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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 26, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sami and Lucas head off to a meeting with a representative from The Knot. While they're there discussing changing their wedding to a "green," environmentally-friendly one, Sami receives a call from Celeste, who demands to talk to her. Sami doesn't give her the time of day. Later, when Sami returns home and is about to enter her apartment, Celeste shows up and warns her that E.J. interrogated Nick about the hospital lab test. Fortunately, Nick played dumb, but it's clear now that Sami can't expect to fool E.J. with her phony lab report. Celeste declares they have no choice but to kill the bastard. At that moment, the door opens, and there stands E.J., along with the others who have gathered for Sami's surprise shower. And E.J.'s look to Sami and Celeste is a menacing one.

Meanwhile, Kate and Chelsea descend on Sami's place to set up for her surprise shower. Guests Billie and Hope arrive, the latter ending up talking to Chelsea about her part -- or non-part -- in the fire. By the end, Hope believes in Chelsea's innocence, and she leaves to follow a hunch which might help the girl's cause. Concurrently, Billie tells Chelsea she received a call from Bo, who is on his way over to take her statement about the night of the fire. Fearful Chelsea asks her mom to stay with her during Bo's visit. She needs Billie, and Billie is grateful to have taken a step forward with her daughter.

Philip meets with E.J. to try to gather information about Shawn. E.J. reveals he, too, is interested in finding Shawn -- for his own personal reasons. He and Philip strike a deal -- whoever locates Shawn first will tell the other. Philip then goes to Sami's shower, trying to be a better family member.

While Duck questions Belle about Shawn's whereabouts, Gabby is downstairs with Shawn on the veranda, sharing a beer with him and asking him about his relationship with Belle. He admits he isn't sure if Belle loves him and that things haven't worked out for them exactly as he'd hoped. Gabby encourages him to find out where he stands with Belle. She also flirts with him, tells him he's "easy to look at" and compliments him on his character -- the fact that he's given up his wants and needs to ensure Claire's safety. By the end of the day, Shawn tells Belle they should live for Claire, and beyond her needs, they should live for themselves.

Gabby reveals her mother was a prostitute in Vietnam, where she met and fathered a child with Duck, a soldier at the time. Gabby's mom died a month after giving birth, and Duck vowed to the little girl he would always take care of her.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sami and Celeste are horrified to have been caught discussing "murder" by everyone at the shower. Kate immediately corners Celeste, while E.J. drags Sami into her bedroom. He interrogates her regarding what she and Celeste are plotting. Meanwhile, outside at the party, Lucas arrives. Before Kate can tell him about E.J. and Sami in the bedroom, Philip corners Lucas, trying to make amends. At first, Lucas refuses, but with Kate's help, he comes around.

Back in the bedroom, Sami tries to cover with E.J., saying she'll tell the cops everything. E.J. calls her bluff, picks up the phone and dials Bo, but Sami backs down and doesn't tell her uncle anything. E.J. quizzes her again on Celeste's plans, but Sami gets a text from Celeste, explaining her cover story to Kate. Sami passes on the cover story to E.J., who seemingly buys it. Just then, Lucas storms in, furious that E.J. and Sami are meeting in his bedroom. Sami covers, and returns to the party. Later, Philip gets a call regarding Claire's whereabouts, while Sami tries to throw herself into the party and E.J. plots to win Sami back.

Bo shows up at Billie's with a task force to search Chelsea's room, while Hope breaks into Willow's room at the YWCA and finds the stolen jewelry. Willow covers, saying Chelsea planted it there, but then she makes a run for it. Hope calls Bo, who tells Chelsea she's off the hook, but not before revealing the hairbrush that was found at the scene of the crime. Later, Bo tells Chelsea that this whole mess will be over when the DNA tests come back on the hair found in the brush. Chelsea makes a panicked phone call for help.

Shawn tries to deal with his feelings for Belle, as he gives her money to buy Claire new clothes. While Belle is out, Shawn deals with a bum at the bar who won't leave Gabby alone. Gabby warns Shawn not to pick a fight. Belle returns with new clothes for Claire, and has a moment with her regarding her feelings for Shawn. When the bum remarks to Shawn that he wants a piece of Belle, Shawn loses it. Shawn begins pummeling him, much to Belle's horror.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shawn beats up Charlie the bum after he insults Belle. Belle and Gabby intervene. Gabby is angry Shawn didn't listen to her and let her handle Charlie. Belle is angry as well and takes Claire upstairs. Shawn tells Gabby she had no right telling Charlie that he and Belle aren't married. Duck reports that Charlie complained to the cops, and the sheriff is on his way over.

Shawn goes upstairs and starts packing. He tells Belle they have to get out -- now. Belle refuses to run again just because he was trying to impress Gabby. He tells her he hit Charlie for insulting her, not Gabby. The sheriff arrives and Gabby says she'll get Shawn. She goes up and when Shawn says they have to run, she tells them to go out the window of her room, but Duck and the sheriff are at the door.

The sheriff questions Shawn, who explains that Charlie got out of line. Gabby supports him. The sheriff asks to see their passports and Shawn lies and says they don't have any. Belle comes down as Shawn is explaining they left the States in a hurry to save their baby. But Duck searches their room, and brings the phony passports to the sheriff. Shawn tries to explain, but it's Gabby who convinces the sheriff that Shawn and Belle are good people and that everyone on the island is running from something. The sheriff keeps the passports and tells Shawn and Belle not to leave the island. Belle takes Claire up to bed, and Shawn apologizes for getting angry at Gabby. She's grateful, and hugs him. Upstairs, Duck warns Belle that Gabby is going to steal her man.

