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Monday, May 19, 2008

At the hospital, Kayla insisted on seeing her baby who was delivered prematurely and in ICU on a ventilator. Dr. Elman and Dr. Carver (Lexie) told Kayla that she needed to have complete bed rest, but Kayla was worried about the health of her new baby boy. Steve tried to calm her nerves and asked her to take her doctors' advice. He reassured her that he would visit the baby soon and give her a report. However, the doctors informed Steve and Kayla that no one would be allowed to see the baby because the lung specialist was examining him and had ordered more tests. Dr. Elman and Lexie further explained that the baby must stay in a sterile environment for his well-being.

In the waiting room, Max tried to console Stephanie that the Johnson family was strong and that the baby would survive. Stephanie asked Chelsea to find Daniel, because she thought that he might be able to help save her baby brother. Chelsea said that Pediatrics was not Daniel's specialty, but she would try to find him. In the meantime, she would notify family members about the birth of the baby.

Kayla was becoming more agitated and worried about the baby's health. The doctors emphasized the importance of Kayla getting plenty of bed rest. Dr. Elman and Lexie promised Steve and Kayla that as soon as the baby was out of danger, they could visit him.

While Dr. Elman examined Kayla, Steve and Stephanie comforted each other and waited for news about the baby. Dr. Elman

told Steve, Stephanie, and Max that Kayla's blood count was very low and that she had to be sedated and placed on 24-hour bed rest.

Shortly after, Stephanie and Steve spent time with Kayla and tried to get her mind off things by suggesting they think about a name for the baby. Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla picked out various names, but it didn't seem to cheer up Kayla, who was still preoccupied with worry. Kayla told Stephanie that she might never know her brother. Just then, Lexie walked into the room with news that the baby was still not breathing on his own. Kayla was overcome with grief and leaned on Steve for support.

Nick tracked down Max at the hospital to question him about his grant proposal. Nick told Max that the grant was approved, but he was surprised and wanted to know what changes Max had made to make it happen. Max talked his way around Nick's questions and tried to convince him that all he did was clean up the proposal and submit it to the Administration Office so that Nick didn't miss the deadline. Max humbled himself by telling Nick that he was not as smart as Nick and he could never have changed Nick's work to get the grant approved. Nick was still suspicious and told Max that he wasn't sure if he should take credit for someone else's work. As Nick was leaving, he cautioned Max that he would find out the truth one way or the other.

In the doctor's lounge, Daniel confided to another colleague about his decision to leave University Hospital and his reluctance to stay in town and settle down. Daniel was surprised to learn that the staff thought highly of his accomplishments during his short stay, and that Dr. Lexie Carver was lobbying for him to stay on at the hospital.

Daniel told his colleague that he was not planning to join the staff despite Lexie's attempts to win him over, but personal unfinished business might delay his departure.

Daniel went into the shower just as Chelsea arrived. Chelsea called out Daniel's name a few times with no response. Finally, he leaned out of the doorway practically nude and made light of Chelsea's presence and joked about his naked state. Daniel told Chelsea that he liked her new haircut and that she looked great. She told him that she stopped by to ask him if he would check in on Steve and Kayla's baby. Daniel told Chelsea that everything possible was being done for the baby and he didn't think he could be of any further assistance to the family.

Daniel hinted to Chelsea that he suspected that the health of the Johnsons' baby was not the only reason she came to visit him. Chelsea admitted that she had ulterior motives and wanted to talk to him about what happened between them. Daniel told Chelsea she was a great person and that he had feelings for her, but he had crossed the line. He told her to give it up and move on. He said that he was older and should know better, but she accused him of playing mind games with her by creating one excuse after another for why they should not be together. Chelsea questioned Daniel about why he had a problem working and living in Salem on a permanent basis. Chelsea reminded Daniel that she had been through many emotional experiences and was mentally older than her age, and that age should not be an issue for them as a couple. She told him that the real issue was his ego and to get over himself. Chelsea told Daniel that he knew how she felt about him and it was up to him and then started to walk away. Before she could move, Daniel pulled her back into a very passionate kiss that would lead them to a new level in their relationship.

