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Monday, December 22, 2003

Sami leaned over Lucas's bed and informed him that she was staying with him since it was his fault that she was scared. Lucas repelled the idea at first, but then relented when he realized that she wouldn't take no for an answer. After wrestling with her over the sheets, Lucas headed for the couch. When he got up, Sami began laughing hysterically at his boxer shorts. He reminded her that Will had bought them for him last Christmas and that they were his favorite pair. He defensively asked Sami why she was looking "down there" in the first place, but Sami dodged the question and Lucas went to sleep on the sofa. In the bedroom, Sami tried to get comfortable, but seemed to be unable to fall asleep. She took off her nightgown to sleep in slinky black lingerie, but then went to the kitchen to make herself some tea. Unable to find a teakettle, Sami began making lots of noise trying to find something in the back of the cabinet. Lucas asked her what she was doing, and startled Sami causing her to hit her head. Lucas got her some ice while she cried about the bad day she had had. Sami admitted that all the stress was catching up to her and that she was tired of being alone. Lucas told her that she wasn't alone, and continued to joke with her. Sami ordered him to be serious to which he replied, "Come to bed with me." Sami thoughtfully recounted the comfort sex that had originally caused their friendship to go bad in the first place, but Lucas explained that he hadn't meant anything other than sleeping next to each other in the same bed. Sami readily agreed and climbed into Lucas's bed. Lucas asked Sami then if she really thought he would try to kill her, and wondered what if she had died not knowing that he wanted things to be different between them for Will's sake. Sami drifted off and dreamt that she and Lucas kissed. When she woke and realized what her dream was, she yanked the covers away from Lucas who really wanted to talk. Instead, she went to sleep and Lucas kissed her on the cheek and said, "Sweet Dreams."

At the loft, Jan hid in Belle's pantry holding a hammer to kill Belle with, but Belle found the dustpan she had been looking for on the counter. She turned to clean up her mess, but stopped when she found a bracelet on the floor. Wondering where it came from, she decided that Shawn had been planning to wrap Christmas presents for her when she had startled him earlier. She put the bracelet on and Jan groaned and wondered if she should kill Belle now or not. Belle tried to talk herself out of the creepy feeling she was gaining, and turned on music while perfecting the bow on Shawn's Christmas present. From her view in the pantry, Jan gagged herself on Belle's perfectness. While she cowered there, Jan daydreamed about confronting Belle with the hammer, but returned to the present when she heard the radio report that the Salem Stalker had struck again. She worried that if she "offed" Belle now and got caught, they would assume she was the serial killer and she wouldn't be able to be with Shawn. She tried to creep out of the closet again, but went back in quickly when she overheard Belle call Shawn's cell phone. Shawn answered the call and explained the unfolding situation to Belle. After hanging up, Belle wondered what she could do to divert her attention from her fears, and decided to bake cookies. Jan laughed silently, but then realized that Belle would be coming to the pantry for baking ingredients and thought, "That leaves me no choice. Tinkerbelle is toast." Meanwhile, Belle spoke with Marlena on the phone, and Jan gloated that Marlena would be the one to help her get Shawn back. Belle hung up and started for the pantry, but stopped when Mimi arrived home. Mimi noticed the new bracelet and thought for a moment when she realized she'd seen it before. She remembered aloud that Jan Spears used to have a bracelet just like it, and Belle thought it was strange that Shawn would buy her a bracelet just like Jan's. Mimi told Belle that her mom had thought she saw Jan at the Christmas tree farm that day, but admitted that she had been drinking a lot of eggnog too and could have been mistaken Jan stewed while there was a knock at the door. The two girls fearfully asked who it was and were relieved to hear Shawn's and Rex's voices. They all hugged as they reunited and the fear subsided. Rex told Mimi that he was scared at the thought of losing her, and Belle and Shawn headed for bed even though they knew it would be hard to honor their purity commitment. Jan was shocked to find that Shawn and Belle were still virgins, but was happy that she would be Shawn's first.