Steve is back in the state hospital, complaining to Dr. Ella Kraft that the meds they're giving him are making him feel out of it. She says it's part of his treatment, and if he doesn't cooperate, she'll have to tell the judge. Steve admits he's afraid, and she says they're going to figure out what happened to him. She tells him if he takes the meds, he can join the other patients in the common room. Steve agrees, but after she goes, we see he only pretended to take the pills. He eats lunch with Ella in the common room, but doesn't like the food and gives it to another patient. A brutal orderly named Foley takes the food from the other patient, and when Steve tries to explain, Foley dumps it on the floor and tells Steve to clean it up. Steve refuses, and they go nose-to-nose.

Kayla tells Max she's planning to go to Italy to find proof that E.J. is behind Steve's behavior. Max warns her not to take on the DiMeras herself. She says Bo and Roman can't do anything about it, but she wants Max to go with her for support. Max agrees, but wants to stop in New York on the way back to see Abby. Kayla agrees and makes him promise not to tell anyone about their plans.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shawn awakens and finds that Belle hasn't slept all night. She tells him she wants to go to Australia because she's worried Claire's social skills will be affected here. Shawn senses she's keeping something from him. Belle says they aren't safe with the sheriff asking questions about them, but Shawn thinks that leaving now could alert Philip to their whereabouts. Belle has a plan to try to trade her engagement ring for a boat. Shawn still doesn't understand why Belle did a complete 180 from earlier when she wanted to stay put. Gabby arrives, and tells Shawn that Duck needs help. Once Shawn is gone, Belle is hostile toward Gabby. Belle believes Gabby is after Shawn but she denies. Later, Shawn says he loves Belle and if she thinks it best that they leave, then he agrees.

Chelsea sees Nick at the lab and tells him she is in trouble and he's the only one she can turn to. Nick says he'll help however he can. Chelsea tells him that Willow was the one to set the fire at Bo and Hope's house, then she set Chelsea up. Chelsea wants Nick to get the incriminating hairbrush so the police can't get any DNA off it. Nick refuses, telling her it is unethical and he could lose his job. Chelsea promises if he does this, they will have a future together. Nick still refuses.

Max and Kayla head to Italy to find evidence that John's kidney was taken to give to Stefano. If they can prove that, Kayla believes they can finally nail E.J. and save Steve's life. Max steals a collar from a priest sitting near them on the plane; no one will turn away a man of God. Now all they have to do is get Kayla a nun's habit. Max is confident the plan will work.

Steve gets into it with a hospital orderly, Foley, because of his horrible treatment of patients. Foley dumps his food on the floor and orders Steve to pick it up. Steve refuses and dumps the food on Foley's shoes. A livid Foley grabs Steve and tells him he crossed a line. Steve continues to mock him, only causing Foley's anger to rise. He pulls out a taser and threatens Steve, who stops dead in his tracks. Foley shocks Steve just as Ella enters. She quickly stops the abuse and tends to Steve, but it's clear he's now made himself an enemy.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Shawn and Belle are packing to leave. Belle insists it's because she wants Claire to have other kids around. Shawn tells Gabby they're leaving and asks her to find someone who'll trade a boat for the diamond ring Philip gave Belle. Shawn goes down to tell Duck and Gabby goes in to Belle. She's sure they're leaving because Belle thinks she's after Shawn, but she swears she's not. Belle tells her Duck said she was. Gabby can't believe they're leaving because of Duck; he's always driving away anyone he thinks might befriend her. She loves him, but she does miss having friends her own age; she liked having Shawn and Belle there. Belle suggests she go to Australia with them, but Gabby can't leave Duck.

Meanwhile, Shawn tells Duck they're leaving. Duck says Shawn still owes him money. Shawn denies, then says he'll send it from Australia. Duck walks away. Shawn goes upstairs and tells Gabby and Belle. Gabby says she'll try to find them a boat and goes. Shawn tells Belle it'll be okay, but they're both conflicted. In the bar, Gabby is on the phone trying to find a boat when Philip comes in. He shows her a photo of Shawn and Belle, and asks if she's seen them. As she studies it, Shawn comes in and sees Philip, but quickly goes back in hiding.

E.J. goes to see Steve and warns him not to make any more trouble. E.J. says he can get him out of the hospital, but not out of county jail. Steve wants E.J. to get him out now. E.J. isn't ready and doesn't want Steve running around outside, out of control. Steve attacks him, but then backs off, asking how long he has to wait. E.J. says as soon as Philip finds Shawn, he'll send Steve with a delivery. He'll tell Steve what it is when the time comes, and warns him to tell Kayla to stay out of his business. Steve panics. He asks Ella to call Kayla and tell her to come right away, but Ella tells him she's in Italy.

Meanwhile, Max and Kayla have found the hospital where Stefano is and are trying to get in dressed as a priest and a nun. An armed guard stops them, but Max distracts him and gets his gun. Kayla goes into the room, finds the surgical scar on Stefano's side and takes photos of it. She also takes his fingerprints and thinks about pulling the plug on his ventilator, but can't do it. She and Max lock the guard in a closet and make their escape.

Sami is filling out the faked DNA report on her baby. Celeste warns her it won't work; she has to kill E.J. Sami says she won't do that. She calls E.J., he comes over and they "open" the report, which says Lucas is the baby's father. E.J. knows it's a fake, but pretends to be devastated.

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