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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, October 30, 2006

E.J. forces Sami to choose between him and Lucas and Will. Sami pleads with E.J., saying she needs to be there for her son. Angry E.J. tells Sami it's over and storms out. Lucas is glad to see E.J. go, which leads to a fight between him and Sami. Bo stops by to question Sami. Lucas and Will leave the two alone and Bo questions Sami about the envelope she brought to the police station to have fingerprinted. E.J.'s prints were on it. Sami defends E.J., but Bo says the Brady family has been attacked again. Kayla and Steve are in comas and may not survive. Sami can't believe it, but says E.J. had nothing to do with it. After warning his niece to steer clear of E.J., Bo storms out. We see E.J. watching, unnoticed, and none too pleased.

We see E.J. complain to Kate about Lucas always getting in the way of his seduction of Sami. E.J.'s used to getting everything he wants from a woman. Kate offers to meet E.J.'s needs and they start to make love, but Lucas and Will show up. E.J. escapes, unseen. Later, Kate tells Lucas he's making a big mistake letting Sami back in his life.

At the pub, the Bradys try to brainstorm ideas to find an antidote to save Kayla and Steve. Abe and Lexie arrive outside. Lexie is afraid to face the Bradys after what she did to Carrie, but Abe insists they have to stand by their old friends. It's awkward at first, but Lexie makes a sincere apology. She then helps with medical research and finds an experimental drug that could save Steve and Kayla. The Bradys are deeply grateful and take the info to the hospital. Dr. Myers is skeptical since the drug is untested. If it's not a cure, it could kill them. Caroline says they have to take the risk. It's their only hope!

Shawn, heeding Hope's advice, goes to see Claire but the visit isn't a pleasant one. Belle is still upset that Shawn is seeing Willow. They argue. Shawn won't let Belle keep him away from his child. He'll sue for sole custody if he has to! Shawn storms out. Belle is a wreck. John enters and comforts his daughter. He says Shawn deserves a role in Claire's life. John suggests Belle write down her demands for how Shawn needs to behave. Meanwhile, Shawn is at a low point, and Willow asks him to move in with her.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bradys anxiously wait for an experimental antidote to arrive to treat Steve and Kayla. Bo calls Billie with an update and realizes she isn't at the hospital because she feels like an intruder. Billie and Chelsea argue about Bo. Chelsea thinks this is the perfect time for her parents to get back together.

At the hospital, Bo tells Hope they're on the trail of whoever did this to Kayla and Steve. Hope says he can't blame Patrick, because he was with her. Bo backs off and later reveals that Billie is uncomfortable being at the hospital because she doesn't want to intrude. Hope goes to Billie's to tell her she's welcome at the hospital to keep vigil for Steve. At the same time, Chelsea visits Bo and offers her moral support. Bo is wary at first, but soon accepts it. Shawn shows up, spoiling the moment for Chelsea. Shawn wonders what he should do about Belle and Claire. Bo is pleased his son came to him for advice. Much to Chelsea's upset it looks as though their relationship is on the mend. Later, Bo alerts everyone that the new drug has arrived. But will it work a miracle?

After seeing Shawn with Willow, Belle gives him an ultimatum. If he gets a job and grows up, she'll allow him to be in Claire's life. Otherwise, no deal. Shawn agrees. But later, in a private moment, we see fireworks between the two women when Willow accuses Belle of manipulating Shawn. Willow assures Belle she's not giving up on Shawn without a fight.

Bonnie continues to advise Mimi to scheme to get Shawn back, but she refuses. She seeks out Caroline's advice about long-term relationships. Caroline says Mimi needs to tell the complete truth, even when it hurts. Later, Mimi's doubtful she can do that, but promises she'll give it a try for a week.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Billie joins the Bradys at the hospital, where they are waiting for the experimental drug to work on Steve and Kayla. Dr. Myers gives the good news that the medication seems to have had some effect. Steve spots Billie and makes his way over to her at the window. Dr. Myers asks the Bradys for a conference, and they leave Billie and Steve alone to continue their talk. Steve, though very weak, professes his feelings for Billie and she returns his sentiments. Meanwhile, the Bradys learn that Kayla has had a relapse. Her fever has spiked, and her breathing is shallow. Dr. Myers proposes upping Kayla's dosage -- a risky procedure, but Grandpa Shawn tells him to go ahead with it. Anything to save his daughter! Later, Frankie brings Stephanie in just as Kayla has a seizure and flatlines.