At Bonnie Lockhart's Christmas tree farm, Mimi called Rex to ask him to help her fix her mother's generator so the lights and music wouldn't flicker. Just then, the dog growled, and Bonnie and Mimi realized they weren't alone; the killer had appeared from behind the trees. Mimi screamed into the phone and tried to get Bonnie to run. Bonnie sprayed the killer's mask with ketchup, but the lights and music went off. As Mimi tried to help her mother out from under a fallen tree, the killer grabbed her from behind and held her at knifepoint. She screamed and Max the dog pulled at the killer's leg. As Mimi wriggled free, the killer ran off. Rex, Roman and Shawn arrived and Rex held Mimi close, but then ran off to chase the killer. He tackled him from behind and threatened to kill him right then, but then Roman arrived and the killer jabbed Rex and fled. Roman fired a single shot and the killer fell to the ground, but then got up and ran. Shawn put Mimi in a squad car to go back to the loft, and then ran to help Roman and Rex. Rex yelled at Roman for not chasing the killer, but Roman said he was worried that Rex had been hurt. Rex told him to spare him the fatherly concern, and then allowed Shawn to drag him off to the loft. Bonnie was startled from behind, but relaxed when she recognized a concerned Mickey Horton who had come to offer his services with chasing down the killer. Bonnie pretended to faint from all the excitement, and Mickey tried to pick her up and revive her. Bonnie offered her statement to the police and then Mickey took her home. Meanwhile, Roman found the killer's blood in the hay from his bullet wound, and called in a CSI unit to do blood testing. He was certain that they would get a positive ID. He called Kate and told her to go home in the squad car from the station where she had been waiting. He assured a worried Kate that the killer was long gone and he would be fine. From behind the trees, the killer snuck out and toward an unsuspecting Roman.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

by Joan

As Christmas Eve dawned in Salem, Lucas woke from dreaming of making love to Sami. But once awake, he realized a less-affectionate Sami was sitting in the next room, refusing to answer his door. Kate was furious at finding Sami there in a nightgown. Kate confided in Lucas her strong desire for a future with Roman, worrying he might not want the same.

At the Salem PD, Bo insisted on police protection for Roman after his attack by the Salem Killer. Roman refused saying he wanted to be the target to draw the killer out. Telling Bo and Hope of his plans to propose to Kate, Roman was worried she wouldn't accept. Convinced to go for it, Roman left as the three shared an ominously sentimental Christmas wish. Because of the Salem tragedies, Roman remarked that people never knew if each parting would be their last, but added he had too much to live for.

At Basic Black, Marlena found John's office empty. As she wrote him a note, a black-gloved hand gripped her shoulder. Shocked at John's startling her, she grew more apprehensive. John badgered Marlena with questions about her being jealous of Kate and Roman. Deciding to put a stop to Sami's interference, Marlena told John she would have it out with her. But John became more suspicious when Marlena turned away from kissing him, saying she didn't want to ruin her makeup.

Hope stopped by the Loft to see Shawn D. but found he was out. Thinking Belle and Shawn were becoming more intimate, Hope choked at Belle's remark that she was eager to have a baby. But Belle put Hope's concerns to rest about the relationship, and after some girl talk they went to Salem Place. At Salem Place, Bo was as uncomfortable as Hope had been at the Loft, discussing personal issues with Shawn. The two men struggled to find negligee for the women in their life. Unseen, Belle and Hope were amused as they watched the styles their men were choosing. As they planned to have a salesgirl secretly switch the purchases to preferable items, Hope was taken aback when Belle called her "Mom."

Roman stopped by to tell Lucas of his plans to propose to Kate. Lucas was delighted, but Sami walked in on the conversation saying she'd rather Roman be dead than married to Kate. Headed for Sami's apartment, Marlena overheard her daughter's ravings, but couldn't calm her down. Storming out, Sami muttered, "I will kill before I let Dad marry Kate."

Arriving at Basic Black, Sami overheard Kate and John discussing her interference. Strongly advising Kate to marry Roman, John suggested not announcing the engagement until the Killer was caught. Kate worried about marrying someone who is in constant danger. Sami was furious hearing John's advice to push Roman to marry as soon as possible. Kate decided to propose to Roman herself if he didn't. Kate also assured John that his insecurities about Marlena were unfounded. With that, Sami walked in declaring that Marlena would take Roman back. Meanwhile, outside Lucas's apartment, Marlena was asking Roman if he was sure about marrying Kate. Roman felt sure of his love for Kate saying he and Marlena were in the past. But Marlena replied, "You don't understand, Roman. I love you."

(Merry Christmas to all and to all a good "Days"!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hope and Belle open their gifts from Shaun and Bo: two lovely negligees. But they aren't the gifts that Shaun and Bo bought! Since the women love the lingerie, they keep their mouths shut about the mix-up. Hope and Belle are shocked that for once, Bo and Shaun displayed some taste in picking out clothing.