Mickey visited Lucas at the prison and asked him if he would like to get out of Statesville and go home. Mickey explained that prison overcrowding was an issue, and first offender cases like his were being reviewed for consideration for conditional release. Mickey advised Lucas that if the petition were granted, he would still be considered a felon and his sentence would not be reduced, but he would be under house arrest via an ankle-monitoring device for the remainder of his sentence. Lucas was shocked and thrilled at the prospect of returning home to his family.

Mickey reassured Lucas that the chances were good for his petition to be approved because he had confessed to his crimes, his psychology report was very positive, and he was not a major threat to society. Lucas was hopeful, but understood the petition was not a sure thing. Mickey told Lucas that if all things went well that he could be home by the end of the day.

Maggie arrived shortly after to join Mickey and visit with Lucas with a lovely surprise-a basket filled with Alice's homemade donuts. Lucas talked with Maggie and Mickey and told them that he denied a recent request for Sami to visit him. He told them that he didn't want Sami or Allie to see him in prison because he loved them too much. He felt having his family see him in prison would leave a lasting impression on them, and he didn't want that under any circumstance. Mickey and Maggie pleaded with Lucas that if his petition was not granted he must allow Sami and Allie to visit him, as it would be the only way to keep his family together.

Lucas told Mickey and Maggie that he hated being in prison because he missed his children and his family, but he knew that he shot a man and that was wrong, and it was only right that he pay his debt to society. However, the thought of serving out the remainder of his sentence while being allowed to reunite with his family would be a special gift.

Mickey was called to the review board and returned to inform Lucas that his petition for conditional release was approved.

E.J. couldn't help but think about the night before when Samantha kissed him. He walked back and forth in the hallway contemplating whether or not he should knock on her bedroom door. Simultaneously, Sami wanted to go to E.J., but was confused about her feelings for him and Lucas. Finally Sami opened the door just as E.J. was about to knock on it.

E.J. and Sami talked about their lives and how Sami was trying to find a way to start over. E.J. questioned why she wanted to wipe the slate clean, but welcomed a new beginning to their relationship and a way to make a life with her and the children. Sami tried to convince E.J. that the kisses didn't mean anything and she remembered what it was like to desperately want a second chance. She recounted her own experiences and told him that wanting something didn't always mean that was the right thing or that it would work out to your expectations.

Sami confided to E.J. her experience with Austin. She surprised E.J. as she told him how she drugged Austin and forced herself on him to try to make him love her. Those events nearly ruined his life, but he forgave her. Sami told E.J. that if Austin could forgive her of all her transgressions, then she should try to find it in her heart to forgive E.J. They both agreed that they must never speak of the rape again, and should move on from there.

E.J. explained to Sami that his relationship with Nicole was strictly professional, but if not, asked if she would be jealous. Sami responded "yes." Sami warned E.J. again about Nicole and how she would do anything to find a way to use E.J. to get to Sami. E.J. asked Sami if kissing him was for real or to make Nicole jealous. Sami told E.J. that the first time she kissed him she was curious and the second time was because she wanted to kiss him. Then they kissed each other and it seemed that the third time was going to be a charm. Sami and E.J. put the past behind them and knew the time was right for them to make love.

