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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, June 5, 2006

Bo runs back into the house after he hears Hope's scream. She tells him that she saw Zack and breaks down. They agree that Hope was only projecting and discuss the upcoming trial and a possible reconciliation. Chelsea is outside the window watching and grows increasingly afraid when it looks like she's lost even her dad's support.

Marlena and John discuss her guilt over getting pregnant by Roman and then miscarrying the baby. John is supportive of Marlena. He tells her that she didn't betray him. Marlena isn't ready to accept what John has to say. She needs time alone to think. Marlena gets a call from Bo and leaves to visit Hope. Marlena and Hope discuss their similar feelings of guilt and hopelessness. Marlena returns to the penthouse where she tells John she loves him and can't lose him.

Bo leaves soon after Marlena arrives. He goes to the pier where he finds John. The men discuss the similarities and difficulties with their marriages. John returns to the penthouse to wait for Marlena, and Bo remains on the pier, longing for Hope.

Kate and E.J. meet on the side of the road after her car breaks down. She is thoroughly charmed by E.J.

Sami has an idea on how Austin can get Shawn's account. She drags him over to E.J.'s apartment where she pitches the idea. E.J. gently turns the couple down. Sami gets the sense that E.J. is hiding something.

Back at their apartment, Sami tries to tell Austin her suspicions, but is interrupted by Kate's arrival. Sami quickly excuses herself. Kate talks about the charming man she just met. Sami goes to the roof to try to change E.J.'s mind about working with Austin. Sweaty E.J. is working out, so Sami tries to leave. E.J. asks her not to go. Kate arrives and finds Sami and E.J. in an electric moment.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Hope and Jennifer go to see Bo. He is composing an email to Hope. When they get there they run into Chelsea who fakes a phone call to Max for Hope's benefit. She tells "Max" the only reason Bo is being nice to Hope is to help Chelsea's chances in court. Chelsea exchanges words with Hope then leaves but hangs back and eavesdrops as Bo and Hope talk. Bo gets an urgent page from the station (set up by Chelsea) and has to go. He tells Hope he was just composing an email to her and he wants her to read it. Bo leaves and Chelsea realizes she has to read the email first. She goes for a dip in the Salem River to get to Bo's boat where she changes the email in her favor. Hope reads the email and breaks down.

Kate watches as Sami shares a close moment with E.J. Sami makes a pitch to E.J. to join forces with her and Austin. Kate hears this and realizes E.J. might be just the solution to her problems. Kate goes downstairs and pitches going into business with Austin to secure E.J. for their brands. Austin thinks it's a great idea. Sami returns, hears the news and goes ballistic. This was her idea! Kate is willing to bury the hatchet (in Sami's back). E.J. arrives and Sami realizes that he and Kate have already met.

Mimi and Shawn talk about their impending parenthood while Belle listens in with Claire. Mimi admits that she always wanted to be Belle, because she had everything she wanted, including Shawn. They all remember a time when they were young and Shawn saved them from an aggressive boy. Belle cries as she faces the fact that she will never be with Shawn.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Lucas, Carrie and Will are at Max's garage looking at Shawn's engine. Max comes in. He has just completed a practice run and is not happy with his time. Shawn wants to know who bested him. At that moment, E.J. arrives. E.J. wants to see the engine, but Max refuses. Shawn doesn't see the harm. E.J. offers to buy the engine and Max goes ballistic. E.J. impresses the guys with his new racecar.

Sami is not happy Austin made a deal with Kate. Austin reassures her that their success means they'll be able to get married a whole lot sooner. A box arrives for Carrie, and Sami opens it by mistake. She finds Carrie's wedding dress, and Sami holds it up in front of herself. Carrie arrives, and when she sees this, she faints. Sami apologizes but Lucas lays into her nonetheless. Austin senses Carrie's unhappiness but she says they can't be happy all the time. Austin disagrees. If she were to marry him, she'd be happy. Carrie says she is as happy with Lucas as he will be with Sami.

Hope can't believe Bo's email. He says one thing then writes another. She's had it and is more than happy to be divorcing him. Jennifer doesn't buy it and urges her to talk to Bo. Bo and Hope talk, and she angrily hangs up on him due to the misunderstanding over the email.

Bo angrily throws things around Roman's office and confides in Billie his fears of losing Hope. Billie has trouble concentrating because she's worried about Chelsea.

Kate tries to reassure Chelsea by showing her an interview she gave to the Salem newspaper. Chelsea is grateful and tells Kate about faking another email from Bo to Hope. Kate can't believe the lengths she's gone to. Chelsea admits it isn't just about staying out of jail but getting her mom and dad back together. Vulnerable Chelsea breaks down, admitting that she hates being a complete and utter bitch. Later, a dirty cop named Eve makes Kate a very intriguing offer.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Jennifer presses Hope to give Bo another chance -- despite the email.

