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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, May 30, 2007

Sami is horrified to come face-to-face with a soot-covered E.J. She screams at the top of her lungs, and races out of the bathroom into Lucas' arms. Lucas and Maggie scope out the ladies' room and find no trace of anyone. A hyperventilating Sami insists she's fine to go home, but the second she stands up, she faints. Lucas rushes her to the hospital, where Dr. Jacobs wants to keep Sami overnight to get her blood pressure down. Kate, meanwhile, finds E.J.'s business card in the restroom and confronts Sami. They end up in a screaming match, when Lucas rushes in and kicks Kate out.

Meanwhile, E.J. meets up with Celeste at the hotel, where it's revealed they've been working together the entire time! It was E.J.'s idea to set up the fire. He's been forcing Celeste to do his bidding by holding Lexie's whereabouts over her head! E.J. says he now knows Sami still loves him because she couldn't go through with killing him. Kate arrives and overhears that E.J. and Celeste are in cahoots!

Philip shows up in Tinda Lau, scaring the hell out of Belle. He tries to get Claire away from her, but she throws steaming coffee in his face and manages to escape. She runs into Shawn, who is trying to get Duck to help them get off the island. Philip recovers and corners them, but when the sheriff shows up, he tells Philip there's nothing he can do since there is no extradition treaty between Tinda Lau and the States. Philip decides to take a room at the hotel, vowing to snatch Claire the way Belle and Shawn did in January.

Hope visits Willow in jail. Willow begs her to post bail. Hope refuses, but instead wants to talk to Willow about what happens when her baby is born. When Hope suggests she and Bo raise the baby while Willow finishes her sentence, Willow freaks out and says they'll never raise her child. Later, Maggie consoles Hope, and they're both relieved that Willow has no other member of their family to manipulate. Little do they know, Willow called Nick right after for help.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

E.J. shows up at Sami's hospital room and blasts her for trying to kill him. Sami begs him to forgive her. She didn't set the cabin on fire; she didn't have the heart to do it. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, Sami tells E.J. she wants to start over with him. She begins to seduce him, but E.J. doesn't fall for it. Instead, he takes out a syringe and injects something into Sami's IV, saying that in two minutes it will put her to sleep forever. After E.J. leaves, Sami screams for help and Lucas comes running. When the two minutes are up, though, Sami is still alive. Lucas wants to know why E.J. would try to kill Sami. Before Sami can confess, E.J. returns, acting as if he hadn't been there before. Both Lucas and Sami wonder what E.J. is up to now.

Stephanie balks when Kayla asks her to be supportive of Steve. She tells her mom that her dad doesn't want their support; they're just wasting their time. Kayla won't accept this and lectures Stephanie on loving unconditionally. Stephanie is affected by this and when Roman arrives with the bad news that the police can't secure Steve's release from the state hospital, she volunteers to help break him out. Both Kayla and Roman forbid Stephanie from such a dangerous endeavor. Kayla gets an idea as to who would be a good person to go undercover at the hospital as a patient in order to spring Steve his sister, Adrienne. Adrienne arrives, and after a tearful reunion with Kayla, agrees to save Steve.

Willow tells Nick that Hope wants custody of the baby after it's born. Willow has no intention of "abandoning" her baby. She needs to have a home and a job and she asks Nick to post bail for her. He says this would put him in the middle since he's a cousin to both Hope and Shawn. Willow reminds him he's also a cousin to her baby. She finally persuades Nick to help her, and in thanks, she kisses the glass partition, leaving him affected.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lucas is trying to get Sami to tell him what's going on between her and E.J. when he strides in with flowers. Lucas asks E.J. if he was in Sami's hospital room earlier, injecting something into her IV. E.J. denies everything and Sami begs Lucas to drop it. E.J. will never admit the truth. In private, Sami tells E.J. that if he's going to kill her, he needs to do it now! E.J. references his hopes and dreams for Sami and the family they could have together but she says she could never love a monster like him! Lucas returns with security, and before leaving, E.J. promises Sami her wedding will be a day to remember. Once E.J. is gone, Lucas asks Sami again to come clean, but she decides to keep her secret, and merely says she will always love Lucas, no matter what.

Kate pays an unexpected call on Abe. While Abe is putting Theo to bed, she rifles through his drawers on a desperate search for proof that Celeste and Sami are up to something. She finds the speeding ticket picture of E.J. and Sami taken on the night John was shot. Kate is about to leave when a highly suspicious Celeste returns and demands to see the contents of her purse. Kate refuses but before she can leave, Celeste snatches her purse and finds the damning photo. Snatching it back, Kate taunts her -- she finally has the proof she's needed to blow Sami out of the water, for good this time!