Not far away, and unbeknownst to Sami or E.J., Lucas was on his way home to claim the love of his life, Sami, and reunite with his family.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At the hospital, Daniel and Chelsea kissed passionately in the doctors' locker room. After a minute, Chelsea pushed Daniel away. As the two breathed heavily, they agreed that they should not be kissing one another. Then Chelsea grabbed Daniel, threw him against the lockers, and the two continued to kiss again. Just as Daniel started to undress Chelsea, the two were alerted by a voice in the hallway. Panicking, Daniel shoved Chelsea in his locker to hide her just as Dr. Amber Kress wandered into the locker room. Amber flirted with a nervous Daniel, while inside the locker, Chelsea rolled her eyes. After Amber put the moves on Daniel, he gently let her down by telling her that he was seeing someone already. Disappointed, Amber gave him her phone number to hold onto and then left to answer a page. Once the coast was clear, Daniel pulled a smiling Chelsea out of the locker. "So you're seeing somebody. You talking about me?" Chelsea said as she beamed. Chelsea suggested that she was the reason Daniel stayed in Salem, but once again, he denied that he had stayed for any reason other than his professional obligations. When Chelsea asked why he could not admit that she meant something to him, Daniel explained that he did not want to give her false hope because he could never give her a commitment. Daniel admitted that he found her vitality irresistible, and Chelsea told him that they could make it work. "You just have to want it. Give us a chance," she said. When Daniel pulled away again, Chelsea told him, "We're not over" as she exited the room.

In Abe and Lexie's living room, Abe sat on the floor with Theo as Lexie watched from the couch. Abe wanted to get Theo to play with blocks, but Lexie preferred to work on Theo's speech since he was still speaking so few words. After Lexie made a brief call to the hospital to check on Kayla's baby, she confided in Abe that she could not stop worrying about Kayla and Steve. Abe reminded Lexie of how happy they were when they learned they were going to have a baby, and the two agreed that despite the difficulties they were having with Theo, he was an utter blessing in their lives. Abe tried to be optimistic about Kayla and Steve's baby, but Lexie was clearly distressed. After Lexie put Theo in bed, she returned downstairs to find a freshly poured glass of wine. Sitting on the couch together, Abe and Lexie enjoyed their wine and some quiet time. Abe nibbled on Lexie's neck but as the two headed upstairs to the bedroom, the hospital called Lexie about the baby. A little later, Abe returned downstairs just as Lexie was getting off the phone. Seeing that Lexie was clearly distracted, Abe suggested to her that Theo was picking up on the tension between the two of them. Lexie agreed and told him that she was glad they were going to see a marriage counselor in order to stay together.

At the Brady Pub, Nick asked Max how Steve and Kayla's baby was doing. Nick worried that Chelsea would take the baby news hard because of her recent discovery about her own inability to have children. When Max asked if that was the reason for their breakup, Nick seemed unsure and suggested that the break up was likely because Chelsea was attracted to Daniel. Max was surprised by Nick's theory, and asked why Nick was so calm. After a pause, Nick explained that it was something that just happened and she was clearly moving on from her relationship with him. At the front door, Stephanie entered in search of some non-hospital food for her parents. Max ran off to put her order in and Nick sidled up beside her to see how she was doing. As Stephanie was on the verge of tears, Nick tried to reassure her by telling her about facts and survival rates for preemies. A little cheered up, Stephanie inquired how things were going with Nick. Nick updated her on his funding approval and then asked her specifically what Max did to help with his grant. Stephanie reiterated what she had said previously that Max told her he had only cleaned it up and copied it. Nick was unsure, but Stephanie complimented Nick on his success and the good buzz about him among the professors in the Physics department.

When Max returned with some tea for Stephanie, Nick bantered a bit with Max. Finally, Nick stopped joking and said, "I think you know more than you are letting on, Max." Frustrated, Max threw down his bar towel on the counter and challenged Nick and Stephanie to ask him anything. Staring him right in the eye, Nick asked whether Max had adjusted his work. Max admitted that the work had been altered but that he had given the grant to Professor Simmons to fix. Nick went off to call Professor Simmons to confirm, and Max suggested Stephanie call the hospital. While Stephanie stepped outside, Max hurriedly picked up his cell phone and attempted to track down the phone number for Professor Simmons. Later Nick returned to tell Max that he had left a voicemail for Professor Simmons and, calling his bluff, Max said, "Good." Once Nick left the pub, Stephanie pressed Max to admit the truth since she saw him work on the grant alone that night. At his wit's end, Max yelled that the truth was that he did the work and he fixed the mistakes. Max rushed into the kitchen, leaving a confused Stephanie at the bar.

