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Monday, November 1, 2010

Vivian dreamt that Kate had planned to have Vivian cremated. She woke up and realized that it was just a dream, but she worried that Kate could make that dream come true.

Victor asked Kate for a favor -- not to tell Brady or Nicole that Kate knew about Vivian. Victor said he was concerned about Brady lately -- that Brady might panic if he knew that someone else knew about Vivian's whereabouts and because Brady was "given to bouts of remorse, conscience." Kate agreed not to say anything to Nicole or Brady, but she wanted to know what Victor planned to do with Vivian.

Victor explained to Kate about the toxic paint that was in the coffin. Kate pointed out that with Philip and Melanie moving in, they might discover Vivian's resting place. Victor decided to come up with a reason for Philip and Melanie to stay at Maggie's house.

Maggie visited Hope in jail, and Hope told her about April's death and how all of the women in prison were lonely. Maggie said she had heard from Jennifer, and Hope said she had received a letter from Jennifer. Hope told Maggie about Bo's visit and how Victor had visited Hope the week before. Maggie said Victor loved Hope and would do anything for the people he loved.

Maggie told Hope that she and Victor were just friends. Maggie said she was sure, and she explained that Victor wasn't the kind of man that Maggie could be seriously involved with. Maggie also couldn't imagine being with anyone other than Mickey. Hope related to what Maggie said. She said that being able to love someone and to be loved in return was all that mattered. Hope had thought about all the years she had wasted, and she realized that she and Bo had once had a strong marriage. Maggie could tell that Hope missed Bo.

Hope went to the infirmary and found Lee there doing some filing. Lee asked Hope to do an inventory of the nonprescription drugs. After Lee left, Hope looked in the filing cabinet for information and discovered something shocking.

Nathan proposed to Stephanie, and she said yes. Nathan asked whether Stephanie wanted to think about it, but she had been thinking about marrying him ever since their first date. Stephanie and Nathan made love. Stephanie said she had imagined how Nathan would propose to her. Nathan thought he had disappointed her, because he didn't propose in a creative way. Stephanie said those fantasies were from romance novels and movies, but the way Nathan had proposed was real, honest, and from the heart.

Nathan told Stephanie that he was a "what you see is what you get" guy. He acknowledged that he wasn't the first man to propose to Stephanie. She warned him not to compare himself to Philip, because being engaged to Philip was wrong from the beginning. She said Bradys and Hortons were meant to be. Nathan called it "destiny."

At the hospital, Philip and E.J. attended a hospital board meeting. E.J. said that he and Philip weren't that different, but Philip said E.J. was wrong, because marrying Melanie had changed Philip. E.J. mocked Philip's declaration, and Philip said E.J. didn't have any feelings and didn't know what it was like to care for someone so much that all you wanted was to put her happiness first. E.J. corrected Philip, saying he had been there, and it had blown up in his face just as it would blow up in Philip's. Later, E.J. told someone over the phone that he knew that Sami had shot him, and he knew how he could prove it.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla was determined to tell Bo the truth about the paternity test. Caroline said that no one wanted Philip to be the baby's father and as long as no one got hurt, it wasn't a crime. Caroline confessed that she had changed the test results. Kayla said it made no sense that Caroline would do that. Caroline said she would do whatever it took to protect her family. Caroline said she felt bad for Stephanie and her fear of losing Nathan to Melanie. Kayla asked what that had to do with Caroline changing the test results.

Caroline said she had overheard Ian and Stephanie talking about Chloe having Philip's baby and how that would drive Melanie right into Nathan's arms. Caroline said Stephanie's worry broke her heart. Kayla asked how Caroline was able to hack into a computer system. Caroline said she didn't have to -- she just logged in, because she was a volunteer in the billing department and had universal access. Kayla felt it was out of character for Caroline and demanded to know why Caroline had lied to her.

Kayla wondered why Caroline had never said anything to Kayla when she knew that Kayla had returned to Salem because she was worried about Stephanie. "Would you like me to put it up on a billboard? It's a secret for a reason, you know," Caroline said. Caroline explained that she wanted Stephanie to be happy and to be with Nathan, who Caroline considered a "wonderful young man."

"No you didn't. You betrayed her. You betrayed all of us," Kayla said. Caroline said her job was to keep her kids safe and happy, "but sometimes I do things that aren't very warm or fuzzy." Kayla noted that Caroline had not raised her kids to be liars or to "manipulate the facts to come out the way we want them to."