Sami overhears Kate assuring John that Marlena loves him, but Sami bursts in the room, insisting that her parents' love for each other is stronger than ever. John calmly tells Sami that he is going home to Marlena, whom he loves, and leaves Sami and Kate to fight it out. Kate asks for a ceasefire, just for the holidays, but Sami refuses. She vows to get her parents back together by Christmas, by getting rid of Kate. Sami picks up a paperweight and Kate wrestles her for it, threatening to have Sami arrested for assault. When she leaves, Sami vows to break up Kate and her father over Christmas.

Marlena and Roman walk in the snow. Maybe Sami is right, Marlena admits. Their wedding vows were forever, just like their love. She doesn't want Roman to marry Kate, feeling that it would be a terrible mistake, when he's under so much stress with his life at risk. Roman assures Marlena that Kate is innocent, and that the proof is that she was with him last night when the killer attacked him. He believes that this is about Sami, not about Kate. Marlena is beginning to let Sami make her feel guilty. Marlena apologizes for letting the holiday nostalgia get to her. She admits that she is afraid that perhaps John is the serial killer, and is going to kill Roman and then her. Is that the price they must pay for breaking their marriage vows to each other? She is afraid that something terrible may happen if Roman marries Kate. They wish each other a Merry Christmas, and before they part, hug each other. Kate and a triumphant Sami look on. Roman finds Kate, and gives her a gift in a small jewelry box - a bracelet. Kate is disappointed, but Roman has another gift for her - this time it's a ring. Down on one knee, he asks her to marry him. She agrees. Sami watches secretly, distraught.

When Marlena arrives home, John finds her daydreaming out the window, and asks her if she is thinking of him, or if her thoughts are changing to exclude him. She tells him that she has so much to be thankful for this Christmas: a wonderful family, and warm loving home. She asks him to hold her, and he does, telling her that he loves her. She asks him to promise her that the killer will be found, and they will feel safe again. He promises to move heaven and earth to make that happen. They kiss.

Jennifer has mistaken the Santa Claus at Salem Place for Jack. She realizes her mistake, and thinks back to a Christmas in the past, when Jack, dressed as Santa, asked her to marry him. Santa tells her he is sorry for her loss, and calls her by name. He tells her that her husband is going to give her a special gift this Christmas. He tells her a secret, and disappears. Jennifer goes to Alice's, right before Lucas and Will arrive. Mickey dispels the tension by telling everyone that since Lucas was at Bonnie's lot when the killer attacked, he can't be the killer. Bo, Hope, Shaun and Belle arrive, and Jennifer tells Hope that she is expecting a phone call, a surprise from Jack. Santa appears for a moment, and waves at Jennifer from behind the tree. They put the traditional family ornaments on the tree. Shaun tells Belle that he thinks there is room on the tree for her ornament someday. Belle tells him that she dreams of having a future with him, but is frightened when she looks at Jennifer, who has lost the love of her life. The phone rings, and Jennifer rushes to answer it. It's Mike, wishing everyone a merry Christmas. The second time the phone rings, Jennifer receives the message she's been waiting for. She joyfully announces to her family that she went to the hospital for a test, and that she is pregnant with Jack's baby.

Lucas and Will are bringing in firewood back at home, when Sami arrives. She tearfully tells Lucas that Roman has proposed to Kate. He asks her to put her misery away during Christmas, for Will's sake, and she does. They get closer, almost kissing.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Nicole overhear Brady say that all he wants is Chloe to return for Christmas. Nicole, unperturbed, warns Victor that his plan is about to blow up in his face. John shows up at the mansion to invite Brady for Christmas Mass, but Brady says he must wait, in case Chloe shows up for Christmas. When Brady decides that Chloe would have been there by now if she was on the plane, Victor and Nicole leave him alone. Brady hears a familiar voice caroling outside - Chloe! He runs outside to meet her, and they share a kiss.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Victor catches Nicole listening at the door as Brady wakes up next to Chloe on Christmas morning. Chloe reminds Brady that Christmas is a fantasy; they can't really be together. But they each confide that neither has been with anyone else while they've been apart. They love each other, without doubts or questions. Nicole is miserable when she meets Chloe, but Victor is as happy as can be to see her - and to tell Nicole that he's filled her stocking with coal.

Mickey finds an intruder in his kitchen, and sneaks up behind her with a baseball bat - but then realizes that it's Bonnie, cooking him Christmas breakfast. She gives him a country CD. Mickey is grateful, but looks less than thrilled at the prospect of Christmas with Bonnie.

