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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, May 22, 2006

On the beach, Alex and Patrick hold John at gunpoint. Patrick appears ready to kill John when Marlena moves in front of him, and Hope deflects the shot. Marlena declares her love for John, but due to the mind control talisman, still doesn't realize that Alex is dangerous. Alex is "outraged" that John has injected Marlena with a drug to force her memory to return. The police arrive. Patrick backs up Alex's claims about John's obsession with Marlena. The police take John into custody as Alex leaves with Marlena. Hope is heartsick and angry that Patrick was working with Alex.

Sami is deeply shaken from breaking the champagne bottle. She believes it means bad luck. Austin and Carrie try to talk her out of it. Will has just done a report on "karma" and tells Sami that whatever you do, good or bad, comes back in kind. Lucas is suspicious that Sami is so rattled. It's a sure sign she's up to something. As her angel and devil selves duel it out, Sami is riddled with guilt from blackmailing Lexie and allowing Alex to alter the results of her cancer tests. She's convinced she's going to have to pay for her sins.

Kate is pressing Lexie to tell her what Sami has on her. Lexie refuses. Kate urges Lexie to reconsider and tell her the truth, then she leaves. Abe tells Lexie a popular clown is available to appear at Theo's birthday party. His booking was cancelled because the child's parents are getting a divorce. The mother had numerous affairs and will probably lose custody of her child. Lexie is deeply shaken and knows she can't do anything to jeopardize her marriage and family.

Shawn and Mimi return home from the in vitro harvesting procedure. Belle, Philip, Bonnie and Max the dog are with them as they nervously wait to see if the egg was fertilized. Kate arrives and tells them Carrie is pregnant with Lucas's child, and Austin is engaged to Sami. Guilt over the secret that Shawn is Claire's father continues to plague Mimi.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

John is held by the island police. Hurt by his betrayal, Hope lets Patrick have it. When Patrick leaves, Hope visits John. John is released and despite the police chief's warning, he goes after Marlena. Still upset about Patrick, Hope calls Bo.

Alex takes Marlena to a remote cliff to kill her. Marlena calls Alex on his duplicity but still can't shake her feeling of love for him. The talisman still has Marlena in its clutches. John arrives and rips the talisman off of Marlena. Her memories come flooding back and the two reunite. Alex and John both make a dive for the gun.

Bo is in a bad place, still hurting over Hope. Billie tries to help him and he genuinely appreciates it. When Hope calls, Bo is driven to get to her.

Bonnie follows Mimi to St. Luke's where Father Jansen gives her an earful about her sins. He tells her that since she didn't come clean with Shawn (about Claire being his baby) prior to their marriage, their union is null and void.

Sami is also conflicted over her evil-doings and goes to the church, hoping God will bail her out of her bad karma situation. Bonnie sees her and suspects Sami's up to no good. Sami talks to Father Jansen and realizes church or no church, she's screwed.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bo tells Billie that Hope called. He's extremely optimistic and happy that she uncovered Lockhart's true colors. Billie wants to go with him but Bo refuses. Billie tracks Chelsea down and tells her about Bo going to Hope.

John and Alex have a final showdown over Marlena. Hope arrives, distracting John and giving Alex the chance to capture Marlena and hold her at gunpoint. Alex and John battle, but Alex eventually falls over the cliff -- to his death! John and Marlena are reunited, but she remembers what brought on her hysterical amnesia in the first place -- the loss of Roman's baby. She's unsure about what her future with John is. Hope learns Patrick was working for the police. He was never on Alex's side. Overcome with emotion, Hope breaks down and pulls him into a kiss as Bo arrives.

Max, Chelsea, Abby and Josh attend a mixer. Abby tells Chelsea she's ready to go all the way with Josh, but she eventually chickens out. The bond between Max and Chelsea grows as they make out. Unfortunately, someone is there taking pictures. After learning that Bo is going after Hope, Chelsea fears her life is over.

Jennifer and Frankie tell Alice and Maggie about their engagement. Jennifer wants to tell Abby the good news, but her reaction isn't what they expected.