"Would you look at me? Would you see me for the woman I really am? I am a woman who lied to her husband about Bo's paternity for years and years and years," Caroline said. Kayla thought that Caroline had regrets about that, and Caroline said she had "a great big regret -- that the truth ever came out," and she was determined not to let a mistake like that happen again. Kayla admonished Caroline for trying to control someone else's life.

Caroline reminded Kayla about when Philip took Pocket from Kayla and Steve and gave him to strangers. Kayla accused Caroline of playing God with Chloe's baby's life. Caroline was offended by Kayla's accusation. Caroline said that Victor finding out about being Bo's father was the worst mistake Caroline had ever made, and she felt that the world didn't need another Kiriakis. Kayla said it wasn't Caroline's call. "The hell it isn't. I want that baby to have a good home. I want Stephanie to be happy, and I tell you what, I'll do anything to see that happens," Caroline said.

At the pier, Carly told Bo that Kayla would never stop blaming Carly for breaking up Bo's marriage. Bo said that Kayla had her own version of the truth, which ignored the fact that Hope had moved out of their house and taken Ciara with her. Chloe ran into Carly and Bo at the pier and told them about her honeymoon. Bo asked when Chloe was due, and she said the next month. Chloe invited Bo and Carly over for dinner. Bo asked when Chloe and Carly had become friends.

Carly explained that she and Chloe had become friends, and when she found out Chloe was pregnant, they were able to put their differences aside. Bo stepped away to take a phone call, and while he was gone, Chloe thanked Carly for explaining their friendship. Carly said she was just being honest. Chloe said she hated that it had cost Carly so much to be loyal to Chloe, especially with Melanie being angry at her. Carly said Melanie would be fine without Carly in her life.

Bo told Carly that they had a lead on the hit-and-run driver from Arianna's accident. Chloe hadn't heard the news, so Bo and Carly filled Chloe in on Arianna's death. Chloe realized that Arianna had been close with Melanie. Chloe said Daniel had called, which made Chloe think that was what he was calling about. After Chloe left, Bo told Carly that he didn't buy Carly's version of how Chloe and Carly's friendship began.

Carly said it didn't make a difference how she and Chloe had become friends, and she said it was a good thing that she and Chloe were getting along, since Daniel was Melanie's father. Bo agreed to drop it. He said he was on edge because of Kayla's disapproval of them.

At the pub, Kayla said that Caroline wanted to deny Victor a grandchild, but Caroline corrected her, saying she had done it for Stephanie to be happy. Caroline felt powerless over Hope and Bo's breakup, but she wasn't sorry for meddling in Stephanie's life. She also ordered Kayla not to say anything to anyone. Caroline told Kayla to fly back to Africa as she had planned to do that night and forget about their conversation. Caroline asked Kayla to respect her experience and her wishes. Kayla didn't know if she could, and she needed some air, so she rushed out. Bo noticed Kayla was upset and asked what was going on.

At Maggie's house, Melanie told Daniel that Chloe wasn't a good person and she would never be okay with Chloe. Melanie said she could not accept Chloe as a person. Melanie said she knew that Daniel loved Chloe and that Chloe was Daniel's wife. Daniel said it was more than that. He hoped that over time, Melanie could forgive Chloe for what she had done. Chloe stopped by and expressed her condolences about Arianna's death. Chloe said she wished that she and Daniel could have been there for Melanie. Melanie said it was better to "have family around when stuff goes wrong."

Maggie returned home and welcomed Chloe and Daniel's back from their honeymoon. Daniel offered to help Maggie load pumpkins into Maggie's van. After Maggie and Daniel left, Chloe asked if she had interrupted something between Melanie and Daniel. Maggie planned to give Daniel and Chloe a rocking chair for when the baby was born. Daniel wanted to ask Melanie to go up to the Horton cabin with him to get the rocking chair and to spend some bonding time together.

Chloe admitted that she was worried about whether Melanie had changed her mind about telling Daniel what Chloe had done. Melanie realized that Chloe was just worried about herself, and she couldn't understand why she had chosen to protect Chloe.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alone in the prison infirmary, Hope searched in a filing cabinet for April's file. She was alarmed when she found the file of an inmate who had died of cardiac arrest during surgery to repair a broken leg. When Hope heard Lee and the warden's voices in the hallway, she quickly closed the file cabinet drawer and resumed doing inventory.

After Hope informed the warden and Lee that everything with the inventory was in order, Lee left for the storage room. Hope told Warden Jane that she was worried about behavioral problems that her daughter was exhibiting, and asked if the warden could arrange another visit from the girl's father. Jane agreed to call Bo.

