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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Dressed in red, a beautiful Frances Reid started the episode with an introduction to the 10,000th episode of Days of our Lives. A short clip of Alice and Tom talking fondly of their family from the first episode aired, followed by a special greeting from Frances. It has been almost forty years and she thanked all the "loyal and devoted fans who welcomed us into their homes. Some of them from the very beginning. From our families to yours, we're so happy you could join us. Then and now and all the days of our lives yet to come."

At the Brady household, a still upset Hope insisted the Bo and Billie nakedness was no accident. Hope explained that although she trusted Bo, she didn't trust Billie and wanted her out of their house and lives. Bo promised to send her packing that day, right after he took Billie to the hearing. Grumpy and reluctant, Hope told him to go to the hearing and cut ties.

At the hearing, Mickey had horrible news for Billie. It seems the toughest judge in town, Judge Shay, was assigned to her case. When Bo tried to explain that Billie was no flight risk, the judge told him to pipe down because her history was irrelevant. Judge Shay demanded Billie have a place to live and a person to verify it. Terrified she would be locked up, Billie begged Bo to let her stay a couple more days.

Back at the Brady home, Jennifer and Hope drank tea and discussed Billie finally leaving. Alice called Jennifer, worried about Lucas but Jennifer told her to keep calm. Though Jennifer felt no surprise that a wedding to Sami was cancelled, Alice was a little shaken. Bo came home and Jennifer beat a hasty retreat to leave Hope alone with her husband. While in the process of undressing Bo, Hope learned Billie was stood up at the hearing by Kate. A sheepish Bo opened the door to Billie, leaving an eyebrow arching Hope to stew in the kitchen over the turn of events.

From her hospital bed, Mimi dreamed of telling Rex of the abortion. Shaking herself from her daydream, Mimi actually began once again to break the news until a nervous Rex interrupted her to propose marriage. He offered her an antique ring from 1905, inscribed with their initials. A happy Mimi accepted but told him there could be no secrets when they married. As she began to tell him of the abortion, the doctor entered and stopped her. Rex told the doctor about his engagement to Mimi and said he looked forward to starting a family. Upon hearing that, the doctor frowned; prompting Mimi to exclaim that she must have bad news.

Philip called Belle right before going off on assignment. Shawn urged Belle to break things off but when Belle learned Philip was coming home on furlough, she worried he was keeping something from her. Philip would only say he accepted a special assignment and would be home soon. Philip's commander ushered him off the phone and Philip's professions of love before hanging up prevented Belle from getting the opportunity to tell him their marriage was over.

At the hotel, Sami begged Lucas to believe that she stilled love him and wanted to marry only him and be his wife. Lucas admitted he still loved her and wanted to marry her but could not do it. Brandon tried to vouch for Sami on the drugged story but finally admitted that although he thought Kate was behind the set up, he couldn't prove anything. Sami begged Lucas for another chance but Lucas told her she drove to see Brandon of her own free will, even if she did walk into a trap. Tired of her lies, Lucas grabbed the marriage license and tore it in half in front of Sami's tearful face.

Once again Frances Reid addressed the camera and wondered about Sami's fate. Frances said, "I think her trials and tribulations have just begun." Then Frances asked the audience to stay tuned and find out in the next ten thousand episodes. "Goodbye and God bless you," she finished.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sami pleads with Lucas to change his mind but Lucas rips up their marriage license as Kate and Brandon look on. The wedding is off. Will comes out of his room and lashes out at his mother. Will is in a bad way because his dreams of being a family are dashed. Sami tries to use this to her advantage and to turn the tables on Kate. It almost looks like Kate will confess but she uses the situation to turn Will against his mother. Will refuses to go home with Sami and Lucas orders Sami to leave. Outside, Brandon tries to comfort her, but Sami can't accept his kindness. Alone, Sami has an emotional meltdown. Then, the old Sami rises from the ashes of her despair and refuses to let Kate win: she will get Lucas back, marry him, and be a family with Will. And most importantly, she will make Kate pay!