At Statesville Prison, Lucas was thrilled to learn from Mickey that he would be a free man by the end of the night. Mickey reminded Lucas that he would be under house arrest with his family. Though Lucas was anxious to sign his paperwork, Mickey sat him down and reviewed the conditions of his house arrest with him. The rules stated that Lucas could not go more than ten yards from his house without a police escort. Lucas happily agreed and when he mentioned living in the apartment with Sami, Mickey and Maggie grew very silent. Picking up on the obvious cue, Lucas asked what was wrong. Furious to learn that Sami and the twins were living at the DiMera mansion, Lucas started to scream and pace. Finally Mickey was able to calm Lucas down and tell him that Sami had moved in with John and Marlena because she needed help with the twins and with money. Lucas was beside himself with guilt to hear about Sami's troubles since he had refused all contact with her when she needed him most. Maggie happily reminded Lucas that since he was bound to the house, he could be a big help with the twins. This seemed to brighten Lucas up a bit. When Lucas asked if there was any other information about Sami that he should be made aware of, Mickey and Maggie declined to say anymore. With the paperwork signed, Lucas happily walked down the hall to start the release process. Once Lucas was gone, Maggie breathed a sigh of relief saying, "That was a close call!" The two fretted about telling Lucas that E.J. was living in the mansion, and Maggie stated that Sami would have to tell Lucas about the living arrangements herself.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Sami and E.J. kissed and began to undress one another. When E.J. attempted to whisper to Sami about how long he had wanted to be with her, Sami smiled and told him, "Shut up and kiss me." The two kissed passionately on the bed and just as E.J. nibbled on Sami's stomach, the two were interrupted by the sounds of the crying babies over the monitor. Later, the two shuffled back into the bedroom after getting the twins back to sleep. As Sami discussed her fear that the babies were never going to sleep, E.J. joked that the twins were feeding off of his anxiety. Sami lightly teased E.J. suggesting that she was tired and not really in the mood. E.J. smiled blissfully and commented that he would just have to try harder. E.J.'s lips had barely brushed against her neck before the two were locked in another embrace and falling back onto the bed again. The two kissed passionately and made love, laughing and enjoying the moment.

Outside the DiMera Mansion, Lucas tentatively eyed the front door and steeled himself to go inside. "I can't wait to see the look on Sami's face when she sees me," Lucas said, mustering a grin. Upstairs, Sami and E.J. continued their tryst, unaware that Lucas was entering the house at that moment.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sami and E.J. had just made love. E.J. told her what a good mother she was and how much he cared about her. Sami didn't want to talk. E.J. kissed her and things heated up again. Downstairs Rolf opened the door to Lucas and his guard. Lucas had been released on house arrest and John had approved and signed the paperwork. Lucas couldn't understand why Sami and the twins were living there with John. Rolf told him Sami was upstairs. Lucas discovered Sami and E.J. in bed, naked. He was shocked beyond belief. Sami chased after him. Lucas demanded to see his daughter because he was leaving. The guard told Lucas his monitor had been activated. He couldn't go anywhere. They left. Sami was dressed and begged Lucas to talk to her. Lucas was seething and wanted to see his daughter immediately.

Bo and Hope were back at work. Bo had become an instant celebrity over his shooting of Vitali. Meanwhile Roman was having drinks with Anna at the pub when Tony came in with Kate. Roman wanted to talk to Kate about her relationship with Martino Vitali. Anna went off with Tony. Kate told Roman that Stefano introduced her to Martino years earlier. He was a client and they had never discussed his business ventures. Anna was clearly jealous of Kate and asked Tony if he was seeing her socially. Tony responded by getting on one knee and proposing marriage to Anna. Anna was thrilled and told him yes, she would marry him.

Kayla and Steve were worried sick about their newborn son. He was still in the neonatal ICU and there had been no change. They talked about what to name the baby and Kayla said she wanted to name him Joe. Steve was affected since Jo was his mother's name. They agreed on the baby's name.

