniel left Stefano to ask what they were doing there. Carly explained that she was relieving Daniel so that he could spend time with Jennifer. A grateful Daniel escorted Jennifer away.

In E.J.'s room, Nicole whispered to her husband, "I know what you did." E.J. didn't know what she was referring to. Nicole demanded a divorce -- immediately. Despite the pain it caused him, E.J. chuckled, noting that it was the best news he'd had in months. Nicole declared that he was wrong if he thought he could jump right back into her sister's bed. She continued that she had not told anyone about what he'd done to Rafe because she hadn't wanted Sydney to know what kind of man her father really was.

Nicole declared that she had only stayed married to E.J. out of love for Sydney, but, "I am giving her up, and I only want two things -- my freedom, and for you to suffer." She explained that when Taylor learned what E.J. had done to Rafe, it would put a damper on E.J. and Taylor's plans to spend their lives together -- and Nicole also intended to reveal what E.J. had done to both Taylor and Nicole.

Bo entered the room just as Nicole was declaring that she wished she'd gone to the police as soon as she'd figured out what E.J. and Stefano were up to. Bo asked with a sarcastic grin if he'd interrupted another marital spat, but Nicole assured him that his timing was perfect. Bo didn't want to hear whatever Nicole had to say, and ordered her to leave him and E.J. alone. Nicole left grudgingly.

Outside, Nicole overheard Stefano on the phone, ordering one of his minions to find out who had attacked E.J. When he spotted Nicole, he asked how E.J. was. Nicole snapped, "I wouldn't worry about him; he's as hard-headed as ever. He wouldn't listen to a word I had to say. Bo Brady wouldn't listen to me, either, but you're going to hear all of it." Stefano asked what she was talking about. "What you did to my mother, you bastard!" Nicole spat.

While Bo began setting up his video camera, E.J. maintained that it was a waste of time, because he didn't remember anything about his attack. Bo revealed that he didn't really care about that. Before Bo could explain why, Carly interrupted to administer E.J.'s pain medication. She left again after assuring E.J. that the pills shouldn't take too long to work.

Bo cued up the video of faux Rafe's confession, and declared, "[This is] proof that you set in motion a string of events that caused a woman's death." Bo moved to the head of the bed to hold the small screen right in front of E.J.'s face. E.J.'s eyes began to flutter closed, and his head lolled to the side. Bo ordered him to wake up, but then E.J.'s heart monitor started rapidly beeping.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

by Mike

At the pier, Hope started to regain consciousness. Taylor was relieved when she realized that Hope was going to be all right. Before Hope could stop Taylor, Taylor rushed off to the hospital.

At the hospital, Nicole started to confront Stefano for his part in Fay's death; meanwhile, the monitors in E.J.'s room started to beep. Lexie and Maxine rushed into E.J.'s room, where Bo was trying to get E.J. to watch fake Rafe's taped confession. Lexie forced Bo to leave the room so that she could stabilize E.J.

Kate and Chad rushed into the waiting area; Stefano quickly told them that E.J. had been assaulted. Stefano angrily blamed Bo for the change in E.J.'s condition. Before Bo could respond, Lexie returned, and she explained that E.J.'s blood pressure had decreased dramatically. Lexie admitted that she was afraid that E.J. might have started to bleed internally. Stefano wondered who would want to hurt E.J. Bo dryly asked if Stefano wanted a list of names.

Back at the pier, Adrienne and Justin found Hope. Justin and Adrienne helped Hope move to a nearby bench. Hope called Bo to warn him that Taylor had managed to escape. Bo told Hope that Taylor had arrived at the hospital a few minutes earlier, and he agreed to meet Hope at the Cheatin' Heart.

After Bo ended his phone call, Lexie returned; she confirmed that E.J. was bleeding internally, and she explained that he was going to need surgery to repair the damage. After Lexie left, Stefano said that he was not convinced that E.J. had been mugged. Chad wondered if Stefano believed that Rafe had assaulted E.J. Chad reiterated that Gabi believed that the old Rafe had returned, and Stefano wondered why Gabi felt that way. As Bo listened nearby, Chad said that he would ask Gabi the next time that he talked to her.