Outside the Brady Pub, Bo questioned an obviously upset Kayla about what was wrong. Kayla was about to tell him that Caroline had switched Chloe's paternity-test results when Carly arrived. When he saw the icy glance that passed between Kayla and Carly, Bo firmly told Kayla that, regardless of whether she approved, she had to respect his and Carly's relationship.

Kayla apologized to Carly for having been unfair and judgmental, and Bo and Carly were both grateful. "Don't you want to know why I've made a complete 180 here?" Kayla asked, a bit peeved. "I mean, aren't you curious-either of you?" Although Bo maintained that he didn't need to know the reason, Kayla said that she needed to tell him.

Kayla led Carly and Bo inside, where they found Caroline working. "I'm glad you're still here," Kayla declared. "Because what I am saying to Bo and Carly concerns you, too." Caroline implored, "Kayla, please, don't do this!" Just as a completely bemused Bo demanded to know what was going on, Stephanie and Nathan excitedly burst in to announce their engagement.

"You are now looking at the future Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Horton!" Stephanie proclaimed as she showed off her ring. Everyone hugged and congratulated the happy couple. Stephanie noted that the others seemed to have been in a serious conversation, but before anyone could respond, a phone call to Bo's cell phone interrupted them.

As Bo took the call outside, Caroline used the opportunity to drag Kayla into the kitchen to retrieve some celebratory champagne. "You're not going to say anything, not today," Caroline hissed. "Look how happy your daughter is! Everybody's happy-Daniel and Chloe are happy, Melanie and Philip... Why do you want to mess with that?" A furious Kayla pointed out that Caroline was the one who had "messed with" things, and asserted that the truth had to come out, because Chloe's baby deserved to know who its father was.

Bo cut in to let Kayla and Caroline know that Hope needed to see him, so whatever Kayla needed to tell him would have to wait. After he had gone, Caroline declared to Kayla, "That's a sign that you're not supposed to say the truth to anybody ever." When Stephanie repeated her question about why everyone had seemed so serious when she and Nathan had arrived, Kayla announced with a pointed glare at Caroline that she wasn't returning to Africa until she got things straightened out.

Carly then had to leave, and Nathan said he had to check in at the hospital. As Stephanie walked him out, she told him that it was the happiest day of her life. A beaming Stephanie returned to her mother and grandmother, and asked them what was going on. Still glaring at her mother, Kayla stated firmly, "Well, in a nutshell, everything has gotten completely out of control-but it ends here."

Caroline urged Kayla not to ruin Stephanie's special day. "Ruin it?" a freaked-out Stephanie echoed. "My God, Mom, just tell me!" Kayla never took her eyes off of Caroline as she replied, "Baby, it's about the results of the paternity test for Chloe's baby. There has been a mistake-a terrible mistake."

A guard escorted Hope to the visitors' area, where she found Bo waiting for her. Bo asked why Hope was worried about Ciara, but Hope replied that she hadn't really called him about their daughter. "It's this place," she whispered. "Something is definitely wrong, and it has to stop."

Victor was dismayed to find Philip at the Kiriakis mansion with a box of his belongings, ready to move in. He apologized for not having told Philip sooner that renovations on the east wing weren't completed yet, so Philip and Melanie couldn't move in. Philip was irked because a truck was already on its way there with half of his and Melanie's stuff. Victor suggested that the two of them simply stay at Maggie's a while longer, but Philip was suspicious. "You're not keeping Melanie and me out of this house because of renovations," Philip asserted. "You just don't want us here."

When Philip returned from upstairs later, Henderson informed him that Victor had gone to the mausoleum. Philip was taken aback, since Victor had been visiting Isabella nearly every day. Henderson merely suggested, "I believe it gives him comfort."

In the sarcophagus, Vivian worried that the toxic paint fumes had started to take effect-and that she was going to go mad and die before anyone rescued her. She tried to calm herself, but suddenly she began to hallucinate that she was covered in maggots. "Oh, my God!" she shrieked. "I'm worm food! This is the end! I'm being eaten alive!"

Vivian then heard Victor's voice reassuring her, "No, unfortunately, you're still a royal pain in my ass." After they bickered a bit, Victor declared, "I'm glad to see that the fumes have finally started to do their job. Now maybe you'll huff yourself into a coma, and I'll be able to get some peace!"

Just then, Philip arrived, much to Vivian's relief. "I checked out the east wing," Philip informed his father. "I don't even know what you mean, the renovations aren't complete. What renovations?" Victor hedged that he just wanted to make some changes before Philip and Melanie moved in, but Philip demanded the truth. Victor maintained that Melanie didn't get along with Nicole, who was living at the mansion-plus Melanie was still grieving the loss of her best friend and should be near Maggie for support.

