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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Celeste reads the tarot cards for Roman, Abe and Bo. She explains that they were sent to E.J. as instructions concerning the gloved hand crimes. The Bradys and their friends are targets. Abe asks point blank if E.J. is a DiMera? Celeste swallows her fear and admits he is. But the worst news is yet to come. There's a card missing from the tarot deck - the death card. It could be on its way. When it arrives, E.J. will be instructed to kill someone close to them. Abe, Roman and Bo react. They have to find a way to stop this. Bo suggests they get help from John Black. He's a DiMera, after all. Right now John may be their only hope.

Bo interrupts an intimate moment between Willow and Shawn. Bo warns his son about E.J., but his warning falls on deaf ears. Shawn kicks Bo out. Meanwhile, Belle admits to Marlena that she has been distant with Shawn. Marlena thinks Belle needs to reach out to Shawn for Claire's sake. Belle calls Shawn and invites him over to see Claire. He says he'll be right there! Willow fumes as Shawn takes off, but when he gets to the penthouse, Belle is gone.

Meanwhile, Mimi and Max find the news photographer who took the shot of the Marines shipping out. They find out the Marine who looks like Philip also has a missing leg, but the photographer tells them his name was Andrew Spivey. Mimi and Max call Belle and she races out to meet them. Back at the penthouse, Marlena urges Shawn not to give up on Belle, but he doubts they have a future. He goes home to Willow, turns off his cell phone and they make love.

Victor meets with a plastic surgeon from Quebec. He tells the doctor that Philip's Jeep was firebombed over in Afghanistan and his face was badly burned. Victor writes a generous check to the doctor and Philip is suddenly at the top of the list for a face transplant. Alone with Philip, Victor vows he'll help his son get his life back. Then they will take Claire away from Shawn and Belle.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bo is having a romantic tryst with Hope. They're finally ready to move on with their life together. But before they can make love, Hope gets the anonymous email photo of Bo and Billie and she goes ballistic.

Steve calls Billie and they agree to meet up. He tells Stephanie and Kayla that he has to go out "for a drive." Stephanie, however, doesn't want her dad to leave her mom. Steve spends some time with Kayla. They reminisce, and Steve has another romantic memory from their past, but the moment is broken when Stephanie shows them the anonymous email photo of Bo and Billie. Steve is inwardly stung.

Patrick gets the photo and shows it to Billie, who's devastated, and immediately suspects Chelsea. Devious Chelsea tries to cover, but is forced to admit she was responsible. She admits she also sent the photo to Hope and Steve. Billie calls Bo and rats out Chelsea. She then calls Steve in hopes of doing damage control. He puts her off and cancels their date. Later, Bo arrives at the Lockhart house and gives Chelsea hell. He tosses out her computer and warns her that this has to stop! Patrick goes over to see Hope, much to her dismay. Hope and Patrick argue and a vase is accidentally broken. Hope makes Patrick leave. When Bo returns and sees what Patrick has done, he tears out of the house on a mission.

A furious Kate tells Marlena that John made her spy on E.J., who is innocent. Marlena figures out that Kate is sleeping with E.J. and warns her that she may be making a fatal mistake. Meanwhile, Abe and Roman try to convince John to help them nail E.J. They need him to go to Italy and bring down the DiMera chain of command. John is reluctant. He promised Marlena he'd stop investigating E.J. Roman and Abe warn John that someone close to them could be killed. It's imperative they stop E.J. immediately. John finally agrees to go to Italy, but he has to keep the truth from Marlena.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Patrick calls E.J. when he can't get in touch with Shawn. An angry E.J. heads to Shawn's and he reveals that Patrick hasn't paid him. E.J. gives Shawn the money he's owed. At the same time, Bo warns Patrick to stay away from Hope. After Bo leaves, E.J. shows up and beats Patrick to a pulp for putting them both in danger of being discovered. Hope finds injured Patrick, who concocts a story saying Bo was the one who assaulted him! Hope stays with Patrick at the hospital while Bo is arrested.

Billie apologizes to Hope for the suggestive picture Chelsea sent. Billie promises that nothing happened between her and Bo. Upset Hope doesn't believe anything Billie or Bo have to say. Meanwhile, Willow encourages Shawn to go for what he wants and what he wants right now is a new convertible. He goes out and buys one, then takes Willow for a joyride topped off with an extravagant dinner at Chez Rouge. Their evening, however, is spoiled when Abby tells Shawn that Bo has been arrested.