Taylor admitted that she was surprised that Nicole was at the hospital. Nicole assured Taylor that she wasn't at the hospital for E.J.'s sake; Nicole added that E.J. deserved to die. Taylor wondered why Nicole was blaming E.J for Fay's death. Nicole pointed out that Stefano was watching, and she explained that it wasn't safe to talk about E.J. at the hospital. Nicole said that Taylor would soon learn the truth, and she added that it would change the way that Taylor felt about E.J. forever.

Meanwhile, Stefano said that he didn't want Chad to talk to Gabi about Rafe; Stefano added that he would handle the situation himself. "Every time you bring strangers into a family matter, it never is a good thing," Stefano explained. Stefano excused himself so that he could talk to Taylor. Stefano told Taylor that her presence was making the entire situation worse, but Taylor refused to leave. Stefano told Maxine to call the guards, and he explained that he didn't want strangers lurking around.

"Really? I thought the DiMeras invented lurking; shall I call security on you, too?" Maxine dryly asked. Stefano admitted that he had been pleased with the way that Maxine had taken care of E.J. earlier. Stefano said that Maxine's bedside manner was the only thing that was keeping him from having her fired. "You don't scare me, honey. I walked in the doors of this hospital, looking for a job; I can walk out the same way," Maxine said.

After Stefano left, Taylor thanked Maxine for defending her. Later, Lexie returned, and she announced that E.J.'s surgery had been successful. Lexie assured Stefano that E.J. was going to be fine. After Lexie left, Kate noted that Stefano seemed happy. Stefano said that he was pleased that E.J. was going to be all right, and he added that he was proud of Chad.

Stefano said that Chad had handled his earlier assignment admirably -- like a real DiMera. Kate said that Chad just wanted Stefano's approval; Stefano assured Kate that Chad had already earned his approval. Stefano said that having Kate and Chad in his life had made him feel like a young man again.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Bo told Hope about what had happened at the hospital. Bo said that he was still planning to show E.J. the taped confession, and he added that he was hoping that E.J. might incriminate himself in his weakened state. Bo admitted that he was concerned about Stefano. "His latest illegitimate son, Chad, is telling him that Rafe is more like his old self," Bo explained. Later, Bo and Hope returned to the hospital to check on E.J. again.

At the Brady Pub, Will, Gabi, Kinsey, and T prepared for their graduation rehearsal. Gabi received a phone call from Dario, who informed her that their mother had broken her leg. Gabi was disappointed to learn that her mother was going to miss her graduation ceremony. Will comforted her, and he pointed out that Dario and Rafe would still be able to attend the ceremony; Gabi wasn't convinced that Rafe would be there. " know, the way he and my mom have been acting since they got back together, I don't even know if either one of them remembers it's graduation day," Will admitted.

Caroline overheard Will's statement, and she assured Will that Sami and Rafe were not going to forget about the special occasion. Caroline admitted that it seemed like she had just gone to Sami's graduation the day before. "You probably did just go; she had Will when she was, like, eleven, right?" Kinsey jokingly asked. Will told Kinsey to shut up, and the group excused themselves so that they would not be late for the rehearsal ceremony.

In the park, Nicole imagined that she was talking to Fay. "Oh, Mom...I moved you into E.J.'s house because I wanted to take good care of you. They turned Rafe into a killing machine in that house; that was E.J.'s secret, wasn't it? That's what you wanted to tell me," Nicole said. Fay confirmed Nicole's suspicions, and she insisted that Nicole was not responsible for E.J.'s actions. Fay said that she understood that Nicole had just married E.J. so that she could be with Sydney and Johnny.

Nicole pointed out that she had lost her mother and her sister in the process. Fay said that Nicole needed to get Taylor away from E.J. Nicole was reluctant to help Taylor, but Fay reminded Nicole that Taylor was not Nicole's enemy -- E.J. and Stefano were. Nicole wondered if E.J. had pursued Taylor because he had wanted to hurt Nicole. "I will not let them get away with taking you away from me, Mom. I will get E.J. and Stefano...and I will do it for you," Nicole vowed.

At the pier, Abigail was shocked to see Sonny -- Adrienne and Justin's son. As Abigail hugged Sonny, Gabi and Will stepped onto the pier. Gabi and Will misread the situation, and they quietly wondered if Abigail was cheating on Chad. After Abigail greeted Gabi and Will, Gabi excused herself so that she could check on her mother's condition.