"This has nothing to do with you wanting to be closer to Maggie-even though she has made it very clear that is not what she wants?" Philip asked. Victor countered, "Can we just put it off for a few days? Is that too much to ask?" Philip conceded grumpily, and Victor surreptitiously snapped off the camera as he led his son out. Vivian hoped that Philip would figure out she was there and let her out.

Believing that Rafe was out of town and Sami had left for the day, E.J. picked the lock on the front door of Rafe and Sami's loft. He entered the apartment and began looking around for proof that either Sami or Will had shot him. As he rummaged through drawers with latex-gloved hands, he fantasized that Sami had returned home unexpectedly and found him there; after an angry confrontation, she kissed him passionately. Hearing Sami's voice from outside snapped him out of his reverie, and he darted into a hallway to hide behind a door.

E.J. watched as Sami entered with Sydney. Sami put the tot on the sofa, and then went into the bedroom to retrieve a forgotten diaper bag. Unable to help himself, E.J. emerged from his hiding place to whisper a greeting to his daughter. "Daddy!" Sydney shouted happily. E.J. rushed back behind the door just as Sami hurried out from the bedroom. "Did you just say 'daddy'?" she asked, but Sydney only grinned.

While E.J. listened, Sami acknowledged that Sydney missed her father. "He did something, and, well, he can't be around for a while," Sami explained softly. "I'm really sorry; I wish things were different. All I want is for you to be happy, okay, pumpkin?" Sami then picked Sydney up and carried her out, with promises that they would have a great time in the park.

As soon as the door shut behind them, E.J. entered the living room again. "I did a bad thing!" he fumed. "How dare you tell my daughter that! Considering that you're probably the one who shot the child's father in the head at point-blank range!" He took a deep breath to calm himself. "I'm going to get my proof, I'm going to get my kids back, and you are going to spend the rest of your life in jail." He was livid when he didn't find anything to incriminate Sami. He wondered if perhaps she hadn't found whatever proof there was, but worried that she had destroyed it. Gazing at a photo of Sydney, E.J. vowed to get his little girl back.

Nicole was in the park, remembering how good it had been to hold Sydney, when Kinsey arrived. She was out of breath and excited because she thought the job Nicole had offered her involved working at the TV station. Nicole gently clarified, "This job that I'm offering, it has nothing to do with show business. I want you to help me see Sydney again."

Kinsey balked, reminding Nicole that Caroline Brady had gone "ballistic" when she'd found Nicole holding Sydney. Nicole asserted that Kinsey was clever enough to find a way to get Sydney and Nicole together again without anyone finding out. Kinsey reluctantly agreed, but only if Nicole paid her "big bucks." Nicole offered to match the salary Kinsey made at the Brady Pub, but Kinsey flatly refused. She left, and an irritable Nicole chased after her.

When Nicole caught up to Kinsey, she asked how much it would take for Kinsey to accept the job. Kinsey demanded a job at the TV station, but a "real job," not an internship. Nicole made a counter-offer: "How about I match your pay at the pub for now, and when I get more clout at my job, I will give you a job? I'll do whatever it takes, really." She assured a skeptical Kinsey, "I'm a woman of my word." Chuckling, Kinsey remarked, "All I can hear right now are Mrs. Brady's words when I got back to the pub that day. 'You are never going near little Sydney again! How dare you let that evil Nicole near my precious great-granddaughter!'"

Just then, Sami arrived with Sydney and overheard. "You have got to be kidding me!" an incensed Sami said. "You did not let this monster near my daughter." Kinsey apologized, insisting that she had just made a mistake-and she had just been in the process of turning down a bribe from Nicole to let her see Sydney. Nicole denied it. Kinsey told Sami that Nicole was perversely obsessed with Sydney. Sami ordered the girl to leave, and Kinsey quickly complied.

Sami threatened to file a restraining order to prevent Nicole from getting near Sydney again. Panicked, Nicole pointed out that Sami had no legal grounds to do so, but Sami asserted that her dad or her uncle Bo would figure something out. Nicole apologized for having overstepped her bounds. "I'm never gonna hold Sydney again, so don't worry-even if I run into her," she promised. "I just want her to be happy." She added that Sami was very happy to have such a wonderful family, and she hoped Sami never did anything to jeopardize it. Sami agreed not to take out the restraining order, but warned Nicole to stay away from Sydney.