Abe and Lexie met with Dr. Carrington. They had been having problems in their marriage and needed help sorting things out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kayla was in the hospital dreaming that she was holding her newborn son when Ava came along and snatched in out of her arms. In reality, Ava entered her room with a bouquet of flowers. Kayla told her about the nightmare she had, and Ava said she understood Kayla would have that dream. Ava said she was different since she was no longer on the drugs her psychiatrist gave her. She told Kayla she heard about the baby being born prematurely. She said she wished there was something she could do to. After their talk, Ava left the room and returned dressed as a hospital staff member and showed Kayla a cell phone picture of her baby in ICU.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe walked in after Philip finished meeting with a man he hired. She told him she'd like to be friends with benefits.

Lucas tore into Sami for sleeping with E.J., and Sami tried to convince Lucas that it was the first time she slept with E.J. Lucas said he didn't blame Sami for moving on with her life, but he couldn't believe she would sleep with E.J., his arch enemy. Sami told Lucas he needed to take responsibility for his role in them splitting up. She said she would have waited for him forever, but Lucas told her he wouldn't have wanted her to put her life on hold for him. Sami said if Lucas had called before he was released from jail nothing would have happened. E.J. tried to intervene, but Sami told him to stay out of it. As Lucas berated Sami, in walked John, who asked Lucas who he was and why he was addressing Sami with such disrespect. After Lucas explained who he was, Marlena walked in and was surprised to see him. She tried to stick up for E.J., telling Lucas that E.J. changed, but that didn't help much. John defended Sami to Lucas. Sami asked John for his advice on the situation, and he said he saw both sides of the issue, but he said one thing was for sure-Marlena's family was more screwed up than his. Marlena told Lucas and Sami to calm down and then talk things out later. Lucas wasn't having it and walked out, and when he walked out the door, his ankle monitor went off.

E.J. ran into Nicole outside the pub, and Nicole asked him to help her get her dog back from the vet's office immediately, and E.J. challenged her to make better decisions for herself, saying she needed self-confidence. The two commiserated about Lucas coming back into the picture. E.J. said he was confident that Sami would eventually choose him. Nicole told him there was no way Sami was over Lucas. She realized that Sami and E.J. had sex and Lucas walked in on them in bed together.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lexie ran into Daniel in the hospital locker room, where he was resting after performing a difficult surgery. When she said she hadn't been sleeping well, he offered to lend an ear if she ever needed someone to talk to. She confided that she and Abe had been disagreeing about everything recently, including how little their son was speaking. She continued that she feared even informing him that Theo's pediatrician thought they should take him to a child-development psychiatrist. Daniel assured her that Abe was crazy about her, and that if the doctor found a problem with Theo, at least they'd have a head start. Lexie cracked that he made it all seem so simple, and when he mentioned what a mess his own personal life was, she told him it was his turn to talk. He politely turned her down, so she asked if something had happened with Chelsea. He said he wasn't going to talk about that. She smiled knowingly and assured him that she'd be there if he ever did want to talk.

Abe later found Lexie going over some charts, and asked her to join him for breakfast. Though she was happy to see him, she said her morning was full. When he tried to hide his hurt, she reminded him that it was just as hard for her to put her job on hold as it was for him to. Chastened, he said he'd let her get back to work. Lexie smiled a bit guiltily and said since he'd made a special trip, she'd take time to join him for breakfast.

When Abe and Lexie returned, they agreed that they'd enjoyed their breakfast together and they should do it more often. Daniel wandered by just as Abe had to take a phone call, and Lexie thanked him for their talk earlier. The two of them were laughing together when Abe returned, and he asked what they'd been talking about. After Daniel said his goodbyes, Lexie admitted she had confided in Daniel earlier. A furious Abe reminded her that they'd had their therapist counsel them at home so they could keep things private. Lexie tried to apologize, but Abe was angry that she'd discussed their problems with someone he hardly knew. Lexie defensively said Daniel was a colleague and a friend-and at least he listened to her. When she earnestly asked Abe why he wouldn't just talk to her, he coldly replied, "Honestly, Lexie, it's because I don't know who the hell you are anymore." He stalked off, leaving her looking hurt and bewildered.