After Gabi left, Abigail introduced Will to Sonny. Will started to ask if Sonny and Abigail were a couple, but Abigail interrupted and informed Will that Sonny was her cousin. Will was confused; he admitted that he had believed that Adrienne and Justin's son's name was Jackson. "Well, it is, yeah. Well, there's just so many Jacks in my class, and in my family, so people just started calling me Sonny. My parents hate it, though," Sonny said.

Will apologized, and he offered Sonny a more cordial greeting. Abigail explained that Will was a very loyal person, and she added that she was dating Will's best friend, Chad. Sonny jokingly stated that Chad's name was lame, and Abigail agreed that the name was almost as lame as Sonny's name. Later, Will excused himself so that he could find Gabi. After Will left, Sonny asked Abigail about Chad; Sonny wondered if Chad was good enough for Abigail, and if the relationship was serious.

"Definitely. Yeah, he's -- he's great-looking, he's smart, funny...he's into the same music I am, and movies, and he likes Indian food -- so do I. He is totally in sync with me, with politics, which is awesome, and...I don't know, in high school, we both hated physics, and we both suck at math," Abigail said. Sonny laughed and admitted that Chad sounded perfect. "Yeah, perfect -- even if he is a...DiMera," Abigail reluctantly added.

Sonny was shocked to learn that Abigail was dating a DiMera. Abigail reminded Sonny that he was a Kiriakis, and she pointed out that the Kiriakis blood had not ruined Sonny and Justin. Abigail said that she believed that Chad would be able to handle being a DiMera in a similar manner.

Back at the pub, Kinsey, T, and Gabi waited for Will to return. Kinsey complained about the fact that her family wasn't going to be able to afford to take her on an extravagant trip after graduation. Gabi started to lose her patience; she reminded Kinsey that there were people in the world who were dealing with real problems. Kinsey said that she knew why Gabi was cranky. Gabi said that she was upset because her mother wasn't going to be able to make it to her graduation.

"And Gabi and Will still haven't done the deed!" Kinsey added, loud enough for Caroline to hear the comment. Gabi told Kinsey to mind her own business. Before Kinsey could respond, Will returned to the pub. Will told Gabi that Sonny was Abigail's cousin. Gabi said that she was happy to learn that everything was all right between Chad and Abigail.

Gabi wondered if her relationship with Will was all right. After Will assured Gabi that their relationship was fine, Gabi asked Will to kiss her. Will was reluctant to kiss Gabi, and he pointed out that people -- including his great-grandmother -- were in the pub. Gabi ignored Will's protests, and she kissed him.

Will pulled away from Gabi, and he pointed out that everyone was watching them. Gabi suggested that they could go back to her room. Will nervously claimed that he needed to help his mother with some errands before the graduation ceremony started. Before Gabi could respond, Will rushed out of the pub.

After Will left, Caroline approached Gabi, and she said that she was sorry that Gabi's mother wasn't going to be able to make it to the ceremony. Caroline wondered if there was anything that Gabi wanted to talk about. Gabi warned Caroline that the discussion would be about Will. "Oh, darling, I've explained Brady men to their women for as long as I can remember, so...go for it," Caroline said.

Gabi admitted that she occasionally felt like Will wasn't interested in her. Caroline said that it was obvious that Will really liked Gabi. Gabi conceded that she might have just been feeling insecure. Gabi was mortified when she realized that she had embarrassed Will earlier when she had kissed him in front of everyone. "No, no, no -- stop that, please! I think Will is very lucky to have a lovely, young girl like you in his life. But 'young' is the operative word, because you and Will are really young," Caroline pointed out.

"When Will was born, his mother was very young -- she was a kid, actually -- and Will had to grow up really fast, because Sami had two more babies, makes sense to me that Will might do anything to try to keep that from happening to his life, or yours," Caroline added. Gabi realized that Caroline was right. Gabi wondered if Will was just anxious about their relationship because he didn't want them to make the same mistakes that Sami had made.

Gabi thanked Caroline for her help; meanwhile, Will returned, and he wondered what Caroline and Gabi had been talking about. Gabi admitted that she had been talking to Caroline about her relationship with Will. Gabi told Will that she never wanted him to feel like he needed to change anything about himself for her sake.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Sonny surprised Adrienne and Justin, who had not expected him to arrive in Salem until later that night. Adrienne said that everyone was going to be delighted to see Sonny; Sonny agreed that he was looking forward to seeing everyone -- especially Victor. Adrienne and Justin were noticeably concerned when Sonny mentioned that he wanted to see Victor.