After Sami and Sydney left, Nicole found one of Sydney's toys on a bench, and her eyes filled with tears. "I know I should let you go, but I can't," she cried softly. "I need to find a way to get you back in my life, Sydney-and I will, I promise."

When Sami and Sydney got home, Sydney ran into her bedroom to wait for her mommy to play "princesses" with her. "Thank God I can protect you from that crazy bitch," Sami said to herself, and then she heard Arianna's voice from behind her, "Who are you to talk?"

Sami whirled around, and saw Arianna's ghost playing the recording of Sami's confession on the video camera. Sami ordered the specter to leave her alone. "You may not know where the camera is," the apparition said. "But I do. And someone will find it. And when they do, you will lose everything-just like you deserve." As the ghost disappeared, Sami burst into hysterical tears.

E.J. stormed angrily along the pier, yanking off his gloves and shouting into his phone, "Absolutely nothing, and I practically gutted the place... Just do me a favor and keep the pressure on. Have Will followed; put more men on Rafe. I need to find this proof!"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Due to NBC News coverage of a presidential news conference, Days of our Lives did not air today. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption. Regular programming will resume on Thursday, November 4 where the Tuesday, November 2 episode concluded.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stefano thought about who might have shot E.J., and he started having a diabetic attack, so he asked Marco to get him some orange juice. Stefano told Marco that he didn't want E.J. to go rogue, breaking into houses and doing Marco's job. Stefano ordered Marco to find out who had shot E.J. and to take care of that person.

In the park, Brady was leaving a message for Nicole when E.J. walked by. He thanked E.J. for calling him about Arianna so that he could say goodbye to her. E.J. told Brady that he hadn't been able to make out what Arianna was trying to tell him before she died, and he wondered if Arianna had opened up to Brady. Brady said Arianna had tried to tell him something, too, but she hadn't succeeded. E.J. pressed Brady further about what Arianna had said, and Brady asked why E.J. cared.

E.J. lied, saying that if Arianna had said something to Brady that Brady couldn't quite understand, E.J. might be able to help Brady. Brady saw through E.J.'s lie and realized that he had called Brady to Arianna's bedside in hopes that she would tell Brady what she knew before she died. E.J. admitted that Arianna had known who had shot him and had been taking the proof to E.J. when she died. E.J. said that Sami had shot him, and Arianna was trying to protect Rafe from Sami. E.J. said that they needed to respect Arianna's final wish, because she had died trying to give E.J. the proof.

E.J. wanted to know why Brady had such loyalty towards Sami besides being Sami's brother. E.J. insisted that Arianna had possessed proof. He told Brady that he had witnessed the accident, and Arianna had been trying to get away from Will before the accident. He asked who Brady thought had sent Will there to persuade Arianna not to talk to E.J. Brady asked where Arianna would put the proof if she needed to keep it safe. Brady wasn't willing to help E.J., because he didn't believe that Sami would shoot her kids' father in the head. E.J. said that someone was responsible for Arianna's death, and he asked if Brady thought that person should pay.

Hope tried to tell Bo what she suspected surrounding April's death, but she noticed the guard listening in on their conversation. Bo hated that he couldn't protect her while she was in jail. Hope began speaking in code. She said that in her therapy sessions, she'd decided not to be so aggressive, by not asking so many questions anymore. Bo asked how that was working out for her.

Hope said she had gotten some answers anyway and found out that some situations were different than she thought they would be. "Sometimes you don't want to push so much," Bo said. He asked if Hope thought there was anything they could do with what she had found out. Bo gave Hope an update on Ciara and her reading progress. Hope began speaking in code again.

"Do you remember last April, yeah, I think that's when it was, that Ciara had that fall?" Hope asked. "Well I forgot to mention that the orthopedist wanted to see her again after six months," she said, adding that she couldn't remember the doctor's name. She asked him to "do the legwork" for her. "Come to think of it, maybe you should get a second opinion or two," Hope said. Bo assured her that he would take care of it.

The warden told Lee that her contact had confirmed that Ciara really was "a mess." Lee asked if the warden believed that Hope was passing along information to Bo. The warden said Hope didn't know that much. "Now," Lee interjected. The warden decided that Hope needed to go. The warden made a call and found out that she couldn't get Hope taken off of infirmary duty, because "the brass started asking too many questions." The warden decided it was time for plan B. When Hope returned to the infirmary, Lee told her that an inmate had died from tuberculosis, which was contagious. Hope believed that inmate's death confirmed her suspicions.