Marlena brought breakfast to Sami's room, but Sami wasn't interested in eating. Still upset about the night before, Sami said that Lucas would never forgive her for sleeping with E.J. Marlena calmly advised her daughter that she just had to accept responsibility for what she'd done, and that she couldn't put the blame on Lucas. She reminded Sami that Lucas had forgiven her before, and urged her to talk to him. Sami tearfully admitted that it was hard to face him because she could see the pain in his eyes, and that everything would be easier if E.J. had just been a bad father to the twins. Marlena agreed that E.J. had come a long way, but told Sami that if her heart was really with Lucas, she had to fight for him.

Downstairs, E.J. found Lucas playing with Allie on the couch. E.J. suggested that they try to be civilized to one another for the twins' sake, but Lucas didn't want to listen to much E.J. had to say. Instead, he suggested that the solution to everyone's problems was for E.J. to move out. Sami and Marlena came downstairs just then and heard them arguing. Both women admonished them to stop, but Lucas sarcastically claimed they'd been having a civilized discussion. Marlena scooped her granddaughter up from the playpen and left to return the child to the twins' room. E.J. asked Lucas if they could call a truce, but Lucas declared he didn't think that was possible. He added that if E.J. wouldn't move out, he would-but he'd take Allie with him. Sami urged him to be practical, because although a judge might allow him to live elsewhere, he'd never be permitted to take Allie.

Rolf interrupted their discussion with a delivery: a bottle of wine that Nicole had sent over to thank E.J. for the night before. Sami went ballistic and demanded to know what E.J. had been doing with Nicole. E.J. claimed it had been a business dinner. Lucas noted that the tables had turned, and then tried to leave so Sami and E.J. could hash it out. When Sami stopped him, he accused her of being in love with E.J., pointing out that it wasn't like her to sleep with a man unless she had feelings for him. She vehemently denied it and tried again to blame everything on Lucas. Lucas didn't understand how Sami's sleeping with E.J. could be his fault, so she reminded him that he'd refused to see her or accept her phone calls, and that he'd told her to move on with her life-how he'd made it clear he didn't want to have anything to do with her. She added that she'd felt "lost and lonely." Lucas accused E.J. of capitalizing on Sami's vulnerability. E.J. quietly replied that he and Sami had made love, and that it had been mutual. When Lucas declared that Sami would be insanely jealous if he had slept with another woman, Sami became even more upset. She told him how hard things had been after he'd pushed her away, and how she couldn't have managed if E.J. hadn't helped her take care of the twins. Lucas angrily asked why Marlena couldn't have helped or gotten a nanny for them. E.J. admonished him to show Sami a little more gratitude for raising his daughter while he was in prison. Lucas thanked her bitterly for sleeping with his enemy, then stormed out.

Roman dropped by the mansion to follow up on the break-in. When Marlena led him in to see John, John ordered Roman to leave. Though Marlena chided John, Roman shrugged it off and admitted he really should leave since John hadn't filed a police report. Marlena asked if she could speak to John privately and pulled him aside. She reminded him that Roman was their friend and that he was offering them an extra set of eyes to help solve the case. John reluctantly consented, though when he insinuated that Roman coveted his portrait of Marlena, he clearly indicated that he thought Roman had ulterior motives in helping Marlena.

Sami lay on her bed, crying and fingering her wedding ring. Rolf entered with some warm milk to calm her nerves, even offering to spike it with the contents of a flask he pulled from a jacket pocket, but she politely declined. She then apologized for snapping at him when he brought in the delivery from Nicole earlier. He told her not to worry, and then mocked Nicole's dreadful choice of wine, which seemed to please Sami. She asked rather indirectly for his advice, so he urged her to remember that she could not control the past, only the future. When she asked him to let Lucas know she wanted to see him, Lucas stepped into the room.