Adrienne and Justin explained that things had been tense at the Kiriakis mansion. Adrienne pointed out that Victor wasn't a very patient man, even on his best days. Justin added that he didn't want Victor to say anything that might upset Sonny. "Oh, I get it now. You haven't told him about me, right?" Sonny asked.

Back at the hospital, Stefano waited for E.J. to wake up. Stefano vowed that he was going to find out who had assaulted E.J. As Stefano spoke, E.J. started to open his eyes; meanwhile, Taylor entered the room. E.J. asked Stefano to give him some time alone with Taylor, and Stefano reluctantly agreed.

E.J. told Taylor that he didn't remember who had attacked him. E.J. realized that something was bothering Taylor; Taylor tried to evade E.J.'s question, but E.J. insisted that he wanted to know what was wrong. E.J. was shocked when Taylor announced that Rafe had killed Fay.

In the waiting area, Abigail greeted Chad. Chad told Abigail about E.J.'s surgery, and Kate watched as Abigail hugged Chad. Later, Chad and Abigail went to another part of the hospital for some privacy. "You know, being here reminds me of when my mom died. The guy I thought was my father, was like her death belonged to him, and not me. Stefano...he made me feel like I was part of this, you know? Made me feel like I belong, like I could do something to help," Chad stated. Abigail said that families were supposed to treat each other that way.

"I know your family hates us," Chad added. Abigail said that her family didn't hate Chad, just the rest of the DiMeras. "Yeah, but I'm one of them. They never said anything about you. Kate saw us -- nothing happened. Can't your family treat us the same way?" Chad wondered.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Kate watched as Stefano talked to Lexie. "Don't you worry, my darling. If Chad has come to mean that much to you, Abigail Deveraux will not interfere," Kate muttered.

Friday, June 24, 2011

While Maggie was decorating the Brady Pub for Will's graduation, Melanie tracked her down to ask if Maggie would help get Victor out of town. Maggie assumed that Melanie was trying to play cupid until Melanie asserted that people were going to die -- and it would be Melanie's fault. Maggie demanded to know what Melanie was talking about. Melanie wouldn't divulge more for fear of putting Maggie in danger, but Maggie refused to do anything until Melanie told her the whole story. Melanie finally blurted, "Brady's the one who beat up E.J., and God only knows what's gonna happen when that gets out."

Melanie filled Maggie in on Brady's reasons, and explained that everyone had covered it up to keep the DiMeras from retaliating. Melanie reiterated her plea for Maggie to take Victor out of town, because Maggie had the power to change Victor and the whole situation. Maggie confided that she still felt too connected to Mickey to love another man, and she didn't know if she would ever not feel conflicted. A sympathetic Melanie hoped that Maggie would be able to love again.

"Oh, Melanie, my darling. I am so very grateful to have people in my life who care so much, who take care of me in the sweetest, the kindest way," Maggie exclaimed tearfully, putting her arms around Melanie. "Just like you take care of all of us," Melanie replied, adding through her own tears, "I might be going out on a limb here, and I know it's not simple and I know you're conflicted, but you love Victor." Maggie acknowledged that she did, but she had finally realized that they couldn't be together.

Melanie believed that Maggie and Victor could be happy, but Maggie argued that Victor wanted nothing to do with her. Melanie hoped that no one else had to pay for her intervening between Brady and E.J. Maggie maintained that Melanie had done the right thing. Melanie urged Maggie to at least try to talk to Victor. Maggie finally relented, but warned Melanie that there were no guarantees where Victor Kiriakis was concerned.

Dario and Adrienne were doing inventory at the Cheatin' Heart when Detective McCarthy arrived to question Dario about his whereabouts the night before. Adrienne tried to intercede, but McCarthy pointed out that if Dario refused to answer, it would make it look as if he had something to hide. Dario hedged that he couldn't remember, so Adrienne informed the detective that Dario had worked all night. "All night?" McCarthy asked suspiciously.