Bo told Carly what Hope had told him about April, and Carly suggested that they get the information Hope needed. Carly planned to discreetly ask about the medical setup in the prison without raising suspicion.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla told Stephanie in front of Caroline that Daniel wasn't the baby's father -- Philip was. Kayla said she had been wrong to theorize that it was a clerical error. Stephanie asked why they were talking about it in front of Caroline, and Caroline said it was because she already knew. Stephanie asked what Kayla had said to Caroline. Kayla said that Philip, Chloe, and Daniel needed to know the truth.

Stephanie told Kayla that Chloe and Daniel were "dying to have this baby" while Philip wasn't. Kayla said that Daniel would find out, because as a doctor, he had many ways to learn the truth. Kayla warned Stephanie to prepare herself for when the truth came out. Stephanie assumed that Kayla was referring to Nathan leaving Stephanie.

Stephanie explained that if Kayla told the truth, Melanie would leave Philip and run to Nathan, and Melanie and Nathan would be together. Stephanie assumed that Kayla didn't care about the fate of Stephanie's relationship, but Kayla said she did care. Kayla got a phone call informing her that Steve had malaria, so she had to leave, but she hoped that Stephanie would inform Chloe, Daniel, and Philip about the paternity test results. Kayla told Stephanie that Caroline had switched the results.

Caroline explained why she had switched the results. Stephanie said that Caroline could go to jail. Kayla said it wasn't like Caroline. "It is me. It's the me who let Bo think that your father was his father for 30 years, and it turned out all right," Caroline said. Kayla said she couldn't leave Salem unless she knew that everything was going to be right and that Stephanie and Caroline would survive what happened. Nathan arrived, and Stephanie hugged him.

Nathan asked what was wrong, and Stephanie said that Steve was very sick, so Kayla needed to leave town to be with him. Kayla urged Stephanie to see that the truth came out as soon as the paternity test results came out. Stephanie said she had realized that when Nathan walked in -- that she didn't want to lie to him or trick him. She wanted the same kind of marriage that Kayla and Steve had. Kayla wanted Stephanie to be with a man who trusted her and loved her with all his heart. Caroline proposed a toast to Stephanie and Nathan's engagement as Maggie and Melanie walked in.

Maggie congratulated Nathan and Stephanie, and so did Melanie. Maggie explained that they were there for Arianna's memorial service. Nathan said that he was sorry Melanie had to find out about the engagement that way, but Melanie said it was fine. Kayla reminded Stephanie that she and Nathan loved each other, and they would get through it.

At Maggie's house, Philip told Melanie that Victor didn't want them to move into the mansion. He told Melanie the excuses that Victor had told him, and Melanie believed that Victor was really reluctant for them to move in because he wanted privacy and because he didn't want to live with Carly's daughter. Philip believed that it wasn't about her, because she had charmed Victor the same that she had charmed Philip.

Melanie and Philip told Maggie that Victor didn't want them to move into the mansion right away. Maggie asked why, and Philip said it was because Victor was doing renovations, but Philip didn't buy it. Maggie said she'd gotten the same feeling the night before, and she hoped that they would get to the bottom of what it was.

Philip went to the Kiriakis mansion and told Brady that Melanie was upset about Arianna's death. He knew that Brady was also hurting because of Arianna's death. Philip wondered if Victor didn't want Philip and Melanie to move in because he wanted to give Brady some space. Brady confirmed that Victor's renovation excuse was a lie, and Philip thought that Brady knew the real reason why Victor didn't want him and Melanie to move in. Brady denied that he had done anything to keep Philip from moving in.

Philip followed Brady to the mausoleum, where Brady was talking to Vivian. He walked in on Brady and asked if someone was in there with Brady.

Vivian dreamed that she saw Lawrence in the cemetery, and she assumed that she was dead. Lawrence said they were in the waiting area. Vivian wasn't ready to be there, because she was expecting to be rescued. She listed all the people who knew about her plight, and Lawrence pointed out that they all hated her. Vivian was determined not to give up. Lawrence said that it wasn't her time yet, but it would be soon, given the way she had rigged the sarcophagus.

Vivian believed there was someone out there who cared about rescuing her.

Stefano told E.J. that he'd gotten off the phone with Judge Riley's clerk, and he said that the judge was going over the briefs for the custody case and was planning to rule in favor of Sami. Stefano ordered E.J. to find whatever Arianna had on Sami quickly or come up with another plan. E.J. declared that if there were proof that Sami had shot him, he would find it. E.J. was frustrated that Stefano didn't offer to help him instead of reminding E.J. how dire the situation was. Stefano said he could fix the situation if E.J. would let him.