Hope controls her anger when Bo brings Billie back to stay with them again. Billie assures Hope it's only temporary but Hope is not assuaged. Alone with Bo, Hope lashes out. When will Bo stop coming to Billie's rescue? Billie overhears them arguing and takes off. When they finally come to terms, Bo asks if Hope wants him to sleep on the sofa again tonight. Hope says she wants Bo to sleep with her and she won't let Billie get anywhere near her husband!

Billie goes to Jennifer's house and walks in on Jennifer and Patrick arguing about her. Patrick defends Billie but Jennifer thinks she has gone too far this time. Why do men like Bo and Patrick always rush to Billie's defense? Jack was the same way!

Still doing laundry on the ship, Jack is trying to get home to Jennifer. Jack has a series of fantasies about coming home to Jennifer and his family but in them he finds Patrick with romantically with Jennifer and acting as a father to his kids. Jack is beside himself, desperate to get back to Salem before that happens!

Rex and Mimi are very concerned about Mimi's prognosis. Dr. Aubrey reveals she wants to do a laparoscopy to find out how serious Mimi's condition is. Mimi knows she's going to have to tell her fiancÚ that she terminated her pregnancy. Aubrey privately admits to a nurse that she couldn't tell Mimi the truth about her condition right after they got engaged. Aubrey hopes her diagnosis will prove to be wrong.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sami is desperate to try to put her relationship back together with Lucas. Sami runs into Billie at the pier and the two of them exchange heated words about the wedding being called off. Billie goes to Kate's and asks if she is responsible for Sami and Lucas's demise; Kate denies. They move on to discuss Kate's relationship with John and then Billie's relationship with Bo.

Billie asks Kate if she can crash at her place but upon hearing that she's currently staying with Bo and Hope, Kate quickly tells white-lies: her suite is being redone and she's selling Roman's house therefore, she is living with John and there is no where for Billie to stay. Billie isn't thrilled to hear this but Kate reassures that if Hope's marriage to Bo is as strong as everyone says it is she shouldn't have a problem with Billie staying there.

Brady takes care of his father and tells him that he will always be there for him. Brady believes that Kate is a good woman for John's life. Just then, Kate calls on the phone. When Kate tells Brady and John that the wedding between Sami and Lucas has been called off, John is disappointed and wonders how Lucas, Will and Kate must be feeling. Sami goes over to John's house where she overhears John and Brady discussing the cancellation of the wedding. Sami asks John to force Kate to admit the truth about her sabotaging her wedding. John can't help her because of his "bad flu" and Sami storms out. Brady continues to push the idea of Kate on John but he can't deal with it right now.

Belle tells Shawn that they cannot be together because of her guilt over betraying Philip. She cannot be intimate with Shawn until she tells Philip the truth about their love. Because Philip volunteered for a secret mission, he is putting his own life in danger just to come home to Belle sooner. Belle feels that she cannot betray him while he is in harm's way. Just as Shawn accepts Belle's wishes, he comforts her, which leads into a kiss. Belle pulls back and Shawn asks her if she is still in love with Philip? She does still love him but quickly claims that her love for Shawn is different, it is a special love, a once in a lifetime kind of love. Sami goes to see Belle, who is with Shawn, and asks for her help. If Belle would ask John to help Sami, her problem would be solved. Belle tells Sami that she will not help her and goes into Shawn's arms once Sami leaves. Sami returns to get her purse and sees her sister embracing Shawn. Sami lashes out at Belle and Shawn, claiming they are ruining Philip's life. Angry Sami vows revenge against all of her enemies: John, Kate, Brady, Belle and Shawn!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bo gives Zack a bath as Hope returns from having her hair and make-up done. Hope overhears Bo telling Zack that he has true feelings for a woman in his life that is not Hope. Hope fears that he is talking about Billie and she has tears in her eyes. Bo reveals to Zack that he is talking about his daughter, Georgia! Hope is relieved and after Bo finishes giving Zack a bath, they put Zack to bed. Bo reveals a surprise: a beautiful blue gown but instead of trying the dress on, Hope and Bo make love.

Kate arrives at Sami's apartment to see Sami burning pictures of her family. Sami wants Kate to leave; before she does, Kate fires Sami from Basic Black. Kate explains to Sami that she lost her job due to her unprofessional behavior with Brandon Walker and not having a promotional wedding as she promised the advertisers of the company. Sami is enraged and throws something at Kate. She misses but almost hits an emerging Will. Upset at his mother, Will runs out. Sami checks her bank balance on the computer and finds a strange message on the screen that reads: REVENGE. Afterwards, she finds the same odd message in the newspaper.