Adrienne retorted, "I think you didn't come here to ask us questions; you came here to hassle us into saying what you want to hear." Exasperated, McCarthy stated that she had given Dario a chance to tell his side of the story, but by being evasive, he had become her prime suspect in E.J. DiMera's beating, since an eyewitness had seen Dario at the scene. Silently remembering how she'd found the bloody scarf in Dario's pocket, Adrienne pointed out that nearly everyone in town had motive to attack E.J.

Dario admitted that he had been at the Cheatin' Heart, but not for the whole night, because he'd been late to work. McCarthy wanted to know why Dario had been late, but he wouldn't say. Just as Melanie entered the bar, the detective ordered Dario, "If you're not going to talk to me about E.J. DiMera here, we're going to talk about him down at the station -- now."

Fresh from a swim, Brady answered the door at the Kiriakis mansion to find Nicole on the doorstep. Brady invited her in for a drink, and Nicole informed him that she had just asked E.J. for a divorce. Brady was glad that Nicole was rid of E.J., but she pointed out that she had lost a lot in the process -- like Brady. Victor entered the room then, and ordered Nicole to get out. Brady encouraged his grandfather to stop being such a grumpy old man. Victor asserted that because Nicole had shown up there immediately after asking E.J. for a divorce, the DiMeras would assume that Brady had beaten up E.J. because Nicole had asked him to. He added that it would be very bad for Brady, and even worse for Nicole.

In E.J.'s hospital room, Taylor informed E.J. that Rafe Hernandez had killed her mother. A confused E.J. didn't believe her, but Taylor maintained that Rafe had pushed Fay down the stairs and taken her cameo, although Taylor couldn't understand why. A horrified E.J. suddenly recalled his theory that Fay had been trying to tell Nicole about Rafe when she died. "I'm so sorry. This is my fault," E.J. stated softly. He quickly covered that he should have been more responsive to the changes he'd seen after Rafe's accident and never let Rafe anywhere near Johnny and Sydney.

A skeptical Taylor demanded, "So my mother's death, it was just some horrible twist of fate? There was no reason for it -- or do you just not want me to know?" E.J. tried to play innocent and get Taylor to calm down, but she was firm in her belief that he knew more than he was saying, and that the cops were allowing a murderer to run around free. E.J. maintained that they would get answers from the police. Taylor demanded to know why Bo and Hope had been in E.J.'s house, trying to get Rafe to admit what he'd done.

On the phone at the nurses' station, Maxine ordered a caller, "I keep telling you, you need to talk to our head of P.R., Jennifer Deveraux. Now, don't call this phone again." Jennifer arrived just as Maxine was hanging up, and Maxine warned her that the caller had been a reporter from the Intruder who had gotten her hands on an internal hospital memo about missing drugs. The reported wanted to know if the hospital had implemented any new security measures, but Maxine suspected that the reporter really wanted to know who had taken the medications. After Maxine left to answer a page, Jennifer tried to convince herself that the empty capsule and white powder she'd found in Carly's room had just been aspirin, as Carly had maintained.

Bo and Hope arrived at the hospital so that Bo could talk to E.J. As Bo went into E.J.'s room, Hope spotted Jennifer and greeted her. Hope immediately noticed that Jennifer seemed a little nervous about Bo interviewing E.J. Jennifer didn't want to talk to either Hope or Bo about it, because, "What I know could blow someone [Bo] loves right out of the water."

As Taylor was pleading with E.J. to tell her if he was keeping something from her, Bo walked in, and said that he'd like to hear the answer to that question, as well. Taylor countered with a demand to know why the police were covering for a murderer. "So you don't think that he knows more than what he's sharing with you?" Bo asked. Taylor stated that E.J. was the only one she trusted, and Bo chuckled that no one else trusted E.J. Taylor asked Bo to leave, and Bo consented -- but he added that Taylor was under arrest for assaulting Hope. E.J. promised to get a lawyer for a fuming Taylor as Bo escorted her out.

When Carly saw Bo and Taylor leaving E.J.'s room, she asserted that Bo needed permission before talking to a patient, and asked what E.J. had said. Taken aback, Bo replied that it was police business, but E.J. hadn't said anything. Carly then went into E.J.'s room, and administered a sedative when she saw how upset he'd gotten.