Jack learns there may be a chance for him to survive his disease after all. He's at first reluctant to ruin Jennifer's life again by returning from the dead, but he realizes he wants to be with his wife and kids.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bo sees Hope and Patrick kissing, and goes ballistic. Hope defends Patrick. She was wrong to leave Bo that message. Patrick is a good guy. If Bo doesn't believe her, ask John. Bo is shocked to see John and Marlena together. Marlena's been rescued, and Alex went off the cliff. John stands up for Patrick, as well, much to Bo's chagrin.

Alone with John, Bo confides about Chelsea's trial date being moved up. John presses Bo to tell Hope the truth. He can't lie to her anymore. When Bo gets time alone with Hope, he makes a big pitch for her to forgive him. They've meant so much to each other, they've overcome huge obstacles in the past, can't they come through this even stronger and be together? Hope is yearning to be with Bo again.

Abby is upset when she hears her mother and Frankie are engaged. She threatens to move out. Frankie finds racy photos of Chelsea on the web and exits. Jennifer finds sexy photos of Abby with Josh and is shocked. How could Abby do this?! Abby rails that she's sick of being a good girl. Abby wants to experience what sex is like. Mom is doing it with Frankie. Why can't Abby be with a guy? Jennifer is upset, as Abby declares she might even have a baby!

Chelsea is distraught at the news that Bo went to find Hope. If those two get back together, and Hope comes home to testify at the trial, Chelsea's life is over! Frankie arrives with more bad news. Slutty photos of Chelsea have appeared on the internet. Billie is furious. They warned Chelsea to be on her best behavior before the trial! How could she do this?! Chelsea is at a low point. When Hope and Bo are reunited, Chelsea will go to jail, and Billie will be left with no one!

Shawn works on Belle's car, and they have a revealing talk about their history together. Mimi arrives and can't help eavesdropping. Belle admits she regrets losing Shawn. If she had waited for him, Shawn could've been Claire's father. Mimi looks guilty, knowing she's lying to Shawn, and that her marriage could be annulled. Mimi listens, as Shawn sings her praises. He knows Mimi would never lie to him. Mimi's guilt grows. She finally joins Shawn and Belle. It's time to find out if her egg was fertilized. Will Shawn and Mimi have a baby of their own?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Bo and Hope are on the verge of reconciling. John and Marlena watch, hoping their friends will get back together. John, however, knows Bo has to be completely honest with his wife. Bo makes real inroads with Hope as they both confess they still love each other. She's on the verge of forgiving him when she gets a phone call from Jennifer. John asks if Bo is going to tell Hope the truth about Chelsea's trial date being moved up. Bo is torn, but it's too late. Hope gets the news from Jennifer on the phone. Furious, Hope lashes out at Bo. He wasn't going to tell her, was he? The rift between Bo and Hope widens. Hope is resolved. She's going home to testify in court, and make sure Chelsea goes to jail for a very long time. As for their marriage, Hope says it's as dead as their beloved son, Zack.

Jennifer is appalled that Abby wants to have a baby. It's clear that Abby is acting out. She's still upset about her mother being engaged to Frankie. How can she do this to Dad? Jennifer reminds Abby that Jack is dead. He's not coming back to them. She has to move on. Jennifer returns to Frankie, and despite everything, moves ahead with her plans to marry him.

Jack gets a cutting edge procedure that could save his life. He fantasizes about going home to Jennifer. In his fantasy, emotional, Jennifer tells him she couldn't marry Frankie. Jack is the man she truly loves! Jack prays for a romantic reunion.

Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital, nervously expecting news. Lexie tells them they'll have to wait. Abe is there, and he and Lexie argue over the fact that he refuses to satisfy her needs. Abe and Lexie leave. Mimi and Shawn fantasize about having a baby of their own. Finally, the results are in. Mimi's egg has been fertilized. Very soon, she'll be pregnant with Shawn's child!

Sami and Austin go out for a nightcap and chocolate cake. She's still afraid bad karma will get her for all the terrible things she's done. Lexie and Abe arrive. Sami gets time alone with Lexie and, trying to bury the hatchet, suggests she go for more tests to make sure she doesn't have breast cancer. Lexie senses Sami is up to no good, but is convinced she's cancer free. Sami hits a brick wall. Austin thinks Sami is being very caring, and he loves her for it. Sami feels more guilty than ever.

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