E.J. clarified to Stefano that he wanted help with finding out what Arianna had wanted to give him. E.J. said he wanted to deal with Sami legally -- he didn't want Sami hurt. Stefano was enraged to hear that, and accused E.J. of being under Sami's spell. E.J. admitted to having "complicated" feelings for Sami.

Stefano surmised that once E.J. obtained the proof, E.J. would have Sami under his control once again and could choose between sending Sami to prison or getting Sami back into his bed.

Friday, November 5, 2010

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano accused E.J. of still being in love with Sami. Though E.J. admitted that he still had feelings for Sami, he exclaimed that his feelings were of no concern to him since he was focused on tracking down the proof Arianna had. With a grunt, Stefano asked E.J. whether he wanted the proof in order to win custody of his children. After turning away from Stefano, E.J. agreed with him.

"I think that you have an additional motivation. In other words, once you get the proof, you will have Samantha under your control again, hmm? If you want, you can send her to prison. Or you could put her back in your bed," Stefano suggested. Unnerved, E.J. asked Stefano to "drop the subject." "I knew I was right," Stefano said with a smile. Caught, E.J. shook his head in frustration then asked Stefano not to ask him about his motivations or feelings anymore.

At the loft, Sami talked to Roman on the phone about the memorial for Arianna. Roman was concerned that Rafe would not want him at the memorial because of his past with Arianna, but Sami noted that Roman's relationship with Arianna had blossomed into a friendship. Roman agreed, and he promised to attend the memorial. As Sami hung up the phone, Rafe arrived home.

Rafe told Sami about Arianna's funeral and explained that his mother and Gabi were helping him deal with his grief. Rafe plopped down on the sofa, and Sami curled up next to him. "Let's face it. You would have been so much better off if you had never met me," Sami said wistfully. "Don't ever say that. Cause the day I met you was the best day of my life," Rafe said.

At the Brady Pub, Maggie comforted Melanie and advised her to speak from the heart at the memorial. Melanie was worried that she would not know what to say, but Maggie assured Melanie that Rafe and Gabi would want to hear why Melanie had loved Arianna. With a smile, Melanie agreed that Maggie was right.

Once the mourners began to arrive at the pub for the memorial service, Caroline offered her condolences to Rafe. Across the room, Melanie wondered aloud why Philip and Brady were not at the memorial service, so she called her husband's cell phone in order to leave a message. As Roman began to tell Rafe how incredible he thought Arianna was, E.J. walked into the pub. Roman offered to toss E.J. out of the pub, but Rafe said that E.J. could stay. "Let him think about everything he has done," Rafe said.

"What I've done? I don't think it was me who harassed her into the path of an oncoming car," E.J. said as he stared pointedly at the back of Will's head. Roman asked E.J. to sit in the corner and stop speaking. With a nod, E.J. retreated to a chair by the doorway. Sami took Rafe aside to ask him if he was all right with E.J. staying, and Rafe noted that he did not want to give E.J. the satisfaction of "getting a rise" out of him.

As the memorial began, Melanie talked about her friendship with Arianna and how much it meant to her. After Melanie, Roman talked about Arianna and how tough she was. "Arianna was a very brave woman and it was a privilege to have known her," Roman concluded. Caroline spoke next and talked about how close she had become to Arianna and how Arianna was a part of her family. After Caroline, Gabi went to the podium and confessed that she regretted some of the things she had said to her sister over the years, but that nothing she had said had ever changed how much Arianna had loved her or vice versa.

As Gabi fell into her brother's arms, crying, E.J. took the opportunity to walk to the podium and speak. "I don't think any of us will ever stop missing her. The day she died, she died being a friend to me. And I believe that even after her death, she is still on my side," E.J. said. As Sami sneered in disgust, E.J. sat down, and Rafe went to the podium to speak. "She was so full of life. Everything she did, everyone she loved, it was never halfway. It was always with all of her heart and her soul. I hope she knew how proud of her I was and how much I loved her," Rafe said sadly.

After the memorial service, everyone left except for Gabi, Rafe, Sami, and E.J. While Gabi watched from the corner, E.J. noted that "once I have the proof Arianna wanted me to have, it's all over." Sami accused E.J. of posturing. "How do you do it, Samantha? His sister is dead because of you. And yet he's still your little lapdog," E.J. said with a smirk.

Fed up, Rafe attempted to attack E.J., but Sami held him back. From the doorway, Justin warned Rafe not to "play into [E.J.'s] hand." Justin asked Gabi, Rafe, Sami, and E.J. to gather around and listen to his instructions. Shaking a wooden box, Justin explained that he was Arianna's lawyer and wanted to pass along some items that Arianna had left behind. Nervous, Sami asked Justin about the box he was holding in his hand.