After Rolf had closed the door behind himself, Sami tentatively began to apologize. Choking back tears, she said she was sorry she had slept with E.J. and that she had tried to blame everything on Lucas. She told him she knew it wasn't his fault, and apologized for hurting him-and said she hated herself for it. She continued that she didn't expect him to forgive her. "I just wanted you to hear me tell you how very, very sorry I am," she said through her tears, then turned away, unable to meet his gaze any longer. Lucas declared that he'd lain awake every night in prison, and asked if she knew why. She turned to face him again. "I couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel to do this," he said, and kissed her tenderly, then hungrily, pulling her closer and caressing her face.

Chelsea and Morgan were cramming for finals over breakfast at the Brady Pub. When Morgan went to order more sodas at the bar, she bumped into Philip, and the two flirted briefly before she took a cell phone call from her father. After she hung up, she admitted she was upset about the possibility of her father going to prison, but Philip said if Paul had committed a crime he should pay for it. John overheard and told Philip that wasn't going to happen. Morgan angrily declared it was John's fault her father was in trouble, and warned John to stay away from him.

Morgan and Chelsea resumed their studies, and when Chelsea mentioned that Daniel had been to the volcano they were studying, Morgan teased her and asked about him. Chelsea confessed that they had kissed, adding that they seemed to really click, but that Daniel kept pushing her away. But before she could divulge any more details, Philip interrupted and asked to speak to Morgan alone.

Once Chelsea had left, Philip offered to speak to the district attorney on Paul's behalf-if Morgan would try to convince Paul to give any information he had on John to Philip. Chloe found them with their heads together, and sat down without being invited. She immediately pretended to be interested in how Morgan and Philip met, but when her remarks became too pointed and cutting, Philip dragged her away from the table. As a bemused Morgan looked after them, Chelsea returned and remarked, "Well, that looked like some drama!" The girls were perusing their geology notes again when Daniel stopped by their table. Chelsea, clearly annoyed, tried to ignore him. Morgan excused herself to go to her internship, and Daniel sat down.

Chloe made a snide remark about Morgan being Philip's girlfriend as Morgan passed their table on her way out. Philip reminded her of their "friends with benefits" agreement and pointed out that though she was still married, he was single and could do what he wanted. She rolled her eyes and rose to leave, glaring back at him as she did-and ran right into E.J. She apologized, and they reintroduced themselves to each other. When she started for the door again, he asked her to join him for coffee. With a broad smile, she agreed.

Daniel told Chelsea that she meant too much to him to let things become awkward between them. He admitted that he was at fault, and that he'd crossed the line when he kissed her. Chelsea replied, "I don't need somebody who gives in to feelings he doesn't want to have." She asserted that she needed to be with someone who respected her and wasn't afraid to admit he loved her. She said she'd had that with Nick, but she'd given him up to be with Daniel. Daniel told her that she shouldn't have done that. She assured him that she hadn't said it to make him feel guilty, but because it was the truth. She asked if he could be as honest with her.

Philip pulled the disk from his pocket and eyed it as Chloe and E.J. chatted at a nearby table. When E.J. caught her looking at Philip, he leaned in and whispered, "Darling, let me give you a little tip: if you wish to make him jealous, stop staring at him and start giggling at me." He ended with a conspiratorial wink, and Chloe laughed.

Chelsea looked past Daniel toward the door when she heard sirens, and asked what was going on. As Daniel looked over his shoulder, Chloe went to the window and told E.J., "Oh my God-it looks like the entire Salem P.D. is heading down to the pier."

Back at the DiMera mansion, Roman returned from making casts around the property. He told John and Marlena that he would send them to the lab for analysis. As Roman took a cell phone call, John again said he wished Marlena hadn't involved her ex. She maintained that she and Roman were only trying to help. Roman hung up and announced that there was major police activity down at the docks involving John's shipments.

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