John and Marlena arrive at Bo and Hope's, where John worries when he hears Marlena asking Bo where Roman is. Roman and Kate are just waking up. He tells her he wants to marry her right away. She is at first worried that without police protection form the killer, their wedding could turn into Roman's funeral, but she does agree to marry him tomorrow.

Will loves his new DVD player, and is surprised to find out that it's from both his parents. Lucas and Will also have a joint gift for Sami: a picture book, filled with pictures of the people she loves. Sami gets up to leave, since Christmas was supposed to be Lucas' time with Will, because she had him for Thanksgiving. But Lucas invites her to stay for his home cooked turkey dinner. Sami runs out suddenly, making Will wonder if she's coming back. When Will and Lucas smell smoke, Lucas runs out with the fire extinguisher, and sprays it all over Sami and the burnt dessert which she'd run across the hall to her apartment to retrieve. They playfully clean each other up, and Will holds the mistletoe above them. The phone rings, and Lucas speaks with his mother. Sami refuses to wish a merry Christmas to her father.

At the hospital, Jennifer meets with Abby, who has been at her grandmother Jo and Vern's. She gives Abby the news, and they watch the first ultrasound together. Abby is thrilled, and Jennifer is overjoyed to hear Abby say that she loves her mother.

When everyone arrives at the hospital for the Christmas story, Jennifer reads it - with a slight difference. She adds in Jack's favorite Bible passage, about the Word. Just as Jennifer finishes reading, Roman gets a PDA message at the hospital: "You won't live to see your honeymoon night."

Friday, December 26, 2003

by Joan

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Chloe was happy waking with Brady as he told her nothing could come between them. Wearing Isabella's pearls, she was surprised but grateful to Victor now that he approved of her. But she sensed something coming between Victor and Nicole. Telling Chloe later that she'd wanted Isabella's pearls, Nicole was still determined to get Brady. Surprising Brady, Nicole slipped out of her clothes, and as she embraced him, Chloe walked in.

At Salem Place, outside a bridal window display, Sami fantasized about putting her mother's head in place of Kate's at Roman's side. Celeste overheard Sami say there's nothing she wouldn't do to get her parents together. Cautioning Sami not to tempt fate, Celeste warned that Sami's wishes could blow up in her face. A disbelieving Sami left Celeste just as a premonition began. Celeste froze in place as she saw blood oozing from the groom's mannequin in the bridal display. Later, after calling to check on Lexie, Celeste saw blood come from the bride's bouquet.

Nearby, Lucas reviewed his mother's wedding invitation, confident that nothing could spoil things for Kate. But Tony disagreed with what he heard reminding Lucas that the tragic events in Salem were no time for a wedding. Shortly after, Tony keyed something into his PDA. Running into Celeste, Tony lied about his reason for being out. But Celeste defiantly confronted the Count, asking what he was up to. Maniacally, Tony said death was all around them "the riddle is to find the source."

At the Black's, John woke to find a distressed Marlena in agreement with Sami. Marlena believed Roman's marriage to Kate was his death sentence. While John challenged Marlena's feelings for Roman, she insisted it was just concern for his safety. A call from Sami sent Marlena to meet her daughter at St. Luke's. Sami was told by Marlena to pray for help. But Sami knelt and prayed for a "natural disaster" to strike Kate down. With those words, she felt a cold chill as a wind blew the candles, and she recalled Celeste's warnings.

Kate had a feeling of doom as she woke up at Roman's side, realizing the groom shouldn't see her before the wedding. Finding it hard to part, Roman finally prepared for the wedding, while Kate found a message on his PDA reading: "You won't live to see your honeymoon." But Roman refused Kate's tearful request to postpone the wedding. Later, while Roman and John came to terms with one another, Marlena refused Kate's request to be her Maid of Honor.

At Salem Park Lucas was surprised by John who instructed him to carry his loaded gun to the wedding. Confirming by phone that the wedding was on, Tony spoke with his father, "Of course, I'm going to send roses. Blood red." Shawn and Belle ran into Mimi and Rex who had just scattered Cassie's ashes. When Belle received a call from John about Roman's PDA threat, Rex suggested breaking the encrypted code that's individual to each PDA. Within moments, Rex had keyed in a message to trace the Killer's PDA. As the message went through, passerby Tony's PDA went off. An enraged Rex punched the Count to the ground, saying "...You killed my sister, and now you're going to die."

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