In the Kiriakis mausoleum, Brady was attempting to talk to Vivian on the earpiece, but Vivian was delirious from the paint fumes and believed she was talking to Lawrence. While Brady was muttering to himself, Philip entered the mausoleum and asked Brady who he was talking to. Caught off-guard, Brady shoved the earpiece in his pocket and explained that he was talking to his mother. Dizzy from the paint fumes, Vivian slowly realized that she heard Philip's voice. Elated, Vivian fumbled for the remote control in the sarcophagus and turned on the monitor to see the feed from the mausoleum.

Suspicious, Philip noted that Brady had been acting strangely. Philip asked Brady if he was using drugs again. Brady laughed and denied the charge. When Philip asked Brady what he was hiding in his pocket, he wrestled with Brady until the earpiece fell out of Brady's pocket.

Philip hoisted the earpiece to his ear and heard Vivian's voice calling out to him. Slurring her words, Vivian informed Philip that Brady had buried her alive in the sarcophagus. Slowly putting he pieces together, Philip realized that Vivian had outfitted the coffin in order to bury someone alive. "Vivian, I think you've got some explaining to do," Philip said as he looked into the camera. Vivian offered to explain what had happened once Philip freed her from the sarcophagus. Philip reached for the lid, and Brady grabbed him by the shoulders and warned him not to set Vivian free.

Brady explained that Vivian's intention when she had the sarcophagus delivered was to put Maggie inside of it. As Philip stared in amazement because of Brady's explanation, Brady added that Vivian had installed the cameras in order to torture Maggie. "Can you imagine being buried and having that damn woman's voice in your ear while her face is looming over you? That's what she had planned for Maggie. You let her the hell out of there and she is going to get away scot-free. Your family is going to pay out the nose. Is that what you want to have happen?" Brady said. When Brady offered to return to the house and talk to Victor, Philip shrugged and said, "No point in sticking around here."

Nicole arrived home at the Kiriakis mansion to find Victor pouring a drink. When Nicole asked Victor what was wrong, Kate entered the living room and announced that she knew about Vivian. Kate added that she knew what Brady had done and that, "I know what lengths Victor will go to, to protect him. That's why Victor is my bitch." When Victor urged Nicole to relax, Kate responded, "We need to leave the past in the past so we can all enjoy Vivian slowly going mad while she is buried alive." Nicole asked Victor whether Brady was aware that Kate knew about Vivian, but Victor was adamantly opposed to telling Brady.

When Nicole offered to go check on Brady, Kate needled her about Arianna. Kate noted that Brady was likely at Arianna's funeral because she "was the love of his life." As Nicole seethed, she looked across the room and saw Brady walk through the front door. When Brady asked why Kate was sitting in the living room, Nicole blurted out that Kate knew about Vivian. "Listen you booze-soaked, money-grubbing, baby-swapping whore, I've had about enough of you!" Victor bellowed. Brady defended Nicole and then asked Victor why he would tell Kate about Vivian.

As Kate chuckled, Victor explained that Kate had overheard Brady talking to Arianna on her deathbed. While Brady stared in disbelief, Philip entered the living room. "I have this sick feeling..." Victor began. "That I know about Vivian? I do," Philip said with a raised eyebrow. "You know what was weird? When I realized what was happening, that she was literally buried alive, I didn't think. I just wanted to jump up, get her out, and save her. But then..." Philip said. "She talked," Kate added.

Philip agreed with Kate, and Victor said, "And those inane arguments." "The whine her voice makes when she is trying to be nice," Brady added with a grimace. Shaking his head, Philip concluded, "You just can't bring yourself to let her back into the world." Philip noted that after what Vivian had done to Melanie, he was comfortable leaving Vivian in the sarcophagus. Brady, Nicole, Victor, Kate, and Philip looked nervously at one another, seeming to silently agree with one another to leave Vivian buried alive. "I actually feel very close to you all at this moment," Philip joked. Nicole poured drinks for a toast, and Kate said, "To Vivian. May she get everything she deserves."

In the sarcophagus, Vivian imagined that she saw Philip in the mausoleum. After blinking, Vivian realized there was no one on camera in the mausoleum. After dozing off, Vivian awoke to the sounds of the lid to the sarcophagus opening. Still delirious, Vivian slowly sat up and thanked Philip for helping her, unaware that Philip was inside the house and had not been the one to free Vivian from her tomb.

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