It's the day of Chelsea's trial. The gulf between Bo and Hope grows. Frankie has separation papers for them to sign, but Bo refuses. Hope goes to the station to talk to Bo, but when she gets there, she sees him comforting Chelsea and promising Billie he'll do whatever he can to keep his daughter out of jail. Distressed Hope exits unseen. Frankie asks if Hope will sign the separation papers and she is deeply torn. Jennifer presses Hope to wait until after the trial. She should give Bo one more chance to prove his love. Hope finally agrees.

Sami and E.J. arrive at Basic Black for a meeting. Kate isn't there. Suspicious Sami searches Kate's office to find out what her nemesis is up to. E.J. cautions her. Sami admits she's trying to be good. At the top of her good karma to-do list is to get Lexie Carver to re-take her cancer tests. E.J. takes this in, then leaves to make some calls.

Dirty cop Eve offers Kate a deal. The video evidence of Chelsea driving recklessly could disappear, for a price. Wary Kate refuses. She's not that desperate.

Kate arrives at work and Sami confronts her. Why did Kate agree to work with her? Sami vows to find out what she's really up to. Nervous Chelsea calls Kate. The D.A. says the video disk will be the final nail in her coffin. Chelsea needs her grandma's help. She can't go to jail! Suspicious Sami listens to Kate's side of the call. What is Kate is up to? Kate decides to call Eve to get rid of the evidence. E.J. tells Sami he has a surprise for her and leads her out.

Bo is sent to the secure evidence room on an unrelated case. Eve sneaks in after Bo uses his security pass. The video disk is brought to the D.A. for Chelsea's trial. Did Eve get the evidence or not?

Shawn has to go to Chelsea's trial. Mimi wants to be there for him, but he refuses to let her. The stress could be too much for her and the baby. Belle arrives to take Mimi shopping. Shawn wants his wife to splurge on herself. Mimi is touched. At the department store, a horoscope and Mimi's guilt make her want to confess!

Hope, Shawn, Kate, Bo, Billie, Frankie, Jennifer, Chelsea and Max arrive in court, and Hope tells Bo today will be a turning point. It's his last chance to prove whose side he's on.

Friday, June 9, 2006

It's Chelsea's day in court, and Frankie, Jennifer, Abby, Will, Shawn, Bo, Hope, Victor, Caroline, Billie, Kate and Max are present. A tough-as-nails judge drops the bomb. There won't be a trial. For a moment it looks like Chelsea's off the hook, but the judge explains that he was just assigned the case and wants to hold an informal hearing to familiarize himself with it.

Hope takes the stand. In a stirring tour de force, Hope points out that today would have been Zack's birthday. Her baby boy, the light of her life, is gone and it's all Chelsea's fault. She asks the judge for a stiff sentence so that justice will be done. Next, Bo takes the stand. He asks the judge to send him to jail. He was the one who gave Chelsea permission to drive and signed her temporary license. The judge refuses Bo's request. He is not criminally liable. It pains Bo, but he admits that if Chelsea is found guilty, she should be punished. Hope is moved.

The judge wants to see the evidence against Chelsea. The DA plays the incriminating videotape, but it's all snow! Everyone reacts. Kate privately pays off Eve, the dirty cop. She hopes the stolen tape can't be traced back to them. The judge demands an official investigation. Eve shows evidence that Detective Bo Brady was the only officer to use his security pass to enter the evidence room. Chelsea is thrilled while Hope feels completely betrayed.

E.J. surprises Sami by bringing her to Lexie's office. E.J. wants to make a generous donation to breast cancer research, and he wants Dr. Carver to spearhead the campaign. To publicize the need for cancer screening, E.J. asks Lexie to have her cancer tests retaken. Lexie is taken aback, but finally agrees.

Alone with Sami, Lexie is suspicious. Did Sami put E.J. up to this? Sami swears she didn't. It was all E.J.'s idea. Lexie is tested. She's not nervous as she waits for the results, as she assumes they will once again be normal. Sami is sweating. What if Lexie has cancer, and an investigation finds out her original tests were tampered with? If Sami is implicated, everyone will hate her. She could lose Austin! Lexie gets and reads her test results, stone-faced. Sami is beside herself. Does Lexie have cancer, or not?!

Mimi faints in the department store dressing room. Belle revives her and asks about her symptoms. Mimi feels like she's dying. Belle thinks it's just morning sickness. It's normal. She brings Mimi to the Java Café to get some food in her stomach. Mimi is a wreck, fearing her body will reject the implanted embryo. This could be the one last chance for her and Shawn to have their own biological child. Mimi gets a severe abdominal pain, and it looks like she could be losing Shawn's baby!

Jack's condition deteriorates. He spikes a high fever. The doctor tells an orderly to begin hospice care. Jack is very sick and delirious. He's shocked when he sees the orderly. It is none other than his brother Steve!

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