At her wit's end, Billie asks Kate for advice about Chelsea. At the same time, Chelsea is thrilled when Nick offers her his extra computer. When he leaves to get it, Abby lays into Chelsea for using the poor guy. Later, Abby tells Nick he's bonkers to trust Chelsea, but her words fall on deaf ears. In a private moment, Kate tells Chelsea she's delighted her granddaughter goes after what she wants, but advises her to find a way of doing it that won't infuriate everyone. She suggests Chelsea vent her feelings on her own internet blog. Chelsea loves the idea and takes the advice. She rails against her parents on-line but little does she know she has an audience in Nick. Meanwhile, a hyped E.J. comes back from beating Patrick and begins to seduce Kate.

Thursday, December 30, 2006

Bo tries to convince Abe and Roman that he didn't lay a finger on Patrick, but they say they have to put him in jail to await arraignment. Abe then gives Bo even more bad news; he's no longer suspended, he's fired. Meanwhile, Shawn gives Hope a note from Bo, but it doesn't seem to do any good. She's sorry, but she can't stand by Bo anymore. It's over between them. Bo is taken to jail, and Roman advises Hope that if she has any love left for him, she'll try to persuade Patrick to drop the charges. Meanwhile, John runs into E.J. and insinuates that he is behind Patrick's assault.

Unbeknownst to Patrick, Bonnie steals the money E.J. gave him. She then assures her son she'll find the thief who took his cash.

Sami and Lucas are about to take Will to ski camp, but they get caught up in a romantic moment. Just as they're about to do the deed, Sami pulls back, saying they should wait until the moment is right. A disappointed Lucas exits to help Will pack up the car, and Sami runs into E.J. in the hallway. He apologizes to her for his heinous behavior the other day, then gives her a sob story about why he acted the way he did. He was upset at the way he'd been treated by the Salem P.D., and he took it out on the wrong person. Sami accepts E.J.'s apology, but that doesn't mean she wants a relationship with him. E.J. is trying to manipulate her into changing her mind when Lucas returns. Lucas gives E.J. one last warning to stay away from Sami.

Abby finds Max making calls about Philip's whereabouts at Mimi's behest. Abby thinks Mimi has the hots for Max and vice versa. Max denies, but is struck by Abby's words. He is also struck when Abby inadvertently reveals her own feelings for him -- which she quickly denies. Later, Max finds a lead about Philip that would put him in a VA hospital in Atlanta. Mimi thinks they should get there ASAP. Max agrees, but doesn't know how they're going to get money for the trip. Mimi, thinking of Patrick, says she knows just where to find the cash.

Friday, December 1, 2006

John is certain E.J. is responsible for Patrick's beating. He visits an angry Bo in his holding cell and reveals that he's heading to Italy to investigate E.J.'s connection to the DiMeras. Bo wants to go with him, but John says he has to stay here to work on his marriage and career. John does want something from Bo to cover for him with Marlena. She can't find out he's in Italy. Bo reluctantly agrees. Later, when Marlena visits him, she forces Bo to tell her the truth. Billie visits Bo, ready to bail him out. And Marlena confronts John on the plane to Italy; she's going with him whether he likes it or not.

In his office, Abe has difficulty with his eyes. Tek comes in to confront him; he wants a recommendation so he can get a job elsewhere. Furious Abe refuses. Tek plays hard ball: the state is investigating the department because of Abe and Roman's handling of E.J. Wells, and Tek is ready to give statements about Abe's lack of attention to the job because of his marriage problems. Abe fights back, but is finally forced to agree that Roman will write Tek a recommendation. Later, Abe tells Lexie that he's losing his sight again, but he doesn't want anyone to know.

Steve explains to Billie that, although he's taking care of Kayla, he still wants to be with her. He reveals that he faked his memories to give Kayla the will to live. All he's asking for is a little more time to make the situation right. Meanwhile, Kayla tells Lexie she's worried that Steve feels trapped, and she believes he's faking the memories of their relationship. She decides to test him by taking him out of town to a place that was meaningful to them as a couple. Lexie agrees to the ruse only if she goes along to take care of Kayla. When Steve returns from Billie's, he wants to tell Kayla the truth, but can't bring himself to do so. Kayla invites him to join her on her trip and he agrees.

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