With the hope of not breaking up Bo and Hope's marriage, Billie stops by to see Lucas with the intention of asking him if she can stay at his place for a while. When she arrives, she sees upset Will leaving Lucas' apartment. Billie tells Lucas that she heard about his breakup with Sami and that she is sorry. Lucas hopes Kate had nothing to do with their breakup. Billie tells Lucas about her conversation with Kate and how Kate swore she didn't do anything to make Sami and Brandon sleep together. Lucas only hopes that Billie is correct because if not, he will cut Kate out of his life for good. After Will leaves his mother's apartment he returns to Lucas' where he tells his father that Sami is freaking out. Lucas is about to go check on her when Billie pulls him back.

John is concerned about Sami but Kate assures him that Sami is harmless. However, Brady fears that Sami is going to come after all of her enemies to seek vengeance.

Nancy is on the phone with her husband, Craig, who could not be with Chloe because he is conducting important research in New York. Nancy explains to Craig that Chloe is helping Clara with her voice lessons and adds that Clara was in an accident just like Chloe; the two being together is good therapy for Chloe.

Nicole decides to drop by the hospital to see Clara. Nicole asks a nurse where she can find Clara and the nurse directs her to Chloe's hospital room. Nicole enters Chloe's room to find Nancy at the door. Just in time, Nancy is able to cover for Chloe, not revealing that her daughter is alive. Nicole is still surprised to see Nancy back in Salem. Nancy tells Nicole that she is volunteering at the hospital. Nancy takes this time with Nicole to ask about her and Brady's relationship; Chloe overhears that Brady and Nicole are growing closer.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Bo and Hope share a romantic evening together. Bo puts together an amazing spread but their conversation eventually leads to Billie and Hope admits that she doesn't trust her. Hope wonders if Tony only created Georgia to draw Bo and Billie closer together and come between them. Hope prays that it isn't true but she wouldn't be surprised, knowing what the DiMeras are capable of. Realizing her feelings about Georgia are putting a damper on the evening, Hope apologizes to Bo and says she's glad that Billie is at her mother's. Just as Bo and Hope get ready to continue their romantic evening the doorbell rings and both are surprised to find Billie at the door.

Billie stops Lucas from checking up on Sami, telling him that after what Sami did to him before their wedding, he should no longer have any ties with her. Billie and Lucas talk about Kate's relationship with John and wonder what is going on there. Feeling that he should look out for his family, Lucas also questions Billie and her relationship to Bo. Billie assures Lucas that, even though she is still in love with Bo, she is not after her ex-husband; she only wants to find their daughter. Lucas says if that's the case then she shouldn't have a problem staying with them for a few days. When Lucas is alone he is still upset that Sami betrayed him.

Sami continues to receive the message--"Revenge"-- first on the computer, then in the newspaper, after that on a fax. Thinking that the message is simply a marketing ploy for a new movie, she turns on the music only to hear an eerie voice chant the message "revenge" repeatedly. Shaken, Sami turns off the radio. Her phone rings. Believing that Kate is behind the scare tactics, Sami answers the phone and hears that a mysterious caller wants to help her.

Nicole almost walks into Chloe's room to see Clara but Nancy stops her. Nancy tells her that it is the clinic's policy for all visitors to sign in and Nicole needs to go back to the front desk. Nicole later calls Brady at Marlena's Penthouse and informs him that Nancy is back in town and at the clinic. At the clinic, Chloe is unhappy that Nancy continues to push Chloe to tell Brady the truth. Brady later shows up at the clinic telling Nancy that he and Nicole want to see Clara. Nancy stops them yet again and Chloe vows not to reveal herself until she's perfect.

Marlena dreams about John and accidentally kisses Roman in her sleep. Roman wonders if they will ever see their family again and feels that Tony may eventually kill them. Marlena tells Roman that the next time Tony comes in they need to deal with him.

John and Kate continue to lean on each other for support as they talk about Sami, Marlena, Roman, and Tony.

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