Taylor became even more irritated as she and Bo passed a perfectly healthy Hope in the waiting area. After Bo finished leading Taylor out, Hope asked what Jennifer had meant about hurting someone Bo loved. Jennifer replied that during their date the night before, Daniel had gotten a phone call from Melanie. Just then, Carly exited E.J.'s room, and ordered Jennifer not to say another word.

Pulling Jennifer aside, Carly pointed out that Daniel could lose his license if the police found out that he'd saved E.J.'s life. Jennifer argued that E.J. might remember who had beaten him up, so Bo needed to at least know that Brady had done it so Bo could protect Brady. Jennifer walked back over to Hope, and Carly followed. "We know who did this to E.J. It was Brady," Jennifer admitted.

Hope wondered why Brady had attacked E.J. Jennifer explained that Melanie had found out that one of E.J.'s drug runners had killed Arianna. Hope wanted to know what Melanie had to do with it, and Carly divulged that Melanie had kept Brady from killing E.J. When Hope remarked that Melanie had put herself in danger, Carly snapped at Hope. Maxine interrupted with a phone call for Carly. After Carly had gone, Hope noted that Carly seemed on edge. Jennifer maintained that Carly was just worried about her daughter. Hope understood, but she worried about what would happen between the Kiriakis and DiMera families.

As Bo took Taylor into his office, Taylor lashed out at him for hauling her into the police station while allowing Rafe to go free. Bo wanted to know if E.J. had been surprised when Taylor had told him that Rafe had killed Fay. Taylor retorted sarcastically that E.J. had colluded with Rafe to kill Fay and steal her cameo. She added that Bo was acting like her mother's life had meant nothing. Bo calmly replied, "That's not true. Maybe I know who killed your mother. I'd like to know why. Don't you want to know why? You're scared that E.J. knows why."

Hope called Bo just then, and informed him that Brady had beaten up E.J. She asserted that Bo needed to talk to Brady right away, and Bo agreed. After Bo hung up, he told Taylor that an officer would be in to take her statement soon. He added that he had a file drawer dedicated to women who had loved E.J. and thought they could change him, and he hoped he didn't have to add Taylor to it.

Hope headed for E.J.'s room, and Carly expressed her remorse to Jennifer for letting Hope see her lose her cool. Carly then left to check on E.J. Jennifer advised Maxine that she had called the reporter, and had gotten the situation under control -- as long as nothing else happened. Once she was alone at the nurses' station, Jennifer looked over a file about the missing drugs. "Wait a minute. If the thefts have stopped... No, it couldn't be," she told herself. "No, I have to know," Jennifer added, ducking behind the desk. She opened Carly's purse and took out a credit card, promising to put it back before Carly even noticed it was gone, then hurried away.

As Hope and Carly watched E.J. sleeping, Carly explained apologetically that she had only kept quiet about what had happened to protect her daughter. "I know that, Carly, and I'd like to help you do that," Hope assured her. Hope stated that she prayed E.J. never remembered who'd attacked him, and Carly concurred. Hope added that she and Bo were doing everything they could to protect everyone involved, so no one had to worry about retribution. Carly was grateful.

As Victor was repeating his order for Nicole to leave, Bo arrived -- with a uniformed officer to arrest Nicole. A stunned Nicole demanded to know what she was being arrested for. "Well, I'm sure you've done something, and I've got seventy-two hours to figure out what that is and charge you," Bo replied, and then explained for a dubious Nicole that the police station was the only place he knew she'd be safe. Officer Moreno then escorted Nicole out.

Bo revealed that he knew Brady had attacked E.J. Brady was surprised that Bo had arrested Nicole instead of Brady. Bo explained that he needed to get Nicole out of the way while he figured out what to do with Brady. Victor asserted that it would be better for everyone in Salem if they could find someone else to blame for E.J.'s beating. Bo declared that part of him wished Brady had succeeded in killing E.J., but the police commissioner part had to remind Brady that he could be facing attempted murder charges. Brady asked if Bo were going to arrest him. Bo replied, "Not yet. There may be a way to keep you out of jail, but in order to do that, all hell's gonna break loose."

At the police station, Officer Moreno put Nicole in Bo's office with Taylor. The irked sisters concurred that Bo's arresting both of them hadn't been a coincidence. Taylor declared that she had figured out who had attacked E.J.: Rafe.

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