Mimi comes to the garage to pick up her car and promises Max she'll pay him as soon as she gets a second job. Chez Rouge isn't covering all her bills. Max offers Mimi a position as his bookkeeper, and she accepts. But when Max leaves for the hospital to see Kayla, Mimi comes face-to-face with Shawn. He stopped by the garage to apologize to Max in hopes of getting his job back. Shawn goes ballistic when Mimi tells him Max just hired her. He storms off, along with Willow who has accompanied him on his mission.

E.J. meets Patrick in an alley to tell him that Bo and the police are on to them. They can no longer meet in person, so E.J. is going to hire a courier to relay their messages. Later, E.J. orders Patrick to cozy up to Chelsea so she'll agree to spy on Bo. Chelsea, however, turns Patrick down, but says she'll still help him get Hope back. Meanwhile, Shawn calls E.J. and asks for a job.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

It's touch and go for Kayla as she goes into cardiac arrest. Helpless Steve, Billie and the Bradys look on, fearing the worst. Because of her adverse reaction to the anti-toxin, the doctor says they have less than 48 hours to find a suitable antidote. Bo thinks everyone needs a break and should go home. Before Billie takes off, she has a private moment with Steve. After she leaves, Steve asks Hope to buy a necklace he can give to Billie. He wants to show her how he really feels. Hope isn't sure this is a good idea, but ultimately agrees. Later, Stephanie rails on her dad and orders him to do everything in his power to save Kayla.

E.J. offers Shawn a top secret job as a messenger. He's to deliver envelopes to Patrick Lockhart. But E.J. warns Shawn that under no circumstances can he tell anyone what he's doing. Shawn is hesitant, but agrees to the gig when he learns it pays five hundred dollars a pop. He has Claire to think about, and this money will definitely help him provide for her. Later, Shawn tells Bo that he took a job with E.J., but lies saying he'll be working on cars. This doesn't sit well with Bo, who is privately suspicious. But at this point all Bo can do is make Shawn promise to be careful.

John and Marlena run into Kate, and he asks her for use of one of her satellite trucks. He's helping Bo and the Salem PD do surveillance on someone. Kate wants the scoop, but John declines. Eventually, Kate agrees to let him borrow her truck. Later, Kate arrives at E.J.'s to discuss Stephanie. Kate wants money to cover the girl's medical bills. E.J. obliges, but under one condition; he wants Kate to speak with Roman. E.J. needs to know any information the police may have on him. Kate makes her own deal with E.J. and before long the two start to make love. Little do they know John is in the satellite truck watching their every move!

Marlena has a heart-to-heart with Billie and tells her if she wants Steve, she shouldn't let anyone stop her. She thinks Billie should go for it.

Friday, November 3, 2006

John watches Kate and E.J. from the satellite truck. Just as the two start to make love, Sami knocks on the door. Kate hides, and a flustered E.J. listens as Sami says that Bo questioned her about him. E.J. tries to get Sami to leave and almost succeeds until she spots a bra on the couch. Sami demands to know who E.J.'s sleeping with but he covers and forcibly removes her. Later, Kate realizes that her bra is missing and we see that Sami took it. Later, John warns Kate about E.J.; she turns around and furtively calls E.J., telling him they need to meet. We're left to wonder whose side Kate is on. Meanwhile, Sami shows Lucas the bra she found inside E.J.'s apartment and says he's sleeping with someone they both know.

Shawn delivers his first envelope from E.J. to Patrick. At first, Patrick is suspicious. He privately wonders why E.J. would employ Bo Brady's kid as their courier. Patrick pays Shawn, who runs into Mimi as he's leaving. She demands to know why her brother is paying Shawn so much money. Shawn covers saying he fixed Patrick's car then exits. Mimi grills Patrick about where he got so much money. He covers saying it's from his investments. Later, Mimi goes back to the garage and learns that Max offered Shawn the job and he declined. We get the feeling both Mimi and Max are worried about Shawn.

Hope tells Bo about Steve's request for her to buy Billie a necklace. To Hope's surprise, Bo encourages her to help Steve. Hope returns to the hospital where Steve asks for her and Bo to compile a list of memories of his life with Kayla. Hope gladly agrees. Back at the pub, Bo and Hope reminisce on times past and we see them become closer. Later, it looks like Bo and Hope are about to kiss. Meanwhile, Stephanie argues with her father about how he's not doing enough to help her mom survive. Steve gets an idea about how he can help Kayla.

Belle tells Marlena about the ultimatum she gave Shawn, but realizes it may have been a mistake. After all, how can she tell Shawn to get a job and a place to live when she can't even provide for herself! Lucas stops by with an envelope from Victor. It contains the signed divorce papers from Philip as well as a check for $100,000. Belle refuses to take the money. She doesn't want Victor's handouts. Also, Shawn runs into Victor at the hospital and says he wants nothing to do with him.

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