Chelsea joins Abby at Chez Rouge and breaks the news that she broke up with Nick. Abby is stunned. After everything Nick did for her? Chelsea admits she's ashamed of the way she's treated Nick; he deserves better than her. Stephanie arrives and convinces Abby and Chelsea to join her for a wild "girls night out" on the town. Meanwhile, Nick bails Willow out of jail and provides money for a room at a boarding house so she won't have to spend the night on the streets.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Shawn tells Gabby that he and Belle need her help to ditch Philip. He asks her to slip Philip a sleeping pill, and Gabby agrees. Philip drinks his drugged beer as Gabby makes nice. Meanwhile, Belle sneaks into Philip's room and steals his PDA. She peruses his messages and learns Philip and E.J. teamed up to find Belle and Shawn. She fills Shawn in and later calls Marlena about E.J. and Philip's partnership. Shawn returns to the bar and accuses Philip of working with E.J. to bug Bo and Hope's house. Philip realizes they broke into his room. He says E.J. will find them but he will protect Belle and Shawn in exchange for Claire. Shawn says no. Philip forcefully enters Shawn and Belle's room and picks up Claire but Shawn gets her back. Philip leaves, and in the hall, passes out from the drugged beer. Shawn and Belle pack up Claire and slip out past a sleeping Philip.

At the hospital, the doctor listens to Sami's belly. The baby's heartbeat is strong so Sami can go home. Kate arrives with the speeding ticket photo proving Sami was with E.J. the night the cabin roof caved in on Lucas. E.J. stops her from entering Sami's room, saying she can't ruin what he's been planning for the wedding. Kate reluctantly hands over the photo. Meanwhile, Sami tells Lucas her anxiety is not about him; she's never loved him more. He says as long as they are together no one can hurt them. Sami agrees. She wants a happy family, and makes him promise never to forget she loves him. They leave the room and run into Kate and E.J. and ask what they are doing there. Lucas and Sami think they are scheming. Lucas unleashes the fire extinguisher on Kate and E.J. He and Sami leave, and E.J. says it will be a great pleasure to break Lucas' heart.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Billie approaches E.J. at Chez Rouge and says their contract for the security program is over. She knows he and Philip bugged Bo and Hope's house. E.J. plays dumb and tells her to talk to Philip. Billie tells him that Philip has left the country. E.J. is shocked that Philip left without telling him Shawn's location. E.J. meets up with Kate and tells her he and Philip had an agreement to share info on Shawn's whereabouts, but Philip broke that agreement. Kate denies knowing anything but E.J. presses and says he'll go after Billie and Sentrycell if Kate doesn't start talking. Eventually, E.J. gets Kate to admit Philip went to Tinda Lau. She makes E.J. swear he won't hurt Philip or Shawn. Kate then reminds E.J. he needs to be in Salem to break up Sami's wedding. E.J. says he has someone else lined up to go to Tinda Lau.

Shawn, Belle and Claire slip out of their hotel room, past a drugged Philip. Shawn says they will hitch a ride to another island before going to Australia. Suddenly, the lights go on at the bar and Duck enters -- Philip asked him to take patrol. Duck takes out a revolver and tells them to go back to their room. A defiant Shawn says they are leaving. Duck shoots a warning shot and Gabby enters. She tells Duck to put the gun down. Duck says he has to keep his promise to Philip, but Gabby stands in front of Shawn and says to let him and Belle go. Suddenly Philip enters. Belle begs Philip to let them go. He will, but only if they leave Claire. Belle refuses and says they are hurting Claire by being on the run. Philip agrees; they should all go back to Salem and sign an agreement to share Claire. Shawn says he doesn't trust Philip and he is taking his family far away. Belle moves out with Claire and as Shawn turns to leave, Duck shoots him! Belle runs back and screams when she sees Shawn's blood.

Adrienne arrives at the hospital in a wheelchair. She looks drugged. When Foley leaves, Adrienne comes to life and speaks to Kayla and Bo, who are listening to her over a wire in their car outside. Kayla says they have to get Steve out today. Adrienne spots a zombie-looking Steve and tells him she is his sister, but he shows no signs of recognition. Adrienne says she will help Steve get out, and recounts a story from their past. Steve says she is a liar, but reacts when Adrienne says she knows Kayla. Adrienne tries to get Steve to remember her, using her bracelet to jog his memory. Adrienne says Kayla is outside; she will take him to see her. Adrienne holds Steve up, but Foley returns and tells her to get away from him or she will be confined to her room.

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